Recently I was on the internet studying American history. I came across a picture that looked a lot like Abraham Lincoln on his deathbed. When I started researching this subject, I found that supposedly there were no pictures allowed to be taken of Lincoln on his deathbed, The order came from Sec. of War Stanton. He proscribed any death pictures. But there was still something about this picture that reminded so much of Lincoln. So the first thing I did was to get back on the internet and find everything that I could on the death of Abraham Lincoln. To my surprise I found much more than I could have imagined. First I found that there was a photographer named Henry Elke and his brother Julius Elke boarding in the Peterson House when Lincoln was brought in after being shot in the head. Also history states that Henry and Julius were in the room when they brought Lincoln into the room of the Peterson House, And that they ran errands for his doctors until he died. On the morning of 15 April 1865, after Lincoln's body had been removed and visitors had left, Henry set up his camera and took an eerie, haunting photograph of the deathbed, with its bloody pillow and rumpled coverlet. This clandestine image ­­ kept so, perhaps, because Sec. of War Stanton had proscribed any death photos ­­ was not published until 1965. (At which time it was mistakenly credited to Julius because the discovery print came from his descendants. My point here is, maybe Henry took a picture and then Julius took a picture of his own. The reason for my theory is to prove that written history taken out of context is misleading. I have found two different pictures of Lincoln's deathbed on the internet, One in good condition and one not so good. In the one in good condition we can't see the headboard post, the pillow Is in a different position also the chair. This is proof that there were two pictures taken. When the order was given that no pictures were to be taken, People took it vary seriously. These pictures did not get published until one hundred years later. How much more would the crime had been if one of the brothers had taken a picture of Lincoln on his deathbed? My other point I'm trying to prove is that there were two men there that could have taken a picture of Lincoln in that bed before Stanton gave the order of no pictures. My theory is when they brought Lincoln into the room in the Peterson House one of the brothers set the camera up and took a picture of him fully dressed. After that Stanton came in not realizing that a picture had been taken, Gave the orders no pictures were to be taken. Below is a picture that I believe to be Abraham Lincoln on his death bed. I believe that this picture was taken at the time just after Lincoln was brought into the Peterson House. First lets see what written history has to say about Lincoln while in that bed. Gideon Welles served Lincoln as Secretary of the Navy. On the night of April 14, he was awakened with the news that Lincoln had been shot. Together with Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, he rushed to Ford's Theater. They found the area packed with an excited crowd and learned that Lincoln had been taken to a house across the street. Clamoring up the stairs, Welles asked a doctor he recognized about Lincoln's condition. The physician replied that the President might live another three hours. We pick up his story as he enters the room where Lincoln lay: "The President had been carried across the street from the theater to the house of a Mr. Peterson. We entered by ascending a flight of steps above the basement and passing through a long hall to the rear, where the President lay extended on a bed, breathing heavily. Several surgeons were present, at least six, I should think more. Among them I was glad to observe Doctor Hall, who, however, soon left. I inquired of Doctor Hall, as I entered, the true condition of the President. He replied the President was dead to all intents, although he might live three hours or perhaps longer. The giant sufferer lay extended diagonally across the bed, which was not long enough for him. He had been stripped of his clothes. His large arms, which were occasionally exposed, were of a size which one would scarce have expected from his spare appearance. His slow, full respiration lifted the clothes with each breath that he took. His features were calm and striking. I had never seen them appear to better advantage than for the first hour, perhaps, that I was there. After that his right eye began to swell and that part of his face became discolored. As we can see Gideon Welles and Edwin Stanton were not the first ones on the scene,They came later. This would be more proof that they had plenty of time to take a picture of Lincoln in the bed before they undressed him and Stanton showed up at the Peterson House. Now take a good look at this mans face the right side is swollen. It's swollen so bad it's pulling his mouth to one side also his noise. His eye is swollen, the right side of his face is starting to become discolored. But this still doesn't prove that this is Lincoln. So lets take a look at at some more eyewitness accounts. "So, they're carrying the president in the middle of the street — he's dying — thousands of people are standing here, and they don't know what to do with the president of the United States who has just been shot through the head," Swanson says. "Then, across the street, at the Petersen Boarding House, a man came out the front door holding a lamp and said, 'Bring him in here.' "The bed was too short, and his legs reached over the end of the bed. The doctor said, 'Break the footboard off so the president can lie in the bed.' It wouldn't come off, so the president had to be laid diagonally across what became the deathbed." By the statements we have just read it would seem that he was first laid in the bed on the pillow the right way. But he was to tall. Here is more proof that Lincoln was first laid in the bed the right way. King held Lincoln's left shoulder immobile as he was carried to the Petersen House. There, King and Taft unsuccessfully tried to remove the footboard of the too­short bed on which Lincoln was placed, and instead had to help lay him diagonally across it. They then helped strip and examine him and cover him with mustard plasters. Now that I have proved that Lincoln was laid in the bed the right way at first, and that he had his clothes on for a little while. At least long enough to take a picture of him fully dressed. Now I would like to show you why I think this is a picture of Abraham Lincoln. If we take a look at the picture below, I have marked out several points in color. First the small red box is showing the mole on Lincoln's face. Second the two violet boxes on his beard show the gray markings to be the same. The wrinkle on the pillow in the yellow box. It seems to me as he laid on the pillow, the middle of the pillow was pressed down making the wrinkle stand up. After removing Lincoln from the pillow the wrinkle fell over a little as seen in the bed picture. In the red circle his head is in the same position as the small blood spot with drips of blood running down from it on the bed pillow. Why is there so much blood on the pillow in the bed picture? And not with the picture of the man. Because he was just laid on the pillow, they haven't even undressed him at this point. Now take a look at light green box at his hairline, they are the same, and the gray is there also. In the blue box you can barely see the rings on the headboard reflecting the light. After Lincoln was shot we have to remember the right side of his face was swollen and this would change the way someone looked considerably. Also over Lincolns right ear his hair makes a little curl now look in picture number 4 you can see the the same little curl over his right ear. Written history states that there were two pillows with blood on then. If you look at the picture above of the man with with the gold frame around the picture. It looks like they have him propped up with two pillows, one under his back and one under his head. It looks like at first they were trying to move him up as far as they could in the bed. I read in another article that Petersen angrily threw one of the bloody pillows out the window and then decided to charge admission to the uninvited visitors. Also in the same picture the man looks as though he has a shawl or coat wrapped around him. At first I could not explain this I thought maybe it was Mary Todd Lincoln's coat. But history says nothing about that. So I kept looking for some answer then I found it. In the news paper article below the woman had the shawl that was wrapped around Abraham Lincoln while he was at Ford's Theater. She also states that he died with this wrap around him in the house of William Peterson. The man in the picture above also has a pair of gloves on his hands. And written history states that Abraham Lincoln was wearing a pair of gloves the night he was shot by John wilkes Booth. In the picture I have presented to try and convince someone that this could a picture of of Abraham Lincoln on his deathbed. It belongs to a woman By the name of Ernestine G. This is all I know about the woman and picture. I ran across the picture at AWESOMETALKS.COM The only reason I am writing about this I believe this is a picture of Abraham Lincoln on his deathbed. And some one needs to look at the picture more closely. Sometimes written history taken out of context can look different than when it is pulled all together. If this turns out to be Lincoln and it was tossed in the trash what a shame it would be. Thanks everybody for reading this. If every I is not doted and every t is not crossed I'm vary sorry I'm not a writer. If someone would like to take this and write a better story be my guest.
Timothy L . The Lincoln fan.