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David F. 11-16-09
Wipe out the indignities of aging…
>> Just by taking a natural boosting formula in a twice-a-day caplet. <<
>> It’s called T-Boost, and I’ve never seen anything that’s so safe and effective. <<
>> It’s a wiser choice, in my opinion, than costly testosterone shots that require a
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Details in a moment. But first, let’s look at the science that makes T-Boost
work so powerfully while other formulas fail...
*This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.
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**Testimonials are verbatim from actual T-Boost customers. Results may vary.
The safest and most powerful testosterone-boosting formula ever
Just one caplet twice a day and...
Up until now, men wanting to boost their
testosterone levels faced some very tough choices:
Prescription supplements of
synthetic testosterone with all the
expense, side-effects and health
“virility formulas” that are largely
unproven by science. Some may
have been used by traditional
cultures as sex aids, but have not
been proven to boost testosterone
Nothing! And they keep feeling
tired, weak and sexually numb…
But at last, you’ve got an easy, safe and
Called T-Boost, this doctor-formulated
breakthrough is head and shoulders above any
previous testosteronebooster in the history of
health science.
WHY? First of all,
because T-Boost contains
the safest and most
powerful testosteronebooster available without
a prescription —
(DHEA). Scientists call it
a “precursor,” because it
furnishes your body with all the building-blocks it
needs to manufacture its own testosterone.
Second, because this compound is totally
natural. It naturally occurs in your body. That’s
why it can be produced and sold as a dietary
Third, because it doesn’t suppress your
own natural testosterone production. Unlike
prescription testosterone therapy, T-Boost
actually encourages it!
T-BOOST: 4 WAYS BETTER than any previous testosterone-booster
Beware of inferior copycats. Now that the T-Boost breakthrough is achieving such fame, you may
soon see other “male anti-aging formulas” appearing that claim similar benefits. But read the fine
print and compare.
Other Formulas
Contains natural testosterone precursor DHEA
Pharmaceutical grade
Probably not
Doctor-formulated and recommended
Probably not
Available to try RISK-FREE*
Probably not
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Now, you could take ordinary supplements
of DHEA, and some men do. But these old-style
supplements aren’t nearly as advanced as T-Boost.
From average Joes to CEOs…
en of all descriptions are attesting that
T-Boost could make you feel 20 years
younger. Just ask famed financial wizard,
entrepreneur and publisher, James DiGeorgia.
His remarkable story detailed on page 4 should
convince you that you’re never too far gone to
turn it around…
Well? Are you ready to wipe out that “overthe-hill” feeling?
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Renaissance Health is so confident that T-Boost
will transform your life, they even invite you to…
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That’s right. T-Boost normally sells for $79 a
bottle (a one month supply). But through this
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Yes, you’ll pay absolutely NOTHING for
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amazing results.
But I’m confident you won’t have to be patient,
(continued on page 6)
*This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.
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I Regained My
Manhood at 81!
“I lost my manhood when I
was 75 years old. I have not
been able to get an erection
and keep it. I tried 9-10
different male products for
the past five years. I read your pamphlet and
took your T-Boost test and failed. I ordered my
first bottle of T-Boost. After 3 weeks of taking
it, I began to have erections. My lady was very
pleased with me, and I satisfied her. It is so great
to be like a man again and be able to take care of
your woman! I am so grateful for your product.”**
Thank You!
— C. Green
All my old injuries
don’t hurt anymore!
“Finally a product that works!
Taking T-Boost makes me feel
like I am 20 again. All my old
injuries don’t hurt anymore, my
strength in the gym is amazing,
and I am getting striations in muscles I have
never had before.”**
—Thor P., Police Officer, Hostage Rescue Team
Restored Strength
and Energy!
When I came home from a
recent power lifting meet,
I found that I was totally
drained. Two months later,
I was still tired and not up
to par physically. I am a 73 year old male. I
read of your product T-Boost and wanted to
try it as soon as possible as I knew I needed to
do something. Within two weeks, I felt much
better and had so much more energy. I am very
impressed with your product and look forward
to more positive results in the future.**
—C. Kristner, 73 year old power-lifter
**Testimonials are verbatim from actual T-Boost customers. Results may vary.
A personal note from James DiGeorgia…
Dear Friend Over 40:
I’m writing so that you may be spared the hell I had to go through. Just nine years ago...
I felt like I had one foot in the grave.
There I was in the so-called prime of my life — and I couldn’t even get off the couch.
It was humiliating! I couldn’t figure it out. I had black belts in Judo, Ju Jitsu and Karate.
I had a highly successful career, and was blessed with a beautiful wife and family. But now I
felt like I was 40-going-on-100.
At first, I tried to tough it out.
That’s what tough guys do, right? All my friends were telling me “It’s just part of getting
But thank God, my wife Lisa refused to accept the “over 40” excuse. She dragged
me to doctor after doctor...
And they all said nothing was wrong. “You’re getting older, Mr. DiGeorgia. It’s normal.”
Then, by a stroke of luck, Lisa stumbled across an article on testosterone decline in men
over 40.
I read it and recognized instantly they were talking about me. So I started hunting down
specialists and...
I spent $50,000 to find out what the REAL problem was.
You guessed it — my testosterone was severely low. No wonder I felt so weak and
lifeless! I also learned that most physicians couldn’t care less that you or I feel terrible from
low testosterone. And most insurers won’t pay for treatment. So up until now, unless you had
piles of money, lots of luck!
But the great news is that, as of today...
YOU won’t have to spend $50,000 to feel like a million
Let me tell you what happened when I finally got my testosterone levels back up:
 I started weight-lifting again, pressing 250 pounds like it was a box of
 I went back to Judo and to teaching Ju Jitsu, throwing 20-year-olds around
like laundry bags...
Call Toll-Free 1-866-482-6678
Call Toll-Free 1-866-482-6678
Ô I could play hours of “tag” with my kids instead of huffing and puffing after a
few minutes...
Ô I’m reluctant to discuss our sex life, but Lisa has never been happier. Look, it
doesn’t take a genius to realize if you can deliver the same intense lovemaking
to your wife in your 40s that you did when you were first dating
in your 20s, your marriage will benefit dramatically.
The change was so amazing that I swore —
no matter how embarrassing it was to admit — I would
do everything I could to get the word out to other men.
You don’t have to feel tired, old and over the hill! Then
I searched the world for the very best, most advanced
testosterone-booster — bar none. And I found it.
If you’ve already read what Dr. Gruss has to say
about all-natural T-Boost, I don’t have to tell you how
incredibly effective and safe it is.
But let me now give the ultimate testimonial to
its power:
I was so impressed with T-Boost, I BOUGHT THE COMPANY
I can’t tell you what a difference a “simple” thing like normal testosterone has made in my life.
This is such a big deal for men that I’ve become somewhat of a crusader. I feel it’s my
responsibility to let as many men as possible know they don’t have to sit back and take it.
So I bought the rights to T-Boost and now it’s part of my company, Renaissance Health. And
I’m so confident that T-Boost will roll back the clock for you too — that I’m going to make it
available to you completely RISK-FREE*. And if you do decide it’s for you, you’ll save up to
64% off the regular price.
Fair enough? See the details on page 8, and check out what other men are saying. Please do
take advantage. The next 30 days are going to change your life for the better — forever!
Try doctor-formulated
T-Boost and get
a FREE GIFT. Hurry!
The HE Hormone
Reprinted by permission from The New York Times Magazine
Call Toll-Free 1-866-482-6678
Call Toll-Free 1-866-482-6678
James DiGeorgia
President, Renaissance Health
*This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.
**Testimonials are verbatim from actual T-Boost customers. Results may vary.
(continued from page 3)
Hint: Don’t take your first dose in the
evening, or you may want to stay up all
night having fun. You should definitely
start to feel and see dramatic results in 30
days. So please, do try it out. If you’re
not happy, send it back within 60 days and
you’ll get a full refund — no questions
So isn’t it time you found out just how chargedup, strong… and ready for sex a mature man can
naturally be? See how exciting life can be again
when you’ve got enough “T” in your tank!
Come on, why sit on life’s sidelines? Reply
immediately, it’s RISK FREE*.
Now I realize your testosterone decline probably
isn’t as bad as it is for some men. But studies show
that if you’re over 40, your testosterone is dropping.
And there’s simply no reason to put up with the
depressing indignities of a sagging sex life, ebbing
energy, and other guys saying “you’re just getting
Not when you can wipe it out with one caplet twice
a day. Why not RSVP right now? You have nothing
to lose — and so much to regain.
Don’t put it off for another moment. Take back your
manhood today!
RSVP for today’s most advanced
and effective all natural
testosterone-booster RISK-FREE!*
William S. Gruss, M.D.
For Renaissance Health
*This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.
An Urgent Alert from…
America’s Male Health Authority
illiam S. Gruss, M.D. is among today’s most distinguished practitioners of medicine
for patients over 40. He has won widespread acclaim for his breakthroughs to reverse
chronic heart problems, high cholesterol and blood pressure, diabetes – and his clinic in Boca
Raton, Florida has been called “Florida’s Real Fountain of Youth” by patients who include
world-class athletes and high-powered executives.
Dr. Gruss is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and is a graduate of the prestigious University of Maryland
Medical School. He performed his Residency and Fellowship in Cardiology at the famed Mt. Sinai Medical Center
in Miami, Florida.
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RSVP right now and
get this valuable
The HE
from The New
York Times Magazine, this
ffamous report shattered
old myths about male health, and established
the paramount importance of healthy
testosterone levels. Read this and find out
how many aspects of your health, happiness
and career are influenced by testosterone.
Your very life could depend on it.
by Renaissance Health
Insist on this quality
Too many consumers are getting cheated by poorquality supplements that deliver little or none of their
claimed ingredients, and may even be contaminated.
That’s why all Renaissance Health products are
produced to the highest manufacturing guidelines,
known as CGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing
Process). This is actually a step above GMP (Good
Manufacturing Process), considered the industry
standard for pharmaceutical grade manufacturing.
Each box is also dated to further assure maximum
potency. You will receive only Pharmaceutical Grade
supplements from Renaissance Health.
*This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.
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**Testimonials are verbatim from actual T-Boost customers. Results may vary.
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