A H ™ SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent MWAY

AMWAY HOME™ SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent
The exclusive biodegradable BIOQUEST FORMULA™ delivers superior cleaning performance using
bio-enzymes and natural water softener. Your whites will be whiter, your colours brighter and it
even prevents darks from fading.
 Combines heavy-duty cleaning power with the same gentle, family-friendly, planet-friendly
results as SA8 premium
 Ideal for everyday laundry and specially formulated for washing in cold water
 This liquid is powerful and effective on a broad range of fabrics in and across all
temperatures – clothes come out clean, every time.
 Because it is dermatologist tested and biodegradable there is no need to worry about the
effect on the environment and your family’s health.
Conscientious customers who prefer a laundry detergent that :
 Offers high performance on cleaning yet is gentle enough for washing by hand
 Takes the pain out of doing laundry by being effective at much lower temperatures and leaving
no residue on clothing
 Is versatile and cares for all types of fabrics
AMWAY HOME™ SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent
Delivers on performance and tested by dermatologists
Leaves clothing feeling soft and fresh-scented with no
harmful residues that can irritate skin
Can be used in cold to warm temperatures
Fully soluble formula that rinses easily
Leaves no residue or film, which ensures greater colour
Gets whites whiter, colors brighter and prevents darks
from fading
Contains no phosphates and no chlorine
Safe for families, the environment, and septic systems
 Start your conversation by asking your
customer some questions about their
laundry care products
 Begin talking about how SA8 Liquid
detergent offers heavy-duty cleaning
performance enhanced with natural
fabric conditioners to keep clothing
 Are you looking for a liquid laundry that is dermatologist tested?
 After washing with your current liquid detergent, do you often find that there is a
residue left behind on your clothes?
 Have you been looking for a liquid laundry detergent that meets your high
expectations and can wash different types of fabrics at varying temperatures?
 Do you and your family prefer environmentally-sensitive detergents?
 Would you like to keep your dark and coloured clothes from fading?
AMWAY HOME™ SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent
HOW TO USE: Can be used in temperatures as low as 15 C and up to 60 C. Always follow garment care instructions.
 Machine washing: The unique pour and measure cap on the
bottle measures up to 50ml. For a 4-5kg washload, use 20ml-40ml
 Washing by hand: Use 5 ml of detergent per 10 litres of
water, wash and rinse thoroughly
DEMONSTRATION “Natural Softening Demonstration”
Demonstrate SA8 Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent's formation of natural fabric and water softening agents. Washing in hard
water can make doing laundry difficult, SA8 Liquid contains a coconut-based soap which combines with hard water minerals to form a
“smart” fabric softening agent. The removal of mminerals from the water helps to improve cleaning.
 Purpose: After 1 minute, SA8 Liquid
tap water solution turns cloudy. While
this fabric softening effect does not
match the use of a rinse cycle fabric
softener, it does show that SA8 Liquid
helps to lessen the stiffness of
clothing which tends to happen when
washing in hard water.
 Materials needed: 1 bottle SA8 Liquid
distilled water,
2 small drinking
1. Using the SA8 Liquid measuring cap, pour 30ml of SA8 Liquid into each of
the two empty drinking glasses
2. Pour distilled water onto the SA8 Liquid in one of the glasses until the glass
is approximately ⅔ full
3. Pour the same amount of tap water onto the SA8 Liquid in the other glass
4. Observe the detergents in each glass, the SA8 Liquid in the distilled water will
remain clear because it contains no minerals
AMWAY HOME™ SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent
Use these selling techniques when planning a conversation or during a sales meeting. Cross-selling other products shows customers
you’re concerned about all of their needs and empowers them to make an informed choice about the best products.
Specific Cross Selling Opportunities:
 AMWAY HOME™ SA8™ Prewash Spray: This powerful,
effective stain remover is the perfect complement to SA8
All Fabric Bleach; contains biodegradable ingredients that
help remove tough grime, without scrubbing or soaking.
Spray collars and cuffs before washing. Easily lift out
stains including oil, chocolate, mayonnaise and grease.
 AMWAY HOME™ SA8™ All Fabric Bleach: This Bleach is
safe for colourfast washable fabrics and can be used in
the machine or when washing by hand. Since it is an
active-oxygen bleach it allows you to remove stains at all
temperatures, without the chlorine smell or irritation of
conventional bleaches. Treats your skin and the
environment better.
Within 1 Week:
1 Month:
3 – 6 Months:
 Follow up with your customer
to see if they need any
information on how to use the
 Your customer has had time to use the
product and at one month it is a great time to
get feedback on their product satisfaction
 Make sure to ask your customer questions
about how they are using the product and
how often they are using it to get an
indication of when they may need to re-order
 This product will likely last longer than other
competitor products, however, how long it
does last will vary based upon seasons,
demographics of the family, lifestyle, laundry
habits etc
 Follow up with your customer after
3 – 6 months to see if the product needs
to be re-ordered of if they have any
additional questions
 You may also want to take the
opportunity to cross-sell additional
products in the laundry category or
newly launched product offerings