Learner - Newtec

Learner Forum Feedback - “The Learner Journey”
Monday 30th March 2015
12.30pm - 1.30pm
Attendees: Myranise Germain–Course Advisor (Chair), Rohima Ali–Course Advisor (minutes), Bev Prynn (Employment Engagement
Advisor), Marc Nicholson (Business Support Manager)
Alpaben Patel (CSC04), Lalia Kheira Katana (DCY25), Tammy Lewis (KFDLM Yr 2)
Outcomes for Learners
You Said: We were told the Recruitment Agency only operates in East London, we feel there is no point in
registering if we live outside of East London as the jobs will be too far for us
We Will: Encourage ALL learners to register with the agency and we are able to source work in other boroughs.
You Said: You are receiving good and up to date knowledge on the courses and job opportunities available at
We Will: Continue to give our service users excellent customer service and keep ourselves updated to meet the
needs of our clientele
You Said: You find the IAG service more flexible now it is available as a drop in service
We Will: Continue to acknowledge the diverse range of our learners and is working conscientiously to make sure
we are versatile and community focussed
You Said: All are in placement and are aware of who to call if needed
We Will: Continue to ensure all learners are placed and continue to promote the importance of good
communication between learners and EEAs.
Quality Provision
You Said: Quality of teaching and Learning has greatly improved. We have a very supportive teacher who is
contactable through email and phone. Teachers’ explanation of assignments is good.
We Will: Continue to review and monitor the quality of teaching and learning to ensure that we improve and
provide the highest standard of learning opportunities
You Said: Different teachers have different rules in class.
We Will: Discuss this at the standardisation meeting to ensure that all teachers use the same rules in the class.
You Said: Your confidence have greatly improved due to the confidence NEWTEC has in you.
We Will: Continue to have high expectations for our learners and celebrate their success as they achieve and
You Said: Last year, Foundation Degree classes were horrible as we had four different teachers. It has improved
this year, we have more consistency with only two teachers
We Will: Ensure consistency of teachers where possible. In Higher Education (HE) it is good practice for
different modules to be taught by different HE teachers
You Said: L1 learners would like more than one day per week in class
We Will: Plan for level1 learners to have more classroom time per week from June 2015.
You Said: Assignments are going at a good pace.
We Will: Continue to ensure that the pace of the programmes matches the needs of the learners and will
regularly review this.
You Said: Prefer the E-Learning portal as less time consuming and easy to submit assignments
We Will: Develop more opportunities to use the e-learning portal for learners to work independently.
You Said: Our previous teacher used to bring dictionaries to class to help us with our spelling; we would like that
to continue.
We Will: Ensure that all classrooms have dictionaries for each classroom.
You Said: You have learnt a lot throughout your course and have received a lot of support and encouragement
We Will: Continue to support all learners ensuring that the support meets the learners’ individual needs.
You Said: Reception and course advisors are very helpful
We Will: Continue to offer excellent customer services to all our service users.
You Said: Volunteers are very nice
We Will: Continue to use volunteers to provide Additional Learning Support (ALS).
Leadership & Management
You Said: Classrooms are too small even though they are deemed big enough. Once we are in our seats we can’t
move around.
We Will: Continue to allocate classrooms which are appropriately sized for the number of learners in the class.
You Said: Some learners have not received their ID badges yet. Some ID badges have expired though the classes
have not ended yet.
We Will: Ensure that ID badges are issued at the start of each programme. Extensions will be given as and when
You Said: Reception is very busy in the morning; it takes a long time to be seen and is a lot of work for one
We Will: Ensure a Course Advisor will be available at reception in the morning to resolve learner queries/requests
You Said: Everyone is treated fair and equally in our classes
We Will: Continue to treat everyone fairly and equally.
You Said: We would like a café in Mark Street. The vending machine needs to be replenished
We Will: Outsource the vending machines to a supplier and they will maintain and replenish the machines
providing a better service to you
You Said: Laptops and Wi-Fi are now available for learners to use in classrooms where computers are not
We Will: Provide you with information regarding access to the Laptops (through tutors) and how to connect to
the Wi-Fi (please see reception)
You Said: NEWTEC is very supportive and understand learners’ individual needs in relation to their course fees.
We Will: Continue to be supportive and understand learners’ individual needs.
You Said: Printing is better - Learning Zone printer is now working
We Will: Continue to monitor the printers to ensure they are constantly operating
You Said: Perhaps more computers in the Study Zone would be useful
We Will: Monitor the use computers in the Study Zone. Once they are fully utilised we can review investment into
You Said: We would like travel discounts and a discount in the café for being NEWTEC Students
We Will: Investigate your request to offer NEWTEC learners discounts for travel and the café.
You Said: We feel we are listened to and are valued
We Will: Continue to listen to learner views and implement improvements where possible.
You Said: Library is very weak. It needs some new books and more copies of the books.
We Will: Promote the use of E-books and virtual learning.
Thank you for your feedback
The next Learner Forum will be Monday 18th May 2015