2015 NOA Spring Conference - Nebraska Optometric Association

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2015 NOA Spring Conference
Embassy Suites Lincoln
April 17-19, 2015
Continuing Education Credits:
Optometrists can earn up to 16 CE hours at the conference.
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2015 NOA Spring Conference
Speakers & Course Descriptions
Stuart Richer, O.D., PhD, FAAO
Stuart Richer, O.D., PhD, FAAO is Director of the Ocular
Preventive Medicine Laboratory at the Captain James
A Lovell Federal Health Care Center Eye Clinic for
veterans and Navy patients. He earned an O.D., M.S.
(physiologic optics) simultaneously from UC Berkeley in
1981, a VA residency certificate in 1982, and a PhD. in
human physiology and biophysics in 1996 from Chicago
Medical School. He’s an associate professor of Family
and Preventative Medicine at Chicago Medical School,
assistant professor at the University of Illinois Department
of Ophthalmology/Eye and Ear Infirmary and holds 2
additional faculty appointments in clinical optometry
at ICO and UMSL. Actively involved in primary care
optometry for 34 years and prevention for 20 years, Dr.
Richer has special interests in aging, prescribing nutrients
in the intervention of age related macular degeneration, lowtension glaucoma, cataracts and dry eye.
AMD, AREDS II and Beyond- (Preventing
Catastrophic Vision Loss & Improving Driving
Vision) (2 hrs - COPE 39261-SD)
The results of the AREDS 2 clinical trial were recently
released. We review how to identify the ‘high risk patient” and
explore the actual data within the JAMA publications and
what it tells us about prevention of catastrophic vision loss
in patients who have high risk of developing AMD. Next we
explore what to tell the 90 % of patients who don’t have high
risk AMD, yet are losing vision from mild and moderate AMD
that effects their night driving and overall visual performance.
We explore Level 2 science and new instrumentation that are
enhancing and invigorating the practice of optometry.
The Cornea and Nutrition (2 hrs - COPE 35022-AS)
Part 1 Industrialized diets typically derive 70% of calories
from only 4 staples: refined sugars, vegetables oils, grains and
dairy. Unfortunately, these foods precipitate systemic surges
in blood glucose, triglycerides, free radicals and inflammation
while lacking counterbalancing micronutrients. In this
course, we discuss how the modern clinician can use natural
substances to reduce inflammatory cytokines and activation
of NFkB Baseline dietary assessment, professional alignment
with dieticians, prescription of broad based antioxidant/
mineral formulations, lab tests and prescription of specific
nutrients for specific corneal conditions, are invaluable tools
of the 21st century optometrist.
Part 2 The epidemiological association of vitamin D/omega 3
fatty acids against arcus senilis is emphasized.
Robert Vandervort, O.D.
Dr. Robert Vandervort is the Director of Ocular Disease
Services for Heartland Eye Consultants, an optometrically
owned co-management center in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr.
Vandervort is a graduate of Indiana University School of
Optometry. He completed his residency in hospital-based
optometry at the Lexington, Kentucky VA Medical Center.
Following his residency he was a full-time faculty member at
Southern California College of Optometry where he was an
assistant professor and Chief of Primary Care Optometry. He
continues to serve as an adjunct faculty member of several
schools and colleges of optometry teaching optometric
interns at his center. Dr. Vandervort is a founding member of
the Keystone Group, a group of optometrists who pioneered
co-management centers across the country.
New Technologies in Ocular Surface Disorders and
How to Implement Them (2 hrs - COPE Pending)
This course will provide an update on new instrumentation
and diagnostic techniques that have become available in
the diagnosis and management of ocular surface disorders.
Advantages and difficulties in establishing management
strategies from these tests will be presented in a case
discussion format.
Greg Caldwell, O.D., FAAO
Greg Caldwell, O.D., is a 1995 graduate of the Pennsylvania
College of Optometry. He completed a one-year residency
in primary care and ocular disease at The Eye Institute in
Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He is a fellow of the American
Academy of Optometry (AAO) and a Diplomate of the
American Board of Optometry (ABO). He currently works in
Duncansville and Johnstown, Pennsylvania as an ocular disease
consultant. Dr. Caldwell’s primary focus is the diagnosis and
management of anterior and posterior segment ocular disease
and he has been a participant in multiple FDA investigations.
Dr. Caldwell has lectured extensively throughout the county
and over twelve countries internationally. In 2010 he served
as President of the Pennsylvania Optometric Association (POA).
He is President of the Blair/Clearfield Association for the Blind.
In 2013 Dr. Caldwell was elected to the American Optometric
Association (AOA) Board of Trustees.
Anterior and Posterior Case Presentations - Enough
Pearls to Make a Necklace (2 hrs - COPE 44290-AS
This course reviews common to complex anomalies of the
anterior and posterior segment in case format. This course
will include numerous pathologies pertinent to primary
care optometric practice and provide clinicians with pearls,
therapeutic options and guidance around pitfalls.
Glaucoma - Enough Pearls to Make Another
Necklace (1 hr - COPE 44289-GL Pending)
An overview of glaucoma; risk factors (development and
progression), disc hemorrhages and pallor, laminar dots,
the impacts of pharmaceutical agents, target IOP, surgical
updates and important goals of therapy will be discussed.
The course will emphasize clinical pearls for the primary
care optometric physician and will provide clinicians with
guidance around pitfalls. Case presentations will be the
chief format used during this course.
2015 NOA Spring Conference
Ocular Manifestation and Treatment of Allergic
Disorders (1 hr - COPE 34711-AS)
Review of Vitreoretinal Surgery for the
Optometrist (1 hr - Non COPE)
An assortment of ocular allergic disorders manifest
themselves through a variety of changes to the palbebral and
bulbar conjunctivia. This course will review those varieties of
presentations and discuss the lastest pharmaceutical options.
When a specific immune response is not appropriately
controlled, a phenomenon termed hypersensitivity ensues.
This course will review Type 1-4 hypersensitivity and allow
the clinician to apply during patient care.
This course is meant to review and introduce the work-up
of patients who will require medical/surgical vitreoretinal
treatment for diseases such as retinal tears, retinal detachments,
macular holes, epiretinal membranes, and vitreomacular
traction. We will review important considerations when
evaluating these patients for surgical evaluation, basic
techniques of treatment, and new and upcoming technologies.
Kyle Klute, O.D.
Dr. Kyle Klute is on staff at Heartland Eye Consultants in
Omaha, NE. He is a 2013 graduate of the Illinois College
of Optometry. In 2014, he completed a residency in
ocular disease at the Battle Creek VA Medical Center in
Michigan where he received training in the management
of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy,
and various anterior segment diseases. Dr. Klute is a Fellow
of the American Academy of Optometry and serves as an
adjunct clinical faculty member at the Oklahoma School of
Update on Vitreo-Macular Traction and Indications
for Surgery (1 hr - COPE 44178-PS)
With the advent of OCT, our understanding of
vitreomacular disorders has significantly improved. Now,
with the 2012 FDA approval of Jetrea, new classifications of
VMT and macular holes have been tailored towards more
consistent management. Questions remain: When should we,
as optometrists, refer for surgery? How effective is Jetrea?
Joshua Priluck, M.D.
Joshua Priluck M.D. is a retinal specialist from Omaha,
Nebraska. He joined Retina Consultants of the Midlands
in the summer of 2011 after completing his fellowship
in Vitreoretinal Surgery at the University of Florida,
ophthalmology residency at Summa Health Systems/Akron
City Hospital, and medical degree at the Univeristy of
Nebraska Medical Center. His interests include biking,
running, and boating.
April Jasper, O.D.
Dr. April Jasper has a private practice in West Palm
Beach, Florida. She is a fellow of the American Academy
of Optometry, Vice President of the Florida Optometric
Association and a Vision Source Administrator. Currently
Dr. Jasper is Co-editor of Women in Optometry magazine
and contributor to several other publications. She serves on
several Advisory boards including VSP, Vision Source, Allergan
and Alcon. Dr. Jasper is Benedict Professor in practice
management at Houston College of Optometry. Dr. Jasper’s
passion is sharing with her colleagues in areas of practice
management and technology in an effort to help them become
more successful in patient care and personal growth.
Creating Distinction in Optometry Through
Technology and Contact Lenses (2 hrs - COPE
This course will describe Distinction in Optometry and
how to utilize technology to create distinction in optometry
through contact lenses.
Best Practices in Ocular Emergencies (2 hrs - COPE
This course will include an interactive discussion of
multiple cases and conditions that are first diagnosed in the
office of the optometrist and then referred to the internist,
pediatrician or hospitalist. A general review of the medical
condition as it relates to the ocular disease will be presented
as well as a review of the ocular condition. This course will
help every O.D. to understand how best to communicate with
the internist or pediatrician for the best patient outcome.
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Friday, April 17
Saturday, April 18
Sunday, April 19
8:30 am-5:00 pm
6 hours of CE
NOA Lunch Meeting
Time with Exhibitors
8:30 am-5:00 pm
6 hours of CE
NOA Lunch Meeting
Time with Exhibitors
Morning Session:
Morning Session:
Stuart Richer, O.D.
Greg Caldwell, O.D.
AMD, AREDS II and Beyond(Preventing Catastrophic Vision Loss
& Improving Driving Vision)
(2 hrs - COPE 39261-SD)
Anterior and Posterior Case Presentations Enough Pearls to Make
a Necklace (2 hrs - COPE 44290-AS
Break and time with Exhibitors
Break and time with Exhibitors
Stuart Richer, O.D.
Greg Caldwell, O.D.
The Cornea and Nutrition - Part 1
Nutrition and the Anterior Segment (1
hr COPE 35022-AS)
Glaucoma - Enough Pearls to Make
Another Necklace (1 hr - COPE 44289GL Pending)
Stuart Richer, O.D.
Greg Caldwell, O.D.
The Cornea and Nutrition - Part 2
Vitamin D, Dyslipidemia and Arcus
Senilis (1 hr - COPE 35022-AS)
Ocular Manifestation and Treatment
of Allergic Disorders (1 hr - COPE
Lunch & Time with Exhibitors
Lunch & Time with Exhibitors
Afternoon Session:
Afternoon Session:
Robert Vandervort, O.D.
Kyle Klute, O.D.
New Technologies in Ocular
Surface Disorders and How to
Implement Them
Update on Vitreo-Macular Traction
and Indications for Surgery (1 hr COPE 44178-PS)
8:30 am-12:30 pm
4 hours of CE
Morning Session:
April Jasper, O.D.
Creating Distinction in optometry
Through Technology and Contact
Lenses (2 hrs - COPE 44189-CL)
April Jasper, O.D.
Best Practices in Ocular Emergencies
(2 hrs - COPE 43705-PD)
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NOA Fall Convention
September 25-27, 2015
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Kearney, NE
(2 hrs - COPE Pending)
Joshua Priluck, M.D.
Retina Surgery (1 hr - Non COPE)
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