Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 LP 520 evo

Lamborghini Gallardo
LP 520 GT3 evo
Lamborghini LP520 GT3 evo – Upgrade Kit 2012
Shape & Body
New designed rear end – Carbon fiber engine cover & rear bumper
(like Lamborghini LP600 GT3 2012)
Holinger Speed Shift
Shorter and more exact gearshift operations with new developed Shifting System.
(Lamborghini LP600 GT3 2012)
„With the new bigger rear tyre and the new engine mapping the responding behaviour of the car
and the acceleration out of corners improved massive. The handling is much more comfortable and
remembers me of the new LP600 car. The fast and precise Holinger Speed Shift System improves
the performance of the car a lot.
After all the testing I can say that the Lamborghini LP520, equiped with the GT3 evo Upgrade Kit,
is very close to the performance of the Lamborghini LP560 GT3…“
Peter Kox – Racing driver
New Engine Software
· Better responding behaviour
· Higher torque in lower revolutions
· 10% more fuel efficiency
Suspension & Chassis
Chassis-modification for lower ride height
12,5“ x 18“ OZ Racing rims (like Lamborghini LP600 GT3 2012) for tyres 310/710-18
Rear axle Anti-roll-bar (like LP600 GT3 2012)
The Upgrade-Kit includes:
- Holinger Speedshift Shifting System – Version 2012 (LP600 GT3)
- New Drop-Gear pairings
- New mapped Engine Software
- Carbon fiber engine cover (like LP600 GT3 2012)
- Carbon fiber rear bumper (like LP600 GT3)
- 12,5“ x 18“ OZ Racing rims for tyres 310/710 - 18 (tyres not included)
- Lower ride height caused by chassis modification
- Rear axle Anti-Roll-Bar (like LP600 GT3 2012)
- LP600 GT3 2012 Rear Wing Support
Parts Kit price: 14,800 Euro + VAT*
Lamborghini LP520 GT3 evo – Upgrade Kit
plus transportation costs
90° V10-engine – mid mounted
Double overhead camshaft (DOHC) (chain-driven)
Four valves per cylinder
Race power approx.:
393kW (535hp) at 7800 rpm
Max. torque approx.:
510 Nm at 4500rpm
Displacement:4961 ccm
Power / Weight ratio:
2,38 kg/hp
Fuel tank capacity: 105 liter
Rear wheel drive
Semi automatic, 6-speed sequential gearbox (Holinger)
Steering wheel paddle shift (Holinger)
Braking System:
Front: eight cylinders per caliper (Lamborghini)
Back: four cylinders per caliper (Lamborghini)
Tyres and rims:
Front: 300/650 -18 tyres on 11,0“ x 18“ OZ rims
Rear: 310/710 -18 tyres on 12,5“ x 18“ OZ rims
Material of chassis: Aluminium
Length:4340 mm
Width:1930 mm
Wheelbase:2560 mm
Track width:
front 1640-1685 mm
rear 1635-1670 mm
Weight:1202 kg
Independent axles with double wishbone, Coil springs
Shock absorbers: Öhlins 3 way adjustable
Technical Data Lamborghini LP520 GT3 evo
Lamborghini LP520 GT3 evo – Upgrade Kit 2012
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