2015 High School On Demand Video Theme Let`s Create A

 2015 High School On Demand Video Theme
Let’s Create A Makerspace!
Makerspaces are community spaces with tools. They combine manufacturing
equipment and education so that community members can design and create
manufactured items that wouldn’t be possible with the resources available to individuals
working alone.
Make a 60 second video designed to showcase a makerspace that could be built at
your school or other accessible community location.
REQUIRED PROPS: At least 2 of the following:
An arrangement of tools and machines
3-D printer or 3-D printer brochures
Item(s) produced using a 3-D printer
“It’s time to share our vision for the makerspace.”
Video and notebook must be received at the NJ TSA office, or postmarked, by 5pm on
March 24, 2015.