ZPro Guide: Craigslist Posting Strategy Craigslist Benefits 1

ZPro Guide: Craigslist Posting Strategy
How to Post a Listing to craigslist™
Craigslist Benefits
Generate Immediate Buyer Traffic to Your Website
Log onto Z57.com and sign in to your Marketing Control Center (MCC)
Mouse over “Listings” and click on “Professional Ad”
Click on the listing category to find the listing you want to post to craigslist and then
click on the address
Scroll down the page and in the field containing HTML Code, click on the code. The
code will highlight automatically
Right-mouse click inside the box and select “Copy”
Scroll up just above the code to step #3 of the posting instructions, and click on
“Craigslist Account Login”
Log in using your email address and password
Once you’re logged in to craigslist, click on the second tab at the top titled “New
Select your geographic area, then click “Go”
Click “Housing Offered”
Click “Real Estate by Broker”
If prompted by craigslist, click on a more specific area.
Locate the Posting Description filed below “Posting Title” and right-mouse, click then
select “Paste”
Type in a Posting Title
Be bold! Have a “what’s in it for the buyer” mindset.
Type in the Price, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Housing Type, and Specific Location
Click in the bubble to the left of “Hide” to hide your email address
When you hide your email, prospects are required to click back to your website to
contact you. This prevents spammers and scammers!
Click in the bubble to the left of “Hide” to hide your email address.
Check off the box that says “Show on Map” and add the address
Scroll down and click “Continue”
The Professional Ad already contains an image of the property so click “Done with
A preview of your ad will appear, review your listing to make sure all your content is
correct , the click “Continue”
Craigslist may have you verify your account and/or posting by email or telephone.
You must follow these instructions to completion for you listing to appear on
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9th Most Visited Site in the U.S.
10 Billion Page Views per Month
Housing is Second Most Searched
Category, Following Jobs
Strategy Overview
Craigslist is one of the largest real estate
directories on the planet. Yet, unlike other
real estate directories craigslist does not
automatically display every listing in the MLS.
Therefore, your listing has more buyer
visibility, making craigslist a huge traffic
driver to your website when you post using
the Professional Ad.
The Professional Ad was designed to
simplify the posting process as well as
generate the best results possible from
craigslist. By design, the ad highlights only a
few features of the property and includes
just one property photo.
For the full property details, a prospect must
use the “Learn More!” button linking to your
website. The idea being, a prospective buyer
does you no good inside craigslist.
We want prospects to go to your website
where they can search thousands of homes
in the MLS.
No buyer on the planet looks at just one
listing. Again by design, the Professional ad
contains links for additional buyer resources,
for example, “Search Thousands of Listings”
connects the buyer to a landing page with
lead capture and prompts the prospect to
start their search. These additional resource
links ensure, that even if the property posted
to craigslist does not match the buyer’s
criteria, you still have options to excite that
prospect and draw them back to your
ZPro Guide: Craigslist Posting Strategy
For Results, You Must Repost to craigslist
Track Your Results
Renew Every 48 hours and Stay Atop craigslist.
Consistency Is Key with craigslist
1. Go to craigslist.org and click “My Account” to login
1. Log onto Z57.com and sign in to your Marketing Control
Center (MCC)
Set a recurring event in your calendar to remind you to post
and repost every Tuesday and Friday.
Once signed, you are first presented with the craigslist ad
manager. Next to each active post, highlighted in green, locate
and click “renew”
2. Hover over “Marketing” and click on “View Website Stats”
3. Click “View Details” underneath the bar graph titled “Top
Visited Pages”
4. From the menu across the top, select “Referring Sites” Or
“Days of Month”. Referring Sites reports the URL from which
a prospect came to your site. You should see URLs containing
craigslist.org, clicking the URL will take you to your listing on
craigslist. Days of the Month reports traffic for every day of
the current month. You should see spikes in traffic on the
days you posted to craigslist
3. You will see a green
box stating “This
Posting has been
renewed”; your
listing is not back to
the top of craigslist.
Craigslist Success Standards
Adding a Listing to the Listing Portfolio
Attract the Buyers and Sellers You Want to Work with a
Listing Portfolio Showcasing the Types of Homes you Sell!
1. Log onto Z57.com and sign in to your Marketing Control
Center (MCC)
2. Hover over “Listings” and click on “Add Listings”
3. Click on “Add a Listing” (located in the upper right-hand
corner of the page)
When Posting
4. Add in the listing features and descriptions
Have a less-is-more mindset. Your goal is to generate
excitement, create a phone call, or interest a craigslist user
to learn more about the listing. To add listings quickly, have
the MLS open in another window or tab to copy and paste
property description and features.
5. Click “Edit Pictures” to add photos from your
computer. Click on “Save Listing” when finished
Post and Repost every Tuesday or Friday or
every 48 hours, no sooner.
Only 5 active listings posted to craigslist at any
given time.
Do not post listings into other geographic
territories or cities on craigslist
Do not post from multiple craigslist account as
IP addresses are tracked and you could be
blocked for over posting
Post to the correct category; post commercial
properties to the “office and commercial”
Do not include punctuation in the Posting Title
Post no more than 5 listings in an hour as
craigslist may flag your account as spamming
the system and block your posts
The more traffic to your website, the
more leads you will capture
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