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April and the beginning of May were big
months for us at Ningbo Guide. The city is
starting to warm up and people are coming out
ready for summer to start.
At the beginning of the month, we took a
small crew to run the Pyonyang Marathon in
North Korea. That sort of set the tone for what
the month was going to be like. We'll have
complete coverage of the excellent and surreal
event in next month's magazine.
Closer to home, we got everything together
for Ningbo's first Spring Block Party. None
of that would have been possible without
our friends at S&D Design and J&M Tattoo.
Eveyone pulled together to pull off a great
party to kick off the summer season. Complete
with homemade craft beer, authentic tacos,
chili, and hot dogs, plenty of sunshine and
great people, we couldn't have asked for a
better party. If that wasn't enough, taking a
crew of people on mini-parade complete with
DJ and sound system on wheels, it was an
excellent walk to Bad Monkey where the after
party went all night.
It was also a huge month for being healthy in
Ningbo. It's good to cleanse out some of that
party and exercise has to be one of the best
ways to do it. You could go to the hospital and
get a drip. But if anything doesn't go well, we
weren't the ones to tell you to do that.
Finding your fit the old fashioned way was
everywhere last month. We have an excellent
and incredibly cute cycling and camping
story written by our Junior Reporter
Elodie. She and a crew of intrepid cyclists
from Nottingham took themselves out into
the wilderness for some excellent fresh air,
camping, cycling and everything else that goes
with it. They even packed the marshmallows.
Elsewhere in the fitness world we've got our
regular column called Yoga &. This month
it's about yoga and qi. We're really happy to
run this column as it gives you a more in
depth outlook on yoga and how to integrate
it and holistic health in general into your life.
If you're intrigued, be sure to visit Gabriella's
classes in person as it's even better hearing it
straight from her.
If yoga and cycling weren't enough, it was the
first ever Ningbo Women's Half Marathon
in Yinzhou. Nearly 500 competitors came out
and ran up and down Ningbo's lovely southern
mountains. The day was a complete success
and we're hoping another one is scheduled
It might be the case that you don't like to
punish yourself with hours of cycling or days
of running. It may be that you like to punish
your legs by going straight up. Hiking your
way through Huangshan is sure way to whip
your legs into shape, or into submission. We
have some great coverage from our very own
Magnolia Wang accompanied with stunning
photos from Peter Morgan. (Peter is also the
photographer of our cover photo this month.)
After all of the exercising it's only natural to be
hungry. Actually it's only natural to be really
hungry. But that's exactly the time to watch
what you eat and newcomer on the food scene,
Fitbox, will help you do just that. The small
eatery in Yinzhou is fixated on healthy fresh
food with authentic and delicious ingredients.
There are wide range of balanced meal options
as well as a literal wall of supplements. The
owner and operators there are knowledgeable
and are more than happy to help with any
fitness related questions.
Once you've done all that work, it's time to
relax. And at the end of the month, there's just
the gig for that. John Carroll and William
Gray will play the Prince Bar on May 30th.
The show will be an excellent collections of
orignal songs and compositions written by the
two Hangzhou transplants.
We would expect that after that show, there
will be yet another late night party at Prince so
schedule that night for a big one.
At this point you've basically started the whole
party, get fit, party, get fit, party, get fit cycle
over again. Or maybe you've just stuck with fit
or just with party. Everything in moderation
means there's lots to get out and do in Ningbo.
We'll see you out there.
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Nick Jumara
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The Briefing
08 The Wire
News and more from around Ningbo
Events worth your attention in and
around Ningbo
Dezan Shira's take on the AIIB and
printing fa piao.
18 Ningbo Parties
Summer has barely started and the
parties are already getting hot. If the
rest of the season goes up from here, it
should be a hot summer indeed.
62 John Carroll
Check out our interview with John
Carroll who will be playing live in
Ningbo this month.
65 Cocktail
Lounge brings us the Singapore Sling.
66 Fight Night
Ningbo had a huge Muay Thai and
MMA fight at Youngor Stadium.
38 Huangshan
Yellow Mountain is one of China's most
famous and most beautiful mountains.
Take a look at the pics and you'll see why.
Eat & Drink
50 Fitbox
Body & Mind
68 Yoga &
This month is asll about qi.
70 Women's Run
Ningbo's half marathon.
This is the place to eat for clean and
healthy food in Ningbo.
Kids & Family
The Last Drop
Road Long is great for work and study.
74 Escape the City
Cycling and camping in Ningbo.
58 What's Your Local?
60 Pork on the Fork
78 The Directory
Check out these recommendations.
Crispy Pig Ears
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Scientists in China First to Edit the
Human Genome in an Embryo
And with that we are living in the future. Scientific community confirms
rumors and the debate over playing around with people is about to get serious.
The first ever confirmed report of editing
the genetic code in human embryos has
come and past. Scientists at Sun Yat-Sen
University in Guangzhou, led by Junjiu
Huang, have removed a gene responsible
for a fatal blood disorder. Using embryos
incapable of developing into a live birth
and sourced from a local fertility clinic,
the scientists employed a technique called
CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced
short palindromic repeats) have been
observed since the 1980’s and is actually a
naturally-occurring defence mechanism
found in a wide range of bacteria. The
technique could be effective at not only
removing genetic diseases from the
| M AY 2 0 1 5
human genome, it could easily lead
to designer babies where traits like
intelligence, beauty and even eye color can
be manipulated at will.
Before the doomsday clock starts counting
down, leading scientists across the world
have asked for a temporary moratorium
on the research. Nature News notes that
the “enormous opportunities” of this kind
of genetic engineering can come with
“unknown risks to human health and
Moreover, the technology isn’t perfect.
The process isn’t perfect and most of
the embryos didn’t survive. But, as the
exponential acceleration in technological
advancements shows no signs of slowing
down, a higher success rate is likely not
far off.
Marking unknown ethical issues and
the completely unforeseen ramifications
of playing with genetic sequences
(improperly applying the CRISPR
technique to remove an existing genetic
disease could easily create a new one),
scientific communities in Europe
and the U.S. will most likely heed the
warning. But places where rules are less
regularly enforced, where ethical issues
regularly take a back seat to advancement
and profit, and where human life isn’t
necessarily as valued, progress could be
report released by the Ningbo government stated that in 2014, 11,961
Malignant Tumors the ANingbo
residents were killed by malignant tumors, up from the previous year.
Malignant tumors have been the top cause of death for Ningbo residents in
Number One Cause
the past 10 years. The top five forms of cancer in Ningbo were lung cancer,
cancer, colo-rectal cancer, esophagus cancer and stomach cancer. Males
of Death for Ningbo liver
suffered a higher morbidity rate than females, a fact which was attributed in the
report to unhealthy lifestyle habits.
Residents in 2014
Nobel Laureate Holds
4th Grubbs Symposium
in Ningbo
Robert H. Grubbs, the 2005 Nobel Laureate in
chemistry and a professor at Ningbo University,
invited many of the world's tech moguls to attend
the 4th Grubbs Symposium on April 10th in Ningbo.
The theme of the symposium was “Polymers and
Industrial Innovations” and brought academic
and industrial scientists together to share recent
advancements in polymers and industrial innovations
and encourage collaboration.
More Citizens Reading Books at
Ningbo Libraries
Data from Ningbo Library shows that between 2012 and 2014, the rate of
adults and children borrowing books from the library increased steadily.
In 2014, the numbers reached a high with 1.36 million people borrowing
3.42 million books from the library. The biggest increase came from young
readers, who showed an interest in a wide range of topics. The rising literacy
of Ningbo citizens has been well-noted, as in 2014 Ningbo topped Amazon.
com's list of the country's most literate cities.
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Flights to Rome and Frankfurt Opening Soon
According to the Zhejiang Branch of China Eastern Airlines, Ningbo will offer flight routes to Europe for the first time. Ningbo-Rome
and Ningbo-Frankfurt flight routes are expected to be put into service beginning May 28th and June 6th, respectively. The move
comes as the airline giant is rapidly increasing international flights from Ningbo to countries such as Japan, South Korea, and some
Southeast Asian nations.
Putuoshan and
Baifeng Dock Now
Linked By Speed Boat
Tourists visiting Putuoshan, one of China's
most famous Buddhist mountain sites, can now
arrive in speed and style thanks to the May
1st launch of a speed boat route between the
island mountain and the mainland. The maiden
voyage took just 70 minutes to get from the
Baifeng Dock to the landing in Putuoshan. The
boats, “Fei Zhou” and “Zhou Ying” will make a
combined 12 voyages per day. Visitors can take
a free shuttle bus from Ningbo Railway Station
to Baifeng Dock before embarking on their
luxurious voyage to one of the country's most
enduring testaments to Buddhist ideals without
even a hint of irony.
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Kenyan Runner Crowned 2015 Jiulong Lake
International Half-Marathon Champion
In a surprise finish, the
winner of the 2015 Jiulong
Lake International Half
Marathon is Roiich Zablon
runner who finished the race
in one hour, six minutes and
18 seconds. The race, which
took place on April 26th in
Zhenhai District, attracted
more than 4,500 runners,
including 200 international
runners from 18 countries.
The event was the largest of
its kind in Ningbo's history.
Zhejiang's First Airplane
Service Shop Opens in
Artificial Beach to
be Built at Meishan
Bonded Port
GD Aero E Store, Zhejiang Province's first “5S” shop for
airplanes opened its doors in Ningbo last month. The
sales, survey, spare parts, service and supplements shop
is a venture by Shanghai General Dynamic Aero Tech Co.
(GDAT). The opening of the shop represents the growing
demand for private aircraft, following a government plan to
open up low-altitude airspace in several areas around the
A proposal to build the Ningbo Coastal Beach, a 1.88km
stretch of sandy beach at the Meishan Bonded Port area,
was approved by the Economic Development Bureau of the
Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port on April 13. The cleaning
of the shallow areas of the Meishan Waterway is currently
underway and is 80% complete at present. The sand-capping
project is expected to be started by the end of 2015 and
should be completed within 12 months.
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First China-CEEC
Investment and Trade Expo
to be Held in June
The first ever China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo, a trade fair which aims to strengthen trade ties between China and Central
and Eastern European countries (CEEC), will be held in Ningbo from June 8th-12th. "Situated on an area of 10,000 square meters,
the scale of the exposition is larger than last year's. To date, a string of countries such as Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia and Montenegro
have expressed interest to attend the expo," said Yu Danhua, the general director of the committee of China-CEEC Investment and
Trade Expo. The city has already started preparing for the event by choosing a logo and mascot and by setting up an official website at
Hangzhou Bay New Area General
Aviation Airport Gets the Okay
The city has received approval from the Zhejiang Development
and Reform Commission to build a general aviation airport at
Hangzhou Bay New Area. The airport will be used for tourism,
emergency rescues and test flights of new aircraft. Zhejiang is a
“pilot” province for the general aviation industry, with more than
10 general aviation airports currently either in operation or under
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Ningbo Welcomes
Lawson Convenience
Fans of packaged sushi, shrink-wrapped lunches
and soda water can rejoice as Japanese convenience
store Lawson has opened four shops on April 28th
to mark its Ningbo debut. Ningbo is the sixth city
in China to welcome the chain into the city. Lawson
owns a specialized food factory in Shanghai and
guarantees that its signature convenience foods
will reach shelves in Ningbo just two and a half
hours after production. The shops are located at
North Bank Xintiandi, Caihong Lu, Huayan Lu and
Zhenming Lu.
Maksim Piano Recital
tattoos and classical music
Here's a quick rundown of some great events, promtions, and
specials happening all over Ningbo for the next month. Be sure
to head out and take advantage of all the deals you get exclusively
through Ningbo Guide.
ROCk the Ballet
Don't miss this modern and upbeat ballet showing touring China.
May 14th 2015, 19:30 Tel: 0574 8774 8111
Price: RMB 100, RMB 120, RMB 180, RMB 380
Address: Ningbo Poly Theatre 宁波保利大剧院
1900 Ningchuan Road, Jiangdong District (Ningbo Cultural Plaza)
Taking some of the stuffiness out of classical piano, Maksim is an
emotinal performer coming to Ningbo.
June 5, 2015, 19:30-21:30
Price : RMB 180, RMB 280, RMB 480, RMB 580, RMB 880 (VIP)
Address: Ningbo Grand Theater, No.1 Dazha Road, Jiangbei
宁波大剧院 江北区大闸路1号
Tel : 0574 8749 4588
Whale Music Festival
Deep Hand Care
catch ningbo's new acts
The final date of this contest will be the best of the best of Ningbo's
college music scene.
June 6th 2015 | (Final Contest)
Time: 13:00-20:30
Address: Ningbo Cultural Plaza | 宁波文化广场
Visit our friends at Dragonfly for
everything you need for your hands
LCN Deep Hand Care Treatment at Dragonfly
This is the ultimate in hand care, visit Dragonfly for the best that
your hands deserve.
Price : RMB 330 per treatment (60 minutes)
Address: No.37 Yangshan Lane, Laowaitan, Jiangbei District
Tel: 0574 8723 9925
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
THE by Beyond Mandarin
Hello Everybody! Considering that our foreign friends who live
in Ningbo may encounter problems while learning Chinese.
Beyond Mandarin Chinese Training & Culture Experience
Center would like to take this opportunity to interview some
students who are studying in our school to share their learning
and life experience in Ningbo. We hope this column can help
you in some aspects. Last but not least, we look forward to
your suggestions. Please e-mail Nicki with any comments:
[email protected] Thank you for your interest!
The following interview was originally in Chinese, and has been
translated by Beyond Mandarin.
For four years, Justin has been a student at Beyond Mandarin. He has a
busy yet colorful life. I estimate that he is currently balancing as many as
10 commitments, including study, work, volunteer activities and his own
hobbies. We often call Justin a ‘China Hand’, and because his story is so
rich, we’ve decided to publish it in three installments. This time, we mainly
discussed his arrival in Ningbo and the start of his life here. In the next two
installments, Justin shares with us his experiences of living and working in
Ningbo, including interesting places he has visited. He will also talk about
learning Chinese, and some stories from work. Stay tuned…!
Nicki: Hello, Justin. Can you give a simple self-introduction?
Justin: Okay, I'm Justin, a native of Michigan, in the northern U.S., where
it’s still snowing! I studied music in the States, through the doctoral level,
stopping short of the dissertation. When I first came to Ningbo, however,
I taught English. Now, I’m a post-graduate student at the University of
Nottingham, Ningbo.
Nicki: I heard that you are very busy lately. Can you tell us what you are
Justin: Haha! Right, I'm too busy, I feel like I'm running every day! First of
all, I am a student at the University of Nottingham; I am also an English
teacher at a German company where I teach their Chinese employees. I
am a piano instructor; once or twice a month I host a Chinese cooking
class for expats; every Sunday I play the piano for Mass; I work as a culture
guide for expats in Ningbo; at the same time, I also assist a local friend at
his company in Ningbo. Last year, I taught IELTS at Ningbo University and
I am also helping a university in Hangzhou to edit an English textbook.
Nicki: You are really busy! Well, let’s start from the beginning. When
did you come to Ningbo?
Justin: I came to Ningbo in 2009.
Nicki: Why did you come to China? And why choose to come to Ningbo?
Justin: There are many reasons. The first reason was my dad. My dad liked
| M AY 2 0 1 5
traveling, and was quite sympathetic to Eastern cultures. When I was
little, he told me many stories about Eastern countries. He also traveled
to many cities. Forty years ago, my father came to China. My dad was
very understanding of China, and even liked using chopsticks. He also
spent a year in Sweden. When I heard his stories, I thought, I'm going
to travel to a lot of places. The second reason is that when I was a college
student in the United States, many of my professors had lived abroad,
some in Europe (e.g. France, Germany, Italy), some in Brazil, others
in Japan. At that time, I thought there were so many people around
me who had experienced life in a foreign country, but there were none
who had lived in China, so I began planning, “I’m going to China,
this will be my special experience”, and so I began thinking how to
move to China. I was teaching piano in States, and had a student from
Ninghai, who told me, ‘You should go to Ningbo, it’s a good place.’ So, I
checked the Internet for jobs in Ningbo, and found an online recruiter
advertising for Xiaoshi High School. I sent them my resume, and they
immediately replied. I accepted the interview, and they wanted me to
come to work in Ningbo. Previously, there had been graduates from
Yale University who came to Xiaoshi to teach.
Nicki: Congratulations to you, so you succeeded in coming to China
to work. That was your first trip to China, in 2009, right?
Justin: My first time to China was in 2008. In 2008, my Ninghai student
married. She and her husband invited me to attend their wedding
in Chongqing. I immediately said, “I want to attend!” To be honest,
I think they were a bit surprised, because they thought China is too
far from the United States, but I very much wanted to visit China, so
in 2008 I spent two weeks here, in Chongqing and Shanghai. At that
time, Shanghai was fascinating to me: I spoke no Chinese, and did
not understand Chinese customs. For example, I kept going to small
restaurants, but couldn’t read the menu, so I always went to places with
picture menus. Whichever photo looked nice, I ordered it!
Nicki: The first time you came to China, did you like it?
Justin: I immediately liked China. To me, life in China was an
adventure, because I don’t know what it would be like to live here.
Nicki: Soon after you came to China, did you adapt to life here? For
example, Chinese dishes and Ningbo’s climate?
Justin: Yes, this was no problem for me. I’ll eat anything. I really like
some of the special dishes here, such as ‘pungent (stinky) melon’, which
is a local Ningbo dish. I also like drunken shrimp, and so many more.
The weather is not a big problem. Ningbo is a little cold in winter, a little
uncomfortable. I remember my first year in Ningbo, when the summer
was very hot, that was especially uncomfortable, but last summer was very
Nicki: As an American coming to China, being unsure of differences in
Chinese people's way of thinking and working — what we call ‘cultural
differences’ — you were able to adapt to these differences?
Justin: When I first came to Ningbo, it was as an English teacher. For me,
that was a new job, without previous experience. So I began learning about
linguistics. At the high school, I had many good and effective colleagues,
serious teachers, who often worked together with me to discuss problems.
For example, I often say to them, “I do not know how to help this student.”
They gave me a lot of useful advice. In fact, before I came to China, I had
considered this issue, of teaching English in China; I thought there should
be some teaching problems that are like those in the U.S., and a number
of problems that are different from there. Not knowing how to solve many
of those problems, my colleagues really gave me a lot of help. So, I slowly
adapted to my work, and I am very grateful to all of them.
Nicki: By that time you had learned some Chinese, right?
Justin: Yes. Sophia talked with me and gave me a level test. She thought I
was level two, but also thought that I didn’t know a lot of simple grammar
and vocabulary. So I start from level 2. Even now, I understand a good
amount of complicated Chinese, but sometimes some simple syntax and
words I still don’t know, so I think it is very important to build a solid
language foundation when you just start to learn a language.
Nicki: So you did not immediately begin to formally learn Chinese
when you came to Ningbo, only after a year?
Justin: The first year and a half, I was mostly on my own, which was rather
Nicki: In fact, many foreigners who come to China, don’t learn
Justin: I think this is a serious mistake. For foreigners, pronunciation and
simple grammar is very important. I know a lot of foreigners in Ningbo,
some have been here for years, and yet they do not speak Chinese, nor
read characters. I think that if a person really wants to understand
Chinese culture, she or he should learn Chinese. Language and culture
are closely linked: if you learn the language of the country, it is natural
Nicki: It seems that you are now accustomed to living and working in that you can learn about the people and culture of the country.
Justin: I can say that I am used to it, but I can also say that I think I'm Nicki: Well, today we discussed a lot of things about when you first
becoming really American at the same time. For the six years I’ve been in came to China. I can see that you really like things related to culture.
Ningbo, I’ve enjoyed life here, becoming more and more accustomed to For our next interview, I want to talk about your language learning
Chinese culture, but I also know more about American culture. Strange, experience and recent activities, alright?
right? Before coming here, I didn’t think a lot about differences of cultural Justin: Good!
issues, and when I came to China I thought a lot. Before I came to Ningbo,
a good friend told me, “When you go to China, you will face a significant Nicki: Thank you very much for taking time from your busy schedule
problem.” When I asked him what he meant, he said, “You have to learn for our interview.
how another culture lives, while still respecting your American culture.” Justin: My pleasure.
At the time, I thought that was nonsense, but now I feel he was right. I also
know, living in a foreign country, in addition to adapting to local life and
culture, you must also be true to your own culture. You cannot forget that.
Nicki: After you came to China, did you encounter any difficulties?
Justin: Let me think about that. In my first year, everything was new for me,
and every day a joy, so the first year I didn’t have problems. As I understood
more about China, I began to have some minor problems. For example, my
first three years in China, I couldn’t say much in Chinese. I like to talk. So,
when I went to a store and wanted to talk with the owner, I couldn’t, I could
only say a bit, and (of course) they didn’t understand me. I began to feel
that my pronunciation was not very good, and my grammar bad. So I began
to practice saying “Hello” to everything, all the time. I practiced for three
months, and finally one day I greeted someone who understood me, and I
was so excited! Not speaking much Chinese, I had all these problems. For
example, I’d go to the supermarket but couldn’t say “I want a bag,” couldn’t
tell anyone what I wanted, and so I talked very little with others. They didn’t
understand me, even ignored me. So I began to feel that the locals didn’t
like foreigners, and didn’t like to be asked questions. Later, I found I was
wrong, that it was my problem. Because they didn’t understand me, they
felt embarrassed, and didn’t answer.
Nicki: Had you started learning Chinese at that time?
Justin: This question is difficult to answer. At that time, I had a lot of
colleagues, who were Chinese English teachers. Sometimes, I would ask
them some questions about Chinese, but they weren’t sure how to answer.
When I told them, “I think I should go to a Chinese school,” they said,
“No, no, we can teach you.” I knew they were well-intentioned and really
wanted to help me, so I sincerely thanked them. However, I also knew that
I needed more help to learn Chinese. So in the summer of my second year,
I asked my colleagues to help me find a Chinese school. We looked at ads
and found three schools. I chose Beyond Mandarin.
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
In depth business knowledge from
those who do it best.
Since its establishment in 1992, Dezan Shira
& Associates has been guiding foreign clients
through Asia’s complex regulatory environment
and assisting them with all aspects of legal,
accounting, tax, internal control, HR, payroll and
audit matters. As a full-service consultancy with
operational offices across China, Hong Kong, India
and emerging ASEAN, we are your reliable partner
for business expansion in this region and beyond.
For inquiries, please email us at [email protected]
Further information about our firm can be found at:
China’s AIIB – The Facts To Know
By Dezan Shira & Associates
March 31 2015 was the deadline for countries to join the Asia
Infrastructure Investment Bank. This cut-off date was met with a
rush of last minute applications from countries around the world.
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) was first
proposed when Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang visited Southeast Asian
countries in October 2013. The AIIB will finance infrastructure
projects throughout Asia, such as roads, railways and ports.
By October 2014, 22 Asian states had signed a Memorandum
of Understanding to establish the AIIB. The bank is to be
headquartered in Beijing and is widely seen as China’s answer to
the Japanese-led Asian Development Bank and the Americandominated World Bank.
The Chinese government had long been dissatisfied with
Japanese and American reluctance to grant it a larger say in
existing international financial institutions. For instance, China
contributed 12.6 percent to global GDP, with 23 percent by the
US and 6.7 percent by Japan. However, Japan is the majority
shareholder of the Asian Development Bank with 15.7 percent of
shares, followed by the US with 15.6 percent. China only holds 5.5
percent. The same situation occurs with in the World Bank. The
institution is led by the US with 16 percent of shares, followed by
Japan with 8.9 percent, and China merely holding 5.8 percent. At
the same time, the US is unwilling to give China a bigger say in
the IMF.
New Development Bank
It should therefore come as no surprise that China is now moving
to establish its own international and multilateral institutions. On
July 15, 2014 China founded the New Development Bank, another
multilateral financial institution with the 5 BRICS countries
(Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as member states.
The New Development Bank is to be headquartered in Shanghai
and like the AIIB, will focus on infrastructure projects. It will
also feature a regional headquarters for African projects, based
in South Africa.
| M AY 2 0 1 5
One Road, One Belt
As said, the aim of the AIIB is to finance
infrastructure projects throughout Asia. It
is a practical application of Xi Jinping’s One
Road, One Belt vision, in which he intends
to recreate the historic Silk Road that
connected China to the Mediterranean, the
Middle East and Western Europe, passing
through Central Asia.
Improved infrastructure will create new
and strengthen existing trade routes
throughout the region. The projects will
stimulate growth in the countries along the
proposed New Silk Road, so that combined
with better connectivity; these regions will
become markets for Chinese goods. In the
short term, the projects themselves are an
appealing investment alternative for the
Chinese government. With the US and EU
economies weakening, China feels the need
to diversify its investments.
In addition, the enhanced engagement
with the region that the AIIB investments
will entail will enable China to improve its
relations with the countries in the region.
not to join. North Korea’s application was
turned down.
authorities give the IC card and other
equipment the first time the tax payer
applies for a Special VAT fapiao quota.
These contain company information such
as name, Tax Registration Code, Special
VAT fapiao quota and number of Special
VAT fapiao printers registered to that
company. To purchase new Special VAT
fapiao, this device or card needs to be
brought along as well. This card or device
stores VAT transactions data and is later
used to make VAT payments.
General Taxpayer from the tax authorities,
it will receive a notice from the tax bureau,
the Notice on the Use of a Fapiao Printer.
Both the AIIB and the New Development
Bank will have an initial capital of US$ 50
billion and both are planned to increase to
US$ 100 billion. With a combined capital of
US$200 billion, the two institutions could
quickly develop into serious competitors
of both the Asian Development Bank
(subscribed capital of US$ 165 billion)
The chart shows the countries who have and the World Bank (subscribed capital of
been approved as Founding Members, US$223 billion).
as well as those who have submitted their
application within the deadline. The United
States, Canada and Japan have decided
Buying and
Printing Fa Piao
By Steven Elsinga and Jim Qiao
Buying Fapiao Paper
Companies need to buy their fapiao paper
from the tax authorities. To purchase
fapiao, a staff member needs to physically
go to the tax office and bring the following
The previous fapiao booklet with
unused fapiao (if any)
The ID card of the employee
tasked with making the purchase
Special fapiao seal
Tax Registration Certificate
The tax authorities decide the kind and the
quantity of fapiao a company may issue, as
well as the maximum RMB amount. This
decision is based on the company’s size
and business scope. Within five days the
company will be issued a fapiao booklet.
Old, unused fapiao will be replaced.
Companies need to have a dedicated fapiao
seal, registered with the tax authorities.
Fapiao that the company issues need to be
affixed with this seal.
To purchase Special VAT fapiao,
companies need to bring their VAT fapiao
authentication device or IC card. The tax
Printing Special VAT Fapiao
Special VAT Fapiao can only be printed
using a unique printer that is approved by
the tax authorities.
As only General Taxpayers can issue
Special VAT fapiao, the company needs to
have been granted General Taxpayer status.
When the company receives approval for
With this notice, the taxpayer can
purchase a computer and fapiao printer
from an approved seller. The taxpayer
needs to take the computer with printer,
the company’s Tax Registration Certificate,
the Finance Seal and the Fapiao Seal to the
tax bureau. The tax bureau installs the
tax software and places a special device
inside the computer, then verifies whether
the printer has the correct fapiao quotas.
The computer and printer will then be
registered and activated.
To use the fapiao printer, the company
needs to send one or more staff members
to the tax office to attend a training course.
Trained employees may then use the
printer to print fapiao.
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
Summer is here and
it's already kickin'
off. Time to get up with
the get down. Here's
our wrap up from The
Spring Block Party and
The Warehouse Rave.
Photography //
Sylvie Meltzer
It was a great start to the summer to spend time
in one of Ningbo's new favorite hideen gems.
We want to say a huge thanks to everyone
that came out, helped out, and partied. It was a
great day. We'd like to say a big thanks to all the
businesses in the area for helping to organize.
At the end of the day, it's all you fine Ningbo
ren that come out to the parties and make it
happen. We couldn't have asked for a better
way to put summer directly into high gear. It's
gonna be a good one people.
| M AY 2 0 1 5
| M AY 2 0 1 5
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
The men behind the
beverages that started this
party deserve a round for
the crafting of such delicious
and tasty delights. We only
wish there was more to go
around. If you weren't able to
get your hands on any of the
homemade brew, next time
is just around the corner and
we'll be sure to let you know.
Of all the Craft brews that
literally flew off the tables,
the Expat IPA Extra Special
Bitter, was by far the most
All of the designers that
created custom labels for
the Craft Beer were on point.
| M AY 2 0 1 5
The eight labels made by our group
of designers that love making good
stuff for the love of making it. That's a
special kind of breed.
We love workin' with S&D Design and
J&M Tattoo. It's local businesses like this
that make Ningbo as fresh and liveable as
it is. They also help make to great parties.
And finally we gotta say thanks to everyone
who kept the party rolling in our DJ on
wheels parade and on into the night at
Bad Monkey. It was a good day.
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
Photography //
Sylvie Meltzer
zombie kids
DJ Toffolo
dj smoke & shadow
| M AY 2 0 1 5
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
| M AY 2 0 1 5
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
Take a tour through
one of China's most
beautiful mountains.
Words //
Magnolia Wang
Photos //
Peter Morgan & Magnlolia Wang
the ever popular mountain in
the clouds is a must see in China
Huangshan is one of China's most well-known
sightseeing destinations. It is recognized as a UNESCO
World Heritage site and throughout the country's
history has been a subject of paintings, stories, poetry
and photography. Its relatively close proximity to
Ningbo in Anhui province cements its place as a mustsee during one's time here.
There is entirely too much to talk about and describe
in the space of a magazine article, so I thought I would
recount the story of my trip, which is one of the many
Huangshan adventures available to those who make
the journey.
The trip to Huangshan from Ningbo takes about six
hours in total, and requires a stop in Hangzhou. From
the Zhejiang capital, you'll take a bus to Tunxi Station,
which is located in Huangshan city. The bus takes four
and a half hours. The actual mountain scenic area of
Huangshan is another bus ride away from there, so
it's probably best to stay in town and find lodging
and some good eating, which is exactly what we did.
The city area has standard tourist options, but also
features some great local cuisine which is spicy, salty
and chock full of wild vegetables you don't really find
in Ningbo. There are lots of accommodation options
ranging from budget hostels to luxury, but make sure
to book ahead as everything fills up quickly.
| M AY 2 0 1 5
We woke up early the next day to spend as much time on the
mountain as possible,which proved to be a wise choice due to
the mass of people here to enjoy this famous place. You have
two options to get to the top of the mountain, a two-to-threehour hike or a cable car. The former is paved, has stairs built
in and is well-marked, making it likely just fine for everyone
in your group. The cable car, however, boasts some of the most
breathtaking views I've ever witnessed in China, and started
to give us a sense for why the site has become so legendary
over the generations.
Though there isn't a moment of scenery that isn't pretty
stunning, the peak is the main reason millions of tourists
flock here every year. And for good reason. There is a large
flat area at the summit which provides a complete 360-degree
panorama. While adding to the snaps and beeps of the
cameras around you is going to be part of your trip—and
you'll definitely want to make sure you bring something to
capture the beauty around you—it's well worth putting it all
down for a few minutes to soak up what's around you. The
lush vegetation, the ancient craggy rock formations, the fertile
valleys that extend beyond what the eye can see—you might
be tempted to join the legions of poets who've attempted to
put this truly special place into words. Because neither I nor
my friends paid much attention during poetry class, I'll have
to let the photos do the work.
| M AY 2 0 1 5
I mentioned earlier that it's worth making
accommodation bookings ahead of time. Here's
why. After spending a lot of time at the summit, we
started to notice as the light began to soften and the
air got a bit of a chill to it. It was then that we realized
we didn't have anywhere to stay for the evening and
were forced to search around. Thankfully, one of
the hotels at the top of the mountain, though fully
booked, was able to rent us a tent and we got a few
hours of something resembling sleep. Count on all
the hotels on the top of the mountain being booked
up, and count on maybe not being able to make it
back into town. Do yourself a favor and just make
sure you've got something booked before you roll
into town.
Though it is the natural scenery that people come
for, another point of interest for me was the men
responsible for hauling supplies up and down the
mountain and keeping the place clean. You'll see
them throughout your Huangshan trip, complete
with chiseled figure and a fatigued but genuine
smile lighting up their face. In talking to just about
everyone who worked on or around the mountain it
became clear that these men are the what makes the
whole place run.
As I said before, there's far too much about this place
to fit into one article. People have been attempting
to capture the beauty of Huangshan for thousands
of years, and it's likely they'll still be trying for a long
time to come.
| M AY 2 0 1 5
Hangzhou West Bus Station to Tunxi Bus Station
(Around 4.5 hours, RMB 84 / ticket)
Tunxi Bus Station to Tangkou Bus Station
(Around 1 hours, RMB 20 / ticket)
Tangkou bus station to Huangshan scenic area
(Around 1 hour, RMB 19 / ticket)
Eat lean and get mean,
this food will help you
get healthy and ripped.
THe Last Drop
What's Your Local
Pork on the Fork
| M AY 2 0 1 5
Frank is a familiar face around Ningbo.
He's had his hand in tons of pots, from
restaurants to bike rides. His new “joint”
Fitbox combines two things he loves—
fitness and food—to form a one-stop shop
for folks looking to get and stay in shape.
for people trying to lose weight, and other
foods for people who are trying to bulk
up,” says Frank. “We will have all of the
nutritional information about each of the
dishes readily available for people to see,
and we'll present in a really clear and easyto-understand way.”
The restaurant is a modern little space
inside the Tomorrow Plaza, and serves The menu is small but satisfying. It
food engineered to help people reach features nicely balanced plates of mostly
their fitness goals.
lean meats and veggies. Fitbox also serves
fresh sandwiches and real fruit smoothies.
“We have some foods that are specifically It's a welcome addition not just for fitness
First floor, inside of Star Line
square, North Tiantong Road,
Yinzhou, Ningbo.
(Diagonally across from Sofitel)
fanatics, but also for people looking for a fine for many people but for people who
nice clean, healthy meal.
are trying to get really fit it's difficult to get
the food you need—low in carbohydrates,
Frank explains that he got the idea for salt and sugar.”
the place during his time living in San In addition to health foods, Fitbox
also stocks a wide array of nutritional
supplements geared towards the gym set.
“When I was in the U.S. I learned a lot While many of these items are readily
about how people eat for nutrition,” he available online, Frank guarantees
says. “Chinese cooks generally just think the quality and authenticity of the
about taste and don't have much concern supplements he sells.
for modern ideas about nutrition. That's
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
| M AY 2 0 1 5
eat & drink
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
“Some people tested a lot of the supplements you can buy
online and found a huge number of them are fake. People
who have fitness goals really do need these things and
there's no way to know if what you're buying online is real
or not. So I've bought my supplements directly from the
distributor in China to make sure that what I'm selling
people is the real thing.”
Fitbox is still in its infancy, and Frank is looking for ways
to make his restaurant as useful and appealing as possible.
Future plans include a delivery service, activities and even
more nutrition guides and information.
But even now in its early stages, Fitbox is worth a visit
for some good clean grub and some guaranteed genuine
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
Every month we bring
you the skinny on the
latte and the cafe that
serves it. With all the
coffee shops opening all
over Ningbo, we'll bring
you the low-down, right
to the last drop.
Form Finally Follows Function
The design ideal that form should follow function, i.e. the design
of a thing or of a place should arise organically from its purpose, is
one that often goes ignored here in Ningbo in favor of pretty things
that don't have a whole lot of utilitarian value. This is especially
true when it comes to coffee shops
around the city; often cute to look
at but also awkward.
However the niftiest feature is the print and copy station right there
in the shop. Any student or teacher can attest to having hours of
good study vibes ruined by the last minute panic of where to print
or copy something. The folks at Roadlong know your struggle, and
they've gone out of their way
to provide you with a few extra
minutes of prep (or nap) time
before getting to it. It's a great
example of someone identifying
the purpose of a place and
running with it. Form following
function to the nth degree.
You couldn't ask for a
better place to study
or plan lessons.
Roadlong Cafe, which sits on
Taikang Lu adjacent to UNNC,
is a cafe where form refreshingly
follows function. Its choice of
location, along with the excellent
little bar Z-Life a few doors down,
It's also really nice to see one of
exists for the university crowd. It's clear that the people who these coffee houses feature Chinese stuff. The classical paintings
designed and set up Roadlong knew damn good and well who their and calligraphy adorning the walls are a nice touch for people who
clientele were to be and tailored it directly to their needs.
aren't trying to escape the idea that they're living in China.
You couldn't ask for a better place to study or plan lessons. The
design features several private little nooks with comfy armchairs
and soft and sufficient lighting—a perfect place to curl up with
one's homework or a mountain of papers to grade. There are also
areas more suited to conversation, along with a big table that could
be used for small seminars or discussions.
| M AY 2 0 1 5
The cafe offers most of the foods you'd expect with a picture menu
and has a small but pleasing selection of beers and liquors. The
coffee itself is on par with most of the artisan spots in the city, and
they have a decent selection of teas and fruit juices. The eats and
drinks at Roadlong are nothing new or special, but like everything
else at the cafe they are perfectly suited for the clientele.
Address: 155, Tai Kang Lu, Yinzhou
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
What's your
Every month we dig deep to find where people spend their
time eating, drinking, and having a good time. After we get
the inside scoop on everyone's favorite places, we'll pass
them along to you here.
peter morgan
Occupation: University Lecturer
'Hood: Yinzhou
Years in the Bo: 2 and 2/3 years
Local Watering Hole
SOL Sports Bar
Great atmosphere, especially for meeting colleagues and
enjoying some sports coverage, or for playing pool or just
Got some
sporty right
| M AY 2 0 1 5
Stu Johnson
Occupation: English Teacher /
Space Cowboy
'Hood: Jiangdong
Years in the Bo: Not enough.
Local Grub Spot
Shun Dou Fu Korean Restaurant
| 顺豆腐韩国料理
There are loads of great Korean spots in the city but this one
will always have a special place in my heart as its where me
and my beautiful girlfriend had our first date. That aside the
food is always prepared fresh and is never short on flavour,
my personal favourites are the tie ban zhu rou (铁板猪
肉)and pao cai bing (泡菜饼). The staff are friendly
and polite and the prices are more than reasonable given the
quality of the food.
Address: No.120-1 Songjia Lane, Jiangdong
地址: 江东区宋家巷120-1号
Hot beef
on a hot
plate for
a hot day
zheng qi
Sommelier / Event Planner
'Hood: High Tech Zone
Years in the Bo: Local boy.
Local Spot for Sumpin' to do
Ningbo Book City | 宁波书城
I like it because it’s quiet. The reading atmosphere is very nice.
You can spend the whole day reading in there without getting
Address: No.221 Jiangdong North Road, Jiangdong District
Get your
read on
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
All hail the mighty swine. Discerning diners and cantankerous chefs
will usually agree that no animal reigns more edible than the pig.
There may be pieces of other animals that hit levels of delicious
that no other creature could but there is no other animal that can
be used head to toe to make some of the best food. From China to
France the pigs foot is just the beginning of using pork to its fullest.
And seeing as pork is a sort of national meat in China, every month
we'll bring you a new way to get the most out of the tasty pig.
H to
ovenproof frying pan or deep-fryer
roasting tray (method 2 only)
candy or deep fry thermometer
2 - 4 pig ears
Wash pigs ears under cold water and remove any
hair. A disposable razor works great.
mirepoix (onions, carrots, celery)
water to cover
Add pigs ears and mirepoix to stockpot and
cover with water. Simmer, do not boil, for at least
3 hours or overnight. Skim off scum. Reserve
pork stock for something delicious like braised
pork loin and ramen noodles.
There used to be a small BBQ window next to a low scale slaughter house where
I grew up in Kansas City. The window would serve the normal KC fare but they
also took every other part of the pig and served it up. Pig Ear Sandwiches were
popular. You could walk up to the window and say, "Two Pig Ear Sandwiches
please." The guy behind the counter would hollar back to the kitchen, "TWO
LISTENERS." You were only moments away from cracklin' heaven.
As we go over every month, nothing on
the pig is wasted. Moreover, when you start
getting into what you can do with every
ones favorite piggy, the nasty bits start to
be the most fun. Don’t let the off cuts scare
you away. These are some of the most fun
parts of the pig to cook with. There’s a
sense of achievement and novelty at taking
something as obscure and ugly as a pig ear
and turning it into the best bar snack you’ve
ever eaten.
There are two main approaches to preparing
pigs ears. The first is a pan-fried or roasted
direction that leaves you with a delicious
crunchy, somewhat meaty, cartilage chewy
| M AY 2 0 1 5
Remove ears from liquid and dry completely.
Remove cartilage if desired. Cut into strips or
long flaps.
Deep fry (375F/190C) or Pan fry with extreme
caution, the oil will spit. 5-10 minutes should
be sufficient. Or roast in the oven 20 minutes
turning to avoid burning.
piece of delicious pork that has just the right
amount of gummy. There’s something about
the offcuts of the pork, or even everyone’s
favorite pork belly that isn’t quite flesh and
isn’t quite fat. This is the texture that comes
with pigs ears. And pan-frying or roasting
will really bring that out.
The second method is more time consuming
but will leave you with a puffy piece of pork
cracklin’ that can’t be beat. Cracklin’ usually
has a deep greasy undertone that can turn
people off from eating an entire bag full of
the snack (or can keep them looking for a
second one), but the cracklin’ made from
the ear will give you a deep pork flavor, a
considerable crunch, and leave you with
a cleaner and lighter snack than the store
bought version.
For both versions you need to be prepared
to break down the ears for a long time.
This is a pretty easy process as we’re talking
about simmering them for hours. It requires
minimal attention and skipping this step
will make your ears taste like rubber. Also,
some people advocate using stock in the
simmering process. I do not. It can make
the next step even more difficult and slightly
dangerous than it needs to be due to the
amount of water it can retain inside the ear.
And that next step is frying. Any part of
This is a second step that isn't absolutely
necessary but creates some of the best cracklin'.
After drying the pigs ears and removing the
cartilage if desired, place the ears on a backing
sheet lined with a silicon mat or a ton of
cooking spray. Ears are gelatinous and they can
easily stick to the sheet.
Bake the ears on an extremely low setting
(150F/65C) for 12-24 hours. At this point you
might be like wow this is taking too long. Just
drink more beer and leave them in the oven.
You don't have to do anything with them. They
are done when they are absolutely brittle and
not pliable. At this stage you can store them for
a very long time. When you have guests over,
heat your oil high (375F/190C) and drop them
in. The ears will puff up much larger than their
dehydrated size.
the pig (the nose, tail, ears etc.) that
are a mixture of sort of flesh, fat, and
cartilage can send your deep fryer
into overdrive. It can splatter and that
is some hot business. Get yourself a
screen to put over the fryer or the pot
and turn up the heat. Getting the oil to
a substantially high heat is important.
The instantaneous heat causes any
residual water left in the ear to convert
to steam on impact. This is puffiness,
and puffiness is good because it’s also
To make true cracklin’ from an ear you
are going to want to remove the middle
piece of cartilage from the center of
the ear and then dehydrate the ears
for up to 24 hours in a low temp oven.
This will remove most of the water
and make frying excellent. The good
news is that after the dehydration step
and before the frying, these ears will
virtually never go bad because you
have removed most of the water from
Whether you’re in for the first or the
second method, there are a few finishing
touches you can do depending on what
part of the world you’re interested in
eating. Jerk seasoning is perfect with
a few minutes over smoke. A little sea
salt and pepper is perfect for a simple
snack. You can cover them in KC BBQ
sauce and put them between two pieces
of the cheapest white bread you can
find. You can dress them with a little
English mustard and malt vinegar and
pare them with a spicy mustard green
salad. Basically anything you do to
them at this point is golden because
they are like crunchy fried pork
awesome. And that is the pork we like
on our fork.
Season with almost anything in your pantry. I
love sea salt, black pepper, and freshly ground
Sichuan pepper. Immediately enter snack
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
Live in
Ningbo Guide caught up with John Carroll about the release of his new
album, running a musci label in China, his upcoming gig in Ningbo, and
generally what it's like to be a musician and live in China.
John carroll &
william gray
Live in Ningbo.
Lounge brings you
another classic cocktail
| M AY 2 0 1 5
by William Shipton
On Saturday 30th John Carroll will be playing at The Prince Bar in Ningbo with
William Gray supporting. Both artists are on the Medic Records label based in
Hangzhou but both are very familiar with the city of Ningbo (if you read last month's
feature you'll know William Gray used to live here). John takes a lead in running the
label but is also an established artist in his own right, originally from Limerick in
Ireland, but with ample experience of performing his music across China. His most
recent release is Cenotaph Tapes which can be heard at
It's well worth a listen, along with his other output.
John's first experience of living in Asia was in South Korea but he finally opted to
live in China, ending up in Hangzhou where he met his Hangzhounese wife Kim
and started a family. John is no stranger to Ningbo, often visiting the city purely for
recreational reasons but also of course as a performer. Ningbo Guide is very much
looking forward to welcoming him back in his professional capacity at the end of
the month.
To find out more about John's label, his music and why people in Ningbo should
come and see him perform we tracked him down, cornered him and poked him
with a sharp stick until he agreed to answer our questions.
John Carroll's most recent release, Cenotaph Tapes (available
at, is both highly accomplished
in terms of the songwriting on display, and, at the same time,
beautifully recorded. Any Westerner who has made a home in
China will surely instantly relate to the second track, the wistful
If I'd Known, evoking as it does that feeling of alienation most
of us must experience, at least sometimes, no matter how much
boozing and partying we do with our fellow laowais in splendid
isolation, immersed as we still nevertheless are, in a radically
different culture to that which we grew up in. Another standout
moment comes in the form of the fourth track on the LP, the
astutely crafted You Used To Be My Brush, which revels in its
melancholy feel and features a unique and melodically pleasing
guitar part before a simple and nicely panned string section
enters the musical fray to lift the arrangement, the outro closing
out with a curious acoustic guitar refrain which may, for some
listeners, conjure up the lucid feel of the Incredible String Band.
For those who like their instrumentation impressively rendered,
with the track Desperation Looms the acoustic guitar playing,
if it's technical proficiency you're wishing to wallow in, is
splendidly silky. This then is an album that warrants repeated
listening and, as far as we at the Ningbo Guide are concerned,
certainly worthy of wider recognition in the modern folk sphere.
NG: You've been to Ningbo quite a lot, tell opportunity to celebrate the launch of Tish
us what's brought you here in the past and and hang out in one of my favourite cities.
what made you decide to do a gig here at
the end of the month?
NG: You've played all over China. Any
gigs in particular that stand out?
At first I found it a slog to find someone
that could 'get me in the door' so-to-speak, Definitely playing at Midi Festival this
and eventually gave up on that and went year and Xihu Festival 2011 were amazing
about contacting venues and promoters experiences, but I'd say my favorite
directly. Since China is such a vast country, national venue is Vox, Wuhan, where
I didn't have the funds or time to travel long there's an incredible audience, and really
distances, so I started looking for places near cool nightlife. But playing a show as a solo
my home in Hangzhou. I had also heard acoustic performer is a totally different
from an old friend that Ningbo had a few gig experience from being in a rock band.
venues worth checking out, so I decided to People feed off the energy and atmosphere
plug away at it until something materialized. in completely different ways.
The first gig I did in Ningbo was with my
old rock band The Phoenix Prestige at the NG: Cenotaph Tapes has a beautiful
Dolphin Music Festival in 2011. I've been overall natural sheen to it. Which studio
back a bunch of times for shows at CMK was it recorded in?
Livehouse, and also just to hang out with
friends. The upcoming show came about Most of it was recorded in a really classy
when I met William Gray. His new EP Tish studio I call my bedroom. The vocals were
just came out and we were planning to do a done in the wardrobe. The piano was
joint gig at some point anyways, so when the recorded in a music school near my house,
date came up I thought it would be a good and the cello was recorded in cello player
Da Yun's house in Xiasha (near Hangzhou).
NG: We heard a little bit about William
Gray's somewhat strange EP title Tish last
month - what does Cenotaph Tapes refer
I had the title for a long time because I used
to record all my home demos on a crappy old
cassette player - hence the 'tapes'. Most of
the songs are about personal difficulties I've
experienced over the past number of years
which I'd been carrying as a deadweight on
my shoulders for too long. I felt the need
to unload it somehow, so I thought of the
idea of a memorial/cenotaph that marked
that time in my life, to help me to move on
- hence that's how the Cenotaph Tapes idea
came about.
NG: As well as making your own music
you run a label. Any other acts on your
roster we should know about and are
you happy to receive demos from Ningbo
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
Ya sure, give a listen to Damian Dickson,
The Jiffler, LAN. We also helped Kelly
Dance, who is based in Hong Kong, with
her recent mainland tour. I'm more than
happy to receive demos, the more artists
making good music the better, but I'd be
more interested in artists who want to push
themselves in China rather than 'sightseers'.
NG: You mentioned you recently played
Midi Festival. How did your set go and
what was the experience like as a whole?
This was actually the third time for me at
Midi Festival. It's such a great experience
to play a festival, not only to showcase your
own work, but you get to meet and talk to
some of the best contemporary artists in the
My performance went really well I thought,
despite one or two words being mumbled
bordering on incomprehensible! But
the audience really dug the show and I
was really glad to get feedback and good
criticism afterwards.
NG: You've lived in Hangzhou a while. We
all know about West Lake but if someone
| M AY 2 0 1 5
from Ningbo was going to pay Hangzhou the label we should look out for? When do
a visit is there anything you'd recommend you think you yourself might release some
they do, particularly from an artistic or more music?
cultural point of view?
Damian Dickson will be in town soon, so
The Xihu Music festival should be coming I'm hoping to perform with him in June.
up in June and that's an excellent reason I'm mainly focused on taking care of my
to visit the beautiful Taiziwan park near summer tour at the moment. With Medic
Leifeng Temple. Check out Cafe XX - Records, I'm always on the lookout for
they're opening a new stage this month in more artists to work with and release new
Hangzhou worth checking out.
material - in particular local Chinese artists
which seem to be few and far between
NG: What prompted you to leave South in these parts. I'm also looking around
Korea and what made you choose to come the city to find a coffee shop interested in
to China instead?
collaborating to put on regular acoustic
performances. I'll be putting out some new
I lived in South Korea for about 5 months in music as part of a project with Hangzhou
a tiny countryside town called Tae'an. To be local radio in the next few months. I'm also
honest, it just wasn't what I was looking for. considering taking on the Midi Festival
It was too quiet and nothing happened after again in October, and I'm working on some
6pm. I was completely bored and craving new recordings that I'd like to release online
stimulation, so I emailed a friend of mine before the end of the year.
who lived in Hangzhou. I'd never heard of
the place before but he kindly invited me to NG: Thanks a lot for giving us your time
stay with him until I got settled.
John we look forward to welcoming you
into our Ningbosom at the end of the
NG: What does the rest of the year hold for month.
John Carroll? Any more festivals or gigs
coming up? Anything being organized by Nice, I like what you did there!
No.8 Shengyuan Lane, Moon lake Garden
海曙区月湖盛园盛园巷8号 * 0574 5533 0000
enjoy delicious international cuisine,
fine wines, classic cocktails and a
Top-notch whisky list in one of
the city’s most inviting spaces.
Cherry liquer
Angostura Bitters
Pineapple juice
Fresh lime juice
Pineapple slice
Maraschino cherry
The Singapore Sling was invented at the
Raffles Hotel in Singapore in 1910. Since
then, the recipe has given way to many
variations. However it's made, the Singapore
Sling is the quintessential summer drink—
fruity, long and served ice cold—perfect for
making it through the heat and humidity
we're about to be dealing with.
Traditionally all “sling’s” were American
drinks made with spirit and water that were
then sweetened and flavored. One of the
more interesting quotes about the Singapore
Sling in particular comes from D.A Embury
in the Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, “Of
all the recipes published for [this drink I
Collins glass
Every month our resident bar staff
at Lounge in Moon Lake bring you
a dangeroulsy delicious concoction
fit for the gods. Drink up!
Singapore Sling
have never seen any two that were alike.
Originally called a Gin Sling, the Singapore
Sling does have some pretty awful recipe
options. It can be found to be little more
than gin, sweet and sour, and grenadine,
which sort of tastes as good going down as
it does coming up.
How It's Done:
This recipe from Lounge is exceptionally
more delicious. The use of fresh juices is
a must and will make the entire drink tart
and delicious while taking some of the bite
off the gin. The Cherry liqueur lends a great
tartness to the drink. Any way you shake it,
the drink is great for our warm and humid
Ningbo summers.
Shake well.
Fill a Collins glass 1/3 of the way with ice.
Put all the liquid ingredients into the shaker,
followed by the same amount of ice as is in
the glass.
Strain the mixture into the glass and
then garnish the beverage with a slice of
pineapple and a Maraschino cherry.
Serve to a thirsty friend.
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
Last month at Youngor Stadium, a two night Muay Thai and
MMA Boxing match was held. The spectacle was large and the
crowd was loud as they cheered on for their favorite fighters.
The competitors came from all over China, Europe and the
United States. The event was televised and the commentary
was provided by two local Chinese hosts and our very own
Josh who covered the fights in English.
All of the fights were popular, quick, and action packed.
Most fights were scheduled for no more than three rounds
and though all of them were anticipated, no more so than
the Women’s MMA match. It was a great night for boxing in
Ningbo and hopefully there will be another soon.
| M AY 2 0 1 5
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
Yoga &QI
by Gabriella Buttarazzi
Four Benefits
of Massage
That May
Surprise You
Stretching what you
think about yoga.
Coverage of Ningbo's
first Women's Half
| M AY 2 0 1 5
Someone asked me recently: “What
are the differences between Taichi,
Qigong and Yoga?” A very good
question, and since we’re in China, I
thought I’d draw the parallels between
ancient practices from China (namely
Taichi and Qigong) with those of
India (yoga of course).
Philosophical & Esoteric Roots of
Both Yoga & Qi Practices
First of all, I should clarify the basics:
Yoga is part of Ayurveda (a type of
Hindu traditional medicine) and first
came into taught knowledge in The
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and Qigong
and Taichi are elements of TCM
(Traditional Chinese Medicine).
Typically, they all involve a range
of movements and breathing, using
breath to invoke a meditative state
and move energy within, around and
through the physical and energetic
body. All are also practiced as a means of
raising awareness and consciousness.
In addition to Qigong and Taichi,
other TCM practices involving the
harnessing and unblocking of qi
include acupuncture, tui na (a type
of massage), moxibustion, cupping
and a range of Taoist (mostly sexual)
through movements. All Qi practices and Yoga practices apply
different and wide-ranging techniques, and are active meditations
that enable our physical bodies to fully align with our energetic
Qi (氣), often translated as ‘natural energy’, ‘life
force’ or ‘energy flow’, is the underlying principle
of TCM, first introduced by philosopher Mo Di,
and Qi practices first introduced much later
by classical Toaist masters. Similar to Western
notions of the Humours, and ancient yogic
notions of Prana (in Sanskrit) or ‘vital energy’, Qi
is the metaphorical notion for the flow of energy
around and through our bodies. This flow of
energy generates within us a youthfulness and
vitality when nourished. Through Qi practices,
like Taichi and Qigong, our Qi can balance,
strengthen and flow. By understanding our Qi’s
rhythm and flow, these practices can enable us
to feel more vibrant and balanced long-term.
The same applies in yoga practice, through it
our Prana can strengthen and flow. In a sense,
yoga itself, quite like Qi practices, is about
harnessing, unblocking and nourishing the flow
of Qi. Only it’s called something else in Sanskrit,
that’s really the only difference.
The Meridians vs. The Nadis
We’ve all seen those body maps of the
Meridians, and some of us (myself included)
have had acupuncture either in or outside of
China for the rebalancing of energy and curing
of minor ailments or illnesses. The difference
between the two is again through their terms
because conceptually they are virtually the
same. Qi circulates in highly charged channels
known as Meridians, and Prana circulates in
highly charged channels known as Nadis. The
intense Meridian points are known as Acupoints and the intense Nadi points are known
as the Chakras. Symptoms of various ailments
or illnesses are believed to be the product
of imbalanced, deficient or blocked Qi. The
Meridians and Nadis are like energetic maps in
our bodies, and believed to define us as much
as, if not more than, our physical bodies can.
The Balancing, Unblocking &
Harnessing Of Qi
In Qigong, this harnessing of Qi is practiced
through a combination of movements, selfmassage, breathing and meditation, in Taichi,
Through the breath, mental focus and physical movements or
poses (Asanas in Sanskrit), all three practices harness, unblock
and elevate our vital energy or Qi upwards to our crown (crown
chakra or Sahasrara in Sanskrit). This starts from our contact
with the ground, or the ‘primordial force’ as modern Taoist
master Mantak Chia calls it. The aim, if we can call it that, is to
maximize our health and wellbeing by experience a life of full
of vitality, youthfulness and energy, which in turn bring about a
sense of happiness, stability and balance.
If you, through one of these practices, have grown to feel more
vibrant, energized or rejuvenated, it is because your Meridians,
or Nadis are unblocked, and your vital energy or Qi has become
unblocked, elevated, strong and free flowing. I know it sounds
like a fairy tale, but all I can say is that through practice I know
Qigong, Taichi and Yoga are very effective in energising and
balancing our bodies. Personally speaking, I prefer the depth
that Yoga provides us with on both a structural-muscular level
as well as on an energetic level. Although Qi is conceptualized as
a metaphorical concept and not a scientific one, what does that
matter if working with it through a regular practice like Yoga (or
Taichi or Qigong) makes us feel vibrant?
Gabriella Buttarazzi
Gabriella Buttarazzi first encountered the established
Teacher Training School Yoga Integral Dharma Ananda
whilst living in Valencia, Spain from 2010. Before that, quite
like many, she had only dabbled with yoga as a recreational
activity. Noticing the profound effects it had on her body
and mind, she decided to train in and subsequently teach
Integral Yoga. It has been an on-going process of learning
from and adapting to her inspiring students. She has built a
resources and information site in both Chinese and English
in order to further support her students here in Ningbo.
what is integral yoga?
Integral Yoga fuses techniques of Hatha Yoga (working
with the physical body), Kundalini Yoga (working with the
energetic body) and Dhyana Yoga (working with the mind/
meditation). A gentle but complete practice to balance,
relax and energise the body and mind, improving overall
health and wellbeing upon regular practice.
course description
Integral Yoga classes are held on both Tuesdays and Thursdays
at 17:15 – 18:45 and 19:00 – 20:30 above Zlife, near The
University of Nottingham in the Yinzhou area. Each 16-week
course costs 1,200 CNY for twice weekly attendance, and
600 CNY for once weekly attendance. Contact Gabriella on
+86 13957844966 or visit for
more information on Integral Yoga.
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
body & mind
Zui Mei Yinghua
Women's Half Marathon
Ningbo's first Women's Half Marathon provides
the city with a warming and challenging event
Last month on April 12th, the Zui Mei Yinghua Women's
Half Marathon saw a total of 246 half marathon participants
and 24 5.27 KM participants. People young and old came
out to enjoy the fresh and a friendly race with their fellow
Ningbonese and other visitors.
| M AY 2 0 1 5
Prizes were awarded and fun was had by all as the event
cemented itself in the Ningbo running scene. Look for
another next Spring if not earlier as the race proved
popular, safe, and enjoyable.
body & mind
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
body & mind
| M AY 2 0 1 5
body & mind
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
A Weekend Break
in the Mountains
By Elodie Sadoux-Gray, Sports and
Activities Correspondent
Last weekend I took part in a
cycle and camping adventure
outside of Ningbo. A group of
35-40 cyclists of all shapes
and sizes with all shapes and
sizes of bikes too, gathered
at Nottingham University on
Saturday morning. First we
had our bikes (and brakes!)
checked by Simon and Matt
who organised the trip. Safety
| M AY 2 0 1 5
The group was made up of mostly
teachers, staff and students of the
university. We set off at 10am and cycled
south out of the city on the main roads
and then onto country roads heading
towards Xiang Xi village. The traffic
was fast and busy but after a while it got
quieter. On the first morning, in bright
sunshine, we went about 10kms, to a
small town, where we had a quick stop to
eat energy snacks and drink water. I had
an ice cream! Then we began the ascent
of the mountain, which is roughly 350
meters above sea level.
Thankfully there was a support vehicle
to help people who found the climb too
difficult. It was hot but I did manage
about half of the climb until I had no
energy left in my legs and my dad had
to push my bike up the rest of the hill.
Eventually the support van came past
after having collected some students
from behind us who were unprepared
for the effort involved, and took me to
the top with my bike. Once we made
it to the top we met up with the rest
of the group and had big banana and
fruit bread sandwiches and energy
drink. After a short rest, we then got
to freewheel down the other side of the
hill, which was really good fun, going
quite fast but not having to do any hard
work pedalling the bike.
Some people swam in a mountain pool
but I couldn’t because my swimsuit
was in the support van. We rode on to
a small village called Tong Cun near
Xiang Xi village and set up our tents by
the reservoir. Unfortunately the water
level in the reservoir had dropped by 2-3
meters since last year and so instead of
being able to swim easily from the edge
of the campsite we had to walk across
a soggy, flat piece of land to reach the
water. My brother and me then had a
ride in inflatable kayaks to row out to a
bridge in the middle of the reservoir and
we jumped off it and swam around it. It
was very cold but very refreshing.
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
My brother and me were the only two children
on the trip and were given the job of building
and looking after a big campfire. We had to
keep searching for wood, which was even more
difficult after it rained, as all the wood around
the campsite was wet. My dad and brother
cycled into the village and found some wood
which was given to them for free as it was from
off-cuts sitting outside houses. We cooked
chicken wraps and soup and then slept “really
well” in sleeping bags.
Breakfast was hot bacon pancakes, which tasted
really good in the countryside. The second day
we had to do another hill climb, which was
difficult but we did get to go down a really
steep, fast hill before heading back to the city.
Overall, we cycled 75-80 kilometers this
weekend. I managed to do all of it except for
about half of each of the two hill climbs. I saw a
bit of life in the countryside different to the city.
I had a great time, saw some great views from
the top of the mountain, swam in a cold lake,
met some new people sitting around a campfire
and above all got some really good exercise.
I hope you enjoyed my article as much as I did!
See you next month!!
Elodie Sadoux-Gray
| M AY 2 0 1 5
NBIS Defeats AIAN in
Boys' Soccer Match
The Ningbo International School (NBIS)
boys senior soccer team won its fourth
consecutive match on the afternoon of
April 8th. This time it was against Access
International Academy Ningbo (AIAN)
in a strong, physical contest on the main
field at Zhejiang Wanli University. AIAN
drew first blood with a quick goal but
the boys from NBIS kept their cool and
replied quickly levelling the scores. The
speed of the AIAN players saw them get
another goal before NBIS were able to
react but teamwork and tenacity led to a
second goal for NBIS with the first half
finishing at an even 2-2.
calm and the goals came with the final
result 5-2 in favor of NBIS. It was a great
team effort and the boys should be very
proud of their efforts.
“The squad has put the hard work
into training all season and have been
supportive of each other, allowing
everyone to enjoy the game,” said coach
Tony Fuller. “All players have improved
their skills and attitudes and some have
made huge gains. Our focus was on
communication at the beginning of the
season and they not only picked that up
but discovered that all players were assets
and learned to appreciate them. It has
The second half became a bit more been a pleasure to coach them this year
physical and NBIS weathered some strong and I hope they continue to enjoy football
challenges. Sticking to the plan NBIS kept and consider playing again next season.”
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
eat & drink
fashion & home
arts & leisure
body & mind
american &
western food
Bar di Vino Bar & Restaurant
No.117, Caihong (N) Road, Jiangdong District
(0574 8733 5777)
迪维诺西餐&酒吧 江东区彩虹北路117号
47 Shengyuan Lane, Moon Lake Garden, Haishu
District (0574 8818 7900)
朱莉安西餐厅 海曙区月湖盛园盛园巷47号
Lounge 潮
Classy food and decor set in 1920's deco Shanghai
No.8 Shengyuan Lane, Moon Lake Garden,
Haishu District
+86 574 5533 0000
Sunshine's Aussie Pies
No.76, Lane 666, South Qianhu Road, Sunday
Square, Yinzhou District
132 9197 8881
Eudora Station
111-119 Waima Rd. Laowaitan, Ningbo
(0574 87647137/7138)
亿多瑞站 宁波市老外滩外马路111-119号
LUNCH PLATTER Menu ¥68 or ¥88
Traditional BritishAfternoon Tea
Traveler's Coffee
Fair Trade and organic coffees, continental
teas, European pastry, brunch specials, salads,
sandwiches, homemade soups & hot meals
1. Gulou Drum Tower Pedestrian Entrance, 48
Fuqiao Jie, Haishu District (8702-9686)
2. Tianyi Square Gugo Mall B North Entrance,
Haishu District
Selected Wines & Beers
Spirits & Mojitos
Eudora Station
Every Saturday and Sunday the complete spread
is laid out. One of the best brunches in town at a
great price. 111-119 Waima Rd. Laowaitan, Ningbo
(0574 87647137/7138)
亿多瑞站 宁波市老外滩外马路111-119号
Lounge 潮
glo London
Pizzas, BBQ ribs & chicken from hickory oak
burning smoke pit & other international favourites.
No. 38, Yangshan road, Ningbo (The Old Bund)
Tel: +86 0574-8749 6663
buy one
cocktail and
get the rest free,
every Friday
No.8 Shengyuan Lane, Moon Lake Garden,
Haishu District
+86 574 5533 0000
Ancient Coffee Tucked away in Laowaitan.
18, Lane 76, Erheng Jie, Laowaitan (0574-87375758) 老外滩二横路76弄8号
Better Cafe & Cake Three stories of nooks
and cranny’s, this is a great place to hide away
for an afternoon. The spaces are comfortable and
semi-private and it has great natural light. 144
Fuqiao Jie (0574-8736-5694 / 130-0899-9499)
倍得客 府桥街144号
Costa Coffee This chain from the UK has the
coffee you'd expect. 1 Baishui Xiang (0574-87060256)
Cup O’Joe
279 Minshan Lu, Xinqi, Beilun (0574-8686-7500)
D Sky Home
104 Qianhu Tiandi Square, 399 Qianhu Bei Lu
No.8 Shengyuan Lane, Moon lake Garden
| M AY 2 0 1 5
J'Adore Coffee shop next to Moon Lake, a patio
with landscaping made from hundreds of Blue Nun
wine bottles. Only open at night. 71 Gongqing Lu
the directory eat & drink
我的真爱 共青路71号
Lafacile Café Lafacile Cafe, we bring you
the best latte and espresso in Ningbo. We also
make an excellent lafaccino! 394 Zhongshan
法思乐咖啡 中山东路394号
Pabala Cozy and quaint shop run by the ever
friendly Mao Mao. No.85 Lane 659 Siming Zhong
Lu,Yinzhou, Near Gelan Yuntian (158-6756-1816)
帕芭菈休闲吧 四明中路659弄85号 格兰
Miss Pepper
dessert & ice cream
Dairy Queen 冰雪皇后
1. B1 Heyi Avenue Shopping Mall, Hai Shu
海曙区和义大道ZONE C地下1
2. 1F GUGO,Tian Yi Square,152 Yaohang Jie, Haishu
3. 1F Intime Department Store, Jiangxia Jie, Haishu.
4.1F Wanda Plaza,Yinzhou.
5.1F Century Oriental Business Plaza, Zhong Shan
Dong Lu, Jiang Dong
6.Sangtian Lu, Jiangdong.
Floor 23, Building A, No 558 Taikang Road, Yinzhou
DAISY Cheesecake
District (180-6730-2266)
地址更改 鄞州区泰康中路558号宁波商会 Some of the best and most authentic cakes and
desserts in Ningbo. No. 29, CangQiao Street,
YinYiShiDai Square, JieFang South Road,HaiShu
一多喜 宁波解放南路仓桥街29号银亿时代广
Warm and comfortable, serving Illy Coffee,
and they have movie nights throughout the
week. No.68 Renmin Lu, Lao Wai Tan, Ningbo
Haagen-Dazs 哈根达斯
1.No.1037 Zone B, Heyi Avenue Shopping
景咖啡 宁波老外滩人民路68号
Mall,Haishu District.
Slowly Café
Bright, arty, and kitsch all at the same time, check 2.1F Intime Department Store,Tianyi Square,Haishu
out the wacky cookies.
No.66 Renmin Lu, Lao Wai Tan, Ningbo (05743.Wanda Plaza,Yinzhou District.
87658503 13685852308)
慢时光 宁波外滩人民路66号
Starbucks 星巴克
1. Tian Yi Square, 88 Zhongshan Dong Lu
2. 42 Caihong Bei Lu, Portman area
3. 123 Waima Lu, Lao Waitan
4. 1F, Gugo, Tian Yi Square, 152 Yaohang Jie
5. 999 Siming Zhong Lu, Wanda Plaza, Gate 3
Iceason 爱茜茜里冰淇淋
1.42 Cangqiao Jie, Moon Lake Garden, Haishu
2.1-01-1 Wanda Plaza, 188 Jiangbei Dadao, Jiangbei
Mochi Sweets On the first floor of Gugo in Tian
Yi Square is this purveyor of yummy treats, some of
which are made with the Japanese sweetened rice
cake called Mochi. 1F, Gugo, Tianyi Square
摩提工房 天一广场酷购商场1楼
Lu, Haishu
2. 2F Wanda Plaza, 999 Siming Zhong Lu, Yinzhou
3. 2F COB, 1083 Zhongshan Dong Lu
diners and great food. 202 Siming Zhong Lu
香里仁家湘菜馆 四明中路202号
Xiang Xi Bu Luo
Nice and spicy food in Wanda Plaza. 2F, Wanda
Plaza, Yinzhou (0574-8305-6139)
湘西部落 鄞州万达广场7号门2楼
Bronze Sparrow Terrace
Fine dining Ningbo, Sichuan, and Cantonese fare.
Qilin Building 1511 Tiantong Bei Lu, Yinzhou
Usual Cantonese with familiar dishes like sweet &
铜雀台-私房菜 宁波鄞州区天童北路1511
sour pork and fried rice. Some people swear by it. 121 号 麒麟大厦
Huaishu Lu (0574-8766-2688)
潮涌轩 槐树路121号
Gang Ya Gou 缸鸭狗
Famous local restaurant with over 100 years of
Daohua Yuan Porridge 稻花源砂锅粥
Porridge is hot in Ningbo. One pot serves 4 people,
1. No.1 Gate Wanda Plaza, Yinzhou (0574-8822savory and piping hot.
1. 252 Mayuan Lu (0574-2786-0828) 海曙区马园
2. 64 Jicao Jie (0574-8775-3988) 江东区箕漕街
2. 3F Wanda Plaza, Jiangbei, (0574-8758-1926)
3. 48 Qizha Jie (0574-8731-3218) 海曙区碶闸街
Dong Bei Feng
On the 2nd floor in Wanda Plaza, pig knuckle reigns
supreme. Great dumplings, tofu skin salad, etc.
2A-23, Wanda Plaza (0574-8808-6677)
东北风 万达广场银座2A-23号
Da Feng Shou
Supreme Northern cuisine full of Notherners.
Some of the best dumplings and fried pork ever.
Arrrrrrrrrrr it's really good. 287 Jingjia Lu, Jiangdong
New Zealand Natural
1.1F Intime Department Store, 238 Zhongshan Dong
Macau Doulao 澳门豆捞
They have normal dishes such as beef, seafood,
chicken, goose, pig’s brain, and duck tongue, and
more exotic dishes such as kangaroo tail, camel
hump, crocodile meat, fish stomach, chicken
kidney, cow bone marrow and much more.
1. 218-228 Siming Zhong Lu 四明中路218-228
2. 46-8 Portman Street 彩虹北路波特曼大街
3. 36 Yaohang Jie (0574-8731-3688) 药行街36号
Xiao Fei Yang Hot Pot 小肥羊火锅
One of the more popular hotpots in town, this
chain satisfies but purists say its lacking.
Hours: 10:00-02:00
1. No.333,Jingjia Lu, Jiangdong District.
2. No. 627 Siming Zhong Lu, Yinzhou District.
Xiao Mian Yang Hot Pot 小绵羊
1. 23 Ying Feng Jie, Jie Fang Nan Lu, HaiShu
2. 353 Huan Cheng Xi Lu Nan Duan, Haishu
3. 69 Xing Ning Lu, Jiangdong (0574-8777-6339)
Yaode Hotpot 要德火锅
1. 339 Jingjia Lu, Jiangdong (0574-8726-6666)
2. 2F, 57 Zhongshan Xi Lu, Haishu
3. 47 Xing Ning Lu, Jiangdong (0574-8739-3948)
Xiang Ju Qing
Chef is from Hunnan, famous for making local
dishes. 352 Keji Lu,Yin Zhou (0574-8300-2002)
湘居情 宁波市鄞州区科技路352号
Xiang Li Ren Jia Restaurant
A small place in Yinzhou, two floors of noisy
The Grandma’s
Ningbo Zhejiang flavor just like Grandma
makes it. 4F, International Shopping Center,
Tianyi Square,166 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
外婆家 海曙区中山东路166号天一广场国
4F of INCITY, 288 Qianhu Bei Lu, Yinzhou
3F of Raffles City, 99 Daqing Nan Lu, Jiangbei
Kong Ke
1F, C2 Zone, Liansheng Plaza, No.1288 Ningnan
(N) Road, Yinzhou (0574 2882 0023)
Simple South Asian Restaurant
Fine dining Ningbo, Sichuan, and Cantonese fare.
No. 378-379, 3F, Wanda Plaza (Jiangbei) (+86 137
7713 9767)
Fei Teng Yu Xiang Sichuan Restaurant
Add: 53 Leigong Xiang, Jiangdong Tel:
沸腾鱼乡川菜馆 江东区雷公巷53号
Loushang Louxia
The name of this restaurant is "upstairs
downstairs" in Chinese, they serve two different
styles. Home made cookies, egg tarts, and set rice.
81 Huayan Jie (0574-2787-8871)
楼上楼下 江东华严街81号
Wu Da Kitchen
Next to Cafe de Maya restaurant. Good price, not
bad Sichuan dishes. 1F Century Plaza, 230 Jiefang
Nan Lu (0574-8719-7059)
武大厨房 解放南路230号世纪广场1楼
Zi Zhu Lin
Known for their delicious spicy bullfrog. On Jingjia
Lu in a row of about 40 other restaurants. 289
Jingjia Lu (0574-6617-2526)
紫竹林川菜 惊驾路289号
Feast Modern Restaurant
Ningbo seafood in a beautiful, restored
200-year-old Qing dynasty house. The food is as
good as the lovely woodwork. 87 Huaishu Lu
美宴摩登餐厅 槐树路87号
Shipu Grand Restaurant 石浦大酒店
The center of Ningbo's "Yong" cuisine. It
serves traditional local dishes in an authentic
atmosphere. Make reservations, and bring a
camera to take pictures of the vast display
of live seafood. It's better than going to the
aquarium, and what aquarium lets you eat
their fish?
1. Center of Tian Yi Square (0574-8727-1777)
2. 60 Yanyue Jie (Moon Lake) (0574-8732-6777)
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
the directory eat & drink
3. Wanda Plaza, 999 Siming Zhong Lu (05748808-6777) 四明中路999号万达广场
4. 1118 Baizhang Dong Lu (0574- 8783-8888)
5. 36 Nanda Jie, Zhenhai (0574- 8666-8888) 镇
Sunka 速卡美食
1. No.1036, 1F, Heyi Avenue, Haishu District
(0574 8389 7777)
2. No.40, Caihong (N) Road, Jiangdong District
(0574 8772 7269) 江东区彩虹北路40号
3. Lane 45, Jiefang (N) Road, Haishu District
(close to Fuqiao Street) (0574 8902 0000) 海曙
Meng Die Ya Yuan Restaurant
46 Shengyuan Xiang, Moon Lake Garden, Haishu
Noble House
850 Maocheng Zhong Lu, Yinzhou
Shanghai Min
110-112 Qizha Jie, Haishu (Near Tianyi Square)
Ashima Courtyard
Hidden on a side street near Gu Lou, in a Qing
Dynasty house built 329 years ago, with white
walls and black tile. Inside the cool house, a
sunny courtyard brings you authentic cuisine. 33
Yongshou Jie (0574-8726-2292)
阿诗玛庭院 永寿街33号(原文昌食堂)
fine dining
Huan Tang Fusion
Chinese and Western fusion cuisine such as radish
and minced beef soup, stuffed eggplant, and lamb
chops. In the new Century Oriental Plaza shopping
center. 1072, 1F, Oriental Century Plaza, 1083
Zhongshan Dong Lu (0574-8781-9022)
欢唐时尚餐厅 中山东路1083号东方世纪广
Lobster Bar and Grill
With a selection of international delights including
fresh seafood, grilled meats and pastas, Lobster Bar
and Grill’s dishes feature recipes that have been
honed to perfection for decades. 1F, Shangri-la
Hotel, Ningbo (0574-8799-8888)
龙虾酒吧扒房 宁波香格里拉大酒店一楼
Ajisen Ramen 味千拉面
1.Gate 6,Tianyi Square,Zhong Shan Dong Lu,Haishu
District.(Next to KFC)(0574-8727-6085)
Wan exudes sophistication in an elegant modern
2. 33 Xianxue Jie, Haishu (Near Cheng Huang Miao)
Chinese décor with seven luxurious private VIP
dining rooms. Canton, Shanghai and Ningbo cuisine.
5F, Sofitel, 899 Siming Zhong Lu (0574-2889-9888)
3. 11 Sheng Yuan Xiang, Moon Lake Garden, Haishu
万字号中餐厅 四明中路899号索菲特大饭
4. 1F Wanda Plaza, Yinzhou (0574-8705-7405
Initial Food
No.933 Tiantong (N) Road, Yinzhou District
(0574 2880 2111)
Stanley Fusion
1207 Tiantong (N) Road, Yinzhou District (Di Sai
Tomorrow Square)
(0574 5584 8717)
Akitaya 秋田家
Upscale Japanese with fresh sushi and decent all
you can eat teppanyaki.
1. 2F, Sheraton Hotel, 52 Caihong Bei Lu (05748768-8688) 彩虹北路52号
2. 3F, Kylie Hotel, 76 Jicao Jie (0574-8705-7656) 箕
3. 1F, Haiju Hotel, 218 Mayuan Lu (0574-87076796) 马园路218号
Daking Japanese Restaurant
Located in Beilun, cozy envionment. 226 Gao Feng
Lu, Beilun (0574-8683-2216)
大金日本料理 北仑区高凤路226号
Japanese noodles. 91 Heyi Ave, Haishu (0574-87200898)
Hefeng Rotating Sushi
Xinye Taiwan Restaurant
Decent sushi for the price, and it's goes around and
around in front of you. 1F, Gate 6, Wanda Plaza
和风料理 万达广场6号门1楼
Elegant Taiwanese fare. 626-1 Songjiang Zhong
Lu (0574-8816-9997)
欣叶台湾美食 嵩江中路626-1号(和邦
Helv Sushi 禾绿寿司
Rotating Sushi, reasonable price, they also have
noodle soup.
1. 3F FM Buidling, 6 Yao Hang Jie, Haishu
2. 3F Wanda Plaza, Jiangbei (0574-5501-0823)
Inayama 79 Qianlong Lu, behind the Sheraton
稻山日本料理 波特曼中心裙楼东(潜龙
Balle Balle Indian Restaurant
No.7, Lane 66, Zhenming Road, Haishu
(0574 8748 9654)
KAZUMI Simple and elegant Japnese in Wanda
Plaza Yinzhou 3 Gate, Wanda Plaza, Yinzhou
Koko – Japanese restaurant Elegant
and high end Japanese dining experience,
teppanyaki, Sushi and Sashimi bar or satisfy your
appetite with the “All You Can Eat” specials. Lunch
11:30—14:30Dinner 17:00—22:00 5F, Sofitel, 899
Siming Zhong Lu (0574-2889-9888)
可可日本餐馆 四明中路899号索菲特大饭
Kyoto Japanese Restaurant 京都日本
1. 117 Leigong Lane, Caihong Bei Lu (0574-87716503) 彩虹北路雷公巷117号
2. 265 Liuting Jie (0574-8713-2636) 柳汀街265号
Nasubi Japanese Restaurant
Ganesha Indian Restaurant Summer
specials: hot Lamb soup , Tandoori Chicken, Lamb
Roganjosh, Saffron Rice & Cheese Garlic Naan and
336 Zhenming Lu (189-6822-7174)
葛尼沙 镇明路336号
Indiana Authentic Indian food located in the
food court of Lady's Mall across from Tianyi. 2F-21,
2nd floor, Lady Fashion Mall, #169, Yaohang street,
Haishu, Ningbo (13566024246)
| M AY 2 0 1 5
Crisp, clean and precise traditional Japanese cuisine.
1. 2F North Bldg Crowne Plaza,No.129 Yaohang
Hours: 11:30~13:30 17:30~21:30
纳思比日本料理 凯洲皇冠假日酒店 北楼2F
2. No.3 Silver Walk,Ri Li Middle Road,Yinzhou
Hours: 11:30~13:30 17:30~22:30
纳思比日本料理 鄞州区日丽中路南部商务
Amore's Great for families, dates, and friends.
Comfortable and cozy Italian food that doesn't
skimp on flavor or portion. 109 Jiangdong Nan Lu
(0574-8783-8350 136-1574-0093)
Amore’s意大利餐厅 江东南路109号
the directory eat & drink
Han Cheng Yuan
Traditional Korean food.
43 Mayuan Lu, Haishu (0574-8716-0133)
Koryowon Restaurant
Authentic Korean food and popular with locals. Not
only Korean BBQ, try the whole menu. In restaurant
row on Jingjia Lu. 359 Jingjia Lu (0574-8779-1677)
高丽苑 惊驾路359号
Quan Yong Cheng 全雍城
5. Near Auchan,160 Cuibai Lu,Hai Shu.
6. 298Kai Ming Jie,Tian Yi Square,Hai Shu,
7. 1F Wan Da Plaza,Jiangbei.
Pizza Pino
Basic Italian style pizza from a chain outlet in
modern decor. 1041B, Zone C, Heyi Avenue
Shopping Center, 66 Heyi Lu (0574-8389-9535)
3F, Century Oriental Business Plaza, 1083
Zhongshan Dong Lu (0574-8723-3888)
超级牛扒 中山东路1083号世纪东方商业
and dancing girls to go along with the food. 238
Mayuan Lu (0574-8715-5833)
蕉叶泰国餐厅 马园路238号
Picanha Brazilian BBQ
1. 3F of Peacebird Home, 36 Dongdu Lu, Haishu
美泰泰国餐厅 海曙区东渡路36号太平鸟
2. No.427 Qian Hu Tian Di, No.399 Qianhu North
Road, Yinzhou District (86 574 8813 2577)
All you can eat Brazilian BBQ in a warm
atmosphere. Large buffet included with the great
meat and pitchers of beer. A great stop for the
meat eaters. 2nd Floor of Ningbo World Hotel, 145
Zhongshan Dong Lu (0574-8736-0077)
No. 499 Henghe Road. Beilun Ningbo
This Korean style BBQ is one of a kind in Ningbo, full
buffet of items to cook.
1. 111 Huayan Jie (0574-8775-3777) 华严街111号
2. 366 Cuibai Lu (0574-8722-3003) 翠柏路366号
Tairyo Teppenyaki
One of the more popular teppanyaki spots in
town. The price includes everything on the menu
plus beer, sake, and plum wine. The hostess is
also incredibly nice. E001, 2F Gugo Center, 166
Zhongshan Dong Lu, Tianyi Square (above ZARA)
middle eastern
Lebanese Restaurant
Authentic Lebanese food that is a staple for those
here from the Middle East. Being completely
authentic, no alcohol is served. 320 Zhenming Lu
黎巴嫩餐厅 镇明路320号
New Rocker
NO. 19, 257 Nong, Jiangdong Nan Lu (0574-87574664 ) 江东区江东南路257弄19号(近兴宁
Don Papa
A staple of the Ningbo pizza world, now in a new
location near Yinzhou Wanda.
No.166 Tianjing Lane (159 6789 7895)
Papa John’s 棒!约翰
1. 9 Shen Yuan Xiang,Moon Lake Garden,Haishu
District (0574-2766-2727)
2. Gate 5, Wanda Plaza Yinzhou (0574-2887-2727)
Pizza Hut 必胜客
1. 152 GUGO Tianyi Square (0574-8736-8021)
2. 1F Wan Da Plaza,Yinzhou (0574-8305-7101)
3. 1F Intime Department Store,Tian Yi
4. 1F Shen Yang Tai Department Store,Zhong Shan
Xi Lu,Hai Shu.(0574-8725-3831)
Miss Fairy Cake
1. 150 Dalai Street, Haishu District (PICC building,
1F) 133 9669 9169
2. B033 Heyi Avenue, Haishu District
0574 8768 0068
MFC Baking Studio
Nancy’s Thai is a Ningbo landmark. Open since
2003 serving authentic Thai food, very friendly
to international guests, all major credit cards
accepted. 103-2 Zhenming Lu (0574-8731-8266)
南茜泰菜馆 镇明路103-2号
Mevlana Turkish Restaurant
Authentic and traditional Turkish food in
No.112 Renmin Lu,Jiangbei,Ning
土耳其餐厅 江北区人民路112号(大时
Lotus Vegetarian
A favorite of the Buddhist monks of the nearby
Qita Temple, this veggie restaurant has some great
food in humble surroundings. 175 Baizhang Lu
莲花素菜馆 百丈路175号
minutes outside downtown Ningbo. Xuedou
Mountain, Xikou, Fenghua (0574-8888-8569)
妙香斋 奉化溪口雪窦山
Mundiver Spanish Restaurant
3F-22 of Yicai Shopping Mall, 105 Rixin Street, Tianyi
Square, Haishu
Qing Lian Su Shi
47-1 Wen Chang Jie,Hai Shu
清莲素食 海曙区文昌街47-1号
Vegetarian Life Style
No.221, Jiangdong (N) Road, Jiangdong District
(Ningbo Book City, Building #3, 1F)
(0574 8705 2988)
In this restaurant, there’s no smoking, no alcohol,
no meat, and no eggs. The food is immensely
popular. 1-2F, 16 Liuting Jie (0574-8730-1333)
枣子树净素餐厅 柳汀街16号1-2楼
steakhouse & bbq
Eudora Station
111-119 Waima Rd. Laowaitan, Ningbo
(0574 87647137/7138)
亿多瑞站 宁波市老外滩外马路111-119号
farmer's markets
Fresh Vegetable and Meat markets
sprinkle the entirety of Ningbo
often with more than one serving a
neighborhood. The list below is of
some of the larger farmer markets.
Dong Liu Market
778 SangTian Lu, Jiangdong
东柳菜场 江东区桑田路778号
B010 Heyi Avenue, Haishu District
0574 8768 0080
Gao Tang Market
O'One Bakery
Gu Lou Market
1. No.6-8, Lane 65 Rixing Street, Tianyi, Haishu
2. No. 259 Zhongxing Road, Jiangdong
3. 1A-02-2, 1F, Gate 7, Wanda Plaza, Yinzhou
4.1F, Gate 1, Wanda Plaza, Jiangbei District
5. Gate 1, Raffles City, Jiangbei
6. No.99-103, Qinglinwan Street, Haishu 江北万
7. No.23, Gongyuan Road, Haishu District
Nancy’s Thai Fusion
The Sweetness Vegetarian
Restaurant Inside Xuedou Temple about 30
Echo Pizzeria
Pure Italian style Pizzeria, warm atmosphere,
normal price. In the alley opposite to the LianSheng
Plaza's KFC, not far from Wanda Plaza. No.113-115,
Lane 180, ZhongGongmiao Road, Yinzhou District
异刻 鄞州区钟公庙路180弄113-115号(联
Mango Thai
45 Gaotang Lu, Jiangbei
高塘菜场 江北区高塘路45号
67 Hutong Jie, Haishu
鼓楼菜场 海曙区呼童街67号
ZhangBin Qiao Market
160 NingChuan Lu, Jiangdong
张斌桥菜场 江东区宁穿路160号
Zhong Gong Miao Market
YinXian Da Dao, Near Zhong Gong Miao, Yinzhou
钟公庙菜场 鄞州区钟公庙鄞县大道附近
liquor & wine
Banana Leaf Thai Restaurant
Banana Leaf is a Thai restaurant chain that has
taken China by storm, there's a roaming band
Jade Cellar
Good wine selection for varying budgets.
B078 Floor B1 Century Oriental Plaza, No.1083
Zhongshan Dong Lu (186-574-54012 -Mary)
玉液琼浆精品酒庄 宁波中山东路1083号
We're always on the
lookout for new places
to eat and drink in
Ningbo. Contact us at
[email protected]
com to add a venue.
3. 1-192, Building No.3, Junlin Plaza, 857
Huangshan Lu, Beilun (0574-8685-2288) 北仑
Century Mart Just one block down the
road from Carrefour, with a surprisingly large
section of imported goods. 373 Zhongxing Lu
Fuchang Grocery
This nondescript convenience store across the street 世纪联华 中兴路373号
from Sheraton has a decent selection of cigars and
Metro A wholesale supply store with
other smoking accessories. The good cigars are in
seemingly everything in it. A large range
the back room, ask for them. 107 Caihong Bei Lu
of imported food products. 1 Maidelong Lu
福昌烟酒食品 彩虹北路107号
麦德龙 麦德龙路1号
Medoc Cellar
39-5 Xingning Lu, Jiangdong (0574-8752-7900)
Auchan 欧尚
1. 160 Cuibai Lu (0574-8707-2987)
2. 1188 Baizhang Dong Lu (0574-2790-5864)
Carrefour 家乐福
1. 246-248 Zhongxing Lu (0574-8777-1211)
2. 28 Dashani Jie (0574-8386-2903)
Like the Whole Foods of Ningbo, tons of
imported products, decent butcher, but expect
to pay for it.
B1 Heyi Avenue Shopping Center, 88 Heyi Lu
Tesco 80 Rixin Jie (0574-5612-8899)
乐购 日新街80号
Wal-Mart Wanda Plaza, 999 Siming Zhong Lu
沃尔玛 四明中路999号万达广场内
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
| M AY 2 0 1 5
the directory nightlife
eat / drink
SOL Sport Bar
Next to KFC, 24 Yangshan Lu, Laowaitan,
Sports Bar with Western decor and local
Building 5, Silver Walk, South Business
Area,Yinzhou District (0574-8901 8989)
SOL运动酒吧 南部商务区水街5号楼
Easy's Bar Ningbo Bartender
Easy's Bar. Classic Cocktails, Pure Whisky, Cool
Beers, Special Shots, Awesome Music. Until
5am at morning. 81 Zhongma Lu, Lao Waitan
Pastries, snacks, tea, coffee, juice, wine,
whiskey, champagne, cigars, beer, cocktails...
everything what you want, 11am to 5am.
Ningbo famous chain lounge. 35 Shengyuan
Xiang, Moon Lake Garden (13605745699)
Sashimi // You don't even know
It's at birdland
The Whiskeyfind 威士忌坊
3F, No.11, Lane 86, Zhongma Road, Lao Waitan
+86 574 5533 0000
Baidu 155 Feiyue Plaza, Caihong Nan Lu
百度酒吧 彩虹南路155号飞越广场
CLUB TNT Moon Lake Garden (057487168999)
潮人会所 月潮盛园街区盛园巷95号
Eudora Station
111-119 Waima Rd. Laowaitan, Ningbo
(0574 87647137/7138)
亿多瑞站 宁波市老外滩外马路111-119号
Elsa's Pub
Conversation with English-speaking ladies.
Pool table and foosball as well. 55 Leigong
Xiang, Caihong Bei Lu (135-6742-6896/1388442-9898)
艾尔萨吧 彩虹北路雷公巷55号
Harley Bar & Restaurant
Harley serves decent Western food along with
their great beer. On the west side of town, in
tree-covered Haishu District. Pool tournament
Saturday nights. 18 Mayuan Lu (130-03728695)
哈雷宝来纳德国酒吧 马园路18号
Head under the bridge and down the alley to
Ningbo's original speakeasy.
No.14-1, Da he xiang, Zhongshan dong lu,
Jiangdong (13819839693)
live music
Live music, mostly covers, pub feel and ,
excellent rock band.
168 Zhongma Lu, Lao Waitan
贝斯酒吧 老外滩中马路168号
Bund Bridge Bar
Located on the second floor, new bands pop up
here all the time with a good mix of them being
both international and local. The majority fare
on the indie side. 142 Zhongma Lu, Lao Waitan
(0574-8720334 / 13008979997)
Except now you do know
cuz we tolds ya. Birdland in
Yinzhou near Incity simply
destroys all other sashimi in
this city. Everything else looks
like defrosted shavings that
Birdland sashimi threw away.
You know how a cigarello is
the clippings of the Cubans
that didn't get in the cigar.
That's the other sashimi.
Birdland is the Cuban.
No.588 Qianhu North Road,
Yinzhou District (near Incity)
Tel: 0574 8306 7857
italian food,
great wines
and cocktails,
parties all
the time.
Le Cargo
Dance dance dance, the party starts at 12 or
so and tends to go to the next morning. 33
Yangshan Xiang, Lao Waitan (0574-8766-5552)
乐咖吧 老外摊羊山巷33号
Lounge 潮
Classy food and decor set in 1920's deco Shanghai
No.8 Shengyuan Lane, Moon Lake Garden,
Haishu District
+86 574 5533 0000
Maibach Lounge
Coffee during the day and cocktails with live
music at night. Relax on their rooftop terrace
and gaze on the quiet park and river nearby.
Nianci Park, Zhong He Road, Beilun District
麦巴赫休闲小屋 北仑区中河路念慈园
“Ask for Ellen”
phone: 0574-57335777
mobile: 135-6742-6898
wechat: ellen3129
117 Caihong North Rd
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
the directory arts & leisure
art & books
art & supplies
Xin Yin Xiang Art Supply Shop
A good selection of paints, pens, canvases, etc.
Just Northwest of Gu Lou.
No.31 Fayuan Lane,Zhongshan Xi Lu,Haishu
新印象美术用品 海曙区中山西路法院巷
books & magazines
Ningbo Book City
On the other side of the river from Laowaitan,
they have the largest selection of English books.
221 Jiangdong Bei Lu
宁波书城 江东北路221号
Cinema Center
Located in Tianyi square, Adjacent to Heyi
avenue 2 Zhanchuan Jie,Haishu District
Premiere International Cinema Frequent movies in English.
3F, Century Oriental Plaza, 1083 Zhongshan
Dong Lu (400-622-2046)
海上国际影城 中山东路1083号世纪东方
Lu (0574-8764-3222-2504)
宁波美术馆 人民路122号
Ningbo, now it is the only coin museum with
exhibitions of relatively complete sets of coins.
10 Zhanchuan Jie, Heyi Lu (0574-8724-1900)
宁波钱业会馆 和义路战船街10号
Wanda Plaza Yinzhoul. 4F ZoneA, LinkSun
Living Shopping Mall,, Ningjiang Lu, Yinzhou
Tianyi Library
Dong Gang Wei Cheng Paintball
Shooting Ground
This is the oldest private library in China. One of
urban Ningbo's nicest tourist spots with great
history behind why it's still here. 10 Tianyi Jie
天一阁博物馆 天一街10号
Xikou Museum
The “Yutai Salt Shop”, otherwise known as the
birthplace of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek,
has been converted to a museum about his life.
45 minutes outside Ningbo city. 33 Wuling Lu,
Fenghua (0574-8885-0311)
溪口博物馆 奉化武岭路33号玉泰盐铺边
performing arts
Ningbo Concert Hall
Ningbo's professional concert hall, orchestra,
solo and duet performances. 768 Lingqiao Lu
宁波音乐厅 灵桥路768号
Ningbo Grand Theater
Ningbo Movie Shine Cinema
Ningbo Times World Film
This is the base of traditional Chinese opera
in Ningbo. They show Yue Opera as well as
Ningbo's own Yong Opera. 187 Jiefang Nan Lu
(0574-8729-4454 )
逸夫剧院 解放南路187号
In Tianyi Square, comfortable and clean
8F Intime Shopping Mall 55 Dongdu Lu
时代影城 东渡路55号,银泰百货八楼
Wanda International Cinema
(Jiangbei) Ningbo’s second and largest
IMAX. 4F Wanda Plaza,No.188 Jiangbei Da Dao.
Yifu Theater
tattoo studios
J & M Tattoo
315 Jiangdong (N) Road, Jiangdong District
(near Hefeng creative square) (0574 8908 5960)
小院子(近和丰创意广场| 浅绿小院旁)
Kiss of Dragon
Ningbo’s premiere tattoo shop. Chief artist Zeng
Wanda International Cinema
Le was the second student of Taiwan based
(Yinzhou) Big movie theatre and IMAX. Half Diau-An. If you know tattoos, you’ll know
Price Days: TUESDAY and FRIDAY. 3F, Wanda
Plaza, 999 Siming Zhong Lu (0574-8808-6688)
四明中路999号万达广 场(金座)三楼
galleries &
Ningbo Bang Museum
Ningbo's Merchant Museum Siyuan Lu,
Zhuangshi, Zhenhai (0574-2626-6878)
宁波帮博物馆 镇海区庄市街道思源路
Ningbo City Exhibition
All about Ningbo: past, present, and the plans
for the future. 9am-5pm,Tuesday-Thursday,
Tickets: ¥10. 195 Waima Lu (0574-8766-8586)
宁波城市展览馆 外马路195号
Ningbo Costume Museum
Trace the history of Chinese fashion trends.
Wandi, Xiaying, Yinzhou (0574- 8732-2728)
宁波服装博物馆 宁波鄞州下应湾底村
Ningbo Museum
A comprehensive museum with geographical
features, showing the history of humanities
and arts. 1000 Shounan
Zhong Lu, Yinzhou (574-8281-5533)
宁波博物馆 首南中路1000号
Ningbo Museum of Art
The main art museum, with regular exhibitions
in both contemporary and more classical
genres. Classes are also available. 122 Renmin
| M AY 2 0 1 5
The Money Guide Hall (Ancient Coin Century Star Ice Skating Rink
Museum) Once a financial center in ancient A large and well maintained ice rink near
Designed by Frederic Rolland. It has multiple
theatres, exhibition hall, boat dock, shopping
mall, night club, and a restaurant. 1 Dazha Lu
宁波大剧院 大闸路1号
In Tianyi Square. Half Price TUESDAY.
No.331,Kaiming Jie,Haishu District.(0574-87191965)
民光影城 开明街331号
& leisure
Art / Entertainment
there’s some mingling with Paul Booth and Filip
Leu in there. They are complete pros.
No 5, 35 Cangqiao Jie, HaishuDistrict, inside
Yinyi Times Square (13957853133)
About two hours outside the city, in the
Zhoushan islands. Putuo District Dong Gang
Tang Tou (135-1580-9888)
东港伟成彩弹射击场 舟山普陀区东港
Dongqian Lake Paintball Shooting
Center Live-action paintball on a course at
beautiful Dongqian Lake, about 25 minutes
outside Ningbo city. Xiao Putuo, Dongqian Lake
(0574-8849-0861, 158-0574-7564 Mr.Wang)
宁波东钱湖小普陀景区彩弹射击中心 东
A complete water park about an hour outside
of the city. 936 Sangtian Lu, Jiangdong
Ningbo Rock Climbing
An indoor rock climbing wall and club that
organizes outdoor excursions. 128 Zhaohui Lu,
Jiangdong (13566002080)
Youngor Zoo
Ningbo's zoo has over 10,000 animals and is
one of the best facilities we've seen in Asia.
Dongqian Lake (0574-8837-8378 )
雅戈尔动物园 东钱湖
Bayi Fubang Basketball Center
A large and fully equipped water park.
Guojiazhi Cun, Dongqian Lake
东钱湖水上乐园 东钱湖郭家峙村
A sports center concentrating on basketball
sponsored by our local CBA team, the Ningbo
Bayi Rockets. Join a pickup game or bring
your friends and rent a half or full court.
Amateur leagues with uniforms and referees
play here. Inside Glass Factory. 109 Maiyu Lu
八一富邦篮球公园 海曙区卖鱼路109号
Fenghua Water Park
Zhongshan Square Basketball Court
Dongqian Lake Water Park
A complete water park about an hour outside
of the city. Shang Lou Yan Cun, Shangtian Zhen,
Fenghua (0574-8861-7222)
奉化白龙潭水上乐园 宁波奉化市尚田镇
HarborLand An amusement park in Beilun.
¥100/person, for details please visit their
website at 728
Liaohe Lu, Beilun District (0574-2685-2685)
凤凰山主题公园 北仑区辽河路728号
Ningbo Ocean World
Area for basketball amateurs on weekends.
There are two inexpensive courts. 7 Henghe Jie
中山广场篮球场 横河街7号
These two are the largest shops in town. The
first one is the newest and largest shop.
1.) 132 North Jiefang Road, Haishu
the directory arts & leisure
2.) No.655,LiuTing Road,HaiShu (057427729089)
Ningbo's flagship shop.
No.286 North Jiangdong Road, Jiang Dong
No.25-27, Opposite Wanda Square,HouMiao
Road,YinZhou (0574-82809828)
Liuyang Salsa Dance Club
but it does have a great river to play in and is
where you can see Chang Kai Shek's house and
Fenghua (4001817718)
Dong En Swimming Center
164 Lingqiao Lu (0574-8386-0779)
Dong Qian Lake Tao Gong Island
Swimming Center
This isn’t a pool, it’s the swimming area at
Dongqian lake. Row a big dragon boat with
your friends. Open during the summer, www. Dong Qian Lake Tao Gong
Island (0574-8780-1229)
东钱湖陶公岛游泳中心 东钱湖陶公岛风
Lessons twice a week on Wed 7:00-8:30PM and
Sunday 4:00-5:30PM. [email protected]
com (138-5781-4597 Christina)
KG Center Gym
2F Gate7 Wanda Plaza,999 Siming Zhong Lu,
Yinzhou (0574-8305-6096)
Crane Pools
Park with waterfalls and wild cranes
Wild Crane Pool Resort, Huangtan Town,Ninghai
野鹤湫 宁海县黄坛县野鹤湫风景区
Dongqian Lake
The closest and largest lake, great for cycling,
bbq's, and hiking.
Dongqian Lake Town, Yinzhou (400-826-8000)
东钱湖 鄞州区东钱湖镇
Five Dragon Pools
A beautiful place to go walking and hiking with
pools and streams to explore.
Longguan Xiang, Yinzhou (0574-8804-9777)
五龙潭风景区 鄞州区龙观乡
FuQuan Mountain Scenic Spot
Great hiking on the southside of Dongqian Lake.
Dongqian Lake, Yinzhou (0574-8837-4366)
福泉山景区 鄞州区东钱湖东南面
He Mu Du Ruins
The He Mu Du people lived here thousands of
years ago and this is the archaeological dig
from one of their sites. Evidence points to this
being one of the oldest places in the world for
cultivated rice.
He Mu DuTown, Yuyao (0574-6296-3731)
河姆渡遗址 余姚市河姆渡镇
Ninghai Forest Hot Springs
The largest hot springs near Ningbo. All of
the pools are built into the hill and in natural
Nanxi Spring, Shenzhen Town, Ninghai
宁海森林温泉 宁海县深甽镇南溪温泉
Shipu Fishing Village
An ancient fishing village, great for exploring.
Shipu Town, Xiangshan (0574-6595-9999)
中国渔村 象山石浦
Si Ming Mountain National Forest
Beautiful mix of bamboo and evergreens with
great paths around.
Siming Shan Town, Yuyao (0574-6234-0889)
四明山国家森林公园 余姚市四明山镇
Song Dynasty Stone Carvings Park
Ancient stone carvings in Dongqian Lake.
Near DongQian Lake, Yinzhou (0574-8840-1022)
南宋石刻公园 鄞州区东钱湖附近
Tantou Mountain
Nice hiking and beaches, around 3 hours away.
Foot of Taibai Mountain, Yinzhou (0574-88480250 )
檀头山 象山县檀头山
Tiantong Temple
A very large and very old temple with huge
buddhas and multiple halls. The temple has been
on that site for 3000 years.
Foot of Taibai Mountain, Yinzhou (0574-88480250 )
A small town by the river that is a little touristy,
Leader Gym
4F Qilin South Building, 1523 Tiantong Bei Lu,
Yinzhou (0574-8741-6666)
john carroll and william gray
New Century Swimming Center
Be sure to check out our
nightlife section to find an
interview with John Carroll.
He and William Gray will be
playing at everyone's new hot
812 Baizhang Dong Lu (0574-8706-8888)
开元大酒店游泳池 百丈东路812号
Ningbo Swimming Club
847 Zhongxing Lu (0574-8787-0594)
宁波市游泳俱乐部 中兴路847号
Ningbo Swimming and Fitness
Center A 30,000 square foot complex with
two Olympic-sized swimming pools, outdoor
diving pool, yoga, fitball aerobics, dance lessons, No.788,Huanhu South Road, Dong Qian Lake
rock climbing wall, and ping pong. 128 Zhaohui (0574-88401166)
Lu (0574-5615-5066) / Phone: 0574-8726-6767 宁波市东钱湖环湖南路788号
宁波市游泳健身中心 朝晖路128号
Ningbo Xinxing Hotel Gym Center
Many activities available at a low price. It has a
popular indoor basketball court on the 5th floor.
226 Zhongshan Xi Lu (0574-8707-2596)
宁波新兴大酒店康乐部体育中心 中山西
Zhong Ji Golf Club
Ningbo Youngor No. 1 Road (0574-87425758)
leisure - general
Dao Shun Archery Hall
Perfeca International Fitness Center No.109, Mai Yu Road, HaiShu
Gate 5, 778 Taihe Lu, Beilun (0574-8688-1555)
Power House Gym 宝力豪
No.40,Liu Yu Road, Zhong Gong Miao, Yinzhou
Address: F5 Xinyuan Hotel,No.188 Jiefang Nan
Weider Terra City Life Gym
One of the more popular gyms among expats.
1.) 677 Siming Dong Lu, Chun Jiang Hua Cheng,
Yinzhou (0574-8308-9666)
2.) 345 Lane 126,Changshou Lu, Dong Hu
Garden, Yinzhou (0574-5500-5111)
3.) 49 Jinshan Zhong Lu, Feng Ge Cheng Shi,
Reno Gym
Fully equipped for a hard workout with a little
bit of luxury. The equipment is state of the art
and numerous classes are available.
Floor 6 Golden Center, Zhongshan Dong Lu
(McDonald's Building) (15057444184)
里诺健身 中山东路金光百货六楼
Eagle Golf Club
No.812, HuanCheng West Rd (0574-27871881)
Luhan Golf Club
No.39, Zhong Xing Road, Ningbo Sports center,
Qixin Green World Golf Club
This is the largest full golf course in Ningbo.
Wei Er Archery Hall
Li Kun Tennis Hall The biggest tennis
complex in Zhejiang province. There are 6
outdoor tennis courts and 2 indoor courts,
provides rackets, and tennis balls. 360
Zhongxing Lu (0574-8777-6669)
李坤网球馆 中兴路360号
Squash Pavilion
1F Howard Johnson Plaza, 230 Liuting Jie,
Haishu (0574-2786-6666)
martial arts
Karate 松岛派极真空手道宁波支部
spot The Prince Bar in late
May. Expect a great show from
the two of them that will most
likely turn into a bit of a party
afterwards. Don't miss it.
Olympic Fencing in Ningbo, we would like
to share the pleasure and self-fulfillment we
achieve in this exhilarating sport. 303,168
Songjiang Dong Lu, Yinzhou (13867802781
Ms Zhang)
Jia He Outdoor Shop Outdoor clothing
and some camping equipment, boots, etc.
2 Lane 77, Gongyuan Lu, GuLou, Haishu
Jin Da Fishing Equipment This is a rod
& tackle shop where recreational fishermen
meet. #104, 15 Qianlong
Yi Cun, Jiangdong (189-6828-5017)
金大渔具 江东潜龙一村15号104室
No.1 Camping Place Bicycle Club 760 Zhongshan Xi Lu
(0574-8727-3711 / 130-6586-6530)
Xingguang Fishing Gear Shop
63 Xihe Jie (0574-8727-2221)
宁波星光鱼具商店 西河街63号
sporting goods
Contact: Mr. Ye 15168165371 Mr. Xue
1. 2F, Weider Club, Donghu Garden Second
Phase, 126 Changshou Nan Lu, Yinzhou
2. Zhongshan Square, 7 Henghe Jie, Haishu
District 海曙区横河街7号中山广场体育馆
Kunyuan Thai Boxing Gym
Golden Pearl Yoga
Down and dirty and nitty gritty, people do not
come here to look good. They come here for
serious training, it's awesome.
329 Chunyuan Lu, Yinzhou (15858413000)
Ningbo B.L. Fencing Sports Club
2555 Canghai Lu, Yinzhou (0574-8902-6689)
yoga &
tai chi
15F, Ao Li Sai Buidling,Yinzhou 9:00-21:00
Ningbo Tai Chi Club
46 Sanzhi Jie, Haishu (0574-8730-6662)
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
the directory fashion & home
Antiques Market - Curio Bazaar An
old traditional Chinese building with many
small vendors, beware of fakes. 100 Zhongshan
Xi Lu
宁波市范宅古玩集市 中山西路100号
Gu Lou A market and pedestrian-only area,
undergoing renovation but plans to keep the
unique clock tower. Cafes, shops, and bars.
Fuqiao Street
鼓楼 府桥街
crafts & stationery
Erhao Qiao Market A low price
everything market. 200 Ningchuan Lu
二号桥市场 宁穿路200号
Keyroad Stationery
1.) 22 Jiangzuo Jie, Haishu
2.) 66-68 Hualou Xiang, Tianyi Square, Haishu
3.) 106 Lantian Lu, Haishu
4.) 148 Baizhang Lu, Jiangdong
5.) 188 Zhaohui Lu, Jiangdong
Wanghu Market An everything market
with everything in it. 30 Changchun Lu
望湖市场 长春路30号
Gate 5-6, Wanda Plaza, 999 Siming Zhong Lu,
Yinzhou (0574-28881888)
HOLA Nicer home furnishings, everything
from dishes to sheets to lamps. Wanda Plaza,
999 Siming Zhong Lu (0574-8808-6868)
特力屋 四明中路999号万达广场2楼
Markor Furnishings
315 Ningchuan Lu, Jiangdong (0574-87025699) 美克美家 江东区宁穿路315号
Mi Casa
1F Intime Department, 238 Zhongshan Dong
Lu, Haishu (0574-8709-3292) 麦卡莎 海曙区
Sanhao Qiao Furniture Market Huge
Tianlun Plaza It’s the largest shopping mall
in Jiangdong district. Clothes, shoes, makeup,
digital products, etc. Located right next to
Carrefour. 276 Zhongxing Lu
天伦广场 中兴路276号
kitchen & bath
B&Q Home & garden improvement, the
ultimate for DIY. All sorts of building materials,
bathroom fixtures, curtains, etc. Wanda, 999
Siming Zhong Lu (0574-8808-6628)
宁波百安居建材有限公司 四明中路999号
Housewares store selling furniture, bedding,
kitchenware, and more.
1. Wanda Plaza, 999 Siming Zhong Lu 四明中
2. 5F, Jinhui Department Store, Beilun district 北
A huge selection of complete sets of
1. 1 Maidelong Lu, Yinzhou (0574-89026387)
2. 2F, Yianlun Plaza, Jiangdong (0574-
87795978) 江东区天伦广场2楼
3. 5-7F, No.2 Department Store, Haishu (057487236500) 海曙区第二百货商店5-7楼
| M AY 2 0 1 5
Wanda Plaza (Yinzhou) Fully indoor,
complete with movie theatre, IMAX, dance
Wanda Plaza (Jiangbei) Ningbo’s second clubs, and home furnishings. Wal-Mart, etc. 999
and largest IMAX, shops, food, etc. 4F Wanda
Siming Zhong Lu (0574-8808-6000)
万达广场 四明中路999号
Modern Mall
226 Xingning Lu, Jiangdong (0574-87876819)
MUJI No.23 Jiangxia Jie,Haishu District.1F
Intime Department Store.(0574-8720-0323)
无印良品 海曙区江夏街23号老银泰百
shopping malls &
department stores
Century Oriental Business Plaza
Has an InTime department store, restaurants,
and PIC international cinema. Plans exist for
an open-air sports park on the roof, children's
center, international gym, and more. At the
intersection of Fuming Lu and Zhongshan
Dong Lu
世纪东方商业广场 福明路与中山东路
GUGO Store 152 Yaohang Jie, Haishu
International Shopping Center
166 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
Heyi Avenue Shopping Mall Luxury
shopping complex with high-end brands. 66
Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Intime Department Stores
1.) 188 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
2.) 238 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
3.) 999 Siming Zhong Lu,Wanda Plaza,Yinzhou
4.) 1111 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Century Oriental
Plaza, Jiangdong
Jinhui Department Store
5F 709-725 Mingzhou Lu, Beilun
Linksun Living All Shopping Mall
1288 Ningnan Bei Lu, Yinzhou
open-air building and very popular: chairs, beds,
sofas, cabinets, tables, dinette sets, and office
Lishi Mall
furniture. 432 Ning Chuan Lu
688 Siming ZhongLu, Yinzhou
三号桥家私市场 宁穿路432号
SHE-BD 喜百度家居家纺连锁超市
Plaza,No.188 Jiangbei Da Dao.(0574-88086099)
Moon Lake Garden Ningbo's answer to
Shanghai's Xintiandi district, with shopping,
food and drink, and entertainment.
Cangqiao Jie, Zhenming Lu
月湖盛园 镇明路仓桥街
New World Department Store
137 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
Ningbo No.2 Department Store
220 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
Tian Yi Square Tian Yi Square is the center
of Ningbo. Upscale shopping and dining mixed
with food courts, a kids play area, the digital
market, and Starbucks. 88 Zhongshan Dong Lu
天一广场 中山东路88号
Cartier Boutique
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Intime Department Store.(0574-8720-0323)
无印良品 海曙区江夏街23号老银泰百
Local Ningbo brand that made it globally.
1.Wanda Plaza,Yinzhou
2. Tianyi Square 天一广场
3.Wanda Plaza, Jiangbei 江北万达广场
3.Century Oriental Business Plaza
Shanjing Outlets Plaza Ningbo
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
555 Qiushi Lu, Yinzhou (0574-8832 3939)
杉井奥特莱斯广场 鄞州区秋实路555号
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Tommy Hilfiger
Dunhill Boutique
Louis Vuitton Flagship Store
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Fashion Bags Products range from office
lady’s handbag, business man’s leather bag,
travelling bag, luggage, and so on. Decent
quality products.75 Xihe Jie (0574-6611-8211)
时尚皮具 西河街75号
Nanyuan Shoes Department Store
182 Yaohang Jie, Haishu (0574-8707-0205)
南苑鞋城 海曙区药行街182号
OMEGA Boutique
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Shi Cao Tang A nice leather goods shop in
Gu Lou. No. 4-1, Lane 77, Walking Street, Drum
Tower (0574-8728-4558 135-6603-7158)
食草堂 宁波鼓楼步行街公园路77弄4号-1
Tiffany's Boutique
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
clothing &
department stores
Burberry Boutique
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
1. No.152 Yaohang Jie,Gugo Shopping
Mall,Tianyi Square.Open Time:10:00-22:00
2. No.1083 Zhongshan Dong Lu,Century
Oriental Business Plaza.Open Time:10:00-22:00
Hanma Shijia 汉麻世家生活馆
The store sells hemp-made products including
clothes, bath towels and sheets.
1. 223 Huayan Jie (0574-8737-3890) 华严街
2. 962-964 Siming Zhong Lu (0574-8305-6206)
Marks and Spencer
No.1083 Central Oriental Plaza store,East
Zhongshan Road, Jiangdong (+86 574 2795
5777) Mon – Thu9:30am –9:30pm Fri &
Sun9:30am – 10:00pm
MUJINo.23 Jiangxia Jie,Haishu District.1F
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Uniqlo 优衣库
1.1F Wanda Plaza,Yinzhou 0574-8305-6016
2.2F Yaohang Jie,Gugo Shopping Mall,Tianyi
3.1F Century Oriental Business Plaza,Zhong
Shan Dong Lu,Jiang Dong (0574-8781-9023)
Zara 88 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Tianyi Square,
Haishu (0574-8768-4201)
Cheng Huang Miao (Buddha
Market) One of the highlights of Ningbo.
Sample local food in a busy, authentic setting.
Great for clothes, next to Tian Yi Square.
Kaiming Jie
城隍庙 开明街
Wanghu Market An everything market
with everything in it. 30 Changchun Lu
望湖市场 长春路30号
Yipi Wanli Fabric Market After entering
Ling Qiao market, walk through the shoe shops
until you come to the stairs, Tons of raw fabric
and tailors. They can make everything.
41 Yaohang Jie (0574-6687-0133)
Best Royal Tailor High quality, in the lobby
of Sheraton Hotel Ningbo, 50 Caihong Bei Lu
佰年隆华 彩虹北路50号宁波东港喜来登
Cheers & Enjoy Knitting Salon
Imported high-quality wool, alpaca wool,
and mohair. Choose your own custom pattern
from extensive catalogues. 22 Yanwu Jie,
Jiangdong District (East side of Qin Bridge,
Opposite the main entrance of Lijiang Xindu)
Ziyue TailorA nice place to make Qipao,
various silk fabrics to choose. Moderate price,
good quality. 40 Yanwu Jie (0574-8717-1097)
姿月服饰绸缎庄 江东区演武街40号
accessories too. 551 Zhongshan Dong Lu
汇力电玩 中山东路551号(金鼎花园)
A large range of household appliances and
1. 37 Qigan Xiang, Tianyi Square, 188 Zhongshan
Dong Lu, Haishu 海曙区中山东路188号天一
广场旗杆巷37号 EGO Digital Technology Square
2. 1F Huakang Funiture Mall, Lianfeng Lu,
Everything computer, phone, and electronic.
Haishu 海曙区联丰中路华康家私成1楼
Plenty of shops selling parts, complete systems,
3. 137 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
and service. At the cross of Zhanhui Lu and
Min'an Lu
4. Inside Tianshui Square, 25 Lijiang Dong Lu,
digital markets
Jiangbei 江北区丽江东路25号天水广场内
computers &
Chuangdu Computer Shop Office
computers, gaming systems, network gear, the
shop owner Jackson can get everything for you,
and he speaks English. EGO Computer Market,
shop A321-B326 (134-8604-3416)
创都电脑 颐高数码广场A321-B326
Huili Electrical Games Xbox 360, Wii,
Playstation. Hundreds of games and loads of
Tian Yi Digital Plaza Computers, cameras,
phones, and DIY electronics. 88 Yaohang Jie
天一数码广场 药行街88号
Ningbo E-bike World
68 Huancheng Xi Lu, Haishu District
Sanhao Qiao E-bike Market
445 Ningchuan Lu, Jiangdong
body & mind
TCM alternative &
chinese medicine
Ningbo Municipal Hospital of TCM
This entire hospital focuses solely on tradtional
chinese medicine. It is well-known for
acupuncture and tui na.
819 Liyuan Bei Lu, Haishu (0574-8708-9090)
beauty & salons
1985 Nail SPA Club 1985手足SPA会所
Nail styles available from 1985 to present.
1. 52 Si Yan Qi Jie,Jiangdong (0574-2766-1985)
2. 75-1 Xi He Jie,Hia Shu (0574-8747-1985)
1. B1 Heyi Avenue Shopping Mall,Hai Shu Distric
2. 1F Century Oriental Business Plaza,Zhong
Shan Dong Lu,Jiang Dong District (0574-87752089)中山东路1083号世纪东方商业广场首层
3. Linksun Living All Shopping Mall (0574-28905368)
鄞州区联盛商业广场B区首层60-62 86-87
Nailimpression Small but cozy, colorful nail
products, clean display, skilled techinicians. 2F
Lisi Mall, Siming Zhong Lu 0574-8901-0737)
1098, 1099单元
V.A.NAIL 薇奈儿美甲
Professional nail technicians that love to chat.
1. 51 Ying Feng Jie, Haishu (0574-8732-3321)
2. 1F Auchan 160 Cui Bai Lu, Haishu (05748727-3709)
3. Opposite of Auchan 145 Cui Bai Lu, Haishu
4. 1F Century Mart, Zhong Xing Lu, Jiang Dong
Cheery Dental Clinic Dr. John Zhou is an
English-speaking dentist in Ningbo, clean and
modern. 34 Gaotang Lu (0574-8736-5770)
宁波中瑞口腔诊所 高塘路34号(高塘菜
Vogue Dental An international clinic next to
the Sheraton. 1F, Portman Tower, 48 Caihong Bei
Lu (0574-8737-8333)
瑞阁齿科 彩虹北路48号波特曼大厦1楼
PAMA Hair Salon
Sephora 丝芙兰
Sunchild The latest in styling & hair
techniques, personal service, top brand hair
products ,consultations by highly trained
designer, sophisticated & stylish surroundings.
No.122, Changshou Rd.(S),East Lake Garden,
Yinzhou District.(0574-8812-9891)
1. 1F Gugo Shoping Center, 152 Yaohang Jie,
Haishu (0574-8727-7769)
2. 1F Dongfang Department Store, 151
Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu (0574-8707-5318)
3. F1113, 1098, 1099, 1F COB, 1083 Zhongshan
Dong Lu, Jiangdong (0574-8781-9090)
Ningbo No.1 Hospital Includes
departments of gastroenterology, cardiology,
orthopedics, hematology and iconography. 59
Liuting Jie (0574-8708-5588)
宁波市第一医院 柳汀街59号
Ningbo No.2 Hospital Includes
departments of ophthalmology, stomatology,
urology, orthopedics, tumors, and the only
burn treatment center in Zhejiang. 41 Xibei Jie
宁波市第二医院 西北街41号
Ningbo No.3 Hospital Includes
departments of spinal surgery and
cardiovascular medicine among its more than
50 specialist and outpatient departments. 247
Renmin Lu (0574-8703-5555)
宁波市第三医院 人民路247号
Ningbo No.9 Hospital Designated a
“II-A” level treatment center. It contains
modern medical facilities and departments
such as obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics,
internal medicine, surgery and intensive
care. No. 68, 619 Nong, Xiejia Lu, Jiangbei
宁波市第九医院 江北区榭嘉路619弄68号
Li Hui Li Hospital Deals with
cardiothoracic surgery, valve replacement,
valve formation, coronary artery bridging, and
correction of innate heart defects. 57 Xingning
Lu (0574-8701-8701)
李惠利医院 兴宁路57号
Women and Children’s Hospital
Departments of pediatrics, obstetrics, and
gynecology. 339 Liuting Jie (0574-8708-3300)
宁波市妇儿医院 柳汀街339号
Yinzhou No.2 Hospital A new facility
that is very clean and comprehensive. It has
inpatient and outpatient services as well as an
emergency department. Top specialties include
Trauma, Urology and Nephrology. Top rated in
all of Zhejiang. 1 Qianhe Lu, Yinzhou District
鄞州第二医院 鄞州前河路1号
Foreigners Medical Clinic The
Foreigners Medical Clinic is the creation of
Dennis Middleton of New Zealand. He or
Watsons Personal Store
his two English-speaking nurses will advise
1. 1F, Chenghuang Miao,22 Xianxue Jie
you on the proper health care to get at the
(0574-8729-6868) 县学街22号城隍庙商城1楼 hospital. Clinic hours: M-F 8:30-11:30am,
2. 2F, Golden Center, 279 Zhongshan Dong
1:00-4:30pm & Sat 8:30-11:30am. 5th Floor,
Ningbo Development Zone Center Hospital, 666
Huashan Lu, Beilun District (0574-8683-7211)
3. 1F, Wanda Plaza (0574-8808-6311)
emergencies only (137-3218-1095)
涉外特需门诊 开发区中心医院5楼涉外特
Ningbo Tanning Salon The first
professional indoor tanning salon in Zhejiang
province, using a DR-KEN tanning machine
imported from Germany. Room 4-7, Dushi
Renhe Building (opposite Crowne Plaza Hotel)
日光岛美黑日晒沙龙 都市仁和中心4-7室
the directory body & mind
2F Wanli Building, 329 Kaiming Jie, Haishu
Toni&Guy Essensuals Salon
Unit 3015A, Zone C, Heyi Avenue Shopping
Center (0574-8389-9868)
汤尼英盖发型设计 和义大道购物中心C区
South Gate Inoculation and
Immunization Clinic Located on the
fourth floor of the hospital, and it provides
vaccinations for diseases such as hepatitis,
polio, diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus, measles,
encephalitis, influenza, and many others.
4F, South Gate Hospital, 58 Yinjiang Lu
南门医院预防接种门诊 尹江路58号南门
Room 4816-4817, Wanda 48 Kela, 1388
Tiantong Bei Lu, Yinzhou District, Ningbo
Tel: 0574-8305-7031
Bali SPA and Foot Massage at Howard
Johnson Plaza Hotel, private rooms, shower
& aroma steam rooms, soaking treatment
and relaxation area, trained staff. 2F Howard
Johnson Hotel 230 Liuting Street (0574-87179988)
The First Jasmines SPA
59 Zhongma Lu, Laowaitan (0574-8766-8556)
一茉水镜 江北区老外滩中马路59号
Sheng SPA and Foot Massage
31 Daihe Xiang, Haishu (0574-8306-3377)
圣SPA足轩 海曙区带河巷31号
8 Yujia Xiang, Moon Lake Garden, Haishu
泰美好 海曙区月湖盛园郁家巷8号
Tianyu Foot Massage Foot and
sports massages. This is where the our local
pro basketball team are treated. 714-716
Zhongshan Dong Lu (0574-8773-7272)
天御足道 中山东路714-716号
CHI the SPA at Shangri-La Hotel,
Ningbo Professional therapists who have
undergone intensive training in spa philosophy,
techniques and care deliver all treatments,
ensuring that spa guests receive the relaxation
and luxury they expect. 4F, Shangri-la Hotel,
Ningbo (0574-8799-8888)
宁波香格里拉大酒店SPA中心 宁波香格里
pets & vets
Jiawen Pet Cllinic 佳雯宠物医院
Professional pet hospital treatment, vaccines,
daily nursing. 155-157 Mayuan Lu, Haishu
Kangbei Pet Clinic A full service pet
hospital, grooming, medical care (IVs and
vaccinations) and kenneling for when you
go out of town. The owners are huge animal
lovers. 144 Min’an Lu (0574-87709807)
康贝宠物医院 民安路144号
Ningbo Love Pets Hospital
Complete pros. Some of the friendliest vets
we've seen in Ningbo.
1. No.117 Huancheng Xi Lu (S),Haishu
2. No.116-120 Yongda Xi Lu,Song Zhao
Qiao,Yinzhou (0574-8821-6913)
3.No.265,Houmiao Lu.Yinzhou (0574-88216913 189-6832-6913)
Hangzhou People’s Pharmacy 15
Jiefang Nan Lu (0574-8729-5799-21)
杭州老百姓大药房 解放南路15号
Happy People Pharmacy 110 Xiaowen
Jie (0574-8768-0506)
开心人大药房 孝闻街110号
massage & spa
Dragonfly Massage treatments range
from Chinese finger pressure to Japanese
Shiatsu, Aroma Oil massage and Oriental
Foot massage. Nail Service, Waxing and
Facial Treatment is also available. No.37,
Yangshan Lane, The Old Bund, Jiangbei District,
Bali Indonesian SPA
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
the directory business
Accounting & Auditing
BENNISTON Quality & Services - your
representative in China. Quality control,
product inspection, supplier verification and
other services for foreign companies.
Office 1920, "Yinzhou Shang Hui" business
building, Yinxian Dadao Dong Duan 1299,
Yinzhou, Ningbo [email protected] (+86 574
830 33663)
宁波海外人才创业园 宁波江北洪塘长阳
The Business Incubator for Foreign
Start-ups Supply fully integrated and
ready-to-use business solutions based on
hands-on experience and government support.
No.35 Changyang Lu, Hongtang, Jiangbei,
Ningbo (138-1982-7799)
宁波海外人才创业园 宁波江北洪塘长阳
Ningbo Sanal Service Consulting services
to enterprises and individuals located in China.
Rm 1201 Century Business Building, 158
Baizhang Lu, Ningbo (0574-8795-3577)
浙江英桥律师事务所 百丈路158号世纪金
Ningbo ZM&CO Law Firm A good
command of English and US/China top law
school education, advising on all aspects of
corporate, commercial and personal matters.
From the inception of the business idea, through
to advising on risk management, business/
investment strategy and dispute resolution, we
cover the whole life-cycle of business. www. Room 1001-1009, Bank of China
Building, 796 Baizhang Dong Lu, Ningbo
之海律师事务所 宁波市百丈东路796号中
IT solutions
Ningbo Zaapoo High-Tech Solution
Co., Ltd.
We provide IT service for Internet systems,
Smartware systems and enterprise APP
Add: Room 8020, 1588 Jiangnan Lu, Ningbo
High-tech Area
Tel: 0574-26288915
M: 15336630330(English Speaking)
Beyond Mandarin The first officially
registered Chinese language and culture training 宁波高新区江南路1588号8020室内
Dezan Shira & Associates
A full service business advisory and tax practice school in Ningbo. Professional team, tailoredmade courses, personalized services and caring
with offices across China and Asia. We provide
environment. A02,
corporate establishment, tax, accounting and
payroll services to foreign direct investors. www. 23F Zhong Nong Xin Building, 181 Zhongshan
Dong Lu (0574-8768-6061)
必扬汉语 中山东路181号中农信大厦23
China Talent Group HR company
Contact: [email protected]
authorized by Ministry of Labor of the PRC. CTG
Room 505, Shiji Jingmao Mansion, 158
No.8 Building 2, No.88, Xuefu Road, Yinzhou
has headquarters in Beijing and currently has
Baizhang Lu,Ningbo (0574-8733-8682)
subsidiaries and branches in more than 100
协力管理咨询公司宁波办公室 宁波百丈路 District
宁波市鄞州区学府路88号(鄞州区人才公 cities. Room 705, 7F, Keji Chuangye Building, 16
Buzheng Xiang (0574-2766-5295)
宁波智联易才人力资源咨询有限公司 布政
Ningbo Dingxin Certified Public
Chinese House Specialized in teaching
Accountants Co., Ltd.
Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language to
Room 7-38 Zhong Nong Xin Building, 181
Emay Expat Service Emay is a Chinese
Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu (0574-8720-7901) expatriates and international students.
1. Tianyi Campus: Suite 3115, 31F Zhong Nong tutor, and can offer services such as interpreter,
Xin Building, Opposite to Heyi Avenue
business assistant, travel or shopping guide, and
more. (137-7714-0024)
[email protected]
Ningbo Gusui Certified Public
2. Yin Zhou Campus: Suite 518,No.1 Dushi
Accountants Co., Ltd.
Senlin Building (Opposite to Wanda INTIME
Ningbo Innocorp International
Room 408, 565 Jingjia Lu, Jiangdong
Department Store)
Consulting Co., Ltd Ningbo Innocorp
provide you professional real estate, Industrial
江东区百丈路158号 世纪经贸大厦7楼
real estate and business services for expat
in Ningbo. /
Ningbo Huixing Certified Public
C-Home Education & Culture
[email protected] 8F, Regus
Accountants Co., Ltd
Training focuses on creating a mutual
Business Center, Raffles Office Building,#99,
Room 408, 565 Jingjia Lu, Jiangdong
platform not only Mandarin Learning but also
Daqing South Road, Jiangbei, Ningbo
knowing about Chinese Culture. Group classes
((0574-8764 -8228)
and tutor courses are available. Room 301,5th.
Block,No.855 Qianhu Bei Rd, Yinzhou District
Ningbo Kexin Certified Public
语泓教育 鄞州钱湖北路855号5幢301室
Accountants Co., Ltd.
10F, Heting Building, Hefang Creative Square,
317 Jiangdong Bei Lu, Jiangdong (0574-87360300) 江东区江东北路317号和丰创意广场 SHINE Professional Chinese Training
School It belongs to Ningbo University
Education Group, offers Mandarin training
courses. All the teachers are professional and
experienced in teaching Mandarin. No. 3, Lane
Ningbo Quality Assurance Co.,Ltd
569, Zhongshan Xi Lu (186-6785-1669/0574Professional third-party testing and inspection
institution. No.111 Qinxin Road, Jiangdong
Science and Technology Zone (+86-574569弄3号
language schools
recruitment & hr
Ningbo Tianyuan Certified Public
Accountants Co., Ltd.
5F, Tian Zhi Hai Building, 48 Daliang Jie, Haishu
advertsing & marketing
Ningbo Better Advertising Co., Ltd.
Room 11A2 Donghai Shuguang Building, 455
Zhongshan Dong Lu (0574-8726-8138 )
business consulting
| M AY 2 0 1 5
legal services
Dan, Sams & Associates An Intellectual
Property law firm with qualified services in
connection with IP rights in China. Room
1603, Shiji Jinmao Building, 158 Baizhang Lu
宁波德胜知识产权代理有限公司 宁波市江
Zhejiang Y&Q Law Office Educated
overseas and trained in UK law firms, rich
professional knowledge and extensive practice
experience regarding foreign investment in
Ningbo, such as Representative Office, Joint
Venture and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise.
Y&Q lawyers can provide quality, efficient, and
professional legal service in English to protect
clients’ rights. Room
1107, Shiji Jinmao Building, 158 Baizhang Lu
Manpower Employment services,
specializing in Accounting & Finance,
Engineering & Manufacturing, Human
Resources, Information Technology, Office, Sales
& Marketing, and Supply Chain. http://www. 13F-005, Henglong Center, 2
Zhongshan Xi Lu (0574-8736-9588)
万宝盛华 中山西路2号恒隆中心13F-005室
Ningbo Foreign Enterprises Service
& Trade Co., Ltd. Part of the Ningbo
Foreign Economic and Cooperation Bureau.
Establishment of foreign Investment company
and representative office, consulting service,
staffing & HR Outsourcing service, talent and
head-hunting service. [email protected]
188 Lingqiao Lu (87307324)
Ningbo Skilled Labor Market Every
Wed., Sat., & Sun. morning until noon.
Employers can pay a set fee for a booth, and
then review potential workers. 557 Liuting Jie
Zhejiang Foreign Service Corp
(ZFSC) Provides solutions covering full
service of human resource management chain.
South 9F. Building 8, Ningbo Book City, No. 1,
Yongjiang Road. (0574-87307288)
浙江省对外服务公司宁波分公司 甬江大
serviced apartments
Han's Serviced Apartment
Fully serviced apartments available on a daily,
weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Five star
quality. No.95 RiXin Road.(next to Westin
Hotel,TianYi Plaza) (400-000-2043)
汉·酒店公寓 宁波海曙日新街95号(威
Sunrise Relocation Service
Company Ltd
Ninbo expat servce center which can provide
one-stop service from property hunting,
business assistance, moving service, mandarin
training and etc.
. Rm603,Mingzhou Business Building, 289
Jiangnan Lu, Jiangdong. (0574—8778-5326)
宁波江东世瑞商务服务有限公司 江东区
the directory travel
international hotel
Crowne Plaza City Center
129 Yaohang Jie (0574-5619-9999)
宁波凯洲皇冠假日酒店 药行街129号
Intercontinental Ningbo
Add: 777 Xinhui Lu, National Hi-tech Industrial
Development Zone, Ningbo
Tel: 0574-8796-6686
宁波洲际酒店 宁波市国家高新区新晖
Langham Place, Ningbo Culture
Add: 2109 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Ningbo
Tel: 0574-8708-9999
宁波文化广场朗豪酒店 宁波市中山东路
Howard Johnson Plaza Ningbo
230 Liuting Jie (0574-2786-6666)
华侨豪生大酒店 柳汀街230号
Howard Johnson IFC Ningbo
288 Dingtai Lu, Jiangdong (0574-8187-8888)
Pan Pacific Hotel & Serviced Suites
Address: 99 Minan East Road, Jiangdong
Phone: +86 574 8911 8888
宁波泛太平洋大酒店与高级服务公寓 宁
Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort & Spa
Address: 188, Dayan Road, Dong Qian Lake,
Ningbo 315123, People’s Republic of China
Phone: +86 574 2888 1234
宁波柏悦酒店 宁波市东钱湖大堰路188号
Ningbo Marriott Hotel
188 Heyi Lu (0574-8710-8888)
宁波万豪酒店 和义路188号
2 Lingqiao Lu (0574-8709-5678)
宁波南苑饭店 宁波市灵桥路2号
Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo
88 Yuyuan Jie (0574-8799-8888)
宁波香格里拉大酒店 豫源街88号
Sheraton Ningbo Hotel
50 Caihong Bei Lu (0574-8768-8688)
宁波东港喜来登酒店 彩虹北路50号
899 Siming Zhong Lu (0574-2889-9888)
宁波万达索菲特大饭店 四明中路899号
The Westin Ningbo
deluxe hotel
Beilun Lebanner Hotel
789 Mingzhou Lu, Beilun Xinqi (0574-86885888)
New Century Grand Hotel Ningbo
666 Shounan Zhong Lu, Yinzhou District
宁波开元名都大酒店 鄞州区首南中路
here, you can travel to most cities in China.
However, Hong Kong and Taiwan are the
only destinations that require passports. .
Shuttle Bus
Route: Ningbo Airport - Passenger
Transportation Center - South Bus Station - 91
Xingning Lu, Civil Aviation Ticket Outlet. Time:
The bus leaves the airport whenever it fills
up with people, about once an hour. Price:
¥12/person. Not recommended unless you
are a fanatic about saving money, or you are
traveling alone.
Around ¥50 to most hotels downtown. The
Ningbo Mandarin Prosperous Hotel airport taxis use a ticket system to prevent
Zhongshan Xi Lu, 2 Wenchang Jie (0574-87268668)
宁波文昌大酒店 中山西路文昌街2号
Ningbo New Century Hotel
812 Baizhang Dong Lu (0574-8706-8888)
宁波开元大酒店 百丈东路812号
Smile & Natural Hotel Ningbo
99 Jiangbei Da Dao, Jiangbei District
宁波远洲大酒店 江北区江北大道99号
The Regent Ningbo
890 Xinda Lu, Beilun District (0574-8683-5399)
mid-range hotel
Best Western Kylie Hotel Ningbo
76 Jicao Jie (0574-8770-7888)
宁波凯利大酒店 箕漕街76号
FOB Hotel
121 Xianxue Jie (0574-8729-8898)
Ningbo Hotel
Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel
Sofitel Wanda Ningbo
75 Rixin Jie (0574-8910-8888)
宁波威斯汀酒店 日新街75号
251 Mayuan Lu (0574-8709-7888)
宁波饭店 马园路251号
budget hotel
Lee’s Youth Hostel
77 Gongqing Lu (0574-8732-7018)
李宅国际青年旅社 共青路77号
Ningbo Lishe Airport Ningbo Lishe
Airport (code: NGB) is located southwest of
downtown, about 20 minutes by car. From
19 Nanzhan Dong Lu (0574-5616-3111
recording, 0574-5616- 2224 human)
宁波火车南站 南站东路19号
Ningbo East Train Station
Close to Zhongxing Lu, West of Fuming Lu,
East of Sangtian Lu, South of Xingning Lu, and
Huancheng Nan Lu
宁波火车东站 福明路以西,规划桑田
car rental
Jun Ming Car Rental Company
Buick van, Passat, short term and long term
rental. Availlable for Zhejiang, Jiangsu and
Shanghai districts. Experienced. Reliable English
speaking. [email protected]
cn 281 Lushan Lu, Beilun (133-5599-6546/
0574-8611-8669 )
君明汽车租赁公司 北仑庐山路281号
fraud, so make sure you keep your ticket, and
get a receipt from the driver when you arrive at
your destination. City taxi drivers are typically
quite honest, and have been known to return
lost bags, mobile phones, computers, and even
cash. If you have your receipt, the taxi company Ningbo New Star Car Rental Personal
can identify the driver and call him if you forget vehicles, business vehicles, wedding vehicles,
something in the taxi.
etc. Around 10 drivers can speak English, or
rent the car without a driver. 262 Songjiang
Dong Lu, near Donghu Huayuan (0574-83035772/132-2191-8811/133-5574-6990)
宁波新星汽车租赁 嵩江东路262号,东
South Bus Station The South Bus Station
is Ningbo’s largest, busiest bus station. The
airport shuttle bus stops here. Frequent buses
to Shanghai and Hangzhou. The last bus leaves
at 8pm. 535 Yinfeng Lu
Country Holidays Travel Pte Ltd
宁波汽车南站 鄞奉路535号
Silver Block, 5th Floor, Unit 5A, Jiu An Plaza,
258 Tong Ren Road, Shanghai (021-3222-0616)
Passenger Transportation Center
The Passenger Transportation Center is closer
to Ningbo airport than to the city center. It
Elite Tours
connects with the local city buses 369, 501,
107 Yandang Lu, Shanghai (021-5306-9239)
504, or 523. Buses from here go everywhere
in China outside Zhejiang Province. The
airport shuttle bus stops here. 181 Tongda Lu
Ningbo China International Travel
Service Co., Ltd.
宁波客运中心 通达路181号
Room 2010, Huahong International Center, 719
Zhongxing Lu (0574-8719-3092) 宁波江东中
East Bus Station The East Bus Station
is located in Jiangdong District, in the
neighborhood of Carrefour supermarket. Buses Ningbo CYTS Tours Travel Service
travel to Beilun and other destinations. 707
Co., Ltd.
Ningchuan Lu (0574-8792-4570)
201 Liuting Jie, Haishu (0574-8730-9988)
宁波汽车东站 宁穿路707号
bus stations
travel services
North Bus Station The North Bus Station
is located close to Lao Waitan. Buses travel
to Putuoshan, Dinghai, Yuyao, Cixi, and other
destinations. 122 Taodu Lu (0574-8735-5321)
宁波汽车北站 桃渡路122号
train stations
Sun Travel & Event Consulting
Book your personal itinerary to meet your travel
interests & requirements to any destinations in
China. We speak Chinese, English& German.
Email: [email protected]
No. 2 Zhongshan West Rd., Henglong Centre,
Floor 14-D (188 6862 1003)
Ningbo South Train Station
Yantou Ancient Village
In just under an hour out of Ningbo and only
11km Southwest of Xikou, you can be in an ancient
chinese village with meandering back alleyways,
an epic mountain walk, buddhist temple and
rafting. When the weather has been good and the
water is high, the rafting is actually pretty fun. If
anything, it's a great little spot to spend the day
with a picnic and a swim.
There is a regular bus from Ningbo to
Xikou; from Xikou's Nong Yong Che
Station there is a bus that will arrive at
Yantou Village
Contact: 0574 8881 6463
MAY 2 0 1 5 |
the directory kids
baby equipment
Ai Ying Shi
11 Lianfeng Lu, Haishu (0574-8714-5939)
811 Jinyu Lu, Yinzhou (0574-8818-7633)
118-122 Baining Jie, Jiangdong (0574-87808994)
clubs & societies
Ningbo Foreign Ladies Group
NFLG meets regularly to help introduce new
expat women to Ningbo and to create a space
for longer term residents to mingle and share.
Contact Lediz Leal at [email protected]
1. 35-2 Shuguang Lu
2. 1003 Baizhang Dong Lu
3. 31 Jijin Jie
4. 94 Cuibai Lu
Les Enphants
1. 238 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
2. 1 Dazha Lu, Jiangbei
3. 152 Yanghang Jie, Haishu
| M AY 2 0 1 5
Access International Academy
Ningbo (AIAN)
AIAN offers an American based educational
program for its internationally minded
community from Nursery to Grade 12. AIAN is
WASC accredited allowing its membership of
EARCOS and ACAMIS. The multinational and
well qualified faculty are recruited from around
the world. Daily busing available across Ningbo.
1 Aixue Lu, Beilun District (0574-8686-9999)
宁波爱学国际学校 北仑爱学路1号
Hua Mao Multicultural Education
Academy (MEA)
MEA has International Baccalaureate PYP
authorization. With a current cohort of 200
students (aged 2-16 years) MEA has grown to
10 times its original size in 2 years due to its
small class sizes, qualified international and
local teachers and excellent facilities.
No 2 YinXian DaDao, Yinzhou (0574-8821-1160)
International School of Ningbo
ISN is a coeducational college-preparatory
day school offering an American international
curriculum to students aged 4-18 living in
the greater Ningbo Area. ISN employs 26
professionally certified expat teachers and
utilizes American textbooks and resources in the
classrooms. ISN: Inclusion. Challenge. Success.
To schedule a school tour please contact us at:
[email protected]
#377 Jiangbei Road, Near Jiangbei Wanda
Square (+86 (0)574 87564017) (+86
13806678855 / +86 18957485311)
宁波至诚学校 江北大道377号,近江北
Ivy School A member of the reputable
Ivy Education Group, offering nursery to
kindergarten programs (age 2-6) in an
immersive bilingual environment. Fully qualified
native English teachers in every class. [email protected] Inside Summit Residences, 45
Xinyi Lu, Jiangbei (0574-8386-2020)
艾毅实验幼儿园 江北新义路45号汇豪天
Li Ren Kindergarten
Offering nursery to Kindergarten program (age
2-6). Native English teachers in every class. contact: TEL: 86836965 or
[email protected]
北仑里仁童苑 宁波市北仑区爱学路2号
Ningbo International School (NBIS)
Accredited to offer Cambridge International
Education courses to senior students leading to
graduation to universities throughout the world.
Highly qualified, experienced, international
teachers nurture and challenge students from 2
- 18 years of age in an attractive, well resourced
environment. Now the largest international
school in Ningbo providing for boarding and
day students from 34 different nationalities.151
Lamei Lu, Gaoxin qu (0574-8761-1005)
宁波国际学校 高新区腊梅路151号
Children’s Park A free park with lots
of playground equipment. 321 Xingning Lu
儿童公园 兴宁路321号
Fly High
A sprawling video arcade and roller skating rink
in Wanda Plaza. 999 Siming Zhong Lu, Wanda
Plaza, Gate No.2 (0574-8808-6111)
神采飞扬电玩城 四明中路999号万达广
宁波海洋世界 桑田路936号
Shi Ji Xing Ice Skating A full size and
expansive skating rink with figure skating and
hockey. 4F, Zone A, Liansheng Plaza, Yinzhou
(0574 2890 5555 ext 8024)
Toys R' Us B001-B004 Heyi Avenue Shopping
Center, Haishu
kids' parties
Wang Jianguo, Magician Magician
by trade, available for parties and events.
No language is needed to be amazed by his
close-up sleight of hand. His father has the
most awesome beard ever. (130-9591-8120
Cheery Dental Clinic Dr. John Zhou is an
English-speaking dentist in Ningbo, clean and
modern. 34 Gaotang Lu (0574-8736-5770)
宁波中瑞口腔诊所 高塘路34号(高塘菜
Vogue Dental An international clinic next to
the Sheraton. 1F, Portman Tower, 48 Caihong Bei
Lu (0574-8737-8333)
瑞阁齿科 彩虹北路48号波特曼大厦1楼
South Gate Inoculation and
Immunization Clinic Located on the
fourth floor of the hospital, and it provides
vaccinations for diseases such as hepatitis,
polio, diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus, measles,
encephalitis, influenza, and many others.
4F, South Gate Hospital, 58 Yinjiang Lu
Ningbo Youngor Zoo About 20km outside (0574-8748-0759)
the city at Dongqian Lake. ¥80/person, half price 南门医院预防接种门诊 尹江路58号南门
for kids shorter than 130cm. Dongqian Lake
Women and Children’s Hospital
宁波市雅戈尔动物园 东钱湖
Departments of pediatrics, obstetrics, and
Ningbo Ocean World This aquarium park gynecology. 339 Liuting Jie (0574-8708-3300)
宁波市妇儿医院 柳汀街339号
has shows, swimming dancers, sharks, and
a great underwater tunnel. 936 Sangtian Lu
HarborLand An amusement park in Beilun.
¥100/person, for details please visit their
website at 728
Liaohe Lu, Beilun District (0574-2685-2685)
凤凰山主题公园 北仑区辽河路728号
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Whis r
Loft B
Games Answers
at G
1. Bush
6. Fraud
10. River of Spain
14. France's longest river
15. Filly's mother
16. Food from animals
17. Not inner
18. Killer whale
19. Capelin
20. Gasping
22. Backside
23. Conceal
24. Not the borrower
26. Resorts
30. Barbie's beau
31. Long-haired wild ox
32. Craving
33. At one time (archaic)
35. Demolish
39. Stalemate
41. Absolutely
43. Adhesive
44. Information
46. Half-moon tide
47. Sick
49. Precious stone
50. Adhesive strip
| M AY 2 0 1 5
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51. Ring around the
54. Margarine
56. Bearing
57. Supporter of royalty
63. Monster
64. Naval jail
65. Forbidden
66. French for "Black"
67. Stupor
68. Each and all
69. Midway between
white and black
70. Beers
71. Schoolbooks
1. Untidy one
2. 60 minutes
3. Liturgy
4. Component of urine
5. A bed on a ship
6. Had strong suppressed
7. Lurches
8. Circle fragments
9. Paltry
10. A long artificial
11. Whiskers
12. Lift 13. Aquatic
21. Treks on foot
25. Where the sun rises
26. Faux pas
27. Mountain lion
28. Vipers
29. Letterhead
34. Guardianships
36. Region
37. Smack
38. Hoopla
40. Peddle
42. Sometimes, works
with lions
45. Suffer anguish
48. 11th Greek letter
51. In the midst of
52. Severity
53. Creepy
55. Group of 8
58. By mouth
59. Possess
60. Wild goat
61. Classify
62. Playthings
on ries,
in dep eviews,
new v
fine food and drinks served here.
enjoy delicious international cuisine,
fine wines, classic cocktails and a
Top-notch whisky list in one of
the city’s most inviting spaces.
No.8 Shengyuan Lane, Moon lake Garden
海曙区月湖盛园盛园巷8号 * 0574 5533 0000