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Everything is Blooming at Nick’s!
NEW Tiny Wine
Love Clematis
Plant Selection
A Proven Winner Selection. A sweet
little compact shrub with small
refined bronze maroon foliage.
Clusters of pink flowers JuneAugust.
A favorite of ours, this unique clematis is fragrant and blooms
almost all summer, Summer Love
Clematis is a lovely vine that lends
beauty and interest to any garden.
Cranberry Vanilla
Honeysuckle Lonicera
Vibrant colored, super fragrant,
long blooming honeysuckle that
attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Can be grown as a shrub or
a vine. Sun-lover, very hardy and
Pink Flair®
Frank J Schmidt introduction. This beautiful
ornamental flowering
tree has stunning double
fragrant pink blossoms
in the spring. Upright
narrow form and consistent orange/red fall color.
Even the bark is beautiful. A perfect selection
for smaller urban landscaping.
• Decorative Rock • Mulches
• Organic Compost
• Garden Retaining Wall
• Flagstone & Moss Rock
• Landscaping Fabric & Edging
• Stepping Stones and more!
We load...You haul...Or will deliver!
NEW from
Bailey Nursery
Limoncello Barberry
Striking Chartreuse foliage with dotted red leaf edge. Vibrant red/orange
fall color. Hardy sun-loving with
round form.
Nick’s Has Decorative
Landscaping Rock, Boulders
and More to Help You With
Your Landscaping Renovation
If you’re considering creating
or redesigning your landscape
with a new xeriscape look, we
can assist you in
selecting the
right plants and
add decorative
rock to enhance
your landscape
Easy Elegance Roses
from Bailey Nursery
This new rose collection makes
growing roses easy. They are
naturally disease resistant, hardy
and bloom all season long.
Featuring Paint the Town-Red,
Snowdrift-White, Coral CoveCoral, Music Box-Blushing
Yellow and many more varieties.
NEW Fantastic Trees
North Wind® Maple
Jack Frost® Collection Iseli
introduction. An excellent
substitute for the Japanese
maple in colder northern
climates. It has withstood
temperatures of -30 degrees
in Iowa. North Wind leaves
are green emerging red in
spring changing to green in
summer. Fall color is a mixture of orange and red tones.
Flashfire Maple
Introduced by
J. Frank Schmidt
Dwarf Conifers
Speciality and dwarf conifers
are valuable as specimens,
accents and focal points.
This awesome new sugar
maple has been noted for
heat resistance, cold hardiness
and stunning reliable red fall
Homegrown is B EST!
It’s Tomato Time at Nick’s
We’ve grown over 25 varieties of the besttasting and top performing tomatoes for
Colorado gardens. Our specialty is tomatoes!!
Best Selection of Vegetable Seeds for 2015
We carry hundreds of varieties of vegetables herbs, and
flowers. Here are some of the more popular varieties:
Burpee, Lake Valley, Botanical Interest and
Beauty Beyond Belief.
Heirloom varieties and organic varieties!
Choose from our wide selection of heirloom vegetable
seeds and enjoy the distinctive, old-fashioned taste of
these classic favorites. Plus all the seed starting supplies
like domes, heat mats, soil, trays, lights, fertilizers and
Organic Varieties! For a healthy living. Take full control
of nutrition by starting your own home organic garden
Grow Your Own!
New from HGTV
Patio Veggies and Herbs
Herbs & Vegetables
Ketchup and Fries
Nothing tastier than zesty
herbs and mouthwatering
vegetables, perfect for kitchen
gardens and containers.
Tomato plant grafted onto a potato tuber, this
throughly tested duo is the ultimate container
plant. This unique double cropping novelty is
bound to be the talk of the town this year.
Green Beans
(Over 20 Varieties)
Summer Squash
Winter Squash
Onion Plants
Sweet Corn
and many more!
Porch Candy Trailing Red Tomato
Compact, delicious and productive.
Boom Boom
Mounding basil irresistible flavor, round
habit, dense form and dwarf leaves easy to
toss into any recipe.
Patio Pinot
Vitus vinifera dwarf grapevine; selected for
their superb produce as well as ornamental
appeal. Does well in containers, perfect for
small spaces and noted for hardiness.
World’s Hottest Peppers
Choose from the following:
• Ghost • Trinidad
• Moruga Scorpion
• Trinidad Scorpion Butch
• Savina Habanero
• Trinidad 7 Pot and Rocoto
Grow Your Own
Small Edible Fruits
There’s nothing better than
growing your own blueberries,
strawberries and other edible
small fruit.
North Sky, Blue Ray,
Jelly Bean, Northland
and more
Heritage, Willamette,
Canby Red,
Fall Gold and more
Ft. Laramie, Eversweet
Plus Blackberries,
Currant, Gooseberry
Hops Vine and
Hardy Kiwi
St Theresa, Himrod,
Swenson Red and White,
Valiant, Catawba
and more
Fruit Trees for sustainable living!
Nick’s is proud to carry two new varieties we think you will love
and they are easy to grow. These semi-dwarf trees are productive
and beautiful additions to any backyard.
New Tawara Asian Pear
This gorgeous, oval shaped tree has a flurry of white flowers in the
spring, glossy foliage through summer and superb long lasting fall
color. Pears are crunchy and apple like, delicious and easy to grow.
New Black Ice Plum
A large fruited Japanese dessert plum, with superior winter hardiness.
The blue/black fruit has sweet, juicy yellow flesh. Ripens in late
August. A pollinator is recommended.
Red & Golden Apple Jonathan, Honey Crisp, Fuji and more
Peach Varieties Elberta, Red Haven, Reliance, Sun Crest & more
Cherries Black Tartarian, Montmorency, Rainier, Stella,
Royal Anne, Sweet Cherries and more
Plums, Pears, Apricots
Celebrate Mother’s Day
Create a nonstop show of color in your garden with these superior quality flowers!
Shade Loving!
Incredible Selection!
For Mom
Our Flowers are Loaded with Color!
For Colorful Outdoor Living
Just arrived...
Spectacular pre-planted
containers filled with
colorful flowers. These
beautiful gift plants will
brighten Mom's day.
Endless Summer
Alpine Gardening
These unique containers
come in an assortment of
shapes, sizes and textures.
The containers are filled with
Alpine plants. They are a
wonderful way to brighten
up your patio, terrace, balcony, or deck, providing
splashes of bright colors.
Glazed Pottery
Top-quality, high-fired pottery
in glorious colors with luminous, rich glazes - our collection is an amazing variety of
styles, shapes and sizes.
for Mom
Fairy Gardening
Hydrangeas never go out of
style. They’re casual, but elegant.
Shade loving beauty, offers huge
bouquet of clustered flowers in
various colors.
A Fairy Garden is a miniature garden complete with
structures and actual living
plants. It is designed to lure
fairies and with them, good
luck to your home.
We have a great selection
of plants and accessories.
20% Off
$4.00 Off
$3.00 Off
Reg Price
Reg Price
Reg Price
All Glazed Pottery
All Rose Bushes
Mile-Hi Rose Feed
With This Coupon
With This Coupon - No Limit
Great selection.
Many styles to choose from.
Must present coupon.
Choose from Hybrid Tea,
Floribunda, Grandiflora, David
Austin, Climbers and Shrub Roses.
Must present coupon.
Not good with any other offers.
Expires 5/19/15
Not valid on previous purchases.
Not good with any other offers or sales.
No Limit. Expires 5/19/15
With This Coupon
NOW 7-8-4...
with Kelp! Organic
based. Must present
coupon. Not good
with any other offers.
Expires 5/19/15
with Flowers from Nick’s
Bright, Bold Summer Color in Every Aisle. Hundreds of Varieties for Sun or Shade!
Rows and Rows of Bright Colors!
Add Some Instant Color!
“Every Mom
Loves Flowers”
Perfect for Mom’s garden!
Hybrid Teas, Floribunda, Grandiflora and Climbing
Available in pinks, reds, whites, yellows, apricots, oranges
and color blends, too.
Everblooming, Low-Care Shrub Roses
Shrub roses make excellent border and accent plants.
Many colors and sizes.
Perfect for Mom
Large Moss Lined
Hanging Baskets
David Austin Roses
David Austin’s English Roses combine the forms and
fragrances of old roses with the repeat-flowering of
modern roses.
Nick’s Cafe
Open Fri. Sat. Sun. in May
Come check out our new look!
Your shopping experience at Nick’s
just got more enjoyable. As you
browse through our garden center
stop by the Cafe and enjoy a latte
and delicious food fare.
How About a Nick’s Gift
Certificate for Mom!
For over 25 years, Nick’s
has been providing the
Denver Metro area with
superior quality annuals
and flowering hanging
You'll find larger, healthier
plants, larger root system
and more flowers on every
plant. Discover the
difference at Nick’s!
20% Off
Water Gardening
All Fountains
With coupon below
At Nick’s Garden Center,
we stock a full line of water
garden products and an excellent selection of aquatic plants
and fish.
From pond liners, pumps and
filters to fish food, pond chemicals and floating pond de-icers,
we have everything you need to
build and maintain a beautiful
and healthy water garden.
And our water garden experts
can answer all your questions.
Stop in and check out our
water gardening department,
and start enjoying the relaxing
sights and sounds of a fantastic
water feature.
√ More Styles
√ Striking Colors
√ Great Selection
We offer a large selection of
water garden supplies and
hands-on advice. Right now,
lotus and hardy water lilies in
red, yellow, orange and pink are
available. Hardy marginals,
such as blue pickerelweed,
hardy canna, arrow arum, and
a variety of iris are available.
Add romance and character to your garden with
one of our beautiful
Pond Plants
Make a Big Splash
with a Small Water
Garden in a
If you love the idea of having
a water feature, but don’t have
the space or time to maintain
one, creating a container water
feature is the solution.
Container water gardens are
easy to create, easy to maintain
and easy to enjoy.
Even better, container water
gardens are mobile, so if you
relocate, you can move the
water garden you created.
All it takes is a beautiful pot,
your favorite water plants and
Best Selection of Fish
for Your Pond
•Butterfly Koi • Comets
• Sarassa • Shubunkins • Koi
• Tadpoles
Water gardens come
alive with fresh, thriving, colorful plants.
Water lilies, irises,
floating plants and
rushes help keep the
water clean, too.
We have one of the
best selections of water
plants in the area!
• Umbrella Palm
• Taro • Iris
• Pickeral Rush
Disappearing fountains are a simple and
cost effective way to
add sound and movement to your entry
way or garden. Stop
by and look at our
new display.
and set up
• Cattails
• Marsh Marigolds
and Elegant
Statuary for
Your Garden
• Hibiscus
• Sagittaria
• Arrowhead
20% Off Reg Price
All Fountains
With This Coupon
• Hornwort
Great selection.
Many styles to choose from.
Must present coupon.
• Hyacinth
Not valid on previous purchases.
Not good with any other offers or sales.
• Anachris
• Water Lilies
plus many more!
Not good on special orders.
No Limit. Expires 5/19/15
Lawn & Garden Solutions
$4.00 Off
Concentrate Gallon
With Coupon - Reg. $19.99
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with any other offers
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Bonide Eight Insect Control
Expires 5/19/15
Keeps working for up to 4 weeks!
Use on lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
32 oz RTU $8.99
Pint Concentrate $12.99
Quart Concentrate $19.99
For Your Lawn and Garden
Natural organic based
slow-release lawn fertilizer
Bonide Repels-All Animal Repellent
Repels rabbits, squirrels and deer!
All natural ingredients.
Repels three ways, by sense of touch, taste and smell.
$3.00 Off
Garden Fertilizer
32 oz RTU $15.99
With Coupon - Reg. $14.99.
32 oz Concentrate $24.99
15-lb bag
Must present coupon.
Bayer Insect Control...
2 in 1 Systemic
Rose & Flower Care
Feeds and protects
against insects in one
easy step. Protects
against insects for
6 weeks.
5 lb. $14.99
Tree & Shrub
Insect Control
Controls Aspen
Twig Gall, Ash
Sawfly, Borers,
Aphids, Scale,
Leafminers and
other insects.
Pro-Rich Fertilizer
Provides quick green up, with
lasting results.
14-5-5 formula.
Covers 5,600 sq. ft. $22.99
32 oz. con
Nick’s Value Added Service...
Diagnosis: Not sure what’s wrong?
Bring in a sample of the insect or diseased plant and
let us help you find the answer. Please place
samples in a plastic bag.
Organic based
iron and sulfur
Use for lawns,
gardens, trees
and shrubs.
Covers 5,000 sq. ft.
Not valid on previous
purchases. Not good
with any other offers
or sales.
Expires 5/19/15
$3.00 Off
Rose & Perennial Food
With Coupon - Reg. $16.99
15-lb bag
Must present coupon.
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purchases. Not good
with any other offers
or sales.
Expires 5/19/15
Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizers...
The Future of Organic Has Arrived
Healthy and Beautiful Gardens - The Pure & Natural Way!
For the Organic Lifestyle!
Organic Gardening Made Super Easy
The Liquid Solution!
$3.00 Off
Dr. Earth Fertilizers
or Soils
With Coupon
Must present coupon.
Not valid on previous purchases.
Not good with any other offers
or sales.
Expires 5/19/15
So Many Choices
of Perennials at Nick’s
For over 25 years,
Nick’s has been
providing the Denver
Metro area with
superior quality
You'll find larger,
healthier plants,
larger root system
and more flowers on
every plant.
Discover the
difference at Nick’s
Fuss-free plants that
flourish for years!
We pride ourselves on friendly
customer service and the expert
garden knowledge of every one of
our staff. Those of you who have
been here before know what we can
do for you. Those of you who have
yet to visit us, take the drive. You
will not be disappointed.
Let us help you!
Nick’s Value Added Services
Coral Baby Penstemon
Desert Beardtongue
Fire Spinner Delosperma-Ice Plant
Perennials for Shade
We have an incredible selection
New from Plant Select®
Best selection in the area
Look for these new penstemons along with other
Plant Select varieties at Nick’s.
Best Selection in the Area!
• Planting Services: for the
customer buying one tree or
many trees and who would like
someone to do the work.
• Sod: Whether you need just
a few rolls or several pallets,
we carry it.
• Special Orders: If we don’t have
something you need or want,
we’ll do our best to get it for you.
• Delivery: From our door to
yours, there is no order too big
or too small.
• Loading: From beginning to
end, let us load your merchandise on your cart, to the register,
and into your vehicle. Boxes and
liners are available for your convenience.
Did You Know
That Nick’s
Fills Propane
We Fill
New Coral Baby Penstemon
Coral-pink flowers from May to July.
The upright spikes of flowers are beautiful in
a dry border or rock garden. Grows 15” to 18” tall.
NEW Desert Beardtongue
Perennials for Sun
Rows and rows of color
Mounds of deep blue green toothed foliage are topped
with wands of vivid purple-magenta trumpets for much
of the growing season. This long-lived perennial thrives
in water-thrifty gardens where it attracts hummingbirds
in daylight and hawkmoths at dusk. Grows” 30 tall.