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Woodbridge Vision Frank J. Principi Summer 2009 Frankly Speaking receive the electronic version of the Woodbridge Vision quarterly. Better Neighborhoods Better Transportation, Woodbridge District Resident Supervisor Frank J. Principi Better Development, Please send your email address to [email protected] and you will automatically Woodbridge District Supervisor The Woodbridge District has seen a lot of activity and excitement this spring. There is a Japanese proverb that reads “Vision without action is a daydream and action without vision is a nightmare.” This spring the Woodbridge District has experienced the vision of a New Woodbridge systematically move into the action phase. In early May, the Provincetown II, a 149 passenger ferry, arrived at the Occoquan Harbour Marina for a three day Route Proving Exercise (RPE). The purpose of the RPE was to gather important data that will enable us to give serious informed consideration to the possibility of commuter ferry service along the Potomac River. In conjunction with the RPE, I held an all day Commuter Ferry Summit that brought together some of the brightest and most knowledgeable people in the passenger vessel and ferry industry to share their experiences with community stakeholders. I believe we must give serious consideration to all transportation options. It is going to take a combination of transit alternatives to find a solution to the current transportation problems in our area. Action has also begun on improving the image of Woodbridge. On May 16th, 54 people joined in a clean‐up of Route 1 between the VRE Woodbridge Train Station and Annapolis Way. At the same time volunteers from the Hilda Barg Shelter were cleaning up Route 1 from Delaware Street to Potomac Club. In This Issue This one day event is part of a much larger effort – a Frankly Speaking ……….......1 series of activities that together are creating better Ferry Summit …………....…..2 neighborhoods. Read the Chain of Change, under OmniLink Teen Summer Pass the Better Neighborhoods Section of the newsletter ……………………...……..…...3 Better Neighborhoods ............4 for most recent activities. Change will not happen overnight nor can it be done by one person, but the Community working together will create better transportation, better development and better neighborhoods. Please join us as we move forward. Better Development…...…….6 Potomac Heritage Trail Dedication…………………….7 WPCCA …………….………...7 Did You Know?…..…......…...8 Around Woodbridge …….....9 Better Transportation .....…..10 The Potomac River is our last unused highway. VDOT Update As a region, we have maximized the usage of air, road and rail travel but, almost completely New Woodbridge ignored one of our greatest resources. www.NewWoo
Supervisor Frank Principi is committed to evaluating and determining On June 1, Supervisor Frank J. Principi hosted a town hall meeting the feasibility of any transit mode that might improve the commute with VDOT to discuss the VDOT projects in North Woodbridge. residents currently face on a daily basis. There was an energetic crowd of 35 individuals, representing private June VDOT Meeting
On May 6, he hosted a Commuter Ferry Summit at the Occoquan Harbour Marina. The summit was held in conjunction with a three day Route Proving Exercise that is part of a Virginia Department of Transportation feasibility study for commuter ferry service along the Potomac River from Quantico, Virginia to the Washington Naval Yard. Prince William County Department of Transportation contracted with the engineering firm of Greenhorne & O’ Mara to do the study. The summit raised community awareness, gathered information from experts in the maritime transportation field and got community input early in the planning stage. Private citizens, passenger vessel industry leaders, elected officials, and county staff gathered to discuss the issues surrounding bringing a commuter ferry service to Prince William Coun‐
ty. They heard some of the brightest and most knowledgeable people in the passenger vessel and ferry industry share their experiences and ex‐
pertise. Congressman Gerry Connolly was the morning keynote speaker. He joined summit participants aboard the Provincetown II catamaran ferry on a voyage to Washington D.C. Upon arriving in D.C., Congressman Connolly disembarked and became the first Congressman to commute to the Capital by ferry. The report from the feasibility study will be issued in mid‐June. It will then be shared with all summit participants and be posted on Pending a positive report, funding will be sought to conduct a market analysis. Supervisor Principi will also bring together federal, state and regional stakeholders to work with local groups to keep the process moving. 2 citizens, developers, local businesses and the Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association. The presentation covered several topics including the Route 1/Route 123 Interchange, alternative interchange designs, and VDOT owned blighted properties. Many different factors have led VDOT to change their approach with the Route 1/Route 123 interchange project such as BRAC, I‐95 Hot Lanes, and the North Woodbridge Master Plan. VDOT proposes phasing in the Route 1/Route 123 interchange project. Phase I will be the widening of Route 1 from Dawson’s Beach Road to Annapolis Way. Phase I construction would maximize the existing funding and improve the level of service along this portion of Route 1. During the North Woodbridge Charrette, the participants tasked VDOT to explore different interchange designs for the Route 1/Route 123 project including a roundabout design. The State Roundabout Committee reviewed traffic data and plan views but determined that a roundabout intersection is not a viable alternative. The next step in the process is approval of the phasing of the Route 1/Route 123 interchange design by the Commonwealth Transportation Board. Presenters stated that all VDOT acquired vacant buildings have been demolished. Supervisor Principi will continue to work with property owners to expedite demolition of vacant properties in North Woodbridge. For more updates and documents from the meeting, check our website at 11 OmniLink Teen Summer Pass COG Electric Vehicle Initiative Prince William County Government and Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments will be adding electric vehicles to the county’s fleet. COG will deploy about 1,000 Nissan all‐electric vehicles and nearly 1,200 AV charging stations throughout the District and suburban communities. The purpose is to enable the Washington DC region to create a market for electric vehicles and a refueling infrastructure so that consumers will be comfortable with buying electric vehicles when mass production starts in 2012. Prince William County will receive the cars at no cost and the county will be able to reduce some of its regular fleet costs. Once again, Prince William County has taken the lead in the region on green initiatives and producing savings for county’s taxpayers. Metro Study in Prince William County Congressman Gerry Connolly of the 11th District has introduced legislation to authorize extension of several Metro lines, including the Blue and Yellow lines, with the objective of extending rail through Fort Belvoir to Woodbridge/Potomac Mills. This legislation will be wrapped together with the larger transportation authorization bill that the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is preparing later this year. The bill, if passed, would give local government’s greater flex‐
ibility with respect to location of stations and alignment of the tracks. This is a major step in getting better transportation to the Prince William County and especially North Woodbridge. The extension of the metro line into North Woodbridge would definitely bolster the redevelopment of the area and create a premiere community in Prince William County. Real transportation options such as bus rapid transit, ferries, and light rail are needed to break the gridlock in our community. 10 This summer, PRTC is once again offering the OmniLink Teen Summer Pass. With a pass, those ages 13‐19 get unlimited rides on all OmniLink and Cross County Connector buses between Monday, June 1 and Saturday, September 5 for $25. Thatʹs more than three months of rides! (A $1 surcharge still applies for teens traveling off‐route). Check out the Places of Interest page (‐bus/places‐of‐interest.php) to see some popular destinations on the local bus routes. Passes are sold weekdays, from 7 a.m. ‐ 7 p.m. at the PRTC Transit Center between May 18 and August 7, 2009. Canʹt get to the Transit Center on a weekday? Donʹt worry! Passes will also be sold at Manassas Mall from 12‐4 p.m. on the following Saturdays: June 6, June 13 and June 20. Just look for the OmniLink table! If you have a photo ID, bring it with you and weʹll apply a sticker to the front of the ID. If you donʹt have a photo ID, thatʹs OK ‐ weʹll provide you with an OmniLink Teen Summer Pass card instead. Then, the next time you board an OmniLink or Cross County Connector bus, show your photo ID with sticker or the pass card to the bus operator and board for FREE. Please note that lost, stolen or damaged passes will be replaced once for a discounted fee of $15. Additional replacements will be provided for the full $25 fee. Want more information? Then just check out the online brochure. Thanks for taking OmniLink To Summer Fun! 3 Become a Link in the Chain of Change Supervisor Principi and the Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association are bringing businesses community organizations, church groups, and citizens together in a campaign to improve the appearance of Woodbridge and to create a positive sense of community. Woodbridge Ferry Summit May 6, 2009 The past several years has seen the Route 1 corridor through Woodbridge become aesthetically challenged. Much of this can be contributed to road improvements and development projects that have been postponed due to the current economic situation. At the November Charrette, Supervisor Principi stat‐
ed “When we recover from this economic downturn, I am sure these projects will be reinstated. But we must do something in the interim. The community and the residents are ready for change to begin now.” The following events and activities are links in the Chain of Change: Neabsco Creek— Approximately 60 people gave up a Saturday morning to pick up an assortment of trash and debris along Neabsco Creek. They collected everything from plastic bottles, cans, tires, balls, lawn chairs, toys, and a children’s swimming pool, to bed springs. They concentrated on the area from Route 1, behind WaWa, east to the power lines. In addition to private citizens, the volunteers included employees from EZ‐Cruz and the Phillips Construction Company that is building the bridge over Neabsco Creek. Belmont Bay Elementary School Arbor Day/Parade April 25, 2009 Timberland— Store employees teamed up with Prince William Clean Community Council, as volunteer graffiti removers. They worked two Saturdays to remove graffiti from buildings, signs and fences throughout the Woodbridge District. ShearScapes, a landscaping company, located in Woodbridge spent Earth Day completely redesigning the Welcome to Woodbridge sign on Route 1 at the Occoquan Bridge. This is a great example of a business stepping forward with a community service project that really made a difference. Their contribution amounted to over $2,000. Route 1 Beautification May 16, 2009 Woodbridge Lions Club is a strong link in our Chain of Change. They have adopted a mile stretch of Route 1 from Maryland Avenue to Longview Drive and the Prince William Parkway. They are committed to at least two clean‐ups a year. 4 9 Did you know??? Two new traffic signals have been approved along Route 1 in the Woodbridge District. The first one will be placed at the intersection of Route 1 and American Eagles Boulevard/Celestial Drive. Federal funds were appropriated for the design and construction of this traffic light. The second light is being installed at the intersection of Route 1 and Potomac Club Parkway. This light is being proffered by the new multi‐family development being built across from Potomac Club. More updates can be found on Team Principi Needs You! April also saw massive clean‐up efforts at Veterans Park and Leesylvania State Park. At Veterans Park, 152 volunteers joined staff from the Service Authority and Park Authority for a Saturday morning clean‐up. They filled four large roll off dumpsters with everything from tires to toilets. On April 18, 2009 there was an massive clean‐up effort at Leesylvania State Park. It was part of Stewardship Virginia, a statewide campaign to encourage voluntary activities that have a tangible impact on Virginia’s natural resources. The Park combined the clean‐up with the showing of environmental projects by local students. Citizens—Amazing how the clean‐up effort is becoming contagious. On Sunday May 2, Pat Mulcahy, Erin Bender of Girl Scout Troop 1718, Alexa Liquori, Christopher Bender & RJ Dansereau of Boy Scout Pack 1085 cleaned up the the Rippon Landing Park and Nature Trail. They filled 5 large trash bags with refuse/trash. The men’s group from Faith Liberty Baptist Church are working with the Clean Community Council to remove graffiti once a month. North Woodbridge Clean‐up — On May 16, Supervisor Principi and the Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association hosted a clean‐up. Fifty‐four people cleaned both sides of Route 1 from Annapolis Way to the VRE construction site. They accumulated 70 bags of trash (3,100 pounds), four tires, a bike and various other unrecognizable items. The Piccadilly Café located in Station Plaza then treated everyone to lunch. Later the next week, the Prince William County litter crew cleared 13, 900 pounds of veg‐
etation and debris from the area. Participating in the clean‐up were members of the Woodbridge Rotary Club, the Woodbridge Women’s Club, Vineyard Church, the Woodbridge Democratic Party and a lot of caring citizens. Saturday, July 4, 2009 Marchers, Candy Distributors, Banner Carriers Children are encouraged to participate Please RSVP by Wednesday, July 1, 2009
8 Hilda Barg Homeless Shelter— Former residents, staff and friends from the Hilda Barg Homeless Shelter, cleaned the area along Route 1 surrounding the Hilda Barg Homeless Shelter. They picked up trash and debris along Rt. 1 on both sides of the shelter. Twenty‐six volunteers picked up seventeen black ʺcontractorʺ bags of trash, and took it all to the dump. They also performed intensive landscaping of the area. 5 Opening this summer is an enterprise that has been sorely needed in Eastern Prince William County for many years; an elegant banquet and event venue that can comfortably seat 450 people. This beautiful new facility, aptly named Harbour View, overlooks the Occoquan River and The Occoquan Harbour Marina. In the past, county businesses and residents were frequently forced to go outside of Prince William in order to find adequate space for their weddings, business meetings and social events. Now, with the opening of Harbour View, North Woodbridge has one of the finest event venues in the Washington Metropolitan area. Stepping through the glass doorways on the main level, visitors enter a semi open air atrium that is a perfect spot for a variety of functions. The second level consists of two exquisite rooms; The Sewells Point Ballroom which can easily accommodate 450+ people for a formal dinner, and the more intimate Hutchinson Room, which can seat 150 guests. Both rooms have magnificent water views as well as access to the outdoor balconies. Leesylvania State Park Potomac Heritage Trail Dedication The Potomac River corridor is one of the most historically significant and beautiful regions of the United States. In 1983 Congress designated a 704 mile area from Virginia to Pennsylvania as the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trails. In early June a significant addition to the evolving trail network was dedicated at Leesylvania State Park. Meandering through the woods, the new segment connects the northern end of the park with the southeast corner of the Metz Wetlands Bank. This trail offers Woodbridge residents and visitors the opportunity to go back in time and experience our history while enjoying the beauty of one of our greatest natural resources, the Potomac River. In addition to weddings, this is an ideal location to hold meetings, training sessions, banquets and fund raisers. Because it is so conveniently located just off I‐95, Harbour View is a perfect fit even if there are attendees coming from other jurisdictions. Harbour View is available to book upcoming holiday parties, late summer and fall business and social functions, and 2009 Fall and 2010 weddings. Harbour View is a shining example of the type of businesses that we need and want to attract to New Woodbridge. For more information please call 703‐910‐4273 or after July 1st, you can visit their website at: 6 Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association Any resident, business, non‐profit organization or property owner in the Woodbridge Magisterial District, eighteen years of age or older, may be an Association member. Membership requires annual registration and attendance at least one meeting a year. The WPCCA currently has over 50 members. Please join the WPCCA and become part of creating a positive image for “New Woodbridge.” Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month in the Leesylvania Room at the Ferlazzo Building. To register, please go to the website: 7