Niagara Pythons All-Star Cheerleading Team Placements

Niagara Pythons All-Star Cheerleading Team Placements
All-Star Cheerleading - What is it?
All-Star cheerleaders do not cheer for a specific school or team. We cheer for ourselves and because we love the sport. Athletes work
towards learning a two and a half minute routine that consists of Jumps, Tumbling, Motions, Dance and Stunting. Competitive cheer is
a tough but rewarding sport. Athletes build Strength and are able to improve on their Flexibility and Endurance. Competitive cheer is
also a great way to meet friends and build self confidence in children. Competitive cheerleading uses every athlete in a routine so it is
the true ‘team sport.’ When an athlete is absent, it not only hampers their stunt group but the team as a whole. Try it out and see how
much fun you can have as part of the Niagara Pythons!
Team placements are run just like a regular practice. Athletes will be asked to jump, tumble, stunt and learn a dance or motion
We will be looking for athletes who have a positive attitude and demonstrate a willingness to learn.
Team placements are run in a fun and stress free way. There is no need to feel stress over anything. You will be taught all that you need
to know and no experience is required. Gymnastics or dance background makes an easy transition.
A little about us…
First and foremost, thank you for considering the Niagara Pythons. After such a great 9 years which included our 1st Grand Champion,
2nd National Champion & Best Choreography, we are extremely excited to start the 10th season! To see growth in all our teams, and to
see the possibilities of this up coming season is so exciting.
All of the coaches are certified in Risk Management and in Skill Progression which helps to keep your athlete safe! All coaches are also
certified by USASF and have CPR and First Aid.
The Niagara Pythons staff have a combined 25+ years of coaching experience and a combined 40+ years of cheerleading experience. It
is this reason, along with our facility that leads us to believe we are the best affordable program around!
Team Placements 2015-2016
What should I expect at team placements?
1. Arrive at your tryout time with your registration forms, waiver and tryout fees ($10 pre registered by May 4th, $20 After)
2. You will be given a number; please remember this. This is how we will identify you when team lists are posted.
3. Come in athletic gear (t-shirt, shorts, athletic shoes and NO jewelry).
4. Come relaxed and ready to have fun. Team placements are run like a practice. The coaches will teach you everything you need to
5. Team lists will be emailed to email address on this form May 25th.
6. You must accept your spot by June 5th with first payment or payment in full ($25 discount if paid in full). No Exceptions.
Teams Offered ***
Dates & Times
Tiny Team 4-5 Years old
Sign ups will be May 21 st & 23rd 6-9pm
Mini Team 6-8 years old
May 20, 21 & 23 rd 6-7pm
Youth Team 9-11 years old
May 20, 21 & 23 rd 7-8pm
Junior Team 12-14 years old **
May 20, 21 & 23 rd 8-9pm
Senior Team 14-18 years olds **
May 20, 21 & 23 rd 8-9pm
*All ages are as of August 31, 2015
**Teams will be offered on the basis that each team will have an adequate number of athletes. We reserve right to combine as needed
***Uniform not included ****Mandatory fundraising for all teams
Niagara Pythons All-Star Cheerleading Team Placements
ATHLETE NAME:_______________________________ DOB: ____ / ____ / ____Age as of August 31, 2015 _____
ADDRESS:_______________________________ CITY_______________________ ZIP:___________
PHONE:______________ Grade 2014-2015: ___________ School: _______________________________
PARENT NAME:_______________________________ EMAIL: _______________________________ (must be checked)
Have you cheered before? Yes_ No if so where? ______________________________
Do you have gymnastics or dance experience? Yes_ No if so where? ______________________________
What age group would you be on? TINY (4-6*) MINI (6-8*) YOUTH (9-11*) JUNIOR (12-14*) SENIOR (14-18*)
Are you interested in crossing over year round on another team?
Are you interested in being on a TRAVEL or REGIONAL team if we have one? Circle One TRAVEL REGIONAL
Standing Series Tumbling
Running Tumbling
Skills you have w/o spotter
Skills you have w/o spotter
Skills you have w/o spotter
(Check all that apply)
(Check all that apply)
(Check all that apply)
_____ None
_____ None or Round Off
_____Multiple Walkovers
_____Round off BHS
_____Back Walkover
_____Multiple Handsprings
_____Round off Tuck
_____Front Walkover
_____2x BHS to Tuck
_____RO BHS Tuck
_____Back Handspring
_____BHS Back Tuck
_____Punch Front
_____Standing Tuck
_____2x BHS to Layout
_____RO BHS Layout
_____Jumps to Tuck
_____2x BHS to Full
_____RO BHS Full
_____Standing Full
_____2X BHS to Double
_____RO BHS Double
Other Skills:______________________________________________________________________________________________
I, the parent or guardian of the below named athlete, do permit the athlete to participate in gymnastics, tumbling, competitive
cheerleading and any other physical activities while a member of Niagara Pythons All-Star Cheerleading.
By giving my permission for the athlete to participate in programs, I assume full responsibility for the athlete’s personal safety and
release and hold harmless Niagara Pythons, its Owners, Managers, Employees, Coaches and Volunteers from any and all liabilities that
may occur due to injury or death resulting from the athlete’s participation in any activity or in which Niagara Pythons is participating in
I understand that there is a personal risk involved in any activity that involves motion, rotation or height. I also understand that these
activities can result in serious injury, disability or even death.
I give Niagara Pythons authorization to use photographs, videos or any other likeness of my child for use in its promotional materials
or sales. Furthermore I waive any right to compensation or ownership of these items.
ATHLETE NAME: _____________________________________ (Print Clearly)
PARENT NAME:______________________________________ (Print Clearly)
Parent/Guardian Signature
Primary Care Physician:________________________ Phone Number: _______________ Carrier:________________________
Policy Number:________________________ Allergies:___________________________________________________________
Current Medications:________________________________________________ Preferred Hospital:______________________
Previous Injuries or Physical Limitations:______________________________________________________________________