nGeniusONE Essentials for Enterprise

nGeniusONE Essentials for Enterprise
Course Code: TRN-nG1-Ent
Course Level: Foundation
Format: Online, multiple choice
Duration: Two days (in person),
or four half-days (via internet
connection with live instructor)
• This foundation level course is
recommended for new nGeniusONE™
• Students should have a working
knowledge of modern enterprise
network technology, applications, and
supporting services
Course Description
The nGeniusONE Enterprise Essentials course is an instructor-led training course for
Enterprise Users using the nGeniusONE Unified Performance Management Platform. This
course provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to effectively
monitor and analyze application and network usage and performance in large enterprisewide infrastructures.
The training will prepare students to apply monitoring and troubleshooting techniques
using easy-to-use structured workflows that quickly lead to the root cause of network and
application issues. This course uses hands-on guided exercises and real-world use cases to
reinforce the techniques presented.
Course Objectives
At the end of the course, students should be able to:
• Effectively navigate the nGeniusONE Unified Performance Management Console
• Describe essential nGeniusONE configuration functions
• Use Services, Monitors, and Enablers to monitor and troubleshoot performance issues
• Utilize multiple workflows to isolate problems in the network
DATA SHEET | nGeniusONE Essentials for Enterprise
Course Outline:
• Understanding the nGeniusONE Enterprise Environment
• The nGeniusONE Service Dashboard
• Troubleshooting Workflow Example: Citrix
• Adaptive Session Intelligence™ (ASI) – Behind the Scenes
• Configuration Overview
• nGeniusONE Console Explained
• Understanding Services and Service Domains
• Examining an Oracle Deployment
• Service Enablers and Service Monitors
• Service Dependency Mapping
• Troubleshooting Workflows and Examples
Exam Code: nG1-Ent
Format: Online, multiple choice
Availability: Worldwide, English
Exam Fees: Included with course registration fee
All students who register for and successfully complete the nGeniusONE Essentials for Enterprise course are eligible to take the
corresponding nG1-Ent certification exam.
The exam is designed to measure students’ retention of key lesson objectives in the course. When preparing for the exam, students are
encouraged to pay close attention in class and to actively participate. Students may reference their student guides during the exam.
The exam consists of twenty-five multiple choice questions chosen from a larger pool of questions. Candidates have two hours to complete
the exam. A score of seventy percent (18 correct answers) is required to pass. If a candidate does not pass on the first try, two additional
retakes are allowed.
For more information about NetScout University’s Certification Program, please click here to access the program website.
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