GP Strategies Fact Sheet 4.23.15

KNOWLEDGE to address your challenges.
Strategies to increase your PERFORMANCE.
IMPACT achieved through measurable results.
GP Strategies™ is a global performance improvement company driven to help you and your organization move
beyond processes and technologies that may limit the difference you’re capable of making for your customers,
your competitors and the world around you.
Your work creates an impact on your company and, in doing so,
also impacts everyone your company reaches.
GP Strategies has a legacy of delivering performance-driven, custom training, consulting and engineering
solutions reaching back to 1966. We’re known for exceeding the expected to deliver remarkable results to
ensure the impact your company makes in the marketplace is both measurable and profound.
GP Strategies Vision and Mission
We have a vision to equip and enable people and
businesses to perform at their highest potential.
Our mission is to make a meaningful impact by
providing the expertise and solutions needed
to solve business challenges and attain ultimate
performance results.
GP Strategies’ Guiding Principles
• Making a meaningful impact
• Acting with integrity
• Communicating directly and honestly
• Delivering quality services and products
• Developing innovative solutions based on need
• Striving for continuous improvement
• Demonstrating teamwork
• Respecting others
• Optimizing shareholder value
GP Strategies
Focus: Full-service, global performance
improvement solutions from learning
development to sales enablement and
leadership programs tailored to both
individual and enterprise-wide goals.
Web site:
Founded: 1966
Headquarters: Columbia, Maryland, USA
Global Locations: Offices throughout the
Americas, EMEA and APAC
GP Strategies takes great pride in the
thought leadership and specialized
knowledge within our organization. We
serve industries as diverse as automotive
and food & beverage, as relevant as
government and energy and as sophisticated as technology and life sciences.
GP Strategies delivers the training talent, consulting knowledge and
engineering skills you need to make every square foot of your organization
perform at its peak. The key to achieving optimal performance lies at the
intersection of knowledge and action. We help you put both to their best use
by leveraging our expert training, consulting and performance improvement
to help organizations of all types and
sizes compete smarter.
With more than 45 years of experience
developing the sales, operations, maintenance, manufacturing and management
skills of companies from Fortune 500s
to SMBs, we have helped businesses in
nearly every industry optimize their performance. Over the years, we’ve amassed
an extraordinary cache of knowledge—
both in our people and in our organization—to help you make a measurable
impact on your clients, your industry
and your bottom line.
strategies to help you achieve more
from existing resources.
Workforce Performance
& Process Excellence
Technical & Engineering
Managed Learning
Risk, Regulatory
& Compliance
Sales Solutions
Organization &
Leadership Development
and services that reach around the world.
With offices through-out the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe and
Asia, GP Strategies is well positioned to deliver consistent results for your
organization around the world. In fact, GP Strategies is one of the few singlesource providers with the proven ability to start up, optimize and align your
worldwide operations.
Whether you need to develop a single course to deploy in your local offices,
are looking for native-speaking managed services in Singapore or want to
implement a company-wide sales training program across the globe, count
on GP Strategies for the world-class proficiency, service and skills to help you
create an impact your customers and shareholders will appreciate.
GP Strategies World Headquarters
70 Corporate Center
11000 Broken Land Parkway, Suite 200
Columbia, MD 21044 USA
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