Something To Smile About with Dr. Robert Odegard Early Start Treatment

g To S
ile About
with Dr. Robert Odegard
Produced for the Patients of Dr. Robert L. Odegard, DDS, MAGD
Inspired By The
Vancouver Games
Did you watch any of the winter
Olympic Games? If you did you couldn’t
help but admire these young athletes
who work so hard to be at the top. The
intensity, the drive, the commitment,
and the discipline of these young men
and women is inspiring. I thought about
all the hours of practice, conditioning,
working on their game or skill every
day until they were one of the best in
the world- and how this immense effort
could be applied in any person’s life
who wishes to gain success. It takes a
lot of work, effort and training to be
at the top of whatever field a person
is in. That is the message that we, as a
dental team, have implemented in our
office philosophy. We strive to be the
best dental team and provide the best
dentistry around. We are setting the bar
higher than ever before and our patients
can see the difference. We are committed
to continuing our dental education,
working on our customer service and the
delivery of our dental care in a painless
and caring manner. We know that our
patients deserve the best and our success
is rewarded by the referrals of our
patients’ friends and family. I hope you
enjoyed the winter Olympic Games and
were also inspired by the performances.
It was a wonderful thing to see and
a remarkable event that our world
participates in. Thank you for being one
of our great patients and for all of your
Spring 2010
Early Start Treatment
Plan for the year
Spring is a time of new beginnings. And, if you are like most, your
insurance policy was just renewed for the New Year. That makes now a
great time to get an early start on your treatment plan for this year.
Since your benefits are brand new, you want to be able to make the
most of them. But it’s best to plan early, so we can work around your
summer fun and avoid the inevitable rush for last minute treatments at
the end of the year. We would be happy to work with you and build a
treatment plan that suits your smile desires, your insurance coverage, and
your schedule.
Enjoy the new beginnings – and a new smile. Call us to get the most
from your insurance benefits today.
Dr. Odegard
Thank you for all your referrals. We appreciate them!
The Game’s Afoot Go green & have fun!
Green gyms are in, and it’s a growing movement. Traditional gyms use a lot of
electricity, and increasingly providers are looking at how they can become more
energy-efficient. In the meantime, consider working out on your gym’s self-powered
equipment instead of the energy-hogging ones.
another way to reduce your eco footprint is by
being more active outside in every season…
use a push mower
Canoe or sail
Play tennis
snowshoe or ski
And what about this? By participating in conservation activities like trail building,
you can stay fit, connect with the environment, and help your community.
FastTrack – Fast Results
& Veneers
There are some claims you can believe in
When an employer or prospective
client has to make a choice and all
else is equal, your appearance and
grooming could make or break your
chances. So it’s only reasonable that
you want to look your best. It’s good
to know that while many products
promise more than they can deliver,
you can count on cosmetic dentistry to
give you long-lasting results you’ll be
proud of.
We’ll be happy to talk to you about
affordable non-surgical treatments like
whitening, recontouring, bonding, and
veneers that can literally transform
your smile, often within only one or
two visits.
 Whiten your smile by as many as
eight shades with safe reliable dentistsupervised teeth whitening.
 Brighten your smile with enamelcolored fillings to replace older metal
and stained white fillings.
 Re-shape teeth, close spaces
between teeth, repair chips and
fractures, and strengthen teeth where
enamel has been lost with bonding
or beautiful translucent hand-crafted
porcelain veneers.
Cosmetic dentistry means more
than camouflaging smile flaws. Sure,
permanent dental implants that
replace lost teeth will keep you looking
good, but they also prevent tilting and
shifting teeth that will both alter your
bite and your ability to speak, eat, and
chew. Gum recontouring can restore
balance and symmetry to a too-gummy
smile or uneven gumline that detracts
from otherwise healthy beautiful teeth.
In the competitive world of business
where opinions are formed in only
seconds, we’re proud that we can help
you feel self-confident – and confident
in us.
Pregnancy Perio Risk
Oral health could affect you & your baby
For some time, advanced gum disease, called periodontitis, has been linked
to complications of pregnancy including premature birth, low birth-weight,
toxemia, and gestational diabetes. Research has strengthened this association by
showing that gestational diabetes appears in women with gum disease – even
if they don’t smoke or drink. Gestational diabetes usually disappears once the
baby is born, but it places you at a greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
later on.
So how to prevent gum disease? The best prevention is regular dental care
and thorough daily brushing and flossing to remove the buildup of plaque, the
natural biofilm that is always present in your mouth.
Pregnancy is a time of hormonal fluctuations that can alter the bacterial and
acidic balance in your mouth and leave you a little more susceptible to gum
disease. That’s why, during your pregnancy, we may suggest more frequent
follow-up than you’re used to. Yet everyone at every age needs to maintain their
oral health because gum disease has also been linked to cardiovascular diseases,
osteoarthritis, kidney disease, cancers, respiratory diseases, and diabetes in the
general population.
these now…
Using tools on teeth
Ouch. Knives, forks, keys – our
inventiveness is legend. You risk
damaging teeth and gums! Carry
dental floss instead.
Using teeth as tools
Tearing food packets, prying off
container lids and bottle caps, and
chewing pens and pencils can lead to
cuts, damaged jaw joints, or chipped
and broken teeth.
Using tobacco products
Smoking cigarettes and cigars, or
chewing smokeless tobacco, can lead
to oral cancer as well as gum disease,
tooth loss, and unattractive staining.
No matter what your stage of life,
don’t wait until you see symptoms of
inflammation including redness, puffiness,
or bleeding gums. Even if you think
Indulging your sweet tooth
you are problem-free, don’t
skip your recall visits.
Too many sugary soft drinks, acidic
power drinks, candies, and other sweet
treats are well-known culprits.
We screen for gum
Avoiding routines
disease at every visit
Don’t skip brushing and flossing your
teeth or your regular dental visits.
Avoid costly dental bills instead by
preventing tooth decay and gum
disease with excellent home care.
You’ll also be keeping your breath fresh
and your smile white and appealing.
...because we like to
see you smiling.
Easy On You
Easy on your wallet
Here are some budget-friendly ways to de-stress:
Picnic in the park. Relax, dress casually, and don’t worry about which
fork to use. Take a simple pre-prepared meal with you.
Dine at home. Have a special family meal. Let everybody pitch in. It’s
fun to share the cooking (and cleaning!), and even little ones can help.
Step back. Back in the day, a leisurely car ride to the countryside or
a long meandering walk through the neighborhood were simple and
affordable ways to stay tuned to nature, community, and family.
Create a home spa. Alone, or with friends and family at your “spa,”
create a custom facial, manicure, and pedicure. Raiding your fridge and
cupboards for natural spa ingredients just adds to the fun.
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Porcelain crowns are excellent cosmetic and protective
coverings for fractured or severely worn teeth. To make a crown,
most dentists have to prepare your tooth, take an impression
with a putty material, make you a temporary crown and then
you have to return to the dentist in two weeks to get numb all
over again in order for him to cement your crown. In our
office we have the very best and advanced
technology available-The Cerec Cad/Cam
computer and porcelain milling machine.
This intricate computer
scans your tooth and after
Dr. Odegard designs
your restoration with the
3D software, it mills a
porcelain crown or filling
out of a color phased porcelain block. We
then cement your beautiful crown in the same
visit-all while you are watching a movie.
Imagine the time you save. It is a remarkable
advancement and has made dentistry much
more convenient for people. Our office
embraces the new technology that dentistry
has to offer. We believe it is a benefit to
our patients and we are committed to
always giving them our very best.
One Visit Porcelain Crowns?
On December 17th Jodi and Jeff welcomed their new
baby, Anna Sue, into their busy family. She weighed a
healthy 7lbs.12 oz. Arlo and Lucy (their canine kids)
were nervous at first, but love their new baby sister.
We look forward to Jodi returning to work part-time in
April, then full-time in May.
Dental CT Scan
Dr. Odegard is one of the few Dentists in
the country to be working with Cone Beam
CT Scan Technology. This is a low radiation
dental CT Scan that shows all of your teeth
and jaw in 3 dimensions. “What we can see
with the dental CT Scans takes dentistry to
a whole new level” says Dr. Odegard. “We
can see not only the patients bone, slice
by slice, but also the entire root of their
tooth and all the internal anatomy. It is an
excellent advantage for Implant dentistry and
Endodontics (root canal dentistry)”. Software
is being developed that allows dentists to do
dental procedures such as placing implants
in the jaws virtually. It is like a video game
where the dentist can do the procedure
on the screen and see the outcome before
the procedure is actually performed on the
patient. This insures that the implants will fit
in the jaw bone and that all vital structures
are avoided. Dental CT Scans will become
the standard of care in dentistry in the future.
About Dental
Dental implants are here to stay.
They have become so easy and
predictable that it is almost a routine
procedure without complication
in our office. Implant success rates
now are about 96%. Dr. Odegard can
replace a missing tooth in just one
dental appointment right here in our
office. It is not major surgery and the
procedure is painless-much like having
a filling placed. In fact, they are the best
solution for replacing missing teeth
or securing down loose dentures. The
advancement in the implants and in the
procedure itself has been so remarkable
over the last 10 years that it has become
the standard of care for dentistry. If
you are missing teeth or have ill fitting
dentures, please do not suffer any
more. Call us for a consultation about
dental implants. You deserve to have
your teeth looked at by Dr. Odegard.
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