Nail Lacquer FAQ What's the difference between lacquer and polish?

Nail Lacquer FAQ
What's the difference between lacquer and polish? Lacquer is a way to define a high-end, salon
quality polish.
Is it chip resistant? How long will it/should it last? As with any product, different people will have
different experiences. No matter the quality of ingredients and formula used, some people may
experience chipping or other issues. Make sure everyone has proper expectations about the
lacquer. Jamberry did extensive research to make sure the quality of our lacquer was the highest
we could produce and we are very proud of the finished product. In blind tests Jamberry lacquers
performance either tied or outscored the competition in all categories from ease of application to
durability. It held up extremely well in the testing process and had a higher chip resistance
compared to other professional quality lacquers. However, there are always exceptions to the
rule. Application error, body chemistry, how active they are with their nails, environmental factors,
etc. can affect how well the lacquers perform. We suggest that you learn how to apply the
product, use the product and understand its premium quality. As you do this, you will be able to
sell the product with confidence. Your customers will see that confidence and be more likely to
Why is $15 for Jamberry nail lacquer a value? Over the past few years, many polish companies
are changing over to be “3-free” formulas that omit harmful dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, and
formaldehyde substances. Jamberry has taken it to the next step of being 5-free, which are made
without formaldehyde resin and camphor . Our nail lacquer compares to the $20-$40 bottles of
professional nail lacquer on the market. Premium products cost more to produce than products
with harmful ingredients. Formaldehyde resin is a skin allergen and can remain active for up to
three days after your polish has dried. Camphor exposure, especially through inhalation, can be
toxic and cause irritation, nausea, dizziness, and headaches.
How do we apply the nail lacquer? Just as it is with nail wraps, there are a few steps that can be
taken to ensure your nail lacquer stays looking gorgeous as long as possible. Follow these tips
for optimal wearibility.
Begin with super clean nails! Natural oils on your nails will aid in chipping. Always begin
by prepping your nails with a nail prep wipe, rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover.
Apply a basecoat! Many people think basecoats are optional, but this is not the case! Nail
lacquer will adhere better to a basecoat than to your natural nail.
Keep it thin! Two thin coats of nail lacquer will last longer than one thick coat. It also cuts
down on drying time and prevents bubbles.
Don’t forget the tip! Applying lacquer to the very tip of your nail will seal in the edges and
minimize the ability for it to catch on hair, clothing, etc.
Top it off with a top coat! Applying a top coat will extend the life of your manicure. Apply
an even coat to the top of your nails. You can also apply your top coat to the edges and
underside of your nails for long lasting protection. Make sure your lacquer has completely
dried before you apply your topcoat.
Top it off AGAIN! Keep your top coat handy and reapply a thin coat every 3-4 days.
Do you need to use all these steps? Jamberry recommends using a basecoat, color and topcoat.
Follow the steps above for best results.
Do we need to use the base coat to get a smooth application? That all depends on the surface of
your nails. For best results, Jamberry recommends using a basecoat, color and topcoat.
How many applications per bottle? That would depend on how you apply the lacquer. On average
a .4 oz bottle should have around 50 manicures.
How should they be stored? At room temperature.
What is the shelf life of nail lacquer? Nail lacquer does not "expire". However, after being open,
nail lacquer, like polish usually has a 12 month before shelf life before it's consistency changes to
be slightly thicker than originally formulated.
How long does it take to dry? Do the base coats, lacquer, and top coats have different drying
times? Results would vary depending on application, body chemistry and environmental factors.
Applying a thinner coat of lacquer results in a quicker drying time.
Is it OK to use the mini heater to dry it? It is not recommended to use the Mini-Heater to speed up
dry time. However, consultants have been sharing their success is using the Mini-Heaters in
between steps to speed up dry time.
Is it OK to use the base coats under wraps? Yes. In fact, it is recommended to use one of our
Base Coats under the wraps as a barrier between your natural nail and the wrap if have problem
nails (weak or excessively oily). For weak nails, it is recommended to use the Strengthening Base
Coat. For nails with ridges, we recommend using the Smoothing Base Coat. Either Base Coat
should work for oily nails.
I need a strengthener & a ridge filler, is it OK to use both? It is not recommended to apply both
Base Coats. If your nails are weak, try using the two coats of Strengthening Base Coat for several
weeks and then move over to the ridge filler (Smoothing Base Coat).
When you put the top coats over the wraps does it make the removal process different? Not
necessarily. If your Top Coat is just over the wraps and not touching your nail, then you should be
able to remove with the normal removal method.
Is the Glitter Top Coat easy to remove? The Glitter Top Coat takes extra effort to remove than the
other lacquers.
Does the lacquer require the top coat to avoid chipping? We recommend that you apply a Top
Coat to the lacquer to avoid chipping and to extend wear time.
Are the lacquers going to be added to kits? Not at this time. If we make any changes to the kit, it
will be during a new catalog launch and consultants will be given advanced notice to this change.
Can Consultants purchase a sample kit of nail lacquer? Samples are not provided on the nail
lacquer line. The wraps are our main product line, and we will support that line with samples to
Can hosts use product credits & half price items for lacquer? Yes.
Why is the nail lacquer not offered as a Buy 3 Get 1 Free? They are the same price as the wraps
that have the B3G1 offer. Jamberry does offer both the wraps and lacquer for $15 each.
However, the lacquer cost more for Jamberry to produce. In order to give our consultants full PRV
and commissions on the nail lacquer, we are not able to include the lacquer line as part of the
B3G1 Free offer.
Can we use our product credits for lacquer? No. Product credits are for our main product line,
which are the nail wraps.
How do you remove the nail lacquer? You would remove the nail lacquer just like any other nail
Will we have nail lacquer remover soon? Right now, we have no plans to brand our own polish or
lacquer remover.
Is it safe to pass one bottle around a party for multiple users? Yes. According the manufactures, it
is safe for nail lacquer to be shared. Laboratory research shows clearly that microbes do not
survive in nail lacquer.
Is the lacquer cruelty-free, latex-free, gluten-free? Yes
For more information on features and benefits of the nail lacquer, log in to your workstation and
click on the Resource Tab then click on Documents to view the Jamberry Professional Nail
Lacquer Information Sheet