Ministry of Education
External Resource Persons who are currently providing services as well as
those who are willing to provide services in the sphere of education to the
National Institute of Education (NIE) are kindly requested to formally
register at the Institute.
Directory of External Resource Persons: Persons who are suitably
qualified will be registered in the Directory of External Resource Persons at
NIE. The Directory will be fully operative from July 20, 2015 as the basis of
selecting resource persons for services to NIE.
Resource Persons are those who are qualified, experienced, competent and
suitable for rendering services to education such as Professors, Lecturers,
Teachers, Consultants, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Public Officers, Armed
Forces and comparable categories. Their services are obtained on the basis
of visiting/assignment/contract/project or invitation. Remuneration will be
on case basis.
Rendering Services in Education: This includes Training, Lecturing,
Consulting, Researching, Experimenting, Writing, Communicating and
related work to assist the key functions of the Institute see items 1 to 17
Applying for Registration: Potential resources persons will apply for
registration with the following documents: (a) Duly completed Application
Form obtainable from NIE (downloadable from, (b) Duly
certified copy of the highest academic qualification, (c) Duly certified photo
copy(ies) of the most relevant professional certificates (not more than three),
(d) Full curriculum vitae, clearly indicating in its first page applicant's areas
of competencies and intended key functional areas of work. All applications
will be assessed, and personal interviews will be held where necessary, for
selection. Upon registration, an official ID will be issued to those who are
likely to render services over time and in different locations.
When to Apply: Apply now on! Applications will be processed as they
come in, and registration will be closed for the first round on Friday, July
10th. Thereafter, applications will be received and processed on a monthly
basis, based on this advertisement.
Key Functional Areas: Resource persons will be registered in one or more
of the following key functional areas of the NIE. Therefore, applicants must
indicate the key functional area(s) in their applications in which they wished
to be registered.
1. Lecturing and Training: (a) Lecturing and other educational work in
Degree programs such as M.Ed., PG. Dip., B.Ed. and Certificate
Courses. Locations: NIE, Maharagama; NIE Center, Diploma for
Education Development, Meepe; Island-wide NIE Centers; National
Colleges of Education in 18 district-wise locations; (b) Training of
Trainers and training of school principals, teachers and related work in
NIE programs, and programmes in Teacher Training Colleges in 7
provincial locations.
2. Education Consulting: Education policy, Education reforms, Institutional
development, Teacher development, Public-private partnership in
education, External resources for education, International cooperation.
3. English and Second Language Education: Teaching of English, and
teaching of Sinhala/Tamil as second languages in selected districts.
4. Science and Mathematics: Improving teaching effectiveness these subjects.
5. Primary Education: Design and development of policy and programmes,
materials and delivery capability.
6. Laboratory Experimentation: Experimental and design work in the
following laboratories: Engineering and Bio Systems Technology;
Mathematics; Language Teaching and Geography.
7. Curriculum Development: Curriculum development in school subjects
Gr. 1-13 in the four streams of Arts, Science, Commerce and Technology.
8. Teaching and Learning Materials: Design and development of teacherguides
and text materials in all subject areas and delivery by
print/electronic media for use in schools/distance mode learning/adult
learning/learning by differently-able persons; and Library development.
9. Aesthetic Education: Developing the capacity of NIE in aesthetic
education including Art, Music, Dancing, Modeling, Design and related
10. Distance Education and Media Communication: Design and development
of systems, technology and materials/electronic communication.
11. Schools in North and East: Recognizing and serving the unique needs of
the schools in the Northern and Eastern Provinces; Social cohesion
12. Examinations: Consulting/participating in examinations and assessment
related work.
13. Management Consulting: Consulting in such areas as School
Management, IT/HRM/Development of Administrative, Academic and
Financial Systems.
14. Research in Education: Individual and joint-research/studies/surveys on
issues relating to education, and their publication/dissemination.
15. Education and Career Development: Orienting education and students in
the school system to careers (further education, vocations, professions,
entrepreneurship etc.)
16. Nutrition in Schools: Design and delivery of programmes for
improvement of nutrition at school level with emphasis on indigenous
menus; Collaborative research and studies on child nutrition.
17. Translating: Translating languages of Sinhala, Tamil and English.
Correspondence: Application documents must be sent to the Office of the
Director General or email to: [email protected]
The newly appointed Council of the NIE cordially and gracefully expects that
the potential resource persons in the above contexts of education development
will take this opportunity to take part in the newly designed processes of
uplifting the quality and relevance of school education in Sri Lanka.
National Institute of Education
High Level Road, Maharagama.
Prof. Gunapala Nanayakkara
Director General