22 March 2015.pub - Nelson Bay Catholic Parish

St Michael’s Catholic Parish Nelson Bay
Parish Priest: Fr. Kevin Corrigan
Parish Office: 12 Sproule Street or PO Box 7 Phone: 4981 1069 Fax: 4984 9612
After Hours Emergency Only: 4984 4285 Deacon: Rev Noel Tucker
Pastoral Visitation: Sheilah Carey
Parish Email: [email protected] www.nelsonbaycatholicchurch.com
St Michael’s Primary School Principal: Ms Helen Bourne Phone: 4981 1111
Fifth Sunday of Lent - 22 March 2015 (Year B)
Easter Retreat with Fr Richard Shortall
26 April - 1 May
Our Parish Adult Faith Formation Team have
organised a visit to our parish by Fr Richard Shortall,
S.J. Fr Richard will give a daily 30 minute presentation
guiding participants in different forms of prayer. There
will be morning sessions at 10am, and a daily repeat
session at 7pm in the evenings. Available on the
tables near doorways are pink coloured sheets setting
out all the presentations. Next week, we will ask for a
show of hands to indicate your interest in attending.
Preparation for Easter
2nd Rite Sacrament of Penance at 7pm
There will be 4 visiting priests coming to assist with the
2nd Rite of the Sacrament this Thursday. You are
invited to do your best to come and participate in this
simple and humble expression of our faith and trust in
God’s merciful love. Do come, and give this time of
prayer to express our love for God, and as a
community of faith to pray for each other, for our
church and world.
Mass Times for the week ahead
(this week only)
Vigil Mass
First Reading: Is 50:4-7 Second Reading: Phil 2:6-11
Gospel: Mk 14:1 - 15:47
Deaths: Lolita Quinajon & Consesa Dagno
Anniversaries: Tony Hick
Responsorial Psalm - Ps 50
Create a clean heart in me, O God.
Have mercy on me, God, in your kindness. In your
compassion blot out my offence. O wash me more and
more from my guilt and cleanse me from my sin. R.
A pure heart create for me, O God, put a steadfast
spirit within me. Do not cast me away from your
presence, nor deprive me of your holy spirit. R.
Give me again the joy of your help; with a spirit of
fervor sustain me, that I may teach transgressors your
ways and sinners may return to you. R.
Text Excerpts from the English translation of The Roman Missal © 2010, International Commission on English
in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.
Parish Luncheon - Sunday 3 May
Everyone is Welcome! 3 May 12.00 for 12.30pm at
Sienna’s Restaurant, Horizons Golf Course. Fixed two
course menu, alternate serve, $30 per head. Lucky
Door Prizes on the day! Payment can be made to the
Events Team at Mass starting the weekend of 11/12
April. Copy of menu on the back notice board,
together with tables if you wish to reserve a table to sit
together. Kindly indicate your interest in attending
by completing the sheet on the back middle table.
Vanuatu Cyclone Relief
Retiring Collection Today
Caritas Australia already works in Vanuatu, and relief
efforts with other church groups is now underway
(clean water, shelter, sanitation, food and non-food
items). All monies placed in the poor boxes this week
(over and above what is usually given) will be
forwarded to Caritas (92% of funds provide direct help).
There is also a collection point at St Phillips Christian
School until Monday, 30 March for various items.
Please see back notice board for items needed.
Parish News
Church Rosters - There is a LARGE PRINT copy of
the rosters on the entrance glass doors for you to check
on your way in and a ‘take home’ copy on the back
table, if needed.
Tickets $1 each. Hurry raffle drawn next Sunday!
All proceeds from the raffle will be put towards
a Mary MacKillop Tribute for the church.
Choir Practice for Easter Liturgies will be this Tuesday,
24 March at 7pm. Please bring your music. If you
would like to volunteer to join the choir during Easter,
you are welcome to come along to practice at 7pm.
Repairs/Proposed Renovations to St Michael’s
Church - Last Thursdays meeting resolved to form a
small Parish Enabling Committee to help progress the
needed repairs. The Committee will seek to engage the
expertise of an architect to help enhance the beauty of
our worship space. It is proposed that the architect will
also be asked to help design a space which will enable
opportunities for community gatherings, service and
outreach. Committee members will be largely drawn
from Parish Council and Finance Council. More
information soon. Fr Kevin
Eucharistic Ministers & Readers - Easter Rosters Clipboards have been placed on the table near the
computer (back middle aisle). If you are available for
the Easter Masses, please nominate which Mass you
will be attending.
Participation in Easter Masses - Addressing the
Challenge of Parking! Easter Sunday Masses have
large numbers of visitors participating. We have 3
Easter Sunday Masses. The second Easter Sunday
Mass saw about 930 people participating! (There were
459 at the earlier Mass and 662 at the third Mass). The
Easter Sunday Masses this year are 6.30am, 8.00am
and 10.00am.
Hopefully, this will ease traffic
congestion. Parishioners, you are strongly encouraged
to avoid the 8.00am Mass, and instead choose the
7.00pm Vigil Mass, or the 6.30am in the morning (most
visitors will tend to go to the 8.00am Mass). Also there
will be less parking available in the school grounds this
year. Thank you, Fr Kevin.
St Vincent de Paul next meeting - postponed to
Tuesday, 31 March at 8.30am.
MenALIVE will be meeting on:
26 March at 7am at Café on the Bay, d’Albora Marina
26 March at 6.30pm at John Geoghegan’s residence
(please contact Parish Office for this address)
Helpers for Parish Office - if anyone is willing to be on
a contact list to help with small jobs when needed
(sometimes at short notice), please contact Alison in the
Parish Office. Thank you.
Easter Mass Times
Holy Thursday - 2nd April - Mass at 7.00pm followed by Adoration
Good Friday - 3rd April - Stations of the Cross 10am
- Passion at 3.00pm
Last weeks poor box collection was $314.35.
Thank you for your ongoing support of the needy
via a coin in the boxes at the doors of the Church.
Our National Charity for 2015 - The Yacaaba Centre
Our International Charity for 2015
The Sisters of St Joseph - Counter Trafficking Project
Attention to all parents/carers of children wishing to receive
the Sacraments this year. Program evenings for each
Sacrament commence on:
FIRST COMMUNION - 6th May 2015
CONFIRMATION - 24th June 2015
RECONCILIATION - 14th October 2015
First Communion letters have now been sent, if you have
not received this letter but your child wishes to participate,
please contact the Parish Office.
Easter Vigil - Saturday 4th April - 7.00pm
Easter Sunday Masses - 5th April - 6.30am,
8.00am, 10.00am
Please note daylight savings finishes
on Easter Sunday
In a remote Andean village,
Caritas Huacho is helping
farmers like Cristian to grow and
harvest a wide variety of high-value, sustainable fruit
crops, which will provide a secure income and a wide
variety of food for life. Please donate to Project
Compassion 2015 and help farmers in Peru grow and
harvest sustainable crops, providing their families
with food for life.