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April 2015
April 5…...Easter Sunday
April 5..Pancake Breakfast
April 10-12..Youth Retreat
April 12…….Potluck
April 22….. Board Meeting
Memory Verse
And this is the testimony:
God has given us eternal
life, and this life is in his
Son. He who has the Son
has life; he who does not
have the Son of God does
not have life.
~ 1 John 5:11-12
We welcome you to join us as we
make our way through the Bible this
year. You will need to have read
through 2 Chronicles 25 by the
end of this month.
Here’s the breakdown
Sun 4/5 ~ through 2 Samuel 24
Sun 4/12 ~ through 1 Kings 22
Sun 4/19 ~ through 2 Kings 22
Sun 4/26~through 1 Chronicles 25
Volume 12 : Number 4
As we celebrate Easter I want to look
at Jesus’ final words while hanging on
the cross. If you have taken part in a
Good Friday celebration it usually consists of working through the seven sayings of Jesus. Most of the time on the
cross was spent in silence and yet seven
sentences are recorded for us. While his
body was wracked with pain, his throat
parched with thirst, He had no energy
to waste on trivial matters, yet He
prayed “Father, forgive them.”
Listen to Peter’s perspective on
how Jesus responded in 1 Peter 2:23:
“When they hurled their insults at him,
he did not retaliate; when He suffered,
he made no threats. Instead, He entrusted Himself to Him who judges
Jesus could have rightly prayed,
“Father, consume them. Wipe them
out.” There was certainly an Old Testament precedent for this kind of prayer.
What happened at Golgotha was unforgivable. They had crucified the Son of
God. What could be worse than that?
Luke 23:34 records words of grace as
Jesus gasped for air, “Father, forgive
them, for they do not know what they
are doing. And they divided up his
clothes by casting lots.” When the first
red drops of blood spurted on his hands
and splashed on the soldier’s hammer,
Jesus formed the words to a prayer for
pardon. His request was not for Himself
but for “them” -and us. His first thought
is to plead in prayer for those who are
in desperate need of forgiveness. When
man had done his worst, Jesus prayed,
not for justice, but for mercy.
This verse is in the imperfect tense.
Pastor Brian Bills teaches that what this
means is that Jesus prayed repeatedly
for their forgiveness. It wasn’t just a
one-time request. When the nails tore
through His tendons, sending jolts of
pain rushing through His body, He
closed His eyes and prayed, “Father,
forgive them.” When the cross dropped
into place between two criminals, He
cried out, “Father, forgive them.” When
they divided up his only earthly possessions below the cross, He exclaimed,
“Father, forgive them.” As the rulers
sneered at Him He replied, “Father, forgive them.” When the soldiers mocked
Him, He shouted, “Father, forgive
them.” When the sign, “This is the King
of the Jews” was hammered above His
head, He sighed, “Father, forgive
them.” Hebrews 7:25 says, He “always
lives to make intercession for us.”
Prayer permeated everything Jesus did,
and still does.
Jesus recognized that those who
had crucified Him did not really know
what they were doing. While His enemies knew full well what they meant
when they cried out, “Crucify Him,
Crucify Him,” they were ignorant of the
enormity of their crime. They did not
know that they were killing the “Lord
of Glory.” Peter, in Acts 3:17, told
those who were responsible for the
death of Christ that
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New Life Church
Board Meeting Highlights
March 2015
Financial Report
Month of February
Year to Date
Trustees - Several projects are underway and some Budgeted Giving $12,907 Budgeted Giving $25,814
completed. Brandon reported that the “Spruce up the Budgeted Expense $13,811 Budgeted Expense $27,535
-$904 Difference
Gym” weekend went very well. The floor was com- Difference
pleted and the walls were painted. Thank you to all
who volunteered to make sure it was completed. The Actual Giving
$11,425 Actual Giving
shrubs in front of the church are next on the list as
Actual Expense
$17,477 Actual Expense
well as getting the awning taken care of. Dave HardDifference
-$6,052 Difference
ing has replaced numerous faucets and is repairing
other areas that need attention.
Pastor’s Reports – Pastor Jesse and Jed have been approached to consider hosting a Youth Intern once again. More
discussion will be done at the April meeting due to the fact that this being a Youth Intern Jed and Traci would be
very involved with this.
Please not that the next meeting will be held on April 22, 2015 at 7:30pm.
Easter Sunday will begin with an early outdoor service at 8 am, followed by a
breakfast at 8:45am, and the worship service at 10 am. Please come and celebrate the
resurrection of our living Lord as a community of those saved by grace.
The breakfast will consist of Norwegian pancakes, sausage, strawberries or
apple filling, whipped cream, orange juice, coffee and milk.
The Easter/Lenten offering will be taken up during Morning Worship Service. This offering collected will be put into New Life’s Mission Fund. This fund is used when there are
immediate needs that arise in various mission fields. We also ask for free-will offerings during the breakfast to offset the cost of the breakfast, and anything left over will be added to
the Mission Fund as well. Come celebrate the Risen Lord and honor Him through worship,
praise and expressions of Christ’s love and compassion!
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that they acted in ignorance. And yet, in 3:19, He said,
“Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may
be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from
the Lord.”
Jesus requested forgiveness for the unforgivable
immediately after He was impaled on the cross. When
man had done his worst, when the vileness of the human heart was displayed in all its ugliness, when the
creature executed the creator, love triumphed and
said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what
they are doing.”
Have you been forgiven? If Jesus can forgive
those responsible for killing Him, then He can forgive
you! No one is beyond the reach of His prayer of forgiveness. No one is good enough to save himself and
no one is so bad that God cannot save him.
Pastor Jed
8:30 am
Coffee & Donuts
9:00 am
Sunday School
10:00 am
Worship Service
Need a ride to church?
The Diaconate has made arrangements with Baraboo Cab to get
people to and from church. Simply
call 356-8300, tell them whether
you need the “car cab” or
“wheelchair van”, and when you
want to be picked up. We have
vouchers available at church for
the trip to church, and the return
trip home. These vouchers are only
for going from home to church and church to home.
Other stops will be the riders responsibility. Please
remind others that may not be aware of this ministry.
Breakfast fellowship at the
Log Cabin first & third
Tuesday of every month at
8:00 am. All are welcome.
Youth Group meets every
Wednesday evening from 6:00
pm to 7:30 pm here at Church.
Meals Ministry
A wonderful way to show Christian
love is to provide meals to persons who
may be dealing with issues making it
difficult to do so. Doc and Elsie Green
could use that help now. If you are able
to help, please contact them at 3567586 to make arrangements. If you cannot help with this specific need, but are willing to help with
meals for someone in the future, we would like to know. There
is a file box in the foyer with neon colored file cards. Please
write down your name, phone number and or email address for
contact info on a card. Thank you for your prayerful consideration. Any questions about this ministry can be directed to Lisa
Meyer at [email protected]ytel.net, or 356-3351.
Saturday, April 18th from 8-10am, at New Life, will be the
seventh of our Take Point Men’s Ministry. Each month we
will be holding a men’s breakfast, that includes discussion
questions and a speaker. Our goal will be to
encourage and equip men to lead - to “Take
Point” - in their faith, their marriage, their family, their workplace, and in the world, as they
pursue Christ. Plan on joining us April 18th at
8am at New Life Community AC Church.
Choir meets every Tuesday
evening at 6:30pm at the
Kid’s Klub meets every
Wednesday evening from 6:00
to 7:30 pm at the church.
Prayer Time: Friday’s at the
church at 9:30 am.
Church-wide prayer chain:
Call the church office at 3563367 with your prayer concerns.
Community Groups
Various groups meet
throughout the week. Please
contact the church office for
more information.
Potluck will be held on Sunday April 12th following
the church service. Bring a dish to pass and join us
for food and fellowship.
2 Leah VanHauten
4 Dot Gransee
8 Eric Leis
8 Linda Mohar
9 Sabrina Fuller
11 Ray Zamzow
13 Dave Taylor
14 Tracy Fuller
15 Mary Mjelde
16 Nathan Thompson
17 Nathan Hanke
18 Roy Mjelde
22 Jessica Mumford
22 Andrew Crouse
23 Solomon Stevens
24 Sarah Solchenberger
27 Aimee Wallace
27 Carol Nimmow
The Easter Lilies
The Easter-Lenten committee
will be accepting Easter lilies
for the sanctuary. Easter lilies
may be donated in memory
or in honor of a loved one.
3 Judy &Roger Mislivecek
23 Jerry & Edith Kinnamon
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