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The National Empowerment Network of PLHIV in Kenya (NEPHAK)
Say yes to life
say yes to life
say yes to life
say yes to life
3rd - 9th May 2015
Edition 17
First Lady Roots for Girls and Women
NEPHAK shares ‘Sauti Skika’
First Lady Margaret Kenyatta last week called for the
empowerment of girls and women in the Counties
around the Lake Victoria if the spread of HIV is to be
reduced. The First Lady (in photo below) was in
Kisumu County to launch the Beyond Zero
Campaign. She was received by a local team that
included NEPHAK board member.
The NEPHAK in partnership with The National
Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE) and with
support from UNICEF Kenya organized a National
Stakeholders meeting on Adolescents and HIV. The
objectives of the meeting were to validate the findings
and recommendations of consultations with learners
living with HIV conducted by NOPE; Share lessons
on effectively engaging adolescents and young people
living with HIV and secure commitments of
stakeholders for Adolescents and HIV results through
the ‘Sauti Skika’ Experience.
First Lady Kenyatta receives a basket from NEPHAK County
Representative, Eunice Owino.
Observing that more girls than boys, and more
women than men are infected with HIV in Kisumu
County, the First Lady asked the Kisumu residents to
drop social and cultural practices that marginalize
women and make them vulnerable to sexual health
risks such as HIV.
Carry Out an Opinion Poll!
As part of its reform, the National AIDS Control
Council will be establishing a PLHIV Desk to help
support and coordinate the engagement of PLHIV in
the response to HIV. While this news has been
received with excitement among a section of PLHIV,
some have out rightly rejected the proposal. In line
with NEPHAK mandate to inform partners on
appropriate ways of engaging PLHIV, NEPHAK will
this week embark on a survey to seek the opinion of
representatives of PLHIV on the proposal. Results of
the survey shall be shared in this bulletin.
Ms. Katherine Perry Country Director PEPFAR Addressing the meeting.
Nairobi County, MOH, UNICEF, PEPFAR were
among the key policy makers present during the
meeting. The Sauti Skika champions used the
opportunity to share with policy makers and
stakeholders the “Call to action on engagement of
ALHIV and YPLHIV in HIV and health” document
found here which offers recommendations for
engaging adolescents and young people.
NEPHAK Congratulates KELIN!
For the 2015 AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern
Africa (ARASA) HIV, TB and Human Rights awarded
at a ceremony held in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The award, established in 2007, aims to recognize and
support organizations across southern and east Africa
to highlight the ground-breaking work undertaken to
protect human rights, often in extremely challenging
political climates.
FACTBOX: This week, the National AIDS Control Council will be leading partners at the Biennial Maisha Conference at the Kenya
School of Monetary Studies. The Conference shall be preceded by 4 Pre-Conference Symposia focusing on Financing, Key
Populations, Financing and Devolution.
NEPHAK 2015 AGM and National
PLHIV Conference Announcement.
Social Support to ALHIV should not
be based ‘Solely’ on HIV Status.
Pursuant to NEPHAK Constitution, notice is hereby
given for the 2015 AGM scheduled for the 29th May
2015 at the YMCA Hall, State House Road,
Nairobi. The agenda for the AGM shall be:
 Adoption/review of previous AGM minutes
 Chairpersons Report
 Treasurers Report/Annual Statements of
 Appointment of Auditors
 Approval of policies and strategies
 Issue
 Any other Business as approved by the
PLHIV leaders have reached consensus on how to
#EndAdolescentsAIDS. With meetings in Nyeri,
Nyamira and Bungoma Counties last week, PLHIV
leaders agreeing to support the initiative as long as
it adheres to ethical and human rights principles.
The consultations have been held with an estimated
480 PLHIV leaders.
Eligible members are asked to nominate and
support the participation of one representative to
the AGM.
Nyeri PLHIV Call for Accelerated
HTC to #EndAdolescents AIDS!
NEPHAK members in Nyeri County want all efforts
seeking to #EndAdolescentAIDS to start with HIV
testing and counselling for infants, children and
adolescents so as to identify young people who may
not be under any form of HIV care.
While appreciating the #PresidentialDirective to
#EndAdolescentAIDS, Nyeri PLHIV leaders (in
photo below) called for the engagement of PLHIV
and their families in implementing the initiatives to
#EndAdolescentAIDS. They also want their privacy
and confidentiality respected and guaranteed
One area that required wider discussion is the issue
of social support to adolescents infected with HIV.
PLHIV leaders are of the opinion that while
adolescents infected with HIV are deserving of
social support, such support should be provided on
the basis of a wider vulnerability index and not
solely on the account of one’s HIV status so as not
to attract ridicule, isolation and stigma from HIV
negative peers. This proposal is part of the
recommendations put forward in a joint letter to the
Chairman, Commission of Administration of Justice
(Read here) last week. The CAJ Chair has been keen
to know how best to proceed with the
All Set for the Maisha Conference.
This week, NEPHAK representatives shall be
joining other stakeholders under the leadership of
biennial MAISHA HIV
AIDS Conference May 7-8, 2015, at the Kenya
School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi.
Although NEPHAK staff have both oral and poster
presentations which can be viewed here the main
message NEPHAK and the Kenya PLHIV
Community will be sending to National and County
Governments during the conference is the need to
increase domestic financing for HIV so as to ‘wean’
the nation off the over-reliance on external funding.
A team from NEPHAK will also be collecting
signatures from the conference participants to
petition government(s) to increase HIV financing.
NEPHAK Nyeri County Members in Group Photo.
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