Hot Stone Massage

Brenton Evans
Proudly Presents
Hot Stone Massage
28th & 29th November 2015 (Weekend Course)
9:00am – 4.30pm (8:45am check in)
Normally $485, Early bird special Only $385.00 (paid 2weeks prior)
Basic Massage
See your association for CPD/CEC point allocation.
This specialised course will take participants through a detailed Hot Stone Massage routine. Hot
stone massage involves the placement of heated stones on specific points of the body to improve
the flow of blood and the distribution of Ki ‘energy’.
The techniques learnt will then enable you to help treat stress related disorders and muscular
complaints encountered in both the workplace and/or at home.
You Are
Required To
What the course will cover.
 Full Body Massage routine using the Hot Stones
 History of Hot Stone Massage
 Benefits and effects of Hot Stone Massage
 Contraindications & Correct Client consultation
 Correct placement of stones
 Hygiene & Infectious Control relating to Hot Stone Massage
Brenton Evans a highly qualified and recognise massage therapist and has been delivering Hot
Stone Massage since 2008. Throughout this time he has specialised in the correct usage and
delivers an easy to learn ‘Hot Stone Massage’ routine.
Brenton’s has owned and operated his own clinic, worked within Womad, the Master Games and
the UNI Games just to name a few. NHA Australia is proud to have Brenton come in and share his
valuable knowledge on Hot Stone Massage.
1 x Single Sheet
3 x large bath towels & 3 x Hand-towel
Bottle of drinking water
Notepad and pen
Please Note: Payments must be made 2wks prior to course commencement.
Additional Parking
available at the Thebarton
Community Centre
The NHAA is easily accessible via bus:
Stop 8, South Road (Stop codes 13115 and 13120)
The following routes service these stops:
There is ample parking available on site (CCF - CivilTrain Car Park), additional parking is available at the Thebarton Community
Centre which is just a short stroll from the NHA - refer to map above.
CCF also has a large cafeteria open 6 days a week; however it is not currently open Sunday’s so we suggest that you bring your
own lunch if training over Sunday.
There is a hotel just down the road where you will be able to purchase counter meals, or Henley Beach Road is just a short drive
away where you can find many cafes and places to sit and relax for lunch.
If you have any queries or questions please contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone on (08) 8351 8507.
Only a limited number of spots available, so book in quick!