KS2 Leader Job Description

Post Name:
Post title: KS2 Leader of Accelerated Progress
Responsible to: Assistant Headteacher AFL strand Aspire
TLR £3,030
The KS2 Leader of Accelerated Progress has responsibility for implementing effective ways of
improving standards of achievement and teaching in KS2. The role entails working closely with
our Aspire Network Leaders to identify learning gaps and provide quality intervention
programmes and to support the Key Stage team manage with developing KS2 pedagogy and
Develop an overview of the learning and teaching across the Key Stage
To be responsible for the development and management of KS2
To be either a class teacher or teacher who takes intervention groups across KS2
working closely with the Assistant Head (Data Leader/AFL) and Duty Head (Inclusion
Manager) and Aspire Network Leads for: Pedagogy and Curriculum, Learning
In liaison with the Leadership Team, to keep under review objectives, guidelines and
schemes of work, which includes the requirements of the National Curriculum
To advise on current and future needs in the key stage.
To robustly monitor and take appropriate action regarding attainment and teaching
standards across the key stage.
To advise the Leadership Team on assessment and target setting children in years 3 to
To maintain and keep up to date a KS2 development/action plan and contribute to the
school’s development plan.
To support the leaders of Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and Science with ensuring
standards in attainment and teaching are developed
To take overall responsibility for co-ordinating the planning and direction of learning
experiences in KS2.
To ensure continuity and progression occurs and that Literacy and Numeracy skills are
applied to the creative curriculum.
To liaise with colleagues with related responsibilities in other neighbouring primary
schools and feeder secondary schools, and to participate in national and Milton Keynes
initiatives as appropriate
To maintain and promote the use of appropriate resources and equipment to facilitate
the teaching, consulting the staff as to their needs
To support all school staff in acquiring professional skills to establish and maintain the
highest standard of learning and teaching in KS2
To take an advisory role, giving day to day support to colleagues, and the development
of appropriate approaches, including the use of ICT, within and beyond the lessons.
Undertaking joint lesson planning and observations.
Encouraging the development of forward thinking and innovative practice.
To make a major contribution to assessing needs of and providing school based
professional development.
To keep abreast of current thinking by attending courses, reading and sharing with
other staff all significant developments.
To monitor and evaluate learning and teaching in KS2
Monitor pupil progress and achievement.
Evaluating effectiveness of planning in meeting overall objectives.
Ensure monitoring and evaluation informs future development needs.
Report outcomes of evaluation to the Leadership Team annually.
To be a member of the Curriculum Leadership Team.
Develop and monitor KS2 action plan and lead on KS2 Pupil Progress meetings
Responsibility for self development
To attend courses/training sessions in order to support individual professional
development and the development of the school.
To comply with any reasonable request from a Manger to undertake work of a similar level that
is not specified in this job description.
This job description is a guide to the work that you will initially be required to undertake. It may
be altered from time to time to meet changing circumstances.
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