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This is a great month. We hope you had a
rejuvenating and/or exhilarating Chinese New
Year. As usual record amounts of people went
to a record amount of places and did a record
amount of good and not so good things.
With the celebrations coming to a close and
the year beginning in earnest, we have a few
more excellent distractions to keep you busy
through the month of March.
First off, we want to say a huge thanks to
everyone who came to help raise money for
single mothers in Ningbo. You helped to raise
3,875 RMB and the party was a blast. It was a
great way to start the year. We have a lot more
excellent charity parties lined up and we'll let
you know when and where you can help.
For parties in the month of March, it's obvious
that St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner.
The biggest party for that will be in Laowaitan.
Venues like Eudora Station have great parties
planned, don't miss it.
The other epic blowout is HOLI. The Hindu
religious festival of colors is a bit of a tradition
in Ningbo. Annually hosted throughout the
city there are a lot of separate chances to
celebrate the holiday. We recommend the
party hosted by Ganesha Indian Restaurant.
The food will be delicious, there is alcohol,
and it's the best place to enjoy yourself without
disrupting those observing the holiday for
actual religious reasons. And no, just because
your Vodka Red Bull is pink doesn't mean
it's also celebrating HOLI. Have fun and be
respectful 'Bo.
For those of you who want to put something
else inside your brains besides the next season
of The Walking Dead... (if no one raises
their hand, we get it) there is the Bookworm
International Literary Festival at UNNC.
They have some great guest speakers headed
in to talk about some really interesting
topics ranging from communism in the UK,
to modern sexuality, to tracing the route
of Genghis Khan on horseback. There's a
complete schedule in our Arts section. Please
head there and check it out, everything is free.
Next, we received some great submissions
for our Photo & Essay Contest! Please keep
sending them in. It's a great way for everyone
to see and share what it is to live in Ningbo.
are always more than happy to back quality
run local businesses full of heart. There are so
many of them in Ningbo.
Second, this month we've finally added
another kind of pride section. We are excited
to finally have an LGBTQ+ section in our
magazine and look forward to being able to
promote and publicize some great events and
And finally, next month we're headed off
to North Korea to run the Pyongyang
Mararthon. If you'd like to join us, you're
more than welcome to and the details are in
our Travel section. Sign up soon because the
deadline is March 20th and spots fill up fast.
It is a once in a lifetime kind of thing, so
less thinking and more doing usually works
out best. We hope you'll join so Ningbo can
properly represent on that starting line.
Nick Jumara
This month we are proud for two great
reasons. You'll find our "LOCAL AND
PROUD" sticker popping up all over town. We
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Gabriella Butarazzi
Steven Elsinga
Maria Kotova
Beyond Mandarin
Zhou Qian
Dezan Shira
David Straughan
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Ningbo Fifth Among China's Most Romantic Cities, 2014
Amazon China ranked Ningbo fifth among
China's most romantic cities in a list released
in February. The list was calculated based
on the amount of books and music sold
on subjects of marriage, love and idols
from China's top 50 cities in terms of GDP.
Chongqing was ranked first on the list,
followed by Jiangsu province's Changzhou.
1st Ningbo International Marathon
Scheduled for October
Zhongshan Road to
be Renovated
In a press conference on February
10th, Ningbo government released the
development plan for Zhongshang Road
which detailed a post-Spring Festival
renovations project. The road will serve
as a 9.2-kilometer link between Century
Avenue and the Airport Expressway, and
will feature one of the city's most developed
green corridors. The construction is expected
to last nine months total, and the city is
limiting construction near residential areas to
between the hours of 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
Ningbo's first international marathon is scheduled to be held in late October of
this year. The race, which will be held by the local government, will pass through
some of Ningbo's key landmarks and economic hot spots in order to show off
some of the city's features. The marathon will include five and ten-kilometer
races in addition to a a half-marathon (23km) and a full-lenth marathon
w ng bogui d
Yinzhou Getting
30 New Public Bike
Stations This Year
Traditional Chinese Painting
Exhibition Held in Tianyige
Yinzhou District will be the recipient of at least 30
additional public bike stations and 1,000 bikes in
2015. The additional stations will mostly service
areas with large passenger flow such as schools,
hospitals, bus stations and residential communities.
The additional stations will be placed mostly to areas
north of Yinxian Avenue, as the planned tram will
cover areas to the south. The district is currently
home to more than 4,700 public bikes and 168
Registered Population
Climbs to 5.84 Million in
Ningbo's population hit 5.84 million by the end
of 2014. The city's natural growth rate, or the
increase in population due to births, stood at
3.59%, up 1.2% from the same period last year.
The city also saw a rise in disposable income per
capita, at 38,074 RMB; an increase of 9.9% from a
year ago. It also saw a decrease in the income gap
between urban and rural residents, from 1.85:1 in
2013 to 1:82:1 in 2014.
Tianyige Museum, one of Ningbo's most important cultural sites, held
a traditional Chinese painting exhibition from February 14th through
March 1st. The exhibition features more than 50 works of art by Li Caijiao,
a professor of art at Ningbo University. It is her first solo exhibition in
Ningbo, and features flowers, birds and other traditional Chinese elements.
UNNC Architecture Department
Earns RIBA Certification
The University of Nottingham Ningbo China's Architecture Department
has been awarded certification from the Royal Institute of British Architects,
one of the United Kingdom and the world's leading professional bodies for
architects. People who complete a three-stage training course and seven years
of professional courses can be officially qualified as architects under RIBA.
Now, undergraduate students at UNNC's architecture department will receive
credit for the first stage of this training with the University's new certification.
Ningbo to Invest Two Billion RMB in
Educational Infrastructure
According to the Ningbo Municipal
Bureau of Education, the city plans to
invest more than two billion RMB in
educational infrastructure projects,
including the construction of more than
30 new schools and institutions. The
investment is part of Ningbo's “Three-Year
Action Plan for Ningbo's Economic and
Social Transformation and Development,”
which also includes a plan to provide
safe drinking water to more than 700,000
students and teachers at the city's primary
schools and middle schools.
City to Construct Maritime Silk Road Research Institute
An agreement was signed February 12th
between Ningbo government and Beijing
Foreign Studies University to build a Maritime
Silk Road Research Institute. The institute
is part of an ongoing effort by the central
government to do research on China's
relationships with countries and regions along
the “Maritime Silk Road,” which is the aquatic
trading route which connected Asia, Africa
and Europe during ancient times. As part of
the deal, Beijing Foreign Studies University
will also build an affiliate college in Ningbo
to strengthen the city's foreign language
Housing Market
Continues to Drop
According to statistics released by the State
Statistics Bureau in January, the price of new
houses in Ningbo dropped by 6.2% over the
year. The fall in prices did, however, slow
down in December of 2014 to nearly 0.2%
on the month. Ningbo is one of 64 cities in
China that saw a decrease in housing prices,
while only one major city saw an increase in
the cost of its residential real estate.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
Free Buses to Dongqian Lake to
Open in March
As part of measures to deal with
increasing traffic around Dongqian
Lake, the city is opening three free
bus lines to the area for March
and April between the Qingming
Festival and Labor Day holidays.
The city will also prohibit curb
parking, and charge small vehicles
20 RMB per hour while whithin the
Dongqian Lake scenic area in an effort to reduce traffic, pollution and increase
safety for pedestrians. Check for detailed maps of these
three lines and their respective parking places and stops.
w ng bogui d
2015 Bookworm INternational
Literary Festival
unnc hosts free and fun festival open to the public
Here's a quick rundown of some great events, promtions, and
specials happening all over Ningbo for the next month. Be sure
to head out and take advantage of all the deals you get exclusively
through Ningbo Guide.
Holi x ganesha
The festival of color is back
The UNNC School of English has coordinated for talks and
presentations from the Bookworm International Literary Festival
to appear on campus throughout the month of March.
This year Bookworm 2015 will see a number of internationallyrenowned and award-winning novelists from a variety of
backgrounds deliver talks, seminars and workshops on a wide
range of interesting subjects, from gender and sexuality in China
to the political relationship between Russia and the UK. The
events will also allow the audience to engage and share ideas with
the speakers, and there will be opportunities for those interested
to receive professional advice on how to develop as a writer or
pursue a career in the literary world.
The programme features:
Holi, or the Festival of Colors, is an annual Hindu religious
holiday that has become popular with non-Hindu because it is
colorful and fun. It is a bit of a tradition in Ningbo with many
groups celebrating across the city.
The best one to attend as a non-Hindu foreigner is Ganesha's Holi
party on March 21st. The party will have a delicious all you can eat
buffet and free flowing alcohol. Please behave appropriately and
have fun, this is a religious holiday.
Tickets // 268 RMB per Adult / 128 RMB per Child over 12
Location // Ningbo Museum of Art, Laowaitan
Date and Time // March 21st / 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Contact // 18968227174
Tickets available at Ganesha Restaurant and various locations.
Journalist Paul Anderson, author of the book Moscow
Gold? The Soviet Union and the British Left, tracing the history
of Communism in the UK;
Anna Chen’s one-woman performance about Anna
May Wong, Hollywood’s first Chinese movie star;
Award-winning adventurer, author and filmmaker
Tim Cope discussing his adventures on a three-year, 6,000 mile
journey by horse on the trail of Genghis Khan;
The ‘Stephen Hawking of sex’ Faramerz Dabhoiwala
explaining the origins of modern sexual culture in the west;
Zohab Zee Khan combining poetry with hip-hop,
giving listeners a new outlook on the possibilities of the spoken
Novelist, lecturer, and philosopher Will Buckingham
presenting his book of short stories Sixty-Four Chance Pieces
that draws on the I Ching, or Chinese Book of Changes.
Following on page ????? we have a more complete festival guide,
so feel free to head out to UNNC anytime to see and participate
in the great talks and presentations offered.
Venue: UNNC Campus, Yinzhou, Teacher Building, 3rd Fl., 330
Price: (RMB): FREE
More info: / / and
THE by Beyond Mandarin
Hello Everybody! Considering that our foreign friends who live
in Ningbo may encounter problems while learning Chinese.
Beyond Mandarin Chinese Training & Culture Experience
Center would like to take this opportunity to interview some
students who are studying in our school to share their learning
and life experience in Ningbo. We hope this column can help
you in some aspects. Last but not least, we look forward to
your suggestions. Please e-mail Nicki with any comments:
[email protected] Thank you for your interest!
The following interview was originally in Chinese, and has been
translated by Jo.
Nicki: Hi Jo. Long time no see! Can you introduce yourself?
Jo: Long time no see, Nicki. Ok, I’m Jo, I’m an Australian. I used
to work in China, now my family and I have returned to live in
Australia. I was a science teacher in international schools in China.
Nicki: When did you first come to China?
Jo: I first came to China in 2003. At that time I lived in Qingtian,
Zhejiang where I was a spoken English teacher for two years. After
that I returned to Australia to give birth to my twins. When the
children were six months old I moved to Vietnam for work. I lived
in Vietnam for three years working as an international school
teacher. Following this my father’s health was not too good, so the
family moved to Thailand to be nearer to him. One year later his
health had improved and so we came back to China where I worked
for one year in Guangzhou and then the last two years in Ningbo.
Nicki: Why did you come to China the first time?
Jo: My husband and I both wanted to try something completely
different. Qingtian is small place in China, it’s great and its certainly
different to our pre-2003 lives.
Nicki: When you first came to China what problems did you
Jo: Generally speaking Chinese people are friendly, but at that time
not many could speak English. Any communication was quite
simple, never a deep exchange. Of course people wanted to help me,
but sometimes I preferred to do the tasks myself. Australian people
tend to have a large personal space, and if you are not accustomed
to people trying to do all the little things for you then it can feel
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
quite strange.
Nicki: Are you accustomed to this now?
Jo: When I first arrived I was not accustomed, now I’m used to
this manner of doing things.
Nicki: These problems you encountered, how did you solve
Jo: You really must learn Chinese, and you need to understand
different cultures have different ways of doing things.
Nicki: When do you start to study Chinese?
Jo: (Haha, you know this!) I began studying Chinese in 2013.
Both Qingtian and Zengcheng in Guangzhou were small places
and did not have language centres for foreigners. I self studied
with the help of my colleagues, but I didn’t feel comfortable
with this. We were all teachers, when we finished work the last
thing I wanted to be asking them to do was to give me a lesson.
After coming to Ningbo I found Beyond Mandarin.
Nicki: Why do you study Chinese?
Jo: I have enough Chinese to get by, but I don’t like to sound like
a child when I speak, I feel uncomfortable and awkward and
usually want to say more than I am able. My Qingtian friends
are all very normal people, none of their specialities are English
so if we want to chat more freely I should learn more Chinese.
Often I would go to Qingtian for weekends from Ningbo, my
friends and I would go camping, share meals and drink beer
w ng bogui d
together. Even though my good friend Er Zheng does not speak
any English we communicate with my Chinese language and body
language. He is also really good at understanding me even if my
grammar is incorrect.
volunteering. What is the reason to make you keep helping
Jo: I think it’s important to give to the community. I think
education, health and environment are especially important to a
good lifestyle. Mr Guo gave me many introductions and I would
Nicki: Now how do you and your friends communicate?
like to continue building the relationships made with the migrant
Jo: On Monday I spent the whole day together with him. We went worker schools, school for the deaf and blind as well as the cancer
to his family home to visit his mum, we also went to see local opera hospice.
and I was taught a little how to play the erhu. We know each other
well so we have a good exchange.
Nicki: Do you have any advice for learning Chinese?
Jo: This is a hard question. I think you should always try to study/
Nicki: It sounds very interesting. Do you think studying Chinese practice, because even if at times it seems like you’re not making
has had an impact on your lifestyle?
any progress, once you stop studying or using the Chinese you
Jo: My life is certainly better since learning Chinese. Yesterday I have, you can quickly forget it.
went (by myself) to Ningbo Charity Federation to meet Mr Guo.
That opportunity would never have presented itself prior to learning Nicki: I know you took your HSK 3 exam and got good results.
Chinese. In my experience if you just say “hello” and “thank you” Now do you continue to study Chinese?
you are not included in the conversation.
Jo: Even though I’m in Australia I still study with Nicki from
Beyond Mandarin using the internet. I want to continue learning
My lifestyle is also much better. Because I can speak Chinese Chinese. My friends use QQ and we chat so my reading and
my friends are friends from a variety of places, not just my work writing is getting a little better, but my spoken Chinese is getting
colleagues. I can also handle many of the day to day things in a little worse. Fortunately my internet classes with Nicki use QQ
my Chinese lifestyle such as speaking with the neighborhood video conferencing so I practice my speaking then.
management, banking, the post office, online shopping, airline
bookings and speaking directly with my landlord.
Nicki: It’s really great to see you in China again.
Jo: Yes, I’m very happy to be here. These days I’m very busy
Nicki: We all know that you are doing charity work? When do catching up with friends and old colleagues.
you begin your charity work?
Jo: It began in 2003. At that time I lived in Qingtian where I met Nicki: Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed.
a university student. She made her own jewellery and sold things Jo: You’re welcome.
like earrings and bracelets. With the profits she helped rural school
children. I helped her by donating clothing and school supplies.
Nicki: You lived in Qingtian for two years, then you moved to
other places to live. Did you still keep helping in orphanages and
in old people’s homes?
Jo: At the time it was difficult to help directly. There was some
concern I was a foreign correspondent. In order for me to help I
passed all my donations through the university student I had met,
her name is Dong Li. Back in Ningbo I was introduced to the
Ningbo Charity Federation and was able to begin the small charity
“Keneng”. Gradually my relationships with people in Ningbo and
Qingtian grew. I was trusted in Qingtian and could go to the places
directly and also people in Ningbo donated goods to me that I
would take to Qingtian to be distributed. Thank you generous
Ningbo people.
Nicki: Beyond Mandarin boss Sophia Wan has connections with
Ningbo Charity Federation. Beyond Mandarin staff know many
foreigners would like to help Chinese people, but they don’t
know how. So we give them an introduction to Ningbo Charity
Federation. Beyond Mandarin is very happy to have helped you
start “Keneng”
Jo: Before starting “Keneng” it was very difficult to begin a
relationship with local organisations. Since starting “Keneng” it is
much easier to help. Ningbo Charity Federation helps with the first
introduction and then “Keneng” can work in these places or make
donations. The organisations are not afraid of me being a stranger,
they realise “Keneng” can be trusted. Now I live in Australia I hope
to be able to set up an international side to Keneng which can feed
into the Chinese Keneng to allow it to help even more. My family
and friends are very supportive of this.
Nicki: I know you don’t live in China anymore, but you plan
to come back 2 or 3 times each year. I also heard when you
lived/worked in Vietnam and Thailand you did this kind of
In depth business knowledge from
those who do it best.
The answers to your questions on foreign
investment in China are provided by Maria Kotova,
Senior Associate of the Shanghai and Ningbo
offices of Dezan Shira & Associates. Although this
information is considered accurate as of the time
of writing, it is not to be construed as legal, tax,
or financial advice. To ask Maria a question about
setting up or running a business in China, please
email [email protected]
Dear Maria,
I have been working in Ningbo for more than 90 days but less than one year, am I still
liable to pay Individual Income Tax (IIT)?
An individual who has resided in China for more than 90 days but less than one year
during the tax year is subject to IIT on all China- sourced income (the “One-year Rule”),
including income paid by both Chinese and overseas entities for his/her work in China.
Income earned while working overseas (i.e., foreign- sourced income) in the tax year is
not Chinese IIT taxable.
However the One-year Rule does not apply to foreign individuals hired as directors
or other senior executives of enterprises located in China. Their full income as senior
executives is subject to Chinese IIT starting from the initial tax year of employment and
lasting until the final tax year of employment, regardless of how long they have actually
resided in China.
Dear Maria,
I have just set up a consulting company in Ningbo and I am looking at employing foreign nationals in China.
Given recent amendments to visa regulations what would be the best way to go about doing this?
The revised law mainly introduced a number of new visa categories, increasing the total number from eight to
12, and altered the scope of a few existing categories.
Both R and Z- visas are official working visas. For the time being the Z- visa is the most common type used
by foreigners working in China. It will likely remain so, considering the stricter requirements and remaining
uncertainty regarding the R- Visa.
An employee on a Z- visa needs to subsequently apply for a residence permit. The residence permit allows the
foreigner to stay in China for the length of time as stipulated by the permit, usually one year. This is reviewed
every year and Iit also allows him/her an unlimited number of trips into and out of the country.
Dear Maria,
I am a director of a medical device company registered in the US; I am looking at investing in China.
What is the current financial climate for the medical device industry in China and how should I go about
distribution in the Chinese market? I am thinking of registering a subsidiary in China set up as a foreigninvested commercial enterprise.
As China’s population ages and its living standards improve, the demand for medical devices is only set to
increase. Foreign companies looking to enter the Chinese market are well- advised to carefully consider the
advantages of different distribution models.
Some suggestions: First locate when and where you would like to distribute in China and then contact the
services of a local Chinese distributor that has good credit and connections in the medical device industry in
that area. The distributor will then receive goods and is responsible for sales in China. They will also complete
customs clearance, remits payments overseas. The subsidiary company will only be there for support in terms
of managing client relationships in China. The pros of this model are that there is a maximum net profit for
the company and minimum net tax liability for the subsidiary company. The subsidiary company is not bound
by a 90- day payment window, owing to the distributing company as the direct importer. The frequency of
inspections by the authorities could also be lessened to some extent because of the distributor’s good standing
in China. The downfalls of this system are that the pricing system of the products will be highly influenced
by the distributor. Also the IP protection and the security of goods will be more difficult to control due to the
distributor’s role.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
“Nali Lai de?” – An Overview of Expat Demographics in China
By Zhou Qian and Steven Elsinga
For further details or to contact the firm, please email [email protected]
or visit
With its unique culture, vast
geographic size, and fastgrowing economy, China
has long held a special
appeal for foreign visitors.
For more than twenty years,
the last of these reasons has
drawn a wave of foreign job
seekers to China to start
or continue their careers.
Being a foreign employee
in China, however, is not
always smooth nor easy,
especially considering the
markets and regulatory
system. Here we provide
a quick sketch of China’s
expat demographics, with
the next article excerpted
magazine focusing on work
visa procedures.
working in China
There can be no doubt that
in recent years, China’s
expatriate make-up has been
changing. With the country’s
domestic work force steadily
positions are increasingly
being taken on by Chinese
talent, often with foreign
degrees in hand and without
the cultural disconnect of
previous generations. The
role of expats is changing as
well. Where multinationals
once came to China
mostly for manufacturing
and exporting, they are
now increasingly here
to access the Chinese
consumer market, and
are shifting their focus to
logistics, warehousing and
distribution accordingly.
The overall number of
expats working in China
has increased dramatically
since the launch of “reform
and opening-up” (in 1978).
According to China’s most
recent National Census held
in 2010 – the first to record
the number of foreigners
residing in China – there
are at least 600,000 expats
working or living in cities
throughout the country,
broken down by nationality
in the chart provided.
The Ins and Outs of How to Establish a Business in Ningbo
Innocorp hosted a seminar to share ideas on the right way to build a business in Ningbo
In early February, Innocorp held an informational seminar on
different ways to establish a business in Ningbo. The seminar was
attended by many members of Ningbo's business community,
including those who are already established in the city and those
who are just getting started. During the seminar, representatives
from Innocorp outlined the advantages and disadvantages
of different business configurations, including establishing a
WFOE, a representative office or a Hong Kong-based company.
Innocorp representatives also outlined different tax strategies
By Innocorp
for businesses looking to maximize their economic efficiency.
Attendees learned vital information on how to establish
businesses and stay competitive in Ningbo's growing economy.
Innocorp would like to thank its co-organizer Xin Gang
Enterprise, and its co-sponsors Regus and Point Services, as well
as all who attended, and is look forward to hosting more events
of this nature in the future.
Hear the ladies
Meet some of the most
inspiring women in
With International Women's Day
falling in March, it's high time we
spotlight some of the things our
city's amazing women are doing.
From racing to right hooks, these
are the women of Ningbo.
We wanted to share with you some
of the inspiring and fascinating
women that make up Ningbo. The
women we have here are just
a sample of a larger population
that is truly international, driven,
independent, and talented.
Many of the women in Ningbo
engage in professions and activities
where you might not see their
gender represented that often,
others are engaged in professions
where competition is fierce because
of their gender.
Neither of those things stopped
them and we want to give a pause
for that. On these pages are some
women that did things as people
first and women second that we
find constantly inspirational. Thank
you ladies.
ouyang #1
there is a kind
of feeling where
I forget myself
and I’m so close
to nature. I
am thinking
that I’m part of
nature. That’s
ouyang // the biker
Meet Ouyang, a woman from Hunan that has taken
to two wheels and street heat like nobody else. The
biker babe can be seen careening the canyonlands
and mountaintops of Fenghua most weekends there
isn't rain.
She is a competent rider that is a great spokesperson
for women looking to get into the sport. She had a
sobering accideent last year that would honestly
shake anyone up. We at the Guide ride as well and it
take some serious brass to get back on it after a spill
like hers.
We commed Ouyang for embodying the true spirit of
motorcycling. Livin' free and lovin' it.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
Name //
OuYang YunLiu | 欧阳云柳
I’m so close to nature. I am thinking that I’m part of nature. That’s
What do you think is the most difficult or challenging?
Riding motorcycle is primarily an outside activity. It relies on the
weather a lot. If the weather is bad, the roads get wet and slippery,
and you can’t see very well and riding is a lot more difficult.
How many years have you been riding motorbikes?
The most challenging parts for me are will be when riding on
A little over one year.
mountain roads. When you need to make a turn, you have to be
able to control the speed and make the turn at the right moment
When and how did you start? What first interested you about it? and doing that under difficult weather conditions is not easy.
At first I met some foreigners that organized a motorcycle team
and they ride motorbikes on the weekend. Ever since I was little, What advice do you have to girls or women that would like to
I always liked and wanted to ride motorcycles, but I never did it. start your activity?
Then I met Michael, he inspired and encouraged me, and I joined First thing is to get a bike that fits you and what you want kind of
this motorcycle team.
riding you want to do. I would recommend them to choose the
right model motorcycle (about 150CC and 250CC), bigger models
Have you tried other types of your activity?
take practice to control. Obviously make sure you have all your
I have tried some other similar activities, but none of them bring safety equipment, like your helmet, riding clothes, gloves etc.
me the same happiness that I feel being on a motorbike.
Make sure safety always comes first. I h
ad an accident last year, because I didn’t control my speed, it could
What do you think is the most enjoyable or rewarding part of be worse, but thankfully I was geared up. So make sure you are
always in control of the bike and be safe!
I love nature. The most enjoyable thing to me is when I’m riding
my motorcycle. There is a kind of feeling where I forget myself and
Where are you from?
Cherry // the Ballerina
Hailing from Zhoushan just nearby, Cherry was one of the Ningbo Ningyi Wudao Gong Zuo Shi
first ballerinas from Zhejiang ever. As in ever in the history of 宁波宁艺舞蹈工作室
Zhoushan and ballet, both of which happen to have fairly long
histories. She was trained and has performed internationally. Address:
4-B, Jianshe Dasha, No.208 Jiefang
Having returned to Ningbo and Zhejiang has been a huge South Road, Haishu District, Ningbo
thing for all of Ningbo. In 2013 she opened the NingYi Studio 宁波市海曙区解放南路208号建设大
of Dance. where professional ballet classes and exam prep are 厦4- B
offered. We're inspired by Cherry's passion and dedication to
her art.
Tel: 0574 8387 5148
Cherry also teaches adults. If you are interested in classes,
contact info follows.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
Name //
Cherry | 陈暇
When and how did you start dancing? What first interested you
about it?
At first it was because I was shy, my mother wanted me to be more
Where are you from?
out-going, so she made me learn how to dance. I was picked up by
Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province
a school, and got professional training from there. As one of the
first groups of people from Zhejiang province who studied ballet,
How many years have you been practicing your activity?
I didn’t know much about it at first. But as time went by, I fell in
I started learning dance from the age of 6. When I was 10, I started love with it. I don’t perform on stage any more, but when I see my
to learn ballet. It’s been almost 20 years since I started formally little students who love ballet just as much as I do and improve, I
studying dance. I opened this dance studio in 2013 and since then feel so happy and proud!
I teach kids and adults ballet.
Cherry Teaching at the Ning Yi Studio of Dance
I think confidence
and persistence can
help in so many ways
in life.
Have you tried other types of perforiming or
any other physical activity?
I studied Guzheng, and I was trained in singing
by professionals before. But because I was
forced to learn, I wasn’t interested, so I quit.
When I was 15, I learned a lot about pilates, and
I became interested in fitness. It helped me with
relaxing my muscles from dance practice, and
helped with releasing stress. Still now, when I
have time, I head to the gym to work out.
Ballet is a western style of dance and has been
around for about 500 years. It only came to
China around 60 years ago, and in Zhejiang
province for only the past 10 years. It’s a kind
of art that’s popular among a small group of
people. So making it popular and promoting
ballet in Ningbo will need more time. To me,
what I can do is to teach my students what I
learned from abroad and get people interested
in ballet. That's what is important to me.
What do you think is the most enjoyable or
rewarding part of ballet?
Ballet is a very beautiful and elegant kind of
dance. It changes not only your body shape, it
makes you feel good. But it also helps you build
your inner-confidence and persistence in doing
things. I think confidence and persistence can
help in so many ways in life.
What advice do you have to girls or women
that would like to start your activity?
Even though I don’t perform on stage any more,
I transfer my dream to my students, watching
them growing up makes me happy. May it be
dance, music, fitness, I think as a woman, you
must have one thing that interests you and that
you continually improve at. It can be your job,
or anything beyond your job. Your attitude
What do you think is the most difficult or changes everything.
challenging part of ballet or teaching ballet?
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
Following in the footsteps of the Little Dragon is another woman
from Zhoushan. Camy has been studying Jeet Kune Do, the martial
art created by the the super star and kung fu master Bruce Lee.
The form embodies a zen like no-form or formless way of fighting
that is excellent physical and mental training for everyone. Her
outlook towards practice as the point has already taken her far and
it will only continue to do so.
Name //
Where are you from?
Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province
jeet kune do, I feel very good and very
relaxed. My coach Joseph is professional
and patient.
I keep practicng jeet kune do because I
enjoy doing it. If I didn’t, I wouldn't do it
How many years have you been at all.
practicing your activity?
Around 2 years now.
What do you think is the most difficult
or challenging part?
When and how did you start martial I still think I’m not very fit and that I don’t
arts? What first interested you about it? use my strength very well. I need a lot of
I started Jeet Kune Do around November practice still.
of 2012. I was really inspired by my father.
I like kung fu and kung fu related movies Sometimes I get lazy and I don’t want to
since I was a kid and so does he. And it’s go practice. That’s something I need to
always been one of my goals to learn kung push myself to do. The other thing that is
difficult for me is the way my body reacts
in kung fu. Finding ways to move more
Have you tried other types of martial fluidly and naturally is something I need
arts or any other physical activity?
to work on.
I haven't systematically studied any other
kind of kung fu yet.
What advice do you have to girls or
women that would like to start your
What do you think is the most enjoyable activity?
or rewarding part of kung fu?
Whatever you want to do, just do it, don’t
I think practicing is an enjoyable thing think too much. You will benefit from
to do. Every single time, after I practice actually doing it.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
A Tai and her friends at Crossfit have been going there for differing
amounts of time. That never seems to bother anyone as the one
resounding thing that they all loved was the community. Everyone
meets there. Some girls show up 3 times a week, some go every
other day.
When they train together they improve as a team and no one gets
left behind. We're inspired by their abliity to lift each other up and
show what they're made of.
No one
THe Painted
Kiss of Dragon
and J&M Tattoo
At the time of writing this piece Ningbo
has no fewer than 5 awesome female tattoo
artists. Being a largely male dominated field
for years didn't slow down Ningbo's ladies
and we have two of the best shops in Ningbo
in this issue. Kiss of Dragon and J&M Tattoo
are both premier shops and each of them are
worth a visit.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
Zeng Le // Kiss of Dragon
If you were to think about what being kissed by a
dragon would feel like, it would probably be Zeng
Le running the needle. It's gonna burn and scrape
but afterwards you'll have something beautiful
for the rest of your life. We are always inspired by
Zeng Le's passion for her art and what she does.
Kiss of Dragon is the oldest tattoo shop in town.
Run by Zeng Le and her husband Michael, it has a
warm feeling and is easily approachable. They do
amazing custom and rockin' flash. If you're in the
market for ink, contact them at 13957853133 or
check the listings for more info.
Name //
Zeng Le
Where are you from?
Originally from Hunan
How many years have you been a tattoo
More than 12 years now.
When and how did you start tattooing?
What first interested you about it?
I saw a photo of a tattoo in a foreign
magazine. I liked it and thought it was
awesome. From there I just chose to do it.
Have you tried other types of body art
or any other fine arts?
What do you think is the most enjoyable
or rewarding part of tatooing or being a
tattoo artist?
To be able to choose what I like as my
career, that’s the most enjoyable thing to
What do you think is the most difficult
or challenging part?
I will always keep trying to do the kind
of tattoo that I have never done before,
to keep improving my skill is the most
challenging part.
What advice do you have to girls or
women that would like to start your
Remember, there is no limit in art.
Mavis // J&M Tattoo
J&M Tattoo is a new shop in Ningbo and already
they are making waves with their custom work.
Their shop is located in the hidden space next
to Hefeng Square and is a worth a visit anytime
you're in the neighborhood.
We're continually inspired by anyone who can
throw themselves into a project like starting a
business based on what you love. Contact J&M
Tattoo at 89085960.
Name //
Where are you from?
How many years have you been a tattoo artist?
2 years
What do you think is the most enjoyable or rewarding part of
tatooing or being a tattoo artist?
The most enjoyable thing about being a tattoo artist is I can focus
on doing what I like to do, I can follow my ideas and create.
What do you think is the most difficult or challenging part?
Continually creating new tattoos, taking the things clients say
they want and making a tattoo out of it, and convincing clients
When and how did you start tattooing? What first interested to listen to my suggestions.
you about it?
After I got my first tattoo, I became really interested in tattooing. What advice do you have to girls or women that would like to
start your activity?
Have you tried other types of body art or any other fine arts? In the beginning, it might be a bit boring. Be patient, it will only
Dancing. I have had many years of dance training. I like dancing become more and more interesting and fun.
because it helps me relax emotionally.
Words // Ningbo Guide
Photos // Uri Tours
If peering behind the veil into
one of the most intriguing and
secretive places on the planet has
been on your list of things to do,
this is a perfect opportunity to
peel back that curtain, take a look
inside, and then run a marathon
in one of the most famous cities
in the world. On April 12th of
this year, it’s your chance to run
Pyongyang. Be it in the 10k, half
marathon, or the full 26.2 miles,
this is an amazing opportunity
to visit a completely mysterious
place in an utterly unique way.
Pyongyang Marathon 2014
Kim Il Sung Stadium
So you've decided that heading down the rabbit hole is absolutely
for you and running through the streets of Pyongyang is exactly
how you'd like to spend a Sunday morning, the next question
might be, how do I do it? That's where we come in.
Ningbo Guide will be heading for the short and sweet package
leaving from Shanghai for 3 nights / 4 days. The tour hits some
iconic landmarks along the DPRK landscape and leaving from
Shanghai will be a breeze. All of the details for the Pyongyang
Marathon Short Tour – Shanghai Departure can be found here.
You're going to need a tour guide.
We’ll be putting together transport from Ningbo to Shanghai and
arranging some fun events for anyone interested in going. Feel free
First of all, we know the best DPRK guides in the business and to contact us anytime with any questions.
to sweeten that up a bit more, Ningbo Guide has an excellent
promotion code for you. Use our code “NINGBOPY” and save $50 Spots for the tour are filling up fast and you’ll need to book before
USD on your tour registration. When you fill out your information March 20th. Again, use our Ningbo Guide promotional code
with URI Tours you will see a promotional code slot, enter “NINGBOPY” to recieve a $50 USD discount.
“NINGBOPY” there. If you have any questions feel free to contact
Uri tours has other options as well. There are Short and Long
tours available, 3 nights / 4 days and 6 nights / 7 days respectively.
Traveling to North Korea is only allowed within a tour group, and Both tours are almost completely comprehensive, save registering
Uri Tours has some great packages available for the marathon for the marathon and a few minor incidentals, the packages are
weekend and for an extended stay. Registration is required by well structured and fun. The short tour will include running in
March 20th and given the popularity of the marathon last year, the marathon, half marathon or 10 k, a comprehensive tour of
spots will fill up fast. We’ll cover the packages in more detail below Pyonyang and a road trip down to the DMZ a the border of North
or you can view their full explanation and itinerary here or find out and South Korea.
more at
Visit Uri Tours online for a complete and comprehensive itinerary
Uri Tours has been leading tours to the DPRK for over 10 years for each package and a list of all the things that are and are not
and they are also the official ticketing agent for Air Koryo in the included in the trip. Likewise, if the thought of running around
Americas. They are the largest provider of North Korea tours and Pyongyang doesn’t make your heart pump with excitement, Uri
travel in the U.S. The Pyongyang Marathon has always been a Tours offers weekend packages, standard 5 day tour visits, private
professionals only race, but in the last two years, it’s opened up tours, and a range of other excellent trip options.
to foreign amateur runners. This is the second year Uri Tours has
offered a Pyongyang Marathon package and now it’s available If you’ve ever wanted to see North Korea, Uri Tours are the people
direct from Shanghai or Beijing.
who will take you there.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
The Pyongyang Marathon
Now in its second year open to amateur foreign runners,
the Pyongyang Marathon is set for April 12th 2015. The
marathon made waves last year as it allowed some great
glimpses into life in Pyongyang. The marathon is one of the
only ways to see Pyongyang in a slightly less guided way.
Granted that the route is obviously fixed, Canadian Jen
Loong who ran the race last year said in a Q&A on Reddit,
“This was one of the special perks of the run, where we ran
unguided for the full distance, high five-ing local along the
way… We couldn’t run off tracks surely with soldier on
every block, but running at your own pace and interacting
with locals was good enough for me!”
Jen Loong opted for an extended tour package that allowed
her to stay in North Korea for around a week in total, but
shorter trip options are available with Uri Tours. She gained
notoriety last year along with some other foreigners who
instagrammed their trips and the marathon.
What You Need to Know
Almost anyone can run in the 2014
Pyongyang Marathon but you cannot
register for the marathon on your own.
You must do so through a tour package.
Americans and many other nationalities
are welcome to join the race. Registration
for the event and tour closes on March
Full marathon: $100 USD
There are a complete set of rules online at
(Registration fees are collected prior to the tour; cost of the tour
package is additional)
Half marathon: $70 USD
10K: $50 USD
Spectators: $28 USD to watch soccer/football matches in the
Kim Il Sung Stadium during the race
Please wear solid colors; no tie dye, pictures or lettering. Top and bottom can be different
colors, so long as they are one solid color each. If your shirt has a small logo, the logo can
be no bigger than 30cm in rectangular size and the lettering must be less than 4cm in size,
according to the regulations of the International Federation.
You’ll be given a number to pin to your shirt during the race. All runners must have a number
affixed to their shirts.
The official 2014 Pyongyang
Marathon course route
Depart from Kim Il Sung Stadium
Pass through the Arch of Triumph
Friendship Tower
Kumrung No.2 Tunnel
Congryu Rope Ladder on Taedong River
Munsu Riverside Street
Rungra Bridge
Kumrung Tunnel
Puksae riverside street
Moranbong Street
Re-enter through the Arch of Triumph
Arrive back at the Kim Il Sung Stadium
Uri Tours will give you a great support kit which includes a nifty
Pyongyang Marathon T-shirt, re-fuel drinks, energy snacks,
marathon stickers and a bunch of other exclusive DPRK goodies!
Each amateur runner will get a certificate issued by the
Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon Committee. If you
come in first, second or third in any of the amateur categories,
you will also be awarded a medal at the awards ceremony in
front of 50,000 local spectators in the Kim Il Sung stadium.
This is a 10K course and the marathon will make this loop
4 times, the half marathon twice.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
Full Marathon: 42.195km; finish time of 4 hours
Half Marathon: 21.0975km; finish time of 4 hours
10K: finish time of 2 hours
There are no official qualifying times for the amateur marathon. However, you must either
FINISH or STOP within the times mentioned above. If you do not finish within those times, a
bus will pick you up and escort you back to the stadium. The streets will be re-open to traffic at
about 1pm.
The race starts and ends in the Kim Il Sung Stadium. Professionals and amateurs will start at the
same location and time. Race starts at approximately 9am and is finished before 1pm.
Uri Tour Packages
For full information and options visit Uri Tours online at www.
Pyongyang Marathon Short Tour – Shanghai Departure
April 10-13 | departure from Shanghai Pudong Airport | 3
nights, 4 days in the DPRK | DPRK visas and Air Koryo flight
included, orientation dinner in Shanghai, PY Marathon, PY
city tour & DMZ tour | Starting at $1,250 USD
Pyongyang Marathon Long Tour – Shanghai Departure
April 10-16 | departure from Shanghai Pudong Airport
| 6 nights, 7 days in the DPRK | DPRK visas and Air Koryo
flight included, orientation dinner in Shanghai, PY Marathon,
exclusive PY Bike Tour, boat ride in Nampho, DMZ tour |
Starting at $2,050 USD
Get Ready to Run
The clock is ticking on registration so now would the time to
sign up. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to
peer behind the curtain into North Korea, this is a completely
interesting way to do it. The race itself is professional and well
organized and as far as travel goes, there aren’t many people who
have set foot where this race will go. As a runner, we are more
than excited to take part in the race. And as a traveler, North
Korea is one of big ones to tick off. Without a tour, it’s impossible
to cross that border. With this tour however, you can not only
cross the border, you can run for it.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
Words // David Straughan
Images // NG
A Dinner With Stanley
Jong, Chef and Owner
of Stanley Fusion
Fusion is an idea pretty central to
Malaysia, where Stanley Jong started
his life. The diverse country is home
to a plethora of ethnic groups, each
of them with their own cultural and
culinary traditions. So it seemed
natural for the chef and entrepreneur
to make fusion the centerpiece of his
career in food.
1207 Tiantong (N) Road,
Yinzhou District
(Di Sai Tomorrow Square)
Tel: 0574 5584 8717
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
We were invited to join Jong for dinner at the
Tiantong Lu location of Stanley Fusion, one of his
restaurants. These dinners often revolve around
food and the business of selling it in Ningbo,
which can be a daunting place to try something as
adventurous as Jong is going for.
As the table began to fill up with food, the concept
behind the restaurant—a fusion of Southeast Asian
cuisines as imagined by Stanley Jong himself—
became increasingly clear. Jong has spent the
majority of his career as a chef floating around the
world, and in doing so has had ample opportunity
to play with the elements of Malaysian, Thai,
Indonesian and other Asian cuisines and to see
what works and what doesn't. After parking it in
Ningbo for a little while, the result is an ambitious
and seamless blend of some of the world's greatest
culinary traditions.
From first glance, the restaurant is a roomy and
attractive place to sit and eat. As is thankfully
becoming the norm in newer establishments,
there are different “zones” of seating throughout
the place. There are several large private
rooms on the second floor along with smaller,
more intimate tables in general seating areas.
Downstairs features more general seating but in
a place that looks like it could be arranged into
an area well-suited for events and parties.
there are a tremendous number of varieties.
Stanley's is based around bright, zesty curry
and fresh prawn. Laksa is a microcosm of what
Stanley Fusion strives to do, and the restaurant
absolutely nailed it.
Jong also proved a great host, as a few glasses of
wine were poured and Stanley had time to sit
and chat, we got to talking about the origins of
different elements of the food we were eating.
It was nice to meet the man behind the food,
and discover that he himself is just as interesting
Nearly everything that hit the table was as the dishes he sends out of the kitchens at his
interesting, flavorful and well-prepared. restaurants.
Marinated and sauteed mushrooms were
followed by a fiery chicken curry and King- We were saddened to learn that that satay and
size (with a capital K...they were enormous) peanut-y beef dish wasn't a regular one at the
prawns. One of the more interesting dishes of restaurant, and at several points, conversation
the evening were little toast points topped with about life abroad, travel and cooking were
mango, cheese and roast duck. Needless to say it interrupted with “You really should put that
melded together quite well.
beef dish on the menu.”
One of the first dishes we were served was a sort
of satay and peanut sauce beef which came out
tender, a little spicy and perfectly salty. More on
this dish later.
Of course no Malaysian-inspired dinner would
be complete without Laksa, the dish perhaps
most emblematic of the country's diverse
ethnic heritage. The spicy seafood-based soup's
roots are equal parts Chinese and Malay, and
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
He assured us that he will in the future. We'll
hold him to it. In the meantime, the place
itself and everything else on the menu is worth
checking out.
w ng bogui d
Every month we bring you the skinny
on the latte and the cafe that serves
it. With all the coffee shops opening all
over Ningbo, we'll bring the low-down,
right to the last drop.
What would you do if you could have a cafe
and fill it with all your awesome and super
cool most favorite and also, did we mention
awesome, things?
For the owner Erick, Kitty Maid Coffee &
Fun is his answer to that question. Check it,
it's sweet. Kitty Maid has a lot of it, sweet
that is, and it's got a lot of cute, and a lot
of warm, a fair amount of fuzzy, and there
are also a few actual animals. The kitties are
everywhere! There are three of them that live
there all the time.
You are welcome to come in and get some
much needed snuggle with the kitties.
All while having something warm and
appropriate like a huge bowl of warm milk...
Did we mention it was cute? How about
lifesize teddy bears? That not cute enough
for you, well Kitty Maid is about to bring it
up a notch by giving you more than one.
And there are ton of supersweet Gundam
like super awesome anime figurines is
pristine condition. They are out of the box...
Next time you want to play D&D, you
better play here. Why go to any other cafe
when you can get all up in it at Kitty Maid?
Go there today. It's just across from Wanda
Plaza Yinzhou and Du Shi Sen Lin.
No.12 Linyu Road,Yinzhou
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
What's your
Every month we dig deep to find where people spend their
time eating, drinking, and having a good time. After we get
the inside scoop on everyone's favorite places, we'll pass them
along to you here.
Occupation: Owner of
He HanCoffee
'Hood: Yinzhou
Years in the Bo: Born an' Bred
Local Watering Hole
This whiskey shop that does tastings and has a small bar for
very private (and delicious) evenings is the gem of Laowaitan
in our opinion. If other whiskey bars in town feel a little flat
then WhiskeyFind will take you to a new realm of enjoying the
genuine article.
Address: Hidden in the back of Laowaitan near the river up a
dark staircase on the third floor with a small sign... you can't
miss it. Check our listings for more info.
This is what
the actual
top shelf
looks like.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
Occupation: One of the owners
of Don Papa
'Hood: Yinzhou
Years in the Bo: Erry day.
Local Grub Spot
Xiao Yan Jing | 小眼镜
The love of seafood is a definite trait of a true born Ningbonese
person and eating it at the lake is just as much of a tradition.
This seafood house has been around for awhile and is fully
Address: Dong Qian Lake
地址: 东钱湖
Art and Drama Teacher
'Hood: Yinzhou
Years in the Bo: 8
Local Spot for Sumpin' to do
The Yinzhou Swimming Pool | 鄞州游泳馆
This is probably the largest and cleanest pool in Ningbo.
Honestly pool locker rooms are never that nice but the pool
here is 50 m, Olympic size and is regularly cleaned and
maintained. It's the best place to get your Phelps on.
Address: 199 Wenhua Lu Ningbo
浙江省宁波市鄞州区 钱湖南路鄞州体育馆西侧
I be all up
on them
laps laps
All hail the mighty swine. Discerning diners and cantankerous chefs
will usually agree that no animal reigns more edible than the pig.
There may be pieces of other animals that hit levels of delicious
that no other creature could but there is no other animal that can
be used head to toe to make some of the best food. From China to
France the pigs foot is just the beginning of using pork to its fullest.
And seeing as pork is a sort of national meat in China, every month
we'll bring you a new way to get the most out of the tasty pig.
Lard is the mother of all cooking fats. It's gotten a bad name over the last few decades as
people have turned to vegetable oils as “healthier” alternatives. Lard, as delicious as we
know it to be, has some pretty negative connotations with regards to health. So let's disspell
a few rumors here first.
Farm-raised animal fats contain a mixture
of monounsaturated, polyunsatured and
saturated fats. A good majority of that is the
monounsaturated fat known as oleic fatty
acid. Healthy eaters will recognize this as
the same fatty acid in olive oil that gets all
the praise and attention for lowering your
risk of heart disease.
Not that we would claim a lard-based diet
as healthy. Just that it's not really too much
worse than any other cooking fat you'd use.
Moderation, folks.
Moving on.
For a country as pork-crazed as China it is
next to impossible to buy lard. Which is a
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
shame. Its high smoke point and rich texture for sauteeing or frying, but will still retain a
make it the perfect cooking fat. It also works little porky flavor that you might not want
well in baking cakes and pastries as it's a in pastries or cakes.
little lighter and smoother than butter.
Leaf lard, or the fat surrounding the
So here it is. Our guide to making, or kidneys, is what you want for making the
“rendering” your own lard.
pure, white, uncut and creamy lard prized
by the world's greatest patissiers. You might
call it the “creme-de-la-ham.” Or maybe not.
Sorry. Anyway, the chinese word for leaf
There are two types of fat that will render lard is banyou (板油). This may take some
properly into nice, clean lard. Back fat and additional description for the butcher, so if
what's called “leaf lard.”
at all possible take a patient person whose
anatomical Chinese is at least passable. If
Back fat is typically best harvested from the you can't be bothered with that we've got a
back or the butt of the pig, and should be link to a Taobao seller with plenty of it on
pretty easy to point to at your neighborhood the online version of this article. If possible,
market. This will render lard that is perfect get the butcher to grind.
w ng bogui d
The first step is ensuring that you've separated
any and all tissue from the fat. Any left in there
will adversely effect the flavor of your lard.
From here, it's pretty straightforward. The
absolute best tool for this is a slow-cooker. If
you don't have one already, buy one. It'll change
your life.
Put ¼ cup of water at the bottom of your slowcooker, and turn it to its lowest setting. Let it
cook for an hour or two. Next, prepare a bowl
or pot by stretching out a fine strainer* over top
of it. Then, while the slow-cooker is still hot,
slowly pour the contents into the pot, allowing
for the oils to strain through while leaving the
ground up fleshy bits in the strainer.
Then, move the oil to whatever container you'd
like to keep it in. Note that lard is extremely
shelf-stable, meaning it'll last a really long time.
It's easier to make a bunch at once and freeze
some of it than make it little-by-little.
And that's it. Once you've unlocked the power
of lard, you'll never go back. Godspeed.
*editor's note: if you want to be old-school about
it, use cheesecloth. not sure why but it's how they
used to do it “back in the day”
eat & drink
Loft Bar
Tasting the Whiskey that's
making all the fuss
2014 was a big year for Scotch upsets and upset Scots.
The best whiskey award was given to the Japanese made
Whisky expert Jim Murray described the Yamazaki
Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 as a drink of “near
incredible genius”, awarding it 97.5 marks out of 100 in
the 2015 World Whisky Bible.
Loft Bar in Laowaitan held a whiskey tasting sampling
various different scotches from Japan and Scotland.
Organized by Suntory Whiskey from Japan, the event
was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the
world of premiere whiskey making.
The tasting was both informative and enjoyable as the
whiskey was superb and abundant. Good days.
Head over to Loft Bar to try a wide range of delicious
whiskeys, other spirits, and wines. Owner/operator
Adina is a thoroughly competent sommelier and
she'll help you find just the right glass, dram, or shot
depending on what you're up for at the time.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
eat & drink
Brazilian BBQ Carnival is set
Ningbo's first Brazilian BBQ is
set for the 28th of March and it
should prove to be a great time
for all as one of Ningbo's oldest
and most well-known purveyors
of fine meats pulls out all the
We imagine the normal BBQ
and buffet will be availabl with
some additions to celebrate
the Carnival that has made the
owners/chefs home country
famous the world over.
If you're looking for a memorable
evening with all you can eat
meat and buffet, free flowing
alcohol and other drinks, live
Samba performances and even
a children's corner for the little
ones then this is the place for
Tickets are only 298 RMB
for adults with discounts for
children and students available.
Date: Mar 28th, 2015 / 2015年
Time: 18:00~23:00
No.145 Zhongshan east road.
6/F Ningbo World Hotel
中山东路145号 宁波大酒店6
Mot Goc Han Noi
Some of the best Vietnamese Food in Ningbo
This intimate little shop is run by
Jackey, a local man from Ningbo who
does a lot of business in Vietnam. He
liked the food so much he brought
a couple of chefs back with him and
they now serve delicious authentic
Vietnamese food. All bookings are by
appointment. Add him on WeChat
at ningbojackey to setup your menu,
date, and price. After that show up
and enjoy some great food and drinks.
Located near Book City.
Ningbo used to be a wasteland as
far as places to grab a nice whiskey
was concerned. Not so these days,
as Whiskeyfind is one of several
places having opened recently to
offer an extensive selection of the
gentleman's spirit.
The Whiskeyfind 威士忌坊
3F, No.11, Lane 68, Zhongma
Road, Lao Waitan
0574 8734 4835
That's not to imply that owner Odin Chou hasn't done something novel with
Whiskyfind. To the contrary he's built a well-executed and unique space. For
starters, the place isn't technically a bar. It's more of a whiskey shop with a tasting
area. The interior has an almost mountain lodge look to it, and in addition to a
dizzying amount of whiskeys for sale features a lot of vintage cameras, a side passion
of Chou's. The shop is also delightfully out-of-the-way, hidden up on the third floor
of an otherwise unassuming building near the church-end of Laowaitan (next to
where Bourbon Street used to be for all you old-timers).
It's a great place to avoid Laowaitan's see-and-be-seen crowd and actually enjoy a
drink and a nice chat. Talk about a novel concept.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
rinks served here.
ternational cuisine,
sic cocktails and a
hisky list in one of
t inviting spaces.
ane, Moon lake Garden
巷8号 * 0574 5533 0000
Every month our resident
bar staff at Lounge in Moon
Lake bring you a dangeroulsy
delicious concoction fit for
the gods. Drinks up!
Butterfly Flip
This gentle little drink will sneak right up on you
and make you feel both tipsy and classy. Think
of this as a Mint Julep without all that endless
amount of annoying ice, rigamarole of cup and
saucer, garnish that borders on a salad, and all
the other pretencious crap that goes with the
drink. You will not look as much like a ridiculous
Southern land owner.
Blue Curacao
Remy Martin VSOP
Raw Egg Yolk
Apple / Cherry
Cocktial Shaker
Flip Glass
or 280ml glass
You will look a little dainty with the cute little
butterfly and cherry. But fear not men, women
like a sensitive guy. More importantly, though
this drink is a little on the rich side because of
the cream and the raw egg (see guys you can
feel like Rocky Balboa while drinking this) there
is one thing that this drink has going for it. It's
absolutely delicious.
Put some ice in the shaker, shake it for a
couple times, then take out the ice. Add all the
ingredients. Now some ice and shake it! (because
there’s yolk in this drink, you want to make sure
you shake it for a long time till it’s foamy, this will
mix everything up nicely, you won’t smell the egg,
and it will taste better.)
Get the flip glass ready (better chilled already).
Use the strainer to pour the drink into the flip
glass. Cut out a beautiful butterfly from an apple,
decorate and there you go! A glass of delicious
Butterfly Flip is ready.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
you glow girl
Loft Bar
Tasting the Whiskey that's
making all the fuss
2014 was a big year for Scotch upsets and upset Scots.
The best Scotch Whiskey award was given to the
Japanese made Yamazaki.
Whisky expert Jim Murray described the Yamazaki
Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 as a drink of “near
incredible genius”, awarding it 97.5 marks out of 100 in
the 2015 World Whisky Bible.
Loft Bar in Laowaitan held a whiskey tasting sampling
various different scotches from Japan and Scotland.
Organized by Suntory Whiskey from Japan, the event
was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the
world of premiere whiskey making.
The tasting was both informative and enjoyable as the
whiskey was superb and abundant. Good days.
Head over to Loft Bar to try a wide range of delicious
whiskeys, other spirits, and wines. Owner/operator
Adina is a thoroughly competent sommelier and
she'll help you find just the right glass, dram, or shot
depending on what you're up for at the time.
Thanks to your undying generous spirit
and love for tearing up the dance floor,
YOU GLOW GIRL was a tremendous
success. We saw nearly 150 folks come
out to support a great cause and raised
3,875 RMB for single mothers in Ningbo!
我们还想对Diversity LGBT+ Ningbo的全体成
We'd also like to say a huge THANK YOU 员说声谢谢!谢谢他们为改善宁波都市生活
to our friends at Diversity LGBT+Ningbo 做出的努力!
for all their help and in general for
making Ningbo a better place.
by David Straughan
THe tattoo scene in
Ningbo continues
to grow
The modern popularity arc of tattoos
is pretty much the same everywhere,
with a few substitutions. They
became big with a certain subculture, in the west with sailors
and in East Asia with members of
organized crime, and as a result were
considered taboo in polite society.
Then, little by little they started
to creep into mainstream culture
through the world of sports and
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
Ningbo is no different, as over the “Jian” meant “exquisite paper for writing
last several years tattoos have become poetry” in ancient times. This reflects
seriously in vogue.
how we see our clients; every inch of skin
is a precious thing and want to cover it
“They've definitely become more with only the most beautiful, unique
acceptable,” says Mavis Qiu, one of J&M tattoos.”
Tattoo's partners. “You're even seeing
some of the older locals becoming more Custom ink, says “Tattoo Mav”, is the
accepting of them, treating tattoos more lifeblood of J&M Tattoos.
as art and less of something associated
with gangs and criminals. We've had “We don't want to rush anything here,
parents bring their daughter in to get a and we don't want people to make a
tattoo and give lots of input on what to lifelong decision on impulse,” she says.
do and where to put it.”
“We want to work with our clients until
we have a design that is exactly what
Qiu, along with business partners they want in terms of the look and the
and fellow awesome ladies Jiajia and meaning. If you're putting something
Xiaohuo, opened their shop this past on your body forever, you don't want to
winter in Ningbo's funky, restored urban end up regretting it later. We also want
space Hefeng Creative Square after years to emphasize that when you get a tattoo
of tattooing around the city.
from one of us, you'll be the only person
who will ever have that tattoo. We don't
“The Chinese name of our studio is Jian reuse designs.”
Tattoo,” explains Qiu. “The character
w ng bogui d
According to these purveyors of ink
and art, the relationship of tattoo
artists and their clients is a sacred, and
trusting one. While some tattooers are
complacent to throw down some ink
for a quick buck, the artists at J&M
share a common goal of caring for
their clients and their artwork.
“It's not just about how the tattoo is
applied,” says Qiu. “We're also really
concerned with how it heals up and
how it's taken care of. We touch up all
of our work for free. We'd like to think
that we don't just have customers,
we have friends who share a love for
J&M Tattoo is located in Hefeng
Creative Square, which for all its
awesomeness can be a little difficult to
find. So we've provided you with a little
map here. The shop only works on folks
with appointments, so go ahead and
make yours by calling 0574-89085960
or adding them on WeChat (we've got
the QR code on the previous page).
*editor's note: Xiaohuo, aka Dre, J&M's
resident old-school/traditional specialist
will be leaving Ningbo at the end of the
month to further her career in Beijing.
We're all happy for her and a little a
bummed at the same time, but she still
has some appointments available before
she heads out!
J & M Tattoo
315 Jiangdong (N) Road, Jiangdong District (near Hefeng creative square)
(0574 8908 5960)
广场| 浅绿小
arts & leisure
Portrait of an Artist
in a Young Scene
Lee Prescott's Mutations at
117 Gallery
by David Straughan
Seafood, ports, nian gao; Ningbo is known
for many things, but a lively art scene
unfortunately isn't one of them. English
artist and Ningbo resident Lee Prescott is
hoping that can change.
Ningbo resident Tate McNeill, who goes
by DJ Lastboss (!!!), to create a multimedia
live art showcase at the exhibition's opening
party. McNeill worked to create digital
music inspired by the work and played them
while Prescott created one of his signature
“To be honest, I don't really know of any art collages around him in real time.
scenes in Ningbo,” says Prescott.
“There are a couple of recurring themes in
While there are certainly a few places to take the exhibition,” explains Prescott. “The first
in paintings, sculptures and other forms of one is to do with my illustrations and how
visual art in the city, they're few and far- I wanted them to look like built up cities
between and tend to focus on classics more and metropolises. In my collage work I also
than contemporary or emerging artists and wanted to look at the relationship between
art forms. 117 Gallery, which opened across colour, image and form and how these can
from the Tianyi Square Church last year, both compliment and contradict each other.
has emerged as a potential home to an arts My main focus in my collage work is colour,
culture in its infancy.
form and composition.”
Prescott, an English teacher by day,
specializes in collage and geometric
illustration, both of which are featured in
the artist's exhibit, Mutations, on display at
117 until the first week of March. Prescott
teamed up with fellow Englishman and
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
included, seem to be growing and this
feeling I sometimes get when I have visited
the likes of Shanghai and Beijing were you
feel like you are being swallowed by the
sheer size of these cities. I come from a
relatively small town in north west England,
so I feel this more acutely than other people.
My collage work is made entirely of old
Chinese TV, science and general Chinese
magazines. I wanted to express my love of
these beautiful magazines and the weird
and wonderful images within.”
“I also have a theme of headless bodies
against selected backgrounds. One of my
influences is surrealism. I wanted to give
the work a surreal look by placing these
headless figures in unfamiliar surroundings
and also replacing the heads with random
Though Prescott grew up and received objects.”
his education in England, Mutations was
created during and inspired by the artist's The result is a negotiation between comfort
time in China.
of yesteryear's pop culture imagery and
the bizarre, jarring effect of these things
“I have noticed how rapidly cities, Ningbo being tremendously out of place. Ominous
w ng bogui d
arts & leisure
and ambiguous machinery occupies the
same space as soothing images of models
representing whatever product they were
representing in their heyday. It's a reality
that exists but often goes ignored. When
it's presented in the form of familiar
images showing up in unfamiliar contexts,
it provides an enlightening if not slightly
uncomfortable portrait of the modern
In speaking with Prescott, it is abundantly
clear that part of his goal with the 117
exhibition is creating space and laying
groundwork for an artistic community in
Ningbo. The opening night was filled with
people, wine and conversation; a definite
and significant step towards that goal.
Prescott puts the burden of nuturing a
scene equally on patrons, local media and
the artists themselves.
“I feel Ningbo can have a thriving art scene
for the simple reason that it is a relatively
small city compared to Shanghai, Beijing
and Guanzhou,” he says. “This could work
in it's advantage as more people, with the
right promotion of course, could find out
and attend events. I think people could
help the art scene in Ningbo to grow by
attending events. It's simple but really
effective. Artists could help by getting
together to organize events. They could be
simple ideas but it's something.”
Fostering an art scene in a city that's still
finding its bearings is a worthy, albeit lofty
goal but Prescott's exhibition stands well
enough on its own to merit at least one if
not multiple visits.
Mutations will continue to run until March
5th. Much of the artwork on display is for
sale. Visitors can scan the QR located next
to the work for more information about
117 Gallery is located at 117 Yaohang
Street, opposite the Tianyi Square Church.
Visit for a map and
Lastboss' Mutations-inspired music.
arts & leisure
The 2015 Bookworm Literary Festival
The annual festival from Beijing,
Chengdu and Suzhou comes to
This is the calendar for the Bookworm
International Literary Festival at The
University of Nottingham Ningbo China.
Coordinated by the School of English, it
promises to be a celebration of the power of
literature and ideas.
This year Bookworm 2015 will see a number of
internationally-renowned and award-winning
novelists from a variety of backgrounds
deliver talks, seminars and workshops on
a wide range of interesting subjects, from
gender and sexuality in China to the political
relationship between Russia and the UK. The
events will also allow the audience to engage
and share ideas with the speakers, and there
will be opportunities for those interested to
receive professional advice on how to develop
as a writer or pursue a career in the literary
The festival (in Ningbo, there are other
portions of the festival in other cities) from
March 17th to March 26th. All of the talks and
presentations are free to the public so head
out and enjoy the mental stimulation.
All events are held on the UNNC Campus,
visit them online for more info. www.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
Communism in the UK
Paul Anderson (UK)
Venue: TB330
Journalist Paul Anderson, author of the book Moscow Gold? The Soviet Union
and the British Left, traces the history of Communism in the UK through its
relationship with and perspective on the Soviet Union. In this talk, Anderson
explores both the British Communists for whom Moscow could do no wrong
as well as those British Communists who distanced themselves from or actively
rejected the Soviet style.
Former journalist and editor Paul Anderson is now at work on a companion
book to Moscow Gold that looks at the impact of Chinese communism. When
not running Aaargh! Press, a small publishing company, Anderson lectures at
University of Essex.
w ng bogui d
Anna May Wong Must Die!
Anna Chen (UK)
Venue: TB330
Anna May Wong Must Die! is Anna Chen’s one-woman
performance about Hollywood’s first Chinese movie star.
This personal journey through the life and crimes of Anna
May Wong grew from a half-hour program about the
actress, A Celestial Star In Piccadilly, broadcast on BBC
Radio 4 in 2009, written and presented by Chen. Part comedy, part social critique, this
funny, fascinating look at the movie icon dismantles Chinese stereotypes and reveals the
human side of the dragon lady of dragon ladies.
Anna Chen, born and raised in London, is a writer, poet, performer, broadcaster and
blogger. She became a public figure through her work as a BBC4 presenter. Her 2007 10part series, Chinese in Britain, examined the life of the first Chinese person to live in the
UK. Her website Madam Miao Says was shortlisted for the 2010 Orwell Prize for blogging
and longlisted in 2012. Chen runs The Hothouse Project, a series of workshops and courses,
one of which she has taught for the Orwell Prize Wigan Pier Workshops. She published a
book of poetry, Reaching for my Gnu, in 2013.
The Final Frontier
Tim Cope (Australia)
Venue: TB330
Tim Cope is an award-winning adventurer, author, and
filmmaker with a special interest in the traditional cultures
of Central Asia and Russia. He has studied as a wilderness
guide in the Finnish and Russian subarctic, ridden a bicycle
across Russia to China, and rowed a boat along the Yenisey
River through Siberia to the Arctic Ocean. Tim’s most renowned journey was a three-year,
6,000 mile journey by horse from Mongolia to Hungary on the trail of Genghis Khan - a
quest to understand the horseback nomads of the great Eurasian steppe.
In this presentation Tim will show clips of his travel documentary and discuss his
adventures with the audience. Tim is the author of Off the Rails: Moscow to Beijing on
Recumbent Bikes, and On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey through the Lands
of the Nomads. He is also the creator of several documentary films, including the awardwinning series The Trail of Genghis Khan.
Evident: Spoken-Word Poetry Performance
Zohab Zee Khan (Australia)
Venue: TB330
In a rousing set, Zohab Zee Khan combines poetry with
hip-hop to enthrall and entertain, giving listeners a new outlook on the possibilities of the
spoken word. Khan is the 2014 Australian Poetry Slam champion and 2014 International
Poetry Slam finalist. He is also a proficient didgeridoo player, harmonica beat-boxer, and
Originally hailing from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, he is the founding director of Zee
Poetics, an organisation that aims to inspire a new generation of poets through performance
based workshops. He has been writing and performing poetry since he was 13 years old.
The Origins of
Venue: TB330
Faramerz Dabhoiwala has been described as the
Stephen Hawking of sex, and his book, The Origins
of Sex: A History of the First Sexual Revolution,
has been acclaimed around the world as one of
the best non-fiction debuts of recent years. In
this witty, richly illustrated talk, he explains the
origins of modern sexual culture in the west – the
growth of sexual freedom; how the first sexual
revolution affected men and women, homosexuals
and heterosexuals; the birth of sexual celebrity;
and how we came to live in a world where sex is
supposedly private, yet ever more publicised.
Faramarz writes about the social, cultural, and
intellectual history of the English-speaking world
since 1500. His fascination in the political and
social history of medieval peasantry lead him to
his current specialisation in writing, The Origins
of Sex: A History of the First Sexual Revolution.
He was educated at York and University of Oxford.
He is currently the Senior History Fellow of Exeter
College at Oxford.
Chance Pieces
Venue: TB330
Will Buckingham is a novelist, lecturer, and
philosopher. His latest book, Sixty-Four Chance
Pieces, published by Earnshaw Books, is a novel
of sorts that puts the I Ching, or Chinese Book
of Changes, to work as a literature machine to
generate new stories and new possibilities. The
book comprises 64 short stories, each one drawing
on a chapter of the Chinese text, and combines
storytelling, travel writing, and often-wayward
philosophical reflections.
Will is a writer and philosopher based in the UK,
and with strong interests in China. His other books
include Complete Write a Novel Course, The
Descent of the Lyre, Happiness: A Practical Guide,
a number of philosophy books, and the children’s
book, The Snorgh and the Sailor (Scholastic). He
is currently Reader in Writing and Creativity at De
Montfort University, Leicester, UK.
ningbo guide
c o n t e s t
A 90 minute headto-toe Essential Oil
massage Worth 420 rmb
at Ningbo's best Spa,
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
Photographer // Mari Pazmino
Location // Yinzhou Park
What We Loved // Even as Ningbo is growing more and more
cosmopolitain by the minute it's great to be reminded of how easily
we can "get out of the city" without ever having to leave her.
w ng bogui d
Photographer // Alexis Smith
Location // Wanda Plaza
What We Loved // Though the subject
matter can be cliché we felt that the
tenderness of the shared moment of
rest between man and statue to be
quite endearing.
Photographer // Carl Moretti
Location // Baizhang Dong Lu
What We Loved // Part of the greatness of Asian cities is the
blending of spaces, personal and public, sidewalk and road, tree and
gym. This picture captures the haze of rain and the space made by
one of Ningbo's residents in a clever and enticing way.
Never heard of Ningbo?!
by Tess Humphrys
Way back in 2012, when I told friends in Britain I was moving to China, among the
many reactions I got was: “wow, cool China. Where you going? Beijing, Shanghai?
Hong Kong (is that China?!)?”
When I told people I was moving to Ningbo, however, pretty much all drew a
blank: “Ningbo, where’s that?” This was apart from one friend who had heard of
the city because he works for DIY store B&Q and had seen a list of all the stores in
China, including the one at Wanda Plaza. Still, he didn’t know any more than that.
I have to admit their lack of knowledge was understandable. I had no idea where
Ningbo was until I applied for a job at The University of Nottingham Ningbo
China (UNNC). And I still had no idea of the city’s significance even by the time
I actually moved here.
Fast-forward two years and I’ve been surprised to realise just what an influence
Ningbo has had, particularly on world history and trade.
When I tell foreign friends about Ningbo, I start by mentioning the city’s huge
port, the starting point out into the world for huge amounts of the cheap goods
produced in China. Imagine, I say to friends back in Britain, the vast quantities of
‘Made in China’ products you buy that have passed through Ningbo, all without
you realising. Ningbo’s port is well-known across the globe. In fact, a couple of
African international students at UNNC told me they knew about Ningbo purely
from the ships carrying its name that enter the port in their hometown.
And it’s not just nowadays that Ningbo has been on the world trade map – it’s
featured heavily on British maps as far back as the 19th Century thanks to its
position on China’s eastern coast, giving easy access to Hangzhou’s tea trade and
the trading opportunities available by accessing the Yangtze river. But, it wasn’t
just goods coming out of Ningbo that interested the British, it was what they could
get into the country that sealed the city’s fate for a period of time.
Most British people know that Hong Kong was once under British control, but few
of my friends realise the connection Ningbo has with Britain. After the conclusion
of the First Opium War in 1842 (where the British, rather shamefully, flooded
China with opium to address trade imbalances between the two nations), Ningbo
became one of five treaty ports that allowed the British to deal directly with
Chinese traders, without using middlemen as had been the case up until then.
This helped to massively increase British profits and deepened British interests
in China. Ningbo, along with the other treaty ports, had a British Consul that
had authority over the British residents and could negotiate directly with Chinese
representatives in a way that had previously been difficult. You can still see the
building that housed the British Consul at the port in Ningbo, a reminder of this
shared past. While not the most positive time in Ningbo’s history – indeed the
Treaty of Nanking that granted the British the five ports was an extremely onesided agreement – it is fascinating to realise the connections between Ningbo and
Britain, even before The University of Nottingham arrived here 10 years ago.
And while it remains to be seen whether Ningbo ever becomes well-known enough
internationally to be thought of alongside Shanghai, Beijing et al, I certainly enjoy
educating my foreign friends about its hidden significance.
A 90 minute headto-toe Essential Oil
massage worth 420 rmb
at Ningbo's best Spa,
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
We want to say a huge thank
you to everyone that sent in
submissions. It is always an
excellent time to see how
everyone views Ningbo. The
contest is ongoing and new
winners are selected every
month so feel free to send
anything and everything in
Submissions can be sent to:
[email protected]
w ng bogui d
ningbo guide
c o n t e s t
You live in Ningbo.
You've got photos.
you've got stories.
and we wanna see them.
And not only do we wanna see them, we
want to print the best ones and hook
you up with prizes for making them!
Here's How It Works
// Send your hi-resolution photos or essays to [email protected] by the 15th of every month. Photos
must be at least 300 dpi and 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 in) to be eligible. Essays will only be accepted in English and
Chinese. Essays must be no longer than 500 words in length. Both photos and essays must be about Ningbo or
take place in Ningbo. Them's the rules.
// We'll look over what you send us, likely over some spicy food and a few drinks and decide which ones we
like the most.
// First prize in each category will be rewarded with a really awesome prize. Second and third place will be
rewarded with a still pretty awesome prize.
// The winners will be published in the following issue of Ningbo Guide.
We'll be doing this every month so keep 'em coming.
- What is Diversity?
- An LGBTQ+ society.
- A what?
- An LGBTQ+ society.
- In Ningbo?
- Yes, in Ningbo.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
This is the usual reaction that we
get from people hearing about us
for the first time. We, Diversity, are
very happy to finally have come
out (pun intended) to the people
in this city. Shanghai and Beijing
have been enjoying the privileges of
writing about the topic, organizing
workshops, Kissmases and prides. As
Ningbo is developing and becoming
more cosmopolitan with every
passing year, the time is ripe to start
representing the invisible.
Most people do not realize how big
the LGBTQ+ community in Ningbo
is or who we are. Our first step at the
moment is to educate people about
what LGBTQ+ stands for. And then
show them that the community not
only exists but also has a ton of allies
- as the ancient Chinese saying goes:
LGBTQ+ mountain, ally sea.
“So, how does the society function?”
you may ask. Well, to begin with, one
of the core reasons of our existence
is to support the not-so-strong
LGBTQ+ people in Ningbo. We have
a team that offers peer-counseling
free-of-charge. The team sincerely
wants to address the problem of the
lack of adequate support within the
city. While support is available, the
topic of LGBTQ+ is not taught to
mental health professionals during
their education, which can cause their
clients more harm than good. At the
moment, it is mostly young gay men
who come out to their parents who
w ng bogui d
request our support. Some cases are better; some cases are
worse, but not a single happy case so far. If you are LGBTQ+
or questioning, please do not hesitate to contact. We have
bilingual help available.
a good number of allies –cafes, restaurants, tattoo studios,
nightclubs, and even knitting shops– that have adopted our
sticker, and now spread the word of inclusion and respect.
The full map will be released this summer. In the meantime
we can give you a sneak peek into a few places that will join
Another objective that we have taken up is education: we us as allies.
have a series of workshops that shed light on topics such
as sexual and gender diversity, labels, intersectionality,
privilege, community wellbeing, and much more. We are Last, but not least, in case you would like to see your idea
honored to have a variety of amazing speakers, ranging from happening in real life, we are open-minded and embracing
LGBTQ+ consultants to visiting professors from the UK. You of good initiatives. Case in point: we have recently met a new
can follow our Official WeChat Account to catch up with the friend who wishes to organize a queer poetry slam. How cool
upcoming events.
is that?
We also work on social awareness. There are so many
misunderstandings when it comes to LGBTQ+ people in
Ningbo that it was hard to know where to begin. We have
decided to start with the Safe Space project, mapping the
LGBTQ+ friendly places in the city of Ningbo. We now have
Diversity would like to invite you to understand more about
LGBTQ+ topics by attending our workshops, lectures, and
film screenings: all are welcome, regardless of their sexual
orientation or gender identity.
Words //
Dragonfly Spa
Four Benefits
of Massage
That May
Surprise You
We all know that having a massage
can be a relaxing and rewarding
experience that isn't just indulgent.
In a Western frame of mind
massage is often seen as only that,
some sort of indulgence or treat
that we should give to ourselves on
special occasions.
But another way to look at massage
is to view it as preventitive
medicine. Much like yoga or
exercise, massage can be taken from
having an indulgent experience to a
healthy and positive ritual that will
keep us fresh, young, happy and
Here are four more benefits
that aren't often associated with
Dragonfly Spa is China's leading spa
chain, providing therapeutic massage
in a beautiful, peaceful environment.
Ningbo's Dragonfly is open seven days
a week from 11:00 AM – 11:30 PM and
islocated conveniently in Laowitan at No.
37, Yangshan Lane. Please call 0574 8723
9925 to set up your next appointment.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
It Can Relieve Mental Tension as Well
Certainly this one isn't too much of a shock, but it might come as a surprise just how
effective massage can be at helping with anxiety and depression.
Recently, multiple studies have suggested that massage may play an important role
in relieving psychological woes.
A study in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
discovered that psychiatric patients who were anxious and depressed reported
being much more relaxed, happy and having lower stress levels following massage.
Massage could also help those with serious or terminal illnesses deal with the
mental issues that come along with them. A 2005 study in the International Journal
of Neuroscience found that women been diagnosed with breast cancer who had
received massage three times a week reported being less angry and less depressed.
It Can Help You Get More
Sleep and Better Sleep
Sometimes sleep can be hard to come by
in this city, what with friends and family
in different time zones and the occasional
5am fireworks show. While diet and
exercise are crucial to catching the proper
amount of Zs, massage can also help ensure
a full restful eight.
Massage promotes relaxation and comfort,
two feelings associated with sleeping well.
In addition, the physical side of massage
reduces muscle tension and aches which
may be keeping you from getting your
snooze on properly.
A study at the University of Warwick
showed that infants who got some form
of massage slept more and cried less than
those who didn't. So if you're feeling like
it's hard to “sleep like a baby,” it might be
good to take a lesson or two from them.
w ng bogui d
It Can Improve Your Immune System
Some of us can't catch a break when it comes to catching a cold, especially those of us who are often working
around children. Spring can be especially bad as that Ningbo weather brings us four seasons in a day, seriously
mixing up our bodies' immune systems.
But according to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, massage can actually help to raise the
number of white blood cells—your knights in shining armor when it comes to fighting disease—that your body
It Can Make That Nagging
Headache Disappear
No, not your next trip to the visa office, actual headaches.
We can all agree that headaches are just the worst. They seemingly come out of
nowhere and make us irritable and distracted, a bad combination when you've got
things to do.
A study at the University of Granada in Spain found that massage therapy relieved the
pain and tension from both temporary and chronic headaches almost immediately.
So whether your head is thumping from the elements or the night before, it might
be the right time to set up an appointment with your friendly local spa.
body & mind
Yoga P E R F E C T I O N
by Gabriella Butarazzi
Gabriella Butarazzi
Gabriella Buttarazzi first
encountered the established
Teacher Training School Yoga
Integral Dharma Ananda
whilst living in Valencia,
Spain from 2010. Before
that, quite like many, she
had only dabbled with yoga
as a recreational activity.
Noticing the profound
effects it had on her body
and mind, she decided to
train in and subsequently
teach Integral Yoga. It has
been an on-going process of
learning from and adapting
to her inspiring students.
She has built a resources
and information site in
both Chinese and English in
order to further support her
students here in Ningbo.
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
The mind strives for perfection. When the mind doesn't get (it's rather
impossible wouldn't you say?) it berates; self-scrutiny is the source of much
stress and anxiety in our lives. Thoughts shoot out: I am not good enough. I
am a failure. I am useless. When we embark on yoga, that is “the journey of
the self, to the self, through to the self " (The Bhagavad Gita) through a regular
yoga practice, we become wise to this self-scrutiny.
Ahimsa, the practice of non-violence is just as much a practice of behaviour
towards ourselves. Driving for perfection in each yoga pose (or asana in
Sanskrit) encourages us and motivates us, but when we are in yoga, it is not
about striving for something at all. It is simply the practice and art of presence.
It is not something we even really do: as Sharon Gannon of Jivamukti Yoga
says "you cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are
yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural
state". So when we attend yoga classes, we try to do the asana as the yoga
teacher shows us. Perhaps we strain ourselves (just a little is OK), enter into a
competitive mode (start looking at how others do it), get frustrated (feelings
that you’re not loose or flexible enough) or sometimes even injure ourselves
(by pushing our bodies too far). All for striving for that perfection rather than
being present in the moment of the practice.
w ng bogui d
what is integral yoga?
course description
Integral Yoga fuses techniques of Hatha Yoga
(working with the physical body), Kundalini
Yoga (working with the energetic body)
and Dhyana Yoga (working with the mind/
meditation). A gentle but complete practice
to balance, relax and energise the body and
mind, improving overall health and wellbeing
upon regular practice.
Integral Yoga classes are held on both Tuesdays and Thursdays
at 17:15 – 18:45 and 19:00 – 20:30 above Zlife, near The
University of Nottingham in the Yinzhou area. Each 16-week
course costs 1,200 CNY for twice weekly attendance, and
600 CNY for once weekly attendance. Contact Gabriella on
+86 13957844966 or visit for
more information on Integral Yoga.
But actually it matters much less what we do with our bodies
in the yoga class, than the attitude we adopt whilst doing it.
A meditative state, a state of no-mind, and an easing into
the pose with grace, attention and intention are key. In that
way, when we move our bodies in and out of an asana we
are approaching it as a perfectionist. But not in the way
that out bodies must look, move and hold as perfectly as a
long-trained yogi or yogini, in the way that our bodies are
receiving every moment of our focus and presence, from the
joints to our extremities - fingers, toes, nose, we are present
and involved; in, before and after every asana.
let your body hang loose with hands resting on the block,
coupled with slow and gentle deep breathing of course.
B.K.S. Iyengar first really popularised the use of props in a
yoga practice as absolutely nothing to feel ashamed about,
but rather to assist us to really feel our bodies in the asana
and to experience it with both Sukha and Sthira, and not
simply one or the other as this would lead to a general lack
of presence.
So perfecting the yoga asana is not so much about looking
perfectly flexible and doing something semi-acrobatic,
although, with time and practice this usually happens
So when we move into an asana, it is about drawing our anyhow. But more like an art of grace and presence: "To
attention and awareness to our entire body: in sensations, perform every action artfully is yoga" (Swami Kripalu).
motions, breathe; and not simply
trying to imitate the perfect image
of the asana. With practice your
body fits into them naturally, as our
natural state. So, let’s say, you are in
Uttanasana (The Standing Forward
Bend) but can't quite touch the
ground with ease yet, if your focus
on striving for perfection is touching
the ground as the yogis and yoginis
do, you might decide to bend your
knees or force and strain your body
to achieve this.
But actually to order to be in the
space of both Sukha (stability) and
Sthira (comfort) and experience
your body in that asana, it's better
to use a prop like a yoga block and
Take a morning or an
afternoon to enter a magical
and delightful shop located
in Heyi Dadao that will spark
the imagination of the child
in all of us.
Miss Fairy Cake is a cake
making workshop space and
studio that is filled with fun
for kids of all ages.
Located on the bottom floor of Heyi just
near the exti Ole is the Miss Fairy Cake
Baking Studio. The first thing you'll
notice when entering the space is how
clean and crisp everything is. All of the
workbenches are sparkling and inviting,
waiting for the splashes of color from
the cakes, icings, and decorations to turn
them into beautiful palletes and canvases
in their own right.
how the baking studio stacked up. And
all of the responses was that it was a great
way to make something really fun, spend
a great morning or afternoon in Ningbo,
and best of all, you get to eat what you
Ningbo is growing all the time and it's
great to see more and more activities and
fun things to do in the city like Miss Fairy
Cake Baking Studio.
All of the darling and cute cooking utensils
are organized and beautifully color coded Be sure to stop by or give them a call
making them that much more fun to use! and set up your appointment to create
some delicious treats and great memories
After perusing the beutiful setup and all at the same time. You will emerge a
getting ready to start, it was finally time more comfortable baker and make some
to start baking! The owner of the MFC seriously cute stuff along the way.
gives a lot of fantastic instruction to all
of her guests. She will guide you through
Baking Studio
the basic of cake making, batter making, MFC
B010 Heyi Avenue, Haishu District
decorating and even some more advanced 0574 8768 0080
and difficult cakes making techniques.
Ningbo Guide sent a crack team of kids
young and a little less young to test out
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
e h
eat & drink
fashion & home
arts & leisure
body & mind
american &
western food
Bar di Vino Bar & Restaurant
No.117, Caihong (N) Road, Jiangdong District
(0574 8733 5777)
迪维诺西餐&酒吧 江东区彩虹北路117号
47 Shengyuan Lane, Moon Lake Garden, Haishu
District (0574 8818 7900)
朱莉安西餐厅 海曙区月湖盛园盛园巷47号
Lounge 潮
Classy food and decor set in 1920's deco Shanghai
No.8 Shengyuan Lane, Moon Lake Garden,
Haishu District
+86 574 5533 0000
Sunshine's Aussie Pies
No.76, Lane 666, South Qianhu Road, Sunday
Square, Yinzhou District
132 9197 8881
Eudora Station
111-119 Waima Rd. Laowaitan, Ningbo
(0574 87647137/7138)
亿多瑞站 宁波市老外滩外马路111-119号
LUNCH PLATTER Menu ¥68 or ¥88
Traditional BritishAfternoon Tea
Traveler's Coffee
Fair Trade and organic coffees, continental
teas, European pastry, brunch specials, salads,
sandwiches, homemade soups & hot meals
1. Gulou Drum Tower Pedestrian Entrance, 48
Fuqiao Jie, Haishu District (8702-9686)
2. Tianyi Square Gugo Mall B North Entrance,
Haishu District
Selected Wines & Beers
Spirits & Mojitos
Eudora Station
Every Saturday and Sunday the complete spread
is laid out. One of the best brunches in town at a
great price. 111-119 Waima Rd. Laowaitan, Ningbo
(0574 87647137/7138)
亿多瑞站 宁波市老外滩外马路111-119号
glo London
Pizzas, BBQ ribs & chicken from hickory oak
burning smoke pit & other international favourites.
No. 38, Yangshan road, Ningbo (The Old Bund)
Tel: +86 0574-8749 6663
buy one
cocktail and
get the rest free,
every Friday
Traditinoal American brunch in Laowaitan10
Zhongma Lu, Lao Waitan, Jiangbei (0574-87323533)
Ancient Coffee Tucked away in Laowaitan.
18, Lane 76, Erheng Jie, Laowaitan (0574-87375758) 老外滩二横路76弄8号
Better Cafe & Cake Three stories of nooks
and cranny’s, this is a great place to hide away
for an afternoon. The spaces are comfortable and
semi-private and it has great natural light. 144
Fuqiao Jie (0574-8736-5694 / 130-0899-9499)
倍得客 府桥街144号
Costa Coffee This chain from the UK has the
coffee you'd expect. 1 Baishui Xiang (0574-87060256)
Cup O’Joe
279 Minshan Lu, Xinqi, Beilun (0574-8686-7500)
D Sky Home
104 Qianhu Tiandi Square, 399 Qianhu Bei Lu
No.8 Shengyuan Lane, Moon lake Garden
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
J'Adore Coffee shop next to Moon Lake, a patio
with landscaping made from hundreds of Blue Nun
w ng bogui d
the directory eat & drink
wine bottles. Only open at night. 71 Gongqing Lu
我的真爱 共青路71号
Lafacile Café Lafacile Cafe, we bring you
the best latte and espresso in Ningbo. We also
make an excellent lafaccino! 394 Zhongshan
法思乐咖啡 中山东路394号
Pabala Cozy and quaint shop run by the ever
friendly Mao Mao. No.85 Lane 659 Siming Zhong
Lu,Yinzhou, Near Gelan Yuntian (158-6756-1816)
帕芭菈休闲吧 四明中路659弄85号 格兰
Miss Pepper
dessert & ice cream
Dairy Queen 冰雪皇后
1. B1 Heyi Avenue Shopping Mall, Hai Shu
海曙区和义大道ZONE C地下1
2. 1F GUGO,Tian Yi Square,152 Yaohang Jie, Haishu
3. 1F Intime Department Store, Jiangxia Jie, Haishu.
4.1F Wanda Plaza,Yinzhou.
5.1F Century Oriental Business Plaza, Zhong Shan
Dong Lu, Jiang Dong
6.Sangtian Lu, Jiangdong.
Floor 23, Building A, No 558 Taikang Road, Yinzhou
DAISY Cheesecake
District (180-6730-2266)
地址更改 鄞州区泰康中路558号宁波商会 Some of the best and most authentic cakes and
desserts in Ningbo. No. 29, CangQiao Street,
YinYiShiDai Square, JieFang South Road,HaiShu
一多喜 宁波解放南路仓桥街29号银亿时代广
Warm and comfortable, serving Illy Coffee,
and they have movie nights throughout the
week. No.68 Renmin Lu, Lao Wai Tan, Ningbo
Haagen-Dazs 哈根达斯
1.No.1037 Zone B, Heyi Avenue Shopping
景咖啡 宁波老外滩人民路68号
Mall,Haishu District.
Slowly Café
Bright, arty, and kitsch all at the same time, check 2.1F Intime Department Store,Tianyi Square,Haishu
out the wacky cookies.
No.66 Renmin Lu, Lao Wai Tan, Ningbo (05743.Wanda Plaza,Yinzhou District.
87658503 13685852308)
慢时光 宁波外滩人民路66号
Starbucks 星巴克
1. Tian Yi Square, 88 Zhongshan Dong Lu
2. 42 Caihong Bei Lu, Portman area
3. 123 Waima Lu, Lao Waitan
4. 1F, Gugo, Tian Yi Square, 152 Yaohang Jie
5. 999 Siming Zhong Lu, Wanda Plaza, Gate 3
Iceason 爱茜茜里冰淇淋
1.42 Cangqiao Jie, Moon Lake Garden, Haishu
2.1-01-1 Wanda Plaza, 188 Jiangbei Dadao, Jiangbei
Mochi Sweets On the first floor of Gugo in Tian
Yi Square is this purveyor of yummy treats, some of
which are made with the Japanese sweetened rice
cake called Mochi. 1F, Gugo, Tianyi Square
摩提工房 天一广场酷购商场1楼
1.1F Intime Department Store, 238 Zhongshan Dong
Lu, Haishu
2. 2F Wanda Plaza, 999 Siming Zhong Lu, Yinzhou
3. 2F COB, 1083 Zhongshan Dong Lu
Xiang Xi Bu Luo
Nice and spicy food in Wanda Plaza. 2F, Wanda
Plaza, Yinzhou (0574-8305-6139)
湘西部落 鄞州万达广场7号门2楼
Bronze Sparrow Terrace
Fine dining Ningbo, Sichuan, and Cantonese fare.
Qilin Building 1511 Tiantong Bei Lu, Yinzhou
Usual Cantonese with familiar dishes like sweet &
铜雀台-私房菜 宁波鄞州区天童北路1511
sour pork and fried rice. Some people swear by it. 121 号 麒麟大厦
Huaishu Lu (0574-8766-2688)
潮涌轩 槐树路121号
Gang Ya Gou 缸鸭狗
Famous local restaurant with over 100 years of
Daohua Yuan Porridge 稻花源砂锅粥
Porridge is hot in Ningbo. One pot serves 4 people,
1. No.1 Gate Wanda Plaza, Yinzhou (0574-8822savory and piping hot.
1. 252 Mayuan Lu (0574-2786-0828) 海曙区马园
2. 64 Jicao Jie (0574-8775-3988) 江东区箕漕街
2. 3F Wanda Plaza, Jiangbei, (0574-8758-1926)
3. 48 Qizha Jie (0574-8731-3218) 海曙区碶闸街
Dong Bei Feng
On the 2nd floor in Wanda Plaza, pig knuckle reigns
supreme. Great dumplings, tofu skin salad, etc.
2A-23, Wanda Plaza (0574-8808-6677)
东北风 万达广场银座2A-23号
Da Feng Shou
Supreme Northern cuisine full of Notherners.
Some of the best dumplings and fried pork ever.
Arrrrrrrrrrr it's really good. 287 Jingjia Lu, Jiangdong
New Zealand Natural
Macau Doulao 澳门豆捞
They have normal dishes such as beef, seafood,
chicken, goose, pig’s brain, and duck tongue, and
more exotic dishes such as kangaroo tail, camel
hump, crocodile meat, fish stomach, chicken
kidney, cow bone marrow and much more.
1. 218-228 Siming Zhong Lu 四明中路218-228
2. 46-8 Portman Street 彩虹北路波特曼大街
3. 36 Yaohang Jie (0574-8731-3688) 药行街36号
Xiao Fei Yang Hot Pot 小肥羊火锅
One of the more popular hotpots in town, this
chain satisfies but purists say its lacking.
Hours: 10:00-02:00
1. No.333,Jingjia Lu, Jiangdong District.
2. No. 627 Siming Zhong Lu, Yinzhou District.
Xiao Mian Yang Hot Pot 小绵羊
1. 23 Ying Feng Jie, Jie Fang Nan Lu, HaiShu
2. 353 Huan Cheng Xi Lu Nan Duan, Haishu
3. 69 Xing Ning Lu, Jiangdong (0574-8777-6339)
Yaode Hotpot 要德火锅
1. 339 Jingjia Lu, Jiangdong (0574-8726-6666)
2. 2F, 57 Zhongshan Xi Lu, Haishu
3. 47 Xing Ning Lu, Jiangdong (0574-8739-3948)
Xiang Ju Qing
Chef is from Hunnan, famous for making local
dishes. 352 Keji Lu,Yin Zhou (0574-8300-2002)
湘居情 宁波市鄞州区科技路352号
Xiang Li Ren Jia Restaurant
A small place in Yinzhou, two floors of noisy
diners and great food. 202 Siming Zhong Lu
香里仁家湘菜馆 四明中路202号
The Grandma’s
Ningbo Zhejiang flavor just like Grandma
makes it. 4F, International Shopping Center,
Tianyi Square,166 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
外婆家 海曙区中山东路166号天一广场国
4F of INCITY, 288 Qianhu Bei Lu, Yinzhou
3F of Raffles City, 99 Daqing Nan Lu, Jiangbei
Kong Ke
1F, C2 Zone, Liansheng Plaza, No.1288 Ningnan
(N) Road, Yinzhou (0574 2882 0023)
Simple South Asian Restaurant
Fine dining Ningbo, Sichuan, and Cantonese fare.
No. 378-379, 3F, Wanda Plaza (Jiangbei) (+86 137
7713 9767)
Fei Teng Yu Xiang Sichuan Restaurant
Add: 53 Leigong Xiang, Jiangdong Tel:
沸腾鱼乡川菜馆 江东区雷公巷53号
Loushang Louxia
The name of this restaurant is "upstairs
downstairs" in Chinese, they serve two different
styles. Home made cookies, egg tarts, and set rice.
81 Huayan Jie (0574-2787-8871)
楼上楼下 江东华严街81号
Wu Da Kitchen
Next to Cafe de Maya restaurant. Good price, not
bad Sichuan dishes. 1F Century Plaza, 230 Jiefang
Nan Lu (0574-8719-7059)
武大厨房 解放南路230号世纪广场1楼
Zi Zhu Lin
Known for their delicious spicy bullfrog. On Jingjia
Lu in a row of about 40 other restaurants. 289
Jingjia Lu (0574-6617-2526)
紫竹林川菜 惊驾路289号
Feast Modern Restaurant
Ningbo seafood in a beautiful, restored
200-year-old Qing dynasty house. The food is as
good as the lovely woodwork. 87 Huaishu Lu
美宴摩登餐厅 槐树路87号
Shipu Grand Restaurant 石浦大酒店
The center of Ningbo's "Yong" cuisine. It
serves traditional local dishes in an authentic
atmosphere. Make reservations, and bring a
camera to take pictures of the vast display
of live seafood. It's better than going to the
aquarium, and what aquarium lets you eat
their fish?
1. Center of Tian Yi Square (0574-8727-1777)
the directory eat & drink
2. 60 Yanyue Jie (Moon Lake) (0574-8732-6777)
3. Wanda Plaza, 999 Siming Zhong Lu (05748808-6777) 四明中路999号万达广场
4. 1118 Baizhang Dong Lu (0574- 8783-8888)
5. 36 Nanda Jie, Zhenhai (0574- 8666-8888) 镇
Sunka 速卡美食
Ashima Courtyard
Hidden on a side street near Gu Lou, in a Qing
Dynasty house built 329 years ago, with white
walls and black tile. Inside the cool house, a
sunny courtyard brings you authentic cuisine. 33
Yongshou Jie (0574-8726-2292)
阿诗玛庭院 永寿街33号(原文昌食堂)
1. No.1036, 1F, Heyi Avenue, Haishu District
(0574 8389 7777)
2. No.40, Caihong (N) Road, Jiangdong District
(0574 8772 7269) 江东区彩虹北路40号
Huan Tang Fusion
3. Lane 45, Jiefang (N) Road, Haishu District
(close to Fuqiao Street) (0574 8902 0000) 海曙 Chinese and Western fusion cuisine such as radish
minced beef soup, stuffed eggplant, and lamb
chops. In the new Century Oriental Plaza shopping
center. 1072, 1F, Oriental Century Plaza, 1083
Zhongshan Dong Lu (0574-8781-9022)
欢唐时尚餐厅 中山东路1083号东方世纪广
Meng Die Ya Yuan Restaurant
46 Shengyuan Xiang, Moon Lake Garden, Haishu
fine dining
Noble House
850 Maocheng Zhong Lu, Yinzhou
Shanghai Min
Lobster Bar and Grill
With a selection of international delights including
fresh seafood, grilled meats and pastas, Lobster Bar
and Grill’s dishes feature recipes that have been
honed to perfection for decades. 1F, Shangri-la
Hotel, Ningbo (0574-8799-8888)
龙虾酒吧扒房 宁波香格里拉大酒店一楼
Ajisen Ramen 味千拉面
1.Gate 6,Tianyi Square,Zhong Shan Dong Lu,Haishu
District.(Next to KFC)(0574-8727-6085)
Wan exudes sophistication in an elegant modern
2. 33 Xianxue Jie, Haishu (Near Cheng Huang Miao)
Chinese décor with seven luxurious private VIP
dining rooms. Canton, Shanghai and Ningbo cuisine.
5F, Sofitel, 899 Siming Zhong Lu (0574-2889-9888)
3. 11 Sheng Yuan Xiang, Moon Lake Garden, Haishu
万字号中餐厅 四明中路899号索菲特大饭
4. 1F Wanda Plaza, Yinzhou (0574-8705-7405
Initial Food
No.933 Tiantong (N) Road, Yinzhou District
(0574 2880 2111)
Stanley Fusion
1207 Tiantong (N) Road, Yinzhou District (Di Sai
Tomorrow Square)
(0574 5584 8717)
Akitaya 秋田家
Upscale Japanese with fresh sushi and decent all
you can eat teppanyaki.
1. 2F, Sheraton Hotel, 52 Caihong Bei Lu (05748768-8688) 彩虹北路52号
2. 3F, Kylie Hotel, 76 Jicao Jie (0574-8705-7656) 箕
3. 1F, Haiju Hotel, 218 Mayuan Lu (0574-87076796) 马园路218号
Daking Japanese Restaurant
Located in Beilun, cozy envionment. 226 Gao Feng
Lu, Beilun (0574-8683-2216)
大金日本料理 北仑区高凤路226号
110-112 Qizha Jie, Haishu (Near Tianyi Square)
Japanese noodles. 91 Heyi Ave, Haishu (0574-87200898)
Hefeng Rotating Sushi
Decent sushi for the price, and it's goes around and
around in front of you. 1F, Gate 6, Wanda Plaza
和风料理 万达广场6号门1楼
Xinye Taiwan Restaurant
Elegant Taiwanese fare. 626-1 Songjiang Zhong
Lu (0574-8816-9997)
欣叶台湾美食 嵩江中路626-1号(和邦
Helv Sushi 禾绿寿司
Rotating Sushi, reasonable price, they also have
noodle soup.
1. 3F FM Buidling, 6 Yao Hang Jie, Haishu
2. 3F Wanda Plaza, Jiangbei (0574-5501-0823)
Inayama 79 Qianlong Lu, behind the Sheraton
稻山日本料理 波特曼中心裙楼东(潜龙
KAZUMI Simple and elegant Japnese in Wanda
Plaza Yinzhou 3 Gate, Wanda Plaza, Yinzhou
Balle Balle Indian Restaurant
No.7, Lane 66, Zhenming Road, Haishu
(0574 8748 9654)
Koko – Japanese restaurant Elegant
and high end Japanese dining experience,
teppanyaki, Sushi and Sashimi bar or satisfy your
appetite with the “All You Can Eat” specials. Lunch
11:30—14:30Dinner 17:00—22:00 5F, Sofitel, 899
Siming Zhong Lu (0574-2889-9888)
可可日本餐馆 四明中路899号索菲特大饭
Kyoto Japanese Restaurant 京都日本
1. 117 Leigong Lane, Caihong Bei Lu (0574-87716503) 彩虹北路雷公巷117号
2. 265 Liuting Jie (0574-8713-2636) 柳汀街265号
Nasubi Japanese Restaurant
Ganesha Indian Restaurant Summer
specials: hot Lamb soup , Tandoori Chicken, Lamb
Roganjosh, Saffron Rice & Cheese Garlic Naan and
336 Zhenming Lu (189-6822-7174)
葛尼沙 镇明路336号
Indiana Authentic Indian food located in the
food court of Lady's Mall across from Tianyi. 2F-21,
2nd floor, Lady Fashion Mall, #169, Yaohang street,
Haishu, Ningbo (13566024246)
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
Crisp, clean and precise traditional Japanese cuisine.
1. 2F North Bldg Crowne Plaza,No.129 Yaohang
Hours: 11:30~13:30 17:30~21:30
纳思比日本料理 凯洲皇冠假日酒店 北楼2F
2. No.3 Silver Walk,Ri Li Middle Road,Yinzhou
Hours: 11:30~13:30 17:30~22:30
纳思比日本料理 鄞州区日丽中路南部商务
Amore's Great for families, dates, and friends.
Comfortable and cozy Italian food that doesn't
skimp of flavor or portion. 109 Jiangdong Nan Lu
(0574-8783-8350 136-1574-0093)
Amore’s意大利餐厅 江东南路109号
w ng bogui d
the directory eat & drink
Da Bossi Ristorante Fine dining Italian
cuisine in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere.
Great wine selection. 139 Zhongma Lu, Lao Waitan
自在意大利餐厅 老外滩中马路139号
Da Paolo FIne dining Italian food in Yinzhou,
just across from Wanda Plaza. 2F LinkSun Living
Shopping Mall, 1288 Ningnan Bei Lu, Yinzhou
Han Cheng Yuan
Traditional Korean food.
43 Mayuan Lu, Haishu (0574-8716-0133)
Koryowon Restaurant
Authentic Korean food and popular with locals. Not
only Korean BBQ, try the whole menu. In restaurant
row on Jingjia Lu. 359 Jingjia Lu (0574-8779-1677)
高丽苑 惊驾路359号
Quan Yong Cheng 全雍城
This Korean style BBQ is one of a kind in Ningbo, full
buffet of items to cook.
1. 111 Huayan Jie (0574-8775-3777) 华严街111号
2. 366 Cuibai Lu (0574-8722-3003) 翠柏路366号
2. Gate 5, Wanda Plaza Yinzhou (0574-2887-2727)
Pizza Hut 必胜客
1. 152 GUGO Tianyi Square (0574-8736-8021)
2. 1F Wan Da Plaza,Yinzhou (0574-8305-7101)
3. 1F Intime Department Store,Tian Yi
4. 1F Shen Yang Tai Department Store,Zhong Shan
Xi Lu,Hai Shu.(0574-8725-3831)
5. Near Auchan,160 Cuibai Lu,Hai Shu.
6. 298Kai Ming Jie,Tian Yi Square,Hai Shu,
7. 1F Wan Da Plaza,Jiangbei.
Pizza Pino
Basic Italian style pizza from a chain outlet in
modern decor. 1041B, Zone C, Heyi Avenue
Shopping Center, 66 Heyi Lu (0574-8389-9535)
steakhouse & bbq
Eudora Station
111-119 Waima Rd. Laowaitan, Ningbo
(0574 87647137/7138)
亿多瑞站 宁波市老外滩外马路111-119号
3F, Century Oriental Business Plaza, 1083
Zhongshan Dong Lu (0574-8723-3888)
超级牛扒 中山东路1083号世纪东方商业
Picanha Brazilian BBQ
All you can eat Brazilian BBQ in a warm
atmosphere. Large buffet included with the great
meat and pitchers of beer. A great stop for the
meat eaters. 2nd Floor of Ningbo World Hotel, 145
Zhongshan Dong Lu (0574-8736-0077)
No. 499 Henghe Road. Beilun Ningbo
Tairyo Teppenyaki
One of the more popular teppanyaki spots in
town. The price includes everything on the menu
plus beer, sake, and plum wine. The hostess is
also incredibly nice. E001, 2F Gugo Center, 166
Zhongshan Dong Lu, Tianyi Square (above ZARA)
middle eastern
Lebanese Restaurant
Authentic Lebanese food that is a staple for those
here from the Middle East. Being completely
authentic, no alcohol is served. 320 Zhenming Lu
黎巴嫩餐厅 镇明路320号
Miss Fairy Cake
1. 150 Dalai Street, Haishu District (PICC building,
1F) 133 9669 9169
2. B033 Heyi Avenue, Haishu District
0574 8768 0068
MFC Baking Studio
1. 3F of Peacebird Home, 36 Dongdu Lu, Haishu
美泰泰国餐厅 海曙区东渡路36号太平鸟
2. No.427 Qian Hu Tian Di, No.399 Qianhu North
Road, Yinzhou District (86 574 8813 2577)
Nancy’s Thai Fusion
Nancy’s Thai is a Ningbo landmark. Open since
2003 serving authentic Thai food, very friendly
to international guests, all major credit cards
accepted. 103-2 Zhenming Lu (0574-8731-8266)
南茜泰菜馆 镇明路103-2号
Mevlana Turkish Restaurant
Authentic and traditional Turkish food in
No.112 Renmin Lu,Jiangbei,Ning
土耳其餐厅 江北区人民路112号(大时
3F-22 of Yicai Shopping Mall, 105 Rixin Street, Tianyi
Square, Haishu
Qing Lian Su Shi
In this restaurant, there’s no smoking, no alcohol,
no meat, and no eggs. The food is immensely
popular. 1-2F, 16 Liuting Jie (0574-8730-1333)
枣子树净素餐厅 柳汀街16号1-2楼
47-1 Wen Chang Jie,Hai Shu
清莲素食 海曙区文昌街47-1号
Vegetarian Life Style
No.221, Jiangdong (N) Road, Jiangdong District
(Ningbo Book City, Building #3, 1F)
(0574 8705 2988)
farmer's markets
Fresh Vegetable and Meat markets
sprinkle the entirety of Ningbo
often with more than one serving a
neighborhood. The list below is of
some of the larger farmer markets.
Dong Liu Market
778 SangTian Lu, Jiangdong
东柳菜场 江东区桑田路778号
Gao Tang Market
O'One Bakery
Gu Lou Market
Mango Thai
minutes outside downtown Ningbo. Xuedou
Mountain, Xikou, Fenghua (0574-8888-8569)
妙香斋 奉化溪口雪窦山
Mundiver Spanish Restaurant
B010 Heyi Avenue, Haishu District
0574 8768 0080
1. No.6-8, Lane 65 Rixing Street, Tianyi, Haishu
2. No. 259 Zhongxing Road, Jiangdong
3. 1A-02-2, 1F, Gate 7, Wanda Plaza, Yinzhou
4.1F, Gate 1, Wanda Plaza, Jiangbei District
5. Gate 1, Raffles City, Jiangbei
6. No.99-103, Qinglinwan Street, Haishu 江北万
7. No.23, Gongyuan Road, Haishu District
Banana Leaf is a Thai restaurant chain that has
taken China by storm, there's a roaming band
and dancing girls to go along with the food. 238
Mayuan Lu (0574-8715-5833)
蕉叶泰国餐厅 马园路238号
The Sweetness Vegetarian
Restaurant Inside Xuedou Temple about 30
Echo Pizzeria
Banana Leaf Thai Restaurant
A favorite of the Buddhist monks of the nearby
Qita Temple, this veggie restaurant has some great
food in humble surroundings. 175 Baizhang Lu
莲花素菜馆 百丈路175号
A staple of the Ningbo pizza world, now in a new
location near Yinzhou Wanda.
No.166 Tianjing Lane (159 6789 7895)
1. 9 Shen Yuan Xiang,Moon Lake Garden,Haishu
District (0574-2766-2727)
Don Papa
Papa John’s 棒!约翰
NO. 19, 257 Nong, Jiangdong Nan Lu (0574-87574664 ) 江东区江东南路257弄19号(近兴宁
Lotus Vegetarian
Pure Italian style Pizzeria, warm atmosphere,
normal price. In the alley opposite to the LianSheng
Plaza's KFC, not far from Wanda Plaza. No.113-115,
Lane 180, ZhongGongmiao Road, Yinzhou District
异刻 鄞州区钟公庙路180弄113-115号(联
New Rocker
45 Gaotang Lu, Jiangbei
高塘菜场 江北区高塘路45号
67 Hutong Jie, Haishu
鼓楼菜场 海曙区呼童街67号
ZhangBin Qiao Market
160 NingChuan Lu, Jiangdong
张斌桥菜场 江东区宁穿路160号
Zhong Gong Miao Market
YinXian Da Dao, Near Zhong Gong Miao, Yinzhou
钟公庙菜场 鄞州区钟公庙鄞县大道附近
liquor & wine
Jade Cellar
Good wine selection for varying budgets.
B078 Floor B1 Century Oriental Plaza, No.1083
Zhongshan Dong Lu (186-574-54012 -Mary)
玉液琼浆精品酒庄 宁波中山东路1083号
3. 1-192, Building No.3, Junlin Plaza, 857
Huangshan Lu, Beilun (0574-8685-2288) 北仑
Century Mart Just one block down the
road from Carrefour, with a surprisingly large
section of imported goods. 373 Zhongxing Lu
Fuchang Grocery
This nondescript convenience store across the street 世纪联华 中兴路373号
from Sheraton has a decent selection of cigars and
Metro A wholesale supply store with
other smoking accessories. The good cigars are in
seemingly everything in it. A large range
the back room, ask for them. 107 Caihong Bei Lu
of imported food products. 1 Maidelong Lu
福昌烟酒食品 彩虹北路107号
麦德龙 麦德龙路1号
Medoc Cellar
39-5 Xingning Lu, Jiangdong (0574-8752-7900)
Auchan 欧尚
1. 160 Cuibai Lu (0574-8707-2987)
2. 1188 Baizhang Dong Lu (0574-2790-5864)
Carrefour 家乐福
1. 246-248 Zhongxing Lu (0574-8777-1211)
2. 28 Dashani Jie (0574-8386-2903)
Like the Whole Foods of Ningbo, tons of
imported products, decent butcher, but expect
to pay for it.
B1 Heyi Avenue Shopping Center, 88 Heyi Lu
Tesco 80 Rixin Jie (0574-5612-8899)
乐购 日新街80号
Wal-Mart Wanda Plaza, 999 Siming Zhong Lu
沃尔玛 四明中路999号万达广场内
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
the directory nightlife
eat / drink
SOL Sport Bar
Next to KFC, 24 Yangshan Lu, Laowaitan,
Sports Bar with Western decor and local
Building 5, Silver Walk, South Business
Area,Yinzhou District (0574-8901 8989)
SOL运动酒吧 南部商务区水街5号楼
Easy's Bar Ningbo Bartender
Easy's Bar. Classic Cocktails, Pure Whisky, Cool
Beers, Special Shots, Awesome Music. Until
5am at morning. 81 Zhongma Lu, Lao Waitan
Pastries, snacks, tea, coffee, juice, wine,
whiskey, champagne, cigars, beer, cocktails...
everything what you want, 11am to 5am.
Ningbo famous chain lounge. 35 Shengyuan
Xiang, Moon Lake Garden (13605745699)
The Whiskeyfind 威士忌坊
3F, No.11, Lane 86, Zhongma Road, Lao Waitan
+86 574 5533 0000
Baidu 155 Feiyue Plaza, Caihong Nan Lu
百度酒吧 彩虹南路155号飞越广场
CLUB TNT Moon Lake Garden (057487168999)
潮人会所 月潮盛园街区盛园巷95号
Eudora Station
111-119 Waima Rd. Laowaitan, Ningbo
(0574 87647137/7138)
亿多瑞站 宁波市老外滩外马路111-119号
Elsa's Pub
Conversation with English-speaking ladies.
Pool table and foosball as well. 55 Leigong
Xiang, Caihong Bei Lu (135-6742-6896/1388442-9898)
艾尔萨吧 彩虹北路雷公巷55号
Harley Bar & Restaurant
Harley serves decent Western food along with
their great beer. On the west side of town, in
tree-covered Haishu District. Pool tournament
Saturday nights. 18 Mayuan Lu (130-03728695)
哈雷宝来纳德国酒吧 马园路18号
live music
Live music, mostly covers, pub feel and ,
excellent rock band.
168 Zhongma Lu, Lao Waitan
贝斯酒吧 老外滩中马路168号
Bund Bridge Bar
Located on the second floor, new bands pop up
here all the time with a good mix of them being
both international and local. The majority fare
on the indie side. 142 Zhongma Lu, Lao Waitan
(0574-8720334 / 13008979997)
Head under the bridge and down the alley to
Ningbo's original speakeasy.
No.14-1, Da he xiang, Zhongshan dong lu,
Jiangdong (13819839693)
Le Cargo
Dance dance dance, the party starts at 12 or
so and tends to go to the next morning. 33
Yangshan Xiang, Lao Waitan (0574-8766-5552)
乐咖吧 老外摊羊山巷33号
Lounge 潮
Classy food and decor set in 1920's deco Shanghai
No.8 Shengyuan Lane, Moon Lake Garden,
Haishu District
+86 574 5533 0000
Maibach Lounge
Coffee during the day and cocktails with live
music at night. Relax on their rooftop terrace
and gaze on the quiet park and river nearby.
Nianci Park, Zhong He Road, Beilun District
麦巴赫休闲小屋 北仑区中河路念慈园
Master t // this is the spot for tea
I love the name MASTER T.
It's so close to being MISTER
T and I'm not sure if they
planned that or what's going
on. It's put me in a place where
I can't decide which I like
better. Way to go MASTER T.
Also, this place is gorgeous. It's
like drinking tea in beautifully
underlit art gallery that met a
kind of high-end pottery shop
and had a baby. That baby is
MASTER T. Master of the tea.
Address: Jiangdong Bei Lu,
across the street and a couple
blocks north of Book City.
the directory arts & leisure
art & books
art & supplies
Xin Yin Xiang Art Supply Shop
A good selection of paints, pens, canvases, etc.
Just Northwest of Gu Lou.
No.31 Fayuan Lane,Zhongshan Xi Lu,Haishu
新印象美术用品 海曙区中山西路法院巷
books & magazines
Ningbo Book City
On the other side of the river from Laowaitan,
they have the largest selection of English books.
221 Jiangdong Bei Lu
宁波书城 江东北路221号
Cinema Center
Located in Tianyi square, Adjacent to Heyi
avenue 2 Zhanchuan Jie,Haishu District
Premiere International Cinema Frequent movies in English.
3F, Century Oriental Plaza, 1083 Zhongshan
Dong Lu (400-622-2046)
海上国际影城 中山东路1083号世纪东方
Lu (0574-8764-3222-2504)
宁波美术馆 人民路122号
Ningbo, now it is the only coin museum with
exhibitions of relatively complete sets of coins.
10 Zhanchuan Jie, Heyi Lu (0574-8724-1900)
宁波钱业会馆 和义路战船街10号
Wanda Plaza Yinzhoul. 4F ZoneA, LinkSun
Living Shopping Mall,, Ningjiang Lu, Yinzhou
Tianyi Library
Dong Gang Wei Cheng Paintball
Shooting Ground
This is the oldest private library in China. One of
urban Ningbo's nicest tourist spots with great
history behind why it's still here. 10 Tianyi Jie
天一阁博物馆 天一街10号
Xikou Museum
The “Yutai Salt Shop”, otherwise known as the
birthplace of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek,
has been converted to a museum about his life.
45 minutes outside Ningbo city. 33 Wuling Lu,
Fenghua (0574-8885-0311)
溪口博物馆 奉化武岭路33号玉泰盐铺边
performing arts
Ningbo Concert Hall
Ningbo's professional concert hall, orchestra,
solo and duet performances. 768 Lingqiao Lu
宁波音乐厅 灵桥路768号
Ningbo Grand Theater
Ningbo Movie Shine Cinema
Ningbo Times World Film
This is the base of traditional Chinese opera
in Ningbo. They show Yue Opera as well as
Ningbo's own Yong Opera. 187 Jiefang Nan Lu
(0574-8729-4454 )
逸夫剧院 解放南路187号
In Tianyi Square, comfortable and clean
8F Intime Shopping Mall 55 Dongdu Lu
时代影城 东渡路55号,银泰百货八楼
Wanda International Cinema
(Jiangbei) Ningbo’s second and largest
IMAX. 4F Wanda Plaza,No.188 Jiangbei Da Dao.
The Money Guide Hall (Ancient Coin Century Star Ice Skating Rink
Museum) Once a financial center in ancient A large and well maintained ice rink near
Designed by Frederic Rolland. It has multiple
theatres, exhibition hall, boat dock, shopping
mall, night club, and a restaurant. 1 Dazha Lu
宁波大剧院 大闸路1号
In Tianyi Square. Half Price TUESDAY.
No.331,Kaiming Jie,Haishu District.(0574-87191965)
民光影城 开明街331号
& leisure
Art / Entertainment
Yifu Theater
About two hours outside the city, in the
Zhoushan islands. Putuo District Dong Gang
Tang Tou (135-1580-9888)
东港伟成彩弹射击场 舟山普陀区东港
Dongqian Lake Paintball Shooting
Center Live-action paintball on a course at
beautiful Dongqian Lake, about 25 minutes
outside Ningbo city. Xiao Putuo, Dongqian Lake
(0574-8849-0861, 158-0574-7564 Mr.Wang)
宁波东钱湖小普陀景区彩弹射击中心 东
A complete water park about an hour outside
of the city. 936 Sangtian Lu, Jiangdong
Ningbo Rock Climbing
An indoor rock climbing wall and club that
organizes outdoor excursions. 128 Zhaohui Lu,
Jiangdong (13566002080)
Youngor Zoo
Ningbo's zoo has over 10,000 animals and is
one of the best facilities we've seen in Asia.
Dongqian Lake (0574-8837-8378 )
雅戈尔动物园 东钱湖
Bayi Fubang Basketball Center
A large and fully equipped water park.
Guojiazhi Cun, Dongqian Lake
东钱湖水上乐园 东钱湖郭家峙村
A sports center concentrating on basketball
sponsored by our local CBA team, the Ningbo
Bayi Rockets. Join a pickup game or bring
your friends and rent a half or full court.
Amateur leagues with uniforms and referees
play here. Inside Glass Factory. 109 Maiyu Lu
八一富邦篮球公园 海曙区卖鱼路109号
Fenghua Water Park
Zhongshan Square Basketball Court
Dongqian Lake Water Park
A complete water park about an hour outside
of the city. Shang Lou Yan Cun, Shangtian Zhen,
Fenghua (0574-8861-7222)
奉化白龙潭水上乐园 宁波奉化市尚田镇
HarborLand An amusement park in Beilun.
¥100/person, for details please visit their
website at 728
Liaohe Lu, Beilun District (0574-2685-2685)
凤凰山主题公园 北仑区辽河路728号
Ningbo Ocean World
Area for basketball amateurs on weekends.
There are two inexpensive courts. 7 Henghe Jie
中山广场篮球场 横河街7号
These two are the largest shops in town. The
first one is the newest and largest shop.
1.) 132 North Jiefang Road, Haishu
tattoo studios
J & M Tattoo
315 Jiangdong (N) Road, Jiangdong District
(near Hefeng creative square) (0574 8908 5960)
小院子(近和丰创意广场| 浅绿小院旁)
Kiss of Dragon
Ningbo’s premiere tattoo shop. Chief artist Zeng
Wanda International Cinema
Le was the second student of Taiwan based
(Yinzhou) Big movie theatre and IMAX. Half Diau-An. If you know tattoos, you’ll know
Price Days: TUESDAY and FRIDAY. 3F, Wanda
Plaza, 999 Siming Zhong Lu (0574-8808-6688)
四明中路999号万达广 场(金座)三楼
galleries &
there’s some mingling with Paul Booth and Filip
Leu in there. They are complete pros.
No 5, 35 Cangqiao Jie, HaishuDistrict, inside
Yinyi Times Square (13957853133)
Ningbo Bang Museum
Ningbo's Merchant Museum Siyuan Lu,
Zhuangshi, Zhenhai (0574-2626-6878)
宁波帮博物馆 镇海区庄市街道思源路
Ningbo City Exhibition
All about Ningbo: past, present, and the plans
for the future. 9am-5pm,Tuesday-Thursday,
Tickets: ¥10. 195 Waima Lu (0574-8766-8586)
宁波城市展览馆 外马路195号
Ningbo Costume Museum
Trace the history of Chinese fashion trends.
Wandi, Xiaying, Yinzhou (0574- 8732-2728)
宁波服装博物馆 宁波鄞州下应湾底村
Ningbo Museum
A comprehensive museum with geographical
features, showing the history of humanities
and arts. 1000 Shounan
Zhong Lu, Yinzhou (574-8281-5533)
宁波博物馆 首南中路1000号
Ningbo Museum of Art
The main art museum, with regular exhibitions
in both contemporary and more classical
genres. Classes are also available. 122 Renmin
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
w ng bogui d
the directory arts & leisure
2.) No.655,LiuTing Road,HaiShu (057427729089)
Ningbo's flagship shop.
No.286 North Jiangdong Road, Jiang Dong
No.25-27, Opposite Wanda Square,HouMiao
Road,YinZhou (0574-82809828)
Liuyang Salsa Dance Club
but it does have a great river to play in and is
where you can see Chang Kai Shek's house and
Fenghua (4001817718)
Dong En Swimming Center
Dong Qian Lake Tao Gong Island
Swimming Center
This isn’t a pool, it’s the swimming area at
Dongqian lake. Row a big dragon boat with
your friends. Open during the summer, www. Dong Qian Lake Tao Gong
Island (0574-8780-1229)
东钱湖陶公岛游泳中心 东钱湖陶公岛风
Park with waterfalls and wild cranes
Wild Crane Pool Resort, Huangtan Town,Ninghai
野鹤湫 宁海县黄坛县野鹤湫风景区
Dongqian Lake
The closest and largest lake, great for cycling,
bbq's, and hiking.
Dongqian Lake Town, Yinzhou (400-826-8000)
东钱湖 鄞州区东钱湖镇
Five Dragon Pools
A beautiful place to go walking and hiking with
pools and streams to explore.
Longguan Xiang, Yinzhou (0574-8804-9777)
五龙潭风景区 鄞州区龙观乡
FuQuan Mountain Scenic Spot
Great hiking on the southside of Dongqian Lake.
Dongqian Lake, Yinzhou (0574-8837-4366)
福泉山景区 鄞州区东钱湖东南面
He Mu Du Ruins
The He Mu Du people lived here thousands of
years ago and this is the archaeological dig
from one of their sites. Evidence points to this
being one of the oldest places in the world for
cultivated rice.
He Mu DuTown, Yuyao (0574-6296-3731)
河姆渡遗址 余姚市河姆渡镇
Ninghai Forest Hot Springs
The largest hot springs near Ningbo. All of
the pools are built into the hill and in natural
Nanxi Spring, Shenzhen Town, Ninghai
宁海森林温泉 宁海县深甽镇南溪温泉
Shipu Fishing Village
An ancient fishing village, great for exploring.
Shipu Town, Xiangshan (0574-6595-9999)
中国渔村 象山石浦
Si Ming Mountain National Forest
Beautiful mix of bamboo and evergreens with
great paths around.
Siming Shan Town, Yuyao (0574-6234-0889)
四明山国家森林公园 余姚市四明山镇
Song Dynasty Stone Carvings Park
Ancient stone carvings in Dongqian Lake.
Near DongQian Lake, Yinzhou (0574-8840-1022)
南宋石刻公园 鄞州区东钱湖附近
Tantou Mountain
Nice hiking and beaches, around 3 hours away.
Foot of Taibai Mountain, Yinzhou (0574-88480250 )
檀头山 象山县檀头山
Tiantong Temple
A very large and very old temple with huge
buddhas and multiple halls. The temple has been
on that site for 3000 years.
Foot of Taibai Mountain, Yinzhou (0574-88480250 )
A small town by the river that is a little touristy,
164 Lingqiao Lu (0574-8386-0779)
Lessons twice a week on Wed 7:00-8:30PM and
Sunday 4:00-5:30PM. [email protected]
com (138-5781-4597 Christina)
KG Center Gym
2F Gate7 Wanda Plaza,999 Siming Zhong Lu,
Yinzhou (0574-8305-6096)
Crane Pools
eat / drink
Leader Gym
4F Qilin South Building, 1523 Tiantong Bei Lu,
Yinzhou (0574-8741-6666)
New Century Swimming Center
812 Baizhang Dong Lu (0574-8706-8888)
开元大酒店游泳池 百丈东路812号
Ningbo Swimming Club
847 Zhongxing Lu (0574-8787-0594)
宁波市游泳俱乐部 中兴路847号
Ningbo Swimming and Fitness
Center A 30,000 square foot complex with
Baby Bottles // Georg Peck
Ok, straight up. This is totally
F'ed up people. Sometimes
we come across some wacky
Asian stuff (insert anything
from Japan) and it's like, "oh
man crazy." Then there's
walking through Wanda Plaza
and seeing grown men sitting
two Olympic-sized swimming pools, outdoor
diving pool, yoga, fitball aerobics, dance lessons, No.788,Huanhu South Road, Dong Qian Lake
rock climbing wall, and ping pong. 128 Zhaohui (0574-88401166)
Lu (0574-5615-5066) / Phone: 0574-8726-6767 宁波市东钱湖环湖南路788号
宁波市游泳健身中心 朝晖路128号
Ningbo Xinxing Hotel Gym Center
Many activities available at a low price. It has a
popular indoor basketball court on the 5th floor.
226 Zhongshan Xi Lu (0574-8707-2596)
宁波新兴大酒店康乐部体育中心 中山西
Zhong Ji Golf Club
Ningbo Youngor No. 1 Road (0574-87425758)
leisure - general
Dao Shun Archery Hall
Perfeca International Fitness Center No.109, Mai Yu Road, HaiShu
Gate 5, 778 Taihe Lu, Beilun (0574-8688-1555)
Power House Gym 宝力豪
No.40,Liu Yu Road, Zhong Gong Miao, Yinzhou
Address: F5 Xinyuan Hotel,No.188 Jiefang Nan
Weider Terra City Life Gym
One of the more popular gyms among expats.
1.) 677 Siming Dong Lu, Chun Jiang Hua Cheng,
Yinzhou (0574-8308-9666)
2.) 345 Lane 126,Changshou Lu, Dong Hu
Garden, Yinzhou (0574-5500-5111)
3.) 49 Jinshan Zhong Lu, Feng Ge Cheng Shi,
Reno Gym
Fully equipped for a hard workout with a little
bit of luxury. The equipment is state of the art
and numerous classes are available.
Floor 6 Golden Center, Zhongshan Dong Lu
(McDonald's Building) (15057444184)
里诺健身 中山东路金光百货六楼
Eagle Golf Club
No.812, HuanCheng West Rd (0574-27871881)
Luhan Golf Club
No.39, Zhong Xing Road, Ningbo Sports center,
Qixin Green World Golf Club
This is the largest full golf course in Ningbo.
Wei Er Archery Hall
Li Kun Tennis Hall The biggest tennis
complex in Zhejiang province. There are 6
outdoor tennis courts and 2 indoor courts,
provides rackets, and tennis balls. 360
Zhongxing Lu (0574-8777-6669)
李坤网球馆 中兴路360号
Squash Pavilion
1F Howard Johnson Plaza, 230 Liuting Jie,
Haishu (0574-2786-6666)
martial arts
Karate 松岛派极真空手道宁波支部
together, talking at decibel
levels that could kill children
and drinking out of baby
bottles. In a country where
maturity levels are questionable
at times, this isn't helping.
Ain't ok people. Ain't ok.
Olympic Fencing in Ningbo, we would like
to share the pleasure and self-fulfillment we
achieve in this exhilarating sport. 303,168
Songjiang Dong Lu, Yinzhou (13867802781
Ms Zhang)
Jia He Outdoor Shop Outdoor clothing
and some camping equipment, boots, etc.
2 Lane 77, Gongyuan Lu, GuLou, Haishu
Jin Da Fishing Equipment This is a rod
& tackle shop where recreational fishermen
meet. #104, 15 Qianlong
Yi Cun, Jiangdong (189-6828-5017)
金大渔具 江东潜龙一村15号104室
No.1 Camping Place Bicycle Club 760 Zhongshan Xi Lu
(0574-8727-3711 / 130-6586-6530)
Xingguang Fishing Gear Shop
63 Xihe Jie (0574-8727-2221)
宁波星光鱼具商店 西河街63号
sporting goods
Contact: Mr. Ye 15168165371 Mr. Xue
1. 2F, Weider Club, Donghu Garden Second
Phase, 126 Changshou Nan Lu, Yinzhou
2. Zhongshan Square, 7 Henghe Jie, Haishu
District 海曙区横河街7号中山广场体育馆
Kunyuan Thai Boxing Gym
Golden Pearl Yoga
Down and dirty and nitty gritty, people do not
come here to look good. They come here for
serious training, it's awesome.
329 Chunyuan Lu, Yinzhou (15858413000)
Ningbo B.L. Fencing Sports Club
2555 Canghai Lu, Yinzhou (0574-8902-6689)
yoga &
tai chi
15F, Ao Li Sai Buidling,Yinzhou 9:00-21:00
Ningbo Tai Chi Club
46 Sanzhi Jie, Haishu (0574-8730-6662)
the directory fashion & home
Antiques Market - Curio Bazaar An
old traditional Chinese building with many
small vendors, beware of fakes. 100 Zhongshan
Xi Lu
宁波市范宅古玩集市 中山西路100号
Gu Lou A market and pedestrian-only area,
undergoing renovation but plans to keep the
unique clock tower. Cafes, shops, and bars.
Fuqiao Street
鼓楼 府桥街
crafts & stationery
Erhao Qiao Market A low price
everything market. 200 Ningchuan Lu
二号桥市场 宁穿路200号
Keyroad Stationery
1.) 22 Jiangzuo Jie, Haishu
2.) 66-68 Hualou Xiang, Tianyi Square, Haishu
3.) 106 Lantian Lu, Haishu
4.) 148 Baizhang Lu, Jiangdong
5.) 188 Zhaohui Lu, Jiangdong
Wanghu Market An everything market
with everything in it. 30 Changchun Lu
望湖市场 长春路30号
Gate 5-6, Wanda Plaza, 999 Siming Zhong Lu,
Yinzhou (0574-28881888)
HOLA Nicer home furnishings, everything
from dishes to sheets to lamps. Wanda Plaza,
999 Siming Zhong Lu (0574-8808-6868)
特力屋 四明中路999号万达广场2楼
Markor Furnishings
315 Ningchuan Lu, Jiangdong (0574-87025699) 美克美家 江东区宁穿路315号
Mi Casa
1F Intime Department, 238 Zhongshan Dong
Lu, Haishu (0574-8709-3292) 麦卡莎 海曙区
Sanhao Qiao Furniture Market Huge
Tianlun Plaza It’s the largest shopping mall
in Jiangdong district. Clothes, shoes, makeup,
digital products, etc. Located right next to
Carrefour. 276 Zhongxing Lu
天伦广场 中兴路276号
kitchen & bath
B&Q Home & garden improvement, the
ultimate for DIY. All sorts of building materials,
bathroom fixtures, curtains, etc. Wanda, 999
Siming Zhong Lu (0574-8808-6628)
宁波百安居建材有限公司 四明中路999号
Housewares store selling furniture, bedding,
kitchenware, and more.
1. Wanda Plaza, 999 Siming Zhong Lu 四明中
2. 5F, Jinhui Department Store, Beilun district 北
A huge selection of complete sets of
1. 1 Maidelong Lu, Yinzhou (0574-89026387)
2. 2F, Yianlun Plaza, Jiangdong (0574-
87795978) 江东区天伦广场2楼
3. 5-7F, No.2 Department Store, Haishu (057487236500) 海曙区第二百货商店5-7楼
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
Wanda Plaza (Yinzhou) Fully indoor,
complete with movie theatre, IMAX, dance
Wanda Plaza (Jiangbei) Ningbo’s second clubs, and home furnishings. Wal-Mart, etc. 999
and largest IMAX, shops, food, etc. 4F Wanda
Siming Zhong Lu (0574-8808-6000)
万达广场 四明中路999号
Modern Mall
226 Xingning Lu, Jiangdong (0574-87876819)
MUJI No.23 Jiangxia Jie,Haishu District.1F
Intime Department Store.(0574-8720-0323)
无印良品 海曙区江夏街23号老银泰百
shopping malls &
department stores
Century Oriental Business Plaza
Has an InTime department store, restaurants,
and PIC international cinema. Plans exist for
an open-air sports park on the roof, children's
center, international gym, and more. At the
intersection of Fuming Lu and Zhongshan
Dong Lu
世纪东方商业广场 福明路与中山东路
GUGO Store 152 Yaohang Jie, Haishu
International Shopping Center
166 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
Heyi Avenue Shopping Mall Luxury
shopping complex with high-end brands. 66
Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Intime Department Stores
1.) 188 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
2.) 238 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
3.) 999 Siming Zhong Lu,Wanda Plaza,Yinzhou
4.) 1111 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Century Oriental
Plaza, Jiangdong
Jinhui Department Store
5F 709-725 Mingzhou Lu, Beilun
Linksun Living All Shopping Mall
1288 Ningnan Bei Lu, Yinzhou
open-air building and very popular: chairs, beds,
sofas, cabinets, tables, dinette sets, and office
Lishi Mall
furniture. 432 Ning Chuan Lu
688 Siming ZhongLu, Yinzhou
三号桥家私市场 宁穿路432号
SHE-BD 喜百度家居家纺连锁超市
Plaza,No.188 Jiangbei Da Dao.(0574-88086099)
Moon Lake Garden Ningbo's answer to
Shanghai's Xintiandi district, with shopping,
food and drink, and entertainment.
Cangqiao Jie, Zhenming Lu
月湖盛园 镇明路仓桥街
New World Department Store
137 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
Ningbo No.2 Department Store
220 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
Tian Yi Square Tian Yi Square is the center
of Ningbo. Upscale shopping and dining mixed
with food courts, a kids play area, the digital
market, and Starbucks. 88 Zhongshan Dong Lu
天一广场 中山东路88号
Cartier Boutique
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Intime Department Store.(0574-8720-0323)
无印良品 海曙区江夏街23号老银泰百
Local Ningbo brand that made it globally.
1.Wanda Plaza,Yinzhou
2. Tianyi Square 天一广场
3.Wanda Plaza, Jiangbei 江北万达广场
3.Century Oriental Business Plaza
Shanjing Outlets Plaza Ningbo
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
555 Qiushi Lu, Yinzhou (0574-8832 3939)
杉井奥特莱斯广场 鄞州区秋实路555号
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Tommy Hilfiger
Dunhill Boutique
Louis Vuitton Flagship Store
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Fashion Bags Products range from office
lady’s handbag, business man’s leather bag,
travelling bag, luggage, and so on. Decent
quality products.75 Xihe Jie (0574-6611-8211)
时尚皮具 西河街75号
Nanyuan Shoes Department Store
182 Yaohang Jie, Haishu (0574-8707-0205)
南苑鞋城 海曙区药行街182号
OMEGA Boutique
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Shi Cao Tang A nice leather goods shop in
Gu Lou. No. 4-1, Lane 77, Walking Street, Drum
Tower (0574-8728-4558 135-6603-7158)
食草堂 宁波鼓楼步行街公园路77弄4号-1
Tiffany's Boutique
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
clothing &
department stores
Burberry Boutique
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
1. No.152 Yaohang Jie,Gugo Shopping
Mall,Tianyi Square.Open Time:10:00-22:00
2. No.1083 Zhongshan Dong Lu,Century
Oriental Business Plaza.Open Time:10:00-22:00
Hanma Shijia 汉麻世家生活馆
The store sells hemp-made products including
clothes, bath towels and sheets.
1. 223 Huayan Jie (0574-8737-3890) 华严街
2. 962-964 Siming Zhong Lu (0574-8305-6206)
Marks and Spencer
No.1083 Central Oriental Plaza store,East
Zhongshan Road, Jiangdong (+86 574 2795
5777) Mon – Thu9:30am –9:30pm Fri &
Sun9:30am – 10:00pm
MUJINo.23 Jiangxia Jie,Haishu District.1F
Inside Heyi Avenue. 66 Heyi Lu
和义大道购物中心 和义路66号
Uniqlo 优衣库
1.1F Wanda Plaza,Yinzhou 0574-8305-6016
2.2F Yaohang Jie,Gugo Shopping Mall,Tianyi
3.1F Century Oriental Business Plaza,Zhong
Shan Dong Lu,Jiang Dong (0574-8781-9023)
Zara 88 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Tianyi Square,
Haishu (0574-8768-4201)
Cheng Huang Miao (Buddha
Market) One of the highlights of Ningbo.
Sample local food in a busy, authentic setting.
Great for clothes, next to Tian Yi Square.
Kaiming Jie
城隍庙 开明街
Wanghu Market An everything market
with everything in it. 30 Changchun Lu
望湖市场 长春路30号
Yipi Wanli Fabric Market After entering
Ling Qiao market, walk through the shoe shops
until you come to the stairs, Tons of raw fabric
and tailors. They can make everything.
41 Yaohang Jie (0574-6687-0133)
Best Royal Tailor High quality, in the lobby
of Sheraton Hotel Ningbo, 50 Caihong Bei Lu
佰年隆华 彩虹北路50号宁波东港喜来登
Cheers & Enjoy Knitting Salon
Imported high-quality wool, alpaca wool,
and mohair. Choose your own custom pattern
from extensive catalogues. 22 Yanwu Jie,
Jiangdong District (East side of Qin Bridge,
Opposite the main entrance of Lijiang Xindu)
Ziyue TailorA nice place to make Qipao,
various silk fabrics to choose. Moderate price,
good quality. 40 Yanwu Jie (0574-8717-1097)
姿月服饰绸缎庄 江东区演武街40号
w ng bogui d
accessories too. 551 Zhongshan Dong Lu
汇力电玩 中山东路551号(金鼎花园)
A large range of household appliances and
1. 37 Qigan Xiang, Tianyi Square, 188 Zhongshan
Dong Lu, Haishu 海曙区中山东路188号天一
广场旗杆巷37号 EGO Digital Technology Square
2. 1F Huakang Funiture Mall, Lianfeng Lu,
Everything computer, phone, and electronic.
Haishu 海曙区联丰中路华康家私成1楼
Plenty of shops selling parts, complete systems,
3. 137 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
and service. At the cross of Zhanhui Lu and
Min'an Lu
4. Inside Tianshui Square, 25 Lijiang Dong Lu,
digital markets
Jiangbei 江北区丽江东路25号天水广场内
computers &
Chuangdu Computer Shop Office
computers, gaming systems, network gear, the
shop owner Jackson can get everything for you,
and he speaks English. EGO Computer Market,
shop A321-B326 (134-8604-3416)
创都电脑 颐高数码广场A321-B326
Huili Electrical Games Xbox 360, Wii,
Playstation. Hundreds of games and loads of
Tian Yi Digital Plaza Computers, cameras,
phones, and DIY electronics. 88 Yaohang Jie
天一数码广场 药行街88号
Ningbo E-bike World
68 Huancheng Xi Lu, Haishu District
Sanhao Qiao E-bike Market
445 Ningchuan Lu, Jiangdong
body & mind
TCM alternative &
chinese medicine
Ningbo Municipal Hospital of TCM
This entire hospital focuses solely on tradtional
chinese medicine. It is well-known for
acupuncture and tui na.
819 Liyuan Bei Lu, Haishu (0574-8708-9090)
beauty & salons
1985 Nail SPA Club 1985手足SPA会所
Nail styles available from 1985 to present.
1. 52 Si Yan Qi Jie,Jiangdong (0574-2766-1985)
2. 75-1 Xi He Jie,Hia Shu (0574-8747-1985)
1. B1 Heyi Avenue Shopping Mall,Hai Shu Distric
2. 1F Century Oriental Business Plaza,Zhong
Shan Dong Lu,Jiang Dong District (0574-87752089)中山东路1083号世纪东方商业广场首层
3. Linksun Living All Shopping Mall (0574-28905368)
鄞州区联盛商业广场B区首层60-62 86-87
Nailimpression Small but cozy, colorful nail
products, clean display, skilled techinicians. 2F
Lisi Mall, Siming Zhong Lu 0574-8901-0737)
1098, 1099单元
V.A.NAIL 薇奈儿美甲
Professional nail technicians that love to chat.
1. 51 Ying Feng Jie, Haishu (0574-8732-3321)
2. 1F Auchan 160 Cui Bai Lu, Haishu (05748727-3709)
3. Opposite of Auchan 145 Cui Bai Lu, Haishu
4. 1F Century Mart, Zhong Xing Lu, Jiang Dong
Cheery Dental Clinic Dr. John Zhou is an
English-speaking dentist in Ningbo, clean and
modern. 34 Gaotang Lu (0574-8736-5770)
宁波中瑞口腔诊所 高塘路34号(高塘菜
Vogue Dental An international clinic next to
the Sheraton. 1F, Portman Tower, 48 Caihong Bei
Lu (0574-8737-8333)
瑞阁齿科 彩虹北路48号波特曼大厦1楼
PAMA Hair Salon
Sephora 丝芙兰
Sunchild The latest in styling & hair
techniques, personal service, top brand hair
products ,consultations by highly trained
designer, sophisticated & stylish surroundings.
No.122, Changshou Rd.(S),East Lake Garden,
Yinzhou District.(0574-8812-9891)
1. 1F Gugo Shoping Center, 152 Yaohang Jie,
Haishu (0574-8727-7769)
2. 1F Dongfang Department Store, 151
Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu (0574-8707-5318)
3. F1113, 1098, 1099, 1F COB, 1083 Zhongshan
Dong Lu, Jiangdong (0574-8781-9090)
Ningbo No.1 Hospital Includes
departments of gastroenterology, cardiology,
orthopedics, hematology and iconography. 59
Liuting Jie (0574-8708-5588)
宁波市第一医院 柳汀街59号
Ningbo No.2 Hospital Includes
departments of ophthalmology, stomatology,
urology, orthopedics, tumors, and the only
burn treatment center in Zhejiang. 41 Xibei Jie
宁波市第二医院 西北街41号
Ningbo No.3 Hospital Includes
departments of spinal surgery and
cardiovascular medicine among its more than
50 specialist and outpatient departments. 247
Renmin Lu (0574-8703-5555)
宁波市第三医院 人民路247号
Ningbo No.9 Hospital Designated a
“II-A” level treatment center. It contains
modern medical facilities and departments
such as obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics,
internal medicine, surgery and intensive
care. No. 68, 619 Nong, Xiejia Lu, Jiangbei
宁波市第九医院 江北区榭嘉路619弄68号
Li Hui Li Hospital Deals with
cardiothoracic surgery, valve replacement,
valve formation, coronary artery bridging, and
correction of innate heart defects. 57 Xingning
Lu (0574-8701-8701)
李惠利医院 兴宁路57号
Women and Children’s Hospital
Departments of pediatrics, obstetrics, and
gynecology. 339 Liuting Jie (0574-8708-3300)
宁波市妇儿医院 柳汀街339号
Yinzhou No.2 Hospital A new facility
that is very clean and comprehensive. It has
inpatient and outpatient services as well as an
emergency department. Top specialties include
Trauma, Urology and Nephrology. Top rated in
all of Zhejiang. 1 Qianhe Lu, Yinzhou District
鄞州第二医院 鄞州前河路1号
Foreigners Medical Clinic The
Foreigners Medical Clinic is the creation of
Dennis Middleton of New Zealand. He or
Watsons Personal Store
his two English-speaking nurses will advise
1. 1F, Chenghuang Miao,22 Xianxue Jie
you on the proper health care to get at the
(0574-8729-6868) 县学街22号城隍庙商城1楼 hospital. Clinic hours: M-F 8:30-11:30am,
2. 2F, Golden Center, 279 Zhongshan Dong
1:00-4:30pm & Sat 8:30-11:30am. 5th Floor,
Ningbo Development Zone Center Hospital, 666
Huashan Lu, Beilun District (0574-8683-7211)
3. 1F, Wanda Plaza (0574-8808-6311)
emergencies only (137-3218-1095)
涉外特需门诊 开发区中心医院5楼涉外特
Ningbo Tanning Salon The first
professional indoor tanning salon in Zhejiang
province, using a DR-KEN tanning machine
imported from Germany. Room 4-7, Dushi
Renhe Building (opposite Crowne Plaza Hotel)
日光岛美黑日晒沙龙 都市仁和中心4-7室
the directory body & mind
2F Wanli Building, 329 Kaiming Jie, Haishu
Toni&Guy Essensuals Salon
Unit 3015A, Zone C, Heyi Avenue Shopping
Center (0574-8389-9868)
汤尼英盖发型设计 和义大道购物中心C区
South Gate Inoculation and
Immunization Clinic Located on the
fourth floor of the hospital, and it provides
vaccinations for diseases such as hepatitis,
polio, diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus, measles,
encephalitis, influenza, and many others.
4F, South Gate Hospital, 58 Yinjiang Lu
南门医院预防接种门诊 尹江路58号南门
Room 4816-4817, Wanda 48 Kela, 1388
Tiantong Bei Lu, Yinzhou District, Ningbo
Tel: 0574-8305-7031
Bali SPA and Foot Massage at Howard
Johnson Plaza Hotel, private rooms, shower
& aroma steam rooms, soaking treatment
and relaxation area, trained staff. 2F Howard
Johnson Hotel 230 Liuting Street (0574-87179988)
The First Jasmines SPA
59 Zhongma Lu, Laowaitan (0574-8766-8556)
一茉水镜 江北区老外滩中马路59号
Sheng SPA and Foot Massage
31 Daihe Xiang, Haishu (0574-8306-3377)
圣SPA足轩 海曙区带河巷31号
8 Yujia Xiang, Moon Lake Garden, Haishu
泰美好 海曙区月湖盛园郁家巷8号
Tianyu Foot Massage Foot and
sports massages. This is where the our local
pro basketball team are treated. 714-716
Zhongshan Dong Lu (0574-8773-7272)
天御足道 中山东路714-716号
CHI the SPA at Shangri-La Hotel,
Ningbo Professional therapists who have
undergone intensive training in spa philosophy,
techniques and care deliver all treatments,
ensuring that spa guests receive the relaxation
and luxury they expect. 4F, Shangri-la Hotel,
Ningbo (0574-8799-8888)
宁波香格里拉大酒店SPA中心 宁波香格里
pets & vets
Jiawen Pet Cllinic 佳雯宠物医院
Professional pet hospital treatment, vaccines,
daily nursing. 155-157 Mayuan Lu, Haishu
Kangbei Pet Clinic A full service pet
hospital, grooming, medical care (IVs and
vaccinations) and kenneling for when you
go out of town. The owners are huge animal
lovers. 144 Min’an Lu (0574-87709807)
康贝宠物医院 民安路144号
Ningbo Love Pets Hospital
Complete pros. Some of the friendliest vets
we've seen in Ningbo.
1. No.117 Huancheng Xi Lu (S),Haishu
2. No.116-120 Yongda Xi Lu,Song Zhao
Qiao,Yinzhou (0574-8821-6913)
3.No.265,Houmiao Lu.Yinzhou (0574-88216913 189-6832-6913)
Hangzhou People’s Pharmacy 15
Jiefang Nan Lu (0574-8729-5799-21)
杭州老百姓大药房 解放南路15号
Happy People Pharmacy 110 Xiaowen
Jie (0574-8768-0506)
开心人大药房 孝闻街110号
massage & spa
Dragonfly Massage treatments range
from Chinese finger pressure to Japanese
Shiatsu, Aroma Oil massage and Oriental
Foot massage. Nail Service, Waxing and
Facial Treatment is also available. No.37,
Yangshan Lane, The Old Bund, Jiangbei District,
Bali Indonesian SPA
the directory business
Accounting & Auditing
BENNISTON Quality & Services - your
representative in China. Quality control,
product inspection, supplier verification and
other services for foreign companies.
Office 1920, "Yinzhou Shang Hui" business
building, Yinxian Dadao Dong Duan 1299,
Yinzhou, Ningbo [email protected] (+86 574
830 33663)
宁波海外人才创业园 宁波江北洪塘长阳
The Business Incubator for Foreign
Start-ups Supply fully integrated and
ready-to-use business solutions based on
hands-on experience and government support.
No.35 Changyang Lu, Hongtang, Jiangbei,
Ningbo (138-1982-7799)
宁波海外人才创业园 宁波江北洪塘长阳
Ningbo Sanal Service Consulting services
to enterprises and individuals located in China.
Rm 1201 Century Business Building, 158
Baizhang Lu, Ningbo (0574-8795-3577)
浙江英桥律师事务所 百丈路158号世纪金
Ningbo ZM&CO Law Firm A good
command of English and US/China top law
school education, advising on all aspects of
corporate, commercial and personal matters.
From the inception of the business idea, through
to advising on risk management, business/
investment strategy and dispute resolution, we
cover the whole life-cycle of business. www. Room 1001-1009, Bank of China
Building, 796 Baizhang Dong Lu, Ningbo
之海律师事务所 宁波市百丈东路796号中
IT solutions
Ningbo Zaapoo High-Tech Solution
Co., Ltd.
We provide IT service for Internet systems,
Smartware systems and enterprise APP
Add: Room 8020, 1588 Jiangnan Lu, Ningbo
High-tech Area
Tel: 0574-26288915
M: 15336630330(English Speaking)
Beyond Mandarin The first officially
registered Chinese language and culture training 宁波高新区江南路1588号8020室内
Dezan Shira & Associates
A full service business advisory and tax practice school in Ningbo. Professional team, tailoredmade courses, personalized services and caring
with offices across China and Asia. We provide
environment. A02,
corporate establishment, tax, accounting and
payroll services to foreign direct investors. www. 23F Zhong Nong Xin Building, 181 Zhongshan
Dong Lu (0574-8768-6061)
必扬汉语 中山东路181号中农信大厦23
China Talent Group HR company
Contact: [email protected]
authorized by Ministry of Labor of the PRC. CTG
Room 505, Shiji Jingmao Mansion, 158
No.8 Building 2, No.88, Xuefu Road, Yinzhou
has headquarters in Beijing and currently has
Baizhang Lu,Ningbo (0574-8733-8682)
subsidiaries and branches in more than 100
协力管理咨询公司宁波办公室 宁波百丈路 District
宁波市鄞州区学府路88号(鄞州区人才公 cities. Room 705, 7F, Keji Chuangye Building, 16
Buzheng Xiang (0574-2766-5295)
宁波智联易才人力资源咨询有限公司 布政
Ningbo Dingxin Certified Public
Chinese House Specialized in teaching
Accountants Co., Ltd.
Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language to
Room 7-38 Zhong Nong Xin Building, 181
Emay Expat Service Emay is a Chinese
Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu (0574-8720-7901) expatriates and international students.
1. Tianyi Campus: Suite 3115, 31F Zhong Nong tutor, and can offer services such as interpreter,
Xin Building, Opposite to Heyi Avenue
business assistant, travel or shopping guide, and
more. (137-7714-0024)
[email protected]
Ningbo Gusui Certified Public
2. Yin Zhou Campus: Suite 518,No.1 Dushi
Accountants Co., Ltd.
Senlin Building (Opposite to Wanda INTIME
Ningbo Innocorp International
Room 408, 565 Jingjia Lu, Jiangdong
Department Store)
Consulting Co., Ltd Ningbo Innocorp
provide you professional real estate, Industrial
江东区百丈路158号 世纪经贸大厦7楼
real estate and business services for expat
in Ningbo. /
Ningbo Huixing Certified Public
C-Home Education & Culture
[email protected] 8F, Regus
Accountants Co., Ltd
Training focuses on creating a mutual
Business Center, Raffles Office Building,#99,
Room 408, 565 Jingjia Lu, Jiangdong
platform not only Mandarin Learning but also
Daqing South Road, Jiangbei, Ningbo
knowing about Chinese Culture. Group classes
((0574-8764 -8228)
and tutor courses are available. Room 301,5th.
Block,No.855 Qianhu Bei Rd, Yinzhou District
Ningbo Kexin Certified Public
语泓教育 鄞州钱湖北路855号5幢301室
Accountants Co., Ltd.
10F, Heting Building, Hefang Creative Square,
317 Jiangdong Bei Lu, Jiangdong (0574-87360300) 江东区江东北路317号和丰创意广场 SHINE Professional Chinese Training
School It belongs to Ningbo University
Education Group, offers Mandarin training
courses. All the teachers are professional and
experienced in teaching Mandarin. No. 3, Lane
Ningbo Quality Assurance Co.,Ltd
569, Zhongshan Xi Lu (186-6785-1669/0574Professional third-party testing and inspection
institution. No.111 Qinxin Road, Jiangdong
Science and Technology Zone (+86-574569弄3号
language schools
recruitment & hr
Ningbo Tianyuan Certified Public
Accountants Co., Ltd.
5F, Tian Zhi Hai Building, 48 Daliang Jie, Haishu
advertsing & marketing
Ningbo Better Advertising Co., Ltd.
Room 11A2 Donghai Shuguang Building, 455
Zhongshan Dong Lu (0574-8726-8138 )
business consulting
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
Janet Foreign Service Janet can provide
you with all your personal and business
requirements, from visa help to housekeeping.
[email protected] 28 Xingning Lu, Suite 1714
Manpower Employment services,
specializing in Accounting & Finance,
Engineering & Manufacturing, Human
Resources, Information Technology, Office, Sales
& Marketing, and Supply Chain. http://www. 13F-005, Henglong Center, 2
Zhongshan Xi Lu (0574-8736-9588)
万宝盛华 中山西路2号恒隆中心13F-005室
Ningbo Foreign Enterprises Service
& Trade Co., Ltd. Part of the Ningbo
Foreign Economic and Cooperation Bureau.
Establishment of foreign Investment company
and representative office, consulting service,
staffing & HR Outsourcing service, talent and
head-hunting service. [email protected]
188 Lingqiao Lu (87307324)
Ningbo Skilled Labor Market Every
Wed., Sat., & Sun. morning until noon.
Employers can pay a set fee for a booth, and
then review potential workers. 557 Liuting Jie
Zhejiang Foreign Service Corp
(ZFSC) Provides solutions covering full
service of human resource management chain.
South 9F. Building 8, Ningbo Book City, No. 1,
Yongjiang Road. (0574-87307288)
浙江省对外服务公司宁波分公司 甬江大
serviced apartments
Han's Serviced Apartment
Fully serviced apartments available on a daily,
weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Five star
quality. No.95 RiXin Road.(next to Westin
Hotel,TianYi Plaza) (400-000-2043)
汉·酒店公寓 宁波海曙日新街95号(威
Sunrise Relocation Service
Company Ltd
Ninbo expat servce center which can provide
one-stop service from property hunting,
business assistance, moving service, mandarin
training and etc.
. Rm603,Mingzhou Business Building, 289
Jiangnan Lu, Jiangdong. (0574—8778-5326)
宁波江东世瑞商务服务有限公司 江东区
legal services
Dan, Sams & Associates An Intellectual
Property law firm with qualified services in
connection with IP rights in China. Room
1603, Shiji Jinmao Building, 158 Baizhang Lu
宁波德胜知识产权代理有限公司 宁波市江
Zhejiang Y&Q Law Office Educated
overseas and trained in UK law firms, rich
professional knowledge and extensive practice
experience regarding foreign investment in
Ningbo, such as Representative Office, Joint
Venture and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise.
Y&Q lawyers can provide quality, efficient, and
professional legal service in English to protect
clients’ rights. Room
1107, Shiji Jinmao Building, 158 Baizhang Lu
w ng bogui d
the directory travel
789 Mingzhou Lu, Beilun Xinqi (0574-86885888)
international hotel
Crowne Plaza City Center
New Century Grand Hotel Ningbo
129 Yaohang Jie (0574-5619-9999)
宁波凯洲皇冠假日酒店 药行街129号
Intercontinental Ningbo
Add: 777 Xinhui Lu, National Hi-tech Industrial
Development Zone, Ningbo
Tel: 0574-8796-6686
宁波洲际酒店 宁波市国家高新区新晖
Langham Place, Ningbo Culture
Howard Johnson IFC Ningbo
Pan Pacific Hotel & Serviced Suites
Address: 99 Minan East Road, Jiangdong
Phone: +86 574 8911 8888
宁波泛太平洋大酒店与高级服务公寓 宁
Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel
2 Lingqiao Lu (0574-8709-5678)
宁波南苑饭店 宁波市灵桥路2号
Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo
88 Yuyuan Jie (0574-8799-8888)
宁波香格里拉大酒店 豫源街88号
Passenger Transportation Center
mid-range hotel
Best Western Kylie Hotel Ningbo
FOB Hotel
121 Xianxue Jie (0574-8729-8898)
Ningbo Hotel
251 Mayuan Lu (0574-8709-7888)
宁波饭店 马园路251号
budget hotel
Lee’s Youth Hostel
77 Gongqing Lu (0574-8732-7018)
李宅国际青年旅社 共青路77号
Ningbo Lishe Airport Ningbo Lishe
899 Siming Zhong Lu (0574-2889-9888)
宁波万达索菲特大饭店 四明中路899号
Airport (code: NGB) is located southwest of
downtown, about 20 minutes by car. From
here, you can travel to most cities in China.
However, Hong Kong and Taiwan are the
only destinations that require passports. .
The Westin Ningbo
Shuttle Bus
Sheraton Ningbo Hotel
50 Caihong Bei Lu (0574-8768-8688)
宁波东港喜来登酒店 彩虹北路50号
Sofitel Wanda Ningbo
75 Rixin Jie (0574-8910-8888)
宁波威斯汀酒店 日新街75号
deluxe hotel
Beilun Lebanner Hotel
South Bus Station The South Bus Station
The Regent Ningbo
76 Jicao Jie (0574-8770-7888)
宁波凯利大酒店 箕漕街76号
Address: 188, Dayan Road, Dong Qian Lake,
Ningbo 315123, People’s Republic of China
Phone: +86 574 2888 1234
宁波柏悦酒店 宁波市东钱湖大堰路188号
bus stations
99 Jiangbei Da Dao, Jiangbei District
宁波远洲大酒店 江北区江北大道99号
890 Xinda Lu, Beilun District (0574-8683-5399)
288 Dingtai Lu, Jiangdong (0574-8187-8888)
Route: Ningbo Airport - Passenger
Transportation Center - South Bus Station - 91
Xingning Lu, Civil Aviation Ticket Outlet. Time:
The bus leaves the airport whenever it fills
up with people, about once an hour. Price:
¥12/person. Not recommended unless you
are a fanatic about saving money, or you are
0574-8611-8669 )
君明汽车租赁公司 北仑庐山路281号
Around ¥50 to most hotels downtown. The
airport taxis use a ticket system to prevent
fraud, so make sure you keep your ticket, and
get a receipt from the driver when you arrive at
your destination. City taxi drivers are typically
quite honest, and have been known to return
lost bags, mobile phones, computers, and even
cash. If you have your receipt, the taxi company
can identify the driver and call him if you forget
something in the taxi.
is Ningbo’s largest, busiest bus station. The
airport shuttle bus stops here. Frequent buses
to Shanghai and Hangzhou. The last bus leaves
at 8pm. 535 Yinfeng Lu
宁波汽车南站 鄞奉路535号
Smile & Natural Hotel Ningbo
230 Liuting Jie (0574-2786-6666)
华侨豪生大酒店 柳汀街230号
188 Heyi Lu (0574-8710-8888)
宁波万豪酒店 和义路188号
Zhongshan Xi Lu, 2 Wenchang Jie (0574-87268668)
宁波文昌大酒店 中山西路文昌街2号
812 Baizhang Dong Lu (0574-8706-8888)
宁波开元大酒店 百丈东路812号
Howard Johnson Plaza Ningbo
Ningbo Marriott Hotel
Ningbo Mandarin Prosperous Hotel
Ningbo New Century Hotel
Add: 2109 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Ningbo
Tel: 0574-8708-9999
宁波文化广场朗豪酒店 宁波市中山东路
Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort & Spa
666 Shounan Zhong Lu, Yinzhou District
宁波开元名都大酒店 鄞州区首南中路
traveling alone.
The Passenger Transportation Center is closer
to Ningbo airport than to the city center. It
connects with the local city buses 369, 501,
504, or 523. Buses from here go everywhere
in China outside Zhejiang Province. The
airport shuttle bus stops here. 181 Tongda Lu
宁波客运中心 通达路181号
East Bus Station The East Bus Station
is located in Jiangdong District, in the
neighborhood of Carrefour supermarket. Buses
travel to Beilun and other destinations. 707
Ningchuan Lu (0574-8792-4570)
宁波汽车东站 宁穿路707号
North Bus Station The North Bus Station
is located close to Lao Waitan. Buses travel
to Putuoshan, Dinghai, Yuyao, Cixi, and other
destinations. 122 Taodu Lu (0574-8735-5321)
宁波汽车北站 桃渡路122号
train stations
Ningbo South Train Station
19 Nanzhan Dong Lu (0574-5616-3111
recording, 0574-5616- 2224 human)
宁波火车南站 南站东路19号
Ningbo East Train Station
Close to Zhongxing Lu, West of Fuming Lu,
East of Sangtian Lu, South of Xingning Lu, and
Huancheng Nan Lu
宁波火车东站 福明路以西,规划桑田
car rental
Jun Ming Car Rental Company
Buick van, Passat, short term and long term
rental. Availlable for Zhejiang, Jiangsu and
Shanghai districts. Experienced. Reliable English
speaking. [email protected]
cn 281 Lushan Lu, Beilun (133-5599-6546/
Ningbo New Star Car Rental Personal
vehicles, business vehicles, wedding vehicles,
etc. Around 10 drivers can speak English, or
rent the car without a driver. 262 Songjiang
Dong Lu, near Donghu Huayuan (0574-83035772/132-2191-8811/133-5574-6990)
宁波新星汽车租赁 嵩江东路262号,东
travel services
Country Holidays Travel Pte Ltd
Silver Block, 5th Floor, Unit 5A, Jiu An Plaza,
258 Tong Ren Road, Shanghai (021-3222-0616)
Elite Tours
107 Yandang Lu, Shanghai (021-5306-9239)
Ningbo China International Travel
Service Co., Ltd.
Room 2010, Huahong International Center, 719
Zhongxing Lu (0574-8719-3092) 宁波江东中
Ningbo CYTS Tours Travel Service
Co., Ltd.
201 Liuting Jie, Haishu (0574-8730-9988)
Sun Travel & Event Consulting
Book your personal itinerary to meet your travel
interests & requirements to any destinations in
China. We speak Chinese, English& German.
Email: [email protected]
No. 2 Zhongshan West Rd., Henglong Centre,
Floor 14-D (188 6862 1003)
Ninghai Hot Springs
This is one of the more
beautiful hot springs in
the area. It has a fairly high
ranking online and that is due
to the fact that the many pools
are located outside.
You can walk up the hill and
find small hidden private
pools to relax in the warm
water. It's particularly great
when chilly outside. There are
buses to Ninghai regularly but
we usually recommend a hired
car for the day.
Ninghai, about 45 minutes south of Ningbo
the directory kids
baby equipment
Ai Ying Shi
11 Lianfeng Lu, Haishu (0574-8714-5939)
811 Jinyu Lu, Yinzhou (0574-8818-7633)
118-122 Baining Jie, Jiangdong (0574-87808994)
clubs & societies
Ningbo Foreign Ladies Group
NFLG meets regularly to help introduce new
expat women to Ningbo and to create a space
for longer term residents to mingle and share.
Contact Lediz Leal at [email protected]
1. 35-2 Shuguang Lu
2. 1003 Baizhang Dong Lu
3. 31 Jijin Jie
4. 94 Cuibai Lu
5. 137 Shiqi Bei Lu
6. 102-1 Lianfeng Lu
Les Enphants
1. 238 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu
2. 1 Dazha Lu, Jiangbei
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
3. 152 Yanghang Jie, Haishu
Access International Academy
Ningbo (AIAN)
AIAN offers an American based educational
program for its internationally minded
community from Nursery to Grade 12. AIAN is
WASC accredited allowing its membership of
EARCOS and ACAMIS. The multinational and
well qualified faculty are recruited from around
the world. Daily busing available across Ningbo.
1 Aixue Lu, Beilun District (0574-8686-9999)
宁波爱学国际学校 北仑爱学路1号
Hua Mao Multicultural Education
Academy( MEA)
MEA has International Baccalaureate PYP
authorization. With a current cohort of 200
students (aged 2-16 years) MEA has grown to
10 times its original size in 2 years due to its
small class sizes, qualified international and
local teachers and excellent facilities.
No 2 YinXian DaDao, Yinzhou (0574-8821-1160)
Ivy School A member of the reputable
Ivy Education Group, offering nursery to
kindergarten programs (age 2-6) in an
immersive bilingual environment. Fully qualified
native English teachers in every class. [email protected] Inside Summit Residences, 45
Xinyi Lu, Jiangbei (0574-8386-2020)
艾毅实验幼儿园 江北新义路45号汇豪天
Li Ren Kindergarten
Offering nursery to Kindergarten program (age
2-6). Native English teachers in every class. contact: TEL: 86836965 or
[email protected]
北仑里仁童苑 宁波市北仑区爱学路2号
Ningbo International School (NBIS)
Accredited to offer Cambridge International
Education courses to senior students leading to
graduation to universities throughout the world.
Highly qualified, experienced, international
teachers nurture and challenge students from 2
- 18 years of age in an attractive, well resourced
environment. Now the largest international
school in Ningbo providing for boarding and
day students from 34 different nationalities.151
Lamei Lu, Gaoxin qu (0574-8761-1005)
宁波国际学校 高新区腊梅路151号
Ningbo Zhicheng School
International (NZSI)
only authorized International Baccalaureate
(IB) World School in Zhejiang Province. It
offers both the IB Diploma Programme (DP)
for Middle School graduates who intend to
attend universities abroad and the IB Primary
Years Programme (PYP) for Kindergarten age
3-6 students and Primary students in grades
1-6. #377 Jiangbei Road, Near Jiangbei
Wanda Square (+86 (0)574 87564017) (+86
13806678855 / +86 18957485311)
[email protected]
宁波至诚学校 江北大道377号,近江北万
Children’s Park A free park with lots
of playground equipment. 321 Xingning Lu
儿童公园 兴宁路321号
Fly High
A sprawling video arcade and roller skating rink
in Wanda Plaza. 999 Siming Zhong Lu, Wanda
Plaza, Gate No.2 (0574-8808-6111)
神采飞扬电玩城 四明中路999号万达广
HarborLand An amusement park in Beilun.
¥100/person, for details please visit their
website at 728
Liaohe Lu, Beilun District (0574-2685-2685)
凤凰山主题公园 北仑区辽河路728号
宁波市雅戈尔动物园 东钱湖
Ningbo Ocean World This aquarium park
has shows, swimming dancers, sharks, and
a great underwater tunnel. 936 Sangtian Lu
宁波海洋世界 桑田路936号
Toys R' Us B001-B004 Heyi Avenue Shopping
Center, Haishu
kids' parties
Wang Jianguo, Magician Magician
by trade, available for parties and events.
No language is needed to be amazed by his
close-up sleight of hand. His father has the
most awesome beard ever. (130-9591-8120
Cheery Dental Clinic Dr. John Zhou is an
English-speaking dentist in Ningbo, clean and
modern. 34 Gaotang Lu (0574-8736-5770)
宁波中瑞口腔诊所 高塘路34号(高塘菜
Vogue Dental An international clinic next to
the Sheraton. 1F, Portman Tower, 48 Caihong Bei
Lu (0574-8737-8333)
瑞阁齿科 彩虹北路48号波特曼大厦1楼
South Gate Inoculation and
Immunization Clinic Located on the
fourth floor of the hospital, and it provides
vaccinations for diseases such as hepatitis,
polio, diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus, measles,
encephalitis, influenza, and many others.
4F, South Gate Hospital, 58 Yinjiang Lu
南门医院预防接种门诊 尹江路58号南门
Women and Children’s Hospital
Ningbo Youngor Zoo About 20km outside Departments of pediatrics, obstetrics, and
the city at Dongqian Lake. ¥80/person, half price gynecology. 339 Liuting Jie (0574-8708-3300)
for kids shorter than 130cm. Dongqian Lake
宁波市妇儿医院 柳汀街339号
w ng bogui d
Eudora Station
Balle Balle
Games Answers
1. Multicolored
5. Not together
10. WW1 plane
14. Lasso
15. An organization's rule
16. French for "Black"
17. Ear-related
18. To begin with
20. Gruesome
22. Breathing tube for
23. Excluding
24. Prepared
25. Stupidity
32. Disney mermaid
33. Eagle's nest
34. A type of large
37. Sow
38. Entry permits
39. Certain
40. A box for bricks or
41. River muds
42. Set straight
43. Having a mottled
45. Entertain
NI NGB O G U ID E | M A RC H 20 1 5
Answers on previous page
49. American Sign
50. Used to stabilize a
53. Pocket billiards
57. Unrefined
59. Construct
60. Flower stalk
61. All excited
62. Gave the once-over
63. Hearing organs
64. Wagered (archaic)
65. Extinct flightless bird
1. A formal high school
2. Greek letter
3. Sweeping story
4. Poured
5. Terminates
6. Combustible pile
7. Former boxing champ
8. Tatters
9. Identical or fraternal
10. Trap
11. A type of dance
12. Suffered
13. Laconically 19. Like
the Vikings
21. Be agitated
25. Short run
26. Chocolate cookie
27. Misled
28. Acclaims
29. Homes for birds
30. Delete
31. Female sib
34. A set of garments
35. Desire
36. Curve
38. Compete
39. Raced on skis
41. Pilfer
42. As well
44. Arrived
45. Bad treatment
46. Devilfish
47. Canker sore
48. Shantytowns
51. Male deer
52. A soft porous rock
53. Arid
54. Knockout
55. Barely managed
56. Start over
58. 18-wheeler
w ng bogui d
Over the coming days and weeks you might start to see this sticker line to try and bring something new to this city. Maybe they put
posted around some of your favorite places in Ningbo. You might their life's savings into it. Maybe they took out a huge loan. They
then wonder what it is.
almost certainly put countless hours of work and sleepless nights
into it. Ningbo is a better place because of these people and the
Let us explain.
places they've put their hearts and souls into.
This city has come a long way since Ningbo Guide got started. Some
of you who've been here a while will remember when Starbucks
was one of the only places to get a decent cup of coffee, or when
Pizza Hut was your best bet for for a slice. But times have changed.
If you flip through the pages of a city magazine or just take a stroll
around Ningbo, you'll see them everywhere now. Small local
businesses. The lifeblood of a city. We love them, and we know that
you love them too. It's time to show that love to everyone, and with
this sticker, that's what we're doing.
This city--our city--is constantly evolving. The good news is you
get to help decide where it goes next! You do that with your wallet.
When you spend your hard-earned cash at a place with this sticker,
you can rest assured knowing that that money is staying right
here in Ningbo and not going into some huge corporate account
overseas. It's helping to build something even better, something
even more vibrant and diverse. And when you're walking around
this city in the future, marveling at just how far it's come over the
years, you'll know that you've been part of that. And you can be
When you see this sticker, it means that someone put it all on the Local and proud.
最近一段时间,你们将可能在很多你们 当你看到这张贴纸的时候,意味着有人
喜欢的地方看到这个贴纸,可能也会猜 为这个城市注入新的元素时付出很多,
十年前,Ningbo Guide杂志和网站成立。
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fine food and drinks served here.
enjoy delicious international cuisine,
fine wines, classic cocktails and a
Top-notch whisky list in one of
the city’s most inviting spaces.
No.8 Shengyuan Lane, Moon lake Garden
海曙区月湖盛园盛园巷8号 * 0574 5533 0000