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June 2015
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June 2015
From the Pastor and Teacher
Dear Friends,
Niantic Community Church
170 Pennsylvania Avenue
Niantic, CT 06357
Phone: (860) 739-6208
[email protected]
Pastor & Teacher:
The Rev. Dr. John A. Nelson
Community Minister:
Patty Chaffee
Christian Education/
Youth Minister:
Russ Kirby
Music Minister:
Richard Schenk
Choral Minister/
Bell Choir Director:
Lynne Floyd
Church Secretary:
Judy Snitkin
Parish Nurses:
Marie LaTourette, Donna Hathaway,
Edie Watrous
Several weeks ago a jury in Boston pronounced its verdict on
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: later in June he will formally be sentenced to death. I
have shared my thoughts about the death penalty in this space before, and it
seems appropriate to do that again now. My faith compels me to reject the
death penalty, and to advocate for its repeal. I offer these thoughts not
because they are the only way of understanding a difficult issue, but so that
you may know how I am wrestling with it.
I believe that God calls us into life, and that all God’s activity
promotes fullness of life. The fir st stor y of the Bible is the stor y of
God’s creating, and calling life “good.” Even when one of the first humans,
Cain, breaks God’s heart by killing his brother in a fit of jealousy, God
protects Cain’s life. God’s continual invitation is toward fullness of life:
making the most of our individual conditions to life in reverence for God
and in harmony with one another.
We should also recognize that scripture condones the taking of life as
punishment — it was one of the early instructions in Hebraic law. Yet there
is moral evolution in the Bible: while in the earliest days children were
subject to punishment for the sins of their parents, in later years the
punishment was restricted to those who had done wrong themselves. The
famous “eye for an eye, life for a life,” called the “law of retaliation,” came
about to limit the retaliations that often occurred, not to create a legal
opening for them. The tendency in Biblical moral thinking always moves
toward a greater reverence for life.
I believe that capital punishment inflicts grave damage on society.
Every time a person has been killed by the state, it reminds me of Christ
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Lay Health Ministers:
Jill Johnson, and Judi David
Children’s Center Director:
Kathy Tiller
Inside This Issue:
Worship Schedule:
Sundays at 9:00 am & 11:15 am
(9:30 am beginning June 21st)
Pastor’s Message.……..
A Federated Church of the
United Church of Christ and
the United Methodist Church
An Open, Affirming,
Reconciling Congregation
Heather Larson
[email protected]
2015 Confirmation Class
Row 1: Cat Saucier and Jackson Perrelli
Row 2: Calvin Cushing, Chris Gregor, and Des Spranklin
Parish Nurse……………
Christian Education……
Events …..…………….
Nurturing Faith………..
Calendar ………………
June 2015
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dying on the cross. Our religion has gone to great
lengths to say that his death was necessary, or part of
God’s plan — but I believe that a core message of
the cross is the utter wrongness of execution, rather
than rationalizing the taking of life.
creators, is tried and found guilty — I believe we are
failing to honor God’s liberating action among
humans. God gives freedom for a reason: not for us
to do whatever human laws permit, but in order to
ensure the dignity of all God’s people.
In our time we are blessed to live in a society
where the government is formed of the people, by
the people, and for the people. That vision of our
founders tells me that we, the people, are responsible
for the things done by the state. When a person is
executed following all the provisions of the law, that
means that we the people are a party to willful,
retributive death. It means that the society has
decided vengeance is an acceptable value. It means
that we, the people, have decided that some persons
are beyond redemption. Those decisions inevitably
lessen us: application of the death penalty puts us in
the position of declaring either that a human being is
inhuman or that God’s teachings no longer have
force or meaning. I believe that unless I protest and
resist the death penalty, I am participating in
something that is Godless.
In the Bible, justice means discovering what
has been taken from someone wrongfully, and
giving it back. Clear ly, the wr ongness of mur der
cannot be corrected by restoring life. So in death
penalty cases, justice in the Biblical sense cannot be
achieved. To think of killing a killer as justice runs
the risk of reducing our own moral standing by
hardening our hearts.
I believe that each individual’s action, and
even motivations, are profoundly influenced by
society. Yes, individuals bear r esponsibility for
their choices. But it is also true that when social
pressures have fueled animosity among peoples, or
when societies have allowed systems of gross
inequality to develop, we have helped create
conditions that harm the human spirit, often breeding
profound resentment and despair. When those
conditions contribute to an individual’s misguided
decision to cause harm to others — but only the
individual, and not the social condition and its
Get Ready for Worship!
Follow the “Preparing for Sunday” link on our
website (NianticCommunityChurch.org). You
will find the scripture readings for the current
week, a brief description to set them in
context, a reflection on the passages, and a
prayer starter.
In the debate about capital punishment I hear a
struggle between visions of a merciful society and a
just society. I also hear the struggle with the human
desire to control and protect our society: that struggle
reminds me of Jesus’ terrible days in the desert with
the tempter, whose most pernicious tactic was
inviting Jesus to take matters into his own hands.
Jesus declined. Life and power belong in God’s
hands, and our use of them is faithful only when it is
on God’s terms.
There is far more to this conversation than a few
paragraphs can touch on. I look forward to finding
ways to hear from you and develop my own
thinking, in months to come.
God’s richest blessings to you,
Pastor John A. Nelson
If anyone ever wants to convey a message, ask a
question, or provide a suggestion to the Prudential
Board you can do so by contacting Pastor John, the
NCC Officers, or your Committee Representative.
Another way is through our At-Large members, they
serve as the congregation’s voice to the Prudential
Prudential Board At-Large Members:
Bruce Brailey
Bob Castronova
Paul Helvig
Nancy Hunt
June 2015
Save the Date - Mercy Center September 19, 2015,
Journeying through life with Serous Illness - an all day
retreat for those who are ill and the people who love
Walking - a daily 1 hour walk can cut your obesity in half.
Serious Hand Cleaning - Twenty full seconds of scrubbing
is what it takes to lift germs off the skin and carry them
away when you rinse. Bring your own pen everywhere.
What is healthier: Almonds or Walnuts? Almonds
emerge as the winner per Devon Rutz,
Prevention Magazine. One large banana = 23 almonds as
a daily snack.
No more annual Gyno Exams - The American College of
Physicians no longer recommends annual pelvic exams.
Many doctors disagree with this and maintain that the
exam is key to early diagnosis of ovarian cancer or other
GYN cancer. I urge you to not skip this visit, your
gynecologist will still do a breast exam, check your vital
signs and chat with you about your health concerns.
Blood Pressure-Blasting Smoothie - 1 ripe banana, 1/2
ripe avocado, 1/2 mashed sweet potato, 1 cup coconut
water. Blend with ice. (Prevention Magazine)
We Believe in the healing of the sick and control of
conditions through the power of his Mind. We believe in
the eternal Goodness, the eternal Loving-kindness and
the eternal Givingness of Life to all. Ernest Holmes
The Divine Spirit says..." I am making a new earth and
new heavens...The new healing community I make will
be full of joy, and her people will be happy...like trees,
my people will live long lives.
Isaiah 65.17-18,22
Happy Father's Day to all our awesome dads,
Reminder: Blood Pressure Clinic between
services every month on 2nd Sunday, next
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Worship in June
Sunday Worship at
9:00 am & 11:15 am
(9:30 am beginning june 21st)
June 7th: Sunday after Pentecost
Lectionary readings: 1 Samuel 8:4-11, (12-15),
16-20, (11:14-15) and Psalm 138
or Genesis 3:8-15 and Psalm 130
2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1
Mark 3:20-35
Pastor John A. Nelson, preaching:
“Name-Calling and Family Values”
June 14th: Sunday after Pentecost
Lectionary readings: 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13;
Psalm 20; 2 Corinthians 5:6-10 (11-13), 1417; Mark 4:26-34
Pastor John A. Nelson, preaching:
“Small Is Beautiful”
June 21st: Sunday after Pentecost
Lectionary readings: 1 Samuel 17:32-49;
Psalm 9:9-20; 2 Corinthians 6:1-13;
Mark 4:35-41
Worship led by Church school students and
teachers, with “A Thought for All Minds”
from Pastor Nelson
June 28th: Sunday after Pentecost
Lectionary readings: 2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27;
Psalm 130; 2 Corinthians 8:7-15;
Mark 5:21-43
Pastor John A. Nelson, preaching:
“Holy Touch”
We are a community of Christians:
learning God’s ways;
sharing God’s love;
extending God’s peace and healing grace to all.
Our youth are a very busy group.. Sometimes
quietly in the background raising money or
sometimes very loudly.
Always giving of
themselves to help others. This month's question is
when in our church records is a youth group first
June 2015
Page 4
News from Christian Education and Youth Minister
Sr. Youth Stock Sales Thanks
Thanks to all who purchased stock in the Sr. Youth Mission Trip to New Orleans! Because of your generosity,
we raised $1108 toward paying for our trip! Thanks, also, to Sandy Lembree for organizing the sales and
doing such a great job with calligraphy on the certificates!
Sr. Youth Mission Trip Odds and Ends
For all going on the trip, please fill out the additional paperwork that went out in a recent e-mail to all
families and get it to Russ ASAP.
Be sure to read all of the informational material in that same paperwork so you know what to expect, as
well as what to bring.
Expect a pre-trip meeting this month, date and time to be announced.
Children’s Sunday June 21
Celebrate our children and the amazing volunteers who work with them at a single service June 21, 9:30 AM.
Children will be helping to lead the worship, and expect plenty of fun songs, too! We will have a special
recognition of our hard-working volunteers who have taught Church School and more. We look forward to a
celebrative worship service!
Vacation Bible School, July 13-17
Kids—make plans for another fun Vacation Bible School, 9:00 a.m. to noon, Monday, July 13 through Friday,
July 17 here at NCC! We’ll having tons of beach fun while learning about God! VBS is for children entering Pre
-K through 4th grade, and 5th graders and up are welcome to come as volunteers. We are seeking plenty of
adults to help, too, as it takes lots of people to make VBS successful each year. Keep your eyes and ears
peeled for more information and for registration. For questions or to volunteer, connect with Jennifer
Munzner or Russ Kirby.
- Russ Kirby
Pictures from the Kristen Graves Concert
Monday, June 1
6:30pm: CE Meeting
Sunday, June 7
6:00pm: Shelter Meal at St. James
Sunday, June 21
9:30am: Children's Sunday Service
Friday, June 26
Senior Youth
Leave for Mission Trip to New Orleans, LA
Friday, July 3
Senior Youth
Return from Mission Trip to New Orleans, LA
July 13-17
9:00am-Noon: Vacation Bible School
Photos by
Craig Woody
June 2015
Page 5
Family Picnic
June 5th
A Family Picnic is being sponsored by the NCC
Men's Group Friday on June 5 from 5-8 p.m. at
McCook's Point at the white tent. Rain or Shine,
hot dogs/burgers/ beverages will be provided. Just
bring a dish to share. R.S.V.P. no later than May
31st to Mike Mazzella at (860) 625-2134 or
[email protected] or to Craig Holch
at [email protected] or (860) 451-8711.
The Women's Fellowship Book Club has selected
The Road to Character by David Brooks as their
next book.
“I wrote this book not sure I could
follow the road to character, but I
wanted at least to know what the
road looks like and how other
people have trodden it.”—David
Please join in a fun discussion on June 14, 2015 at
7:00 pm. Any questions, contact Carol Donovan at
[email protected]
Calling All Hikers...
A hike is planned for Saturday June 6th, which
happens to be Connecticut Trails Day. We will be
hiking in the Nehantic State Forest in Lyme (not the
East Lyme branch). Chris Lawton, volunteer with
the Connecticut Forest & Park Association, will be
leading the hike. It is a moderate five mile hike with
lunch afterwards (that is the lunch that you
brought!) It starts at 9:00 am at the Uncas Pond
picnic area. We will meet at the church parking lot
at 8:30 am and then car pool to Lyme.
RSVP to Ron Johnson at [email protected]
so we can give Chris an estimate of the number
The hike is rain or shine unless it is a heavy rain
which will cancel.
Save the Dates
2015 Fundraising Schedule
and Co-Chairs
July 7
Traditional Summer Supper
Carole Glenn and Shannon Glenn
July 21
Lobstah Stew Dinner
Sonya Hoisington, Kim Birk, and
Heather Larson
August 12
Traditional Summer Supper
Ron Johnson and Rich Thomson
Fall 2015
Calendar Dinner
Holly Thomen and Sue Smith
Contact the Event Chairs listed above to join in
the fun and fellowship.
Below is a link and map:
Lyme - Hike | Connecticut Forest & Park Association
Lots of ways to help...stayed tuned for more
information. No experience necessary.
Follow us on Twitter (@NianticChurch)
and like us on Facebook (facebook.com/NianticCommunityChurch).
June 2015
What Is A
Someone who cares,
Someone who is there,
all the time,
Someone who has a loving
Someone who takes care of us,
Someone who has compassion,
Someone who is selfless
As time goes by
We will miss you more..
Written by Carol Vara who lost
her father in March.
Page 6
Have you ever wondered what a church committee is
all about? Check out a subcommittee of Parish
Life...Labyrinth Ministries and wonder no more. If
this ministry is of interest to you, call the church
office to get involved at (860) 739-6208.
The Niantic Community Church Labyrinth is part
of the Parish Life Committee as a nurturing faith
activity. It is headed by Patty Chaffee and Joanne
Moore, both of whom are certified labyrinth
facilitators through the New England Labyrinth
The labyrinth is set up periodically, usually
partnered with another event, such as a speaker,
retreat, or committee meeting. It is portable and
is available to other churches as well. It has been
set up at McCook's Point for Easter and Advent
the past two years.
Walking the labyrinth generally has three stages –
releasing on the way in, receiving at the center,
and returning while you follow the path out of the
labyrinth. There is no right or wrong way to walk
the labyrinth.
Roast Beef/Roast Turkey
Mashed Potatoes/Gravy
Coleslaw/Green Beans/Cranberry Sauce
Rolls/Beverage/Homemade Desserts
If you are interested in helping, please contact
Patty Chaffee at
[email protected] You can
learn more about labyrinths by visiting
July 7 & Aug 12
5:30-7:30 pm
A summer tradition since 1966.
Let us do the cooking and serve you too!
Indoor & outdoor seatings at 5:30 & 6:30
Take-out available
$10 Adults/ $5 kids 12 & under
(Tickets at the door)
Eat inside where it’s cool & air conditioned
Church Directory Update:
We have completed the photo sessions. The candid
pages have been designed. Life Touch is working on
a draft for us to approve. Once that is done, our
directory will be printed and distributed to the
congregation. Stay tuned for more details...
Thank you,
The Communications Committee
June 2015
Niantic Community Church Children’s Center
Kid’s Clubhouse
Summer School Age Program
Ages 5 – 12
June 22nd – August 21st
6:30 AM – 5:30 PM
2 Field Trips per week
Sports, games, crafts, etc.
$205 per week
170 Pennsylvania Ave, Niantic, CT 06357,
See our brochure at: nccchildrenscenter.com
Pictures from the
Afternoon Tea held at
14 Lincoln Street B&B
on May 19th
Page 7
Stewardship Thoughts
Greetings! The newly created Stewardship
Committee has been formed and has had its 3rd
meeting. The members of this committee include
Gwen Wildes, Mary Brodhead, Jerry Gilstad, Lew
Meier, Elaine Epply, Sue Thomson, Rich Basham Chairperson, and Pastor John Nelson.
Our focus will be to have stewardship conversations
throughout the year (not only as part of a campaign
in the fall). We will be communicating on a regular
basis thru Wednesday emails, church bulletins,
Tidings, and announcements at Sunday morning
We especially look forward to hearing from YOU,
and we plan to reach out to every member of the
congregation as part of our mission to celebrate and
reinvigorate our shared stewardship of God’s gifts at
NCC. We’ll ask things like...What brought you to
NCC? What keeps you coming back? How does the
church give you opportunities to share God’s grace?
Please share your stories with us and your fellow
church members as we move forward in this
stewardship journey. You can do this by contacting
any of the above mentioned members - or just wait,
and you will hear from us!
“I have found the One my soul loves.” - Song of
Solomon 3:4
Peace and Blessings,
Submitted by Elaine W. Epply
For more pictures, check out
Niantic Community Church’s Facebook page.
June 2015
Page 8
Nurturing Faith
Sacred Source Painting
Anything Goes
…minimize, simplify, organize
A universal creative process that returns you
to your natural state of oneness with the
divine Source….many have found this process
genuinely transformative. Awaken your
artist’s soul with painting in its most basic
Ever wonder what happens at Anything
Goes? Join us in the Fellowship Room on June
15th to find out. Call church office for details.
Free your
creative spirit!
For every ability...even if you’ve never picked
up a paintbrush. Materials and inspiration
2nd Friday of each month
10:00 a.m. -1:30 p.m.
Bring a bag lunch.
$5 materials fee (if you are able)
Registration required.
Call church office.
Facilitated by Community Minister,
Patty Chaffee (860) 739-6208
The Healing Art of Photography
The photography program
is on hiatus until September
hosts are:
June 7, 14: OAR
June 21, 28, July 5, 12: Women’s
Fellowship Board
Mary Brodhead (left)
Karen Peacock (right)
10 a.m. on the
3rd Monday of
each month
Deb Mearman (top)
Edie Watrous (bottom)
June 2015
Page 9
Save the Date and join us on the 4th Tuesday of
each month for the Niantic Community Church
Use your faith to create an active,
successful dating process for
casual dating and/or a life mate
Join Us !
Wednesdays, Jun 17 / July 15
Time: 6-8pm
In the Parish Life Ministry office
It’s FREE – And all are welcome !
Facilitated by Carol Vara
Niantic Community Church
170 Pennsylvania Ave, Niantic, CT 06357
History Quiz
Prayer Shawl Ministry
June 23
July 28
August 25
September 22
October 27
November 24
December 22
Don’t know how to knit? We’ll teach you !
Don’t have any yarn? We’ll provide it !
Need a pattern? We have em !
Prefer to crochet? That’s okay !
Bring a friend to the Fellowship Room at NCC located at
170 Pennsylvania Ave., Niantic, CT. (860)739-6208.
Visit the NCC Prayer Wall at
The first record we have in the Congregational
church dates to February 13, 1887 with the start
of the Young Peoples Society for Christian
Endeavor. Their constitution states, "Its object
shall be to promote an earnest Christian life
among its members, to increase their mutual
acquaintance, and to make them more useful in
the service of God."
http://www.nianticcommunitychurch.org/prayers to
review prayers, indicate that you have prayed for the
concerns and joys submitted by others, and add your
own prayer requests. You may also send prayer
requests to [email protected]
All posts are automatically added to the ongoing
prayer chain.
In 1890 the young people of the Methodist
Church formed an Epworth League.
During these part few weeks many of you have
supported me and prayed for me. For this I am
eternally grateful. My surgery was a success and
I am home and doing very well. Many have sent
beautiful cards and some have visited with me.
Each one of you has played an important part in
my surgery and recovery. God does send his
angels at just the right moment.
Trivia: Both groups earned money by holding
social affairs such as plays, suppers, and even
spelling bees. The Methodist group also sang at
hospitals to cheer the sick. The Y.P.S.C.E.
contributed $8 quarterly towards the salary of the
organist. They also contributed to mission work
in India. The Epworth group sent many youth to
summer camp.
Dear Friends,
Thank you from the bottom of my
heart. God is good all the time!
Peg Herzberg
June 2015
Page 10
Getting your message out…Did you
know that we have a sign rider with
changeable copy that hangs beneath our
big church sign by the road?
When you have a church event coming up,
fill out the form in Patty Chaffee’s office
and Communications Committee member
Craig Woody will take care of the rest.
It’s easy breezy!
Spread the word…
Mission Awareness
Martin House began operation in a house on the State Hospital property to alleviate the influx of homeless when the
decision was made to empty out the entire Hospital. Community services all ready in place were expected to provide
the former patients with over sight with special emphasis on getting them to take their medicine. The community
resources were sorely missing and the funding from the State did not catch up with the need. The Martin House was
then given the mission to serve the mentally ill and homeless in May 20l0, beginning with 8 individuals with
collaboration with Reliance House and Ct. Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. To date this program
has served over 800 adult men and women with the majority of the residents age 40 and 50.
The program provides housing, adult education regarding normal living independently, that includes learning how to
use public transportation, budgeting money, shopping and developing acceptable behavior. Facilitators provide l5
hours per week of skill training, including cooking, volunteer work and hopefully employment. Emphasis is placed on
their ability to monitor their medication.
Residents come from a variety of backgrounds to the college educated. Technology skills, reading and writing skills and
experience living in a community with separate bedrooms but supportive community from both staff and other
residents. Great emphasis is place on employment support goals, etc. Tom Hyland has been the executive director for
this program since its inception and has just last month retired. He will be greatly missed.
There is a great need for consistent fundraising and funding by the State and the community. The program has
expanded to include the Thames River Family Program which serves single mothers and their children, providing
housing for 2 years and supportive services to get them employable, etc.
If you are interested in learning more about this program, contact Mary Brodhead at [email protected]
Submitted by,
Mary Brodhead
6:30 PM Music & Worship Arts
Comm. (O)
6:45 PM Christian Ed. Committee
7:00 PM Open, Affirming, Reconciling Comm. (FR)
7:00 PM Toastmasters (DH)
6:00 PM Outreach Committee
6:15 PM Church Officers
(Pastor's Study)
7:00 PM Communications Committee (PLO)
7:00 PM Finance Committee
7:00 PM Safe Church Committee
10:00 AM Anything Goes (FR)
5:45 PM NCC Children's Center
Board (M-1)
7:00 PM Prudential Board (FR)
7:00 PM Toastmasters (DH)
7:00 PM Personnel (PLO)
7:00 PM PPRC (FR)
Music by Gospel Choir
9:00 AM Worship
11:15 AM Worship
6:00 PM High School Fellowship (Shelter)
9:00 AM Worship
11:15 AM Worship
7:00 PM Women's Fellowship Book Club (PLO)
Children's Sunday
Hymn Sing
9:30 AM Worship
9:30 AM Worship
9:00 AM Worship
11:15 AM Worship
7:15 AM Bible Stdy Brkfst
(Charlie's Place)
7:00 PM Boy Scouts (DH)
7:15 AM Bible Stdy Brkfst
(Charlie's Place)
7:00 PM Boy Scouts (DH)
7:00 PM Prayer Shawl Knitting
Group (FR)
7:15 AM Bible Stdy Brkfst
(Charlie's Place)
1:00 PM WCSA (FR/M)
5:45 PM Children's Choir (SA)
6:15 PM Youth Bells (M)
7:00 PM Boy Scouts (DH)
7:15 AM Bible Stdy Brkfst
(Charlie's Place)
5:45 PM Children's Choir (SA)
6:15 PM Gospel Choir (SA)
6:15 PM Youth Bells (M)
7:00 PM Adult Bells (M)
7:00 PM Boy Scouts (DH)
7:00 PM Maintenance (O)
7:15 AM Bible Stdy Brkfst
(Charlie's Place)
5:45 PM Children's Choir (SA)
6:15 PM Gospel Choir (SA)
6:15 PM Youth Bells (M)
7:00 PM Adult Bells (M)
7:00 PM Boy Scouts (DH)
7:00 PM Men's Choir (SA)
7:00 PM ParishLifeMin. (FR)
7:00 PM Worship Team (PLO)
6:30 PM Disciple II (FR)
7:30 PM NA (DH)
6:00 PM Christian Singles
& Dating (PLM)(MPR)
6:30 PM Disciple II (FR)
7:30 PM NA (DH)
6:30 PM Disciple II (FR)
7:30 PM NA (DH)
7:30 PM Stewardship Committee (PLO)
6:30 PM Disciple II (FR)
7:30 PM NA (DH)
7:15 AM Bible Stdy Brkfst
(Charlie's Place)
8:00 PM AA-Thurs (DH)
7:15 AM Bible Stdy Brkfst
(Charlie's Place)
8:00 PM AA-Thurs (DH)
7:15 AM Bible Stdy Brkfst
(Charlie's Place)
7:00 PM Adult Choir Rehearsal
8:00 PM AA-Thurs (DH)
6:30AM-8:30 PM Ameri-can
Red Cross Blood Drive (DH)
2:30 PM NL Soup Kitchen
Meal Prep (K)
7:00 PM Drum Circle (M)
10:00 AM Sacred Source
Painting (FR/M)
5:00 PM Wedding Rehearsal
7:15 AM Bible Stdy Brkfst
(Charlie's Place)
7:00 PM Adult Choir Rehearsal
7:00 PM The Healing Art of
Photography-Take II (FR)
8:00 PM AA-Thurs (DH)
9:00 AM NL Soup Kitchen
Meal Prep (K)
10:00 AM AA ("Family
friendly") (M/FR)
7:30 PM AA (DH)
10:00 AM AA ("Family
friendly") (M/FR)
7:30 PM AA (DH)
10:00 AM AA ("Family
friendly") (M/FR)
3:00 PM Wedding (SA &
7:30 PM AA (FR)
10:00 AM AA ("Family
friendly") (M/FR)
7:30 PM AA (DH)
June 2015
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