June - Nebraska-Iowa Kiwanis Division 20

Membergram of the Kiwanis Club of Omaha Golden K
Vol. 35, No. 9
June, 2015
Published monthly for Kiwanis Club of Omaha Golden K. Editorial Office, 16116 Ontario Circle, Omaha, Nebraska 68130. Telephone, 402-334-2449.
Dale Harris, Editor; C h r i s O l s o n , Leo Graff, Paul Filipi, Dean Marshall, Associate Editors
One of a kind Miracle baseball league welcomes
everyone who wants the chance to play baseball.
The Blue Jays lineup of players and coach
Please take time to look over the results of
the Club survey that is detailed on pages 4,
5 and 6 in this month’s MemberGram. I
believe it provides insight into what you
think of your Club and it will help to direct
the Board of Director’s efforts over the
next year. Richard Williams has done a
good job of sorting through the data and
presenting it.
I believe the individual comments added
interesting observations on how you view
your Club. The comments showed diverse
opinions on some matters and also that the
Board can do more to keep you informed
on what is happening in the conduct and
procedures of the Club during the weekly
meetings. The issue of funding for our
Service Projects will continue to require the
Boards efforts and direction.
These are games played that are about more
than winning and losing. There are no balls.
There are no strikes. No one is called out. All
games end in a tie. But, there will be plenty
of smiles and laughter and the opportunity
to participate and make friends. Golden K
Kiwanis members are encouraged to come
out and support the Blue Jays and the league.
June Schedule
ALLPLAY is a major activity for our Clubs
participation during the summer. Please look
at the schedule of volunteer activities at
www.allplay.org especially for the time
when our team, the Blue Jays, are playing.
Golden K committee Chair Chris Olson can
help and provide additional information.
Norm Marfice, President
ALLPLAY Miracle Baseball League
June 6 - June 27, 2015
Seymour Smith Park @ 66th & Harrison Sts
June 6…. Blue Jays vs Braves...…...8:30 AM
June 13…Blue Jays vs Dia. Backs.10:30 AM
June 20…Blue Jays vs Orioles…...12:30 PM
June 27…Blue Jays vs Rockies..…..9:30 AM
Golden K elected it’s leaders for 2015-16
During the Golden K Annual Meeting on May 19 the
following people were elected:
President -- Nancy Haack
President-elect -- Dick Williams
Treasurer -- Linda Placzek
Vice President -- vacant
Immediate Past-President -- Norm Marfice
Board members -- Jerry Bland, Betty Foster, Bill
Gordon, Robert Kully, Barbara Lund-Irvin, Chris
Olson, and Sarah Young.
The elected officers and appointed Golden K Secretary
Dean Marshall serve one year, beginning October, 1.
A special invitation to Kiwanis members and
friends to attend a performance of Spamalot
at the Playhouse on Thursday, June 25 at 7:30
PM. Seats will be in Rows 5 and 6 in the
center section. A group rate of $30 per ticket
has been arranged and checks are to be made
Omaha Community Playhouse (no cash,
please!). Reservations will be taken at the
Kiwanis meetings on May 26, June 2 and
9. No refunds after June 10 when final
reservations are due at the Playhouse.
Storm Chasers Baseball
Join fellow
from the
Kiwanis Club of
Omaha East for a fun afternoon of
baseball with the Omaha Storm Chasers
vs. the Round Rock Express.
Spamalot, a musical, is a spin-off from
Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It takes
the audience on a side-splitting romp through
legendary tales of King Arthur and the quest
for the Holy Grail. It is the ultimate
adventure in silliness!
Sunday, June 28th at…
2:05 P M
$8.00 per person(with
20 people participating)
A behind the scenes tour can be arranged at
6:15 that evening for those who may be
interested in learning more about the
Playhouse and the costume, scenery and
carpentry departments. The Playhouse is
located at 69th and Cass Streets with parking
to the south of the building. Betty Foster
See Linda Placzek about ticket information.
Showing off her Handwork
Barbara Lund-Irvin with display
of Golden K memorabilia she had
collected, and then presented to the
attendees at the Kiwanis’ 100th
Birthday Celebration ceremony at
the Champion Club on April 23rd.
Other Kiwanis clubs in addition to
Golden K participated in the event.
Jane Erickson, VP of Kiwanis
International and Governor Steve
McNally were featured speakers.
Golden K Kiwanis Brings Joy to Kids
On May 15th, Conestoga elementary
School Students participated in their
annual Field Day. Once again this year,
Golden K Kiwanians were on hand to
staff one of the stations. That, of course,
was a Book Giveaway. Kiwanians Bob
Balzerick, Don McWhirter, Carolyn
Law, Jim Jirousek, Jim Lastovica, Georgiann Benish, Janet Davis, Bob Williams, Bob
Rohde, Bob Van Meter, Ed Atkinson and Linda Placzek worked to make sure the children
found just the “right book” for summer reading. The 64 Pre-Schoolers also held book selections
in their classrooms making a total of 404 books in the hands of the students. To quote one of the
students “I love reading every day! Thank you for giving us free books!” Linda Placzek
We Couldn’t Do It
Without YOU!
Voting at the Kiwanis
International Convention
On behalf of our Club Officers and Board
Members, Betty Foster, Chairperson of
Early Child Priority One Committee,
Carolyn Law and , and myself, we want to
extend our enormous appreciation. Your
generosity has made it possible to carry out
all of the activities which are included in our
club’s NE-IA Foundation Grant to provide
literacy education for parents. We will serve
the clients of the Assure Program and the
parents of our Conestoga pre-schoolers as
well as providing books for a Conestoga
Pre-School Take Home Library Program
beginning this fall.
Kiwanians around the world
and five Omaha Golden K
Kiwanis members are registered
to attend the 100th Birthday
Celebration and Annual Kiwanis
International Convention in
Indianapolis, Indiana June 25 - 28.
Golden K members planning to attend are
Nancy Haack, Dean Marshall, Bob
Hasebroock, Kim Pacaj and Rob Rohrbough.
Haack and Marshall are official delegates to
the convention and will be eligible to vote on
proposed amendments and resolutions on behalf
of Golden K.
Thanks go to: Ed Atkinson, Bob Kully,
Don Miller, Nancy Haack, Bob
Hasebroock, Les Rygg, Elaine Beard,
Patte Martin, Tim Witty, Norm Marfice,
Rob Rohrbough, Don Elliott, John and
Sara Young, Paul Filipi, Leo Graff, Don
Jones, Bob Schropp, Tom Andrews,
Georgiann Benish, and Jim Lastovica. If
I missed you, I apologize as several people
handed me cash the day the program was
announced and I may have not been able to
recall your name….please let me know if I
omitted you. Linda Placzek
There are nine amendments on the docket this
year for consideration to be voted on and Nancy
Haack will be explaining each one during the
upcoming Tuesday morning meetings until all
nine have been reported to the Golden K
membership. If you have an interest or want to
have input into how they should vote, please let
Nancy or Dean know your thoughts.
A Nancy Haack report.
Analysis of Golden K Kiwanis 2015 Annual Club Survey
Part one… of the survey focused on four areas of club activity: (1)Membership (2)Community
Service (3)Public Relations/Marketing (4)Education/Member Experience. Members were ask
to rate statements in each category from zero to four: 0 is never, 1 is rarely, 2 is occasionally,
3 is frequently, 4 is always. A total of 56 surveys were completed by Golden K members. Not
all of those surveyed answered all questions.
Membership: In the membership category, the average score was 3.66, which was second
highest among the four categories. This indicates that members feel that membership growth
for the club is good. The lowest rated question (3.26) referenced that the membership was not
that confident that the club has an active membership committee. The highest rated question
in the category (3.91) indicated that the members believe that guests are welcomed and
introduced appropriately. Other higher score questions indicated members believe that new
members are recognized and get orientation (3.85) and members who sponsor new members
are recognized.
Community Service: The mean average score for this category was 3.24, second lowest of the
four categories. The lowest score (2.80) question referenced the fact that new projects are
reviewed and some implemented. This indicated members believe this to only occasionally be
true. The highest score (3.78) in this category indicates that most members believe that members
assist frequently in Service Leadership Projects. The next highest (3.67) indicated that members
believe the club sponsors at least one Service Leadership Project a year. The second lowest
score (2.87) indicates that members believe that most of our membership only occasionally
participates in Service Leadership Projects.
Public Relations/Marketing: This category received the lowest average mean score (2.83) of
all four categories. This may indicate the membership feels we only occasionally to frequently
meet these standards and that the club may need more efforts in this area. The question with the
lowest score (2.06) stated that our club service projects are regularly reported in the media. A
related question received a lower score (2.79) stated that the club work with children is submitted
to the local media. The highest score (3.45) indicates that members believe the club maintains
an informative and up-to-date web site. The second highest score (3.08) referenced that the club
members are good story tellers.
Education/member experience: This category received the highest mean average score
(3.72) of all four categories. This would seem to indicate that members believe the club is
doing well in education and member experience. The highest rated question (3.94) indicates
that most members believe the club has a good leadership succession plan. Another high
score (3.75) stated that the club sends members to the District convention each year. Other
high score indicate the club has a good membership directory (3.75), club meetings are fun,
organized and productive (3.72) and the club hold social outings for members and families
(3.68). The lowest score (3.58) states that there is an expectation that the club will be
recognized as a Distinguished Club each year. A Dick Williams report.
Analysis Golden K Kiwanis 2015 Annual Survey, Part 2
Part 2 of the 2015 annual survey looked at questions of interest to the club leadership and
Board of Directors. It consisted of eight specific questions and two open ended questions
soliciting suggestions and new ideas for the club leadership to consider.
Question 1… Do you volunteer for Kiwanis Service Projects? A total of 38 answered yes, or
approximately 67.8%. There were 13 No, or 23.2%, and 5 no response. Most of the yes
members indicated they volunteered for two, three or more service projects.
Question 2… How many Interclubs attended in the last 12 months? A total of 19 Yes, or
34%. There were 35 No, or 62.5%. There were 2 no responses. Thus about 1/3 of the club
members participate in one or more Interclub visits during the year and 2/3 do not participate.
Question 3… Do Officers keep members informed of club activities? There were 51 out of 56
positive responses, i.e. 91% believe this communication is adequate. There was only one No,
and four no response.
Question 4… Do members read the MemberGram? There were 47 Yes, or 84% of the survey
participants read the MemberGram. There were only three No, 5%, and four no response.
Obviously the MemberGram is well read and important to the membership.
Question 5… How often do you visit the club web site? There were 38 who visit the web site,
or 68% of those 19, or 34% visit 1 to 10 times a year, 15 visited 10 times or more a year, 27%.
Several visit weekly, and one or two visit 5 times or more a week. These answer indicate that
the web site is well used and important to a substantial number of the membership.
Question 6… Approximately how many new members did you meet and talk with last year?
There were 45 positive responses. Approximately 80% of the responses met and talked with
one to ten new members last year. Only 7 responses, or 12.5% did not speak with a new
member. This indicates that the membership make a very positive effort to meet and welcome
new members.
Question 7… How many club committees did you serve on last year? There were 25 positive
responses, 44.6%. There were 26 negative responses, 46.4% and 5 no responses. This indicates
that about half of the membership serve on one or more committees while the half do not.
Question 8… If the annual budget falls short of funds to cover all the current club projects
and services, how would you prefer the Board balance the budget? Questions were rated 5
-1 with 5 the highest priority. Options were:
- Outside fund raising projects. For 11 responses, or 19%, this was the highest priority (5).
There were 15 responses, or 34% that were a 3 or 4. For 8 responses, or 14%, it was the lowest
priority and an additional 8 responses were a 2. Thus 28% of the responses were the low
priority of 1 or 2. Continued on page 6
- Individual project fund raising appeal to members. There were 7 responses, 12.5%, that
this was the highest priority. There were 17 responses, 30%, that were a rated a high, 4
or 5. There were 8 responses, 14% that rated this the lowest priority. Also 17 that were
rated a low 1 or 2, 30%.
- Moderate increase in annual dues, e.g. $25 or $50. There were 13 responses rating this
as the highest priority, 23%. 19 responses that were rated 4 or 5, 33%. There were 11
responses, 19.6%, that were the lowest priority and 19 that were rated 1, 2, or 30%. This
response had the highest overall average score, 138.
- Cut back on projects and services, no budget increase. This was highest priority for 8
responses, 14% and 15 rated 4 or 5, 26%. It was the lowest priority for 11, 19.6%. 19
were 0, a rating of 1 or 2, 34%. This response had the lowest overall average score of the
options, 111.
- Other options. 5 responded, this was the highest priority, 9%. Nine were rated 4 or 5, 16%.
For 5 responses, 9% rated this the lowest priority. Seven responses were 0,1,or 2, 12.5%
The results from question 8 seem to indicate that club members are split fairly evenly with no
clear leading choice among the solution options. There is a slight edge that members would like
to see a dues increase over other options. A cut back with no budget increase is the lowest
scoring option. However, there is only a slight statistical difference between all of the options. .
The following indicate the average score for each optional solution:
Option 1 – 2.88, Outside fund raising projects.
Option 2 – 2.98, Individual project appeal to members
Option 3 – 3.07, Moderate dues increase
Option 4 – 2.74, Cut back, no budget increase.
Option 5 – 2.67, Other.
A Dick Williams report.
A lot of BOB’s in Golden K
All Bob’s:
Back row L to R:
Decker, Dowell, Jones,
Hasebroock, Kully,
Front row L to R:
Williams, Rohrbough,
Schropp, Van Meter
Not Pictured:
Rohde, Huber
Secretary’s Report
MAY 6, 2015
Here are highlights from Omaha Golden K
Secretary Dean Marshall’s April report to
Kiwanis International:
Meetings April, 7, 14, 21, and 28 were
attended by 68, 67, 68, and 67 respectively, an
average of 68.
Members of Golden K in April: 91
Four members attended the District 20 meeting
April, 1.
Nine members worked 18 hours at the Kiwanis
One Day Event (ALLPLAY) project #1
preparing the baseball field for play.
Twelve members worked 60 hours at the
Millard North High School Mock interviews
project #2 serving 96 high school youth.
Four members worked 12 hours at the
Westside High School Senior Project, project # 3
serving 20 youths.
Non-Service Leadership Programs
involved 39 member sessions for 649
hours with 24 projects completed. Involving SLP
only, there were two members working 17
hours serving 19 youths with two projects
Nineteen Omaha Golden K Airport
Ambassadors worked 204 hours and assisted
1,780 travelers.
Seven members attended an Inter Club April
20 with Loveland Kiwanis featuring the history
of Prospect Hill Cemetery.
The April Skip A Meal project generated $610
Nancy Haack, Linda Placzek, Bob Hasebroock,
Norm Marfice, and Dean Marshall attended the
meeting from Omaha Golden K Kiwanis. Kiwanis Club
of Omaha-East has extended an invitation to join them
at Werner Park on Sunday, June 28 at 2:05 P.M. to
watch the Omaha Storm Chasers. Contact Benjamin
Sande at [email protected] for more
information. Lt. Governor, Barb O’Donnell reported
that four clubs in Division 20 have not filed their
monthly reports to Kiwanis International for at least the
last three months. Each Kiwanis Club are required to
file a report to Kiwanis International each month.
Kiwanis International Vice-President, Jane Erickson,
and her husband, Gus, were present. Jane indicated
that Kiwanis officials, K-Kids, and Key Club members
from across the U.S. had met at the White House in
Washington D.C. with the Office of Public Engagement
officials. Lonnie Shumate said the deadline for grant
requests from the NE-IA District Foundation is June.
Lonnie also reminded Club members that all checks
and correspondences to the NE-IA or Kiwanis
International Foundations should indicate such.
Election results for each Kiwanis Club needs to be sent
by the club secretary to Kiwanis International by June.
The dates for Camp OK have been changed to May
31-June 5. Camp officials had inadvertently double
booked the camp for the previous weekend. Linda
Placzek gave an Eliminate Project update. NE-IA
District members have pledged or given $2,422,747.75
which saved 1,345,971 lives. “Mother’s Day” Zellers
honoring a wife, daughter, or close friend. The deadline
to order is June 15. President-Elect training for
Divisions 19 & 20 will take place at Goodwill facility
in Omaha on June 6, beginning at 9 A.M. Bellevue
Morning Club helped with a high school art show.
They awarded over $1,000 in prizes. Omaha Westside,
Southwest, and Greater Omaha are helping with special
Olympics. Southwest will host a golf tournament on
July 23 at Tiburon Golf Course. Omaha Golden K.
raised over $600 for Skip-A-Meal at a regular club
meeting. Will the Pancake Feed event happen this
year? Individual clubs will need to decide if they want
to be a part of the usual Pancake Feed or not. Lots of
the products had been donated by Hy-Vee, in the past.
This may not be the case this year. The next meeting
will be held on June 3, 2015. A Dean Marshall report.
Golden K Kiwanis Clubs of Omaha
Airport Ambassadors Information
Activity Report April, 2015
Booth Shifts Hours Contacts Average
Port Hotel Attract. Direct. Totals
10 cents
They look
like this
INTERCLUB with Kiwanis Club of Omaha
MAY 1, 2015 at the Scott Conference Center
included Five Golden K members. Norm
Marfice, Sam Wall, Bob Williams, Sara
and John Young were in attendance. Dr.
Tom Osborne was the featured speaker
with his topic “TEAMMATES Mentoring”.
Coach Osborne and his wife Nancy
founded TEAMMATES in 1991 along with
22 Huskers and the program has grown to
7,500 programs in NE, IA and one in San
Diego, CA. Osborne stated that there are
approximately 1,200 mentors in the Metro
Area serving almost all Omaha schools.
According to Osborne TEAMMATES is a
school based program that serves “young
people to help improve their activity and
leadership roles.” Also employers who
work with these young people become
better community citizens because of
TEAMMATES. An example of a business
involved is U.S. Bank who has 85 mentors
at this time. Mentoring has shown to help
improve attendance in school by 85% and
provides a vision of hope that is positive
and creates the “possible!” Another point
given by Osborne was that mentoring
influences people in the “now and present”,
and peoples lives for the future; like a
“trickle-down effect”. Caring and time
given are very important parts of
mentoring. If you would like to consider
becoming a mentor and desire to learn more
about TEAMMATES please contact: Andi
Hallgren:[email protected]
(www.teammates.org) Office: 402-3908326. Finally, to end the meeting a
drawing was held with the winner receiving
a Coach Tom Osborne autographed
football. The lucky winner: Our very own
SAM WALL! A Sara Young report.
Helping Conestoga Year Around
Every Golden K Member can participate in supporting
Conestoga School. How? Well, by watching for and
cutting out Education BOX TOPS. Each one of these is
worth 10 cents? Last year Conestoga received a check
for over $400 for the labels collected and turned in. You
will find them on many products. Example, Progresso
Soups, General Mills cereals, copy paper packages, and
the list goes on. Bring them to our club meetings and
place in box with blue lid. Thanks for all you do for
Conestoga! Linda Placzek
June Celebrations
Al Thornton
Vern Cornish
Sara Young
Ed VanSurksum
6 Ray Carlson
8 Ken Gard
14 Bob Williams
15 Rob Rohrbough
Bob Rohde
Wedding Anniversaries
Dean & LaRue Marshall
George & Linda Stryker
Ken & Shirley Gard
Ron & Dee Iske
Jerry & Wanda Barnes
Ted & Linda Heath
John & Sara Young
Terry &Tony Fangman
Don & Elizabeth Miller
Membership Anniversaries
Bob Hasebroock
John Hoeven
Bob VanMeter
Norm Marfice
Joan Mulder
Bob Kully
Don Busenbark
Barbara Lund-Irvin
6th grade members of the Conestoga
Economics Club
By: Paul Filipi
Lance Morgan
President & CEO
HO CHUNK translated
means People
Capital Funds & Economics: Buy Low-Sell High
Study Pros & Cons to make stock
recommendations for purchase
Largest Indian owned
Corporation in America
Lance Morgan President & CEO of HO-CHUNK Inc
is ½ Native American and ½ Caucasian and a graduate
of UNL and Harvard Law School. Launched in 1994
HO CHUNK is an economic development corporation
for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. It began with
Morgan being the only employee to over 1,000 today
with operations in 15 states and eight foreign countries.
The purpose of this organization is to enable the tribe
to become more productive and provide the route to a
higher standard of living. As the tribe is like a sovereign
nation, they have favorable exemptions avoiding
paying state and federal taxes. Under Morgan’s
leadership the tribe has it’s own ethanol refinery and
tobacco factory giving them tax advantages and
resulting jobs. HO CHUNK construction companies
has been the catalyst providing “hands up” commercial
and home ownership on the Winnebago reservation.
Accompanied by Principle David Milan, Teachers
Susan Hinchik and Karen McElroy the 4th, 5th, & 6th
grades of Conestoga Magnet School explained their
economic and investment program. The prime focus
is learning how the stock market works and the tools
that are available for making wise choices in selection
of stocks to buy. Learning starts in the lower grades
but actual purchases start in 4th grade where they
have $1,000 to invest. The 6th grade has $20,000 to
invest and at the end of the year any profits are used
to purchase something for the school, and add to the
special school fund. This year investment profits
reached $20,000. The students illustrated in detail the
methods used including charts, studies and research
that include P/E, cash flow, & earnings. They
presented statistics and research comparisons for
Wells Fargo vs. U S Bank, Apple vs. Microsoft. Etc.
Mindy Ruffalo
Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Dick Williams
reports the
results of the
Golden K
member survey
Recruit far east business to NE
China is our 4th largest
trading partner
Mindy Ruffalo Director, International Business
Department,for the Omaha Chamber of commerce
recruits new business to Nebraska and nurtures
existing business with a goal to build more. China
was not foreign to her as she had previously traveled,
lived and studied in China. She said that the most
promising area for trade for Nebraska's economy was
the Far East. Nebraska already has three companies
that have ties to China: Berkshire Hathaway,
ConAgra and Valmont. In addition to serving as a link
between Omaha and foreign investors and businesses,
she will keep Nebraska companies educated on import
and international trade issues. Promising areas are
Export Development, Investment, and Technical
Training/Licensing and Joint Ventures. Ruffalo has
previously worked for blue chip companies in the
United States, Europe and far east companies.
The Golden K meeting of May 19,2015 was the
annual business meeting. Nancy Haack presented the
slate of officers and directors and all were elected by
acclamation with the office of vice-president open at
the time of election. Various committee chairpersons
gave project reports. Dick Williams detailed the
results of the member survey and tackled the question
of what to do with budget shortfall to fund all the
Golden K projects. The board will review and listen
to suggestions on what may be the best revenue
generation method. Golden K’s involvement includes
but not limited to the following activities and public
service projects: Airport Ambassadors, Reading at
Conestoga Magnet School, Skip a Meal, Interviews
at Millard North and Westside Schools, Food Bank,
Bell Ringers, ALLPLAY baseball and Pancake Feed.
Club Service
John Fifer & Joe Engle will be joined by:
June 2.....Don Swanson & Bob Williams
June 9.....John Young & Sara Young
June 16...Duane Horn & Ron Iske
June 23...Bob Dowell & Les Rygg
June 30...Ed Atkinson & Al Cormaci
Don Jones
Bob Williams
Mary Ann Sofio
Frank Watt
Don Mcwhirter
Upcoming Programs:
Program Chairperson: Bill Gordon
June 2……Speaker: Jennifer Morrell, Officer, National Park Service.
Subject: National Parks, Monuments and other park areas.
June 9.…...Speaker: Dr. James McDowell, Retired Director of Education and Lecturer.
Subject: Early migration to America from life in England, Ireland, and Scotland.
June 16.….Speaker: Verrelle Gordon, Officer, Lecturer, Omaha Fire Department.
Subject: Training and experiences with the Omaha Fire Department.
June 23.….Speaker: Dr. Karen Bremer, Specialist in Neurology.
Subject: Strokes, headaches and the brain.
June 30…..Speaker: Angie Echtenkamp, Officer, Omaha Police Department.
Subject: Crime Prevention.
Omaha Golden K meets Tuesdays, 9:30 a.m., Countryside community Church, 8787 Pacific Street
The monthly board meeting will be at 10:30 a.m. in the church. Date determined by the board
2014 – 2015 OFFICERS
Norm Marfice
Nancy Haack
Dick Williams
Linda Placzek
Dean Marshall
Bob Hasebroock
8715 N. 54th Ave. Cir
5062 South 130 Circle
12530 Shirley St
207 Valley Road
19525 Pearl Circle
9315 Western Av #4A
402-571-1227 [email protected]
402-894-2413 [email protected]
402-330-5119 [email protected]
402-592-5104 [email protected]
402- 289-3643 [email protected]
402-397-1518 [email protected]
2014 - 2015 DIRECTORS
Sara Young
Bill Gordon
David Hembrough
16116 Ontario Circle
Jerry Bland
First Class
Betty Foster Chris Olson