Teaching for Tomorrow

Nelson, BC, proudly presents
Teaching for Tomorrow
LL Education Program for Baseball/Softball
Nelson, BC
Saturday, March 21, 2015
Mary Hall gym at Selkirk College, Nelson.
Learning the Game (ages 4 thru 8)
Saturday morning - 8:30 am registration. Clinic 9:am to noon
Playing the Game (ages 9 thru 12)
Saturday afternoon - 12:30 pm registration. Clinic 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
All managers, coaches & parents are highly encouraged to attend. The success of any program
depends on a successful teaching and support program for coaches and players. This first focus is
based on using sound teaching principles. We all should be aware that player skill development is
the foundation of baseball and what children don’t know is not their fault. The teach, demonstrate,
practice and evaluate method will be the basic teaching sequence that has been the success for so
many coaches. Learning to play baseball correctly and successfully is the goal of any player. The
second focus of a quality program is believing that there are many ‘life skills’ that could even be
more important than baseball skills. At every opportunity with a group of players or your team,
spend a few minutes per practice or game explaining one essential ‘life skill’. Skills such as hustle,
commitment, punctuality, good sportsmanship and responsibility will be a few emphasized over the
course of a season. While baseball skill development is important for individual success, it is as
important for us to help develop youngsters to be good citizens and value the skills associated with
The Teaching for Tomorrow Education Program is our innovative instruction sessions for managers
and coaches. We are proud to be entering the sixth year of an extremely successful venture and
is the Heart of Little League Canada. Our baseball program is where people from many different
backgrounds, ages, and cultures come together to provide a safe, positive environment where
children can have fun and learn the wonderful game of baseball. Every year baseball touches the
lives of thousands of kids and volunteer parents who dedicate their time to teach the game. Often,
these volunteers come to the sport with very little coaching background and many with limited
knowledge of baseball. What they do have is a strong desire to help the kids and we have the
training program to service the needs of the novice to the veteran teachers of the game. All necessary
skills and drills will be included in the structure of the clinic. The participants will complete the
components that form the nucleus of the program: safety, fun, and teaching players to love the
game which, in turn, will bring them back for another season.
Come out and enjoy the experience of this unique instructional program. If so inclined, coaches and
managers may attend both sessions and interested parents are always welcome. Wear comfortable
clothing, bring a glove, a lot of enthusiasm and join National Coach, Al Herback, who will
bring the program to life for you! Manuals will be supplied to each participant at each session
through the generosity of LLBC and DVDS will be available for purchase at each session for $16.
Certification will be available by LLBC for each session to those interested. Also, there is no cost to
the participants for the clinic, but we encourage everyone to bring along Food Bank items to help the
less fortunate in our communities. Donations can be dropped off when registering for the clinic.
Larry Martel
[email protected]
Al Herback - National Coach