A Christian Newspaper Dedicated To Deaf

A Christian Newspaper Dedicated To Deaf
But we will give ourselves ... to the ministry of the Word --- to Deaf people worldwide -- Acts 6:4
Vol. XXI, No. 2 [ Issue 118 ]
March/April 2015
The burden of Silent Word Ministries is to tell the deaf "More about Jesus."
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SWNP – Highlighting Easter – He is Risen!
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SWM Florida Fantastic Saturday – A Fantastic Day!
Tabernacle Baptist Church, Orlando, FL – Pastor Steve Ware – DL: Bill Kaufmann
Attendance: 248 – Churches: 32 – Deaf: 177 – Salvation Decisions: 3 – Other Decisions: 32
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Dr. Ted Camp, Director/Founder
The True Meaning of Easter
Christmas and Easter Celebrations – Christmas and Easter both
originated from the world celebrating the changes of nature. One
(wintertime) was the shortest day of the year and the other (springtime) was
new life and new beginnings. Later, these two world renown celebrations
were transformed by Christians to represent the birth of Jesus (Christmas)
and the resurrection of Christ Jesus (Easter). Christmas was first named
Christ-mass and then later changed. Easter was a world celebration of
Ester the goddess of dawn, representing springtime and new life. The
"rabbit" represented springtime fertility, and the "egg" was a symbol of new
life. These two days have become the two most-celebrated days in
Christianity as they represent the birth and resurrection of the Lord Jesus
Christ. Easter represents the beginning of springtime and new life. The
deadness of wintertime is past and the springtime of new life is beginning.
The True Meaning of Easter - There are many religions but only
Christianity has a risen Saviour. No other religion gives eternal hope for
life after death. Easter represents the death, burial, and resurrection of
the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ died alone on the cross to become
the last sacrifice for sin. There is a song, “He could have called ten
thousand angels, but He died alone for you and me.” On the cross Jesus
Christ alone became the final sacrifice for sin. God only had two options in
dealing with fallen humanity. He could let justice prevail and just ignore
mankind, or He could provide a sinless substitute to pay the penalty for
Adam's sin (Deut. 17:1). The only solution was to send His beloved Son
as the perfect God-man, as the sinless sacrifice and substitute for the sin
of man (John 3:16). Through Adam, all inherit the curse of sin. Through
Jesus Christ, the curse of sin is removed (Rom. 5:12-17). Jesus was the
sacrifice for sin and the substitute for the sinner. He
alone was the perfect Lamb of God to take away the sin
of the world (John 1:29). “So Christ was once offered to
bear the sins of many...” (Heb. 9:28). As He died, He
cried, “It is finished!” The last sacrifice for sin was
made. “There is no more offering for sin” (Heb.10:18).
Many thousands of lambs were offered for past
atonement of sin, but when Jesus died, the sacrifices
ceased. Jesus Christ was the final sacrifice for our sin.
In the tomb, He was the substitute for our death, and the
resurrection validated Him as the risen Saviour. He then ascended to His
rightful place in Heaven at the right hand of God. He sat down and could
say, “The will of God has been done! It is finished!” Because of Easter,
all can now be saved. “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord
shall be saved” (Romans 10:13). Jesus alone paid the penalty for Adam’s
sin (1 Cor. 15:22). His sacrifice restored mankind again to God.
The Sonrise Service - The Day “Him” Became “It” and “It” Became
“Him.” Notice in the Gospels, before death, Jesus was referred to as
“Him.” They bound Him, led Him, delivered Him, betrayed Him, examined
Him, stripped Him, clothed Him, saluted Him, worshipped Him, mocked
Him, spit upon Him, smote Him, chastised Him, scourged Him, unclothed
Him, and crucified Him. Pilate said, “I will… chastise Him, and release
Him.” They led Him... to crucify Him, followed Him, offered Him vinegar,
gave Him to drink, and finally crucified Him. Before death, He was referred
to as “Him.” After death, His body was referred to as “It.” “And when
Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean
linen cloth and laid it in his own new tomb” (Matt. 27:5960). “Then took they the body of Jesus, and wound it in
linen clothes” (John 19:40). He “begged the body of
Jesus. And he took it down, and wrapped it in linen, and
laid it in a sepulchre” (Luke 23:52-53). After death, His
body was referred to as “It” not “Him.” But after the resurrection, “It”
(His body) became “Him” again! The angel said, “He is risen; He is not
here… tell His disciples and Peter that He goeth before you into Galilee:
there shall ye see Him (not “It”). “Tell his disciples and Peter that he
goeth… into Galilee: there shall ye see him” (Mark 16:7). On Friday He
died; “Him” became “It.” On Sunday He arose; “It” became “Him.” After
His resurrection (pardon my grammar), “Him” got back in “It” and “It”
became “Him” again. If “Him” had not become “It” and “It” had not
become “Him,” our hope and faith would be in vain. “But if there be no
resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen: And if Christ be not risen,
then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain… And if Christ be not
raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins” (I Cor. 15:13-17). No one
is saved without the resurrection. “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth
the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him
from the dead, thou shalt be saved” (Rom. 10:9). The resurrection validated and confirmed that Jesus Christ is the risen Saviour, the Son of God.
The resurrection was God's “Amen” to Christ saying, “It is finished!”
Because He lives, we also shall live! (I Thess. 5:10). Only Christianity has
a risen Saviour! “Him” never became “It” again.
He is risen. He is risen indeed!
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Think On
These Things
By Jon Barr, President
[email protected]
ASL – A Changing Language
The story is told of a Deaf man who went into
an ice cream store. He was educated, a
skilled signer, and could read lips, but no one
in the store knew sign language. He ordered an
ice cream cone. When asked what flavor he
wanted, he responded in sign language by
shaking the letter “V,” which is the sign for
vanilla. Unfortunately, as the number “2” looks
like the letter “V,” the clerk misunderstood and
gave him 2 scoops... of chocolate.
Right or Wrong? – There are many
misconceptions about sign language and
communication with Deaf people.
● Is Sign Language universal? No. Generally
speaking, each country has its own sign
language. There are over 200 sign languages.
● Is Sign Language only a visual way of
presenting English? No. American Sign
Language is a different language with its own
grammar and syntax.
● If I know the basic signs, can I be an
interpreter? No. Interpreting is a highlyspecialized skill that requires training, an
understanding of Deaf culture, and the RID
Code of Professional Conduct.
● Do most Deaf people read lips? No. It has
been said that even the best lip readers only
catch 25-30% of what is being said. Context
and familiarity greatly help lip readers.
● Can Deaf people talk (use their voices)?
Yes, many can. However, many Deaf people
choose not to use their voices in the
presence of hearing people for various
● Is writing notes adequate to communicate
with Deaf people? Not necessarily. It is
common for many culturally Deaf people to
read English as a second language. Also,
it can be very difficult to read and write a
language you have never heard.
● Is the church deaf ministry limited to
women? No, absolutely not. There are
many Deaf men who would appreciate
communicating with hearing men. Men need
to learn from other men.
The Language of Signs – As a hearing person
who has been signing since 1976, I have seen
many changes in sign language methods.
There was a time that Signing Exact English
(SEE) was popular. Today American Sign
Thank you for your help!
Language (ASL) is accepted as the natural
language of the culturally Deaf. ASL can
include English words, much as English has
accepted words from other languages. But ASL
is not English.
Why Learn ASL? Dr. Bill Vicars, Associate
Professor of ASL and Deaf Studies, California
State University – Sacramento, in his article,
(“Why Study ASL?” – lifeprint.com), said:
● Many states have passed laws recognizing
ASL as a complete and natural language.
Hundreds of colleges and universities
throughout America now accept ASL in
fulfillment of language entrance and exit
● More and more television stations are
using sign language in their programs and
● Most
mainstreaming their deaf and hard of
hearing students – dramatically increasing
the need for sign language interpreters.
● More and more employers are looking for
applicants who can sign. They know that
having signers on their staff can contribute
toward a good faith showing of compliance
with the Americans with Disabilities Act
and similar legislation.
● While many languages are "dying off,"
American Sign Language is growing in
usage everyday.
A Changing Language – Languages change
over time. For example, just a few years ago
the word unfriend was not in the dictionary. It
is now possible to Google your name. ASL
signs change, also. The ASL sign for credit
card has changed to now show swiping the
card through a “reader.” The sign for computer
has changed several times. Other changes:
Country signs, new terms (HD, DVD), idioms.
Deaf People are People – Sign Language is
very interesting. However, one of the best
reasons to learn ASL is the people who use it.
I met my first Deaf friend at the age of 10. I did
not know ASL at the time, but began to learn 7
years later. I am thankful for my Deaf friends,
and I have learned very much about the Deaf
community. Most hearing people would be
shocked to learn how many Deaf people have
been neglected or taken advantage of, even by
their own families. Many churches ignore this
needy group of people. I thank God for the
call into the Deaf ministry and for the
opportunity to teach the Bible to Deaf
people. Over the years I have personally seen
how the Word of God can change both Deaf
and hearing lives. Would you consider
learning more about the Deaf? Let an SWM
missionary present this unique mission field
to your church. Contact: [email protected]
Silent Word Ministries Events
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Deaf Bible Conference
January 28-30, 2016
Sign & Voice • Workshops
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PA – August 6-8, 2015
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Page 2 - The Silent Word
News Page - Announcements - SWM Schedules - Area Fantastic Saturdays - D-Days - Super Saturdays
What's Up? SWM's Missionaries, Jon & Diane Barr, will
be with Bob & Brenda Himes, Bill Rice Ranch Missions,
for this year's Philippines Deaf Camps, May 3 – 15. Jon will
be the main speaker, and Diane will be teaching Deaf
ladies. Accompanying them will be Hannah Holmquist and
Sarah McDowell (both from Harvest Deaf Ministries,
Ringgold, Georgia). These young ladies are already
involved in ministry and this will give them exposure to
foreign deaf mission work. The Barrs will be training and
mentoring them and they will be assisting with music,
personal time with the campers, and other needs. Pray for
the Himes’ and this team as they minister to Deaf campers.
Deaf news
Send Your Deaf News & Announcements
To [email protected]
What's Up? Deaf Ladies Bible Seminar, hosted by Deaf
Baptist Church, 3000 Jonquil Drive, Smyrna, Georgia,
April 25, 2015, 10:00 – 3:00 Speakers: Millie (Rempel)
Frega (deaf) and Vicki (Olson) Kelly (deaf). Cost $10
which covers lunch & snacks. Fellowship, music, good
ood, and encouragement is the order of the day. Contact:
Vicki Kelly, EM: [email protected] VP: 678-275-8910.
What's Up? Deaf Men's Advance, hosted by Pastor
Dave Mason, Liberty Baptist Church of the Deaf,
Columbus, Ohio, April 17 – 19, 2015. The place is Stony
Glen Camp, Madison, Ohio (east of Cleveland). Guest
speaker, Pastor Tim Smith from Austin, Texas. The cost,
$100, includes six meals, cabin accommodation, activities,
T-shirt, souvenirs, and workshops. Contact: Gerald Eicher,
Retreat Director, Email: [email protected]
What's Up? Sympathy to deaf friend, Ray Short III,
Trenton, Georgia, on the passing of his mother, Nancy, 80,
Bay City, Michigan, February 27, 2015. Ray and his five
siblings (hearing), 3 sisters (California & Oregon), and 2
brothers (Michigan), were all able to be together for the
irst time in many years at their mother's funeral on March
7. Ray is thankful for that opportunity.
What's Up? Sympathy to Missionary to
he Deaf, Keith Ford, Ft. Oglethorpe,
Georgia, on the passing of his wife, Jane
rene Ford, 77, on Friday, January 30,
nternational Missions, served the deaf in
Jamaica for many years. Jane was an
mportant part of the ministry there,
eaching ladies' Bible studies, soulwinning and supporting her husband.
Keith continues his mission work from Ft. Oglethorpe by
printing and shipping Gospel tracts and Bible materials for
churches in the Caribbean Islands, Bahamas, and the USA.
Thank you Keith and Jane for your faithfulness.
March/April 2015
What's Up? Joan Vannatta, interpreter for the deaf,
Bethel Baptist Church, Sellersville, PA, fell in the snow
on February 15. She broke her left ankle in four places and
dislocated her left leg. Her right ankle was also broken in
two places. She has had two surgeries and will have a 4-8
week healing time before therapy begins. During one of the
surgeries, a deaf man was also having surgery. She taught
the doctor and nurses some signs, which was a help to the
deaf man. Wishes for your complete recovery, Joan. Glad
it was not your hands…. You would be out of work. (Smile)
What's Up? The Fourteenth Annual Deaf Christian Senior
Fellowship, April 26-29, 2015, will be at the Clarion Hotel,
What's Up? Sympathy to the family of Richard Earl Fuller, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Registration $90, includes
Lansing, Michigan. He died peacefully at home
banquet at the Airplane Restaurant. Lodging $69 per night.
on February 16, 2015, after suffering from
Theme “Following Jesus.” FMI: Contact Don Chevalley,
cancer for four years. Richard attended the
[email protected] VP:571-384-5156; (See ad, p. 5)
Michigan School for the Deaf in Flint and
What's Up? Mid-Atlantic Deaf Christian Athletic
graduated in 1953. He retired after 31 years
Association announces its 23rd Bowling Tournament,
working at General Motors. Richard was a
April 11, 2015, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. It is hosted by Salem
faithful member of Capitol City Baptist
Church, Holt, Michigan, for 40 years. He will be missed by Baptist Church, Fredericksburg, Virginia and will take place
his wife of 51 years, Marilyn, brother, Raymond, and other at Liberty Center, 5801 Southpointe Center Blvd,
Fredericksburg. Deadline for Team registration is March 28.
family members, as well as his church family.
Cost per team is $120. Contact: Don Chevalley, Email:
What's Up? 8th Annual Deaf Revival with Ronnie Rice at [email protected]; VP:571-384-5156
Burem Missionary Baptist Church, 1324 Burem Road,
Rogersville, TN – Saturday April 25, Dinner 5 PM, Service What's Up? Announcing the 35 Anniversary celebration
America to be held in
7 PM – Sunday, April 26, 11 AM. Contact: Lori Bradley
423-754-0407 (voice or relay) or Gerri Kulakowsky Email: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, June 23 – 26, 2015
(Registration Fee $35).The meetings will be conducted at
[email protected] Text: 423-754-6442
Freedom Baptist Church (freedombaptistchurchpf.com) in
What's Up? Missionaries to the Deaf, Bob & Judy Van Pigeon Forge beginning Tuesday morning at 11 AM. A
Sant (BIMI) returned to their field of service in Simferopol, special banquet is planned for Friday (cost $15 per person)
Russia. Since their arrival, they have with the final service at 7 PM. Hosted by: Dr Fred Adams,
been busy getting caught up with all the DBFA President, Rev Mark Coleman, DBFA Vice
happenings in the churches, attending President, and Dr Reggie Rempel, host pastor. Visit DBFA
two church sweetheart banquets, and facebook page and dbfa.net for more information.
preparing for their annual Ladies Day
Banquet, which 50 – 60 ladies will
attend. At the request of the men in the church, Bob meets
with leaders on Saturdays to teach and train them in the
operations of the church. With all the turmoil in their area,
they want to know what to do in all situations that could
occur. Usually, people just depend on the pastor to handle
everything, so Bob is very encouraged that the men want to
learn and be responsible. They are in the process of getting
the churches registered (a requirement that the Russians
What's Up? Sword Deaf Baptist College, Andersonville,
have in place). In the beginning, they were informed that a
Tennessee, Dr. Fred Adams, had a groundbreaking
deaf man could not be the pastor, but after interviewing
ceremony for a college dorm on February 12, 2015. Many
Deaf Pastor Slava, they agreed he was very capable. This
leaders representing Deaf ministries joined in this very
is a victory for the church and the Deaf.
special occasion.
SWM Fantastic Saturday With Jon & Diane Barr - SWM Home Church
Host Church: Piney Grove Baptist Church, Trenton, GA – Pastor John Smith
Attendance: 76 – 38 Deaf – 8 Churches – 3 Salvation Decisions – 14 Other Decisions
SWM 14th Annual Deaf Men’s Retreat
Trenton, GA – 17 Attended
Next Year: Jan 28-30, 2016 – 2016 Theme: “You Are Special To God”
Annual SWM Community Sign Language Class
Taught by Nicole Condra (SWM)
Teach A Class In Your Area With “Loxy” Book (SWM)
SWM Fantastic Saturday With Jon & Diane Barr
Host Church: Southside Baptist Church, Rock Hill, SC – Pastor Ken Walters
Attendance: 76 – 38 Deaf – 8 Churches – 3 Salvation Decisions – 14 Other Decisions
Mission Trip
David Bennett recently
traveled to Romania and
Lithuania to meet Deaf
leaders at the 2015
European Deaf Pastors &
Leader’s Conference. He
distributed SWM Gospel
DVDs. There is a need to
disciple and train more
Deaf leaders in this region!
European Deaf Pastors and Leader’s Conference
More than 20 countries represented
Deaf Ministry Training Opportunities
ASL Institute &
Deaf Bible Conference
Fantastic Saturdays - D-Day Schedules
July 9-11, 2015
August 6-8, 2015
Annual area-wide meetings to Teach & Train Deaf people and Deaf
workers. Teaching is clear, exciting, and challenging. Includes a free lunch,
prizes, and games. All deaf ministries invited. Contact local church for
registration. See church ads for e-mail contact. Plan to attend!
Mar 21 - Puente Hills Baptist Church – Covina, CA – FS – Barr
Mar 28 - Signs of Life Baptist Church – Phoenix, AZ – DD – Barr
Apr 18 - Forrest Hills @ Mountain View BC – Snellville, GA – FS – Barr
ASL Training – Workshops – Practice – Help
Clear Bible Teaching – Workshops
They are called “Fantastic” because they are “Fantastic”
They are called “Fantastic”
Because they are “Fantastic”
More Info – www.SilentWordMinistries.org/asli
12th Annual Deaf Men’s Retreat
Harvest Baptist Church of the Deaf
Pigeon Forge, TN – 37 Attended
Speakers David Smith, David Booth,
Fred Adams, Bob Vansant, John Olson,
Mark Coleman, Reggie Rempel
See next newspaper issue for more Fantastic Saturdays & D-Days.
See next newspaper issue for more Fantastic Saturdays & D-Days.
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March/April 2015
“... a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.” – Proverbs 31:30
Carlene’s Corner
By Carlene Camp
E-Mail: [email protected]
Why? Why? Why?
It is natural to want good health, a long life, obedient
and happy children, and a successful marriage.
Loyal friends, a comfortable home, successful jobs,
close relationships, understanding, security, and to
live happily ever after are also desired. But life is not
like that. All of us have a measure of things that bring
us joy and happiness. And everyone, even the best
of Christians, the best of families, will have reasons
to ask, “Why?” Life is filled with trials, hurt, neglect,
difficulties, hard times, tragedies, horrific crimes,
injustice, illness, death, and abuse. Daily we read
about it in the newspaper or see it on TV. Real life for
everyone will have its tough times. “Man is born
unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward” (Job 5:7).
The Silent Word - Page 3
When the whys come,
some suggestions that may help:
1. Focus your mind on God. “Thou wilt keep him in
perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee:
because he trusteth in thee” (Isaiah 26:3). God knows
everything. He knows how we feel, what makes us
afraid, what we need and how to help us. He knows
the end from the beginning.
2. Talk to someone who cares. Remember that
broken hearts are not healed by explanation or by
understanding the why. Even if you knew why, you
would still have the hurt. Broken hearts are healed by
the love of God, family, and friends, and the hope we
Early this year, friends in our local church lost their have in God. “Be of good courage, and he shall
precious two-year-old grandson from an accidental strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the
fall. In December 2014, the star quarterback on our Lord” (Psalm 31:24).
local school football team took his own life. An older 3. Realize your helplessness, and depend on God
couple in Georgia on a trip to see a car advertised on who is all powerful. Taking our hands off and
the Internet were robbed and murdered. Missionary surrendering to God can give peace that passes
friends lost their grandson in a mobile home understanding. I remember a time in my life when I
We worked hard at treating the foster children the
explosion. Stories like these could be repeated again struggled for the answer. I was physically, mentally,
same as our own children. That included certain rules
and again. In times like these, it is only natural for the emotionally and spiritually exhausted. The moment I
of the household and a certain lifestyle. Each was
“Whys?” to come.
said, “Lord, I can’t do it anymore, I surrender, I
expected to obey and do his part as a member of the
give up,” His peace came over me like a warm
amily. Often this deaf young lady asked to go certain
places or to be involved in activities that we felt were as we trust and obey Him. Even Jesus, on the cross blanket. I will never forget that experience. Now,
not in her best interest. When we told her “No,” she asked, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken when I am tempted to worry and to struggle for the
esponded with, “Why? Why? Why?” As she signed me?” But while He was asking why, He was being answer, I remember His peace. I was helpless, but
his word, she also voiced it. After 40 years, Ted and obedient. Perhaps, the same as Job, we will never God gave me comfort and contentment. It was all in
still mimic that cute personality quirk. Of course, we know the answers for why things happen. But may the surrender.
all know that almost every child when told that he we say along with Job, “Though He slay me, yet will Why? Why? Why? We may never know, but God
cannot do something or have something, will ask this I trust in him...” (Job 13:15). Maybe in Heaven we knows and He cares. He never makes a mistake. We
amous question, “Why?” Think about it. Has your will know the reasons why. We can be assured of can always trust Him (Proverbs 3:5-6).
child, after telling him “yes” or giving him what he God’s love (Romans 8:38 & 39), wisdom (James
“Casting all your care upon him;
wanted, asked “Why?” I don’t think so. It seems that 3:17), and justice (Romans 12:19) We can learn to
for he careth for you”
he “Why?” of life is ongoing. But as we mature, our be content and leave the why unanswered. “I have
– 1 Peter 5:7
Whys” are different from the times we were children learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be
and wanted our own way. Or, are they? Perhaps, the content” (Philippians 4:11). Paul learned to be
This is written because I care… Carlene
content under all circumstances and situations.
change is in the things we want.
In our early years of ministry when
Ted was pastor, we had the
opportunity to be foster parents to
several deaf children. It was a joy and
a challenge. We learned more about
deaf culture from the experience, and
we hope we were an encouragement
and help to the foster children. One foster child was
a beautiful, energetic and outgoing teenage girl. Her
personality was the type that people of all ages liked.
She knew how to win hearts.
Diane Barr
[email protected]
Did you think this winter would ever go away? In the past
ew months, we have seen many headlines like “Harsh
Winter Weather Snarls Dallas Airport Traffic, Leaving
Hundreds Stranded,” “Harsh Winter Weather Taking A Toll
On Local Businesses,” “Harsh Winter Depleting Blood
Donations,” “Six Feet of Snow in the Last Month and
Counting” (Boston). Many people have resorted to what
one news anchor, Jim Watkins, calls “WWW - Winter
Weather Whining.” They gripe and complain. Some areas
did not get a lot of snow, but people still complained about
he days and weeks of rain and wintry-mix. Some moved to
Florida, the Sunshine State, and many more considered it!
The rain, snow, cold weather, snow shoveling, and sliding
on the ice may not be over, but at least for a few days, many
are seeing some sunshine.
Maybe the weather is very different in your area, but much
more important than the weather outside, is the “weather”
n your heart. Are you “whining” because of the cold and
gloomy things that have happened to you? It is so easy to
ocus on the negatives – and there truly are many negative
hings that happen around us and to us. As we cannot
change the weather, we often cannot change those
circumstances. But we can change our responses to them.
Will we complain about the “harsh” situation, or will we
ook for the “sunshine” in it? In the Bible (read Ruth 1-4),
Ruth had some very harsh things happen to her. Her
husband passed away. She needed to leave her home and
move to a new country with a very different culture. As a
poor widow, she felt the responsibility to support her
mother-in-law as well as herself. Her only means of support
was to gather the grain that the farmers left behind. Yet she
did all this without complaining, and God rewarded her
greatly. He brought to her a new husband and blessed her
with a child. Later, her great-grandson was David, the king
of Israel. Her sunshine was not caused by her outside
circumstances. Her sunshine was on the inside. She had
sunshine in her soul because she had God’s love and she
allowed God to work her situation for His glory.
Let God give you sunshine in your soul today!
29th Annual
Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat
October 8-10, 2015
“Thoughts From Terry”
Written For Women
By Women
Terry Bracelin, SWM
Bow The Knee
You are a Rock
The wise man built his house upon the rock …
The wise man built his house upon the rock …
The wise man built his house upon the rock,
and the rains came tumbling down.
The rains came down and the floods came up …
The rains came down and the floods came up …
The rains came down and the floods came up
and the house on the rock stood firm!
The Conference Center At Valley Forge
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania – Web: nc3.org
Host: Valley Forge Baptist Temple
Terry Bracelin – 610-656-8695
[email protected]
Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat
You may remember singing this song as a child. It contains
great truths from God’s Word (Matthew 7:24-27). Do you
want that kind of house? Do you desire to have a firm
foundation? When you are going through a storm – tornado
– flood – snowstorm – where will your house be when it is
calm? Someone said to me one time, “You are like a rock –
stand firm!” I was quiet, but I know Who my Rock is – Jesus!
I want to build my life on Jesus alone! I want to stand on a
firm foundation.
You will never know how strong you are until you go
through a storm in your life. Recently, my husband, Jim,
went out hunting with his cousin. They always go out with
two or three men at a time. They hunted all afternoon and
saw nothing. Jim was up in his tree stand and it was time to
come down. He took his safety strap off the tree from his
safety harness. He was getting ready to come down the
tree when his tree stand broke and he fell down ten to
fifteen feet to the ground. He was hurt badly, but knew his
cousin was close enough to call to come and help. He was
able to get up with help and went to the hospital. Jim called
me and I immediately drove to the hospital to meet them.
As his wife, I wanted to be there for him, to help him, to care
for him, and to support him, even in this testing time. Jim’s
cousin said to him later, “Wow! I was amazed how calm
Terry was in the hospital.” How can that be? Only because
of Jesus … He is my Rock … He is my strength!
...Thoughts from Terry
Page 4 - The Silent Word
If They Don’t Understand The Way You Teach - Then Teach The Way They Understand!
Some Things I
Have Learned
Highlights Of
The Old Testament
Reed Condra
Jim Bracelin - V.P.
“Bible Teacher”
Northeast Director
[email protected]
[email protected] - ReedandDonna.com
When you think of the book Obadiah,
think of the prophet Obadiah and his message
about Isaac's twin boys, Jacob and Esau...
(and the nations they became).
The Jewish Nation began with the patriarch Abraham. He
had a son named Isaac who had twin sons named Jacob
and Esau. Jacob's name was later changed to Israel. The
Promised Land was named Israel after Jacob. His
descendants were called the "children of Israel" or
"Israelites." Jacob's twin brother also had a land. Esau's
land was called Edom. Descendants of Esau were called
Edomites. When enemy armies marched into Israel, the
Edomites were glad. They were happy that the Jews were
being destroyed. When some Jews tried to run and hide,
Edomites told the enemies where to find them. Many
suffered and died because Edom was jealous against
Israel. The book Obadiah tells how God would punish
Edom's hatred. Because Edom stood against Israel, God
would destroy the Edomites and their fortified dwellings.
Obadiah is the book of Edom's downfall.
Think About: “Pity”
pity (noun) - feelings of sorrow for someone else's pain
"Pity" in Obadiah
Of all people, Edom should have pitied Israel in their time
of trouble. The Edomites were close relatives of the Jews,
but they did not show love or pity.
"Brotherly love" is a virtue you need to succeed for God.
Who is there that needs your mercy, grace, love, or pity?
Reach out today to those closest to you!
Note: Download Highlights from Catalog SilentWordMinistries.org
SWMB Needs “More” Missionaries
Go into all the world - Includes the Deaf
Contact: Jon Barr, [email protected]
1. SWMB Deaf Evangelists, Missionaries, Pastors –
Qualified Deaf preachers to conduct revivals and
meetings, and assist in SWM meetings. Deaf pastors
needed for deaf churches. Need to raise support.
2. SWM Regional Directors. Experienced, like-minded
preachers who can teach and preach in signs and voice
to “duplicate” SWM Northeast Deaf Ministries.
3. SWMB Representative. Experienced, like-minded
preacher (signs & voice) to visit colleges and churches,
to teach sign language, to assist in SWM meetings.
4. SWMI Foreign Missionaries (Hearing & Deaf).
Qualified missionaries to relocate in foreign countries
to reach the Deaf for Christ, help establish deaf churches,
help nationals and churches become more aware of
Deaf, and make team trips. Contact: SWMI Director,
David Bennett, [email protected]
“Come Help Us - Reach the Deaf World for Christ.”
Five Things You Should Know
1. Know you need to be saved because one day you will
die. "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the
world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all
men, for that all have sinned" (Romans 5:12).
2. Know you cannot save yourself. "Not by works of
righteousness which we have done, but according to His
mercy He saved us..." (Titus 3:5). Trust the Lord!
3. Know only Jesus can save. He said, "I am the way, the
truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by
me" (John 14:6). No one is saved without Jesus.
4. Know you must pray and accept Jesus. "But as many
as received Him, to them gave he power to become the
sons of God" (John 1:12). Will you receive Him?
5. Know you need to do it now! Tomorrow may be too
late! "...now is the accepted time...now is the day of
salvation" (II Cor. 6:2). If you die without Jesus Christ, it
would have been better if you had never been born. “It
would have been good for that man if he had not been
born” (Matthew 26:24). Don’t die without Jesus Christ!
Pray and be saved now! Tomorrow could be too late!
[ ]"Yes, I know I am a sinner. I now pray and accept Jesus Christ
to be my Savior. I believe He died, rose, and is now alive to save
me. I want to go to Heaven. I now accept Jesus to save me.”
[ ] “I am now saved.” - Amen!
Sword Deaf Baptist Church
Independent Fundamental Baptist KJB
7503 Bell Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 37938
Missionary/Pastor Fred Adams
Our ministry is to reach the Deaf
of Knoxville, Tennessee, with the Gospel.
Bible Training For the Deaf
Dr. Fred Adams, President
Purpose: To train men and women,
both deaf and hearing, to prepare
for Christian ministry to the Deaf.
4 Years Bible Degree
Pastorate – Bible Studies – World Missions
Christian Education – Deaf Education
Sign Language Program
Interpreter Training Program
3602 Andersonville Hwy, Andersonville, TN 37705
More Information Contact: Dr. Fred Adams
Sword Deaf Ministries
PO Box 70289 – Knoxville TN 37938
March/April 2015
Sloooow Doooown!
As a Missionary to the Deaf I Have Learned...
(Please keep an open mind and remember that these are my personal opinions about the Deaf in general, not all Deaf.)
Many years ago, when I was still new at preaching to Deaf
people, Dr. Cathy Rice (Bill Rice Ranch) gave me good
advice. She said, “Slow down, Jon.” In fact, she repeated
that to me almost every time before she saw me preach in
sign language. At first her advice did not seem to make
sense, but later I understood the wisdom of her words.
Interpreting and preaching to a group of Deaf people is
not the same as signing a conversation. Casual
conversation allows for interaction between two or more
people. When the message is not understood, questions
can be asked. If the signed message is too fast,
sometimes the “listener” may not understand, even with a
“normal” conversation. It is possible to sign so fast that
normal people cannot understand. Recently I watched a
Deaf person share a prayer request. He signed very fast.
Later I asked a Deaf preacher if he understood the other
Deaf person’s prayer request. He said, “No. It was signed
too fast.” Never assume others understand you. It is wise
to sign slowly and clearly.
When you interpret for a fast speaking pastor, consider
Paul’s words, “Yet in the church I had rather speak five
words [signs] with my understanding, that by my voice
[signs] I might teach others also, than ten thousand
words [signs] in an unknown tongue [signing too fast]” (1
Cor.14:19). Slow down. Consider the message you are
interpreting. Do not sign every word; sign the ideas, the
concepts. Rephrase the message into simple, easy-tounderstand signed sentences. Choose one clear way of
signing the message, rather than including the duplicate
words, phrases, and ideas that you may hear.
As you sign more slowly, you will notice that your mind
works faster, and your body will relax more. Only sign what
you understand. Order SWM pamphlet DM10, “Speaking to
Deaf People Using an Interpreter,” FREE PDF download
use coupon: DM10 – Visit: catalog.silentwordministries.org
Ne w!
I Have Learned that when you teach the Deaf difficult, but
learnable ideas, remember that they are also visual. The
Deaf listen with their eyes. Use common sense
illustrations, pictures, object lessons and white boards.
Explain the concept from every angle until you see
understanding on their faces. Then to ensure they truly
understood, ask some probing questions that require
answers other than just yes or no. If they really understand,
you will notice them explaining it to others. When one of
your Deaf understands what you are teaching, use him to
explain it to the other Deaf. This will allow you to see if they
“really” understood it, and it also serves as a way for you
to learn a new way to explain it … the “Deaf” way! There
is nothing wrong with the minds of the Deaf. They just can’t
hear, and English words are not their first language. ASL is
the language they prefer. Put the thoughts in signs the best
way you can, and watch your Deaf grow and grow and grow.
I have learned that most Deaf want to help hearing people
learn sign language. Some hearing think that they must be
perfect in signs before signing to the Deaf. Nothing could
be further from the truth. The Deaf are some of the most
patient people I know. They have been my best teachers.
Many different Deaf have helped me very much. They still
teach me signs today. Deaf are willing to invest in someone
who is serious about learning sign language. I have also
learned that if they think you have ulterior motives for
learning signs, they may shun you. I have watched the
Deaf encourage new interpreters when they have
problems. Why? In my opinion, the more interpreters a
Deaf person has, the more opportunities they have for
fellowship and a social life. If there are more people who
know signs, then they will get to know more people. Deaf
people are very patient if they see a genuine desire on
your part to learn their language. Jump in; the water’s fine!
If you start drowning, they will throw you a life preserver!
Rem wly
B e tt a s te re d
er Q
[ ] $10 One Set/3 Sermons – [ ] $50 6 Sets/18 Sermons
Speakers: (TC) Ted Camp–(RR) Ronnie Rice (RC) Reed Condra - (JS) J. Scott
“Classic” Deaf Preaching Series
Preached in the Mid-80s At the Bill Rice Ranch
#1 - Who Can Forgive Sin? (TC) / New Life (RR) / Four Things Are True (TC)
#2 - Hearing About Jesus (RR) / Looking Unto Jesus (RR) / Give Your Life to God (TC)
#3 - God's Last Judgment (TC) / Paul's Testimony (RR) / Deaf Can Be Strong (RR)
#4 - God's Anger (RR) / God's Free Gift (RC) / Four Steps to be Christian (JS)
#5 - Change Your Life (TC) / How Much God Loves Deaf (RR) / The Steps of a Good Man (TC)
#6 - What is Sin? (TC) / The Place of Hell (TC) / Jonah (RR)
Each Includes SWM Promo and Gospel - Please Add $4 P&H
SWMission Board
“Meet SWM Missionaries”
by SWMB Director Jon Barr
[email protected]
Ted's Unforgettable
Deaf Stories
One Deaf Can Make A Difference
Introducing Nicole Condra
Missionary to the Deaf of Romania
Nicole Condra is a second-generation missionary to
the Deaf. She grew up knowing
sign language and working with
Deaf people alongside her
parents, Reed and Donna
Condra (SWM). When once
asked about her specific call
into deaf missions, Nicole
replied, "I don't ever remember
a time when God called me out
of deaf missions." In 2010, while
serving as SWM home office
missionary, Nicole realized a growing conviction that
the Lord wanted her to be a foreign missionary. In
2011 on a mission trip to Romania, Nicole met many
Deaf people and introduced the deaf ministry to
churches, national pastors, and missionaries. It was
there she received a deeper and abiding desire to be
a foreign missionary. Many churches on foreign fields
have no ministry to the Deaf, even though many Deaf
people may live in their area. Nicole's burden is to
assist existing churches on various foreign fields by
starting deaf ministries, training nationals, and
reaching and teaching Deaf people with the Gospel.
Nicole is on deputation to serve in Romania and
Eastern Europe as a missionary and needs your
prayer during her pre-field ministry of raising her
support and sharing her burden. Special Prayer
Request: Nicole is raising funds for a good car for
deputation(Present need: $4,000). FMI or schedule a
meeting, contact: [email protected] – 706-657-8000
Pray for more
Missionaries to the Deaf World
Marquette Manor Baptist Church in Illinois
While at the Bill Rice Ranch, I established a deaf
ministry in this church. It was my practice to teach
Sign Language at night and visit the deaf during the
day. As I visited the Deaf, I heard of a deaf man
who worked at the post office and felt greatly
impressed I should visit him. It was wintertime, it
was cold, and the snow was deep. I got his address
and visited him several times, but he was never at
home. I left notes each time for him to come and
visit our church. Finally, one night, he came to our
church. He wanted to know who kept visiting his
home and leaving notes. His name was Daniel
Lievens, and he really enjoyed the church and
made new friends. He later became a member of
the church. But that's not the end of the story.
Daniel had a Deaf son, Brian, who also decided to
follow his dad in church. But that's not the end of
the story. Brian became a preacher and became
one of few Deaf to graduate from Bob Jones
University. But that's not the end of the story.
Brian married the daughter of Mark and Jan
Coleman, Deaf pastor in Illinois. But that’s not the
end of the story. Brian later became the pastor of
a deaf church in East Delavan, WI. But that’s not
the end of the story. Many years later, in 2012, I
spoke at a Deaf Retreat in Wisconsin. Brian
personally thanked me for visiting his dad many
years before. I am also very glad I did not give up!
The story still continues...
Ne w
Download SWM Materials
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Many Faces, Many Philosophies, Many Signs, But One Need - Christ!
March/April 2015
The Deaf Can
My Heart’s Desire
K i d ’s K o r n e r
By Ronnie Rice
[email protected]
The Silent Word - Page 5
“...my heart's desire and prayer to God for
Israel (Deaf) is, that they might be saved.”
– Romans 10:1
Missionary Allen Snare
[email protected]
The Deaf Can
Serve the Lord
hope that in the future Deaf people will be used more and
more to serve the Lord. It is my desire to see Deaf people
become mature and used of the Lord. It is my desire to
serve God. I want to encourage Deaf people to do more
and get more involved. I am Deaf and I can do it! I have
been serving for many years. If I can do it - so can you!
Bible Trivia Compiled By Jeremy Shiffer
Do You Know?
01. The first person to die ____________
02. The first King of Israel __________
03. The first murderer _______________
04. The first born baby __________ (GN 4:1)
05. The first miracle of Jesus ___________
06. The first man did not die ______________
07. The first prophet of Israel A_________(GN 20:7).
08. The first judge of Israel O___________(Jdgs 3:9)
09. The first letter of Hebrew Alphabet A_______
10. The first word in NT _____
Answers: 1.Abel - 2.Saul - 3. Cain - 4. Cain 5. Water into Wine
6. Enoch 7. Abraham 8. Othniel 9. Alpha 10. The
There are some things the Deaf cannot do. Deaf people
cannot play the piano or sing with their voices. Deaf people
cannot hear a bad muffler, birds, or even a crying baby.
Deaf people cannot hear the chimes of Christmas or the
Christmas Cantata. Deaf people cannot hear radio broadcasts, sirens, alarms, or a knock on the door. There are
some things that the Deaf cannot do. But all Deaf can
serve the Lord and do right. Not everyone can be the
pastor, but everyone can be faithful and serve the Lord.
The church needs more Deaf to be involved and become
eaders and followers. The Deaf can be leaders in their
classes and church. Deaf are becoming deacons, ushers,
and helpers. Some Deaf are singing specials in deaf services. Some Deaf ladies help in the kitchen and nursery.
Some Deaf are teaching and discipling other Deaf. Some
Deaf are now preachers, evangelists, and missionaries. It
s wonderful to see the Deaf do it! First, the Deaf need to
become faithful and meet all the requirements of the church
o serve. Just being Deaf does not qualify or disqualify you.
You can get involved in your church and Deaf ministry.
You can do it! Remember, Deaf people should also meet
he same standards as hearing people.
Stories of Deaf Salvation
I read the story of Peter and Jesus from the Bible in
John 21:15 to 22. Peter rebuked and denied Jesus.
Peter departed from the Lord and went back to work
the net of fishes. Jesus still loved him. When they
were together to eat, Jesus asked Peter, "Do you
love me?" Peter answered Him, "Yes." Jesus said
to him three times, "Feed My sheep (people)."
Peter was sad in his heart because he denied the
Lord three times. He then became glad and later
stood and preached at Pentecost. Three thousand
souls were saved. Peter remained faithful and never
again denied the Lord. Peter had a new beginning.
In 1975 I graduated from Tennessee Temple
Schools. I become Deaf pastor of Bel Air Baptist
Church in El Paso, Texas. One year I took our deaf
to Bill Rice Ranch. Later, as I preached in my church
five Deaf boys came to the altar and told me they
need saved. I thought they were recently saved at
the Bill Rice Ranch. They explain that they now
understood and want to be sure they are saved. I
show them Gospel. They prayed and now know they
are saved. Praise the Lord! It is good to know for
sure you are saved. If you are not sure then the
Gospel can also help you know you are truly saved.
My desire is to preach, witness, and see more Deaf
saved. I pray for all my meetings, Fantastic
Saturdays, and deaf camps this year that more Deaf
will be saved this year. Please pray for my ministry.
Fourteenth Annual
Deaf need spiritual help... Contact: [email protected]
Deaf Christian
Senior Fellowship
Salvation Follow Up Program Online – Click:
April 26-29, 2015
What is True - What is False?
Follow 8 Steps .org
Sponsored by Silent Word Ministries
Creation vs Evolution
What about dinosaurs? What about cave men?
Could all the animals enter the Ark?
What about the Worldwide Flood?
What About the Big Bang?
What is the age of the Earth?
What is Carbon Dating? Who created God?
What is the difference in Creation and Evolution?
“Following Jesus”
Clarion Hotel
314 West Bijou St. – Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Phone: (719) 471-8680
For Answers, View These Trusted Links...
Many Things To See And Do
And more…
“Garden of the Gods” – Pike’s Peak
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Seven Falls
Manitou Springs Historic District
Peterson Air and Space Museum
Registration $90
Jay Seegert - CEC - [email protected]
Carl Kerby - rforh.com
Includes Banquet Ticket
Banquet at Airplane Restaurant
Silent Word Ministries - PO Box 889 - Trenton, GA 30752
Order Free SWM Tracts “Evolution or Creation?”
SWM Special Study: “Creation or Evolution?”
For more info:
Contact Don Chevalley – (571) 384-5156
Send Registration:
Ron Bagby - 4404 E. 112th Terrace - Kansas City, MO 64137
Word Search Puzzle
Find Words – Search in all Directions
Designed by Tabitha Beam, SWM
“Fantastic Saturday”
Did You Know?
News and Info From the Deaf World
SWNP Reporter Tabitha Beam – [email protected]
(Views are those of the authors. Published for your information.)
NYC Mayor's Vibrant Deaf Interpreter Creates His Own Storm – Deepti
Hajela - News.Yahoo.com – January 29, 2015 – Condensed for SWNP
Jonathan Lamberton, New York City Mayor Bill de
Blasio's sign language interpreter, is getting attention
for his highly animated ways during recent weather
briefings. Lamberton, a certified Deaf interpreter, [used]
big gestures, incorporating his whole body, along with
facial movements. It's American Sign Language, but the
way Lamberton speaks it makes the difference. Born
Deaf to Deaf parents, he grew up communicating in
ASL, essentially making it his native tongue. So he signs
with the full range of expressiveness Deaf people use
with each other. "I think ASL has typically been depicted
to the public in the 'nicer' form that hearing people use,
and that Deaf people typically use with hearing people,"
Lamberton said. "The ASL that Deaf people use among
each other hasn't been seen on screen much, so I
think that's part of the reason people reacted so strongly."
He works with a hearing partner who translates what is
being said into ASL, which Lamberton then puts into a
form that's broadly understandable….He appreciated the
opportunity to inform the wider hearing world more
fully about ASL. "A lot of people seem to be enjoying my
work…I'm not there for their entertainment or to steal
anyone's show. I'm there to communicate critical
information to the deaf community," he said. "But
people are seeing how beautiful ASL can be, and I'm
happy about that."
Did You Know?
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HOW-TO MANUALS for deaf ministries
[ ]$5 Each 1-3 [ ]$4 Each 4-5 [ ]$3 Each 6+
Proven Method From Lectures & Workshops
Manuals from our workshops - Do it right the first time!
HT01 [
HT02 [
HT03 [
HT04 [
HT05 [
HT06 [
] How To Be A Leader - Tips from other leaders
] How To Build Deaf Ministries - Do it right
] How To Teach Creation - Teach The Truth
] How To Teach Deaf - Helps for the Teacher
] How To Teach Deaf Children - Includes Lesson
] How To Evangelize Deaf People
Order $50 or more – Get
$10 OFF
] $1 Each
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] Following Jesus
] What is Right & Wrong?
] Study Bible Faith
] The Place of Hell
] What is a Friend?
] Bitterness
] The Will of God
] Doctrine of Prayer
] God’s Plan for Home
] When Things Go Wrong
] Successful Life/Ministry
] Two Better Than One
] Women Leadership
] Christian Character
] Lessons Of The Eagle
] Go To Next Level
] 30 Deaf Devotions
] Don’t Limit Your Ministry
] World Religious Groups
] Don’t Worry
] Why Are Things - Way
] God’s Plan for Purity
Books For Deaf Ministries
] Leadership
] Teaching Children
] Let Deaf Grow
] Island Spoke By Hand
] Deaf & Hearing Child
] How To Write For Deaf
] The Deaf Can
] Deaf Humor - Jokes
] One That Was Deaf
] Deaf Raise Hearing Child
] Bible Doctrines For Deaf
] Bible Messages For Deaf
] All Things New
] Did Know? Facts & Figs
] Poems for Deaf Ministries
] Let Us Not Be Weary
] Hands Used Of God
] Chicken Soup For Deaf
] Answers To Bible
] Fingertips for Interpreters
Readers are Leaders
Leaders are Readers
Let’s Study Bible
Nature & Animals
Compiled for Deaf Ministries
3-Ring Notebook - 80 pages
Christian Applications - Animal Facts
Eagle - Canadian Geese - Lambs
The Palm Tree - Camel - Proverbs
Four Wise Things - Four Comely Things
Some Things to Consider
Bible: Plants - Animals - Birds
Photos/Prints - Much More!
SWBN [ ] $10 Bible Nature Only
BNCD [ ] $5 Bible Nature CD Only
SWBA Both [ ] $12 Notebook & CD
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] Classic Set Five
Change Your Life (TC)
How God Loves Deaf (RR)
Steps of a Good Man (TC)
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] Classic Set Six
What is Sin? (TC)
The Place of Hell (TC)
Jonah (RR)
let’s study the bible
Bible Atlas
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God's Last Judgment (TC)
Paul's Testimony (RR)
Deaf Can Be Strong (RR)
Teach Groups
Learn ASL At Home
Words Slowly Signed
All Lessons Voiced
Easily Understood
E-Z American Sign Language
SLB5 [ ] $17 E-Z ASL
D.A. Stewart - Book - 470 pages
] Classic Set Two
Hearing About Jesus (RR)
Looking Unto Jesus (RR)
Give Your Life to God (TC)
VV[ ]$49.95 ASL Video Vocabulary
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All Bibles – Black Cover Only
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2 DVDs & MANUAL by SWM Jon Barr, CT
For Beginners & Intermediates
Printed By
Thomas Nelson Publishers
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] Classic Set One
Who Can Forgive Sin? (TC)
New Life (RR)
Four Things Are True (TC)
KJV Bibles!
#1 [
God's Anger (RR)
God's Free Gift (RC)
Four Steps t/b Christian (JS)
Carlene Camp Signing To Deaf Children
References KJV
(TC) Ted Camp–(RR) Ronnie Rice
(RC) Reed Condra - (JS) J. Scott
#3 [
~Text Exactly as Printed in Eighteenth Century ~
Helpful library Books
BH2 [ ] $5 Quicknotes Bible Dictionary
BH3 [ ] $2 Expanded Webster’s Dictionary
Preached in the Mid-80s
At the Bill Rice Ranch
[ ] $50 6 Sets/18 Sermons
Missionary Heroes of Faith Books [ ]$3 Each [ ]$5 for 2
MH02 [ ] William Booth
MH03 [ ] Eric Liddell
MH05 [ ] Gladys Aylward
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LM7 [ ] By Diane Barr
Quick/Easy – Small/Large Groups
Skits – Games – In/Outdoors
LY2 [ ]$3 ea (M ¾” ) “I Love You” [ ]$2 ea 10 +
LY3 [ ]$2 ea (S 5/8”) “I Love You” [ ]$1 ea 10 +
SWM - History & Heritage Deaf Timelines
Easy To Read — Paperback Books – KJV – Over 90 Pgs
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YR01 [ ] Noah
YR02[ ] Moses YR03[ ] Jonah
YR04 [ ] Elijah
YR05[ ] Ruth
YR06[ ] Esther
YR07 [ ] John Baptist YR08[ ] Jesus YR09[ ] Paul
TBB [ ] The Bible Brief - (KJV) Bible highlights - 96 pages
COB [ ] Children of the Bible - Children's perspective - 96pg
Hymns For The Deaf
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March/April 2015
Compiled For Deaf Ministries
Reproducible - KJV - Make Copies
Maps - Charts - Graphics - Time Lines
Visuals - OT & NT Studies - Outlines
White 3-Ring Notebook - 229 pages
For Bible Students - Preachers - Teachers
SWBA [ ] $15 Bible Atlas Only
SWBA-CD [ ] $10 Bible Atlas CD Only
SWBA Both [ ] $20 Notebook & CD
Bill Rice Ranch - Deaf Materials
When Silence Speaks DVD/Caption/70min
Singing In Signs - Changed for Interpreters
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Fundamental Deaf Churches & Churches With Deaf Ministries
March/April 2015
The Silent Word - Page 7
Place Your Church AD - $15 Issue - $90 Year - SWM Does Not Necessarily Endorse Policies or Practices of These Churches
All Churches and Ministries Must Agree With SWM Baptist Articles Of Faith - Articles of Faith Available at SilentWordMinistries.org/aof
Signs of Life Baptist Church
Bible Baptist Church
Faith Baptist Church
Pastor: Mike Remington
3301 North 19th Avenue
Lead Interpreter: Cyndie Morin
500 Harry Driggers
Phoenix, Arizona 85015
Brunswick, GA 31525
Pastor: Paul Anderson
DL: Susan Chaples
251 Shearer Street
602-992-5850 (V/TDD)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Pastor: David Mason
1552 Elmore Avenue
Pastor: Bobby Bates
DL: Ann Bates
10 Chennault Ford Road
Palmer, MA 01069
Columbus, Ohio 43224
Fayetteville, TN 37334
[email protected]
Ph: (931) 433-1940
Cornerstone Baptist Temple
East Side Baptist Church
Pastor: Jerry Siler
DL: Rev. John Clark & Dan Mamula
1107 Ohmer Ave
Pastor: Finley Cutshaw
DL: Barry Fleet
3232 Covington Pike
Dayton, OH 45410
Memphis, TN 38128
Quail Run Baptist Church
Piney Grove Baptist Church
Silver City Baptist Church
Deaf Pastor: Ronnie King
c/o Desert Spring Baptist Church
10425 N. Thornydale Rd.
Pastor: John Smith
DL: Allen Snare
864 Piney Road
Pastor David W. Cooper, Sr.
DL: Maddi Auger / Asst.: Sue Davis
261 Tremont St.
Tucson, Arizona 85742
Trenton, GA 30752
Taunton, MA 02780
520-661-0681 (Text Msg)
508-821-2774 - silvercitybaptist.org
Puente Hills Baptist Church
Pastor Ted Trisler
Leaders: Brian & Jennifer Burgwin
363 E. Rowland Street
Covina, CA 91723
Harvest Baptist Ch of the Deaf
Faith Baptist Church
Pastor: Reggie Rempel
1314 Old Three Notch Road
Pastor Shaun Weeks - DL: Ruth Mitchell
[email protected]
www.harvestdeaf.org (See New Site)
[email protected]
Newton Baptist Church
Lighthouse Baptist Church
Pastor: Tony Howeth
720 Jack Neely Road
Pastor: Doug Fisher
DL: Sondra Wilson
1345 Skyline Drive
Carver, MA 02330
865-947-DEAF (TDD) / 865-938-8182 (V)
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
Bethel Baptist Church
[email protected]
Pastor: Rick Savage
DL: Dean Manley
2155 Vann Drive
Pastor: Will Swem
DL: Gilbert Branagan
2233 Michigan Street NE
Central Baptist Church
DL: Don Baker
2849 Mountain View Road
Pastor: Jim Townsley
1505 West Street
[email protected]
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Bethel Baptist Church
Parkview Baptist Church for Deaf
9355 Stark Road
Deaf Churches and Ministries
Reach and Teach Deaf People
Deaf Ministry Pastor: Mark Coleman
200 North Roselle Road
Livonia, Michigan 48150
Matthew 28:19-20
[email protected]
Snellville, GA 30078
El Vista Baptist Church
First Coast Baptist Church
Pastor: Joey Watt - DL: Judy Risius
6301 N. Syler Street
Pastor: Richard Edwards
DL: Penny Nix
7587 Blanding Blvd
Peoria, IL 61615
Jacksonville, FL 32244
First Baptist Church
[email protected]
Grace Baptist Church
Pastor: Brian Wingenroth
501 NE 48th Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Shiloh Baptist Church
Davenport, Iowa 52804
Dayspring Community Church
Tabernacle Baptist Church
Westminster, MD 21157
[email protected]
Capital Baptist Church
Valleyview Baptist Church
Pastor: Volker Stoeckmann
DL: Mrs. Marie Bedics
2870 Pheasant Drive
Swartz Creek, MI 48473
Hope Baptist Church
Church VP: 810-644-0035
[email protected]
Pastor: Allen Harris
DL: Jeff Wright
6450 Hope Way
[email protected]
Friendship Baptist Church
Pastor: Dennis Burnette
DL: Missy Leonard
20572 Benhams Road
Bristol, VA 24202
Hanover, PA 17331
Bethel Baptist Church
[email protected]
Pastor: Lloyd Donica - DL: Anthony Kearney
1647 Briarfield Rd.
Hampton, VA 23669
Faith Baptist Church
Phone: 757-826-7710
Pastor: David W. Cashman
DL: Ray Leicht
1515 Wistar Road
Bible Baptist Church
Fairless Hills, PA 19030
Pastor: Erik Sanders - DL: Mike Shannon
Pastor: Paul Strosnider
2675 Parker Rd
805 W. Casino Road
"All the World"
Florissant, MO 63033
Everett, WA 98204
Phone: 425-353-6200
[email protected]
Frederick, MD 21701
Pastor: Kenric Barnett
Deaf Pastor: Earl Brigham
1006 E. Crown Point Rd.
[email protected]
Grace Gospel Church
Pray for and Support
Missionaries to the Deaf
Evangelists to the Deaf
Pastor: Charles Clark, III
West Orlando Baptist Church
Pastor: Keith Wiebe
1111 Adams Avenue
(See Page 8)
Huntington, WV 25704
Berlin, NJ 08009
Pastor: Mike Creed
DL: George Kerwood
9255 Piscataway Rd
Pastor: Danny L. Gardner
DL: C.J. Elwood
2625 E. Main Street
Millville, NJ 08332
Pastor: Dr. Jeff Amsbaugh
DL: John Dillon - VP: 401-288-3675
671 Greenville Avenue
Johnston, RI, 02919
[email protected] – myobbc.com
Shamrock First Baptist Church
Clinton, MD 20753
Pastor: Glenn Giles
DL: Linda Ridenhour
2661 Marshall Rd. N.
Hampshire View Baptist
Deaf Church
Pastor: Terry Buchholz
360 Ednor Road
Silver Spring, MD 20905
Pastor: Curtis King
16221 National Pike
[email protected]
Hagerstown, MD 21740
400 Elwood Road
E. Northport
Long Island, NY 11731
North Carolina
Tri-City Baptist Church
Pastor: James Hollandsworth
910 Piney Ridge Rd.
Southside Baptist Church
Place Your
Church Ad Here!
Grace Bible Baptist Church
Pastor: Dr. Earl M. Johnson, Jr.
Cleveland Baptist Church
6 Lines For $15 Per Issue
Just $90 Per Year
Deaf Pastor: Rev. James Campbell
1518 N. Rolling Road
Pastor: Kevin Folger
4431 Tiedeman Road
Baltimore, MD 21228
Cleveland, OH 44144
[email protected]
Pastor: D.A. McClain
Deaf Pastor: John Lister
21 Jameston Ave
Rock Hill, SC 29730
Hamilton, Ontario L9C 2R9
[email protected]
[email protected]
Morningside Baptist Church
Pastor: Tony Miller - DL: Elena Caballero
West Bend, WI 53095
New Testament Baptist
Pastor: Kenneth Walters
DL: Chris Walters (803) 324-0627
1229 South Anderson Road
Forest City, NC 28043
301-582-0378 –
[email protected]
Pastor: Bruce Dunford
DL: Frank Rasmussen
2300 South Main Street
[email protected] – PH: 631-850-2645
Emmanuel Baptist Temple
Jacksonville, FL 32221
Celebration Chapel of Deaf
Northport Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
Rhode Island
Greater RI Baptist Temple
Open Bible Baptist Church
Independent Baptist Church
Pastor: Steve Reynolds
DL: Don Chevalley
3504 Gallows Road
Annandale, VA 22003
[email protected]
Fridley, MN 55432
[email protected]
Pastor: Tom Messer
Deaf Pastor: John Olson
800 Hammond Blvd.
DL: Tom & Joan Vannatta
754 East Rockhill Road
Northampton, PA 18067
420 S. White Horse Pke
Williston, VT 05495
John Bienlein – Pastor
6299 Miller Rd.
Pastor: Tom Fry
216 Carroll Parkway
Ocoee, FL 34761
300 Trinity Drive
Bethel Baptist Church
Sellersville, PA 18960
Holt, MI 48842
[email protected]
Trinity Baptist Church
(610) 948-8100 V/TTY
Deaf Pastor: Chris Harris
[email protected]
Trinity Baptist Church
[email protected]
Ambassador Baptist Church
Orlando, FL 32808
Collegeville, PA 19426
Solid Rock Baptist Church
[email protected]
Murfreesboro, TN 37128
Pastor: Scott Wendal
DL: Jim Bracelin
616 S. Trappe Road
Ephraim Baptist Deaf Church
Church Of The Open Door
Pastor: Norris Belcher, Jr.
550 Baltimore Blvd.
Haines City, FL 33844
Pastor: Dr. Mike Norris
3148 Franklin Road
215-679-0787 TTY - 215-679-4360 V/Fax
Pastor: Mark Poorman
DL: Perry Ward
6875 University Avenue NE
Chipley, FL 32428
DL: Bill Kaufmann
6000 West Colonial Dr.
Franklin Road Baptist Church
Valley Forge Baptist Temple
Pastor: Daryl Franzel
Deaf Pastor: Al Cooper
5100 W. Willoughby Road
Crossroads Ind. Baptist Ch.
21141 Scott Park Road
Apopka, FL 32712
[email protected]
Capitol City Baptist Church
Woodcrest Baptist Church
Pastor: David Wellman - DL: Albert Mingo
Jackson, TN 38305
Oklahoma City, OK 73119
TTY: (734) 261-8281- 261-6180V
Deaf Pastor: John Cooper
507 State Street
Hammond, IN 46320
Pastor: Tim Patton
1976 Shiloh Lane - Hwy 277
Pastor: Pastor Mark Jeter
Pastor to Deaf: Dr. A.C. McCann, Jr.
2434 Old Dixie Hwy
Pastor: Jason Gaddis
1300 SW 54th Street
Master’s Hands Deaf Church
[email protected]
Powell, TN 37849
Southwest Baptist Church
[email protected]
Schaumburg, IL 60194
Pastor: Dr. Clarence Sexton
1700 W. Beaver Creek Drive
Pastor: Tom Vineyard
Deaf Pastor: Justin Watters
5517 NW 23rd
Wealthy Park Baptist Church
Forrest Hills Baptist Church
Southington, CT 06489
Windsor Hills Baptist Church
[email protected]
[email protected]
Temple Baptist Church
for Deaf Ministries
and Deaf Churches
Covington, GA 30016
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
Of Plymouth County
[email protected]
PO Box 100 – 190 Center Street
Ringgold, GA 30736
Heritage Baptist Church
Liberty Baptist Church
Of the Deaf
1115 Pelham Road
Greenville, SC 29615
[email protected]
Stanley Heights Baptist
Anchor Baptist Church
9523 Cameron Street
(Meeting At Cameron Recreation Complex)
Burnaby, British Columbia
[email protected]
anchoredinjesus.com – 604-603-9784
Blessed Hope Baptist Church
Pastor: Brent Baughman
DL: Jesse Coleman
1512 McBrien Road
Pastor Percy Lake – DL Jeremy Ring
569 Oakhill Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37412
[email protected]
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Your Church Ads Help Send “The Silent Word” Newspaper “Free” To Our Many Readers – Thank You!
"But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion... because they fainted,
and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. Then saith he unto his disciples,
The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord
of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest" – Matthew 9:36-38.
International Partnership Ministries
Bible Believing — Bible Preaching
L.I.F.E. groups
Deaf Youth Group (Vital Signs)
Deaf Christian Bible Fellowship
Nursery & Sunday School provided for children
Deaf and hearing
Training Students to Reach The Deaf of the World for Christ
Degrees: Graduate of Theology (TH.G)
B.A. in Bible - B.A. Church Ministries, Bible, Missions
Certificate of Ministerial Interpreting (C.M.I.)
Come visit with us!
A Private Christian School for Deaf Children
Offering Education Centered Around the Word of God
Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve
Training hearing people to minister to Deaf
by immersing them in the Deaf culture
with the many opportunities of Harvest Deaf Ministries
Contact: Dr. Curtis Young
IPM, Deaf Ministries Department
PO Box 337, Hanover, PA 17331
E-mail: [email protected]
Office: 717-637-7388 VP: 717-885-2180
Web: www.ipmworld.org
The Church For
The Deaf, Hard of Hearing,
Reaching Deaf Children with the Word
through local & state schools for the Deaf
400 Elwood Road, East Northport, N.Y.
Long Island, N.Y. 11731
Deaf Fellowship, bagels & coffee: 10:30 a.m.
Deaf Worship Service 11:00 a.m.
A local church established by the deaf for the purpose of:
Reaching deaf of our community with the Gospel
Discipling individuals & families for Him
Training college students for future ministry
(formerly Northport Baptist Church)
9:00 am worship service interpreted for the Deaf
A Ministry of
Pastor Ayars
Deaf Churches – Ministries
Celebration Chapel of the Deaf
Burdening the hearts of our students
and church members by allowing them to be involved
with camps for the Deaf of all ages. “Hands On”
missions experience to the Deaf in foreign countries.
More Information Contact: Dr. Reggie or Kim Rempel
–––––– Harvest Deaf Ministries ––––––
1314 Old Three Notch Road – Ringgold, GA 30736
Office Voice: (706) 375-7107 – VP: (706) 956-0445
E-Mail: [email protected]
Fax: (706) 375-7093 – www.harvestdeaf.org
& Their Families
For information
Email: [email protected] – VP 866-558-9912 – V 631-850-2645
“We minister to the whole family - Deaf & Hearing”
ASL Magnet
“I Love You”
Great Gift
Sticks To
Car – Refrigerator
N69 W12703 Appleton Avenue
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051
Any Metal Surface
Pastor Wayne Van Gelderen, Jr
Deaf Director - Milton Moss
(262) 251-7051 V/TDD
E-mail: [email protected]
Size: 6 Inches Tall
ILYM [ ] $3 – [ ] $5 for 2
(Burgundy print on white)
Give one to everyone in your class!
Meet new people and other signers.
Help raise Deaf Awareness!
Page 8 - The Silent Word
March/April 2015
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The Silent Word is a fundamental, missionary, tax-exempt,
Christian Newspaper sent free as the Lord provides. It is
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orders to:
EM: “Ted Camp, I remember you at Bill Rice Ranch many years
ago. I just now found you. I still remember messages. I was
young girl. I never forget you” - Diane Meinders.
“I was given your mini “Quick Lesson in Signs.” Please send
more helpful materials. “ Polk Correctional Inst., FL
Silent Word Ministries
Enroll In SWM
Teaching & Training Bible Institute
PO Box 889 - Trenton, GA 30752
Co-Editors: Ted Camp - Jon Barr
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(Now available on-line: DeafBibleInstitute.org)
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540 to 59 Deaf schools in USA — 250 Foreign Individuals
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— As of January 2015
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Silent Word Ministries
Director: David Bennett
E-Mail: [email protected]
Questions About Deaf in Foreign Countries
My Most asked Question: “Is Sign Language
Universal?” The answer is, “No. Sign language is not
universal.” There are over 200 categorized Sign
Languages in the world today. Next, they usually
ask, “How do you communicate to the Deaf in the
different countries if they use different Sign
Languages?” There are three basic answers.
First, there are a few countries where ASL,
American Sign Language, is used. Obviously, this
makes it much easier and quicker to communicate
with these Deaf. Secondly, in advanced countries
and cities where an official Sign Language of some
type is used, I spend time picking up the language in
order to use it in teaching and preaching. Thirdly, if
I had not had time to pick up the Sign Language, or,
if I am working with deaf people who have no
knowledge of any Sign Language, then it is
necessary to communicate in actions, gestures,
pantomime, and bodily expression. I do much of
this due to my passion and burden for reaching the
Deaf with the Word of God for the glory of God.
Although all of these things can be done in the flesh
in order to communicate with deaf people, it is even
more important to have the power and blessing of
the Holy Spirit of God upon one's life in order to be
effective in this type of communication.
“BiblIology” taught by Jon Barr, CT
For Deaf Ministries in Signs & Voice
Student Handbook – Learn the Bible!
DVDs - Monitored & Supervised
Address ____________________________
[ ]Adult
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Send: Silent Word Ministries - PO Box 889 - Trenton, GA 30752
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to help the Deaf to hear in Heaven! Thanks for
considering our ministry.
“Just because they have lost their hearing,
does not mean they must lose their souls.”
Bob Himes – BRR Missions
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SWM PO Box 889 - Trenton, GA 30752
It is not a matter of ability, so much, as it is a matter
of supernatural imagination, creativity, and
divine enabling. Some have asked about the types
of ministries that we have overseas. Although the
answer varies, the one ministry we want to highlight,
and in which we see the most fruit, is training. I will
give weeks of teaching with a small group of men,
training them for deaf ministry. These are generally
nationals who are already in full-time ministry, but
who now have a vision or a burden for Deaf people.
At times, these men come without a burden, but
leave with a burden for the Deaf.
Also, at times I train some laymen for the deaf
ministry. The goal is always to see more men trained
in order to begin Bible studies with the Deaf, and to
also begin either a church for the Deaf, as in
Myanmar, or a ministry for the Deaf within a hearing
church, as in Liberia. These are just two examples.
Multiplication of laborers is the goal of SWMI,
whether that involves laborers from the USA who go
to foreign fields to reach the Deaf, or laborers in
other countries whom God chooses. SWMI is in the
business of spiritual multiplication.
Pray – Support – Come and Join Us!
SWM Note: It has been stated, “If they do not understand
the way you sign, then sign the way they understand.”
Naturally, some Deaf people must be educated in their
own sign language before they can be evangelized.
Leaders: Please join us in helping your Deaf group
become more aware of the spiritual needs of Deaf people
in foreign countries. Ted Camp, SWM
Send You Questions: Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
“Teaching & Training The Deaf”
Teaching About Sin – Part 2
There are several ways to teach about sin to people who
have a hard time understanding. Remember to be patient.
Be sure they understand.
1. Pictures. Many sins can be taught by using pictures.
They can be photographs found in magazines or on line.
They can also be drawings. Pictures are a good way to
teach sins that you may not want to do to show the deaf.
This includes sins like smoking, drinking, etc. You need to
teach these sins but do not want to do them. Some pictures
for sins may be more difficult to find. (If you need help with
a picture, please let me know.) Pictures of sins can be: 1.
A simple picture of the sin. 2. A picture comparing good
and bad. (For example: jealous is taught with one picture of
a man with a small fish standing by a man with a really big
fish.) 3. Pictures of facial expressions can teach sins like
anger, hatred, etc.
2. Dramas/Skits. Some sins must be taught with a skit or
drama. I have used a skit to teach “lie” and at the same
time, “steal.” While I am teaching, I put my wallet or some
other item on a table. While I am teaching, someone comes
up and steals my wallet. I then notice the theft and start
gesturing where is my wallet. All the deaf point to the thief.
The thief should stand with the wallet behind him/her
clearly visible to the deaf. I ask, you steal my wallet. He
says no. I then show the wallet and sign “lie.” This method
can be used for several other words like rebel, jealous,
anger, and fight.
3. Real situations. Sometimes some people just cannot
admit or understand their sins. I have taught sin by pointing
out something they are doing at that time. For example: I
had two deaf girls in a class who (they said) never sinned.
However, one day I watched them pull each other’s hair
and elbow each other. I saw that, and said, “You pull hair.
You elbow. Wrong. Sin. Bad.” The girls said, “Yes. Me bad.
Me sin.” They both were later saved. Please be careful with
this one. We do not want to offend anyone, but real
situations clearly teach sins to some people who would not
understand otherwise. More next issue.
If you have any questions, please just ask via E-mail.
[email protected]
(Note: Articles will later be printed in an SWM booklet)
Mission Facts: Deaf do not have their own country, but they do have their own culture and language.
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