Students dress to impress at NewVIc Fashion Show

A successful learning community
NewVIc News
May 2015
Students dress to impress at NewVIc Fashion Show
The annual NewVIc Fashion Show was a
spectacular celebration of student creativity. Set
in the renowned Stratford Circus, the theatre was
decorated with an innovative lampshade and
shoe collection made by level 3 BTEC extended
diploma art and design students.
The event began with a range of entertaining
short films produced by the college’s Create
students who are working towards their
arts awards. As part of the striking ‘Dada
Masks’ segment, level 2 design and graphics
students created and modelled masks made
from cardboard boxes and held banners with
statements made from newspaper headlines. This
was followed by entry 1 students, who worked
with tie-dye to create colourful T-shirts they
modelled energetically to a ‘Rave’ soundtrack.
First and second year music students contributed
throughout the event, performing original music
and cover songs that linked each of the different
fashion collections. A standout moment was the
Kimono collection, which featured elegant and
graceful designs, alongside the vocals of music
technology student Fatima Usman who sang
beautifully in Japanese.
Langdon Park School shared their “Comfort”
collection which included outfits made from
paper plates, polystyrene and plastic cups and
cushions. The models wore all-black outfits and
dramatic make-up to provide a contrast to the
white designs.
The NewVIc dance company also entertained the
crowd with a set of choreographed routines to a
contemporary R’n’B and hiphop medley.
Sarah Green from the Courtauld Gallery who
attended the show said: “We’re really proud to
have been in a partnership with NewVIc over the
past three years. It’s been really wonderful to
see so much phenomenal creativity on display.”
NewVIc students Beeni Choudhury and Rebecca
Clayden modelled the Kimono Collection. Beeni
said: “I really enjoyed being a part of the show.
It was amazing, it was very well organised and
wasn’t stressful at all.” Rebecca added: “I did the
fashion show last year and loved it so much I had
to do it again this year.”
Vikki Hill, programme team manager for art
and design, said: “We are proud to celebrate
the creativity and talent of our students, as well
as students from Langdon Park School at the
NewVIc Fashion Show 2015. Our partners from
the Courtauld Institute, University of the Arts
and London College of Fashion were extremely
impressed. The garments on the runway were
stunning, the music was of a professional
standard and the art work was of high quality.
Thank you to all students involved for their
professionalism and to the amazing staff.”
The event closed with a speech from Ian
Thompson, director at the University of the Arts
London (UAL). Ian said: “We do a lot of work with
NewVIc and are very proud by the innovation.
Students are pushing boundaries and have
incorporated dance, music, images, posters, and
three dimensional objects, that’s what it’s all
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Why choose
Newham Sixth Form College (NewVIc)
about - how these art forms work together.
We hope to see NewVIc students at UAL in
the future.”
Choosing your
Revision tips
T: 020 7473 4110
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NewVIc News / May 2015
A successful learning community
in their own words…
Achieved A-levels in English
language and literature (A),
mathematics (A*),
psychology (B) and AS-levels
in further mathematics (A) and
anthropology (B). Now studying
mathematics at Queen Mary
University of London.
We specialise in working with young
people aged 16-19, progressing from year
11 at school.
The college has grown and developed
over the past twenty years and offers a
wide range of courses including A-levels,
specialist pathways, level 2 and 3
vocational programmes, foundation level
and ESOL programmes.
Our college community includes over 300
experienced and dedicated staff who are
focused on helping every student become a
skilled and successful learner and to
progress successfully to higher education,
employment or training.
Ex-Brampton Manor
Currently studying a level 3
extended diploma in applied
science (medical).
NewVIc opens many doors to the
best opportunities that come around
straight to your lap. I was the Learner
Voice Officer on the Student Union
and had the opportunity to volunteer
in Tanzania for 10 weeks with
Raleigh International.
The college was established in 1992
with the aim of increasing opportunities
for school leavers in Newham and
neighbouring boroughs who opt to stay in
NewVIc is a friendly and positive
place to learn, both academically and
socially. There is always support, in
the form of a tutor or teacher, when
you need it.
The Sports Academy has been
wonderful. They helped me to write
my timetable and how to balance
my studies and my training. They
keep pushing me. They’re the kind of
people that will only tell you to stop
when you have reached the best that
you can.
Currently studying a
diploma in personal
progress (entry level 3).
My teachers have been there with me
all along, they’ve been there to help
support me through the hard bits
and they’ve made me feel better
about learning.
Ex-Kingsford School
High School
Achieved A-levels in
biology (A*), chemistry (A),
mathematics (A*) an AS-level
in physics (B) and extended
project (A). He is now
studying medicine at
King’s College London.
The college has a good environment
that encourages you achieve your
goals. It has got a history in the
sense that people have come here
and gone onto good things. It’s really
encouraging to walk around college
and see posters of former students
that have gone onto be successful.
Achieved A-levels in
business studies (A*),
government and politics (A*)
and world development (A).
Now studying human
geography at Queen Mary
University of London.
My teachers really supported me
and encouraged me throughout
my studies and exams. I’ll miss the
atmosphere at NewVIc, the support
and the teachers.
For more information about why students choose NewVIc visit:
Asking for help
Take regular breaks
Don’t get stressed
Plan your exam day
your teachers are here to help and
support you. They can clarify points
your are unsure of.
Preparing for exams? Follow these
fantastic stress-free tips for revising.
Ex-Cumberland School
NewVIc has been a successful learning
community for over twenty years.
Currently studying AS-levels
in physics, mathematics
and electronics.
NewVIc is London’s largest
sixth form college with over
2500 full-time students
We are a thriving sixth form college located
in the heart of east London.
Ex-Cumberland School
Top 10 NewVIc
revision tips
Why students choose NewVIc
Make a revision timetable
don’t leave it until the last minute.
Write down how many exams you
have and the days on which you
have to sit them. Then organise
your study accordingly. You might
want to give some exams more time
than others. Find a balance that you
feel comfortable with.
Organise your study space
make sure you have enough space
to spread your text books and notes
out. It is important that you feel
comfortable and focused.
What to revise
make sure you don’t just revise the
subjects and topics you like. Work
on your weak ones as well.
Amritpal is awarded an unconditional offer to
study at Queen Mary University of London
Use different techniques
visual aids can be really helpful
when revising, you can create your
own flash cards with key words to
help recall information, and you can
condense your revision notes into
one page. Use highlighter pens to
mark important points. The use of
flow charts and diagrams can
really help.
Testing yourself
practise on previous exam papers,
they are an effective way to prepare
for your exams. This will help you
get use to the format of questions
and you can time yourself to make
sure you spend the right amount of
time on each section.
Mary. They typically take about 25 minutes, but I
was talking for around 45-50 minutes about history.
Additionally as Queen Mary is based in east
London, you get people from diverse backgrounds,
which makes it an enriching experience.
How did you find the process of applying
for university?
Amritpal Gill is a former Forest Gate Community
School student and currently on the Honours
Programme at NewVIc. He is studying A-levels
in archaeology, classical civilisation and history.
He has been awarded an Outstanding Potential
Award and unconditional offer to study history
at Queen Mary in September 2015.
You’re one of two NewVIc students to be
offered the Outstanding Potential Award from
Queen Mary University of London. How does
it feel?
Have you been involved in any extra-curricular
activities or summer schools?
Newham Sixth Form College (NewVIc)
allow yourself some fun time each
day to relax and make sure you
get a good eight hours of sleep
each night.
be prepared well in advance, check
all the rules and requirements.
Make sure you have all the
materials you need for the exam.
10 Believe in yourself and
be positive
ood luck
I have applied to a range of universities including
Durham, Essex, Queen Mary and Oxford.
Applying for university is quite straightforward and
teachers give us a lot of support with our personal
statements. I had previously attended the Queen
Mary history taster day, so was quite prepared for
what the process would be like. There’s also an
element of excitement and uncertainty, as you
don’t know how or when people will respond.
It was a bit of a shock, but a pleasant surprise.
They gave out around 30 of these awards this
year. I really enjoyed the interview with Queen
it is important that you eat well and
drink plenty of water
I took part in the UCL Summer Challenge and
examined the ethics of archaeology. I also
participated in the Wad-ham Summer School at
Oxford University on civilisation and barbarism
T: 020 7473 4110
Find out more at:
in the classical world. I also attended the K+
Summer School with King’s College and that
helped me with my coursework massively. All
of the essays submitted were marked by the
lecturers at each of the universities.
NewVIc has visiting lecturers as part of the
Liberal Arts lecture series which has helped me
prepare for, university.
Getting my student bursary at NewVIc has really
helped me to be able to attend lectures outside
of college and learn about really obscure topics.
The bursary lets you do things that you usually
wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.
Any else to add?
Because of NewVIc’s links to other institutions,
there is a lot you can do. It’s good to remember
that you are in the cultural capital of the world.
You can go to one of the richest parts of the
world, to one of the poorest parts by just a train
journey. It’s important to take advantage of this
and explore London, and beyond.
NewVIc News / May 2015
A successful learning community
Where our students
go after leaving NewVIc
gress to
ents pro
Our stud
ange of
ere are
he UK. H
across t
ersity pla
dents ha
wVIc stu
where Ne
201 .
study in
Enrichment getting involved
1. University of Westminster
9. Brunel University
2. University of East London
10. London Metropolitan
3. Middlesex University
4. University of Greenwich
11. The University of
West London
5. Queen Mary University
of London
12. King’s College London
13. University of Bedfordshire
6. City University
14. University of Brighton
7. London South Bank
At NewVIc we invest in your
15. University of Cumbria
8. Kingston University
all round development as well
as your academic success.
We provide an exciting, high quality and
wide-ranging programme of student
development and sports activities and
events. Our programme helps to broaden
your college experience, encourage your
interests, support your wellbeing and
offers opportunities for skills development.
key facts
Health Advocacy Enterprise Understanding
our World
International Links
Language Power Our Community
We run activities on a daily basis during
lunchtimes, after college and on Wednesday
afternoons. Some examples of the types of
activities you could get involved in are DJing,
Mentoring, Cricket Academy, Leadership
Academy, Carbolic Magazine, NewVIc Dance
Company, Raleigh International volunteering,
Business Enterprise, Life Saving training, and our
Basketball Academy.
These activities are open to all students
regardless of what you are studying, and through
participating you will be able to work towards your
Sixth Form Bac (SFBac) certificate.
Read more about NewVIc’s Enrichment activities:
of applicants
progressed to
university in 2014
Creative Arts
Leadership Programme SKILLS
NewVIc students progressed
to university in 2014
Sport Academy
Our unique programme covers a number
of areas including:
students progressed
to Russell Group
universities in 2014
of A-level applicants
progressed to Russell
Group universities
NewVIc has
strong links
with many
and employers
Top London
sixth form college
for sport
A-level results
improving faster
than nationally
Newham Sixth Form College (NewVIc)
T: 020 7473 4110
students progressed
to Oxford University
in 2014
Find out more at:
Advanced vocational results well
above the national average
Over 450
students involved in leadership
and volunteering
NewVIc News / May 2015
A successful learning community
English language (A-level)
English language (GCSE re-sit)
English language and literature (A-level)
English literature (A-level)
ESOL 16-19 (foundation learning)
Extended project (AS-level equivalent)
Full-time courses starting September 2015
Accounting and financial services programme
(level 3)
Anthropology (A-level)
Applied science (level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
Archaeology (A-level)
Art and design (level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
Art and design (level 3 BTEC extended diploma/
90-credit diploma)
Art route (Create)
Biology (A-level)
Business (A-level)
Business (level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
(level 3 BTEC certificate/subsidiary diploma)
(level 3 BTEC extended diploma/90-credit diploma)
Business and IT
(level 3 BTEC diploma double 90-credits) C
Caring for children (CACHE level 1) Chemistry (A-level)
Childcare and education (CACHE level 3 diploma)
Classical civilisation (A-level)
Computer science
(level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
Computer science (level 3 BTEC extended
diploma/90-credit diploma) Computing (A-level)
Construction and the built environment
(level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
Construction and the built environment
(level 3 BTEC extended diploma/90-credit diploma)
Creative media production
(level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
Creative media production
(level 3 BTEC extended diploma/90-credit diploma)
Creative route (Create)
Creative writing (A-level) D
Dance (A-level)
Diploma in personal progress (entry level 1)
Drama and theatre studies (A-level)
Early years education and care
(CACHE level 2 certificate)
Economics (A-level)
Economics, maths and finance pathway
(Honours Pathway)
Electronics (A-level) Electronic engineering
(level 3 BTEC extended diploma/90-credit diploma)
Engineering (level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
English - functional English
(level 1 and 2 certificate)
Newham Sixth Form College (NewVIc)
Film studies (A-level)
Financial studies - IFS certificate (level 3)
Fine art (A-level)
Forensic science (applied science)
(level 3 BTEC certificate/subsidiary diploma)
French (A-level)
French - Route Français
Further mathematics (A-level)
Geography (A-level)
German (A-level)
Government and politics (A-level)
Graphic design (A-level)
Health and medicine pathway (Honours Pathway)
Health and social care
(level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
Health and social care
(level 3 BTEC certificate/subsidiary diploma)
Health and social care (level 3 BTEC extended
diploma/90-credit diploma)
History (A-level)
Horizon (level 1)
Humanities, law and social sciences pathway
(Honours Pathway)
ICT (A-level)
I&CT (level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
I&CT networking and systems support
(level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
Interactive media (design)
(level 3 BTEC certificate/subsidiary diploma)
IT (level 3 BTEC extended diploma/
90-credit diploma)
IT (level 3 BTEC certificate/subsidiary diploma)
IT networking and systems support (level 3 BTEC
extended diploma/90-credit diploma)
(level 3 BTEC certificate/subsidiary diploma
Law (A-level)
Law (level 3 BTEC certificate/subsidiary diploma)
Medical science (applied science) (level 3 BTEC
extended diploma/90-credit diploma)
Music (A-level)
Music (level 2 BTEC extended diploma)
Music leadership programme (Create)
Music performing
(level 3 BTEC certificate/subsidiary diploma)
Music technology production
(level 3 BTEC extended diploma/90-credit diploma)
Music technology production
(level 3 BTEC certificate/subsidiary diploma)
Performing arts – performing
(level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
Performing arts
(level 3 BTEC extended diploma/90-credit diploma)
Performing route (Create)
Philosophy (A-level)
Photography (art and design)
(level 3 BTEC certificate/subsidiary diploma)
Physics (A-level)
Product design (A-level)
Preparation for progression - a range of GCSEs
(entry level 3)
Progress to advanced (level 2)
Psychology (A-level)
Religious studies (A-level)
Science and technology pathway
(Honours Pathway)
Skills for independence and work (entry level 2)
Sociology (A-level)
Spanish (A-level)
Sport (level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
Sport (level 3 BTEC certificate/subsidiary diploma)
Sports development, coaching and fitness
(level 3 BTEC extended diploma/90-credit diploma)
Statistics (A-level)
Step UP (foundation learning)
Health and social care,
child care and medical
science evening
Stephen Timms MP encourages
NewVIc students to register to vote
As part of the UK-wide events to raise awareness
of National Voter Registration Day, local MP
Stephen Timms visited students at Newham Sixth
Form College (NewVIc).
Technical Baccalaureate
Textiles (A-level)
Travel and tourism
(level 2 BTEC extended certificate)
Travel and tourism (level 3 BTEC extended
diploma/90-credit diploma)
Traineeship (level 2)
TV and film
(level 3 BTEC certificate/subsidiary diploma
Urdu (A-level)
Mathematics (A-level)
Maths (level 3)
Mathematics (GCSE re-sit)
Mathematics (level 1 and 2 certificate)
Mechanical engineering (level 3 BTEC extended
diploma/90-credit diploma)
Media and communication route (Create)
Media studies (A-level)
Find out more at:
Robbie Shaw, NewVIc Student Union Officer said:
“I think the recent changes to voter registration
were a calculated move to remove people –
especially young people - from politics. We
cannot allow that to succeed. Voting is a limited
but worthwhile method of participation.”
Order a NewVIc
Stephen Timms spoke to NewVIc’s humanities
students about the importance of their votes
and how they had the power to shape their
future. Students were also given the opportunity
to ask the MP a range of interesting questions.
Following the discussion, many students
admitted that they were more encouraged to
register and subsequently vote in the May 2015
general elections.
Stephen Timms MP added: “Young people should
register now and then vote. We must get more of
our young people heard.”
World development (A-level)
020 7473 4110
NewVIc was one of several institutions across the
country, working with Citizens UK and Bite The
Ballot to get 250,000 people registered
to vote.
A-level student Faith Garvey, a youth leader in
Citizen UK’s TELCO Academy said: “I want young
people at NewVIc to understand the new voter
registration system, so that they can use their
vote and get their voices heard on issues such
as university fees and jobs. We hope to let all
NewVIc students know the benefits of registering
and using their vote’’.
T: 020 7473 4110
Paul Regan, Deputy Chair of Citizens UK, also
pointed out: “We use this opportunity and reach
out to all our members and organise thousands of
registered voters to be even more active citizens.
It feels great to reconnect with NewVIc´s young
leaders in east London to strengthen our powerful
alliance today.”
Dance Collection
20 May 2015
NewVIc Arts Festival
June 2015
HE Fair
22 June 2015
Vocational induction day
June 2015
(for invited students only*)
A-level induction day
June 2015
(for invited students only*)
Eddie Playfair, Principal at NewVIc College,
said: “We’re taking Voter Registration Day very
seriously at NewVIc, because the right to vote
is very important to all of us. Young people must
make their voice heard and getting onto the
electoral register is the first step.”
Find out more about NewVIc at:
May 2015
(for invited students only*)
*For more information about the
events listed above, please contact
Dionne Pryce, School Liaison
Officer on [email protected]
or call 020 75406950.
NewVIc News / May 2015
A successful learning community
NewVIc lands silverware at AoC Sport National Championships
Students selected to
compete in the 2015 World
Championships and more
Away from national championships, a number of
NewVIc’s Sports Academy students have made
some exceptional accomplishments.
Aisa Kajouk A-level student has been selected to
represent Hungary at the 46th Artistic Gymnastics
World Championships 2015 later this year.
Having medalled as part of the Lithuanian U20
relay squad at the World Junior Championships
last year, Eva Gliozeryte A-level student aims to
represent Lithuania at the FINA World Swimming
Championships in Russia this August 2015.
Following their gold medal winning
performances at the AoC Sport London Regional
Championships, NewVIc students recently
travelled to the University of Bath to compete in
the much-anticipated 2015 AoC Sport National
Representing the college across badminton,
women’s trampoline and Ability Counts (learning
disabilities) football, the students performed
exceptionally over the three-day championships.
men’s singles. Tayyab Sultan studying level 3 IT
and networking and Zarak Khan, studying level 3
computer science, also battled their way to sixth in
the men’s doubles championships.
Elsewhere in the weekly AoC London Leagues,
the NewVIc Basketball Academy have won their
league undefeated with 12 wins out of 12, and a
massive points tally of over 1,100.
NewVIc’s Ability Counts football team finished
second in the UK after six incredibly competitive
games in horrendous weather conditions (with
goals from foundation learning students Travis
Porter, Samuel Johnson, Daniel Miege and
Jahidul Islam).
NewVIc’s trampolinists Zoe Beaman studying
level 3 childcare and Ashelle Evans studying level
3 business performed difficult routines to finish
28th and 45th, respectively. Zoe and Ashelle also
represented London in the team competition and
came eighth.
In the men’s badminton, Abrar Khan studying
level 3 engineering achieved sixth place in the
Blind Football
Liam Archer, a level 3 sports student, made
his first appearance for The Royal National
College (RNC) for the Blind against West Brom,
Merseyside and Japan. Liam is severely sight
impaired and this was a great opportunity for him
to play at international level.
Rugby League
After four intense weeks of training with the
London Broncos U19 Academies team, Rahim
Hussein has been rewarded with a coveted yearlong contract.
Rahim not only impressed the coaches with
his raw skill and speed, as well as his attitude
towards learning and improving himself as
a player.
Likewise NewVIc’s men’s football second team
have also won their league undefeated with
12 wins, two draws and one loss.
As the NewVIc Cricket Academy move towards
the outdoor season, they’ll also look to replicate
their London U19 Cricket Cup win of 2014.
Over the last few weeks, Gurvir Jutla has
completed Essex County Hockey Trials to get
through to the Junior Regional Performance
Centre (JRPC). By attending the performance
centre over a seven-week period throughout the
summer, Gurvir will trial to get in the England
U20 Squad.
We value the diversity
of our students and staff
Find out more about NewVIc at: