To inspire, encourage and support our Women in Medicine to achieve
their full potential.
All staff are invited to the Launch of “Women in Medicine”
About this event
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The Women in Medicine initiative includes
a range of strategies aiming to build a
culture of equal opportunity for all at
Monash Health. This includes a training
and support program. The initiative
focuses on career planning, leadership,
coaching and mentoring opportunities for
women in medicine as well as strategies
to change culture and to increase
leadership opportunities.
3 June 2015
Lecture Theatre 1
Monash Medical Centre, Clayton
Video-conferenced to other sites
Dandenong Hospital-Boardroom
Casey Hospital-Boardroom
MMC Moorabbin-Tutorial room 2
The Hon. Jill Hennesy, Minister for Health,
will launch this exciting Monash Health
Initiative. A range of leaders from across
the medical fields will share key insights
with our colleagues and trainees about
their personal and professional journey
and our formal program for Women in
Medicine will be outlined.
Light refreshments will be provided after
the event.
For more information please contact
Dr Anjali Dhulia,
Director Medical Services
95942180 or via email
[email protected]