Winning the War for Talent – in Milwaukee

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Human Resource Management
Innovative HR Technology
HR used to be one of the most low-tech
areas of business. That has changed
dramatically and it is now being
transformed by a variety of new
technologies. The tour includes:
Social Networking and Social Media
(LinkedIn, etc.)
HRIS (including ATS)
Video interviewing
Social recruiting
Job boards
Employment branding
Founders … Making their first hires
Origins of Recruitment
Why are we talking about this?
Candidate Sourcing
Evolving into a Talent Hunter Culture
We’re going to talk about some of
the new hunting tools.
Some tools to help you win
YOUR battles in the War for
Technologies for Finding, Recruiting
and Hiring, Talent
Mark Boeder
Director - Search Practice
Dearborn LaSalle Advisors Inc.
So what makes me so knowledgeable?
Recruitment Today
Many organizations are back to focusing on growth – but smart growth!
But there are impacts on the
organization that affect both hiring
and retention of Top Talent.
Recruitment Today
Recruitment within most organizations is:
Under funded based on expectations
Limited by Recruitment Capacity
Limited by Recruiter Capabilities
Under represented with Recruitment
• Inadequately championed at the
Executive level
• Treated as an Admin Process
Recruitment Today
Key Challenges Remain the Same:
Finding Good Candidates
Filling Positions Quickly
Engaging Hiring Managers
Candidate Care
There is a lot of great new
technology but don’t let it get in
the way of engagment
Talent Acquisition Trends
Get back to “Old School” Recruitment
Replace with a CRM Tool
(Candidate Relationship Management)
Unplug your ATS
Candidate Sourcing
No longer about “Post & Pray”
Machine Gun
Sniper Kitten
Candidate Sourcing
Ensuring the most effective use of
tools your already likely paying for
LinkedIn / Social Networking
- Change in Inmail policy
- Big data
- Zenefits
- Jobvite
- Jobscience
Video interviewing
- Montage
- Hirevue
Social Recruiting
- Rolepoint
- Work4
- TalentBin
Job Boards
- Indeed
- HireMojo
- Risesmart
Boolean String Generators
- Jobvention
Employment Branding
- OnGig
- The Good Jobs
Candidate Experience
Candidate Experience
The Balance between Candidate
Romance and Assessment
The Balance between Candidate
Romance and Assessment
46% of new hires fail within 18 months*
*Leadership IQ 2013
The Balance between Candidate
Romance and Assessment
61% of new hires are unhappy because they
feel that they had been misled during the
hiring process*
*Harris Interactive 2013
The Balance between Candidate
Romance and Assessment
50% of Hiring Organizations or the new hires
themselves regret the decisions they made*
*The Recruiting Roundtable 2013
The Balance between Candidate
Romance and Assessment
Expectation Setting,
Communication and Follow up
with Candidates are key!
Talent Calibration
Assess your Internal Talent versus Top
External Talent to Hire the Best overall
Don’t be afraid to compare
Talent Calibration
Where does your internal talent compare?
“Who the right person is can greatly depend on the moment.
Someone who has performed an exemplary job leading one leg
of that journey may not be ideally suited for the next.”
- Meg Whitman HP CEO
HR / Recruiters now need to be
Talent Advisors
Recruiters can no longer simply be
Recruitment Coordinators & Administrators
Recruiters now need to be
(and allowed to be)
Talent Advisors
They must actually BE the Trusted Advisors & Partners
to the Business – not just a simple title change
Recruiters now need to be Talent
Recruiters must become a Talent Influencer
for your organization
Candidate Sourcing
Constantly Align to the
Business Goals
Candidate Sourcing
Ensure your Recruitment Function
has the capacity and capability to effectively
Candidate Sourcing
- Let’s discuss -
Let’s talk about your hiring challenges
• Where and how are you hunting?
• What you have already done and what are the outcomes?
• What tweaks are you planning for the future to better source, qualify, recruit and
• deliver candidates?
• Let’s talk about identifying and maximizing talent pools (including the mature worker) and
• Strategies for uncovering, understanding and reaching various underutilized talent pools
Finally … Let’s discuss ways to best retain and “protect” the talent you have.
Assessment thru Interviewing
VIDEO #2 - Misaligned Hiring Goals
Deeper Assessment of Candidates
Top Influencing Factors in Hiring Candidates*
Candidate’s Sense of Humour – 27%
Involved in Community – 26%
Candidate who is Better Dressed – 22%
Candidate with whom the Hiring Manager has more in common with – 21%
Physically Fit – 13%
*survey by Harris Interactive - 2013
Deeper Assessment of
Assume 50% of your candidates
misrepresent themselves on their resume
or exaggerate their experience in an interview
Is your organization equipped to ferret them out?
Deeper Assessment of
Are your Recruiters & Hiring Managers
aligned with your organization’s hiring goals?
• Skills & Experience (usually)
• Organizational Fit (sometimes)
• Potential (rarely)
The End