ISNORKELOls - Nissan Patrol

NISSAN PATROL GU Series 1 ,2 & 3
lronman Ax4Snorkel fits to the left hand side of the
Nissan Patrol GU.
lt will take about 3 hours to install.
Below is a list of some required tools for installing
your lronman 4x4 Snorkel:
- Hole Saw (95mm)
- Step Drill
- Air Hacksaw
Parts wili h* ieft e-rv*r after ir'"tstaiiatio*"ir t-l,ii?t)[']#ir"lQ *n mmetr*1"
Before installation check snorkel application
is compatible with your vehicle.
Remove left hand front mud guard liner, left hand
front indicator assembly and radio aerial.
Remove air cleaner.
Remove air cleaner intake duct and carbon
Remove air cleaner assembly and air cleaner
intake duct.
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N0TE:To remove air cleaner intake duct from
between inner and outer mud guards,
remove five 6mm bolts and lever away
from inner guard to break adhesive.
Apply masking tape to left hand front mud guard
and windscreen pillar.
Tape template to mud guard making sure it is
lined up with top of mud guard (bonnet opening)
and rear of mud guard (door opening).
Using a felt tipped pen. mark all holes through
template onto mud guard.
Remove template.
Using a 95mm hole saw, cut two semi circles as
shown. Mark straight lines between the top and
bottom of the semi circles and cut along using an
air hack saw.
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Deburr and rust-proof all holes fl-his a pplies to all
holes drilled after this step).
Using thred-lock, screw all studs into snorkel
body and attach pillar mounting bracket to
snorkel using M6 bolts provided.
Hold snorkel body in position, mark three holes
through mounting bracket onto windscreen pillar.
Remove snorkel and drill holes to 7.5mm.
12. Apply silicone sealant to holes and insert
mounting plugs.
From engine bay using a 95mm hole sar,,,, cut
internal panel through air entry hole for a r
When cutting this hole a piece of timber mls: be
placed between mud guard and internal pane ::
prevent damage to mud guard.
lnstall snorkel body to vehicle using M8 l,li, o:
nuts and body washers provided and se:Lre
pillar mounting bracket to pillar usirg se f :app
screws provided
Slide connecting hose onto end of air entr y duct
with two hose clamps.
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Apply a liberal bead of silicone sealant to face of
mounting flange and inside of air cleaner end of
Secure duct to elbow using factory bolts and to
air cleaner using hose clamp.
Fit elbow from engine bay through inner guard
and secure to connecting duct using joiner hme
and hose clamps provided.
Remove foam seal from air cleaner inlet.
Refit air cleaner, make sure it seals against
elbow flange.
Fit elbow from engine bay through inner guard
and secure to connecting duct using rubber joiner
and hose clamps provided.
Secure elbow flange to inner guard using 6mm
NOTE:Trim insulation to allow elbow to seat
against inner guard.
Drill three air cleaner mounting holes out
to 11mm.
'l O
20. Fit lronman 4x4 air ram and secure with hose
clamp provided.
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