Bar/Band Twist Start Right Turn Left Turn

Bar/Band Twist
Right Turn
Left Turn
Stand with both feet facing forward, double shoulder width apart, with legs slightly
Use the bar or band to keep your upper body straight, with your elbows high, as you
slowly twist around in both directions.
Do not move quickly during this stretch and do not force the stretch.
Bicep Wall Stretch
Place the palm, your inner elbow, and shoulder of one arm against the wall.
Keeping your arm in contact with the wall, exhale and slowly turn your body away
from the wall to feel the stretch in your biceps and chest
Adjust the hand position either higher or lower and repeat to stretch the multiple
bicep and chest muscles
Hold this stretch for 10-15 seconds.
Hamstring Stretch
Stand with one foot forward and one foot back. Straighten the front leg and bend
the back knee. Now, lean forward, pivoting at the hips, and place your hands on the
thigh of the bent knee. Hold this stretch for 10-30 seconds and then repeat with
other leg.
Lower Back-Cat Stretch
Start on all fours, pointing your fingers forward, and your toes behind. Your back
should be flat, and then drip your head downward, pushing your shoulder blades
upward and outward as you elevate your upper back.
Hold this stretch for 10-15 seconds.
One Leg Over Stretch
Start out by sitting on the floor with one leg straight, toes pointing upward.
Cross the other foot over the knee of the straight leg, aiming to place that foot flat
on the floor.
Place the elbow and forearm of the opposite arm of the bent leg on the outside of the
bent knee.
Exhale, slowly pulling the bent knee across your body.
Hold this stretch for 10-15 seconds.
Pectorals Stretch
Hold your elbows at shoulder height with the fingers near your ears. Start by
squeezing your shoulder blades together and pulling the elbows back. To finish you
release the stretch by bringing your elbows in front of your ears. Don’t arch your
lower back and continue straight ahead throughout the stretch. Repeat as a
continuous, controlled fluid sequence 10-12 times.
Shoulder Strangle Stretch
Cross one arm horizontally over your chest, grasping it with either your hand or
forearm, just above the elbow joint
Exhale and slowly pull your upper arm in toward your chest
You want to keep your hips and shoulders facing forward throughout the stretch
Hold this stretch for 10-15 seconds.
Side Lunge with Windmill Arms
Stand with legs wide, arms straight out to the sides and parallel to the floor. Bend the
right knee into a side lunge and bring the left arm down towards the foot. Repeat on the
other side, lunging from side to side and bringing opposite arm towards foot. The faster
you go and the lower you lunge, the harder it is. Repeat for 1 minute.
Spine Curve
Begin the stretch by laying on your on the floor with your hands close to your chest,
fingers pointing toward the front.
Exhale, pushing yourself up with your arms and contracting your buttocks, while
keeping both feet firmly on the floor.
(Look up toward the ceiling, to also feel the stretch in your neck)
Hold this stretch for 10-15 seconds.
Static Knee Bend
Stand with your feet together. Bend one knee, keeping it close to the other knee, and
hold the ankle with the opposite hand. Pull the heel toward your gluteals and push
your hips forward. Hold this stretch for 10-30 seconds. Repeat on the other leg.
Toe Grab Stretch
Start out by sitting on the floor with your heels together, holding both feet you’re
your hands
Lean forward from your hips, gradually increasing the stretch by bringing your
heels closer to your groin, and your chest closer to your feet.
Make the movements small and controlled. Avoid bouncing and excessive upward
pressure on your feet.
Hold this stretch for 10-15 seconds.
Triceps Extension
Extend one hand down the center of your back. Your fingers should be pointing
Use your other hand to grasp the elbow.
Exhale slowly, pulling gently downward on your elbow, aiming to take your fingers
along your spine.
Hold this stretch for 10-15 seconds.
Trunk Extensions
Stand with your feet about three feet apart with one foot pointed forward and the
other turned out about 90 degrees. Bend toward the turned – out foot and stretch
the upper arm up over your head. Rest the lower hand on your ankle or calf. Turn
your head to look up to the ceiling. Hold this stretch for 10 to 30 seconds… Repeat
on the other side.