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1st i s s u e / M a r c h 2 0 1 5
From the CEO
I’m pleased to present you our first newsle er
issue, since our first opera on on last May u lizing
one Fokker 50 through our domes c routes; we
realized the importance of linking our major ci es,
serving the forgo en or less served routes,
helping our passengers fulfill their travel plans
safely and conveniently.
The objec ve is to establish a safe, efficient and
reliable service by u lizing experienced staff,
advanced systems, and strategic alliances with the
Niger Airlines
established a strategic
co-operation with
Tunis Air Group 20/02/15
Niger Airlines CEO Mr.Abdul Aziz Larabou and his
delega on from Niger Airlines had a very
successful visit to Tunis mee ng Tunis Air Group
representa ves, Mr. Moncef Ben Dhahbi VP
Advisor to the CEO, Mr. Khaled Chelly Tunis Air
Express Director General , Mr. Imad Mhiri Tunis Air
Technics General Manager, the four days visit
resulted in a signature of MOU of co-opera on,
which includes a purchase of one ATR72-202,
ATR42 and B737-500, Maintenance and training
support , the possibility of interline and code
share agreements as well as all aspects of strategic
alliance between the two airlines.
The first aircra ATR 72-202 expected to be
delivered by the end of April 2015 which will raise
The First Lady onboard with Niger Airlines,
Her Excellency Dr. Malika Issoufou Niger first
lady was keen to take care of injured
passenger on board of one of Niger Airlines
flight 6N-601 from Diffa to Niamey, the
passengers were highly appreciate and happy
from the kindness of Her Excellency.
In corpora on with Q shat Network Niger Airlines lunched a new
website www.nigerairlines.net it contains up to date informa on, and
in the near future travelers can book and pay their ckets online.
interna onal leaders in avia on, therefore from
the beginning of this year Niger Airlines
established alliances and co-opera on with ATR
company in Toulouse and Tunis Air Group.
I hope in the near future that our passengers will
feel the improvements of Niger Airlines from
u lizing more aircra s, new interna onal routes
,convenient travel mes excellent service and
reasonable fares .
the total fleet to two aircra s and four by
September 2015 allowing us to serve the
important interna onal and domes c route
network out from Niamey.
Niger Airlines passengers will be able to travel on
Tunis Air network via Niger Airlines allowing them
to travel to Europe and Middle East via NiameyTunis in most convenient mes and affordable
fares, also Niger Airlines will be the gateway of
Tunis Air passengers to Africa.
This co-opera on will posi vely contribute to
traffic to and from Niger, Trade exchange, and
economical growth.
ATR supporting Niger Airlines
Niger Airlines CEO Mr. Abdul Aziz
Larabou and General Manager Captain
a Naser Qushair were invited by ATR
company in Toulouse, both par es
discussed the needs of Niger Airlines,
ATR expressed full support to Niger Airlines.
The visit included a tour in the assembly and delivery lines, brief of
ATR history, products and the latest produc on model ATR 72-600.
ATR delega on is expected to visit Niger Airlines mid of March 2015.
Successful start, Niger Airlines had performed an excellent opera on in 2014, though it u lized one aircra
but was able to meet the demands of the growing number of passengers, it transported over than 7000
passengers from May 2014 to December 2014, in addi on to the charter private and VIP flights, Niger Airlines
determine to sa sfy the needs of it’s clients therefore its commi ed to add addi onal aircra s to its fleet to ensure
the availability and con nuity of the flight opera ons.
Niger Transporta on officials were invited to Bombardier Canada, 02/02/2015
Niger Transport officials visited Bombardier headquarter in Canada, Niger Airlines CEO Mr. Abdul Aziz Larabou was
a guest a companied by Niger high officials HE Mr. Saley Saidou Minster of transport, Mr. Mamoudou Djibo
chairman of Niger civil avia on, Mr. Amadou Seydou Yaye director general of Niger civil avia on, and Mr. Sani Bala
Niger civil avia on director of naviga on , the delega on were briefed about the company and its aircra s, they
also visited the assembly line and boarded a test flight in the DH8-Q400 from Montreal to Toronto and back, at the
end of the visit both par es expressed interest for a poten al co-opera on in the future.
ATR 72-202 basic
informa on:
No of max pax seats: 70
Max TO Weight: 21500KG
Max Payload: 6231KG
Range : 1850Km
Engine Type: P&W 124B
Niger Airlines codes:
IATA code 6N
Domes c Network:
Interna onal network (July
Dakar, Ouagadougou , Tunis
Khartoum, Cotonou, Lome
Accra, Jedda ,N’djamena,
Douala, Malabo, Libreville,
And more des na ons to
Niger Airlines your gate way to Africa
Rue KK 37 CN1, Kouara Kano,
Porte 529, Niamey, NIGER 12281
Tel +227 20 370990 Fax +227 20 370991
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