The Northeast Council of Governments (NECOG) is an association of Municipal and County
Governments serving a 12-County region in Northeast South Dakota. NECOG staff assist member
counties and communities in completing technical projects, which will enhance the quality of life in the
NECOG is seeking a team member to fulfill the requirements of the NECOG Accountant. A postsecondary degree or diploma in accounting, bookkeeping, or related areas, is desired. Excellent fringe
benefit package including 100% employee paid health, dental and life insurance, vacation, sick leave,
and State Retirement Plan. Starting wage of $17 to $22 per hour dependent upon experience and
This position is responsible for the internal management practices of the Council office and shall
exercise discretion and independent judgment while being responsible for the fiscal control which
includes maintaining all bookkeeping records, preparing reports, monitoring grant requirements and
assuring that fiscal requirements of the Council are being met.
 Perform actual record keeping of business transactions and accurate recording thereof.
 Prepare, examine, and analyze reports pertaining to the financial status of the agency.
 Provide the Executive Director, Executive Board and Council with up-to-date financial information
 Prepare all necessary financial reports for official agencies, including but not limited to, EDA
financial reports, unemployment records and federal tax reports.
 Prepare and recommend yearly agency budget and indirect cost to make sure they are complete,
accurate, and conform to rules and regulations.
 Make recommendations to management regarding improving the operations and financial position
of the company.
 Be able to answer questions regarding budgets for staff, management, Executive Board and Council
 Aide overall effective management of the agency by assisting agency operation in areas such as
personnel, budget preparation and control, records control, agency duties, and management
 Responsible for updating and maintaining accounting policies in order to improve efficiency,
workflow, simplifying procedures, and implementing cost reductions, as needed.
 Calculate payroll, prepare paychecks, and calculate and distribute employee leave balances in a
timely manner.
 Audit invoices/bills, prepare vouchers, prepare checks, complete money transfers and make
payment in a timely manner.
 Audit agency contracts for the preparation and sending of invoices and follow up on accounts
receivable so as to collect agency revenue in a timely manner.
 This position will also be involved in community and economic development activities of the Council.
 Other duties as assigned.
 Post-secondary degree or diploma in accounting, bookkeeping, or related areas, is desired.
 Must be able to analyze, compare and interpret facts and figures to make sound judgments.
Maintain a high level of professionalism, initiative, and motivation; a confident self-starter who can
multi-task and works well under deadlines with minimal supervision.
Possess skills in interpreting research, statistical data, and financial data.
Strong computer skills; spreadsheet experience necessary.
Continued updating of skills and knowledge.
Willingness to work with public agencies and public officials.
Possess valid driver’s license. The position may require travel around the NECOG region.
Please submit resume with cover letter relating skills and experience as they relate to the position, along
with three professional references, to:
Northeast Council of Governments
PO Box 1985
Aberdeen, SD 57402-1985
(605) 626-2595
Or e-mail requested information to [email protected]