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Use NCpedia to research North Carolina Musicians
A collaborative lesson plan
Sedley Abercrombie – library media specialist
Carol Hinson - music
Curriculum Connection
Content areas: Music and Information Skills
Essential learnings/questions:
Students will be able to research their choice of North Carolina musicians, use
appropriate online resources, and compose a digital presentation using an ipad.
Contextual Relevancy
Essential Standard
6.CR.1 Understand global, interdisciplinary, and 21st century connections
with music.
Clarifying Objectives
6.CR.1.1 Understand music in relationship to the geography,
history, and culture of world civilizations and societies from the
beginning of human society to the emergence of the First
Global Age (1450).
6.CR.1.2 Understand the relationships between music and
concepts from other areas.
6.CR.1.3 Understand potential health and wellness issues for
Information Skills:
Technology as a Tool
Essential Standard
6.TT.1 Use technology and other resources for the purpose of accessing,
organizing, and sharing information.
Clarifying Objectives
6.TT.1.1: Select appropriate technology tools to gather data and
information (e.g., Web-based resources, e-books, online
communication tools, etc.).
6.TT.1.2: Select appropriate technology tools to organize data and
information (e.g., word processor, database, spreadsheet, graphic
organizer, audio and visual recording, online collaboration tools,
6.TT.1.3: Select appropriate technology tools to present data and
information effectively (multimedia, audio and visual recording,
online collaboration tools, etc.).
Research Process
Essential Standard
6.RP.1 Apply a research process for collaborative or individual research.
Clarifying Objectives
6.RP.1.2 Implement a research process independently.
Safety and Ethical Issues
Essential Standard
6.SE.1 Apply responsible behaviors when using information and
technology resources.
Clarifying Objectives
6.SE.1.1 Apply ethical behavior (copyright, not plagiarizing, proper
netiquette) when using resources.
6.SE.1.2 Apply the safety precautions necessary when using online
resources (personal information, passwords, etc.).
Challenge or assignment given to students: Students will research
their choice of a North Carolina musician. Students will use to
research and use to create a digital presentation.
Possible product or example result: see
jects/ for some examples.
Assessment: Rubric provided by music teacher. # of slides, important
information to include (place of birth, important works, etc.)
Prerequisites: Students will need some knowledge of how to use an ipad
and students will need an email account.
How you would expect students to complete the assignment:
Students will work on the research and create the Haiku Decks at school.
Tools and Resources:
Tools provided to students: students will be provided with an ipad and
internet access to use during the project.
Tutorials and templates provided students:
How to make a haikudeck:
How to use padlet:
Resources/Tools to differentiate content or process for
students: You can adjust the amount of information or the number of slides
for differentiation. You can pair students if need be as well.
Day 1: Model how to access on the smartboard and how to look up biographies or use search bar. Distribute biography template. Make sure students understand expectations of research, template. Students use ipads to search for information. Day 2: On the smartboard in whole group, model how to create an account using Demonstrate how to create a title slide, paragraph slide and bullet points. Demonstrate how to move text around. Demonstrate how to use key words to search for images. Distribute ipads and have students create their own accounts. Days 3 & 4: Distribute ipads, have students log in and use their biography. •
Day 4-­‐5: Have students revise. Create a padlet at . Create a QR code for the padlet URL at Have students scan the QR code and copy and paste their Haiku Decks. Teachers can embed the padlet into their websites for easy access and have projects in all one place. See example here:
projects/ Closure and Reflection (including reinforcement activities and
bridges/scaffolding to next level)
• Plan to have some technical difficulty.
• Practice with padlet, qr code and haiku deck first to make sure you
don’t run into problems.
• Students can present directly from the padlet using a smartboard.
• Have some music on standby. We had another laptop with speakers
to play NC musician’s music before and after each student presented.
Suggested extension activities:
• Create fakebook profiles for NC musicians:
• Create a website for NC musicians:
• Create a GIS map of NC musicians: