Tournament Rules & NEBC Regulations DOWNLOAD

New England Baseball Complex
Regulations & Conditions of Use
The New England Baseball Complex (NEBC) asks that all parties attending tournaments treat the
premises with respect. We ask administrators to communicate the following regulations and conditions
of use to their teams, spectators, players, and all coaches.
Important Notice: The NEBC is a tobacco and alcohol free environment. Smoking, other
tobacco uses, and alcohol are expressly prohibited at the fields and in the parking areas.
Violators will be asked to leave the premises.
• Players are not permitted to wear metal spikes or metal tipped cleats.
• Turf shoes, plastic molded cleats, or sneakers are approved footwear.
• No seeds of any kind by players or spectators.
• No tobacco, or alcohol products of any kind on the premises.
• No hitting or throwing balls into fencing (Practice or Soft Toss).
Food and Beverage Policy:
• Outside food, beverages, coolers are prohibited.
• Team ice chests and coolers are permitted and must be checked at gate.
• Parking permitted in designated parking areas only.
• No vehicles are permitted on pedestrian ways and emergency ramps.
• Handicapped access to lower fields will be provided upon request.
Facility Maintenance
• Dugouts and bench areas should be left clean and orderly.
• Trash should be picked up and put in trash receptacles.
• Damage to NEBC property should be reported immediately.
Trainer & Medical Coverage:
• The NEBC does not provide Trainer coverage and is not liable for injuries.
• Schools and Colleges must provide certified Athletic Trainer for games & practices.
Gate Fees Apply:
• The NEBC Charges a Tournament Gate fee of $5 per day.
• Players and Coaches are exempt from Gate Fees.
• Children under 12 are exempt from Gate Fees.
Cancelation Policies:
• The NEBC is not responsible for any cancelation or suspension of games due to an umpire’s
decision, regardless if it is weather related once a game commences.
2015 NEBC Tournament Rules
Playing Rules
Time Limit: Pool Play Games are limited to the following:
o 2 hours for 13U and up, unless the specific events has modified time limits.
o 1 hour 45 minutes for 12U and younger.
o No new inning is to begin after the time limit has expired. Umpires will
confirm the start of the game at the time of completion of grounds rules
o There are no extra innings even if the game has not reached the time limit.
o Championship games will not have a time limit.
o Teams should be ready to play 30 minutes prior to the schedule start time.
o Pool Play games can end in a tie.
Innings: 10U – 12U will play 6 inning games. 13U – 18U will play 7 inning games.
Home team is determined by coin toss.
Bat Restrictions:
o 13U and above: Metal Bats must be (-3) BBCOR certified. Wood bats are
o Some Tournaments may be designated WOOD BAT only.
o 12U and younger: All bats must be stamped BPF 1.15. No
restriction on weight or length as long as bat has "BPF 1.15"
Mercy Rules:
o 13U & Up: 8 runs after 5 innings; 12 runs after 4 innings.
o 12U & Under: 8 runs after 4 innings; 12 runs after 3 innings.
Mound Trips and 1 st & 3 rd Situations: MLB rules apply to most situations (no
3rd to 1st moves, # of trips to the mound, etc.).
Balks: The balk rule is enforced with no warnings at all levels of play at NEBC.
Pitching Restrictions: There are no pitching restrictions at NEBC. It is the
coach’s/team’s responsibility of ensure a pitcher’s health in regards to pitch counts, #
of innings pitched, or pitching on consecutive days.
EH/DH: Teams may bat a maximum of 11 batters in their line-up. Therefore teams
may use 2 EH’s and a DH if they prefer
10. Re-Entry Rule: A starter who is replaced may re-enter the game only once and must
re-enter in the same spot in the line-up. A substitute who is replaced cannot re-enter.
11. Courtesy Runners: Teams may run for their catcher ONLY, when there are 2
outs ONLY. If utilizing the courtesy runner please have a runner ready immediately.
Courtesy runners can only be a player who has not entered the game.
12. Scoring: Home team is responsible for the “official book”. Teams are urged to check
every inning with their opponent to confirm the score.
13. Official Game: Games called due to the weather by the umpires or the tournament
director that cannot be resumed will be considered complete after 5 innings or 4 ½
innings if the home team is ahead in all age classifications.
14. Forfeits: Any intentional forfeit will result in the team being eliminated from the
tournament. Any team not on the field and prepared to start the game at game time
will give cause for immediate forfeit. Forfeits in a 6 inning game will be ruled a 6-0 win
for the opposing team. Forfeits in a 7 inning game will be ruled 7-0 win for the
opposing team.
15. Protests will be handled on the field with the Tournament Director. There will be a
$250 cash payment at the time of the protest. If the protest ruling is ruled in the
protesting team’s favor, the $250 fee will be refunded. If the protest is not upheld, the
$250 protest bond is forfeited.
16. Suspension: Any player ejected from a game is suspended for his/her team’s next
game. Any coach or player who is ejected for the second time during the tournament
will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. The tournament director
reserves the right to eject any person (player, coach, fan) from the site for unruly or
unsportsmanlike behavior.
17. Dugout Rule: All players must be completely inside the dugout. Only one player
may be in the on-deck area. Coaches may sit in the openings. Please do not sit on
buckets outside the dugout openings.
System for Playoff Seeding
Seeding of the playoffs will be based on:
• Win/Loss record
• Head to Head
• Runs Allowed (total through pool play)
Pool Play Tie Breakers
• Head to Head
• Fewest Runs Allowed among the tied teams (3 way ties)
• Fewest Runs Allowed in entire Pool Play
• Coin Flip