2015 - 3 - Federation of New Zealand Netherlands Societies Inc

Nieuwsblad van de Federatie van NZ Netherlands Societies
ISSN 2230-3456
April/Mei 2015
Negentiende Jaargang - Nummer 3
New Plymouth
Palmerston North
Van de Voorzitter - Kees Dorresteijn
We have had our first executive meeting this year and this was the first time we conducted
our meeting via “group Skype”. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that it was such
Va n d e Vo o r z i t te r
a good way to communicate with each other.
How meetings with participants from all over the country have changed over the years.
Pa g i n a 3 :
Va n d e S e c ret a re s s e Some years ago we had to travel to an allocated place and that was not only a costly but
Va n d e
also a time consuming exercise. Group telephone meetings were a big improvement
Net h e r l a n d s
although you missed the personal contact and with Skype that has somewhat returned.
S o c i et y Wa n g a n u i
This meeting was also the first time that we had the Dutch Connection Trust officially
included in our discussions.
Pa g i n a 4 :
There are a couple of important items on the agenda in the coming months. Firstly, the
Netherlands Society Christchurch is celebrating their 50th Jubilee. The Netherlands
Society Christchurch is the only Society in the South Island affiliated to the Federation.
Pa g i n a ’ s 5 & 6 :
We wish them well in their celebrations. As this goes to print, our Federation South
Uit de email bus
Island Vice-President, Marian Martens, will have presented the Christchurch Society
Pa g i n a 7:
with a plaque from the Federation of New Zealand Netherlands Societies as part of their
A d d re s s e s S o c i et i e s
D e We g K w i j t
Secondly, at the end of April “Kings Day” will be celebrated in many parts of the country.
C o n t a c t s E xe c u t i ve s The date is 27th April, but as Waitangi Day on the 25th of April is on a Saturday, it
will be celebrated with a public holiday on Monday 27th of April. Therefore, some
“Kings Day” celebrations will be held on an alternative date. In Foxton there will be a
big “Dutch Day Out”, on Sunday the 26 April 2015. No doubt the town will have a lot
of Orange on that day.
In the coming months the Dutch Societies will be having their Annual General Meetings.
I wish them well in electing in electing their committees for the coming year to keep the
Dutch tradition and culture alive in NZ.
Pa g i n a 2 :
Kees Dorresteijn
In de wei, in de wei ligt een mooi gespikkeld ei.
Hé, zeggen de mezen van wie zou dat nou wezen?
Nou, zeggen de meeuwen ‘t is vast van de spreeuwen.
Tsjip, zegt een musje is het van mij zusje? Of is het
van de hazen straks voor het feest van Pasen?
Nee, zegt de kievit blij, dat mooie eitje is van mij!
Vrolijk Pasen
Er huppen honderd kleine haasjes met een mandje in het rond
en ze leggen waar ze komen steeds een eitje op de grond.
Bij de vijver, bij het schuurtje, op het gras en bij de heg,
maar als ze mensen aan zien komen rennen alle haasjes weg.
Honderd kleine haasjes met een mandje op hun rug
en zijn de mensen weer verdwenen komen alle haasjes terug.
The editor always acts in good faith when publishing material supplied by others and does not accept any liability for inaccuracies or for
unsubstantiated statements, and reserves the right to hold over any material which could discredit the name of the Federation, or which
contravenes any New Zealand laws pertaining to that material or which due to lack of space, cannot be placed in the current or requested issue.
“De Schakel”
April/Mei 2015 - 2
Van de Secretaresse - Anne-Marie Knibbeler
Congratulations to the Netherlands Society Christchurch, celebrating its 50th Jubilee this year.
I’ve just returned from attending their reception that was held on Friday 20 March and was
followed by a weekend of singing, theatre and dancing, a market day and an official dinner on
Sunday. Our Ambassador, Mr Robert Zegwaard, together with a founding Club committee
member, Mrs Tonny van der Velden, unveiled a plaque to commemorate the occasion.
Mrs Marian Martens, the Federation’s South
presented the club’s president Mrs Olga
wooden plaque with inscription on behalf of the
gave a short speech, saying: “Dear Olga and all
Thank you for the invitation. It’s a real honour to be here and to
with you. It’s great to see the Dutch community in Christchurch doing
has a lot of members and activities for young and old, organised by
wonderful? Yes it is! That’s why the Federation is very proud and
token of our appreciation.”
Island Vice-President,
Verstappen with a rimu
committee members;
celebrate this milestone
so well. The club still
a great team. Is it not
presents this gift as a
I’ll leave it to the Christchurch club to report on their celebrations in this or the next issue of De Schakel. I’ve really
enjoyed the club’s hospitality, meeting new people, and being at the market day on Sunday. Thank you.
Best wishes to you all,
Anne-Marie Knibbeler
Van de Netherlands Society Whanganui
Hallo NZ hier Wanganui eventjes.
Woensdag 8 april om 10 uur Koffie in de Marist Hall. Neem iets mee voor lunch en een gold coin. De laatste Donderdag
van iedere maand spelen we weer Rummy-cup.
En wat betreft het vieren van Koningsdag dit jaar, daar over hoor je meer op de koffiemorgen.
Tot zover dan weer. Hele fijne Paasdagen en geniet zo veel mogelijk van ‘t mooie weer.
European Solid Timber Kitsets:
Sleep-outs. studios, houses, sheds,
garages, cabins, retreats, granny flats,
saunas, holiday homes, playhouses.
Visit our website www.eurowood.co.nz or contact us on (022) 160 0342
“De Schakel”
April/Mei 2015 - 3
“De Schakel”
April/Mei 2015 - 4
Uit de email bus
Speech on Johan Warners by Ambassador Rob Zaagman, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Wellington,
16 February 2015
A warm welcome to you, Mrs Alexandra Goodwin, to your sister Kahrin, your husband Trevor, your children Michelle
with her daughter Elizabeth, David and Joanne with her son Aidan. What a very nice crowd to receive here today at
the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands!
I also welcome Colonel Brust and his three brother officers of the Royal Navy and the Marine Corps. It is a fortunate
and appropriate coincidence that they are in Wellington on this day. First, these forces played a prominent role during
the Second World War, both in Europe and in East Asia. And, of course, Johan Frederik Warners served with the
Royal Navy.
It was in the Dutch East Indies, Mrs Goodwin, that your father Johan Warners did his bit for his country, both in the
Second World War and immediately after during operations against insurgents. Today, we honour his memory and the
Dutch government expresses its respect and appreciation for his services under extraordinarily difficult circumstances
by awarding him two decorations.
The first decoration is the Mobilisation War Cross, in Dutch: het Mobilisatie-Oorlogskruis. The Cross can be awarded
to military and former military personnel having served on active duty in the Dutch armed forces between 6 April
1939 and 3 September 1945. That is to say, during the Second World War, when Dutch armed forces fought both in
Europe and in East Asia.
It was a very difficult time, because the Netherlands was occupied by Germany and the Dutch East Indies by Japan.
But the fight went on until these lands were liberated.
The medal has to be applied for. For a long time, Dutch people did not realise that many mobilised soldiers were
eligible for the war cross. That is why after all these years it still being awarded to veterans, who now are of course very
old. Importantly, the medal can also be awarded posthumously. Many veterans passed away, like Johan Warners, your
father, grandfather and great grandfather. Isn’t it fortunate, Mrs Goodwin, that some years ago you contacted my
colleague Christine Hofkens to apply for a war pension for your mother? One thing led to another and then you asked
whether your father would be eligible for the war cross. And here we are today!
“De Schakel”
April/Mei 2015 - 5
Uit de email bus
Just a word on the medal itself. There are
many details worth describing but I would
just mention one. The reverse of the medal
carries the words “DEN VADERLANT
GHETROUWE”, in English: “Faithful
to the Fatherland”.
These are, of
course, words from the first stanza of the
Wilhelmus, the national hymn of the
Netherlands, which is the oldest national
hymn in the world . The full line reads:
“Den Vaderlant ghetrouwe blijf ick tot
inden doot” – “I remain faithful to the
fatherland until death” – because these
veterans were prepared to lay down their
lives for their country. Of course, many
soldiers did make that ultimate sacrifice.
The second decoration is the Star for
Order and Peace, in Dutch: Ereteken voor
Orde en Vrede. Quite literally, “Ereteken” means “mark of honour” but the medal has the form of a star. It is
intended for those who between 3 September 1945 and 4 June 1951 served at least three months in the Dutch East
Indies as military personnel of the Dutch army, navy or air force or of the Royal Dutch Indies Army. That was the
period of military operations against insurgents in the Dutch East Indies and of its aftermath. In the end, the Dutch
East Indies became independent – the country is now called Indonesia. Obviously, this medal, too, can be awarded
By the way, I have seen the Ereteken, the Star, before: my father was awarded one for serving as a conscript sergeant
tasked with defending airfields on Java. And an uncle from my mother’s side was with the Dutch marines over there.
Mrs Goodwin, it is improbable that our fathers ever met,
but I do feel connected to you through these events from
Vakantie in Nederland
long ago.
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April/Mei 2015 - 6
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The Federation of
New Zealand Netherlands
Societies Inc.
was founded in 1966
Tini de Winter 352 5317
Jos Jongenelen 827 3313
Willy Kleijburg 854 0868
It is governed by the National Council, a body
of the Affiliated Societies, who meet once a
year at the Annual National Council Meeting,
which is held usually in October and each
year in a different centre in New Zealand.
Chris Heuting 319 6036
The day to day well being is in the hands of
an elected committee comprising, at present,
of the persons listed below:
Gretha van Brakel 358 8421
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If you have copy for “De Schakel”
please make sure that it reaches
the editor no later than
23 May 2015
De Schakel will be available on
the Federation’s website in the last
week of May
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