7 Ways to Build Organic Twitter Followers S

7 Ways to Build Organic Twitter Followers
Since the dawn of the most recent Google update, it's been inevitable that
a lot of people are
looking to get traffic and website visitors from places like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. We
have all seen people go to places like fiverr.com to purchase Twitter followers and the like, but
have seen few results. Building a Twitter following takes time, patience, and a plan - just like
building your rankings on Google. These "purchased Twitter followers" that you can buy are
simply garbage, most of them are fake accounts, the rest are people with 10k followers or
higher that approve everyone, and are only in it for themselves.
The target here is to obtain as many targeted followers as possible, why? Because the more
followers you have the more people that will hear your message. If you are selling a product, it
is that many more people that will be an audience for your latest pitch. Imagine owning a
company with the latest gadget for hair removal and having 300k targeted female followers.
Your product costs $29, even at a 1% conversion rate you could bring in $87,000 in revenue.
It sounds extreme but it is not.
I've seen some people get some really solid traffic from Twitter. I've seen people ruin some
ones reputation over Twitter and I've heard stories of people making tens of thousands of
dollars from one Tweet. Twitter is a powerful social media platform that is one of the top
internet sites for a reason. Many people have doubts about their capabilities, but I know week
after week when I check the server logs and see website visits from "twitter.com" - we are on
to something.
The good thing about Twitter is that you can find like-minded users - so if own a carpet
cleaning company for instance, you can engage with other webmasters and seek opportunities
like guest posting on their blogs, sharing tips, exchanging links, and even sending out a retweet
to their followers for double the effectiveness.
There is little to no instant gratification involved with building a Twitter following, this is
something that happens over time, and you need to dedicate yourself to this.
Start by making twitter.com your homepage when you start your internet browser so you are
committed to using Twitter ever time you log in. If you find that too invasive, put a shortcut on
your desktop or on your browser toolbar.
Another way to begin to train yourself is if you have a smartphone, install the Twitter App and
put it on your home screen. In addition to being a great time waster, it is a great way to get
some "work done" on Twitter while you are waiting for appointments, on the bus, etc.
Without further delay, here are some tips to get you started in your Twitter journey:
1. Log into your account and make sure all of the details are filled out in their entirety.
Try to pick a catchy and relevant screen name that will attract people in your
demographic. Design a great profile, this is done by choosing a great logo and a cool
background. If people stop by and see a default Twitter theme, they usually make the
assumption that you do not care about your Twitter profile, and move on. The
background is really key – Twitter allows you a lot more flexibility than Facebook with
images, i.e. less restrictions on what the images actually are. A nice 200px wide stripe
with a tag line, advertisement, or picture is currently what is working well. Putting a
great call to action is also a great way to drive traffic to your website or whatever else
you are doing.
If your Twitter following is not really that techie, you might want to include some tips or
instructions built into your page (the background) to show them how to send a tweet,
add as follower, etc. With demographics that are less savvy, it is a good idea to make
an informative background that will assist them with walking through the Twitter
process, this will help improve conversion rates, just like on a website. A few other tips
to put into your Twitter background is to:
 Insert your phone number
 Display other social media addresses (Facebook/Youtube)
 Maintain brand consistency between your brand (or your company’s brand) and
the Twitter background
2. Locate the other companies, organizations, and people in your business category. Make
use of the Twitter search function, Google, Facebook, to track these people down and
save them to notepad or something. Once you’ve found all of their Twitter page, the
best thing you can do is go into their followers and follow them. Follow as many people
as possible. If you want to get extremely targeted, find 30 people per day that mention
your industry within their profile, these are the best you can get. Don’t bother to follow
the private profiles and don’t follow the people that have an empty profile or an “egg”
next to it – which means they do not have their Twitter profile filled out yet. The goal
here is to follow people that are actively using Twitter, not people who have not filled
out their profiles. Look into people that have a lot of followers and if you can see if they
have a lot of activity. The goal is much like real life is to get as many people to link up
with you as possible, to not only use to your advantage, but also offer information, and
a platform for them to use as well. I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten several
great pieces of news from Twitter in the past.
3. Rules you should know about. Yes, there are rules - if you want to stay in this game
more than a few weeks and not get a banned account or worse - annoy your fellow
followers, follow these simple rules.
 In the beginning you can follow up to 2000 people
 After that, you can follow 1000 people per day
 After a certain point, you cannot follow more than 10% of the people that
follow you, this is a good thing. Make sense?
 You can get cheezy and say something like "Hey guy's I am trying to
build my twitter following, please follow me" but it is not recommended.
 After a week or so, start unfollowing the people that are not following
you. Kill out all the dead weight.
4. Depending on the niche that you are in, you will see less than half of the people that
you followed will follow you back. In my niche, internet marketing we see about 75%
sometimes, because we all know the deal. Other industries like entertainment you will
see 1% or less. Celebrities don't follow people they only get followers.
5. Begin to build relationships with people. Start to send out Tweets regarding anything
that is currently going on. Don't be afraid to be edgy, this is what attracts people. Go
against the norm. Don't just repost a news story...BORING! Post your twist on a news
story. Post your opinion on the latest Google update, Tweet about what is going on at
school. People will go to cnn.com for news, they want to hear your opinion. There are
a few ways to automate all of this such as HootSuite. I personally like Hootsuite for a
few reasons:
link several social media accounts together
automate your tweets
schedule tweets/posts
mass upload from a file
6. To be clear, I think it is a terrible way to "do Twitter" to automate all of your posts.
Automating your posts is only good for a few random catchy phrases, it is great for
Happy Birthdays and if you manage to pull this off for 200 users or more let me know
and you will have my respect. It is also good just for overall organization of accounts.
At Elite Strategies, we manage hundreds of social media accounts on a daily basis, and
could not do it without a program like this. We have our own internally developed
program similar to this, but we recommend this for the average user.
7. Link Twitter to your website. Make sure you have all of the widgetry that everyone else
does and encourage the use of it. There are die hard Twitter fans and if they know you
are a big Tweeter than they will follow you loyally. Link everything together, link your
Facebook Page to you Twitter page and vice-versa. Everytime you make a Facebook
wall post, it will be tweeted, and vice-versa. Why post to your 1000 followers when you
can post to your followers and your 500 Facebook Friends?
We've built accounts with over 100k followers in a few months, if you are active every day with
Twitter you will be a success.
If you absolutely must give into temptation, use a service like Twiends to get your started.
Twiends is a "free" service where you can buy seeds (yes I know, total contradiction but I
believe you can use it for free somehow.) and add Twitter followers fast. This is a good way to
build sort of a reputation to your account in the beginning so you do not look like you are
unpopular, etc.
Make sure you continue to make Tweets while you are adding followers, it is important for
people to see activity on your accounts.
This is not a race, build users slowly and you will be rewarded.
If you are tempted to use ulta-black hat software such as Tweet Attacks Pro, let us caution you.
Software like this uses extremely high server resources, is very annoying to the Twitter
community, and ultimately will get your Twitter account banned. There are not shortcuts in
life, and none on the internet either. Any success that comes easily will most likely be short
Twitter - www.twitter.com
HootSuite - www.hootsuite.com
Twiends - www.twiends.com