Northeast Wisconsin Beat the Heat Student Racing

Northeast Wisconsin
Beat the Heat
Student Racing
This program has given students
the opportunity to race legally
on Friday nights since 1993.
Our Friday night venue will be running with the Wisconsin International Raceway Real
Street racers on the following race dates (4-10PM):
May 1st
June 5th
July 10th
August 14th
September 25th
October 2nd
Student racing is open to any individual that possesses:
 a valid student ID (high school, tech college, or university)
 a valid driver's license
 helmet (can be rented at track)
 a vehicle capable of passing tech inspection (a car or truck that's street legal
should pass inspection)
 $20
o Racers don't need to be part of a school organization to compete - just
show up.
o Racers under 18 must have a parental waiver signed & notarized.
o The race format is two timed runs, then a 5-run round robin competition,
and a run-off if there's a tie at the end.
o A ten second monster isn't necessary to compete - just a driver & car that
will make consistent passes.
o Plenty of racing for $20.
If you want to make a pass with your car and don't want to (or can't) Student Race, you
can Real Street race for $25 - where "grudge" racing is encouraged.