May 2015 - the new Chamberocity

May 2015
The Greater Dade
City Chamber of
Phone: (352) 567-3769
Fax: (352) 567-3770
Chamber NEWS
14112 8th Street
Dade City, FL 33525
The Greater Dade City Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors
President: Bobby Van Allen, Farm Bureau Insurance
President Elect: Dr. Randy Stovall
Vice President: Randy Surber,
Florida Hospital Zephyrhills
Secretary: Kelly Sinn, Sunrise of Pasco County, Inc.
Treasurer: Steve Hickman,
First National Bank of Pasco
Past President: Bonnie Krummen, CenterState Bank
Bob Larkin, Bob Larkin Construction
Carolyn Hodges, Faithful Friends Pet Cremation
Chris Browne, Jim Browne Automotive Group
Cliff Martin, Jarrett Ford
David West, Inside Out Leadership Development
Eric Weekes, Saint Leo University
Jean Nathe, Trade Mark Sales, Inc.
Jimmie Adcock, Tampa Electric Company
Krista Covey, SMARTstart Dade City Incubator &
Pasco Economic Development Council
Pete Odom
Piyush Mulji, Hampton Inn Dade City/Zephyrhills
Ronnie Deese, Withlacoochee River Electric Corp.
Shauna McKinnon, Bayfront Health Dade City
Sister Roberta Bailey, O.S.B., Benedictine Sisters of
Todd Batchelor, Beef O’Brady’s-Dade City &
The Brass Tap
NEW MEMBER REFERRAL PROGRAM - Double Your Referral Credit,
Weekly Draw for $25 Gift Certificate, and a
Tampa Bay Times Advertising Certificate
Honorary Members:
Charlotte Kiefer and Sylvia Young Hinley
Executive Director: John Moors
Email: [email protected]
Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting (11:30am)
R & L Little Red Barn
Executive Board Meeting
Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting (5:00pm)
Campus Gear
Full Board Meeting @ Centennial Bank
Chamber Business Breakfast
Sponsored by Jarrett Ford @ Bayfront Health
Seasoned, New and Prospective
Member Luncheon
Grand Opening/Open House
Dade City Little League
Senior Administrative Assistant: Melody Floyd
Email: [email protected]
Administrative Assistant: Jo Uber
Email: [email protected]
Photographer: Richard Riley
Email: [email protected]
Mission Statement
“To promote economic growth
and the quality of life in the
greater Dade City area”
Dear Chamber Members,
The 30th Annual Joe Kiefer Golf Tournament was a huge success!! A super group of golfers and a beautiful
day resulted in an event the Chamber can be very proud of! All that’s left is the wrap up meeting to make it an
even better event next year! And here’s a big “THANK YOU” to Cliff Martin and his hardworking committee.
Members are Lindsay Johnson, Todd Batchelor, Eugenia Parlow, David West, Jimmy Adcock, Norm Burns,
Chris Browne, Bob Larkin, and Michael Johnson.
Special thanks to our sponsors, headlined by Florida Hospital, Zephyrhills – Thanks Susan Frimmel for your
ongoing support!
We had a host of Volunteers that spent the day with us and we are grateful for all you did to make this a
success! The goal of the Golf Tournament is to raise funds for the ongoing business development initiatives,
tourism support and membership activities of the Chamber.
May is our last Citizen of the Month event for this school year. On May 19th, we will be recognizing three of our
Pasco County High School students for outstanding achievement and they will be receiving plaques at our
Chamber Business Breakfast. Our breakfast will be held at Bayfront Health, Dade City – Thank you Shauna
and team, and sponsored by Cliff Martin from Jarrett Ford.
Please call or email the Chamber if you are planning to attend. Please take a moment to say Thank You to our
Education Committee; Jean Nathe, Chair and the committee members of Sister Roberta Bailey, Richard
Behnke, Lee Musselman, Tim & Christine Dozier, Jill Evans and Carolyn Hodges who have done a great job
all year long coordinating and executing the committee’s goals.
One Month Membership Referral Program!!
We are pleased to announce that an exciting new membership referral program is here.
For the month of May, until Monday June 1st, when you, as a Chamber member, refer a new member, the
Chamber will:
DOUBLE the normal referral credit to your account to $50 and,
Enter your name into a weekly draw for $25 restaurant gift certificate and,
Provide your referred New Member with a $200 Tampa Bay Times advertising voucher
Our Chamber Luncheon, which focuses on proposed, new and seasoned members, will be held on Thursday,
May 21st at 12 noon at the Chamber. Opportunities to become involved in Chamber committees, activities and
events will be discussed. Please invite a potential new member to this complimentary lunch. Often, they sign
up that day, and the referral package outlined above will benefit both you and your guest.
Most of all, this May, please have a safe and happy Memorial Day holiday.
Thanks members for all your support and have a great month!
Bobby Van Allen, President
Perpetual Monastic Profession
Sister Elizabeth Mathai, O.S.B. made her perpetual monastic
commitment on April 11, 2015. The solemn ceremony took place at
Holy Name Monastery with Mass celebrated by Abbot Isaac J.
Camacho, OSB. Sister’s celebration began with the entrance
procession and the ancient monastic tradition of statio which provides a
moment of silence and recollection to center hearts and minds on the
solemnity of the occasion. Statio also serves as a way for the monastic
community, the Benedictine Sisters of Florida, to lead the Scholastic,
Sister Elizabeth, into the celebration and thus ritualizing the
community’s promise to accompany her on her lifelong journey of
seeking God.
In her reflection, Scholastic Directress Sister Mary Clare Neuhofer remarked that “the Sisters felt the text
of the Profession Litany (which they had sung) really described Sister Elizabeth. We experience her as a
joyful person, a prayerful person – one who is humble, one who lives by faith and is firmly grounded in
love and peace.”
As part of the ceremony, the traditional Benedictine ring blessed by Sister Roberta Bailey, OSB, Prioress
was placed on Sister Elizabeth’s finger - a symbol of her total commitment to God and to the Benedictine
life. A profession candle was also presented to Sister Elizabeth to reflect a deepening of the commitment
made at her Baptism where a candle was given to represent the life of the new Christian receiving the
light of faith. The profession vow document was then signed at the altar by Sister Elizabeth which
emphasizes the Word of God as the root of Benedictine life.
The joy of this very special event was evident when the over 60 attendees including the Benedictine
Sisters, St. Leo Abbey monks, family and friends gave loving congratulatory hugs to Sister Elizabeth.
In her remarks, Sister said, “Today I joyfully give thanks to the Lord for His faithful love in my life and
for His call. I give thanks for the love and support of those who have journeyed with me: my family,
friends, those whom I have met in my ministry and especially, the Sisters of Holy Name Monastery.”
May Committee Meetings
Executive Board Meeting
8:00 AM
Kumquat Festival Committee Meeting
11:30 AM
Innovations & Technology Meeting
8:00 AM
(every Thursday) Co-op Meeting
8:30-9:30 AM
Full Board Meeting
12:00 PM
Chamber Business Breakfast
7:30 AM
Merchant Association Meeting
8:00-10:30 AM
Education Committee Meeting
10:30-11:30 AM
Membership Luncheon-Seasoned, New and Prospective
12:00 PM
Business Development Meeting
12:00 AM-1:30 PM
Business Expo Committee Meeting
11:00 AM
Ambassador Meeting
12:00 PM
Radon & Radon Testing
By George K. Swatzbaugh III
Of Emerald Inspection Service, LLC
A lot of people are asking what is Radon and how is Radon tested. So in this month’s article I want to share
about the history of Radon, why you should test for Radon and some of the standards by the Florida
Department of Health. Radon is an odorless and tasteless gas. Radon is a Class A carcinogen, and is the
second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon comes from the radioactive breakdown of naturally occurring
radium found in most Florida soils. As a gas in the soil, it enters buildings through small openings in the
foundation. Since the building can hold the radon similarly to smoke trapped under a glass, indoor radon
concentrations can increase to many times that of outdoor levels.
Radon is a chemical element with symbol Rn and atomic number 86. It is a radioactive, colorless, odorless,
tasteless noble gas, occurring naturally as an indirect decay product of uranium or thorium. Its most stable
isotope has a half-life of 3.8 days. Radon is formed as one intermediate step in the normal radioactive decay
chains through which thorium and uranium slowly decay into lead. Thorium and uranium are the two most
common radioactive elements on earth; they have been around since the earth was formed. As radon itself
decays, it produces new radioactive elements called decay products. Unlike the gaseous radon itself, the
products are solids and stick to surfaces, such as dust particles in the air. If such contaminated dust is inhaled,
these particles can stick to the airways of the lung and increase the risk of developing lung cancer. Unlike all
the other intermediate elements in the aforementioned decay chains, radon is gaseous and easily inhaled.
Thus, even in this age of nuclear reactors, naturally-occurring radon is responsible for the majority of the
public exposure to ionizing radiation. Despite its short lifetime, some radon gas from natural sources can
accumulate to far higher than normal concentrations in buildings, especially in low areas such as basements
and crawl spaces due to its heavy nature. It can also be found in well and spring waters.
Radon testing can only performed by a Licensed F lorida Department of Health, Measurement Technician.
This type of inspection takes approximately 3 days to monitor radon in the home in a closed environment.
The results are sent to a certified licensed lab for radon. A Radon Specialist will read the findings and
determine the radon levels. If the findings are above 4 pico curries the home may need to have a radon
mitigation system installed. When we test for Radon, we make sure that all the windows and doors are closed,
as this may affect the test. Also, if the test results come back over 10 pico curries we always recommend a
second short term test. If the test results are under 10 but over 4 pico curries sometimes a long term test is
recommended. It’s always best to have your home tested for Radon. Normally this occurs during a real-estate
transaction. However, if you have not had your home tested it may be a good idea. For business and schools,
they have to test as well. For example, after remodeling a business and every 5 years for schools.
In closing, during the winter months in Florida we get to air the home with our windows and doors being
opened. But during the rest of the year we are in A/C mode. Spring and late summer is usually the best time
to test. The home is closed for most of the time, because of A/C mode. For more information feel free to go to
our website or the Florida Department of Health website about Radon.
Office of
Paula S. O’Neil
Clerk & Comptroller
Jury Service Fraud Scheme – Public Notice
The Office of Paula S. O’Neil, Ph.D., would like to inform Pasco County citizens of a revived fraud scheme so they may protect themselves from becoming victims. Scammers posing as law enforcement officers from the Warrants Division call citizens threatening jail time for failing to appear for jury service.
These scammers are very persuasive. They have detailed personal information, such as a citizen’s name, address, and, in some
cases, partial social security numbers. Scammers convince citizens that law enforcement has a warrant for the
citizen’s arrest and demand immediate payment from the citizen to avoid arrest. The scammer remains on the line
instructing the citizen where to go to purchase cash-loaded cards. After the cards are purchased, the citizen is instructed to
provide the card and pin numbers over the phone, and to mail the cash-loaded cards to the scammer.
Be advised: Jury summonses are sent through regular mail. If you failed to appear for jury service, an order to show
cause may be mailed to you to appear before the court. The Clerk & Comptroller’s Office never contacts
jurors who failed to appear by phone. Additionally, law enforcement would not demand payment, in lieu of arrest, due
to failure to appear for jury service.
Tips to protect yourself:
The Clerk & Comptroller’s Office never calls or emails citizens to request payment for missing jury service.
If a citizen misses jury service, the court may issue an order to show cause notice that is mailed.
Citizens should always verify Clerk & Comptroller or law enforcement callers by contacting the agency at the phone
numbers provided through the agency’s website or the phone book.
Do not provide personal information or financial payment(s) to any unverified source.
The Clerk & Comptroller’s Office is working closely with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office to keep the public informed and
will remain vigilant as the investigation continues. If you receive any suspicious or unsolicited communication about jury
service, contact the Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller’s Office at (800) 368-2411 x8031.
Tips to Go Green
Helping to sustain our beautiful Earth may seem like a daunting task, replete with major lifestyle modifications; however, there are a
lot of simple changes you and your aging loved one can make to help protect our environment. Here are just a few:
Plant a tree – If your elderly loved one enjoys gardening, this activity would be perfect! Planting a tree is good for the air, the
land, and can even provide shade on your home and cut back on utility costs!
Turn off lights – This very simple step can actually go a long, long way. By simply turning off the lights when you leave a room
you will conserve energy (and save money)!
Recycle – Many people recycle cans and paper goods, but did you know you can also recycle things like plastic hangers, VHS
tapes, electronics such as cell phones, and even larger metal items like grills?
Going green and de-stressing the earth doesn’t have to be a burden on you and your senior loved one.
Dr. Richardson, newly appointed Provost of
Pasco Hernando State College spoke today on
her new position, replacing retired Dr. Randy
Stovall and her passion - education.
Her first speaking engagement since she
became Provost of the East Campus,
Dr. Richardson shared information with the
Sunrise Rotary Club about the upcoming
retirement of Dr. Johnson and new incoming
President Dr. Timothy Beard scheduled to start
July 1st, 2015.
PHSC has approx. 15,000 students enrolled
and offers Law Enforcement, Fire Science and
BS in Nursing. Sunrise Rotary meets at the
Hampton Inn Hwy 301 in Dade City on
Thursdays at 7:00am.
Jean Nathe, Sunrise Past President
Trade Mark Sales, Inc.
PH (813)-783-4364
Fax (352)-588-4866
Photo L-R Dr. Lisa Richardson, Pasco
Hernando State College Provost and
Camille Hernandez Sunrise Rotary Club
of Dade City
Bayfront Health Dade City
Names Employee Of The Year
Fran Pate has been named 2014 Employee of the Year for Bayfront
Health Dade City. The recognition is the highest honor a hospital
employee can receive.
Employees are nominated for the award by their colleagues based on
their commitment to patient care, their professionalism and their
contributions on the job. Fran was chosen from among 325 employees
for the recognition.
“Each employee plays an important role in delivering quality care and
creating the best possible experience for our patients,” said Shauna
McKinnon, Chief Executive Officer. “Fran exemplifies the best of who
we are as healthcare providers through her dedication to our patients
and the hospital. It is a pleasure to recognize Fran and celebrate the
hard work of all our employees.”
Fran has worked at Bayfront Health Dade City since February, 2002.
She began her career in the pharmacy department and is a Registered Pharmacy Technician. Fran is also a
member of the Resuscitation
Committee at the hospital. When asked why she entered the healthcare profession, Fran responded “I like
helping people and doing something worthwhile by making their lives better.”
Family Fun Day
Sunday May 3, 2015
~Featuring DC Country~
Corn Hole Tournament
hosted by Bob Case
only $25 per team, contact
Matt Mohler 813-355-7004 to sign up
Silent Auction and Raffle Prizes
All Day Bouncy House and Games
(wrist band only $5.00)
VFW Post 4283
12733 VFW Road, Dade City
**No outside food or beverages permitted!**
All proceeds go to
Dade City Little League
SMARTstart Pasco Incubator Program
On Friday, March 27, the SMARTstart Pasco Incubator program was
recognized at the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council’s (TBRPC)
Future of the Region Awards in the Community Service category. The
award spotlights SMARTstart as a non-profit program that has
demonstrated outstanding achievement and benefited the regional
community. The SMARTstart Incubators are the Pasco Economic
Development Council’s capstone program to engage entrepreneurs,
grow new business, and create job opportunities in Pasco County.
“I am so proud of all we and our partners have accomplished since the
opening of the first incubator in September 2013,” said Krista Covey,
Program Director of SMARTstart. “In less than two years, we have had
the opportunity to help 29 new companies grow through their membership at either the Dade City or
New Port Richey locations, and those companies have employed over 70 people to date in our
community.” She went on to note that more than 400 companies have taken advantage of business
development workshops and events organized through the Incubators.
SMARTstart is currently accepting membership applications from entrepreneurs and small
businesses that are ready to start or grow their businesses. More information about SMARTstart
memberships and upcoming events can be found online at
About SMARTstart Pasco Incubators
SMARTstart has received strong support from the community for both its Dade City and New Port
Richey locations. The program’s partners include the City of Dade City, the City of New Port Richey,
Dade City Business Center, Florida High Tech Corridor Council, Greater Dade City Chamber of
Commerce, Pasco County Board of County Commissioners, Pasco-Hernando State College, Saint
Leo University, USF Connect, USF Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and Service Core
of Retired Executives (SCORE).
PHSC Offers Health And Human Services Seminars
Pasco-Hernando State College announces its Community Awareness Series for the summer term. Students,
faculty, staff and the community are invited to learn about health and human services programs provided by
local agencies in Pasco County. All sessions will be held at PHSC Porter Campus at Wiregrass Ranch, in
Wesley Chapel, 2727 Mansfield Blvd, in the Conference Center, building B.
Deanna Krautner, health education program manager, Florida Department of Health in Pasco County, will
present the first seminar in the summer series on Thursday, May 21 at 4:30 p.m.
Additional seminars include presentations by: Grace Maselli, president, National Alliance on Mental Illness
(NAMI), Pasco County on June 11; and Sheri Lawrence, vice president, Pasco Mental Health Foundation,
Inc., on July 9.
The Health and Human Services seminars meet a critical need for the community to better understand the
availability of social services programs and resources. Offered at no cost, the seminars will provide the college community with access to a number of agencies and organizations designed to assist the residents of
Pasco County.
All summer term sessions will begin at 4:30 p.m. and run approximately 60 minutes. For more information
call 1.855.NOW.PHSC, or visit
Campus Gear
New Retail Store in San Antonio
Campus Gear, a new retail store in San Antonio, FL
announces the addition of Dillon Vitale, Assistant
Store Manager. Dillon, a graduate of Saint Leo
University, has a Bachelors in Sport Business and is
currently one of the Assistant Coaches of Saint Leo’s
Baseball Team under Coach Sean O’Conner. During
the Spring and Summer of 2014 Dillon played
professional ball in France for the Beaucaire
Chevaliers. Prior to that, he spent time working
baseball operations for the New York Mets minor
league system.
Before coming to the Lions, he spent the 2011 season
as member of the Chipola College baseball team where
they won the 2011 JUCO State Championship and
finished fifth in the nation at the JUCO World Series.
Vitale played his freshman year at Florida International University and helped the Panthers win the 2010 Sun
Belt Conference Tournament. He is also a graduate of Charlotte High School where he earned many regional
While working on his Master’s Degree at Saint Leo, Dillon manages the store Monday-Thursday. We are proud to have Dillon as
part of our Campus Gear Team!
Campus Gear will have their Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting May 7 th Thursday, from 4-7pm.
The Market Place
We look forward to you joining us at THE MARKET PLACE at Hibiscus Park on Saturday, May 2nd from 9
am – 2 pm. You will enjoy the outdoor vendor shopping experience, especially as Derrick provides
great entertainment from 11 am – 1 pm. The Prodigy of Saint Leo University offers free Children Art
Sessions; the children are enjoying the creative t-shirts that they are making and proudly wearing. Carol
Reeves displays her wonderful birdbaths and feeders which have been very popular. Representatives
from Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Scentsy and Origami Owl will be offering their products and catalogs.
Glavich Produce has been a wonderful vendor supplying high-quality fruit and vegetables. You must see
Penny Jefferson’s beautiful heirloom roses, landscape plants, gourds and foliage; as well as Lorraine
Boise of Dade City Soap Company with her lovely soaps, bath salts and bubble bath bars. There is just so
much to see at THE MARKET PLACE!
For additional information or interested vendors, please contact Lucy Avila at 352-521-5858 or
[email protected] Please note this is our last month we will be meeting at THE MARKET PLACE
until September. We hope you will bring your friends and stop by for an enjoyable day in Dade City!
Congratulations April 2015 Citizen’s of the Month
Breakfast Sponsor: Bayfr ont Health Dade City,
Shauna McKinnon, Kayla Howard & Patty Richter
Plaque Sponsor: J ar r ett For d, Cliff Mar tin
Scholarship Sponsors:
Farm Bureau Insurance, Bobby Van Allen
IR Staffing, Inc., Tim Dozier
Jim Driscoll
Lee Musselman, Elite Broker Group
Royal Oaks Nursing Center, Bret Martin
Saint Leo University School of Arts & Sciences,
Eric Weekes
Statewide Insurance, Mark Capes & Kevin Fecteau
Sunrise Rotary of Dade City, Cindy Harper
“In the Bag”
Plaque-Jarrett Ford, Cliff Martin
Certificate-Mayor of Dade City, Camille Hernandez
Piggy Bank-San Antonio Citizen Federal Credit Union, Jill Evans
Coupons-Beef O’Brady’s Dade City, Todd Batchelor
Certificate & Ruler-Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller, Paula O’Neil, Ph.D.
Note Pad - Saint Leo University, Eric Weekes
Certificate, Coin & Constitution Book-Congressman Gus Bilirakis
Free Kids Meal-IHOP Dade City, Amanda White
Free Kids Meal-Dickey’s BBQ Pit, Ron Dyke & Vanessa Sanders
Safety Blinking Light-Lee Musselmann, Broker Associate, Elite Brokers R.E.
The Bag-Bayfront Health Dade City
San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union, Jill Evans
Bible-First Baptist Church Dade City-Pastor Randy Huckabee & Lucy Avila
Certificate-State Representative Danny Burgess (R-38), Robin D. Ringesien
Academy at the Farm  Abigail Hill
East Pasco Adventist Academy Mar.  Juhith Chenchugalla
Saint Anthony Catholic School  Laura Asbel
Centennial Elementary School  Autumn Balsiger
Lacoochee Elementary School  Paola Morales
Pasco Elementary School  Liliana Perez
Rodney B. Cox Elementary School  Denasia Lee
San Antonio Elementary School  Rozalyn Perez
Centennial Middle School  Alejandro Hernandez
Pasco Middle School  Victoria Griffin
James Irvin Education Center  Austin Peruyero
Moore-Mickens Education Center  Abigail Mitchell
Pasco High School  Taylor O’Neal
Photo by Melody Floyd, The Greater Dade City
Chamber of Commerce
Premier Opens New Family Health Center in Lacoochee!
Premier Community HealthCare Group, Inc. (Premier) recently hosted a Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening Celebration
for its new Lacoochee Family Health Center. The event was co-hosted by the Greater Dade City Chamber of
Commerce and the Greater Zephyrhills Chamber of Commerce with many local residents, community leaders, and
business partners. “After months of planning, we’re very pleased to have primary care medical services in the heart of
the community, making health care more accessible for the area residents” explained Joseph Resnick, CEO of Premier.
Although the new community center (home to the Boys & Girls Club and Pasco Sheriff’s Officer Friendly) has been a
significant milestone for the community, there are many community stakeholders to thank for making the health
center a reality. Some of the community stakeholders were in attendance and shared a few remarks. John Moors,
Executive Director for the Greater Dade City Chamber of Commerce highlighted the important role Premier has in the
community by providing health services and boosting the economy with employment opportunities. Board of County
Commissioner Chair, Ted Schrader, shared remarks about the value of a neighborhood based health center. He
reminisced about that special feeling when a patient is known by name when they enter a healthcare facility and feels
that is what will happen at the new center. It will be a medical home where area residents are welcomed on a first
name basis.
Other speakers included John Harper, CEO of Habitat for Humanity & Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring
Board Member; Dave Armstrong, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club; David Lambert of Withlacoochee River
Electric Cooperative; Bob Hatfield, Office of Congressman Bilirakis; and, Shahra Anderson, Regional Director for
Senator Nelson. All speakers emphasized their enthusiasm and support for the new service while encouraging area
residents to utilize the services. The addition of a health center has been part of the master plan for the community
center, which opened last summer under the leadership of the Boys & Girls Club. Additional social services partners
are engaged and more satellite services are in the works for the area.
Health services for Adults & Children (ages 4 and older) include but are not limited to: Sick visits, treatment &
management of chronic illnesses and an array of preventive and treatment services. * For physicals and
immunizations, patients will be directed to the nearest family practice site in downtown Dade City.
Lacoochee Family Health Center
Location: 38724 Mudcat Grant Blvd,
Dade City, FL 33523; Hours of
Operation: Wednesday 7am-4pm. To
schedule an appointment, call
(352) 518-2000. Same day appoints
available and walk-ins are welcome.
Photo credit:
Richard K. Riley of Trilby, FL
2015 April Membership Renewals
Amerilife and Health Services of East Pasco
Batson-Cook Company
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services-Vicki Griepenburg
Big John’s Janitorial Supplies Inc
Bob Larkin Construction Inc
Brant Blessing-State Farm Insurance
CARES (Community Aging & Retirement Services
Centennial Bank
Checkers-Power Burgers Inc
Dade City Animal Clinic PA
Douglas Fort Dade Groves Inc
Faithful Pet Cremation
Family Medical Center
Gulfside Hospice & Pasco Palliative Care
Harris Services Unlimited Inc
Jim Browne Citrus Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
Jimmy’s Sanitary Service
Kiefer Village Jewels
KRY Inc DBA Dade City Motocross
Kumquat Growers
Martin Electric
McClain, Alfonso, Meeker, PA
Morningside RV Estates
Nancy’s Natural Foods Inc
Papa Joe’s Italian Restaurant
Pasco Economic Development Council
Pioneer Florida Museum & Village
Premier Designs
Reliance Auto Center
Saint Leo University
Stor-ette Storage
SunTrust Bank
Tampa Type/Print Inc
The Creative Stable
Treasured Friends
Pasco Middle School
Premier Community Healthcare Group
RJ Nathe & Sons Inc
Sacred Heart Early Childhood Center
Sam’s Club
Sunrise of Pasco County Inc
TL Hanson & Associates
The Commons on Pretty Pond
Thank you for your continued partnership!
Sunrise is participating in Give Day Tampa Bay 2015 on May 5!
Give Day Tampa Bay is a community-wide, online giving day hosted by The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and
Florida NEXT, and it celebrates the important work of all Tampa Bay nonprofits.
For 24 hours, from midnight to midnight on Tuesday, May 5, donors can make gifts online to participating nonprofits
that are located in or provide services in the Tampa Bay area. We will be eligible for incentives, bonuses and additional
prizes throughout the day, and your gift would be greatly appreciated. All contributions made on May 5 will be used to
purchase a new vehicle to help transport our shelter residents.
The inaugural Give Day Tampa Bay in 2014 raised almost $1.1 million in 24 hours. With help from supporters like you,
we know this year will be even more successful.
Make a pledge now or get more information by visiting www.GiveDayTampaBay.Org.
Thank you for your continued support.
Kelly Sinn, CEO
First National Bank
Of Pasco
Welcomes Mike Mashke
As Chief Lending Officer
First National Bank of Pasco welcomes
Mike Mashke as Senior Vice President,
Chief Lending Officer. Mashke brings over
34 years of commercial lending
experience to FNBP.
Although Mike Mashke is a new face to
Dade City, he’s no stranger to First
National Bank of Pasco’s President &
CEO, Steve Hickman. “Steve was my
boss in the early nineties,” said Mashke.
“He was my mentor at Barnett Bank and
I’m happy that our paths have crossed
again. The team at First National has
already made me feel at home in Dade
“Mike is a great addition to our
Commercial Banking team,” said
Hickman. “With his extensive
commercial lending background, we have
no doubt Mike will take our bank’s
Commercial Banking strategy to the next
Mashke’s banking career began with
Barnett Bank of Tampa while he was
earning his B.A. in Economics from the
University of South Florida. Over the
years, he has built a strong,
customer-focused commercial lending
reputation at several Tampa area banks
Including: Mercantile Bank, Bay Cities
Bank and NorthStar Bank.
Mashke was a founding shareholder and
Chief Lending Officer for the de novo
NorthStar Bank in Tampa before
relocating to Beaufort, South Carolina in
2008. There, he served as CBC National
Bank’s Senior Loan Officer and ran its
Northern Lending Division. In 2014,
Mashke returned to Tampa as
Commercial Sales Executive Manager
with Florida Bank until its merger with
IBERIABANK in March of 2015.
Mashke, originally from Englewood,
Florida, will be relocating to Dade City
with his wife, Mary (Pezet), who was
raised in Pasco County. They have three
children: Nathan (10), Maggie (9), and
David (8).
Dade City Realty
New Location - New Direction
The Greater Dade City Chamber of
Commerce recently held a ribbon cutting
for Dade City Realty, located at 12206 Us
Hwy 301 in Dade City.
Owner Scott Boise was joined by family,
friends, staff and
Chamber members to celebrate the
opening of his business.
The Greater Dade City Chamber of
Commerce is a trade association
consisting of 430 members whose mission is to “promote economic development and quality of life” in the
greater Dade City area.
For information about joining the Chamber please call 352 567 3769 or email
[email protected] .
-- photo by Richard K Riley, Trilby --
The Pasco-Hernando State College East Campus in Dade City hosted students
from Nature Coast Technical High School’s Criminal Justice Career Academy on
Thursday March 19. Students toured the campus and explored career paths within the public service field.
While on campus, students met and interacted with PHSC faculty and staff as
well as local professionals in the public service sector. Charlie May, PHSC’s
executive director of public services programs, Brian Head, law enforcement and
corrections coordinator, and Bill Watson, coordinator of fire science
technology presented program and career information to career academy students.
Pasco County Law Enforcement Deputies from the Special
Weapons and Tactics Unit and Pasco County Firefighters from Emergency Services Station 36, demonstrated special equipment utilized by both
organizations. All students had the opportunity to ask specific questions
about public service professions and learn even more about
post-secondary education and prospective career paths.
Photo caption (FIREtruckandstudents.jpg): Nature Coast Technical High School
Criminal Justice Career Academy students learn about fire rescue equipment from
Firefighter Hecker during field trip to PHSC.
Photo caption (SWAT girl.jpg): Nature Coast Technical High School Criminal Justice Career Academy student Shelby Krohn experiences the cumbersome SWAT
vest designed to save lives.
Bottom Line Accounting & Tax Services, Inc.
Ten Tax Tips for Farmers
Farms include ranches, ranges and orchards. Some raise livestock, poultry or fish. Others grow fruits or
vegetables. Individuals report their farm income on Schedule F, Profit or Loss From Farming. If you own a farm,
here are 10 tax tips to help at tax time:
1. Crop insurance. Insurance payments from crop damage count as income. Generally, you should
report these payments in the year you get them.
2. Sale of items purchased for resale. If you sold livestock or items that you bought for resale, you must
report the sale. Your profit or loss is the difference between your selling price and your basis in the item.
Basis is usually the cost of the item. Your cost may also include other amounts you paid such as sales tax
and freight.
3. Weather-related sales. Bad weather such as a drought or flood may force you to sell more livestock
than you normally would in a year. If so, you may be able to delay reporting a gain from the sale of the
extra animals.
4. Farm expenses. Farmers can deduct ordinary and necessary expenses they paid for their business. An
ordinary expense is a common and accepted cost for that type of business. A necessary expense means a
cost that is proper for that business.
5. Employee wages. You can deduct reasonable wages you paid to your farm’s full and part-time
workers. You must withhold Social Security, Medicare and income taxes from their wages.
6. Loan repayment. You can only deduct the interest you paid on a loan if the loan is used for your
farming business. You can’t deduct interest you paid on a loan that you used for personal expenses.
7. Net operating losses. If your expenses are more than income for the year, you may have a
net operating loss. You can carry that loss over to other years and deduct it. You may get a refund of
part or all of the income tax you paid in prior years. You may also be able to lower your tax in future
8. Farm income averaging. You may be able to average some or all of the current year's farm income by
spreading it out over the past three years. This may cut your taxes if your farm income is high in the
current year and low in one or more of the past three years.
9. Tax credit or refund. You may be able to claim a tax credit or refund of excise taxes you paid on
fuel used on your farm for farming purposes.
10. Farmers Tax Guide. For more details on this topic see Publication 225, Farmer’s Tax Guide. You can
get it on anytime. You can order it on IRS/orderforms to have it mailed to you.
Also remember that if you do have an agricultural business on your property that you may qualify for a
reduction of your State Real Estate Taxes by claiming the Agricultural Exemption.
If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:
Bottom Line Accounting & Tax Services, Inc.
20111 Old Trilby Road Dade City, Florida 33523
[email protected]
The April Chamber Business Breakfast featured some
great networking, interaction and a presentation by
film maker Brett Culp.
Breakfast was sponsored by Grower’s Fertilizer
Corporation of Dade City.
This documentary film explores, through the real-life tales
of fans, writers, and filmmakers, the inspirational influence
of Batman and encourages viewers to find their own path
to heroism.
For more information, please visit
Pictured are :
Will Grief, Brent Sutton (both of Grower’s Fertilizer) Brett Culp (Legends of the Knight), John Moors and David West
(of the Chamber).
The Greater Dade City Chamber of Commerce is a 440 member strong business development and promotion
organization serving Eastern Pasco County.
Please contact [email protected] or call 352 567 3769 to see how you can benefit from a partnership.
The Thomas Promise
The Thomas Promise is thrilled to announce our
participation in Give Day Tampa Bay, a national
day of local giving. It is a 24-hour online giving
challenge on May 5, 2015 where anyone can
donate to their favorite causes and charities
through Local nonprofits
and donors from every neighborhood in our
community will come together to raise significant
funds for local needs -- all on a single day! All
registered organizations will be listed by name
and category. ( You can find us under community
improvement) Donors using their credit card will
only have to enter once but can give multiple
The minimum donation is $25, and there is no
maximum amount limit. During this 24 hour
period there will several contest announced
where participating charities will be able to win
additional funds! This is sure to be exciting 24
hours and a wonderful way for our foundation to
raise funds for the kids. Please mark this date and
help us spread the word!!
Here are three simple ways you can help us:
Commit to donate;
Spread the word on your social media outlets; and
Give an online donation on May 5th.
National Speaker Michael Angelo Caruso Is Coming To Town
Michael Angelo Caruso, a nationally recognized author and speaker, is delivering a
motivational seminar at the Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club sponsored by the Rotary Club of San
Antonio. The program is titled "How to Engage Someone in 15 Seconds."
This program offers strategies on how to make the most of first impressions and is a preview of
the content found in Caruso's books.
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club, 10641 Old Tampa Bay Drive,
San Antonio, FL 33576
The event runs from 6PM to 8:00 PM
District Governor, Ted Johnston calls Caruso a "world class speaker" and promises "a night to
"I saw Michael speak in Sydney, Australia and was blown away at his energy and how we worked a
very large audience. This great Rotarian has a wonderful message for everyone."
Mr. Caruso has spoken in Africa and the Caribbean and delivers approximately 75 programs
every year. He has been educating and entertaining audiences for over fifteen years on the
subjects of leadership, selling, and change.
An accomplished writer, Mr. Caruso is author of the 5 Cool Ideas book series, the audio
book Dear Michael Angelo—A Father’s Life Lessons to His Son and the FastLearnerAudio
series, and Present Like a Pro, a DVD that has been described as a "master class in speaking."
Caruso is based in Royal Oak, Michigan. His company, the Edison House, attracts clients from
all the major sectors of industry and government, including Hallmark, the National Institutes of
Health, Rayovac, the Barbados Ministry of Tourism and the United States Navy.
Admission to this event is $30.00, which includes dinner. Go to to
For more information about this event, call 352-588-4444 and leave a message or email
[email protected] or visit
"Dot" on over to Treasured Friends
2nd Anniversary Celebration
Saturday, May 2nd
10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Bring a Friend, Stay a While, Eat some treats with a Smile
Treasured Friends
12329 Highway 301
Dade City, Florida
The Mayor’s Communiqué…………………
As we wind down the school year for students, we look forward to graduations on many
levels… kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school as well as our area
colleges and universities. I continue to be impressed by the young men and women in
our town and their importance to the future of our communities, especially here in Dade
City. It is crucial that encouragement be fostered in their studies or trade that interests
them, so that they continue to contribute and flourish in whatever community they
choose to call home in the years to come. With that said, mention need be made of a
couple of programs that are available to our area youngsters keeping them engaged
while promoting healthy and happy families during our upcoming summer months.
Prodigy Cultural Arts Program
The Dade City Commission recently approved an agreement with Saint Leo University for implementation of the
Prodigy Cultural Arts Program at the Naomi Jones Park in Dade City. The Prodigy Arts Program at the park provides
a safe arena where youth ages 7-9 learn effective communication, problem solving and conflict resolution through
visual arts. Other Prodigy sites in East Pasco work with youth from 7-17 and include performing arts as well. Youth
are encouraged to explore themes and ideas that develop a sense of self-worth as well as appreciate the worth and
value of others in the world in which they live. Prodigy uses art as a way for students to express themselves and a
means of self-exploration.
All Prodigy art instructors are professional artists and each is dedicated to making a positive impact on the
lives of their students. Classes at this time may include drawing/painting, media or technical arts,
photography and sculpture. Performing arts classes are also taught with Prodigy programs like dance, vocal or
instrumental performance and acting. For more information on the Prodigy schedule at Naomi Jones Park,
please contact Frances Ramos at 352-588-7425 or [email protected] .
Pasco County Parks and Recreation
Registration is now open for summer camps offered by the Pasco County Parks and Recreation Department. The
seven week summer camps held for elementary and middle school children run from June 22 to August 7, 2015. In
the Dade City community, the camps are offered at James Irvin Civic Center and Centennial Middle School. There
are additional locations in other parts of the County. Children may be registered for the entire summer or on a week
to week basis. Activities include games, sports, arts and crafts, field trips movies guest speakers and more. Day
camp times, fees and ages vary with locations. For more information, visit
As always, it is an honor and privilege to serve the residents of Dade City. Your ideas are encouraged and
welcomed. Please contact me at [email protected] with your questions or comments as we continue to
move Dade City from better to best.
Camille Hernández,
Mayor Dade City
Sunrise of Pasco County teams up with Local Allstate Agency Owner
for #SpringCleaning4DV
As part of an expanding partnership, Sunrise is teaming up with Lisette M. Fernandez-Allstate
Agency for a spring donation drive to provide cleaning and personal supplies for individuals in need
of emergency shelter, those preparing to transition out of shelter, and for maintenance supplies at
the center. The #SpringCleaning4DV is the result of a unique collaboration between The Allstate
Foundation and the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV).
As Floridians engage in the annual ritual of spring cleaning, it is a good time to consider donating
cleaning supplies and personal items for use by survivors of domestic violence and participating
certified domestic violence centers. Lisette M. Fernandez-Allstate Agency is playing a lead role in
collecting supplies on behalf of Sunrise.
While #SpringCleaning4DV focuses on obtaining necessary supplies for participating domestic
violence centers, the project also serves to bring together local Allstate agents with the certified
center in their area as a part of a comprehensive economic justice project,* Changing Lives: A
Partnership between Florida Allstate Agents and Domestic Violence Centers. “The Allstate
Foundation has a longstanding commitment to domestic violence survivors through its financial
empowerment programs. Bringing together local agents to help (name of center) is an outgrowth
of Allstate’s support of survivors and their children,” said (local agent). Thanks to Allstate
Foundation funding, the program is now available to more certified domestic violence centers in
Florida, including (name of center).
As a part of the Changing Lives project, FCADV and Allstate Florida convened a Statewide Advisory
Team comprised of participating domestic violence centers and local Allstate agents. These
partners are working within their respective communities to create plans for increasing financial
literacy, economic justice opportunities for survivors of domestic violence, and promoting activities
and projects that engage Allstate agents as strong partners, such as #SpringCleaning4DV.
“Abusers often use finances as a tactic to control or trap survivors in abusive relationships.
Therefore, centers offer programs that promote financial independence to help survivors be less
dependent on abusive partners which can ultimately provide the means to leave and live
independently.” (said – director of center)
The #SpringCleaning4DV participating certified domestic violence centers, Allstate agents, drop-off
locations, and needed supplies are available at: or by email:
[email protected]
Thank You to our Citizen of the Month
& Scholarship Sponsors from
The Greater Dade City Chamber of Commerce
The Education Committee would like to thank our Scholarship Sponsors for the 2014-2015 school year. Their
participation funds the three (3) Greater Dade City Chamber of Commerce Community Service and
Involvement Scholarships.
This year’s winners were: Courtney Nathe, Calvin Christian Yann, Camryn Pitts
2014-2015 Sponsors were:
Breakfast Sponsor: Bayfront Health Dade City, Shauna McKinnon
Plaque Sponsor: Jarrett Ford, Cliff Martin
Farm Bureau Insurance, Bobby Van Allen
IRStaffing, Tim Dozier
Jim Driscoll
Lee Musselmann, Broker Associate, Elite Brokers Real Estate Group, Lee Mussleman
Royal Oaks Nursing Center, Bret Martin
Saint Leo University, Eric Weekes
San Antonio Citizen Federal Credit Union, Jill Evans
Statewide Insurance, Kevin Fecteau and Mark Capes
Sunrise Rotary of Dade City, Jean Nathe and Cindy Harper
If any of our chamber members would like to donate to the education Committee; we will use these funds to
purchase additional items for the students’ bags, and or apply to supplies and awards. We will mention your
company in our monthly newsletter and in the program. Deadline is August 1st , 2015. If you have any
questions or an in-kind donation, email [email protected]
The Citizen of the Month Breakfast starts back up on September 30, 20145at Bayfront Heath Dade City,
where 12 students, chosen by their schools will be honored.
If you are interested in joining the education committee our next meeting is May 21st, 10:30am in the
Chamber Board Room.
Thank you,
Jean Nathe
Chairperson Education Committee
Saint Leo and Two Men and a Truck® Partner Again
on Movers for Moms® Program
For the second consecutive year, Saint Leo University and Two Men and a Truck® are partnering on a
community project, the Movers for Moms® program, which benefits two local women’s shelters. Items
collected during the month of April and early May will be delivered on Mother’s Day to Sunrise of Pasco
County and The Spring of Tampa Bay. Saint Leo has previously participated in this program- and a similar
project, Movers for Military®, for our homeless military veterans.
This collection drive is being supported by the Saint Leo University Social Work Club, the Office of Graduate
Admissions, Tampa Education Center (Channelside), and the Division of Student Services.
Six collection boxes have been placed in high-traffic areas at University Campus as follows:
Donald R. Tapia School of Business building lobby
Marion Bowman Activities Center lobby
Student Activities Building lobby
Student Community Center building lobby
Student Community Center building dining hall lobby
Student Apartments 5 & 6 fish tank lobby area
Sunrise of Pasco County’s wish list includes:
Pillows and pillowcases (new or used)
Bedding for twin bed (new or used)
Bath towels and washcloths
Industrial mop heads
Shower curtains, liners, and mats
Pots and pans
The Spring of Tampa has requested these items:
Pillowcases (new)
Twin sheet sets (new)
Blankets/comforters (new)
Towels and washcloths (new)
Women’s pajamas and women’s dress suits (new or used)
Women’s underwear – size XS, S, L, XL, XXL (new)
Diapers – size 4,5,6 and training pants/pull-ups
Women’s hair products and hair brushes
Hand sanitizer
Cell phones
Highlighters and permanent markers
Two-pocket folders
Thank you for your support of this collection drive. For more information about the Movers for Moms®
program, contact Eugenia Parlow of Two Men and a Truck at (813) 245-8519 or
[email protected]
Pasco Sheriff’s Office Newsletter
May has a number of designations, but the one I want to focus on is National Mental
Health Awareness. There have been a number of tragic incidences throughout our county,
region, state and country. Many of those events make us wonder why they happened and
more importantly, how they could have been prevented. Mental health awareness plays a
major part in a lot of what goes awry nowadays.
We have to be diligent as partners, parents, friends or whatever role we play in another’s
life and pick up on the things that could lead to major crises in their lives.
According to the National Institute of Health, 1 in 4 adults, or roughly 61.5 million
Americans, experience mental illness in a given year. One in 17, or about 13.6 million people, live with a serious mental
illness such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder. Those numbers were the result of a 2013 study.
Furthermore, that same study reveals about 20 percent of youth between the ages of 13 and 18 experience severe mental
disorders in a given year. Those between the ages of 8 and 15, the estimate is 13 percent.
What those numbers tell us is that any of us can be touched by a mental disorder and identifying, then treating that
disorders paramount.
There are a number of behaviors we can look for in our friends and family. Those behaviors range from suicide to
anxiety to substance abuse disorders. Here are just a few of the many warning signs we should look for when it comes to
the different conditions:
Talk of dying or killing one’s self
Feeling hopeless or trapped and having no reason to live
Feeling like a burden to others
Substance Use
Attendance at work, school, or other functions drop
Constant fights, illegeal activity or other troubles
Change in eating and sleeping habits
Sudden weight loss or gain
Slurred speech, tremors, unusual smells, and/or bloodshot eyes
Psychotic Disorders
Behavioral Disorders
Inability to pay attention
Defiant and involved in criminal activity
Again, these are only a few of the symptoms for each of the categories above. To learn more, please visit Also, The National Alliance on Mental Illness or NAMI, is another valuable resource. Anyone
in need help should call
1-800-662-HELP. Assistance can also be gained by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273TALK.
As always, thank you for your time and stay safe!
Chamber News Page 20
May 16th 2015 5:00 PM
Dade City’s Boxing Club/Order tickets in
advance by calling 352-424-2411. Pasco
County Fairgrounds 36722 SR 52,
Dade City .
2015 Chamber Scholarship
The Education Committee announces the
3 - $1,000 Scholarship Winners!
Courtney Nathe, Calvin Christian Yann &
Camryn Pitts, all from Pasco High School,
are our 3 outstanding students that will be
recognized at the Business Breakfast on
May 19th, 2015.
Photo: L-R Courtney Nathe, Calvin Christian Yann, Camryn Pitts
Photo provided by: Jean Nathe
Extravaganza @
Pioneer Florida
Museum & Village
May 2nd, 2015
For vendor applications visit website
or call 352-567-0262
Pasco Schools Eliminates 18 Standardized Tests
By Kurt S. Browning
Testing has been a hot topic during the school year and Florida’s legislative session. In an
effort to reduce some of the testing demands locally at the elementary level this year
(2014-2015), Pasco County Schools will eliminate the comprehensive performance-based
test in grades K through 5. In addition, the district will eliminate the special area tests in art,
music, and PE for grades K, 1, 3, and 4. In the specials areas, grades 2 and 5 were identified
for continued testing, because some personnel may teach only students in primary grades or only students in
intermediate grades (rather than all grades in the school).
In the content areas where tests are being eliminated, principal approved tests will be administered. A
principal approved test is one that measures the student’s mastery of standards and can be a test,
performance-based activity, observational checklist, or a combination of the three.
Some examples of what may be used for the principal approved test are: a district document such as the
progress monitoring plan checklist for science, Discovery Education, or a test designed by a team of teachers
or an individual teacher that measures the students’ attainment of the standards. Results also are used to
determine students’ report card grades. No other grade levels or assessments will be impacted this school
This adjustment has been made in concert with the Florida Legislature’s passage of House Bill 7069,
regarding testing and accountability. We thank the Legislature, especially our delegation, for listening to
districts, teachers, staff, parents, and students and for providing flexibility and relief when it comes to
assessments. We will continue to look for ways to reduce and eliminate testing at all levels.
Kurt S. Browning is Superintendent of Pasco County Schools.
List Maintenance of the Voter Registration Rolls
Florida Statutes 98.065 provides for the integrity of the electoral process by outlining acceptable methods to
maintain the list of voter registration records. In compliance with Florida Statutes, we have begun the required biennial
address list maintenance process, and for the first time, my office has been fielding calls from voters who are questioning the integrity and/or motive of the list maintenance process.
The statutes outline acceptable methods of conducting list maintenance, and one way is to compare our address
database with that of the United States Postal Service (USPS). Voters who report a new address to the USPS are
"flagged" in our database when the addresses don't match, and they are notified via postcard. Another acceptable
method we used this year was to send post cards to people who have not voted in the last two years, and have not made
any request to have their voter registration updated during that time. Voters receiving list maintenance postcards are
encouraged to respond with confirmation that the address is correct, or to respond and provide us with an address that
accurately reflects their current residence. For the first time, voters also have the option of responding online to the list
maintenance postcard from our website.
Unfortunately, no method is foolproof. Thousands of voters move and never register a new address with the USPS.
This process can also be problematic for part-time residents who have their mail forwarded during the off season but
fail to reverse the forward order once they return, or they neglect to notify our office. Too, not all voters are
"supervoters" who vote in every election.
Proactivity in maintaining your own voter registration information is your insurance of a trouble-free voting |experience
and the best assurance of accurate and current voter registration records in the statewide voter registration system. I
assure you that Registration List Maintenance is not an effort to amass more of your private information. It's about
maintaining an accurate database so that your registration is in good standing on Election Day, and my office's ability to
communicate important information such as changes in polling locations or representative districts. If you receive one
of our list maintenance postcards, I encourage you to respond via USPS or log in to Let us know
when and if you move or need to update your signature. My office stands ready to help!
Dade City’s Hometown Heroes
Community Clean-up
Photo L—R: Commissioner Shive, Rueben Rivera,
Blaine McCullough and Eric Johnston
PHS Talent Show
“Dedicated to Jordan Ivie”
May 8th 6:00 pm
We are dedicating the show to the newest
star in the sky, Jordan Ivie; without whom
this club and show would never
have come to fruition.
$5.00 donation at the door. Snacks and
drinks for sale. All proceeds to be
donated to Jordan Ivie’s family, with all
our love!
Location: Pasco High School
36850 SR 52, Dade City
June 8th-12th, 2015
Withlacoochee River Park
Sign your kids up for the Super
Natural Day Camp at Withlacoochee
River Park. Activities include woods &
water explorations, games, hikes, live
animals, arts & craft and more. This
one week camp will be held on June
8th—12th, 8am-2pm daily.
Ages 8-12. $25 per child and field trips
are included.
Call 352-521-4166 to register.
Pasco County Parks
& Recreation
Something for Everybody!
Our Vision:
Chamber News
As a Chamber
Is encouraged and
Welcomed each month!
Please email to:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Dade city Cruise-in
May 2, 2015
2-7 pm
Visit our unique shops, and bring your
appetite for dining in one of our many
great restaurants!
“to be the best resource to support our
members and attract new business”
Why Join?
Promotion of your business
~Links on our website -
the preferred conduit for
business development and tourism in our area
~Advertising Opportunities
~Sponsorship Packages
Awareness of your brand
~Multimedia program partnership
~Event participation
~FREE Ribbon Cuttings - Introduce your
business to the community
Networking with your clients
~Interaction with potential customers
~Business Breakfasts
~Chamber Mixers
~Chamber Ambassador Opportunities
~Events and Committees
Receive a credit of $25.00 for
each new member you refer!
Our Mission:
“to promote economic growth
and quality of life
in the Greater Dade City area.”
John Moors, Executive Director
Melody Floyd, Sr Administrative Assistant
Jo Uber, Administrative Assistant
Greater Dade City
Chamber of Commerce
Community Guide
and Business Directory
Announcing a Chamber partner and
business representative!
We would like to introduce Lisa Callea,
Account Executive with Heron Publishing, who
will be working on the 2015-2016 Greater
Dade City Chamber of Commerce Community
Guide and Business Directory.
Lisa has over 20 years’ experience as a business
owner. She operated “Rising Sun Cafe” for ten
years in downtown Brooksville and also
spearheaded the not for profit organization
“Love your Neighbor.” She has a passion for
helping businesses enhance their visibility,
expand their clientele base and grow revenue!
Lisa will be in the area to meet with Chamber
members to explore ways to build their
reputation among existing businesses, visitors
and newcomers, who rely on The Greater Dade
City Chamber of Commerce for information
and member referrals.
To learn more about marketing your business in
the 2015-2016 Greater Dade City Chamber of
Commerce Community Guide and Business
Directory contact Lisa Callea by cell
352-428-9275 or email [email protected]
Member Testimonials
Thank you so much John, Mel, and Jo. You all are fantastic and we are truly blessed to have such people and an organization so supportive of the
towns businesses. Thanks again!!God Bless.
Julie Buckingham, City Market Bistro
As a committed business owner, I view our Chamber vital to the Dade City business community. I want to thank the Dade City Chamber for
supporting the business community by being a leading force for numerous projects within our community. I personally want to thank them for
spearheading the co-op startup. The Chamber certainly has been a driving force for numerous events that helps keep Dade City vibrant and growing.
Debra R. Flood, Owner, The Garden of Eden Salon and Day Spa
From the point of view of a long time merchant in Dade City I support & appreciate our Chamber of Commerce for the diversity of its capabilities to
promote Dade City, & it's close partnership & support of the downtown merchants. I believe cohesive communication is the key & the Chamber
excels here.
Dale Anne Laumer, Ivy Cottage Antiques and Wines
The Greater Dade City Chamber of Commerce has been a supportive resource for my business. Within two months of joining, I made two quality
connections that may greatly impact my projected growth plans! I'm very happy to be a member of this organization that provides a variety of
opportunities to network, connect and grow.
Kellye Dash, President & CEO, The Busy Buddy
This is the BEST Chamber I have ever belonged to. Just wanted you to know.
Matt (Matthew J. Jowanna, Attorney at Law) The Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna, P.A.
Top Drawer Antiques is very happy with its Chamber membership. We have seen a dramatic improvement in joint efforts between the merchants
downtown, our former Main Street organization and the City Council. The Dade City Chamber of Commerce has increased awareness for events
including the Kumquat Festival and the Car Show. The Chamber also contributed to the Dade City billboard on I-75 along with Main Street and
several local businesses. Overall, we are pleased with the promotional work and support we receive from the chamber. John Moors is responsive to
our feedback and communicates often regarding progress on various efforts. We encourage downtown businesses to become members in the
Chamber, especially now that our Main Street organization has retired.
Kathleen Hotchkiss, Top Drawer Antiques
John, I just wanted to thank you and the Dade City Chamber for the leadership displayed over the last couple of weeks. With the announcement that
Dade City Main Street was shutting down, there was a lot of 'uneasiness' among the retail merchants. But you stepped up immediately to reassure us
all that the Chamber was more than willing to help with any gaps that might exist after the shut down. As a member for the last 16 years I am not
surprised that this show of leadership was swift and immediate. The Dade City Chamber of Commerce is the arm that reaches out for all the small
businesses that are unable to do this alone. The business climate in Dade City today is strong and vibrant and I believe the major contributor for this
success is the Dade City Chamber. Again, thanks for all you do.
Jim Hendry, A Matter of Taste
Dade City’s Chamber of Commerce has taken the initiative to work in coordination with the City of Dade City, its businesses and other
community organizations to implement plans and projects with specific, targeted goals in mind – to improve our great city, support its businesses,
and foster successful and mutually beneficial relationships.
Sheada Madani, Esquire, Johnson, Auvil & Pratico, P.A.
I just wanted to say thanks for hosting the luncheon today, lots of energy and great information. Being a serial entrepreneur, I get a little pumped up
to be in a room full of bright and energetic people. It makes me want to go and start other businesses! We look forward to getting more involved in
the community through volunteer service and by hiring more local folks as we grow. Our vision has changed from a family business to a community
business and the future is bright for our town. I look forward to seeing all of you again soon.
Shannon Ray, Advanced Telecom Systems, LLC.
Working closely with the Chamber gave us a tremendous advantage as we made important decisions about opening our business. We experienced a
highly responsive staff anytime we had questions about the local business community, and the guidance it gave was simply invaluable. The Chamber
and the City have successfully forged a unique partnership that eases the naturally arduous nature of opening a new business. The resources we found
at the Chamber gave us considerable advantage all along the way. I’d strongly urge anyone who wants to be part of the local business community
take full advantage of all the Chamber provides.
Randy Sprayberry, Kingberry Estate Finds-Dade City
We would like to thank the Greater Dade City Chamber of Commerce for assisting Entangle Media’s move into Dade City. John Moors and the
Chamber team did a great job of showcasing the city, and taking the lead role in our decision to choose Dade City. The coordination between the
Chamber, Dade City Officials, Pasco Economic Development Counsel, and Smartstart Business Incubator region is very impressive, and the key to
making our thought of relocation into a reality, in very quick time frame. Entangle Media has a very experienced team with online marketing, web
design, web development, app development and social media. We could have chosen anywhere in the region, but have been very happy about the
move to Dade city. It has been a great place to live, work, recruit employees, entertain, and for outdoor recreation. The combination of small town
living, with big city conveniences, rural rolling hills, great bike trails, and coordinated economic team should be an attractive combination for any
Mark Pinson, Entangle Media
FREE Small Business Mentoring and Seminars
SCORE is a not-for-profit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the success of small
businesses nationwide. Pasco Hernando SCORE has helped locally since 1979. We conduct yearly more
than 2500 free and confidential individual mentoring sessions. And provide over 60 FREE training and
educational seminars for small business owners yearly.
Our certified volunteer mentors offer a wide range of expertise by virtue of their education and many years
of hands-on business experience. They are trained in mentoring by our SCORE Chapter and receive
education and training materials from the National SCORE office. They must sign and adhere to a strict
Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement. Notably, we’re not academics; we’ve actually lived it!
Let us help your small business visit our web site and click on the mentoring
tab. You will be quickly assigned a mentor with the skills and background for your business. Your mentor
will meet with you to discuss your needs and develop an effective plan of action.
Pasco Hernando SCORE offers FREE seminars throughout the year at local libraries. Our seminars address
many areas of interest and concerns of small business owners. Our FREE seminars include: bank loans, how
to start a small business, business plans, using the Internet, and Quickbooks. Visit our today.
Dade City Kiwanis Club Fish Fry
Thursday May 7th 2015 4-7pm
$8 donation “Eat-In or Take-Out”
and drive thru available
Sponsored by Jarrett Ford
Location: American Legion
37735 Church Ave, Dade City
Tickets Available at:
The Greater Dade City Chamber Office
Checks only payable to Dade City Kiwanis Club
New Members
David Krummen
Absolute Commercial Cleaning LLC
SR 52 Suite 211
Dade City, FL 33525
Cleaning/Janitorial Services
Cherry Norris
Andy Norris Painting Inc & Lawn Care
17011 Spring Valley Road
Dade City, FL 33523
Custom Painting/Landscape/Lawn
Pastor Stacey Carpenter
Grace Baptist Church
10011 US Hwy 301
Dade City, FL 33525
Referred by: Zephyrhills Chamber
Jodi Perez & Kay Desvilles
Independent Financial Services
20635 Amberfield Drive Suite 102
Land O Lakes, FL 34638
Financial Services & Planning
Referred by: John Moors
Roger Levesque Jr.
R & L Little Red Barn
14245 7th Street
Dade City, FL 33523
New/Used Furniture/Antiques & More
Referred by : Margaret Angell
Tice Ridley
The Circle of Veterans & Families
19717 Bower Road
Dade City, FL 33523
Clubs & Organizations
Referred by: Meridian Counseling
Leah Turner
Turner time Consulting
12546 Fort King Road
Dade City, FL 33525
Marketing/Business Consulting & Training
Referred by: Bob Hatfield/Penny Morrill
L-R Mary & Angelo Hugh Embry Library,
Bob Hatfield Rotary President
We were amazed at how many
programs our local library offers plus
the wealth of resources. They are lucky
to have a special group, “Friends of the
Library” that helps to fund programs,
new signage and bright colored tables
for the children’s section. Sunrise Rotary
supports literacy and supplies books to
local schools, is a sponsor of the
Chamber Citizen of the Month and
Scholarship program.
May 21st, 2015
5:00—7:00 PM
The Youth of Ridge Manor United
Methodist Church are having a
“spaghetti feast”. The donation is
$7.00 for adults, $5.00 for kids 5 yrs
and older and under 5 FREE. Max
donation for large family is $25.00.
Includes spaghetti with meat sauce or
plain, salad, desert and beverage.
Take-out available. Funds raised are
for Christian Camping for the
upcoming year. Dinner to be held at
Fellowship Hall 34350 Cortez Blvd (SR
50). For more info call 352-583-3770.
30th Annual Joe Kiefer Golf Tournament
held at Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club
Friday, April 10, 2015, 1:00 pm
*** Thank you for supporting this event***
Title Sponsor: Florida Hospital Zephyrhills
Platinum Sponsors
Bayfront Health Dade City • Jarrett Ford • Keiser University • Royal Oak Nursing Center
• Simpson Environmental Services, Inc. • Beef O’Brady’s-Dade City & The Brass Tap Dade City
• State Farm Insurance “Baldy Boyd”, Agent
Gold Sponsors
• Auto Body Express • CenterState Bank • Florida Medical Clinic • First National Bank of Pasco
• Saint Leo University • Tampa Electric Company • San Antonio Lumber Company • San Antonio
Citizens Federal Credit Union • Upstream Office Solutions
Team Sponsors
• Florida Hospital Zephyrhills (2 Teams) • Jarrett Ford • Bayfront Health Dade City • Keiser
University • CenterState Bank • Beef O’Brady’s-Dade City & The Brass Tap-Dade City • Royal Oak
Nursing Center • Simpson Environmental Services, Inc. •State Farm Insurance “Baldy Boyd”, Agent
• Central Bank • Tampa Electric Company • Pam Abraham & Friends • Tampa Type/Print, Inc.
• San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union • Jason Sasser & Friends • Farm Bureau Insurance-Pasco
County • Adam Kiefer & Friends • Kafe Kokopelli • Monk, Orr & Cross Team
Diamond Sponsors
Florida Hospital Zephyrhills
A great way to package all of your
advertising, and partnering sponsorships
for the Chamber all together.
Want more information, please call
Melody Floyd at 352-567-3769
The Greater Dade City Chamber of Commerce
14112 8th Street
Dade City, FL 33525
The Chamber wants to thank our
Members for your continued support.
Proud Sponsor of the May 19th 2015
The Greater Dade City Chamber Business Breakfast
Bayfront Health Dade City
13100 Fort King Road, Dade City 33525
Suite 108
7:00 am Networking
7:30 am Breakfast
Guest Speaker: Representative of Pasco County Sheriff Department
Special Presentation: Pasco Education Foundation Scholarship Winners
Courtney Nathe
Calvin Christian Yann
Camryn Pitts
Breakfast: $5.00 per person
50/50 Available for purchase ($1.00 each or 6 for $5.00)
PLEASE RSVP if attending: [email protected] 352-567-3769
Are You Using Your Discount Card???
Chamber Member to Member Discount Program
Support Your Fellow Chamber Members while Saving $$$$$$
3A Home Repair
39412 Rusbe Drive
Zephyrhills, FL 33540
10% off pressure washing, home
repairs/services. FREE Estimates
Absolute Air Systems, Inc.
37325 Kossik Road
Zephyrhills, FL 33541
10% off military, seniors and first time
customer. FREE Estimates
Albert Wooten’s Well Drilling
& Septic Tank Installation, Inc.
PO Box 323
Trilby, FL 33593
$10.00 off Septic Tank Cleaning Service
All-Tech Air & Filtration, LLC
38225 12th Street, Suite A
Zephyrhills, FL 33542
$20.00 off next SMA or Service (only).
Bottom Line Accounting & Tax
Services, Inc.
FREE Review of business to give a quote
for services. 10% for business &
personal income tax preparation.
Burtons Booth
Please call or email for all product
information and orders.
[email protected]
10% off all purchases over $25.00
Continued on Reverse…
Campus Gear
32745 SR 52
San Antonio, FL 33579
[email protected]
10% off w/Student, Faculty, Staff
ID, or Valid Chamber Membership Card
Carriage Trade Dry Cleaners
38220 Howard Avenue
Dade City, FL 33525
10 % off All Dry Cleaning
Chris’ A/C Company
12232 US Hwy 301
Dade City, FL 33525
$5.00 off service call/service
Critter Creations, Inc
17231 Bellamy Bros Blvd
San Antonio, FL 33576
10% off new customers first order
(excluding artwork)
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
2653 Bruce B Downs Blvd Suite 101
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
10% off your next catering order
Dog-Mania & Cats and By Design
14012 7th Street, Suite 2 & 4
Dade City, FL 33525
15% off all Dog-Mania & Cats
by Design purchases. Pet boutique
items or custom embroidery &
personalized photo item.
Updated 4/7/15
Emerald Inspection Service, LLC.
PO Box 1637
Dade City, FL 33526
$25 off any inspection service
(one discount per home)
First National Bank of Pasco
13315 US Hwy 301
Dade City, FL 33525
$100 to Chamber Members that open a
new business transaction account.
Account must be open 90 days and in
good standings and have a daily
balance of $2,500 or more to receive
Garden of Eden Salon & Spa
14220 8th Street #103
Dade City, FL 33523
20% off on all massages, pedicures,
manicures, body & face treatments
Gear Spinners
1048 Kennewick Court
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
20% off Anti-Virus Software Yearly
Subscription (Regular price $39 per
computer) Ask about bulk discounts.
Hampton Inn Dade City/Zephyrhills
13215 US Hwy 301
Dade City, FL 33525
15% off room rack rates
Expires: 12/31/15
Integrity Resources-Delivery,
Hauling, Lark
8836 Gall Blvd
Zephyrhills, FL 33541
10% off window price on sheds
Imagine Solutions Group
12630 Curley Street Suite 101
San Antonio, FL 33576
FREE Consultation and 20% off 1st
month’s service with a signed contract.
I R Staffing
8836 Gall Blvd
Zephyrhills, FL 33541
4 hours of billing off your first staffing
Meridian Counseling Center
38108 Meridian Ave
Dade City, FL 33525
20% off products or services for up to
one month
Microtel Inn & Suites Zephyrhills
7839 Gall Blvd
Zephyrhills, FL 33541
10% off room rack rates
Nosnaws Corp DBA IHOP 36-192
13100 US Hwy 301
Dade City, FL 33525
20% discount for Chamber Members
Pamper Yourself Massage Therapy
15% off of a One Hour Massage
Pioneer Florida Museum & Village
15602 Pioneer Museum Road
Dade City, FL 33523
10% off annual membership
Riesdorph Reporting Group, Inc
201 E Kennedy Blvd., Suite 712
Tampa, FL 33602
10% discount off attendance and
transcript fees for depositions
Sacred Heart Early Childhood
Learning Center
32245 St. Joe Road
Dade City, FL 33525
50% off registration ($30 Value)
Saint Anthony Catholic SchoolCatholic School System-DOSP, Inc.
32902 Saint Anthony Way
San Antonio, FL 33576
$50.00 off application fee for
new student
Sam’s Club
27727 SR 56
Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
$10 gift card for New/Renewal of Basic
Savings Membership or Basic Business
$25 gift card for New/Renewal of Plus
Spivey Karate
12240 S Hwy 301
Dade City, FL 33525
½ OFF any program offered to chamber
Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club
10641 Old Tampa Bay Drive
San Antonio, FL 33576
Purchase One Green Fee, Get Second
The “T” Zone
12425 Leanne Drive
Dade City, FL 33525
FREE Graphic design (1 per customer
per order) and no set up fees. 5% off
orders of $75 or more