At the outset please accept our heartiest congratulations on having been selected
for admission to the Nishan-e-Sikhi Preparatory Institute for National Defence
Academy (NDA)/ Engineering Group. We are happy to have you as a member of
the Nishan-E-Sikhi fraternity. We hope that your stay with us will be beneficial,
and that you will go on to join the NDA as a member of 138 NDA course in June
2017 or a leading professional Engineering Institute.
A career in uniform is the finest profession that a young man can aspire to join.
Your desire to join the armed forces as an officer is commendable and we shall
do everything possible to ensure that you are able to fulfil this ambition.
The next two years will be utilised by us in preparing you for the National Defence
Academy/ Engineering entrance examinations. This will include academic
training, physical training, sports, leadership, motivation, training in officer like
qualities (OLQ) and the syllabus of the PSEB. The routine will be busy and you
will be expected to work hard in a disciplined manner. Primarily what we expect
from you is dedication and honest hard work. If that is forthcoming from you,
your success is more or less assured. On our part we shall ensure that required
training facilities are extended to you in an atmosphere conducive to learning.
On joining the institute, you will be referred to as a Cadet. You will be assigned a
Cadet number. You will be expected to use your cadet number in all future
correspondence. You will be divided in the following Groups:
(a) NDA Group This Group will have cadets who have been selected for
preparation of NDA written Exam and SSB Interview.
(b) Engineering Group This Group will have cadets who have been selected for
preparation of IIT/ AIEEE entrance examination. Out of these cadets, who
successfully pass the written examination of NDA will be given
comprehensive training to prepare them for the SSB Interview.
Admission being granted to you is provisional and will be regularized only after
you have submitted your tenth class results. In case, you do not clear the tenth
class examination in which you have recently appeared, you will not be allowed
to continue training in the institute.
We have a clear and focused aim. You will be trained for joining the National
Defence Academy and becoming commissioned officers in the armed forces of
our country or join a leading Engineering institute in the Country. In order to
achieve this aim the following training will be imparted to you:(a) Academic training
(b) Public speaking and improving power of verbal and written expression
(c) Physical Training to include physical fitness, sports and stamina building
(d) Drill
(e) Leadership and motivation
(f) Orientation to armed forces including visits to units / institutions
(g) Preparation for the NDA entrance examination
(h) Preparation for SSB and interview
(i) Training in soft skills and officer like qualities
Academic Training
All cadets will be required to opt for the non medical stream with the following
subjects:(a) English (Core)
(b) Punjabi
(c) Mathematics
(d) Physics
(e) Chemistry
(f) Computer Science
(g) Environmental Studies
Cadets will wear NSPI uniform. Uniform will be issued to cadets on arrival.
School Books
Text books and uniform will be provided on payment. All other training material
will be provided free of cost.
School Bus
Cadets will commute to the NSPI and hostel in authorized bus only. Bus will be
provided by NSPI.
100 percent attendance will be ensured. If any cadet is to be absent from class for
any reason whatsoever, prior permission of Director NSPI will be obtained.
Punctuality in attendance of classes will be ensured. Time table will be strictly
Outdoor Training
Cadets will be required to take part in physical training so as to prepare them for
the rigours of training at NDA. Standards to be achieved have been derived from
the NDA standards.
It is important that as potential officers of the armed forces you must excel in
sports. Training in sports will be organized as follows:(a) Troop Games Cadets will be coached in Hockey, Football, Basketball and
Volleyball. Cadets are expected to excel in at least one of these games
(b) Cross Country Running Cadets will be expected to take part in cross
country runs to build up their stamina
Drill is an essential component of training. Drill training will be imparted by a
trained Drill instructor.
Indemnity Bond
Cadets and their parents/ guardians will be required to sign an indemnity bond.
Specimen of Indemnity Bond is attached (Appendix A).
Fee Structure
Training at the NSPI is subsidized by the Nishan-e-Sikhi Charitable Trust. The
following is the fee structure:
(a) Academic:
Admission Fee
Tuition Fee
Study material
Examination Fee
(b) Hostel and Messing
(c) Advance for clothing, text
books and medical tests
(d)Refundable security deposit
Grand Total:
Rs. 1,15,000/-
Above amount is payable in three installments as under:(a) First installment of Rs 55,000/- will be paid at the time of admission by
5th March 2015 and confirm your admission. Those who have already paid
Rs 5,000/- security deposit will be required to pay Rs 50,000/- only to
confirm your admission
(b) Second installment of Rs 30,000/- to be paid on 01 Aug 2015
(c) Third installment of Rs 30,000/ to be paid on 01 Dec 2015
Pocket Money
Parents are requested not to give more than Rs 2000 (Rs 500 per month) for
pocket money for the trimester.
Security Deposit
Rs 5,000/- is required to be deposited as a refundable security deposit. This will
be returned to cadets on successful completion of training.
Medical Expenses
All medical expenses will be borne by the students.
Advance for clothing, text books and medical tests
Rs 10,000/- will be deposited in the individual account of the cadet as an advance
for clothing, text books and medical tests. The cost of the clothing, text books
and medical tests conducted at NSPI would be deducted from this account.
In the light of the above, cadets are required to deposit Rs. 55,000/- (Rs 50,000/for those who have already paid security deposit of Rs 5000/-) by 5th Mar 2015 as
(a) Rs 40,000/- or Rs 35, 000/- by cheque/ Draft on Punjab & Sind Bank Khadur
Sahib in favour of President BGSUS Sr Sec School, SB Acct No.
08641000004963, IFSC Code PSIB0000864
(b) 15,000/- by cheque/ draft on Punjab & Sind Bank Khadur Sahib in favour of
Chairman Nishan-E-Sikhi Charitable Trust (Regd.), SB Acct No.
08641000002120 and IFSC Code PSIB0000864
(c) Fee can also be paid by cash at Khadur Sahib, Distt. Tarn Taran, Punjab
143117. Copy of the bank receipt to be sent by Email to
[email protected]
Above amount will be utilized by the institute as under:(a) Rs 5,000/- will be kept in the institute accounts as refundable security
deposit. This amount will be returned on successful completion of the two
years training
(b) Rs 10,000 will be kept in the cadet’s individual account maintained by the
institution and used for issue of clothing, text books and conduct of
medical tests for the cadets
(c) Rs 40,000/- as first installment of school fees and Hostel Charges
Requirement of Linen and Clothing
Uniforms of cadets will be provided by the institute. Cadets will be required to
bring with them the under mentioned items:(a) Plain white shirts (full sleeves) –
(b) Black trousers (c) Black shoes, Oxford pattern (d) White sports shoes (e) White socks (f) Black socks (g) Black shorts (h) White T shirt (i) Handkerchiefs white (j) Turbans Kesri For Sikh Cadets (k) Fifty Black For Sikh Cadets (l) Patka Black For Sikh Cadets(m)School Bag – Black –
(n) Slippers/ chappal(o) Bath towels (p) Towel hand(q) Track suit(r) Underwear / vests / private clothes (s) Bed Sheets(t) Pillow cover(u) Blankets(v) Jacket(w) Kurta-Pyjama White(x) Keski For Sikh Cadets-
qty 2
qty 2
qty 1 pair
qty 1
qty 3 pairs
qty 3 pairs
qty 2
qty 2
qty 6
qty 1 each
qty 2
qty 2
qty 1.
qty 1 Pair
qty 2
qty 1
qty 1
as per requirement
qty 2
qty 2
qty 2
qty 1
qty 2 Pairs
qty 2
It is expected that uniforms of the approved pattern will be ready in a few weeks.
Thereafter wearing of private clothes will be forbidden and cadets will be required
to be dressed in uniform as appropriate to the occasion.
In addition cadets are advised to bring the following items for their personal use:
(a) Mug(b) Soap cases(c) Soap bathing(d) Soap washing(e) Hair brush(f) Hair Fixer for Sikhs only(g) Baj for Sikhs only(h) Hair Oil(i) Comb(j) Tooth Brush(k) Tooth Paste(l) Face cream(m)
Moisturizer(n) Liquid blue(o) Shampoo(p) Shaving Kit for non Sikhs(q) Boot Polish/ liquid shoe polish(r) Boot Brush(s) Good night mosquito repellent(t) Water Bottle(u) Needles, thread, Buttons(v) Dictionary(w) Lock(x) Postage-
qty 1
qty 2
qty 1Cake
qty 1 Cake
qty 1
qty 1 Bottle
qty 1
qty 1 Bottle
qty 1
qty 1
qty 1 Tube
qty 1
qty 1 Bottle
qty 1 Bottle
qty 1 Bottle
qty 1 Kit
qty 1
qty 1
qty 1Set
qty 1
qty 1 set
qty 1
qty 1
as per requirement
Only the items mentioned above will be permitted in the hostel. Cadets will not be
permitted to use any item which is not mentioned above.
Cadets will strictly abide by the discipline policy laid down by Director NSPI. Any
breach of discipline will be liable for punishment. Detailed discipline policy will be
explained to cadets on arrival. The following are strictly forbidden:(a) Possession of mobile phones. (Cadets will give a certificate as per
specimen attached at Appendix C that they are not in possession of a
mobile phone). Parents may contact their ward at the telephone held with
the hostel warden as per the scheduled given by the NSPI
(b) Consumption of liquor or drugs
(c) Smoking
(d) Driving a car/ scooter/ motor cycle
(e) Leaving the institute without permission
(f) Lady visitors are not permitted in cadets cabins
(g) Music systems
(h) Speaking in any language other than English
(i) Being late for parade, absent from parade or improperly turned out
(j) Keeping money in excess of authorized amount
(k) Stealing, cheating or telling lies
The NSPI is totally secular and apolitical. You will be expected to conduct
yourself in consonance with these principles. Discussion of politics in the
institute is strictly forbidden.
NDA! NDA! NDA! Waheguru Ji give me strength to grow physically, intellectually
and spiritually to achieve my mission.
Honour Code
A suitable Honour Code for cadets has been evolved. Any violation of the
Honour Code will be viewed seriously. The Honour Code is as under:“I will always strive to excellence, be honest, truthful in following the right path
under all circumstances.“
Please memorise the Honour Code and understand it fully before you report to
the institute.
All cadets will reside in the institute premises in assigned cabins only. There is
no provision for ‘day scholars’. Parents will be permitted to meet their wards
once a month at Khadur Sahib as per schedule issued by NSPI.
Punctuality in all parades / official functions is imperative. Please ensure that you
are not late from any place of duty by even one minute.
Withdrawal of Cadet from the Institute
In case a cadet does not perform satisfactorily, he will be suitably warned and the
parents will also be informed that he is liable to be withdrawn. A cadet may be
withdrawn on any of the following grounds:(a) Withdrawal on Academic Grounds In case the cadet does not perform
well in his studies he will be suitably warned and given an opportunity to
improve his performance. If the cadet still does not improve he will be
withdrawn from the institute on academic grounds. The cadet may however
continue to study in the BGSUS Sr Sec School provided it is acceptable to
the school authorities.
(b) Withdrawal on Disciplinary Grounds If a cadet indulges in serious acts
of indiscipline or is a habitual offender, he will be suitably warned and
punished. If there is still no improvement he will be withdrawn on
disciplinary grounds. In this eventuality, the cadet will also be withdrawn
from the school.
(c) Withdrawal on Medical Grounds If a cadet becomes medically unfit
during training, he will be withdrawn on medical grounds. The cadet may
continue to study in the BGSUS Sr Sec School at the discretion of school
Payment by Cadets if Withdrawn
If a cadet is withdrawn from the institute due to his taking inadequate interest in
training or on account of poor discipline, he will be liable to pay the fees for the
remaining part of two years training.
Leaving/ Deserting NSPI
Cadets leaving NSPI within the first one week will not be refunded the amount
deposited at the time of joining the institute. However any cadet leaving after the
first one week of training will be required to pay cost of training for one year.
Leave Policy
Cadets will be granted leave in accordance with leave policy. It must be clearly
understood that leave is not a right but a privilege. Grant of leave will be subject
to training commitments which will be paramount. During the school vacations
cadets who are weak in academics / outdoor training or are undergoing
punishment may be required to stay back for extra coaching at the discretion of
Director NSPI. Any cadet who absents himself from the institute premises without
due permission will be deemed to be absent without leave and will be liable to
disciplinary action.
Cadets desirous of visiting the market in Khadur Sahib/ Amritsar will have to
apply for Liberty. Liberty is short leave for a few hours and does not include
absence overnight.
Official correspondence
Contact details of parents may please be completed as per Appendix C. In case
you wish that correspondence to your parents from the institute should be in
Punjabi please indicate accordingly on the form. If no option is indicated, official
correspondence to parents will be English.
All cadets are expected to follow the teachings and rules of their respective
religion during their stay at NSPI. Sikh cadets are expected to maintain their Sikhi
Saroop and not to cut hair from any part of their body. Any violation to this rule
will be will be viewed as a serious offence and the cadet is liable to be
withdrawn from the Institute. Sikh Cadets and parents will sign a certificate to
this effect as per Appendix D.
Admission Schedule and Procedure
Admission to the institute will take place as under:
(a) NDA Group 28th April 2015 (10 AM to 5 PM
(b) Engineering Group 29th April 2015 (10 AM to 5 PM)
Please bring the following with you at the time of admission:(a) Birth certificate
(b) Domicile certificate for cadets of other states
(c) Six copies of passport size photographs in colour
(d) Indemnity bond duly completed (Appendix A)
(e) Certificate regarding non possession of Mobile Phone. (Appendix B)
(f) Details of communication address and preferred language of communication
with parents (Appendix C
(g) Certificate by Sikh cadets regarding maintenance of Sikh Saroop
(Appendix D)
Once you report to the institute and are allotted your cadet number, you will be
deemed to be a cadet of the institute and will abide by the rules and regulations
of the institute. Classes will commence on 1st May 2015. 30th April will be
observed as Adm Day.
It is our sincere endeavour to prepare cadets for a successful career by either
joining NDA or a professional Engineering College on completion of the course.
All rules and regulations are directed towards a single aim of getting the best out
of your ward and making a sound foundation for his career. Cooperation of the
parents is humbly requested.
Appendix A
Khadur Sahib Distt.Tarn Taran
………………..………………………………………….. distt…………………………………………….. am
a volunteer for undergoing training at Nishan-E-Sikhi Preparatory Institute(NSPI)
Khadur Sahib Distt. Tarn Taran. I understand that the training will be at my own
risk and the institute will not be liable for any injury or death while training or
while taking part in organized games/ sports or travelling in transport of the
institute while on duty.
I understand and agree that no compensation will be paid by the NSPI or by any
employees of the Institute in respect of any such death or injury and I further
agree to bind myself, my heirs , my executors or administrators to indemnify
you and other employees of NSPI against any claim which may be made by the
third party against you or them arising out of any act or default on their or my
part during my stay in the institute or any journey undertaken in connection
with training or interviews or any other activity of NSPI.
……………………………………… two thousand and thirteen.
Signature of Cadet
Witness:Signature ………………………….
Address …………………………
Appendix B
This is to certify that I, Cadet ……………………………………………………………….of 1st
NSPI Course have been told that possession of a mobile phone is a serious
offence at NSPI.
I also understand that if I am found to be in possession of a mobile phone in the
institute, I am liable to be withdrawn from the Institute.
Signature of Cadet
Signature of Parent/ Guardian
Appendix C
I, Cadet --------------------------------------------------------- son of ----------------------------------------------------- certify that contact details of my parents are as under:-
Postal address:-
Telephone number:Landline
E Mail: -
Preferred language for communication: -
Signature of Cadet
English / Punjabi
Signature of Parent /
Appendix D
I, Cadet --------------------------------------------------------- son of ----------------------------------------------------certify that I will maintain Sikhi Saroop during my stay at NSPI. I
will not cut hair from any part of my body during this stay. I have been told that
cutting of hair during my stay at NSPI is a serious offence.
I also understand that if I am found cutting my hair from any part of the body in
the institute, I am liable to be withdrawn from the Institute and pay fee for
remaining part of the training.
Signature of Cadet
Signature of Parent /