Net Futures 2015 AGENDA

Net Futures 2015 AGENDA Network Technologies Day 1 (25 March 2015) 09:00 – 12:30 Concertation meetings Software & Services, Cloud Collective Awareness Platforms (CAPS) Experimental Platforms 12:30 – 14:00 Lunch 14:00 – 15:00 Plenary Session Strengthening Digital Innovation & Research objective of the Digital Single Market 14h00-­‐14h20 14h20-­‐14h35 14h40-­‐14h55 IoT Commissioner Guenther H. Oettinger – opening keynote + launch of the Alliance on Internet of Things Innovation (AIoTI) Arnis Daugulis, Deputy State Secretary LV, LV Presidency – opening keynote Sara Mazur, Vice President and Head of Research, Ericsson 15:00 – 17:00 Parallel Sessions 15:00 Introduction – Overview and rationale of the session – Mirko Presser 15:10 IoT Open platforms, IoT & FIWARE collaborative actions, ideas and practices From IoT systems to IoT eco-­‐systems – An Intel perspective – Charlie Sheridan Presentation of the Open Platforms portal Bertrand Copigneaux How to propose your enablers to build future IoT platforms: the Butler case – Open Source 15:00 How Openness Impacts Scientific Collaboration and Innovation Nicolas Devos 15:30 Achieving impact with Open Source Software: from theory to practice Roberto Di Cosmo 16:00 Open Source Software: the Governance Makes the Difference Cédric Thomas 16:30 Driving economic prosperity through innovation and sovereignty Georg Greve Startup Europe 15:00 Overall presentation of the Startup Europe Initiative Emilio Corchado – Coordinator of WELCOME Project 15:10 Connecting local entrepreneurial hubs Startup Scaleup – Igor Tasic Welcome – Emilio Corchado ePlus ecosystem – Eurico Neves Twist Digital – Michela Michilli EU-­‐XCEL – Brian O’Flaherty 15:50 Beers, snacks and Thierry Nagellen Great ideas, big data and little privacy? – Bart Preneel The end-­‐user perspective – Joaquín Cabezas Networking!!! 16:10 Support Actions: Framework conditions for specific actors/Services 16:10 Panel discussion and interaction with the audience 16:55 Session summary, Remarks and follow-­‐up actions – Mirko Presser Young Adults – David Trayford from MY-­‐WAY EU Network of Female Entrepreneurs – Philippe Vanrie from WEHUBS Policy Makers – Sergey Filippov from EDF ICT entrepreneurship education initiatives and spaces across Europe – Brian O’Flaherty Unicorns Forum – Gianluca Dettori from WELCOME 16:55 Closing Ceremony and Remarks Emilio Corchado – Coordinator of WELCOME Project Eurico Neves – Session Rapporteur 17:00 – 19:00 Perfect Pitch Panel (extended aperitif) It’s all in the words … or is it? The Net Futures 2015 Perfect Pitch Panel session spotlights eight projects with results ready for market take-­‐up. In an entertaining and dynamic session, where you -­‐ the audience -­‐ are key, you will learn about significant project achievements, vote for the best one, sing and dance to swing music from a live band, sip cocktails and laugh, laugh, laugh… 9h00-­‐9h15 9h15-­‐9h30 9h30-­‐9h45 19:00 – 20:30 Walking dinner Day 2 (26 March 2015) 09:00 – 10:00 Plenary: Commission level policies Promoting innovation ecosystems in the Digital Single Market David del Val Latorre, President & CEO Telefonica Research and Development Matt Brittin, Vice President, Google UK Encouraging Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Wim De Waele, CEO IMinds Moderation: Karen Boers, Director Network Apps 10:00 – 12:30 Parallel Sessions 10:00 Introduction – Overview and rationale of the session – Network Softwarisation: an Open Development Eco-­‐
system – Pedro A. Aranda Gutiérrez Connected Smart Cities 10:00 – Overview and rationale of the session – Martin Brynskov Turning Ideas into Business: SEP Investors Forum 10:00 Introduction Alberto Onetti – SEP Investors Forum Learning from the practice: lessons learnt and how to scale 10:05 Investors Key criteria to up experience drawn from evaluate startups research projects and from the 10:20 Network Applications – new ecosystem, challenges European Innovation Claudio Giuliano – CEO, and innovation potential Partnership on smart cities Innogest Luc Kindt – CEO, Leeward cloud-­‐RAN applications Muriel Uytterhagen – Dan Hill -­‐ Future Cities – Erez Biton Catapult Principal, Gimv Enabling rapid and Pieter Ballon -­‐ iMinds adaptive network 10:20 Panel discussion Graham Colclough -­‐ applications UrbanDNA deployment– Discussion about issues in Roberto Saracco -­‐ EIT Anastasios turning research into ICT Labs Zafeiropoulos business and evaluating SDN/NFV: drivers for research projects 10:45 Sustainability models: SMEs to participate in Emerging innovative models Q&A with the audience the Telco business – that will help cities to sustain SME 10:45 GYM session smart city cosystems 11:20 Panel discussion and interaction with the audience 12:20 Session summary, Remarks and follow-­‐up actions – Pedro A. Aranda Gutiérrez Kim Spiegelberg Stelzer -­‐ City of Copenhagen Brian Field -­‐ European Investement Bank Patrik Regårdh -­‐ Ericsson Garry Clifford -­‐ Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies Iñigo Jodra -­‐ ferrovial 11:45 Panel discussion and interaction with the audience with closing remarks Martin Brynskov Five startups have the opportunity to give a pitch of 5 min, followed by a Q&A and feedback of approximately 20 min with the VC’s 12:20 Wrap-­‐up Alberto Onetti – SEP Investors Forum 12:30 – 14:00 Lunch 14:00 – 16:00 Parallel Sessions Cloud as an enabler for Digital Single Market Unconference format Session Speakers: Nick Wainwright HP Joe Butler Intel Start and grow your business with FIWARE 14:00 The FIWARE Tour: Overall guidance on the session -­‐ Nuria de Lama 14:05 First stop: FIWARE, the Open Platform that will boost your business and why you should change to FIWARE? -­‐
Nuria de Lama, Atos, FIWARE 14:15 Second stop: FIWARE accelerator programme stats and data! -­‐ Richard Stevens, IDC, FI-­‐IMPACT Acceleration: From Innovative Ideas to Market Ready 14:00 Setting the Scene -­‐ Ingrid Willems 14:10 Part I – CONNECT PEOPLE Session 1 – Smart Urban Development-­‐ Veera Mustonen Session 2 – Building (startup) ecosystems -­‐ Omar Mohout 14:30 Part II – ACCELERATION OF NEW BUSINESSES Alex Farcet 14:25 Third stop: FIWARE Greatest Hits Panel Discussion. 15:00 Part III – WILLINGNESS TO Meet some of the greatest INVEST -­‐ Wim De Waele Start-­‐Ups and SMEs that are already using FIWARE! 15:30 Pannel Discussion / Q&A Panelists: Mahesh Casiraghi -­‐ CoffeeStrap Joel Vera Cruz Preto Paulo -­‐ ETConcept Andrés Macías -­‐ usheru, Registered as We Love Cinema Limited Mirko Ross -­‐ digital worx GmbH Karel Charvat -­‐ Wireless Info 15:10 Last stop (hopefully the first one of your new professional life): Strategic Panel on The future of FIWARE Panelists: 15:50 Wrap up Miguel García González -­‐ Zabala Innovation Consulting S.A. Mr. Sergio Carrera Riva Palacio -­‐ Director General of INFOTEC, Mexico Pieter Van Der Linden -­‐ VIVITnet Sergio Gusmeroli -­‐ TXT Juanjo Hierro -­‐ Telefónica, Chief Architect FIWARE Mirko Ross -­‐ digital worx GmbH 15:40 Your turn is NOW: work with us, next steps and Q&A 16h00 -­‐16h10 16h10 -­‐16h30 16h30 -­‐16h50 16h50 -­‐17h00 16:00 – 17:00 Closing Plenary Shaping innovative & creative future Robert Madelin, Director General DG CONNECT, European Commission Prof. Carlo Ratti, Director of the Senseable City Lab MIT FIWARE Prize Announcement Mario Campolargo, Director Net Futures, DG CONNECT, European Commission