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Nikuv International Projects Ltd.
Nikuv International Projects Ltd.
‫‏‬ISC International Security Consultancy
‫‏‬A ffiliate of NIP Nikuv International Projects Ltd.
‫‏‬A World of Security Solutions
8 Maskit St. P.O.B 4107, Herzelia 46140, Israel Tel: +972 (74) 7176700 Fax: +972 (9) 9519377
NIP Nikuv International Projects Ltd.
‫‏‬The Security Specialists
S‫ ‏‬ecurity threats come in all shapes and sizes, from individual acts to wide
range scenarios. Security threats know no boundaries, and as the world
becomes more and more accessible they have evolved to take on many new
forms, moving from "classic" threats to highly sophisticated attacks. Training
to respond to these threats and managing effective and efficient defenses
against them is essential in minimizing and even eliminating the hazard.
This is where ISC plays an important role.
‫‏‬ISC is a leading international security consulting firm that provides a full range
of security services and integrated solutions, to corporate and governmental
facilities and personnel, as well as private clients. Thanks to our broad
experience in the field, the guidance provided by ISC includes preventative and
proactive elements which have been tested and confirmed in actual situations.
Our staff of professionals encompasses a complete range of real-world
domestic and international security experience to ensure practical solutions.
‫ ‏‬ield Proven Experience
at Your Service
‫‏‬Israeli security agencies have a long history of successfully defending the
country, its installations and government personal against security threats.
ISC has its headquarters in Israel, and draws upon extensive field-proven
experience gained from demanding security circumstances. We offer the
results of this accumulated know-how and experience to all our clients,
through various channels and specialized services:
Consultancy – covering all aspects of security management
and implementation for any scenario.
Physical Security – Consultancy, planning and implementation
of actual security systems on the ground.
Electronics – Debugging services and counter surveillance
Aviation & Maritime – consultancy and implementation of
full range security measures for airports, sea ports (ISPS Code)
and ground transportation.
‫ ‏‬Investigations – International reach and experience, including
financial investigations, missing persons, polygraph testing and
other services for governmental, corporate and private clients.
Information Security – Complete and tailored packages to
maintain the integrity of information systems, from planning
to implementation.
Loss Prevention – Customized packages to reduce internal and
external threats, theft and sabotage.
Business Information – Providing the competitive edge and
assistance in creating new business opportunities.
Training – customized methods for all sort of security personnel –
civilian, corporate, aviation, maritime and others.
Products – ISC is a global supplier of the latest security, law enforcement,
police and personal protection products, such as: riot control vehicles, crowed
control equipment, personal protective gear, bomb disposal equipment, body
armor, armored vehicles, access control systems, perimeter protection, fire
fighting and rescue vehicles and equipment, x- ray scanners and more.
Security Projects
ISC Means Security
‫‏‬ISC was established in 1994 and today operates in 12 countries around
the world through a network of specialized subsidiaries. We provide
exclusive and comprehensive services for a wide range of clients, from
private corporations and factories, through various national infrastructure
installations and facilities, to VIP clients.
‫ ‏‬s a whole, ISC integrates extensive knowledge, standards, innovative
methods and specialties into one holistic and cost-effective approach,
addressing any challenge based on the specific needs of each client. Our
experience and leadership in the field provide our clients with tailored
solutions they require, as well as the peace of mind they deserve.
Satisfied Clients
‫ ‏‬ur experience is diverse and widespread, covering many international
organizations, as well as leading local corporations in different countries
around the world.
‫ ‏‬Presidential Palace, Turkmenistan – Security and protection
Cisco, South Africa
Rift Valley Academy, Kenya
Presidential Compound, Ivory Coast
Hewlett Packard, South Africa
Vancut Diamonds, South Africa – Security consultation
Kellogg's, South Africa – Factory security
Nairobi Hospital, Kenya – Installation security
Elbit Communications, Israel
Nokia, South Africa
Banco de Costa Rica
Bank Menotep, Russia
Central Bank of Nigeria
Central Bank of Kenya
‫ ‏‬National Petroleum Company, Ecuador
‫ ‏‬Ministry of National Infrastructures, Israel
‫ ‏‬Caribe Hilton Casinos, Puerto Rico
‫ ‏‬Casino Royale, Moscow, Russia
‫ ‏‬Casino Lutraki, Greece
‫ ‏‬Hilton International Hotels – 180 hotels worldwide
‫ ‏‬Johannesburg International Airport
‫ ‏‬Duala Sea Port, Cameroon – Security & technology systems installation
‫‏‬ISC – The Security You Need
When you seek a solution to a situation involving security, ISC can provide
you with a comprehensive and customized resolution, based upon fieldproven experience and local knowledge. Our commitment to excellence and
the highest standards and work ethics, position ISC as a reliable and capable
partner. Your peace of mind is our goal.