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For more information 888-722-7926 or 216-310-7456
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
Your Step-by-Step Guide to:
YouTube Algorithms
On-Page Optimization
How to Get Massive Amounts of Links to Your Site
Getting Views & Likes for YouTube Videos
The Ultimate Link-Building Tool
The High PR Video Embeds That Makes the Difference
The YouTube Checklist
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
Why are YouTube Video Rankings are Important?
YouTube videos can drive more traffic to your website and they can generate leads or impress potential clients.
Google loves YouTube—they want YouTube videos to show up in their search results, making optimization of a YouTube
video easier than a traditional website page.
Here you can see the link to the landing page on YouTube. The higher your YouTube video ranks, the more this link with
be juiced up.
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
Cracking the YouTube Code (Demystifying Algorithms)
Before you learn any optimization tips, it is important to know the formula that you will want to keep in mind
throughout this process. There is a simple equation that explains YouTube’s Algorithm. If you master this you can
master your rankings with both Google & YouTube.
Know the Formula:
V = A/T
Velocity = Actions divided by Time
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
Tip #1: On-page Keyword Optimization
It is important to select a keyword and use it consistently throughout your YouTube efforts. Before you upload your
video to YouTube, you want to make sure the keyword you select is use for the file name of the video. After uploading,
there are several other steps to follow to optimize on-page using a keyword.
Step 1 > The Title: the keyword should be in your video title.
Step 2 > Link Back to Your Website: the text below the video should include a link to your website.
Step 3 > Description Body: the text below the video that describes it should use the keyword several times.
Step 4 > Citation: include address & telephone number to get a citation (this is good for optimization).
Step 5 > Google+ Link: include a link to your Google+ profile, which is especially helpful for attracting local business.
Step 6 > Tags: Make sure your keyword(s) are used in your tags when uploading the video.
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
Tip # 2: How to Get Massive Amounts of Links to Your Site
The website Fiverr allows people to complete tasks that only cost you $5. You want to do “link building” for
your YouTube video. This process involves people posting the link to your video so that it looks popular to the
search engines. Using Fiverr for link building is as simple as 1-2-3. Just follow these steps:
Step 1 > Once on, search for either “link wheel” or “link pyramid” in the upper right hand search
Step 2 > Sort the search results by “Rating”.
Step 3 > Select a top-rated seller, if possible, and select “order now” to start your link building order.
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
Tip # 3: How to Get Massive Amounts of Views
YouTube views are the number of times people watch your video. This is an important part of the YouTube Algorithm.
The more views your video gets, and the faster the video gets them the better your video will rank on YouTube. In fact, it
is crucial to get 10 views in the first 24 hours of posting a video. You can get these views by emailing your friends/family
and posting the video on social networking sites. However, there is an easy way to get additional views that will help to
optimize your video. works better than Fiverr for getting views because it is guaranteed good quality as they ensure real
human beings are viewing the video. It sounds strange, and you may wonder how they do that, but it does get you
results. This is the perfect resource for especially competitive keywords.
Using this site is as easy as two simple steps:
Step 1 > Go to
Step 2 > Select your package and enter in the YouTube URL.
Another benefit to using YouTube-Views is that you can get 1000 views for as little as $5. If you have an extremely
competitive keyword, you may opt for a larger package, like 10,000 views. There are lots of package options, but really
even if you have a competitive keyword and a short time frame, the most you should need to optimize your YouTube
page is 25,000. For most of us, a simple $5 package will boost our optimization and take our page to the next level.
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
Tip # 4: How to Get “Likes” For Your Video
YouTube video “likes” are important to remember when optimizing, as they are basically votes in favor of your
video. It is important to encourage people to like your video. Fiverr, again, is a great go-to for this kind of
work. Just keep in mind that the quality is more important than the count.
Step 1 > Once on, search for “YouTube likes” in the upper right hand search box.
Step 2 > Sort the search results by “Rating”.
Step 3 > Select a top-rated seller, if possible, and select “order now” to start your order. Avoid offers that
bundle in comments, because these will all appear at once, which seems unnatural. Try to select the option
that seems the most natural, because YouTube is owned by Google, and they are good at finding things that
seem suspicious that they do not want to occur.
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
Tip # 5: A Comment Trick That Will Guarantee You Top Page Rankings on Every Video
Comments are one of the most important items when it comes to getting your video to rank on YouTube. You
must have comments! Comments start discussions, and great discussion in your comment feed keep the
views coming back. Beyond encouraging people to leave comments and to ask questions, there is an easy trick
that can ensure your video gets comments in three easy steps with Short Task. This website is a better option
than Fiverr for getting comments because it ensures that not all the comments will show up at once (that
would look suspicious to YouTube & Google).
Step 1 > Set up an Account at To Do this, you will select “Seeker” and enter your information.
A $25 deposit is a good amount to get started with.
Step 2 > Go to, select “Your Tasks” at the top, then press “Create A Task”
Step 3> Enter in the required information and BE SPECIFIC. Usually 0.35 per task is a good amount, with only
10 tasks at a time. Make sure to check the box that limits each person to completing the task only once, so
that the comments are not all generated from one person. Keep in mind that even if you select “USA Solvers
Only”, it is still probable the person doing the task for you may not speak perfect English. This is one more
reason why you need to specify exactly what you want them to do from start to finish. One important
instruction to include is to have them look up the video for themselves instead of including the link.
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
Step 4 > Once you’ve entered in all of the task information, you will click “Preview Task”. You want to re-read
everything and make sure it is clear and specific—make sure they know they will not get paid unless the
instructions are followed exactly. Use the example below as a guide of specific language.
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
Tip #6: The Ultimate Link Building Tool— Link Emperor
Link Emperor is a service that will ensure you build links to your YouTube video so that it becomes visible on search
engine results pages. That being said, it is expensive and not as user-friendly as sites like Fiverr. If you want to use Link
Emperor to get the maximum results possibly when optimizing, you can get started by getting a $7 trial and a $100 linkbuilding credit. To find out more information, talk to Roger or visit
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
Tip #7: High PR Video Embeds
PR is Page Rank—Google’s 0-10 rating system. Why does this matter? Well, if you get your video embedded on
a High PR website, it is your one-way ticket to having your video rank #1 for that keyword.
Option 1:
Buying Blog Posts
You’re looking for people that will post on multiple blogs with High PR or people with PR 4 or PR 5 websites that will do
one single post, as this will still be valuable.
Option 2:
Step 1 > Create an Account
Step 2 > Create an Ad Campaign
Step 3 > Post Video Embed Code with some text
Step 4 > Bid to have it placed on websites of your choice
Option 3:
This one is a little tricky because it’s a blog network. There’s been a lot of talk since Panda that blog networks can’t be
trusted. SEONitro is still the best one out there, but it is very expensive at $500 a month, so if you are not a professional
internet marketer, explore options 1 & 2 above to get videos to rank.
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to YouTube
Tip # 8: The YouTube Checklist
You want to make sure to use these tips in the right time frame. As mentioned earlier, one of the most
important elements of optimization is making sure you get 10 natural views in the first 24 hours of posting
your video. Through strategic use of Fiverr, ShortTask, and YouTube-Views, you are able to get top page
rankings for videos.
In order to make sure you have your bases covered, here is a step-by-step checklist of what you need to do to
succeed in optimizing your YouTube video.
So, now you know how to optimize any YouTube Video in order to get the top page rankings. This will make
your video visible to those searching for related keywords because it will show as the top video in the YouTube
search results AND the Google search results page.
With these 8 Tips, and keeping the algorithm formula in mind, YouTube is yours to dominate!