#1 Use the products #2 Get to Advisor

Use the products
consistently. It is proven that you must be a
product of the product to be successful.
Get to Advisor Advisor is a decision & a starting point; Not a
destination. Get your distributor account set up ($79+ tax & ship) Get to Advisor as fast
as possible to maximize your earning potential. You can only earn 2 of the 5 ways Advocare pays
until you are an Advisor. Watch how to get to 40% on the business link of www.AdvocareByDesign.com
FAST TO ADVISOR - 40% discount
Purchase $3000 of retail product at once for $2100+tax & shipping. This purchase is at
30% discount and then you have a 40% discount starting with your next order. Why go
straight to advisor?
1) You have a 100% money back guaranteed business decision for up to a year.
2) You earn 30% return on initial investment when sold and other commissions from the work you do.
3) Going straight to Advisor is the cheapest way to get your products.
4) You maximize your earning potential…if you go slow you give a portion of your earnings to your
sponsor until you reach 40%...so your sponsor makes less when you go straight to Advisor.
5) You open yourself to earning in 5 ways instead of two ways immediately.
6) Customers want products immediately…it will help you get started faster to have products on hand.
People don’t open a retail storefront without products to sell.
7) Placing your order will kick start you into action…it will light the fire under you to start taking
intentional and consistent action.
8) It leads by example and shows your Advocare mentor you are serious about making an income. It
will also help you to build a strong story and encourage your team to do what you did…why would
they go straight to advisor if you don’t?
SLOWER TO ADVISOR - 40% discount
Many choose 40% simply to enjoy the highest discount available on Advocare products. Others that choose to
distribute Advocare Products for an income opportunity can be paid in 5 ways once at Advisor.
1) You must Accumulate a total of $3000 in retail sales. through Personal/Group Volume (PGV) to
reach Advisor.
2) If using all 3 Pay Periods to reach Advisor.
 Pay periods end the first & third Tuesday of each month. Pay periods run 2 weeks long except
on the occasional 3 week period in the longer months.
 Product accumulations can be up to 3 consecutive pay periods.
3) $500 Rule
 When you are accumulating purchases to become Advisor you must have a minimum of $500 in
Personal Volume in order to roll over sales into the next consecutive pay period and also
accumulate Group Volume to add to your combined total volume.
a) Personal Volume – personal and retail orders of any amount or wholesale
orders less than $500 that will count towards your personal volume.
b) Group Volume - wholesale orders over $500 will only be added to your
combined total volume when you hit your $500 in personal volume first.
 If you do not have a minimum of $500 in personal volume you will start back at zero and not
roll your volume into the next pay period.
 If you meet the $500 rule, however and have not reached the total $3000 required for Advisor,
at the end of your third pay period you will be able to roll your volume into the next pay
period but your volume from the first pay period will now drop off in order to pick up
another pay period to work towards your $3000 total volume. This means that the work
done in the very first pay period is now lost keeping you in 3 concecutive pay periods
worked to get to your $3000.
Once you reach a discount level you never lose that discount level.
20% discount:
A membership with Advocare is $79 for the first year 1 which includes $50 in Spark and Slam
and your own website for ordering. Every member automatically receives 20% off the retail
price with no minimum purchase needed. Once a discount is reached it never goes away
whether you order or not as long as a yearly $50 membership fee is paid. Be sure to check the
auto renewal when signing yourself and others up. This ensures you will never lose your
discount and if ever wanting to cancel is a 1 minutes call to corporate.
25% discount:
To reach 25% discount you must accumulate $500 in Retail purchases within 3 consecutive pay
periods. Your wholesale cost if purchasing $500 at once is approximately $375+tax & shipping,
a $125 savings off the retail cost!
30% discount:
To reach a 30% discount you must accumulate $1500 in Retail purchase within 3 consecutive
pay periods. Your wholesale cost if purchasing $1500 at once is approximately $1100+ tax and
shipping, a $400 savings off the retail cost!
#3 Why Advocare?
What is your reason for doing Advocare? Our
business is a simple concept and has a proven success system, however with anything worth
having there will be obstacles along your journey to success. What drives you to keep moving
forward when others try to defeat you or knock you down.
What amount of income will make a measurable impact for you and take the pressure off of your
finances? $________
In what amount of time do you want this to happen? ___________________
This purpose needs to be deeper than that you want to earn money or help people…what drives you?
Every success is marked first with temporary defeats. What are you willing to fight for when it’s not
easy? Share this with your Advocare mentor and tell them at what level would you like to be held
accountable for what you desire.
#4 Training
YOUR TRAINING IS VITAL: Do not go out and attempt to share
Advocare without getting trained on what to say and do and what “not” to say and do. Find out
when the next trainings are and add them to your calendar:
1) Go to www.Advocarebydesign.com and click members and then New Distributor. Watch the
training videos and Print out your pay period checklist. Whether you commit 5 hours or 40
per week we have put together a checklist (called a DMO or daily method of operations) for you to
gauge each pay period by so that you can stay on track with doing the things that are proven to
grow your paycheck. Do not stray from this checklist. Use it to track your pay period progress and
also to see what areas you need to improve on.
2) Success School www.SuccessSchool.net 2x per year.
3) Talk to your mentor about Saturday am trainings in your area.
4) 6pm PST Wed the day after the pay period closes (pp close is the 1st and 3rd Tues of each month)
is our bi monthly team training call. 1-805-360-1000 access code is 790461#
5) Regional trainings are set 3 months in between Success Schools. Ask when the next regional
training is.
#5 Your List
Brainstorm a list of customer prospects and business partner
prospects. Write down name, phone number, email, and most importantly the reason(s) that you thought
of them. Do not prejudge what someone’s answer will be. Let them decide for themselves. All you do is
share stories of yours or others success with products or the business. THIS LIST IS WHAT BEGINS TO
I thought of my soccer teammate Justin because he has been complaining of soreness and lack of energy.
I thought of my neighbor Nicole because she mentioned that it has been a struggle with finances lately
and she is looking to go back to work to help out.
I thought of my son’s basketball coach because he is very outgoing and passionate about health.
I thought of my Aunt Susan because she thinks she has tried every diet out there without true success.
I thought of my chiropractor because he has no nutritional line & it would be great to implement.
I thought of my friend Laurie because she is a diabetic and really trying to improve her health.
I thought of my friend Mark who is playing Baseball for the Yankees and would appreciate learning about a
world class supplement line he can take safely.
I thought of my sister Sarah because she is a nurse and works long hours away from her family. She
loves health and would be so excited to be able to create life on her own terms helping others.
I thought about John because he has trouble effectively putting on lean muscle mass
I thought about Frank because he is a great business man, but his work and career controls his life.
I thought about Sharon because she is a stay at home mom that would love to earn extra income parttime with whatever hours she has available.
I thought of my soccer teammate Justin because he has been complaining of soreness and lack of energy.
I thought of my neighbor Nicole because she mentioned that it has been a struggle with finances lately.
Business partner prospects
Customer prospects
#6 Your Story
Package your Story & transition question! – This will
change as you go. You may use other people’s stories too! Your story is 30 seconds maximum.
Good stories will transform your business from people saying “no” to people who are curious
and interested to learn more! Stories sell, ingredients and facts tell. Information never gets
someone started. They need to be emotionally stirred! Take out all the “fluff” or things that
are not necessary for someone to gain interest.
Where you were - (prior to advocare how did you feel physically and emotionally? What situation were
you in that you did not like?)
What you saw – Why did you decide to start advocare – what intrigued you?
What happened – Results!! How you feel now, how you look, who you helped, what you achieved…
Where you are going – Now that you have achieved this, what is happening next for you?
-If you are interested in learning more I can direct you to a short overview video and if you like what you
see like I did then we could go from there.
- Is there any part of that that interests you?
- I am very passionate about paying forward what I have found. I would love to share more with you,
would you be interested in learning more about the benefits Advocare can have for you?
- I’m on track to earn ___________ part time in the next year and I am looking for 3 others that want to
do that side by side with me - would you be interested in learning more?
#7 Bullet Proof Shield
When you are new (your first 90 days as
an Advisor) you want to use EVERY question that you get as an opportunity to get your mentor
infront of your prospect! Saying “That is a great question. I am really fortunate to have a
great mentor in Advocare that is training me and I want to know the answer to that too
because I am still fairly new at this. Let me see when I can get them on the line real quick for
us…what time frame today works for us to call you?
Sometimes you need to answer a few questions to get someone to want to learn more. Try not
to answer too many or you will have a more challenging time getting your mentor on a call.
You WANT your mentor on a 3 way call with you as much as possible for your training AND 3 rd
party validation.
Learning your bullet proof shield is easy. When Questions come up that you do not know how
to answer, you can be prepared to answer with proper preparation and learning your bullet
proof shield. Know a couple of answers in the 4 quadrants below and this will help you to
answer any question.
“I don’t know too much about that, but what I do know is….”
“I understand how you feel, I felt the same way, but here is what I found.”
Bullet Proof
Informed Choice – Advocare uses an outside
unbiased testing lab to test for over 200
impurities. Advocare factually tests more
products than any other company worldwide.
Doctors – Advocare has several Doctors at the
top of their fields in medicine that stand by the
products safety and efficacy.
Your Story – This is the most powerful. It
doesn’t matter what someone says because
Others Stories – Match others story to a person
so that if they don’t relate yours they can relate
to someone else’s.
Professional Athletes – Advocare endorsers like NFL
quarterback Drew Brees, Colt McCoy and Matt
Hassleback as well as hundreds of others choose
Advocare because it is safe and it works. If it works
for them then I am confident it will work for me!
Sports Advisory Council – Advocare has a council
with top coaches and strength coaches from
Universities & professional sports that collaborate &
council Advocare to produce the most elite products.
Retail Customers - 100% return policy. We give cash
back and take products back they do not want. If
opened call advocare and you can ship them back
and get new ones to sell.
Distributorships – money back guarantee for all
unopened products (must cancel distributorship
upon return of products)
Business decision is risk free for up to one year.
Change mind and send back all unopened product
and cancel membership if choose to.
Facts will NOT convince – Stories will!!
Set 5 Appointments
for business potential partners
Give a preview and send them to watch a business overview video at www.advocarebydesign.com
under business videos. Please don’t read this word for word. It is designed to give you confidence in
your word choices in carrying on a conversation. These ARE NOT to be sent by email or text…these are
for live conversations in person or on the phone.
Always begin a conversation first by asking someone if they have a few minutes to talk. You don’t
want them rushing out the door and you trying to communicate a message to them.
Option 1 (for ruby boot campers): “I am taking a course that teaches me how to build an $80,000 per
year income with Advocare. One of the criteria is that I ask 6 people whom I respect their opinion to
watch the business overview, give me feedback and ideas for 3 potential strong business partners.”
Option 2 (non ruby boot campers): “I’ve started a business in the health and wellness industry with
working with to train me are averaging over $45,000 per month and mentoring me to be at that level in
the in the next few years.) Right now I am focused on getting to the 80k per year mark and looking for 3
business partners that I feel will bring strength to our team. You are someone that I thought of because
(paint a vision of a preferred future for them here)
“There is a short overview online. I am going to text you the link to watch and if you like what you see like I did then
the next step will be setting up a short call with my partner who is training me (edify them!!) …If not then no big deal
but I would appreciate and respect your feedback. That sound ok with you?”
Always set up a specific time to talk next so you are not wondering when to call back.
"That is a great question, I am just getting started and that is one of the things that will be covered in the overview.
I respect and value your time and promise it will be worth it...I liked what I saw and I think you will too."
"I completely understand your hesitation. I had some scar tissue from past ventures as well, but what I have seen so
far I am extremely impressed with and in an economy like this Advocare has had an increase in sales over 50% each
of the last 3 years! Advocare is also a 20 years solid and completely debt free company."
"Aren't we all are swamped with life! If I can show you a way to earn yourself more free time, wouldn't you be willing
to listen...what do you have to lose?"
"I felt exactly the way you did about lack of finances and decided that was exactly why I was going to listen to what
they had to offer me. It is a 100% guaranteed business decision. The person who invited me to partner with her
quadrupled her investment in 3 months and makes over 30k per month now as a single mom. You have nothing to
lose by listening and if it is not for you, with your great credibility, you may be able to give me some great referrals."
Just set the appointment for after they watch the video
(if in person meeting times don’t work set up a 3 way call at the time they choose)
If they will not set any appointment for even a 3 way ask if you can send them a sample
product. Get there address and send the Advocare dvd, impact magazine and a spark. Make
sure you follow up! Timing is vital – Never push anyone because when you meet people where
they are at, they will come back when timing is right.
If you are struggling with initial conversations what you need to do is journal your conversations for a
couple of days. Write down what you say and your prospects responses – then bring this to your
Advocare mentor and analyze your conversations together. They will help you to tweak what you are
saying and improve your rate of success.
Invite 5 potential customers to learn more.
Use www.AdvocareByDesign.com and invite each person you listed as a customer prospect to watch the
24 day challenge overview on the homepage.
Schedule a follow up with them immediately after they watch or in no more than 24 hours. Follow up is
done live in the form of a 3 way phone call or 2 on 1 meeting with a silver or above distributor.
(Fortune is in the follow up!)
“Hi ___________, I am calling you for a specific reason. Do you have just a minute? Great, listen I am so excited to
share something with you that I’m doing. SHARE YOUR STORY OR SOMEONE ELSES HERE… I thought about you
“I don’t know if the timing is right for you to take your results to the next level, but I am feeling so amazing that I
decided I wanted to pay it forward to others and thought you would definitely appreciate learning about it.”
“I am going to send you to watch a short video online because I can’t explain it well enough yet! I am excited and
doing it no matter what and would love to be accountability partners with you!” (guys you don’t have to say that if
you want to keep it manly!! You could change it to… It is the same products used by many of the US Olympians and
Advocare has endorsers in every NFL locker room)
If they won’t watch, ask if you can send them a spark. When all else fails – get spark in the mouth
I AM ALREADY ON A DIET…you answer…. “that’s okay because Advocare isn’t a diet, it’s nutrition and
education. It teaches how the correct supplements will help you to achieve your goals faster and maintain them
without having the yo yo effects that most diets do. It can’t hurt to listen and see what you think.”
Also you may say, ”That is great, how is it working so far for you.” Or “I bet you can use Advocare to help you
maintain your weight loss or even to enhance your results right now. Will you trust me and at least take a look?”
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? …you answer… “It is not a cookie cutter program and the same for everyone.
If you like what you see in the short overview, I will get you on the line with a nutrition coach who can match you with
your goals and your budget.”
I DON’T BELIEVE IN SUPPLEMENTS…you answer… “You know what, I completely understand how you
feel. I felt the same way until I saw how fit and healthy people who take Advocare supplements are compared to the
average individual… They teach about healthy eating and exercise too as a complete package and I think if you open
your mind up to get more educated on it you will be impressed with what you hear. Supplementation is about
nutrition density and getting more nutrition in your body for the least amount of calories.”
answer… “I understand your hesitation. Advocare is not a diet, diets come and go. It is learning about living a
lifestyle more in line with being healthy in all aspects of life. It is not a fad and is based off the science of how your
body works. It is not a bunch of quick fix weight loss pills, it is real quality nutrition that will help you to be your
optimal weight, have great energy and perform your best every day. How about you just look at a few real live
testimonials and we can go from there?
Always set up a time to follow up that is definite (not sometime next week we will talk) choose a specific
time or time frame and then ask your Advocare mentor to block off that time as well. Tell your friend or
prospect that you are scheduling the nutrition coach specifically for them at that time so you will have less
Book a Mixer (live presentation) or a webinar (online meeting)
with your mentor or find out who is having a mixer or webinar that you want to invite too. ALWAYS know
the next mixer when you attend one with a guest so they have the option to invite to the next one.
I AM HOSTING OR INVITING TO : _____________________________________
THE NEXT AFTER THAT WILL BE: _______________________________________
Register for Ruby Bootcamp and plan now to attend training at
Success school. www.SuccessSchool.net
Your training has just begun. Statistically Advocare pays out 87% of the income paid to those that attend
Success School. We won’t make false promises to you. We have never seen someone reach over Silver
($12k per year) without going to success school. We learn and grow all the way to the top!
Those who do not continue to learn and grow personally fade away. Do not let that be you! You
are the variable in the success of your business. Many others have already paved the way.
Success School corporate training in Dallas TX is where every successful distributor goes.
You cannot earn a rookie bonus (up to $144,000 your first year), earn incentives that Advocare announces
or expect success without investing in yourself and your training in the business. If you can’t afford to
go, then honestly…you can’t afford not to go. There will be obstacles in getting there – Successful people
do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. I am the first single mom to reach Diamond and I did
not missed one school in 5 years. I will always lead you in the right direction with your best interests at
Ruby Bootcamp is a 6 week course that your mentor will help you get registered for that will equip you
with the tools, confidence and belief you need in yourself and in Advocare to move your business forward
fastest and most efficiently. This is for people that want to treat Advocare like a real business and not a
hobby. This is a commitment to yourself , your mentor and your future team members that you will be
stretched, you want to grow and you want to be held accountable.
We use many forms
of communication to make sure our team members are connected. We are in business
for ourselves, but never by ourselves. When you stay connected you become stronger
and you build a more solid and stronger team as your business grows.
Add yourself to the Team Evolve forms of communication.
Text message alerts
Team calls
Add to 1-3 above by going to www.AdvocareByDesign.com and clicking on the Email/Text/FB tab at the
top of the homepage.
Appreciate all support, but expect none. If you have area leaders, they will set up
local events that you can promote and invite guests to help your business grow. When you walk into an
event that someone just like you stepped up to pay for the room, someone organized it, set it up, made a
power point, scheduled speakers, provided raffles, etc. These are not things others are obligated to do
for you. It is greatly appreciated by the organizers when instead of critiquing the event, distributors thank
them for their efforts and ask how they can contribute either with spark and water for guests or helping
set up/ break down or greet. As you grow we ask higher pin levels, 3star and above, to contribute
monetarily to events. We want our team to have a grateful heart, and to appreciate all things and expect
nothing Everything another distributor upline, downline or crossline does for you is a gift. Distributors
(even your sponsor) is not obligated to put on meetings or trainings for you. We do because we believe in
a positive environment that helps everyone.
If you are in an area with no leadership…this may feel like a curse but you can use it as a huge blessing!
The people that I have watched grow fastest to Diamond are the ones that pioneered an area all by
themselves. Nobody else was doing it, so they had to do it! When I flew to Arizona to be the guest
speaker for Tyler DeBerry (Advocare’s youngest Diamond) I was Emerald at the time and realized that for
me to hit Diamond I needed to not lean on the other leaders to plan big events and trainings. I had to do
it too – and I did! My first event I asked corporate to fly in Dr. Hackman and we had over 300 people in
the room! I hit 9 star! Then 8 weeks later I planned an event with Rob Graf our Director of endorsements
and reached the Diamond level that very pay period. Stepping up took more work but it paid off huge!
While you are still developing your team and skills do not take events for granted. Invite early and many
people knowing your rate of successful attendees will start lower and increase as you grow conviction in
the business. Your art of promotion and preparation will be vital in bringing guests to each event. The
more guests you have the faster your business will grow; it is at these events others see the vision of
what Advocare can truly do in their lives and they decide to take action. Without 3rd party validation you
may have a great group of consistent customers but will be struggling and wondering why people aren’t
seeing the bigger picture. It is at these bigger events that the right people have a mind shift to thinking
of Advocare’s business as an answer to a life on their terms.
There is a proven process that works. If you master this you will create success for yourself and be able to
teach success to others effectively.
1) Use products and get
results! Get to 40%
discount as fast as possible.
4) TEACH - Each customer is to be presented the
option to reach 40% to save the most or to be
able to earn income.
Teach and mentor others to:
use products correctly so they get results
reach 40%
share products and business
Teach others to get to 40%
Teach to never sell less than $500 a week.
Ask questions to know how you
can best help them. Ask them to
act now.
2) SHARE your testimonial and others
SAMPLE spark, INVITE to learn more through 3rd
party validation via:
Pre recorded video & 3 way phone call Live
Webinar and 3 way phone call
2 on 1 meeting
YOU DO THIS FIRST – Per pay period
Silver is an average of $12,000 Salary
$1000 P/GV
Duplicate and watch your team grow!!!
= Average of $12,000 per year
Silver x 4
= Average of $40k a year
Silver x 8
= Average of $81k- $120k per year
Silver x 30
= Average of $649,000 per year
Advocare is a process, a journey, and can be an unbelievable lifestyle on your terms. I welcome you into a family of
friends and partners. I challenge you to stretch yourself, to believe you can… and you will achieve more than you
ever thought possible. I did and so can you!
Jennifer Blundell
Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we
must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.
Stephen A. Brennan
Crystallize your goals. Make a plan for achieving them and set yourself a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence,
determination and disregard for obstacles and other people's criticisms, carry out your plan.
Paul Meyer
We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.
Stevie Wonder
Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.
Lou Holtz
I think there is something, more important than believing: Action! The world is full of dreamers, there aren't enough
who will move ahead and begin to take concrete steps to actualize their vision.
W. Clement Stone
Success seems to be connected to action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.
Conrad Hilton