You can make your own cute Pom Pom characters

You can make your own cute Pom Pom characters
with the wool and accessories in this kit.
The pom pom template helps
to make pom poms quickly
and easily. You can also
use it again
and again
for other
What’s in the box?
• Assorted Woollen Yarns
• Plastic Pom Pom Template
in 4 Pieces
• Printed Cardboard Pieces
• PVA Glue
• Colour Step by Step
What else do you need?
• Scissors to cut the wool
• An adult to help
Before you begin...
• It is wise to wear an apron or old shirt before you start gluing.
• It is recommended that you read through the entire instructions
before you start the projects.
• Find a large flat surface on which to do your project and cover it with
newspaper in the area you intend to use the glue. If you accidentally spill
any, wipe it up with a cloth and warm soapy water as soon as possible.
• Keep young children and animals away from the activity area as there
are small parts in this kit which could be swallowed.
• It is recommended to cut the pom poms using sharp scissors so this
should be done by an adult.
Let’s get started!
You will need to make three different
coloured pom poms for the three
characters’ bodies. Take the purple,
pink and green wools, cut off a
length about 25cm from each and
put to one side. These pieces will be
used to tie your pom poms together
later on.
Divide the remaining purple, pink
and green wool into two equal
For the first pom pom, take a
template part a and a template
part b (see diagrams a and b) and
hold them together with the ends
pointing outwards as shown in
diagram c.
Now take one length of wool and
start to neatly wind it round the two
templates you are holding together
keeping the wool closely wound until
you have used up all the wool. Next
repeat the process using the other
piece of wool and wrap it round the
2nd pom pom template.
Carefully join both templates together
which are now covered in wool (see
diagram e) and ask an adult to cut the
wool along the edge of the template
using sharp scissors (diagram F).
Insert a matching piece of wool (from
the ones you set aside earlier) in the
gap of the template between the open
wool ends. Pull firmly and tie it securely
with a double knot. Open and remove
the templates. Tease the pom pom
gently into shape and if necessary, ask
your adult to trim it so that it is nice and
round, as well as the long end of wool
used to tie it together.
Now make two more pom poms in the
other colours.
Note: You can keep all three pom poms
the same size or trim them so that you
have a larger one, a medium size one
and a smaller one.
2. Adding the cardboard base section to the pom poms
It is best to attach your pom poms’ feet right at the start, so that when the
glue dries, your pom pom stands up and is nicely balanced. To create
a slightly flatter surface for the base to stick to, it is best to trim the wool
underneath so that it is less rounded. You should leave the glue to dry
completely (at least an hour) before picking it up to do the rest of the project.
3. Adding the cardboard pieces to the pom poms
Now you can add the cardboard pieces to bring your characters to life.
Simply press out the eyes, nose, mouth, arms etc and decide which ones
you want to glue onto which pom pom. You only need a small blob of glue
for each piece. When attaching arms it is best to make an opening in
the wool where you intend to glue it and put a blob of glue right inside.
Slide in the arm and nip the wool around it to close the gap. Repeat this
for the other side.
4. Adding the hair
Now cut 2 lengths of orange wool about 12cms long. Tie a bow in the
middle of each and glue them onto the pink pom pom.
To make strands of hair which stick out from the top of the head for the
purple pom pom, simply cut a few shorter strands, tie them together at the
bottom so that they are in a bunch and then glue the tied area to the pom
pom by opening the wool apart and making a hole for the glue to go into.
After gluing your bits onto the wool it is best to be patient and leave the
pom poms until they are completely dry before handling them.
Have fun!
Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking & strangulation
hazard – small parts & long cords. Sharp scissors (not included)
required to cut the pompoms, adult supervision required.
Glue may stain surfaces, protect the working area.
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