web bulletin 4-11-15 - New Life Seventh

Saturday, May 9, 2015
The Church at Study
Song Service
Opening Prayer
Scripture Reading
Mission Emphasis
Lesson Study: Women in the Ministry of Jesus
The Church at Worship
Praise Team/Congregation
Invitation to Worship
Song of Praise
Elder Yvonne Grigsby
Praise Team/Congregation
Taylor & Evelyne Crooks
Mother’s Day Presentation
Children’s Story
Praise & Worship
Intercessory Prayer
Celebration in Giving
Introduction of Speaker
Ishara Joseph
Praise Team/Congregation
Elder Grace Dorsey
Elder Cecelia Kparghai
Cristina Maynard
Special Music
New Life Gospel Choir
Spoken Word
Pastor Shirley Johnson
Community Spotlight
Elder O’Della Harris
Elder Gail Ellison
Stewardship Spotlight: He is no fool who gives what he
cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose (Missionary
Jim Elliott).
What’s Happening Today 1:45 pm-­‐GEMS Parent Meeting-­‐C 6:00 pm-­‐AYS (S) Pastor’s Office Hours: Pastor will be out of the office the next three
weeks for Camp Pitch in Pine Forge, PA.
Romance of Redemption: New Sermon series on the Book of Ruth
starts next Sabbath and continues until June 6, 2015.
Elder on Duty: Ontkean Maynard, May 9-15, 2015. Please contact
him at 240-461-3535 to make known needs for ministry and/or
Board Meeting: Sunday May 17, 8-9:30 am, Classroom C.
Vacation Bible School 2015-EVEREST-June 22-26, 5:30-8:00 pm. The
Closing ceremony will be June 27, 5:30-7:00 pm. Volunteer sign-up
& VBS registration begins today in the Fellowship Hall or online on the
Attention 2015 Graduates: The annual graduation recognition
ceremony will be held on Sabbath June 27th at 3:00 pm. FMI, please
contact Sis. McKenzie.
New Life Essay Writing Contest: Students grades 8-12-there will be an
essay contest on the topic: How Would Technology Enhance My
Learning Experience? FMI and contest rules please see Sis.
Sabbath School Breakfast: June 6, 9:30 am-11:00. FMI, or to bring
your favorite breakfast item, please contact Bro. or Sis. Andrews.
New Life WIFI: Free hot spot services have been provided for all our
guests and members: name: nlsdac-wifi. Password: NLSDAc2014!
Sick & Shut In: Sis. Purnell Bell & Sis. Daisy Jackson. FMI, see the
bulletin board for current address & telephone numbers.
Deaconesses for May: Norma Milner & Dominnique Arriola.
Health Ministry: Free Blood Pressure Screening, 1:45 pm on Saturday
May 16, 2015, Classroom C. FMI, please contact Sis. Charles.
Health Ministry: Adventist Healthcare and the New Life SDA church
are hosting a CPR class on Sunday May 17th, 9:30 am-12:00 noon in
the Fellowship Hall. The cost to register is $35, for the first 12
participants. The sign–up sheet is on the bulletin board.
Health Ministry Walking Club: Every Sunday morning, 8:30 am,
Montgomery College in Rockville. FMI, contact Sis. Charles.
Social Recreation: Church Social on Saturday May 30, 2015, 7:3011:30 pm. FMI, or to participate please contact Sis. Austin, Leader.
Personal Ministry Seminar: You are invited! Sabbath May 30, 3:00
pm, Fellowship Hall. FMI, please contact Elder Mark Brown.
Greeters Ministry: The next meeting will be Sabbath May 23, 1:45 pm,
Mothers’ Room. FMI, Donna Alexander, Leader.
Agape Ministry’s Invitation: To join the New Life SDA Agape Ministry
on Facebook to celebrate, pray, and grow closer as a family of
God. FMI, please contact Sis. Crooks.
The Little Dipper Adventurer Club Investiture Review will be held on
Sabbath May 16, 3:00-5:30 pm, in Classrooms B & C. FMI, please
contact Sis. Albert, Leader.
The North Star Pathfinder Club meeting will be held on Sunday May
31, 9:30-12:30 am. FMI, please contact Director Jimi Joseph.
New Life Master Guide Club Meeting for all individuals ages16-96 on
Sunday May 31, 8 am-12:00 noon, Classroom C. FMI, please contact
Pastor Defoe or Sis. Dianna Martin.
Save the Date: King’s Dominion June 28th, 8:30 am-8:30 pm. Cost
TBA. Sign-up begins on Sabbath May 16, 2015. Communion- June 13
Sunset times: Today: 8:09 pm
Friday May 15: 8:14 pm