Key Communicator 04-02-15

2014-15 School Year
April 2, 2015
New Haven Community Schools
Congratulations Mr. Osebold!
National Award Winner!
Bernie Osebold was one of just 20 people
in the United States to win the “20 to
Watch” in technology leadership award.
The awards ceremony was recently held in
Atlanta, GA. Mr. Osebold was the first
winner ever from Michigan!
Important Dates
April 3-12—Spring Break
April 13—School reopens
April 20—Board of Ed mtg. 6:30 pm
May 5—Bike to School Day
May 8—High School Prom
May 11—Board of Ed mtg. 6:30 pm
May 13– Rain Forest Live evening
show at NHE
May 19—Senior Awards 6:00 pm
May 25—Memorial Day- no school
May 27 & May 28—Early Childhood
May 28—Arts Extravaganza 6:00 pm
at Endeavour
May 31—High School Graduation
August 8—Rocket Fest & Fireworks
Congratulations NHHS Basketball!
The Great Gatsby
What an amazing season! New Haven
High School basketball became the Regional Champions! Their record for the
season: an incredible 25-1. It was the
most wins we’ve ever had in a season.
Some seniors in Ms. Polhanki’s English
class went to the Macomb Center for
the Performing Arts last week to see a
theatrical performance of The Great
Gatsby by the Montana Repertoire
Theater Company. Although Leonardo
DiCaprio was not in this production,
students enjoyed it very much.
Young Fives for 2015-16 - Registration is Now Open
Contact: Pat Colpaert at 586-749-8360 for information.
Farm Bureau
Reads at NHE
Check out the great video
about our music program.
Go to this link:
30375 Clark Street
P.O. Box 482000
New Haven, MI 48048
Sherrill Reiber
retired teacher
who now works
for the Farm Bureau visited our
K-2 classrooms
to read the story
“Who Grew My
Soup”. This
book tells the story about how soup is
made starting from the farm. She expressed the story of agriculture in such
way that the children were captivated
and engaged. What a wonderful complement to our Healthy Child initiative
at NHE!
Basketball Team Undefeated!
New Haven High School’s Medical Careers class blood drive was a success.
Students performed many different
jobs during the drive. Some students
even donated blood and then went
back to their volunteered roles. We
collected 44 pints of blood and our
goal was 35. “It was a new experience and it was very interesting and a
lot of fun,” said Alma Wünsch. THANK