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60/- LIGHT • FREE • Issue 71a
Gaydar Life
Direct Action
The Gay Scene
in Aberdeen
& Glasgow
Direct Action!
...the person is political
2006 has brought about many favourable changes in law
for the lesbian and gay community. However if you check
the ‘small print’, it’s clear to see that the Scottish
Parliament is still as homophobic as ever and their
small efforts to ‘placate’ us
just aren’t going to cut it.
Jodie Fleming
E-mail: [email protected]
In the first of a series of opinion
pieces, Jodie Fleming delves into
the gritty underbelly of Scottish
queer politics.
This month:
Hate Crime
The Adoption Bill
Right Wing Christians
& Unfriendly Fire Fighters
Take the issue of hate crime.
In England, Wales and
Northern Ireland, judges
have to take into account the
hate motive of crimes committed on grounds of sexual
identity or disability when
sentencing perpetrators of
hate crimes. It was suggested to the Scottish Executive
that this legislation should be introduced in Scots law, but
in June this year the proposal was rejected outright. What
sort of message does this send, not only to the victims
and families of these pointless crimes, but to the perpetrators and society in general?
It’s not as if hate crimes
motivated by homophobia
or transphobia aren’t relevant. The Gay Police
Association exposed a 75%
increase in homophobic
hate crimes, and startlingly
many of these were committed by religious extremists.
The world went crazy when al-Qa’eda committed atrocities in the name of religion yet people harbour the same
hate in this country in the name of religion and we can’t
even get legislation introduced that acknowledges that
fact. When the Gay Police
Association attempted to
highlight this issue via an
advert showing The Bible
with a pool of blood and the
slogan ‘In The Name Of The
Father’, they received thousands of complaints and
even death threats. OK, it’s a
shock tactic but it’s the undeniable truth and surely I’m
not the only one suffocated
by the stench of irony in the
reply to this advert - a letter
which read “Be on notice that
your days left on this earth
are limited… Homosexuals
everywhere will tremble at
this powerful message and
repent of their perverted
lives.” Whatever! Yet again
their anti-gay poison is ‘freedom of speech’ but our
speaking out against murderinducing homophobia is a
crime against their faith!
The Presbyterian church are apparently ‘outraged’ by
anonymous anti-gay hate mail sent to hundreds of their
Parishes. It comes as the Church prepares to vote on
excluding homosexual ministers. It’s
laughable that these people and organizations profess to represent a God of
love, tolerance and inclusion yet weekly
they condemn gay people in the
strongest manner.
Take recent comments by the Catholic
Archbishop of Glasgow, Mario Conti. He
defended the right to discriminate
against gay people by expressing his
backing of 9 firefighters who refused to
hand out safety literature at Pride Scotia
this year. Part of their job is to “work
with communities to make fire prevention a shared priority”. As long as you’re
heterosexual it would appear! 9 Cowcaddens firefighters
refused to participate quoting ‘religious and moral’ objections. Comments were made about them being scared
they’d be ‘groped’ and harassed! (a) their stall was next to
Strathclyde Police who I’m
sure would be adequate in
providing protection from
the hedonistic masses;
and (b) …. Get them! How
conceited! I’m sure they
wouldn’t object to attending a wedding fayre on the
grounds that hordes of
horny hens would objectify
them. They had a duty to
provide a service to the
whole community without discrimination and aren’t entitled to let pathetic bigotry excuse them from this.
Fortunately their employers agreed with this sentiment
and not only were they disciplined, but their manager was
demoted with a wage cut and they were all ordered to
undergo diversity training.
So we spy a kind of hope on the rainbow coloured brick
road to equality. Praise where it’s due, Stage 1 of the
Adoption Bill has now been passed by the Scottish
Parliament. Under previous 1978 legislation, only married
couples could jointly adopt. In the case of couples in
same-sex relationships or unmarried heterosexual couples, only one parent could legally adopt and their partner
would have no legal entitlement to the child. This new bill
now allows that a child can be jointly adopted by co-habiting couples whether same-sex or heterosexual. Step-parents or partners co-habitating will be able to adopt their
partner’s child, giving the child two legal parents. This is
progress indeed, moving swiftly away from the debris of
clause 28 with its staid notions of gay families as ‘pretend
family units’.
There are still 2 more stages of the Adoption Bill to pass,
and evidence suggests to us cynics that Parliament is
selective about the equality they choose to bestow upon
us. Reading the small print and listening to what these
people don’t say demonstrates that although it’s a long,
slow road to change the law, it’s an even longer, arduous
journey to change people’s minds.
Stage 1 of the Adoption Bill passed in September
For advice on Civil Partnership, Wills, Powers
of Attorney, House Purchase and Sale and
winding up the affairs of a loved one, call
Donald Reid.
19 Torphichen Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8HX
Tel: 0131-228 2828
Fax: 0131-228 2861
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Address:
Gaydar Life the point
realised that to be gay and at a certain age, the work rate
to keep the pounds at bay increases by 200% - a plain
chocolate digestive!
Charlie Ross
E-mail: [email protected]
It’s become a regular routine. I come home, walk up the
stairs to my flat, slowing down and maybe even checking
my laces as I pass the door of the cute guy who has
moved in two floors down, just in case he pops out at that
moment and I can hopefully improve on the first time we
met. In my head I said “Hey, welcome to the building,
never see anyone in here but I’m Charlie and live on the
top floor. Say hi anytime” with a big yet casual smile.
Sadly all my mouth did was drop to my chest and I’m
pretty sure a small piece of drool dropped onto my chin!
I open my front door, get momentarily excited by the mail
on my floor, realise it’s all shit, shit and more shit, drop
my bag in my room, head into the living room to switch
on my computer and use the booting up time to change.
I flip on the kettle, make a cup of tea and treat myself to
the one indulgence I allow myself since I turned 30 and
My laptop - incidentally my only loyal and true companion
at the moment – has finally updated all the recommended
security updates and MSN Messenger has popped open.
I don’t talk to anyone. I have 42 contacts but have blocked
36 of them. The other six are out of my time zone at the
moment! Naturally I have no E-mails. I open up my other
E-mail account, I have eight emails, naturally, they’re all
junk. I’m actually quite happy with the size of my penis,
why do so many people in the world of electronic mail
want me to make it bigger? I check into the statutory
Fitlads, MySpace, Bebo, Profile Heaven and Gaydar.
Gaydar has become the staple diet of every gay man in the
country. There is, of course, Gaydar Girls, but I’m sure
any self respecting lesbian has much more interesting
things to do with their time than us loser guys. I click on
to the login, wait and my heart rate increases, I wait for
the small blobby noise that signifies a message, the
screen goes white and then the page kicks in. Blob-blobblo-blo!! I have a message! I strike open to see which six
foot shit hot sharp shooter has spotted me and wants to
experience a bit of the Charlie lovin’. Alas it is a service
message. In desperation I do a search to view tracks to
see who has looked at my profile. It’s generally the same
five guys who look at it every day but never actually message me. Can you believe it? I have the most passive and
polite cyber stalkers in history! So that is me. Logged on,
and the logout button aint looking that enticing. I’m
hooked. Have I found sex online? Yes. Has it been the best
most amazing experience of my life? Don’t be silly. Have
I found a boyfriend online? Don’t be really silly. But yet,
there I am, locked in. Maybe this is it. I don’t smoke, don’t
do drugs, like a weekend drink, so maybe this is my fix.
My line of Charlie. And
that’s just what I don’t have
on Gaydar - a good line.
I go into chat. The chat
room is of course empty.
They’re all in the cruising
room, “pretending” to not
be shallow, but you know
why you’re there. The
“Chatters” will flower it up,
communing in the main
room about Kylie, bitching
about last night in Bennets
or The Polo or laughing at
anyone over 25 who has the
audacity to be that old and
still want sex. The
“Chatters” will continue in
the main room with the pretence that they’re not after
quick meets, but we all
know better. Occasionally
the window opens and there
they are. “How big are you
mate?” What an opening.
And that’s my problem; I
don’t have a good opening
line. I normally go for the
“Alrite mate” or “Hey pal”
trying to reinforce the
image of a right lad that you
might admire at a bus stop
chatting with his mates. But
as for anything witty,
urbane or even remotely
original, I’m lost. And I’m a
writer for heaven’s sake!
Then there is the next gang.
The “Cockpics”. Amazing
that so many people just
can’t seem to find a picture
of their face on the huge
hard drive in front of them.
Extraordinary that their digital cameras and fourth generation camphones all
broke down at the same
time. But yes, luckily for
me, they did manage to get
sixteen pictures of their dick from twelve different angles
before their technological photographic devices so tragically failed them. “But I am good looking mate….honest!”
Now, I cannot lie. I’ve tried to take a picture of my penis,
but I just end up laughing. And by the time I’ve calmed
down it’s gone for a little nap again. So, no joy there! Of
course some people have lost use of all photo implements
before they managed to get any pictures! Now I know that
some people have to be discrete and therefore caution is,
quite rightly, advised. Policemen, teacher, politicians and
celebrities – well I live in hope that the 5’8”, defined,
straight acting, muscular, sporty lad who I want to come
round might just be Joe Cole. Alas, no. In fact, I’d have
been happier with Natalie Cole! - let’s be honest, that
applies to about 5% of the many, many, many users of
this site who have no photos whatsoever. Sorry to tell
you, but you’re not that important. And if anyone does see
you on Gaydar then you got to ask them, why were they
there in the first bloody place! So yeah the “Cockpics” and
the “Naepics” (gang number three) are to body swerved.
Then there’s the language. Honesty is not the best policy.
Desired age range is the pisser. I totally understand and
respect people who want to go out with people their own
age, or with someone younger, older, whatever. But this
has got silly, and a little venomous. You young things…
leave old guys alone! So what they look at your profile,
and big deal some may chat to you and chance their arm.
Be flattered! You are capable of politely declining- no need
for abuse. I’m sorry I keep forgetting that every Gaydar
user under 23 has made a deal with God and is going to
stay that age forever, but some of us didn’t sell our souls
and we’re happy to grow up. Leave us be! But the age
ranges, oh the age ranges. This is how it works. Looking
for guys 18-21. Fine. That’s good, nice and honest,
respect that – well as long as you’re 18-21 yourself and
not 63, then that might be a bit dodgy. But it’s the 18-30
I’m wary of. They generally want 18-21 but don’t want to
appear shallow! I even saw one that said 18 -18! My God
not much room to move there eh? And here is the crux, I
would love, I mean really LOVE to be there if ever the 32
year old David Beckham or the 43 year old Brad Pitt ever
came onto these guys and just as they were moving in for
the kill, I’d interject with a printout of their Gaydar profile
pointing out the age range! I mean it’s there. In black and
white. Virtually a contract! Age ranges are fine, and go for
whoever you want, but don’t vilify others just because the
years have gone by. And don’t limit yourself either. You
never know who’s out there!
Other interesting language. Average body. Well, do I really need to explain that one? Into football. Means they like
guys who wear shorts and Chelsea tops, they ain’t that
interested in the nuances of the offside rule and probably
couldn’t tell you who Joe Cole plays for!
The Lists of Given Information
Orientation: Bisexual. I’m perfectly willing to believe there
are some out there but let’s be honest lads, we all know
that bisexual sounds more sexy, so the more hopeful of
you will put that in, regardless of how long it’s been since
you’ve seen a vagina. Or indeed if you ever have!
Role: Top, bottom, whatever, just make sure if you put
versatile it doesn’t mean your actually a top and only
reveal this when you get your Gaydar snatch into bed.
Dick Size: Ahem. Do me a favour!
And the last and truly most indulgent, hypocritical, want
their big icing topped cake and eat it group. The
“Couples”. “I have a boyfriend, I’m just looking for
friends!” Well fuck off and spend more time with your
boyfriend, your relationship could do with you not spending every goddam hour on Gaydar and, come on, get out
and make some real friends, the old fashioned way!
It’s good to have a hobby. Everyone should, but the internet as a whole has put paid to that, and like anything in
life, can and should be used in moderation. I think I’m
about to do what I do every six months or so, press that
old “Delete” button for my profile and keep away. Only, I
know what’s going to happen. Another few months down
the line, I’ll be back. Re-invented Madonna-style with a
new name and profile, and so the cycle goes on. But as far
as Gaydar is concerned, this is one area of my life I’ll be
forever happy to remain one way. Well and truly cynical.
Check out Glasgay! on page 14
Well, here we all are again. I should start with the news
that Revolver is up for sale. If you would like to own one
of the most successful gay bars in Glasgow - that went up
against the big boys on the scene and won by filling a gap
in the market that no one else saw - give them a call. I’m
told that the quiz on Sat is safe, as is the Bears night on
the first Fri of every month.
I have heard a rumour that XXL might be looking for
premises in Glasgow! As I’m sure you are all very aware
this is one of the most successful of all the club nights for
‘real men.’ The night is very like our own Burly.
Criz Nikalis
E-mail: [email protected]
80-90 Glassford St. Tel: 0141-552
5761. Sun, Wed-Thu 11.30pm-3am,
Fri-Sat 11.30pm-3.30am. Scotland's
oldest gay disco.
E-mail: [email protected]
The Arches, 30 Midland Street.
Infoline: 07930 357401. 10.30pm3am - entry after 1am at the discretion of the promoters. First Fri of
each month. Next events: Fri 6th Oct
(Fantastic 4th Birthday Party), Fri 3rd
Nov (House of Horrors - Glasgay
event £10/£12), Fri 1st Dec
(Christmas Chaos). DJs Raymo.
Designed to be cruisy. £8/£10.
E-mail: [email protected]
350 Sauchiehall Street. Tel: 0141352 4900. Fax: 0141-332 3226. Café
Tel: 0141-332 7959. Box Office: Mon
9am-5pm, Tue-Sat 9am-10pm.
Gallery: Tue-Sat 11am-6pm. Café:
Tue-Thu 9am-11pm, Fri-Sat 9amMidnight. Bar: Tue-Wed Noon-11pm,
Thu Noon-Midnight, Fri-Sat Noon1am. The Centre for Contemporary
Arts. 6 performance & exhibition
spaces, Café/Bar.
E-mail: [email protected]
45 Virginia St. Tel/Fax: 0141-553
2666. Sun 12.30-6.30pm, Mon-Sat
10.30am-7pm. Clothes, videos,
magazines, toys.
E-mail: [email protected]
1-3 Bridge Street. Tel: 0845 4562310
or 0141-429 5764. Sun-Thu Noon11pm, Fri Noon-Midnight. Sat Noon4am. Glasgow's largest licenced
sauna & gym for gay and bi men set
over three floors. Entry from £9. Free
Sunday breakfasts.
E-mail: [email protected]
69 Hutcheson Street. Tel: 0141-552
2463. Sun 12.30pm-Midnight, MonSat 9am-Midnight. Recently refurbished intimate bar beside former
Sheriff Court. Straight until midevening.
34 & 44 Queen Street. Tel: 0141-226
8990. Mon-Tue 11.30pm-3am. Mon:
[email protected] with DJ Shawn
Roberts. Tue: [email protected] with
DJ Shazza Halliwell. Various drinks
promos. Entry £3.
E-mail: [email protected]
Unit 3, King's Court, 107 King Street.
Tel: 0141-553 0942. Sun Noon5.30pm, Mon-Sat 10am-6pm.
Alternative clothing specialising in
E-mail: [email protected]
68 Virginia Street. Tel: 0141-552
4803. Noon-Midnight. "Glasgow's
biggest Gay bar". DJs nightly from
9pm. Thu: Quiz. Sun: Karaoke.
E-mail: [email protected]
5-10 Metropole Lane. Tel: 0141-552
5502. Mon-Sun Noon-3am.
Glasgow's Men's Health and Leisure
Club. With 200+ lockers, 25 man spa
pool, 20 man steam room, 20 man
dry sauna, 14 rest rooms, sling
room, tea & coffee bar, free internet
access and TV lounge. Entry £12
(£10 concession), after 1.30am FriSat £8.
11 Dixon Street. Tel: 0141-226 5050.
Sun 1pm-Midnight, Mon-Sat 11amMidnight. Full breakfast always
available. Home cooking. Friendly
and busy! Evening entertainment
11 Dixon Street. Tel/Fax: 0141-221
7203. Sun 1pm-Midnight, Mon-Sat
11am-Midnight. Welcomes lesbians,
gay men, bisexuals and transgendered. Services include: Café Bar,
Info Box, Health Info, Interest
Groups, Free Newspapers, Diary of
Events, Reading Room, Garden of
Reflection, Function space for hire
and innovative Art Gallery. Houses
18 user groups and organisations.
Fully wheelchair accessible venue.
E-mail: [email protected]
60 Robertson Street Lane (off Argyle
Street). Irregular hours. Sauna with
private cabins. Not very busy.
20 Candleriggs. Tel: 0141-564 1285.
Sun 12.30pm-Midnight, Mon-Fri
4pm-Midnight, Sat Noon-Midnight.
Upmarket bar in the heart of the
Merchant City. Regular cabaret,
karaoke and disco.
58 Virginia Street. Tel: 0141-553
2553. Mon-Thu 5pm-1am, Fri-Sun
5pm-3am. Fashionable pub/club.
84 Wilson Street. Tel: 0141-553
1221. Mon-Thu 5pm-1am, Fri-Sun
5pm-3am. Long established
pub/club. Young crowd. Polo Club
(downstairs dancefloor) open FriSun, £5 after 11pm.
E-mail: [email protected]
87-91 Saltmarket. Tel/Fax: 0141-552
7575. Text: 07762 722460. Mon-Sat
11am-5pm. Glasgay's year-round
gallery dedicated to queer art and
artists. The Stud!o is an adjacent
performance/research/workshop and
holistic arts space.
E-mail: [email protected]
3rd Floor, 27 Union Street. Tel: 0141221 0415. Noon-9pm. Established
gay sauna. Fully licensed by
Glasgow City Council. Entry £8.50
(until 2pm), £10 thereafter.
E-mail: [email protected]
Delmomica’s is still doing its quiz on a Thu night with
John as well as Karaoke on Sun with John and Lee.
The LGBT Centre is offering meditation classes, some of
us do need to chill, these are run by the Buddhist Centre,
places are limited so give the Centre a call for more
6a John Street. Tel: 0141-553 2456.
Mon-Fri Noon-Midnight, Sat-Sun
1pm-Midnight. A refreshing antidote
to the current gay scene. Pool table,
state of the art free jukebox (with
over 8,000 tracks on it), reasonably
priced drinks, good quality service,
no karaoke.
308 Argyle Street. Tel: 0141-572
1017. Fax: 0141-221 0959. Sun
Noon-5pm, Mon-Sat 10am-6pm.
Clothes and toys catering for gay,
transvestite and fetish tastes. Larger
sizes stocked.
Chisholm Street. Tel: 0141-552 8587.
Fax: 0141-552 6657. Sun 11am-Late,
Mon-Sat 10am-Late. Friendly theatre
bar. Mixed. Good food.
The Tron has a wonderful exhibit of photography covering its history over the past years. At The Arches
there is the exhibit of Jannica Honey’s work Manniskor.
This award-winning photographer is attempting to find
the ‘real’ in her images, driven by her interest in people, she peals away the fake visual culture to revel the
true image. Jannica is originally from Stockholm but
has lived here in Scotland for eight years. It’s well
worth a look and is on till the 31st Oct. The Arches are
still looking for artists. They can be from any discipline
so long as the work is keeping with its innovative
approach to the space, no I don’t think the pics taken
in the dunes of the Grand Canaria counts nor do the cat
pictures on your mobile. I’m sure there are artists out
there just waiting to be discovered. The Arches has
done well with its wide spectrum of art. It does liven up
your coffee!
The GFT has been hosting Women on Screen each
Mon with All About My Mother on the 25th Sep. John
Binnie will be hosting a discussion about four women
in particular as well as Women in Film in general on the
2nd of October. If you have never seen the playwright
and director that in John Binnie I strongly suggest that
you attend. Mr Binnie is one of those rare things today,
a humble man who has no right to be! I have seen the
plays of Clyde Unity all my life and it his talent never
seems to stop taken my breath away. John was even
involved in Glasgow’s first arts festival Outward Gaze
when he ran a workshop in the puppet theatre in the
Westend. I must say that I do find it hard to hide my
affection for someone who would never tell you himself
how good he is.
Well, that’s all that I have heard, seen, been told and
had screamed at me! Till our next merry meeting...
Jannica Honey is exhibiting at The Arches. For more go to
84 Mitchell Street. Tel: 0141-204
1000. Wed 11.30pm-3am. Allure
with DJ Darren. Entry £3.
E-mail: [email protected]
The Riverside Club, Fox Street. Tel:
0141-248 3144. 10.30pm-3am. First
Sat of each month. Next date: Sat 7th
Oct. Glasgow's only alternative queer
night in Glasgow that sticks two fingers up at the mainstream scene.
E-mail: [email protected]
157-159 Bridgegait. Tel: 0141-552
6040. Sun 12.30pm-Midnight, MonSat 11am-Midnight. Basically
straight, but justly popular with
Glasgow's many Real Ale queens and
dykes. Convenient for the Citizens
PO Box 808, Glasgow. G71 7YN.
Violate Club Line: 09099 108174
(60p per min at all times) or 07939
723387. BDSM and general pervery.
Operates in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Runs regular clubs at the Big Joint in
South Street, Glasgow on the first
Sat of each month.
Also holds special one off clubs
called UltraViolate roughly every 3
E-mail: [email protected]
214 Bath Street. Tel: 0141-332 3502.
4pm-1am. Gay friendly Bar Diner &
Restaurant, with live music, gallery,
comedy & film. Inspired by the work
of Andy Warhol and the Factory(s).
"Making money is art, and working is
art and good business is the best
306 Argyle Street. Tel: 0141-229
5891. Sun 12.30pm-Midnight, MonSat Noon-Midnight. Semper idem!
Popular, crowded, down to earth
drinking shop. Scotland's oldest gay
bar - what more can we say? Busy,
busy, busy! Awarded the Beti Hutton
seal of approval.
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Enjoy the nightlife?
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dùn deagh
Beth Robinson
E-mail: [email protected]
By now all you new students should be bored of
the union and looking for somewhere else to go,
nothing against the union but it does have a tendency to be quite ‘hetero’, and by now you’re all
probably dying for some ‘girl on girl’ or ‘boy on
boy’ action. Well you’re all in luck, there has
never been a better time to be gay and in
Dundee. The scene has seen some major
changes over the last months and we finally
have pubs and clubs and even a café that we can
be proud to be seen in.
GAUGER is coming to the end of its refurbishment
(Sarah Beeny eat you heart out!!), with just the
‘dark side’ needing to be completed. The refurbishment has had a big impact on its trade and it is a
lot busier, and has a much better feel to it. Ross
still provides the weekend music (from his spanking new DJ booth) every Friday and Saturday
night. When I was in, the bar staff were unsure
what was happening with the quiz as the person
who used to organise it has stepped down, The
Gauger quiz was always a good night so I am sure
that it will be up and running again as soon as they
find someone to take over. Joyce has put in Sky TV
so you can now go and watch football in there, an
ideal way to while away your Saturday afternoons.
The big event in October for The Gauger will be
their annual Hallowe’en Party and it will be fancy
dress all the way. The only question is which of the
bar men is going to step up to the challenge and
take over the departed Ian’s role as queen of drag.
BROOKLYN’S has been taken over, and boy what a
difference it has made. Those who are scene goers
will either know or know of Kerry, no doubt she
has served you over the years either in Brooklyn’s
or the club (and even in Charlie’s). So finally
someone has taken over who knows what people
want. The first thing you notice is the brand spanking new rainbow flag hanging proudly outside (the
old one had deffinitely seen better days) and the
refurbishment looks fantastic. The two rooms have
been made into one and the bright colours make it
look less like a departure lounge and more like a
pub. She is determined to get away from the idea
of Brooklyn’s being a lesbian bar and turn it into a
successful “come one come all” gay bar. She is
catering for everyone, only last month Brooklyn’s
was host to a male stripper which went down a
storm. So what’s new, well firstly Brooklyn’s is
now open from 3pm to 12pm every night, with free
pool between 3 and 7 to encourage the day time
crowd, Kerry has put drinks promotions on every
night. Karaoke is on every Wed, Fri and Sun with a
DJ on a Sat night. The DJ will vary but includes
drag acts throughout the month. Oct main event
will be Hallowe’en, Kerry is coming together with
Dean from the Club to put on a major party. They
are still working out the details, but fancy dress
and lots of alcohol will be involved!!!
OUT has also been taken over, DJ Dean is now
Manager Dean. The first thing I want to clear up is
the name (not that it’s that important; everyone
calls it “the club”!!), Dean has decided that the club
will go back to OUT, a lot of people associate
Liberties with the way things used to be and Dean
is trying his hardest to turn things round. The club
is open 5 nights a week, Wedt o Sun, 11pm till
2.30am. He wants the club to be friendly and welcoming to everyone and Dean’s door policy is
“your attitude and smile are more important than
what you wear”. OUT is getting busier, and should
get even more so as the students tear themselves
away from the union, (there is a student discount,
so just show you student ID at the door). Like
upstairs there are plenty of deals on that will be
changing regularly, so just ask at the bar. OUT also
has a new DJ on a Thu, I don’t know much about
him to be honest, which gives me an excuse to go
out for a drink or ten mid week. Jamie is still providing the music on a Fri and Sun, and Dean isn’t
forgetting his roots and will be on the decks every
Thu and Sat.
ROASTERS COFFEE SHOP on the Perth Road has
come into its own since the students have come
back, but Stephan wants to get as many of you
Dundee scene goers in as soon as possible.
Although small it’s a really nice wee shop that sells
great coffee, sandwiches and cakes, ideal for the
morning after the night before. So to get you guys
interested he is offering a 15% discount when you
mention ScotsGay. Roasters is open 7 days a week
8 till late. Stephan is also welcoming any societies
or organisations that want to use the café in the
evenings - ideal for meetings or small socials away
from the pubs. For more information just drop in
and see him. He also wants to start an open
mic/jam night, so call in if you want to
help out in any way.
DIVERSITAY is Dundee’s only LGBT
organisation, its main function being
its help line, open 7 till 9 every Mon
night. They can help you with any type
of problem you may be having from
information, to coming out problems
to family problems, pretty much any
gay problem!!! They also hold an ice
breaker/social evening. Oct’s will be on
the 18th in Braes on the Perth Road,
from 8.30pm onwards. Someone in
the group will be wearing a Diversitay
T-Shirt and the bar staff will be able to
point you in the right direction. This is
an ideal first step for those either just
coming out, just moved to the area or
just new to the scene.
dedicated to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual
and Transgender students of Abertay
University and warmly welcomes students from The University of Dundee.
They exist for a variety of reasons.
First and foremost they are a social
society, in other words, up for a drink
and a laugh. They hope to organise a
variety of social events each year within, and also out with, Dundee.
Whether you’re a fresher or a student
who has been studying for a few years,
everyone is welcome to come along to
the meetings. They meet every Mon
evening at 6pm, based within the
Cinema on Level 3 of Abertay Union.
Their first event is Sat 7th Oct at the
Lounge Bar in Abertay Union, the
Gauger for a few drinks, then on to
Brooklyn’s for a few more drinks and
for those that are still standing, onto
club OUT for the duration of the night.
For you non-students, it’s an ideal time
to go on the pull!! For more details
watch this space ,or visit the website at
brand new
rainbow flag.
OUR STORY SCOTLAND makes its final appearance in Dundee before its grand finale Glasgow,
with an event in Oct on Sat 14th (2-5pm) at DCA.
Places are limited to 12 people so contact
[email protected] for more details. For
this event they are asking people to bring an
"image" (perhaps a photo etc etc) which represents
an event, person, object etc which has been important in their development/history as an LGBT person. This image will be used to form another image
using a variety of techniques including embossing
and other fancy arty things that I haven’t got a clue
Watch this space
for some great
Dundee gay
scene pics!
LGBT FRIENDLY PUBS, Dundee has loads of gay
friendly pubs, especially up the Perth Road, so next
time your on you’re way down to the Seagate, pop
into the Braes, DCA and Tonic for a pre scene beer.
2 St Andrew's Lane. Tel: (01382)
200660. 3pm-Midnight. Well
appointed LGBT bar next door to
OUT. Under new management.
Karaoke: Wed, Fri & Sun. DJ: Sat.
75-79 Seagate. Tel: (01382) 226840.
Sun 12.30pm-Midnight, Mon-Sat
Has recently reverted to its original
name from Charlies Bar. LGBTfriendly bar with free disco Fri & Sat
Free use of premises for pre-booked
124 Seagate. Tel: (01382) 200660.
Wed-Sun 11pm-2.30am. Good
atmosphere, very popular disco with
wide selection of sounds and the
occasional act/PA. Under new management. Student discount.
218 Blackness Road. Tel: Dundee
(01382) 646648. Sun 11am-3pm,
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-5pm.
LGBT-friendly café which can be
hired out in the evenings for organisations who want somewhere small
and quiet to meet.
*denotes ScotsGay available
August saw the
extension of the Blue
Moon Cafe with the
opening of Deep Blue,
a modern, cool,
basement bar and
ideal relaxation area
for before and after
your meal.
Deep Blue, a separate
venue in its own right,
mirrors the Moon’s well
established reputation
for quality and
uber-friendly service.
On offer are a variety of lagers from Carlsberg,
San Miguel and Poretti (new Italian draft lager) and a
wide range of bottled beers, wines and spirits from
around the world.
Drinks promos include:Carlsberg
vodka & mixer
gin & mixer
bacardi & mixer
whisky & mixer
All Just
Buy 2 large glasses of wine and get the
rest of the bottle free.
Opening Hours - 4pm til 11pm
(til 1am from November)
1 Barony Street, Edinburgh
(1am closing from November)
obar dheadhain
News from PHACE Towers - There is a new face at
PHACE. Bridget Stone has been appointed as the
Buddy Group Co-ordinator and will be looking after
the Buddy Group, as well as services for people
who are affected by HIV. If you would like more
information about the group, or would like to volunteer, please phone Bridget on 0845 241 2151.
Andi Watson
E-mail: [email protected]
Here we go again with another round up of events,
gossip and scandal in Aberdeen City & Shire.
This month’s news: Women’s Disco, PHACE
News, NESGG News & Scene Update.
FINALLY some news for the lesbian crowd across
the region….The Women’s Hallowe’en Disco will
be held at the East Neuk on King Street from 8pm
‘til late on Fri 27th Oct. These events always prove
very popular with the ladies so get along early!
The youth group had a great outing to Dunnottar
Castle a couple of weeks ago, and a nice day out
was had by all, despite the ‘Scotch Mist’. They were
privileged to be spectators at a wedding and would
like to wish the happy couple all the best in their life
together. Their next meeting is Sat 16th Oct when
LGBT Youth Scotland will be holding a consultation
workshop, on behalf of the Scottish Executive, on
national government strategy for young people.
This is the perfect chance for anybody aged 12 - 25
to air their views and ideas, meet other people from
the Aberdeen area and enjoy ‘punch and pie’!
PHACE Scotland are due to merge with the
Terrence Higgins Trust to become THT Scotland on
1st Nov. All services currently provided by PHACE
out of their office in Waverley Place will continue as
normal, and the merger with THT will mean that
new services will be introduced as soon as possible. WATCH THIS SPACE. Free condoms and lubricants are available from the office, as well as in
Cheerz and Indigo. If you would like to contact
PHACE for any reason, their phone number is 0845
241 2151
North East Scotland Gay Group are back up and
running on a trial basis until the end of the year.
They are a group of gay men who get together for
Discussion/Video Nights and just a general catch
That’s what
the Aberdeen
scene needs...
more pants!
up on the 3rd Sun of every month. To get more
information on the group please contact Michael
on Tel: 07906 246123 (Wed & Fri 7-9pm) or you
can E-mail: [email protected]
A lick of paint
for the old Pride
in Aberdeen
There have been lots of happenings on the scene
over the past month, Indigo held a School Disco
night on 16th Sep which went down a treat with
plenty of you guys in school uniform for the night.
Rick the manager has a few other ideas up his
sleeve for various theme nights etc as well as the
return of the Pink Pigeon Project once a month
with various themes which have previously included Cowboys & Indians!! More info next month.
*denotes ScotsGay available
20 Adelphi. Tel: (01224) 586949.
Sun-Thu 5pm-2am, Fri-Sat 5pm3am. Gay bar/club in old Oh Henry's
premises. Free entry before Midnight
- thereafter £2 entry Fri, £3 entry
2-8 Exchange Street. Tel: (01224)
594511. Lively new gay bar with
entertainment and more.
Birkhill Hotel, 16 St Mary's Street.
Tel: (01387) 739888. 9pm-2am. Last
Fri of each month. Next dates: Fri
29th Sep, Fri 27th Oct. Monthly club
night for LGBT people and their
friends from Dumfries and Galloway.
E-mail: [email protected]
Cheerz Bar continues to be very popular of an
evening for a quiet drink early on in the week or a
more raucous night out from Thu onwards with the
quiz night, Fri Revival Night with Steve Motion
and Drag and Strip shows on Sat! Cheerz are also
looking for your ideas for theme and event nights,
if you have an idea speak to Mark the manager or
send me an E-mail and I will pass it on for you.
Wellmans was scheduled to open late Sep, hopefully by the time you are reading this they will be
open in their new location just off Holburn Street
near the Holburn Bar for more information please
call Aberdeen (01224) 211441 and check out the
website, which
should be updated once it is all up and running.
Pride In Aberdeen has given up the office space
that they so lovingly decorated and are now homeless!! All enquiries for Pride In Aberdeen should
be directed to Babs Greenwood at Aberdeen City
That should bring you up to date with what’s going
on in the region, remember if you have any news
or information that you want included feel free to
E-mail me using the details on this page.
3½ Barnton Street. Tel: (01786)
461698. Sun Noon-Midnight, MonThu 10.30am-Midnight, Fri-Sat
10.30am-1am. Food: until 7.30pm.
Near to railway station. Mixed, busy,
bohemian and friendly bar. Popular
with students and Sons/Daughters of
the Rock alike.
Strathyre, Callander. Tel: Strathyre
(01877) 384333. Sun-Thu NoonMidnight, Fri-Sat Noon-1am. Gayfriendly bar and hotel. Full menu
served from 8am. Sunday roast.
E-mail: [email protected]
Jodie Fleming
E-mail: [email protected]
money for local HIV and cancer charities. I was
thrilled to hear that Scotland’s very own Sassy
Stryker will be returning to Edinburgh to host a
weekly gameshow at Destination. Sassy, who
made the bigtime in Bangkok and was featured in a
Channel 4 doc, will host ‘Play Your Cards Right’ at
Destination from 9pm every Thu. Many of you will
have seen Sassy when she appeared in Planet Out
mid-Aug. She dazzled the crowds with her own
brand of filth, just the way we like it! New on every
Sun comes Open the Box, another night of games
and prizes commencing at 7pm.
Destination is bringing yet another amazing proposition to Edinburgh – a Christmas Panto! Auditions
will soon be underway so if you would like the
opportunity to take centre stage, pop into
Destination and pass on your details and this
could be the start of your 15 minutes of fame!
Habana closed on Mon 25th Sep for its long-awaited refurb. Habs is closed for 4 weeks, in which time
it shall be completely transformed to include a new
bar, change of location of the staircase and the
addition of a kitchen for the purposes of serving
With many of us suffering post-festival fatigue,
Edinburgh’s pubs and clubs have risen to the
challenge in offering an excellent range of activities to bring back the sparkle to our social lives.
Destination, the newest addition to the Edinburgh
scene, continues to flourish, one month on from
opening. Despite initial concerns about its location, Destination has experienced no trouble and
are gathering quite the troop of faithful regulars, as
well as queues of people eager to catch a glimpse
of the cabaret acts on offer, including the dancing
bar staff. Last weekend there were queues to get in
from 10pm onwards! On Sat 7th Oct Destination
will be hosting a 70’s and 80’s night, fancy dress
optional but preferred! On Sun, 8th Oct, Miss. Dot
Com puts in a special appearance. Heralding from
London, Miss. Dot Com has performed all over
Britain and has made spectacular efforts in raising
The two
Marks. A
handsome duo.
of the queue now please! The club offers a 2-4-1
on everything at the bar between 10 and 11, but in
the grand tradition of drinks promos the bar staff
appear very scarce at this hour so I’d recommend
getting there early to avoid disappointment!
CC Blooms, buzzing from the success of their early
openings over the festival, continue to offer service
from 4pm daily. And on Sun they continue to open
at 3pm for a chilled out afternoon, leading into
karaoke at 6pm and the dynamic Ms Cilla Slack
entertaining the masses from 10pm. Drinks promos are on offer throughout the day. Cilla also tells
me there’s been a change of DJs downstairs on a
Fri evening – no more banging dance tracks, with
DJ Roberto bringing us the best of high camp that
we’ve come to expect from CC Blooms. Find out
more about what’s happening at CC’s at Cilla’s website,
Every pub in Edinburgh has offered us a pub quiz
at one stage or another, but none do it with quite as
much style as Planet Out. Every Mon, Jules brings
us her Quiz Night with fab prizes and a diverse
range of questions. Get your friends down, choose
your team name and you’re away! The overall prize
is a case of beer, but no one’s a loser cos there’s
prizes at the end of each round – mostly made of
chocolate which is just wonderful. There’s also a
fun round, which consists of tasks like making
things from plastecine, and the prize for the fun
round is good ol’ cold hard cash!
For the ladies, Club Velvet entertained us verrrry
nicely last month with the Truly Truly Scrumptious
dance troupe who gave several lucky ladies lap
dances. Velvet brings us yet another night of titillation on Sat 7th Oct with Burlesquad, a group of
burlesque show girls. Book me a place at the front
Sala plays host to Kirsty Baird on 21st Oct, who
many will know from Sun at Planet Out. Kirsty is a
professional singer with a fab voice and even betKirsty & friends ter wit and repertoire. You can find out more on her
at Planet Out. Hi website at Sala will be
to Kirsty’s mum! holding a special Hallowe’en event at the end of the
Congratulations to The Regent who have
got into the CAMRA Good Beer Guide for
the second year running which is quite an
accomplishment. Alan seems to spend
many of his free evenings in the bar with
numerous pints of beer in the interests of
Quality Control. The new menus (with a
heavily photoshopped photo of the outside of the pub sans street furniture) are a
nice touch.
I fear that Robin at the Claremont is taking up some form of physical exercise. He
tells me, "We just jog along as we are".
He's also running a Quiz Night on Sat 21st
Oct. It's a Movie Quiz with lots of prizes
and there will be even more prizes for
those of you who turn up dressed as your
favourite film characters.
The Old Troll
E-mail: [email protected]
Taste - Edinburgh's longest running
LGBT-friendly club - is downsizing as it
moves from the Liquid Room to the more
intimate Cabaret Voltaire in Blair Street. Fisher &
Price and Martin Valentine will play for their grand
finale at the Liquid Room on Sun 1st Oct whilst
special guests Spooky will be with Fisher & Price in
the main room and Martin Valentine in the back
room on Sun 8th Oct which is their first night at
Cabaret Voltaire.
The Street in Picardy Place will be two years old on
Sun 1st Oct. To celebrate, they're having a party
and regulars will soon be able to pick up their free
invites from the bar.
Down in Dublin Street at the Twist, Ray tells me
that he and Andy are trying to lure even more cus-
Debi & Sooz.
We’ll all miss
Debi as she’s off
to Canada this
tomers into the downstairs bar at the weekends
with the offer of a Winter Warmer from 10pm - this
consists of vodka and mixer or alcopop for £1.50.
If you’re looking for somewhere stylish and
civilised to impress a new conquest, you probably
can’t do much better than Deep Blue - underneath
the Blue Moon in Barony Street. Impressively lit
with background music that is background music,
this new bar is a well hidden gem. The usual drinks
promotions are on offer.
Finally, a quick reminder anent the BearScots Fest
which runs Fri 6th to Sun 8th Oct. Lots of events
are planned for the fat hair bastards - see for full details.
dùn eideann
month too – for further details ask at the bar. On
Thu 9th Nov, Sala bring us ALICE STAR at 9pm. I
tell you in advance as this shall be a ticket only
event. The plan is for a small, intimate audience of
60, so book your tickets now! They are on offer at
the very reasonable price of 4 each (3 conc.)
Of course the event of the month which must not
be missed is the Lothian Gay and Lesbian
Switchboard’s bi-annual Ball at the Assembly
Rooms. The Hallowe’en Ball shall be held on Sat
28th Oct featuring DJ Michelle & Ian Lowthian
Ceilidh Band. This event sells out very quickly so
get your tickets now and get practicing your ‘Gay
And now for you boys, YOUR COMMUNITY
NEEDS YOU! Could you spare a few hours a week
to join the exciting new HIV Comeback Tour?? Gay
Men’s Health is looking for Gay/Bi males to
become Volunteer Support Workers, providing
support for those thinking about having an HIV
test or who have recently found out they are positive. This would be a very rewarding experience for
those volunteering. For info call 0131-558 9444.
23-25 St Leonards Street. Tel: 0131668 2934. Sun 12.30pm-1am, MonSat 11.30am-1am. Everybody-friendly bar. Real ale. Food served: MonSat 11.30am-9.30pm, Sun 12.308pm.
eGo, 14 Picardy Place. Tel: 0131-478
7434. 11pm-3am. 1st and 3rd Fri of
each month. Commercial/funky
house & chart by James Longworth
and guests. "Igniting the gay weekend". £1.50 drinks promos all night.
Entry £5.
E-mail: [email protected]
1 Barony Street/36 Broughton Street.
Tel: 0131-556 2788 (Bar) or 0131557 0911 (Office). Sat-Sun 10am11pm, Mon-Fri 11am-11pm. Food
served until 10pm.
Popular LGBT café.
220 Morrison Street. Tel: 0131-538
7069. Mon-Sat 10am-1pm, 25.30pm. Mixed bookshop selling a
selection of UK and imported gay
Medina Nightclub (Under
Negociants), 45-47 Lothian Street.
Info Line: 07736 936650. Sun 11pm3am. "It's our duty to please your
booty". DJ Dale Lush and guests.
Club Classics, Funky House, Soulful
House, US Garage, Old Skool House,
Hip Hop, R&B, UK Garage and Retro.
£3 entry.
E-mail: [email protected]
23 Greenside Place. Tel: 0131-556
9331. Mon, Fri, Sat 6pm-3am, Sun,
Tue-Thu 8pm-3am. Two floors.
Karaoke on Thu and Sun. Cilla Slack
on Fri 10pm-3am. Disco every night
from 11pm.
E-mail: [email protected]
133/135 East Claremont Street. Tel:
0131-556 5662. Fax: 0131-558 3539.
Bar: Sun 12.30pm-1am, Mon-Sat
11am-1am. Restaurant: Sun
12.30pm-6pm, Mon-Sat 11.30am2.30pm and 6-10pm. "The Claremont
is one of the most relaxed attitude
bars in the city and has a policy that
the customer always comes first."
Renowned for courtesy, comfort and
good food. 1st Sat: Bearscots leather
- rubber - kilts - fetish. 2nd Sat:
Gaykilts - Sporran Clan - leather rubber - skins - fetish - bears. 3rd
Sat: Gay male only - rubber - bears fetish plus trannies. 4th Sat:
Stunners - adult fetish group - new
members welcome £5 entry. Every
Fri night 10pm onwards is gay male
E-mail: [email protected]
17 Albert Place. 5am-1.30am.
Formerly The Old Salt, this bar has
re-opened after refurbishment and
provides cabaret (Tue, Thu, Fri-Sun).
Real ale.
1 Barony Street. Tel: 0131-556 2788
(Bar) or 0131-557 0911 (Office). 411pm. Friendly gay basement bar.
Unobtrusive music - great for talking
to people. Regular drinks
Edinburgh Bartender of the Month
Name: Pamela Smith
Venue: Sala
Time served: 10 months
Relationship Status: Come and find out!
What do you like about bartending?
Obviously the excellent pay, fantastic holiday entitlement, BUPA health care, and the
wonderful pension package. (oh yes and of
course meeting new people is a bonus)
What makes a good bartender?
Someone who can anticipate what a regular wants; make new customers feel
relaxed; is at one with their bar, and has a
good sense of humour. Making great tips
at the end of the night!
What’s your favourite drink/food to make/serve?
Hot chocolate deluxe (ahh! Joke!). Anything that doesn’t come from the coffee
What’s your best bar story?
I’ll never forget when Sharon Stone walked in and ordered a drink, as I took it across
and bent down to place it on the table she leant across to whisper something in my ear.
It was just then my alarm went off and I realised I was going to be late for work.
What do you love about your bar?
The lesbians, of course!
58a and 60 Broughton Street. Houses
Sala Café-Bar, Pride Scotia
(Edinburgh) and Fitlads. Provides
meeting and noticeboard space for
many LGBT organisations. Free WiFi
Internet access (sponsored by
ScotsGay) now available.
eGo, 14 Picardy Place. Tel: 0131-478
7434. Info Line: 0131-557 4656.
11pm-3am. Monthly. Next dates: Sat
14th Oct, Sat 11th Nov. Taste's
monthly night featuring Taste resident DJs Fisher & Price and Martin
Valentine in the ballroom and The
Visitor and Kaupuss playing pophouseelectrodisconewwaveglam
(basically anything goes) in the
Cocteau Lounge. Pre-club party at
The Street from 10pm with DJs The
Visitor and Kaupuss. Ask staff for
discount passes. £8 Members/£10 Taste members £5 before 11.15pm.
*denotes ScotsGay available
9a Holyrood Road. 0131-556 5044.
Sun 12.30pm-1am, Mon-Sat Noon1am. Real ale. Mixed clientele.
8 Drummond Street. Tel: 0131-557
9413. Fax: 0131-557 8336. Sun
Noon-9pm, Mon-Sat 10am-9pm. 25
Easter Road. Tel: 0131-623 6969.
Noon-6pm. 368-370 Gorgie Road
(Currently not licensed as a sex
shop). Tel: 0131-468 6969. Sun
Noon-8pm, Mon-Sat 11am-8pm.
Scotland's ORIGINAL licenced SEX
shops! Toys galore, video rental too!
Larger sizes stocked.
The Liquid Room, 9c Victoria Street.
Tel: 0131-225 2564. Info Line: 0131657 4633. 10.30pm-3am. Monthly.
Next date: Sat 7th Oct (Psychedelic).
Mega club night with resident DJs
Tommy Kay, Dean Newton, Grum
Stone, and John Edwards.
18 Albert Place, Leith Walk. Tel:
0131-553 3222. Mon-Thu Noon10pm, Fri-Sun Noon-11pm. The UK's
first VAT registered gay sauna!
Relaxed and friendly atmosphere
with excellent facilities which
include large sauna cabin, 14-man
steam room, private rooms, 8-man
filter Jacuzzi, communal and private
showers, themed rooms, video area
and TV lounge. Hot and cold refreshments available.
£10 (£8 concessions). Manager's
special: admission £5 after 8pm.
6 Baxter's Place. Tel: 0131-556
5551. Mon-Fri 4pm-1am, Sat-Sun
2pm-1am. Popular and busy gay bar
with friendly staff. Live music Sun
eve. Quiz night and drink promotions
Mon. Drink promotions until 9pm
E-mail: [email protected]
5 Barony Street. Tel/Fax: 0131-477
4756. Sun 1-5pm, Mon-Fri 11am7pm, Sat 11am-6pm. Scotland's only
licensed gay store. Not just naughty
pictures - lifestyle too!
2 Montrose Terrace. Tel: 0131-661
8198. Sun 12.30pm-1am, Mon-Sat
11am-1am. Relaxed atmosphere &
comfortable surroundings. No loud
popular noise makes it easy for chatting. Real ales (the pub has been
listed in the CAMRA Good Beer
Guide two years running - the first
Scottish gay bar to be included).
Soup, snacks and filled croissants
available all day. Free wireless
internet access. CAMRA's Lesbian &
Gay Real Ale Drinkers meet here on
the 1st Mon of the month at 8pm.
5 Broughton Market. Tel: 0131-477
3567. Daily 11am-11pm. Stylish
sauna forming part of busy gay hotel
& sauna complex in centre of gay
quarter. State-of-the-art facilities
including large spa pool, sauna
cabin, large steam room, video
room, labyrinth with themed areas,
café lounge, free Internet access,
tanning booth. Massage available
daily. Choice of lockers or private
cabins. Admission: Lockers £5,
Cabins £10 before 2pm. Lockers £10,
Cabins £15 at all other times.
Students & under 25 £5 lockers all
day, every day! No membership
required. Proudly gay owned and
2 Picardy Place. Tel: 0131-556 4272.
Mon-Sat Noon-1am. Sun 12.30pm1am. Small but perfectly formed bar
run by Louise (ex-POut), Annie and
Trendy Wendy. Food served Noon8pm. Wed 9pm: Quiz. Pre-clubs:
Fever and Tackno.
Discount for BLOGGS Members.
eGo, 14 Picardy Place. Tel: 0131-478
7434. Last Sun of each month. Next
dates: Sun 29th Oct, Sun 26th Nov.
11pm-3am. DJ Trendy Wendy.
Mixed and crowded club night.
(Until 1st Oct) The Liquid Room, 9c
Victoria Street. Tel: 0131-225 2564.
(From 8th Oct) Cabaret Voltaire, 36
Blair Street. Tel: 0131-220 6176. Info
Line: 0131-557 4656. Sun 11pm3am. Edinburgh's original and
longest running LGBT-friendly club
night that brings together like-minded people who enjoy a club environment free from hassle and bad attitudes and for whom sexuality is not
an issue. Taste's resident DJs Fisher
& Price play an eclectic mix of the
best underground dance music currently available in the Big Room,
while resident DJ Martin Valentine
plays Deep House and US House in
the Wee Room. Regular prices: £6
Members/£8 Guests £5 before
11.30pm. Drink promos until 1am.
Sun 1st Oct: Fisher & Price and
Martin Valentine – Grand finale at
The Liquid Room. Sun 8th Oct:
Special guests Spooky with Fisher &
Price in the main room and Martin
Valentine in the back room – First
night at Cabaret Voltaire, Blair
26B Dublin Street. Tel: 0131-538
7775. Fax: 0131-539 1132. Sun
12.30pm-1am, Mon-Thu Noon-1am,
Fri-Sat Noon-2am. Food: Mon-Sat
Noon-3pm. Sun 12.30-4pm. Formerly
the Newtown Bar, has re-opened
after massive refurbishment. Drinks
Promotions Daily. Downstairs: The
clubby Disco Bar is open Fri-Sat with
resident DJ from 10pm-2am. Full
Scottish breakfasts on Sun. Free
E-mail: [email protected]
Mariners, 39 Commercial Street,
Leith. 10pm-2am. First Sat of each
month. Next date: Sat 7th Oct. Buy 1
get 1 free on all drinks at Velvet 1011pm. New music policy which spans
the genres. DJs Random & Carpe
Diem. £6/£5 conc. with ID. £4 before
10.30pm. Pre-club at Bar Sirius - 810pm.
E-mail: [email protected]
Twist Basement Club, 26B Dublin
Street. Tel: 0131-538 7775. 10pm2am. 2nd Fri of each month. Next
date: Fri 13th Oct. Rhythmic pulses
from the girls your mother warned
you about! Aural stimulation from
The Funki Diva, Dejay Bird, Boy Toy
and Special Guests. Selected Drink
Promos! Wear good shoes, bring
beautiful people. £3 entry.
60 Broughton Street. Tel: 0131-478
7069. Tue, Thu 4-11pm, Wed, Fri
4pm-Midnight, Sat 10.30amMidnight, Sun 10.30am-11pm.
Relaxed and friendly gay café bar in
the heart of Edinburgh's Gay 'district'
(directly above Edinburgh's LGBT
Centre). Fabby big window and sofas
to watch world go by! Freshly prepared, wide ranging menu. Regular
live music and party nights (contact
Sala for more info). Gallery space
with regularly changing exhibitions.
Women's group meet informally for
drinkies/food every Wed eve. Room
also available for private
dinners/parties etc. Free WiFi
Internet access (sponsored by
ScotsGay) now available.
E-mail: [email protected]
eGo, 14 Picardy Place. Tel: 0131-478
7434. Tue 11pm-3am. All the normal
madness from DJ Spyke, James
Longworth and r'n'b guests. Superpopular gay night. £1 drinks promos
all night. £3 before Midnight/£4
E-mail: [email protected]
22 Greenside Place. Tel: 0131-558
1270. Sun 12.30pm-1am, Mon-Sat
Noon-1am. Closed for refurbishment
from Sun 24th Sep.
E-mail: [email protected]
2/4 Abbeymount. Tel: 0131-661
0982. Mon-Fri 8.30am-3.30pm.
Attached to Solas HIV/AIDS
Information Centre. Good home
cooking (on the premises)
for vegetarians and carnivores.
43 West Nicolson Street. Tel: 0131662 9112. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm. Sat
10.30am-6pm. Independent radical
E-mail: [email protected]
89 Rose Street Lane North. Tel:
0131-225 7651. Sun 2pm-1am, MonSat 1pm-1am. Vibrant gay bar
(Edinburgh's oldest) on Rose Street.
Daily Happy Hour 6-8pm.
Arts Fest
Check out the GLASGOW scene on page 6
Glasgay! is 13 years old this year.
The festival has matured into a significant annual
event attracting visitors from all over the world.
Highlights of the programme in October include:
Boy Culture - a sexy, funny and sharply written gay
comedy of manners. It presents us with a feasible yet
fantastic gay family set-up: 'X' is an older (well he's in
his 30s) 'hooker with morals' in need of a dose of intimacy. He is secretly obsessed with his flatmate Andrew
(the beautiful Darryl Stephens from last year's Noah's
Arc), who is starting to experiment on the scene. And
then there's Joey, their young sexually voracious twink
'son' who completes this intriguing threesome. When 'X'
meets an enigmatic older trick who wants him to feel the
time is right before they have sex, he begins to drop his
guard. And as he does, all their relationships spin out
into intricate, hilarious and complex patterns. This is gay
life as it is so often stereotyped, but cut through with
real heart, intelligence and emotional integrity.
Boy Culture turns you on, makes you think about
relationships and leaves you with a smile on your face.
18th Oct at 6.30pm
The international programme is headed by leading New
York artist and cultural phenomenon Richard Move, two
time winner of a Bessie, in M[email protected], his loving
and often satiric tribute to the legendary grande dame
and mother of the contemporary dance, Martha Graham.
20th-21st Oct at 8pm
The founder of New York’s Drag King culture, Diane
Torr comes to the CCA in Donald Does Dusty. For
many years Diane harboured the desire to create a
performance in celebration of the life of her late brother, Donald Torr, who died from AIDS in 1992. Diane
and her two elder brothers, grew up in Mastrick, a new
housing estate that pushed into the countryside on the
outskirts of Aberdeen. Donald was always 'full of big
ideas', and in 1953, at the age of five, dressed in his
mother's clothes, his small boy feet sloshing about in
high heels, Donald went trick or treating. This Halloween
disguise was only the beginning, and Donald continued
his various female impersonations, and other daring
explorations throughout his childhood. Then as a young
teenager, Dusty Springfield became his role model. She
was the only other gay person he knew of. To his
Mastrick-oriented eyes, it was Donald and Dusty.
Everyone else was boringly heterosexual. There was only
one solution - get out of town!
25th-28th Oct at 8pm
Richard Move as Martha
photographed by Josef Astor
The comedy programme is headed by Jason Wood fresh
was his latest successful Edinburgh Fringe run. Jason’s
My Anus Horribilis will have you in stitches.
The Stand
22nd Oct at 8.30pm
Transfusion Underground will be a real highlight.The
cross dressing wild party night leads the Glasgay club
programme in Oct, (along with Cafe Loco’s 15th
Birthday Party - see below). Transfusion Underground
promises a walk on the transgender wild side.
Dressing rooms and assistance will be available.
Carnival Arts Centre
21st Oct 8pm
Glasgay runs from
Sat14th OCT - Sun 12 Nov.
For more information visit
Sat 14th Oct - 10:30pm
Cafe Loco’s 15th
Blow out your candle and prepare for boarding as
Death Disco locks horns with the reanimated corpse
of Cafe Loco, the Arches first ever club night.
Justus Kohncke, Babybones, DJ Mingo-Go and the gurning
drag queens of London's top alternative gay night Horse Meat
Disco will be present and correct - with a smidgeon of
over-the-top performance frippery from the original Loco crew.
Jason Wood
gay/bi chat + date
24 02 68
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100% HA
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118 429
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Tattooed Adam
Adam lives in Central Edinburgh,
is 6' tall with a 30" waist, 40"
chest, hazel eyes and is cleanshaven and totally smooth. He has
22 tattoos, a swimmer's build and
describes himself as "very goodlooking in a rough, aggressive
way". "I've had an Ad on before but now things have been
changed; I'm newly diagnosed
with HIV. Hope to hear from you".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6721.
57 year old smooth, plump guy
with a well-rounded and cushioned bum would like to meet a
firm-handed, hairy man, 30+ years
who "knows how to get what he
wants from another man. I have
my own place in Edinburgh - give
me a call".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6724.
Mid-40's couple looking for Bi
couples for Dogging and Meeting
places. No time-wasters. Discreet.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6725.
Fun With Paul
Paul from Dundee is 32 years old,
5'7" tall with blond hair and eyes,
clean and discreet. He likes nightclubbing and going out and is
looking for a bit of fun.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6726.
Local To Tayside?
Tayside guy is looking for local
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6726.
Discreet CP
Mature Edinburgh guy offers discreet CP service to other men:
spanking, tawse and cane.
Scenarios catered for. "Call now to
arrange a visit".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6727.
Sports, Jocks And Boxers
Andy, HIV+, 36 years old, slim
build, smooth with long black hair
and 5'9" tall is looking for versatile
men between 27 and 45 years old.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6696.
Sexy Stockings
Cute Tayside TV and Bi-curious
male, 50 years old, 5'4" tall, very
fit with a good sense of humour. "I
have sexy legs in stockings and
tights and am seeking an attractive
TV or Bi couple to help me with
my stocking tops. And more".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6738.
Tease And Please
Fun male with a good sense of
humour, very muscular, is seeking
shaven Bi, TVs or Transexuals to
tease and please. Can travel.
Phone 09068 55612
-Number 6739.
Strong Angus male who likes films
would like to meet a young TV, 2443 years "to see if you like me getting dressed up in your panties
and tights".
Phone 09068 55612 Number 6740.
Yellow Sub38 year old slim, submissive guy,
into yellow, is looking for dominant guys any age.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 5060.
Compliant Brian
33 years old Brian from the
Edinburgh area is looking to be
"trained in the ways of being a
slave. I'm willing to comply with
just about anything".
Phone 09068 55612 Number 6741.
Young Actor
James, 26 years old from Elgin, is
6' tall, medium build with short
dark hair and green eyes. He
would like to meet someone for
fun meets; especially if they're into
amateur photography or making
their own home movies. He says
he is "very versatile and always
willing to try new stuff".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6746.
Mature In Dundee
Mature gay man from Dundee
would like to meet another gay
man, preferably local, for fun,
friendship and preferably more.
Age and looks are immaterial.
"Leave a message and I will get
back to you".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6748.
Friends In Aberdeen
Aberdeen guy, 40 years, looking
for other guys for fun and friendship. Various interests. "Please
reply as soon as possible".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6749.
Slim Seeks Older
Slim, 44 year old guy is looking
for older guys, 55+ in the
Aberdeen area.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6750.
Youngster Likes Bears
Dave is 24 years old, from Central
Scotland and enjoys nights in and
out. He is looking for older
Daddies and Bears for fun, friendship and possibly more. "I'm up
for anything; get back to me guys".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6751.
Glasgow Disciplinarian
Old-fashioned discipline offered by
friendly Uncle to straight-acting
lads, 20-40 years; Cops, Security,
TA, Footballers welcome. Glasgow.
Can accommodate.
Complete discretion.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6753.
Shiny Trousers
"Any guy who shares my passion
for shiny trousers please contact
this Glasgow Bi guy".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6754.
Professional Peter
Peter from Edinburgh is a nonscene, professional gay guy, 49
years old, 5'8" tall, 10.5 stone with
a 33" waist who enjoys walking,
cinema, swimming and going out
and about. He says he is 100%
genuine and caring.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6690.
New to Dundee
40 year old, 5'9" tall, slim, fit and
blond. Out of recent long-term
relationship is looking for darkhaired, fit, non-scene guy under
35 years for fun and maybe more.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6695.
Wellies, Wellies, Wellies
Scotland/anywhere. Horny 40 year
old would like to meet guys who
are into black wellies, waders or
riding boots - muddy or clean.
"Phone with details. Can travel
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6446.
Private Party Fun
2 guys from near Falkirk are looking for some private party fun with
like-minded guys on a regular
basis. "Anything goes".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6703.
Endowment Policy
Steve from Tayside is looking for
couples or a well-endowed, discreet male.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6706.
Teenage Pranks?
"It's time to confess to all those
teenage pranks that you got away
with: and to pay the price. Richard
will deal with you firmly, depending on what you admit to in your
message. Richard is 55 and smart
and businesslike. You will soon be
smarting as well".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6662.
Fife Bikers
36 year old Fife guy, 5'11" tall with
a 34" waist and 40" chest is looking for any bikers and guys into
leather for regular runs and regular action.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6664.
Safe Hand Spanking with RJ
"Have you ever considered what it
would be like to be punished, but
you've never really quite decided
to go ahead with it? RJ will talk
you through it all first and then
gradually introduce you to the
delights of hand-spanking and
beyond that if you like".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6677.
Tattooed Skin
Adam is a 32 year old skinhead
with hazel eyes and 25 tattoos.
"If that sounds good, then get
back to me".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6680.
Guy 40 years old who is into
Converse baseball boots and
Green Flash trainers says: "Would
Scott from Edinburgh please call
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6624.
North East Scotland looking for
genuine, retired former teacher to
give me the belt. "I have been
given the belt before and am looking to make new contacts".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6645.
Aberdeen Lad
Aberdeen lad, 35 years, straight
acting and looking is seeking any
other young guys out there for
fun. Especially Asians and
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6652.
Model Debbie
Debbie is a sexy, slim, convincing
TV who is looking to meet a
female for a first time experience
"because I am fed up with meeting
immature males". "A lot of people
say I look like a model".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6653.
Eastern Promise
White guy living in Edinburgh says
he lusts after Pakistani,
Bangladeshi, Indian and Arab
guys: bi, married or single and is
looking for guys 24 years and over
for discreet occasional fun and
frolics. "If you can help me - give
me a call".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6556.
Tattooed Skinhead
Jake is a skinhead, 33 years old,
6' tall, clean-shaven with hazel
eyes and about 25 tattoos. "If that
sounds interesting - then please
get back".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6654.
Hairy Andy
Andy is a 100% passive, hairy gay
guy who can travel and accommodate who is looking for an active
guy, preferably tall, dark, hairy and
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6655.
Gas Masks
"Are you into rubber and gas
masks? If so, give me a call".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6507.
Air Smiles
Ian from Fife, working in the airport industry, is looking for guys
in the same sort of thing: maybe
cabin crew, airline captains, police
force or emergency services who
are respectable, for a possible
friendship leading maybe to a 1-21. He is 35 years old, 5'11" tall
with a 34" waist, 40" chest and
describes himself as being very
genuine. "If that sounds like you then please get back".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6583.
A Firm Hand
School-type discipline offered by
headmaster type. "A firm hand followed by tawse and cane. Call now
to arrange a visit to the Master's
study". Edinburgh based.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6588.
Active During the Day
Active 58 years old, non-scene,
5'8" tall, 14 stone, stocky
Edinburgh man would like to meet
married or bisexual guys, 25+.
Any nationality. "Secret womens'
underwear-wearers welcome.
Daytime visits can be arranged".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6610.
Wellies And Waders
Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh.
Guy 40's seeks others into wellies
and waders. Can travel.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6388.
Clyde Valley TV
Slim, pretty TV seeking mature
male 40-70 years old, preferably
from the Clyde Valley or South
Lanarkshire area.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6336.
Green Flash
40 years old guy from Aberdeen is
looking for others who are into
jogging suit bottoms, Converse
baseball boots and Dunlop Green
Flash trainers.
"If you would like to leave a reply, I
will get back to you as soon as
possible. I can travel as far as
Edinburgh or Inverness".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6531.
62 year old guy interested in silk
underwear and discipline. "If
there's anyone out there who
would like to contact me, please
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6532.
Edinburgh or Dundee
40 year old would like to meet a
skinhead or others who are into
leather and rubber. "I can't travel.
Please reply in detail".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6436.
It's completely FREE to place
your ad by phone on
0800 138 4 1-2-1
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issues, but it will also be available for phone
callers to browse on
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and can pick up replies on
09068 556612
Calls to 09068 numbers cost 60p per minute at all times.
Conditions of service: All participants must be 18 or over.
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It will not be possible to reply to advertisers who have not collected
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Service supplied by Tele-Dater, PO Box 425, PE25 2RQ.
E-mail: [email protected] Helpline (10am – 6pm weekdays) 0870
121 1210 (not a premium rate number).
Share With Ian
Ian, 35 years old from Fife is looking for a friendship possibly leading to a 1-2-1. He works in the airport and is ideally looking for people who are in the same industry
or in the Police, Fire Service etc..
He likes going out, staying in,
music, walking and holidays and
would like someone to share these
things with.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6537.
Thigh-Length Boots
40 year old Aberdeen area looking
for a cross-dresser. "Must have
knee-length or thigh-length boots.
Please leave details as soon".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6538.
Central Couple
Two discreet, good-looking guys
in their mid-30's from Central
Scotland are looking for a versatile
guy for some discreet horny fun.
Can accommodate and discretion
is assured.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6513.
A Real Sucker
Discreet, stocky Edinburgh guy in
his mid-50's with his own place
says he is "a real sucker for
Pakistani or Arab guys 25+. If you
can measure up, give me a call".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6518.
Leather And Rubber
40 year old guy seeks similar guys
who are into leather and rubber. "I
can travel anywhere in Scotland".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6486.
Tight Leather Jeans
Aberdeen or anywhere. 40 year old
looking for guys in tight leather
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6373.
Male Rubberist would like to hear
from others who are into rubber
and latex.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6257.
Belting Memories
"I am looking for a genuine retired
or former teacher, living in
Scotland, over the age of 50 to
give me the belt as per my schooldays.
“I need my hands warmed again".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 5252.
Aberdeen area, submissive 42 year
old, into yellow or brown, into
dominant guys, any age.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 5082.
Slim Slave
Slim 43 years old slave looking for
dominant guys 50+.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6093.
Slave Seeks Master
Slave from Glasgow looking for a
master. "I will do anything my
master wishes".
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6069.
Fellow Novice Wanted
Scott, 39 years old from the Fife
area, 5'9" tall, 30" waist, likes
films, eating out and the occasional drink. Looking for another
novice 20-35 years, preferably
slim and clean-shaven who is willing to experiment and go from
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 5970.
Anything Goes In Aberdeen
Aberdeen area 39 year old tolerant
slave seeks master, 45+. Anything
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 5431.
Aberdeen area slim 38 year old
submissive guy seeking dominant
guys 40+.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 5321.
Pissable In Aberdeen
Aberdeen area. Slim, tanned, 38
year old Sub, into bondage and
yellow, looking for other guys 40+.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 5199.
Naturist Seeks Slave
Inverness area 47 years old gay
Naturist is seeking a younger
slave. All genuine replies responded to.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 6731
Horny uncle type seeking nephew
for hot, horny fun with no strings
attached. He is 40 years old, 5'7"
tall with a 30" waist and 40" chest.
"No camps, effeminates or fatties".
Can accommodate or travel in the
Glasgow area.
Phone 09068 55612
- Number 5701.
To reply to a contact ad, just pop your reply in an envelope with the box number written in the TOP RIGHT corner and place the envelope with your reply
inside another envelope with two loose first class stamps. If you are writing from outwith the UK, an International Reply Coupon (IRC) should be enclosed for
each reply instead of postage stamps. International Reply Coupons are available from Post Offices throughout the world.
We are unable to send on replies without postage stamps or IRCs.
Send all replies to : ScotsGay, PO Box 666, Edinburgh EH7 5YW.
Seeking A "Sorted" Woman
Attractive, professional, single
gay female, young looking 35,
slim, very easy going, caring
and funny seeks similar to
restore faith that there are
"sorted" women out there.
Looking to share the good
things in life. SG71101.
Boring Fart Seeks Soulmate
39 non scene, smoker, good
sense of humour, loves animals, seeks similar sane sorted person with no baggage. I
love nights in, eating out and
the company of good friends.
Also an avid reader. SG71102.
Fun Loving, Easy Going
Hey! This is the part where I
am supposed to say something hugely interesting. Nah,
where’s the fun in that? 27,
would like to meet honest and
genuine women for friendship/possible relationship.
Edinburgh. SG71103.
Up, Up And Away!
Frequent Ryanair/easyJet traveller, 50, seeks younger (1625) companions for short
jaunts abroad and in the UK.
Don't do the gay scene generally. More into local food,
drink and culture. Also happy
to go out for a pint or cinema/theatre in Edinburgh. Box
Relaxed And Open
Gentle, kind, easygoing older
gentleman, seeks similar
younger lad. I like to laugh,
and I’ll always be able to
make you smile. I love to
cook. No strings – just good
friends with pleasant benefits.
Older Top Seeks Young
Do you fancy older guys?
This one is 47, 5'7", ready to
teach new nephew types 1626 who are hot and willing to
learn. Shy boys and any race
welcome. Box SG71105.
Discreet But Serious
Relationship Wanted
25. Just an average looking
oriental guy. Looking for
friendship or more. Anyone in
and around Glasgow please
let me know your interests.
Box SG71107.
Looking For Hungry Fit Lads
Hello boys! I’m back after a 6
year relationship. I’m a fantastic lover, but no strings.
Anyone fancy a seat? Fit bad
boys only. Box SG71108.
Asian / Oriental guy
I am a Scottish Guy here in
Inverness looking to find an
Asian / Oriental type guy for
friendship. Box SG71109.
Long Hair Good
Any young guys with long
hair into older guys? Get in
touch! Box SG71137.
Sexy TV Seeks Boyfriend
Hi guys, I'm Sara, a convincing, part-time TV who is looking for a guy to spend nights
out and in with. I'm 5’7 tall
when not in heels, slim, with
blue eyes and blonde hair. I
dress up or down to suit the
occasion. I'm 36, single, and
live in the northern Highlands,
though I can travel for the
right guy. I'm looking for a
guy who's caring and understanding, and who's looking
for something more than a
one-night fling but something
less than a serious relationship. You can read my profile
and see my pics by clicking
on and look
for Sara Jevo. Box SG71110.
Hi, my name is Andy,
Glasgow, 5’11. Looking for
mates with a good sense of
humour who like socialising.
Age no concern, like to keep
fit, go to gym 3 times a week
so a training buddy is also
desired. All replies answered.
Box SG71111.
Sexy TV Seeks Gent For
Sexy, convincing, young, slim,
TV, 29, bisexual, unassertive,
O&A levels. Blond hair and
blue eyes. Dresses classy to
tease/please in a basque,
stockings & stilettos. Seeks
gentleman to treat me as his
special mistress. Discretion
assured. Detailed letter and
photo ensures reply. Central
belt. Box SG71135.
Glasgow 18 Year Old
Horny Boy
Young and keen. Teach me all
you know. Very sub. Use me
as you wish. Seeks older
men. Dirty letters and photos
wanted. All letters answered.
Meet you soon! Box
Big Busty Break In Brighton
GOT MASSIVE breasts due to
medical condition. Two VERY
masculine Skinheads. NO
DRAG. Heavily tattooed,
uncut. Want masculine
blokes. Be into manboobs and
ripe mansmells. FREE TO
TRAVEL to Brighton. Versatile.
Box SG71112.
Seeking Cigar Smoker
Sub guy, gets to Glasgow
couple of times a year. Seeks
Top into Cigars, Rubber,
Leather and more for when I
visit. Box SG71113.
Looking For No Strings Fun
Chubby guy 46, Ayr/Prestwick
area passive/versatile looking
for an understanding guy to
try some discreet, safe fun
will try most things can
accommodate if needed, meet
soon. Box SG71114.
Looking For More
Tired of being alone and
searching for that special
someone... are you out there?
I’m 40, 5’8, 36/30, dark hair,
blue eyes and genuine. You
are a genuine active guy
between 40 and 46, of similar
height and sizes also with
dark hair and of course looking for more than a five
minute fling. All replies with
up to date picture will be
answered. Box SG71115.
Seeking Younger
Scottish guy looking to meet
younger guy. Have a soft spot
for Asian types. Genuine, honest. Box SG71116.
Have Nylons – Will Travel
WANTED mature admirer(s)
or tv/cd,s preferably late 50’s
plus. I’m a tv/cd very much
into nylons, girdles, heels,
dressing up to please. 5’7
without heels, non smoker. If
you can accomodate and wish
to know more get in touch.
Box SG71117.
Over The Knee In North East
Guy, late 40's, seeks it over
the knee from an older guy
over 60. Prefer a well dressed
belt wearing professional man
who will act as a father figure.
Box SG71118.
34 Year Old Skinhead
I’m looking for
skinheads/leather/bears/ for
action indoors and outdoors.
Into leather, rubber, boots,
uniform. Get in touch if you
are interested. All replies
answered with photo and contact number. Box SG71119.
32 In Cumbernauld
I am 32, 5'6, slim build,
cropped hair, good looking,
GSOH, NS, blue eyes looking
for fun, friendship and possibly more. My friends think
I'm a cheeky chappy. Not into
camp or screamers. Can travel or accommodate. I like
nights out and cosy night in
with a bottle of wine. You
need to be honest, genuine
and a good listener. Please
contact me if you are interested. Box SG71120.
Younger Guy Wanted
38, slim, attractive guy looking for younger guy for fun,
friendship and maybe more.
Live just outside Glasgow and
can accommodate. Box
Domestic Slave –
Central Belt
Obedient man will do your
housework and submit tou
your requirements. I seek a
master or dom TV or bossy
elegant type. Box SG71133.
Hairy Types Sought
Slim, smooth, Edinburgh
man, 50, great fan of body
hair, would like to meet hairy
type for casual mutually satisfying encounters, your place,
weekdays, days, evenings.
Box SG71122.
Looking For A Bear To Hug
Large lad seeks genuine giant
bear for hugs and kisses.
Nights in front of the fire
would be nice too! If you feel
the same then write to me!
Box SG71134.
Hate House Work?
I am a slim, young 48, discrete, professional guy living
in central Edinburgh
(Stockbridge). I am a naturist
and would like to do house
work dressed to please or
nude for a local gent.
Preferably a few hours per
week on a regular basis. I am
open to suggestions regarding a possible master/slave
relationship with associated
punishments. Box SG71123.
Edinburgh Guy, HIV+
Genuine, easy going, SA, SL,
clean shaven, likes a laugh,
music, travelling, good food,
cat lover. I’m 10st, No.1
cropped hair, good sense of
humour, passive/versatile,
would like to meet 30-50 year
old for fun, friendship, maybe
more. Box SG71124.
Ayrshire - Anywhere
Slim, young 60, 5’7, smart
appearance, would like to
meet/visit nice caring mature
guy 50+ for friendship, safe
fun and days out. Can travel
weekends. Letters only
please. Box SG71125.
East Coast Friendly Guy
Seeks slim/skinny guys of any
age for no strings fun. Can
accommodate. I’m average
build, 5’9 tall and very versatile. Bisexuals and married
guys welcome – discretion
assured. Box SG71126.
VWE 30 Year Old Seeks
WE Men
Glasgow based, straight acting, good looking guy seeks
WE men for no strings fun.
Couples/groups considered.
Versatile and horny. Send
photo if possible. All letters
answered. Box SG71127.
Inverness Area
Gay naturist guy, 47, seeks
young guy to live in or out
and to assist with garden,
housework and business.
Send telephone number,
name and address along with
photograph. Box SG71128.
Passive Manservant
I seek a dominant master. I
will submit to training and
give total commitment.
Genuine appeal for help.
Letters only, I’m not computerised, I will reply. Box
Incarcerated Gay Male
I am a 38, and a smoker.
Seeking younger guys who
are genuine honest and loving
for friendship with a view to a
relationship upon my release.
Looks are unimportant. All letters answered. Box SG71130.
Better The Devil You Know
Guy in his 30’s seeks like
minded guys who enjoys the
wilder side of life. I enjoy toys
and videos etc. Box SG71132.
Easy Going Male Needs Sub
I’m looking for a boyish male,
18-25, who is willing to serve
and obey. Please send photos
and a phone number. No time
wasters please. Box SG71136.
Lost Smile - Reward For
I've lost my smile but I think I
know how to get it back. If
you are a struggling student
or single guy (16-21) and
have a few hours a week to
spare you could help me. It
would be very rewarding and
I'm sure very satisfying for
you. Me - a successful,
mature businessman who
does nothing but work and
attend to the baggage that
mature people collect. Box
Edinburgh - Glasgow Central Scotland
Dirty old man (48) looking for
young guy (16-21) with
enough imagination to guess
the purpose for which he is
being sought! Box SG71139.
Wanted: Sugar Daddy
Slim longhaired hippy with
sexy backside, would like to
meet a caring sensitive person for fulfilling fun and
games. Box SG71140.
Please Take This Bear Home
And Enjoy It!
49 year old Paddington is
looking for cub (16-26) to
stroke. No strings. Can
accommodate (Edinburgh) or
travel. A bear needn't only be
for Xmas. Box SG71141.
It All Comes Down To
Friction In The End
Cynical 48 year old seeks
equally cynical 16-26 year old
for fun and friendship. Strictly
non scene. Box SG71142.
Bi Curious?
There has to be a first time
for everything! Aged 16-21:
get in touch? Considerate,
experienced, versatile, older
guy will talk you through
things at your own pace
before getting down to some
safe fun. Your limits respected. Total discretion assured.
Live in Edinburgh and can
accommodate but will travel if
required. Box SG71143.
Retired Hippy
50, looking for some love and
affection from women and
men of all ages. Box
Friendly, fit, 50something silver bear, recently moved to
Edinburgh, seeks morally
relaxed women of all ages for
fun/friendship. Box SG71145.
Penpal contacts with gay men
all over the world. Over 120
subscribers in 30 countries.
To join is free: send your ad.
Only subscribers get the
booklet with all data and
addresses by enclosing £5.
INTERGAY, Voorstraat 12-A,
4033 AD Lienden,
Cash For Your Body
Photogenic guys can earn
£100 cash posing for Mike
Arlen who has had 14 glossy
magazines published called
Mike Arlen's Guys. Send
snapshots of your magnificent body to him: Mike Arlen,
Wetherby Studios, 23
Wetherby Mansions, Earls
Court Square, London. SW5
9BH or Phone: 020-7373
1107. E-mail:
[email protected]
Looking For Staff
Seeking salespeople for
Spanish property shows in
Aberdeen, Edinburgh and
Inverness areas. Sundays
only. Do you have transport,
access to PC, someone to
work with? Commission only.
£700 a day expected with
approximately 15 week delay
of payments. Full training
given to right person. Contact
Sales Manager: 0141-229
1693. [99]
Models Wanted
Previously published photographer needs good looking
guys (18-25) who want to
earn £20 per hour for publication work. For details please
phone Stuart on 0141-636
6556 (no withheld numbers
please) or E-mail:
[email protected] [99]
Uniform Dating
Free Membership For Every
ScotsGay Reader
Fancy a date in uniform?
Here’s your chance! With
thousands of registered firemen, nurses, pilots, military,
police officers and singles
from other professional uniformed services, Uniform
Dating offers the most unique
online dating experience. It
is now open to those who are
not in uniform. Uniform
Dating has been made available to readers of the
ScotsGay Magazine, with
thousands of registered members just waiting to be contacted. And, thanks to this
offer, membership of this fantastic website is absolutely
FREE. To take advantage of 10
day’s free membership, visit and
create your free profile. Then
in the ‘Upgrade’ area, enter
the promotional code: SGM.
Translation Services
Qualified translator based in
Edinburgh offers translation
services between English,
Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish
and French. E-mail:
[email protected] or
Write: Box SG68000. [99]
Contact Mag
Contact Mag for adults: over
900 photos. Approval copy
from: Matchmaker (K38),
Chorley, PR7 4BS. Or ring
01257 483335 (24 hours).
Contacts and friendships for
men over sixty. The organisation for the more mature gentleman and his admirers.
Write to: CAFFMOS, PO Box
2087, Blackpool. FY4 1WL. Or
phone Blackpool (01253)
318327 for info. [99]
Alternative Therapies
In the comfort of your own
home or clinics throughout
Edinburgh. Therapies available: Reiki treatments/teaching, Indian Head Massage,
Spiritual Readings and Hopi
Ear Candles. Fully qualified
and insured therapist. Please
contact Alan on 07747
714005 for clinics and
appointments. [99]
Calling All Kilties
A new free website for kilt
wearers and their admirers is
opening soon. See [99]
Free TV/TS News
A Tranny not for profit
newsletter. Views, news, venues and free personal adverts.
A5 sae: BM Box 2534,
London. WC1N 3XX. [99]
Home In Spain
For letting or investment.
Superb villas, bungalows or
apartments with pool direct
from builder from £65,000
(60 per cent mortgage available). Call Let's Live Abroad
on 0845 2255777. [99]
Limited Companies
Only £90 for your own
Limited Company. PLCs £100.
Charitable and Unlimited
Companies also available.
Freephone 0800 526421 for
our free 'Guide To Limited
Companies'. E-mail:
[email protected]
Proofreading And Tuition
In English (including TEFL),
French, Latin, Greek and
Gaelic, Typing Services,
Historical and Genealogical
Research. Charles S Coventry,
23/9 Viewcraig Street,
Edinburgh. EH8 9UJ. Tel:
0131-558 8785. E-mail: [email protected] [99]
Glasgow West End
Sensual, friendly, head to toe
massage. Slim, toned, experienced, Australian bloke. Most
days, 9am to 6pm, £20 for
30mins, £35 for 50mins Call
07726 898 025. No SMS.
Please check out –
Black Adonis At Your Door
Black escort covers
Edinburgh, Glasgow and central Scotland. Lithe, athletic,
27. VWE. You won’t find anyone better. Don’t fantasise,
treat yourself. Call 07969
894038. [72]
Massage For Men Edinburgh
Great relaxing, holistic, sensual, full body pampering in nurturing masculine environment. City Centre. £30 – 1hr,
£25 – Regular Clients, £15
Studenrs. Excellent Value.
Jim: Qualified, experienced,
caring, professional 0131-557
4643. [73]
Professional Masseur
For the best full body, with
head and face massage, in
warm relaxing atmosphere,
call me. Also remedial massage, full body shaving, discipline and CP. 20 years fully
professional Masseur. 07986
465474. [74]
Male/Male Massage
Let your body and mind relax
with a full body oil massage.
Perth/Kinross area. In/Out
calls. Call Bill on 01577
830386. [72]
Reubans Of Carlisle
Gay and bi sauna. Close to
M6 Jct42. Open 7 days. Tel
01228 523328. [71]
All New, All Gay Guesthouses
- Edinburgh
Two great locations.
Exclusively gay. Easy walk to
nightlife. Stylish rooms, all
with TV and video (tapes
available). Shared and private
bathrooms. Breakfast available till Noon. Non-smoking
houses. Easy parking. Room
rate: £29-£49 per night. Call
0131-558 1382 or Fax 0131556 8279. [71]
Mon 7.30-9.30pm. Phone: 0141-847 0787
Nightly 6-9pm. Phone: Bassenthwaite Lake (01768) 776244
Mon 7-9.30pm. Phone: Dundee (01382) 202620 Write: PO Box 53, Dundee.
DD1 3YG. E-mail: [email protected] Website:
24 hours. Phone: Freephone 0800 3891425
A freephone number for people who wish support in reporting to Fife
Constabulary crime motivated by hate. For further information about the service or becoming a trained helpline volunteer, phone us now!
Nightly 7-10pm. Phone: 0141-847 0647 or Stirling (01786) 469483
Nightly 7.30-10pm. Phone: 0131-556 4049
E-mail: [email protected] or via Website:
Mon, Thu 7.30-10pm. Phone: 0131-557 0751
E-mail: [email protected] or via Website:
Nightly 7-10pm. Phone: 0141-847 0447
E-mail: [email protected] Website:
Wed 7.30-10pm. Phone: 0141-847 0547
Phone/Minicom: 020-7837 7324. FAX: 020-7837 7300. Web:
Penzance - Cornwall
Small, gay-friendly, period
hotel situated with own parking in town centre. Rooms
available en-suite. Tel:
368888. [99]
Pottery House B&B - Loch
Small, friendly B&B on the
shores of Loch Ness just 8
miles from Inverness. Call
John or Glen: 01463 751267.[71]
Quality 4 Star Rated B&B
Near To Inverness
Located on the Black Isle, its
quiet rural location is just perfect for walking cycling and
touring the Highlands, or even
just relaxing. Telephone Chris
or Paul on 01463 811779.
Victorian House Hotel
60 spacious and well appointed bedrooms - quiet, comfortable and individually furnished. 3 star and gay friendly. Tel: (+44) 141-332 0129.
Fax: (+44) 141-353 3155. [71]
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