Session 1. COL Frank Gonzales

Delivering CIS Capability to Opera4onal Theatres
Colonel Frank GONZALES Directorate Service Opera9on CSU Mons Commander Outline
NCI Agency Support to Opera9ons Current Level of Support to Opera9ons •  Areas of Support •  Crisis Response Opera9ons POW: Size and Scope •  Nature of Environment Future Focus and Summary NCI Agency is NATO’s “Direct Support Communica9ons Provider” •  Support to opera9ons is highest priority •  Ac9ve in all aspects of C5ISR Rapid and flexible development Capable of small & large scale solu9ons Knowledge of the environment Coopera9ng and coordinated with na9onal ac9vi9es •  Full capability lifecycle: design, procurement, opera9ons. • 
•  Challenges •  Working within NATO HQ legacy processes while mee9ng the Commander’s expecta9ons •  Having stable requirements NCI Agency Support to Opera4ons
NSIP CRO POW In-theatre technical support to
deployed NATO Forces
(Afghanistan, BiH, Kosovo)
Acquisi9ons Over 900+ MEURO Afghanistan
Mediterranean Sea
Indian Ocean
AMN – Connects Na9ons Interoperability Standards for C2 AMN Core outsourced to Thales AMNOC Facility − 
Vehicle Scanners “Z Portal” ISAF/RS HQ, KAIA, KAF ECM Jammers, CCTV… AMNOC Building NATO FAS −  CJOC: COP, SIGACT management −  LOG: Convoy tracking, ITAS −  Intel: NATO Intel Toolbox, HUMINT ISAF Force Tracking System ~600 terminals Convoy tracking ICN Gateway NFFI Aggrega9on Sector ISAF RS Signal Support Group 5 4 Main Areas of exper4se in Support of Opera4ons
Comms and IT Services •  CIS outsourcing •  Infrastructure & cabling •  Force Tracking Systems •  Professional Mobile Radios •  Mobile kits SOF, PAT, MAT •  PsyOps Radio Network & Studio •  Air / Ground radio network •  APOD radios •  Data Loss Preven9on •  UHF Satellite lease •  Logis9cs Func9onal Area Services •  CJ2: NITB, HMART •  CJOC: iGeoSIT, JOCWatch, LC2IS •  Air: ICC, Visme •  CJ4: LogFAS •  Geo: Core GIS •  Interoperability: NIRIS, LC2IS, INT Core Force protec9on •  ECM jammers •  Vehicle Scanners (Z-­‐portals) •  Giant Voice, CCTV •  ID Card Capability Scien9fic and Analy9cal Support •  Afghan Assessment Group PorColio mapped to NATO Network Enabled Capability Intel Toolbox Access Control Interoperability Standardiza9on Architecture Roadmap CIED Full Mo9on Video User Missions Force Protec9on AMNOC S M & C COI Services IIS IA Consignment Tracking Comms Services RS HQ CIS Force Tracking Concep4on to Delivery Metrics
Average dura9ons associated with capability delivery in ISAF: From Customer Requirement to Investment Commiiee (IC) in the form of a Capability Package (CP): 1 – 5 years. From Customer approval (IC) to Final Opera9onal Capability (FOC): 58 weeks, split between: • From IC to Contract Award (CA) – 23 weeks • From CA to IOC (Interim OC) – 16 weeks • From IOC to FOC – 19 weeks Time based on urgency of need and level of coopera9on. CRO POW: Size and Shape 2015 CRO POW Size and Shape (K€) 2232 K • Intel Support
449 K • Geo Support
761 K • Ops Support
662 K • Logistics Support
300 K • FAS Support / Training
§  ISAF HQ > Theatre Wide Solu9ons §  Single-­‐system solu9ons > integra9on efforts §  Support to requirements development 60 K Investment in Opera4ons
•  Steady decrease in the delivery of CIS solu9ons to opera9onal theatres since 2012: •  Total Authorisa9ons 2012
: 60 M€ •  Total Authorisa9ons 2013 : 24 M€ •  Total Authorisa9ons 2014
: 24 M€ •  Forecast for 2015
: 20 M€ •  Shio in focus from infrastructure projects to applica9ons for Func9onal Services •  Key to success: • 
Opera9onal Awareness and Enabling Work Force Capability Delivery 9me lines of development Clear, simple and dynamic procedures Improved levels of coordina9on with Suppor9ng Agencies and Industry Future Focus
•  Resolute Support •  Large CIS Technical refresh projects underway •  Large scale projects HQ Resolute Support •  Downsizing of deployed CIS management and improvement of remote management capability: • 
Networks Informa9on Insurance Func9onal Area Systems Manpower •  Balkans •  Develop CIS infrastructure •  Provide Technical for support new IP services •  NATO Assurance Measures •  RAP – Rapid Ac9on Plan •  Very High Readiness JTF •  NFIU – NATO Force Integra9on Unit Lessons Learned -­‐ Summary
•  Difficult to catch-­‐up with evolving requirements •  Integra9ng new capabili9es in the exis9ng environment is very complex •  Implementa9on 9melines are ooen over op9mis9c-­‐ lack understanding •  Ability of the contractor to operate in the deployed environment = success •  Training for austere working condi9ons •  Reach Back / Remote Opera9ons ü  Must understand the requirements from the users perspec9ve ü  Do not underes9mate your ability to deliver on 9me and the environment you are delivering to ü  Agility and flexibility within the evolving environment are cri9cal success factors Delivering CIS Capability to Opera4onal Theatres
Colonel Frank GONZALES Directorate Service Opera9on CSU Mons Commander